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The Chinese conglomerate, whose business interests span banking to aviation, has just snapped up a near 24 per cent stake in Brazilian low-cost carrier Azul for 0m.中国海航集团(HNA Group)周一以4.5亿美元购入巴西低成本航空公司蓝色航空(Azul)近24%股权,成为最新一家利用巴西雷亚尔大幅贬值和公司估值下滑的机会,投资于拉美最大经济体的公司。海航的业务遍及业至航空业。The deal comes just three months after Azul pulled plans for an initial public offering. The airline - created by JetBlue founder David Neeleman - did not give a reason for the cancellation, but deteriorating market conditions most likely played a role.就在3个月前,蓝色航空取消了首次公开发行(IPO)计划,但没有透露取消的原因,不过不断恶化的市场状况最有可能是原因之一。该航空公司由JetBlue创始人大卫尼勒曼(David Neeleman)创建。Although some Brazilian companies - such as meat processor JBS - have benefitted from the sharp depreciation in the real, Azul, like other Brazilian carriers, are being hit by a double whammy of higher fuel costs (which are priced in dollars) and weaker domestic demand.尽管一些巴西公司(例如肉类加工商JBS)受益于雷亚尔大幅贬值,但与其他巴西航空公司一样,蓝色航空正受到燃油价格上涨(价格以美元计)和国内需求较为疲弱的双重打击。Mr Neeleman said HNA#39;s investment values Azul at .9bn and will strengthen the company#39;s balance sheet.尼勒曼表示,海航此次入股对蓝色航空的估值为19亿美元,将增强蓝色航空的资产负债表。For HNA, which owns 14 airlines with a total fleet of 561 aircraft, the deal would allow it to better tap into China#39;s booming overseas travel market.对于海航而言,这笔交易将令其更好地利用中国蓬勃发展的海外旅游市场。海航拥有14家航空公司,共运营561架飞机。Adam Tan, president of HNA Group, said: We are pleased to partner with Azul in order to bring more choice and convenience to our customers traveling to and from Brazil.海航总裁谭向东(Adam Tan)表示:“我们很高兴与蓝色航空合作,这将给我们往来巴西的客户带来更多选择和便利。” /201511/412476。

  • Four years ago, the Chinese search giant Baidu bought a majority stake in one of China’s biggest travel booking sites. Now it is gaining a bigger presence on the company’s board.四年前,中国网络搜索巨头百度收购了国内一家大型旅游预订网站的多数股份。现在,它将在这家公司的董事会发挥更大的作用。The travel company, Qunar, plans to announce on Thursday that it will give Baidu five director seats, up from three, according to people with direct knowledge of the matter.这家旅游公司名为“去哪儿”,英文名Qunar。据知情人士透露,它计划在周四宣布,百度在公司董事会的席位将从三个增加到五个。As part of its plans, Qunar will expand its board to nine seats from seven. And one of its most important board committees, the audit committee, will be stocked entirely with independent directors, the people said.知情人士表示,作为计划的一部分,去哪儿网将把董事会的总席位从七个增加至九个,而重要的董事会审计委员会,将完全由独立董事组成。The move is meant to strengthen the relationship between the two Internet companies. Qunar, which means “where to go” in Chinese, will eventually have access to services beyond the booking of hotels and flights by becoming more tightly integrated with Baidu, which, along with the Alibaba Group and Tencent, is one of China’s Internet titans.此举是为了强化两家互联网企业之间的纽带。通过更加紧密地与百度集成,去哪儿网最终将有机会发展酒店和机票预订之外的业务。百度是和阿里巴巴、腾讯并驾齐驱的中国互联网巨头。Qunar has been successful in building out its mobile offerings, an important goal for many Chinese Internet companies, including Baidu.去哪儿网在打造移动产品上很成功。对于包括百度在内的很多中国互联网公司而言,这都是一个重要的目标。The two are making their move amid growing competition in the travel market in China. The Alibaba Group, the e-commerce behemoth, recently revamped one of its travel offerings, and the Priceline Group has grown its stake in Ctrip, one of Qunar’s main rivals.两家公司采取这次行动的时候,正值中国旅游市场竞争日趋激烈之际。电子商务巨头阿里巴巴最近调整了旗下的一款旅游产品,而Priceline集团增持了在携程的股份。携程是去哪儿网的主要竞争对手之一。Though investors have fretted about a slowdown of China’s economy, the Chinese government and analysts have contended that the travel industry has suffered no such drop. Chinese travelers booked about two billion trips in the first half of the year, up 10 percent from the same time a year ago, according to figures from the government.尽管投资者担忧中国经济在放缓,但中国政府和分析人士声称,旅游行业并未遭受这样的影响。政府数据显示,今年上半年,中国游客的预定量达20亿人次,较上年同期增长了10%。People close to Qunar said that the company had experienced little decline in leisure travel by Chinese passengers, the service’s main focus, this past summer.与去哪儿网关系密切的人士表示,今年夏季,该公司的中国旅客休闲游业务基本没有下滑,而这一块是公司的重点业务。The two companies have been linked financially since Baidu paid about 6 million for just over 50 percent of Qunar’s stock in 2011.2011年,百度出资3.06亿美元收购去哪儿网逾50%的股份,两家公司自此有了财务联系。The travel booking service has drawn interest from other companies since the Baidu investment. It held talks to merge with Ctrip, though those discussions broke off in June.百度进行投资后,这家旅游预订务公司引起了其他企业的兴趣。去哪儿与携程进行了合并谈判,但相关讨论在今年6月破裂。Instead, Qunar chose to take in a 0 million round of capital financing that was led by Silver Lake, the investment firm that has profited from its early bet on Alibaba.去哪儿转而选择接受银湖投资集团(Silver Lake)牵头的一轮5亿美元融资。通过早早投资阿里巴巴,银湖获利颇丰。Separately, Qunar plans to announce that it has extended the employment agreements of its chief executive, Chenchao Zhuang, and its chief financial officer, Yilu Zhao, by an additional four years, the people with direct knowledge of the matter said.另外,据知情人士透露,去哪儿网计划宣布将首席执行官庄辰超、首席财务官赵轶璐的雇佣合同延长四年。 /201509/398485。
  • The Compass指南针The compass is considered to be one of the four great inventions of anaent China.指南针是中国古代“四大发明”之一。Before the compass was invented, people depended upon the position of the sun and stars to tell them the direction when at sea, which only worked when it wasn’t cloudy. The invention of compass solved the problem.在指南针发明以前,人们在茫茫大海上航行,只能靠太阳和星星的位置辨认方向,如果遇上阴雨天,就会迷失方向。而中国人发明的指南针则帮助人们解决了这个难题。Over 2,000 years ago, inthe Warring States Period, Chi-nese ancestors invented the earli-est compass-Si Nan, also known as the South Pointer. Si Nan was composed of two parts:a spoon and a tray. The spoon was cut from an intact piece of natural loadstone, with its handle as the South Pole and s round,smooth bottom as the center ofgravity. The tray, on the other hand, was made of bronze, and at the center, there was a round, smooth groove, carvedwith checks and words indicating the 24 directions. When the spoon was put into the groove, it would rotate flexibly. When the spoon stopped, its handle would point to the south.This instrument was the predecessor of the magnetic compass.早在2000多年前的战国时期,我们祖先就发明了最早的指南针——司南。司南由一把“勺子”和一个“地盘”两部分组成。司南勺由整块磁石制成。它的磁南极那一头琢成长柄,圆圆的底部是它的重心,琢得非常光滑。地盘是个铜质的方盘,中央有个光滑的圆槽,四周刻着格线和表示24个方位的文字。司南勺放迸了地盘就能灵活地转动,在它静止下来的时候,磁石的指极性使长柄总是指向南方。这种仪器就是指南针的前身。However, since was easy for natural loadstone ( magnetic iron oxide) tolose its magnetism, Si Nan could not be widely used. During the Northern Song Dy-nashjt, artificial magnetization was discovered, gMng rise to the Pointing-to-the-South Fish, which was made from a piece of thin iron sheet cut into the shape of a fish, magnetized in a geomagnetic field, and put into water, floating and lying norlh-to-south.However, due to its weak magnetic field, Pointing-to-the-South Fish was not of much pradical value. On the basis of the Pointing-to-the-South Fish,people replaced the thin iron sheet with a magnetized steel needle, gMng rise to the earliest artifiaally magnetic compass.由于天然磁石因打击受热容易失磁,磁性较弱,因而司南不能广泛流传。到宋朝时,有人发现了人造磁铁,进而发明了指南鱼。人们把经过磁化的薄片做成鱼的形状,将其放入水中即能浮在水面并指示正南北方向。后来,人们将指南鱼再加以改进,把带磁的薄片改成带磁的钢针,创造了人造磁体指南针。The compass was soon employed in navigation. The earliest record on using the compass in navigation was in Zhu Yu’s Pin,g Zhou, Ke Tan ( written belween 1119~ 1125 ) ,which recorded Zhu Yu’s experiences in Guangzhou ( South China’s Guangdong Province) , where navigation was highly developed.Zhu also wrote a-bout some of the experienced sailors, The sailors know how to pinpoint the ship’s position; they watch the stars a night and the sun in the day, and when is cloudy, they use the compass.This might be the earliest record on the use of the compass in the world’s navigational his.ory.Initiated by the Chinese people, this newigational instrument was a grand innovation in ncrvigation technology.指南针发明后很快就应用于航海。世界上最早记载指南针应用于航海导航的文献是北宋宣和年间(1119~1125)朱或所著《萍洲可谈》。该书记录了他在广州时的见闻,还记载了申国海船上很有经验的水手:“舟师识地理,夜则观星,昼则观日,阴晦则观指南针。”这是全世界航海史上使用指南针的最早记载。我国人民首创的这种仪器导航方法,是航海技术的重大革新。Soon after, Arabian sea boats also employed the navigation device, and went on to introduce it to the European countries. As Friedrich Engels, pointed out in his book Natural Dialectics,“The magnetic needle arrived in Europe via the Arabs in around 1180.”The stcrtemenf shows the Europeans applied the compass in ncrviga-tion 80 years after the Chinese.中国使用指南针导航不久,就被阿拉伯海船采用,并经阿拉伯人把这一伟大发明传到欧洲。恩格斯在《自然辩法》中指出,“磁针从阿拉伯人传至欧洲人手中在1180年左右”。中国人首先将指南针应用于航海比欧洲人至少早80年。The famous saentist Shen Kuo (the author of Dream Creek Notes ) of the Northern Song Dynasty discovered the existence of magnetic declination( the angu-lar devicrtion of a compass needle from true north) , after performing many saentffic expenments.He pointed out correctly that the magnetic poles of the earth were not in uniformity with the geographic poles. The use of marine compass and the theory of magnetic declincrtion combined played a most important role in the tong-distance sea voyages. For the first time in history, humans were able to navigate freely un-der any kind of weather conditions.Hence many new sea routes were opened to traffic, promoting the exchange of culture and trade among the people of the world.Words fail to describe the compass importance to navigcrtion.北宋著名科学家沈括(《梦溪笔谈》著者),在制作和应用指南针的科学实践中发现了磁偏角的存在。他精辟地指出,这是因为地球上的磁极不正好在南北两极的缘故。指南针及磁偏角理论在远洋航行中发挥了巨大的作用,人类第一次得到了在茫茫大海中航行的自由,从此开辟了许多新的航线,促进了各国人民之间的文化交流与贸易往来。指南针对航海事业的重要意义怎么说也不为过。Joseph Needham, a famous historian, once said to Chinese students:“In the realm of navigation, your ancestors were much more advanced than our ances-tors. Far before Europe, the Chinese aly harnessed the wind power, with the coordination of fore (front)and aft ( rear) sails to navigate in any direction of the wind they encountered.Perhaps for this reason, in the history of navigation, China never used the galleys, which were rowed along by slaves as in anaent Greece or Rome.”西方著名历史学家李约瑟曾对其中国学生说:“你们的祖先在航海方面远比我们的祖先来得先进。中国远在欧洲之前懂得用前、后帆的系统御风而行,或许就是这个原因,在中国航海史上从未用过多桨奴隶船。”The invention of the compass had epochal influence on navigation, opening up a new chapter in the history of world navigation. With its help, Admiral Zheng He made seven voyages across seas to Southeast Asia and around Indian Ocean in the early Ming Dynasty (1368 ~ 1644) , Christopher Columbus discovered the New Word, and Ferdinand Magellan sailed round the world.指南针的发明,给航海事业带来了划时代的影响,世界航运史也由此翻开了新的一页。明朝初期郑和率领船队七下西洋,15世纪哥伦布发现新大陆和麦哲伦环绕地球航行等壮举,都是指南针用于航海事业的结果。 /201512/410738。
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