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Didi says it will be invested in products and new technology. But some experts say it will be needed to fuel its battle with US-based Uber for market share in China.滴滴称,将利用这笔资金投资产品和新技术。但是一些专家称,这笔钱会被投入滴滴与总部位于美国的优步(Uber)争夺中国市场份额的竞争。China’s car-hailing wars have seen both sides spend billions of dollars funding discounts for customers and subsidies to drivers.在中国的打车务之战中,双方均出数十亿美元向顾客提供折扣,向司机提供补贴。In March Didi’s chairman, Cheng Wei, told the website QQ Tech that the company had set aside bn raised since last year to spend on what he called “market fostering”. It was not clear how much of it had aly been spent, though estimates based on a financial presentation made last year suggest Didi could have lost .4bn last year mainly on subsidies. Uber lost bn last year in China according to chief executive Travis Kalanick.3月,滴滴的首席执行官程维告诉腾讯科技,该公司已经留出了自去年以来融资的40亿美元,用于他所谓的“市场培育”。这笔钱已经花费了多少不得而知,不过基于去年一份财务陈述的估计认为,滴滴去年可能亏损了14亿美元,主要用于补贴。优步首席执行官特拉维斯#8226;卡兰尼克(Travis Kalanick)表示,优步去年在中国亏损了10亿美元。Ge Jia, an influential tech blogger, says he believes Didi may be spending more on subsidies than it lets on – Didi is three or four times the size of Uber and drivers who work for both say the rate of subsidies is roughly the same. “Didi cannot afford to lower subsidies or that will just be surrendering its users to competitors.”有影响力的科技主葛甲称,他相信滴滴在补贴上的花费或许超出了准备——滴滴的规模是优步的三到四倍,为这两家公司工作的司机称,双方的补贴率差不多一样。“滴滴承受不起较低补贴,否则就会将自己的用户拱手让给竞争者。”Didi will not disclose its financial losses but a spokeswoman said it was spending less on subsidies than Uber and was breaking even in more than half of the 400 cities it operates in. “Investors wouldn’t have shown such support had we not shown them a clear path towards profitability,” she said.滴滴不会披露其财务亏损,但是一名发言人称,它在补贴上的花费少于优步,同时其运营的400个城市中超过半数实现了收平衡。“如果我们没有给投资者呈现出一条明确的盈利路线的话,他们是不会表现出如此持的,”她表示。As for how Apple’s money will be spent, she added: “All investments are going to be focused in product and tech innovations as we see more and more cities pass the breakeven point.”至于苹果的钱将如何花费,她补充称:“随着我们看到越来越多的城市实现收平衡,所有投资将集中用于产品和科技创新。” /201605/443845The technology industry always has its eyes on the future, but few foresaw the scene that played out on Wednesday afternoon in Trump Tower.科技行业总是着眼未来,但很少有人能够预见到周三下午发生在特朗普大厦的一幕。One by one, the leaders of the world’s most elite and successful technology companies trooped up to the 25th floor to meet President-elect Donald J. Trump, who had criticized them and who they, in turn, had criticized. The executives did not acknowledge or speak to the press on the way in.全球最顶尖、最成功的科技公司的领导者相继抵达这座大厦的25楼,会见候任总统唐纳德#8226;J#8226;特朗普(Donald J. Trump),他曾经批评过他们,而他们也反过来批评他。进入大厦时他们没有向媒体致意或讲话。First everyone went around the room and introduced themselves — Jeff Bezos, of Amazon; Elon Musk, of Tesla; Tim Cook, of Apple; Sheryl Sandberg, of Facebook; Larry Page of Alphabet, Google’s parent company; Satya Nadella, of Microsoft, and other tech leaders. Mr. Trump was seated next to Peter Thiel, the tech investor who is a member of the president-elect’s transition team. Three of Mr. Trump’s children also attended.一开始大家纷纷在会议室内相互致意――亚马逊的杰夫#8226;贝佐斯(Jeff Bezos);特斯拉(Tesla)的埃隆#8226;马斯克(Elon Musk);苹果的蒂姆#8226;库克(Tim Cook);Facebook的谢莉尔#8226;桑德伯格(Sheryl Sandberg);谷歌母公司Alphabet的拉里#8226;佩奇(Larry Page);微软的萨蒂亚#8226;纳德拉(Satya Nadella),以及其他科技公司领导者。坐在特朗普旁边的是彼得#8226;蒂尔(Peter Thiel),这位科技业投资者是候任总统过渡团队中的成员。特朗普的三个子女也在场。The president-elect greeted the executives effusively after they were seated around a long rectangular conference table.高管们在长长的长方形会议桌旁就坐,候任总统热情地跟他们打招呼。“This is a truly amazing group of people,” Mr. Trump said. “I won’t tell you the hundreds of calls we’ve had asking to come to this meeting.” Everyone laughed.“这可真是特别棒的一群人,”特朗普说。“我们接到几百个电话要求参加这次会议,这个我就不跟你们多说了。”所有人都笑了。“I’m here to help you folks do well,” Mr. Trump said, adding somewhat cryptically: “And you’re doing well right now and I’m very honored by the bounce. They’re all talking about the bounce. So right now everybody in this room has to like me — at least a little bit — but we’re going to try and have that bounce continue.”“我的责任是帮你们成功,”特朗普含糊其辞地补充说:“你们现在就很成功,这种转变让我不胜荣幸。他们都在说转变的事。所以眼下这个房间里的每个人都应该喜欢我――至少有那么一点――但我们要试着让转变持续下去。”Shortly after that, the press was ushered out of the room. It wasn’t immediately clear what unfolded after that.不久后,媒体就被请出了房间。目前还不清楚其后屋子里发生了什么事。The technology world had been in turmoil as the meeting drew near. Some argued the chief executives should boycott the event to show their disdain for Mr. Trump’s values. Others maintained they should go and forthrightly make their values clear. And still others thought they should attend and make their accommodations with the new reality.随着会议临近,科技界一直处于混乱之中。有人认为,首席执行官们应该抵制这次会面,以表明他们鄙视特朗普的价值观。有人则认为他们应该去,并且直率地表明自己的价值观。还有一些人认为,他们应该前往,并且适应新的现实。“There is a wide spectrum of feeling in the Valley,” said Aaron Levie, chief executive of the cloud storage company Box.云存储公司Box的首席执行官阿隆#8226;列维(Aaron Levie)说,“硅谷之内对此有各种不同的感受。”Complicating the debate was the fact that the most fervently anti-Trump elements in Silicon Valley seem to be the start-ups and venture capitalists, few of which were invited to the meeting.令这场辩论更加复杂的是,硅谷最狂热的特朗普反对者们似乎是那些创业公司和风险资本家,他们几乎没有被邀请参加会议。In the days and hours before the meeting, various factions made their positions clear. A group of engineers and other tech workers issued a statement asserting they would refuse to participate in the creation of databases that could be used by the government to target people based on their race, religion or national origin.在会议之前的几天乃至几个小时里,各种派别都做了明确表态。一群工程师和其他技术工作者发表声明,称如果数据库会被用来根据种族、宗教信仰或原国籍对人民进行区别对待,他们会拒绝参与这种数据库的创建。The proclamation immediately drew more than 500 signatories, including employees at Google, Apple and Microsoft. During the campaign, Mr. Trump did not rule out the idea of a database of Muslims.该声明立即吸引了500多位签名者,包括谷歌、苹果和微软的员工。在竞选期间,特朗普曾表示不排除建立穆斯林数据库的做法。Another group of entrepreneurs assembled virtually this week with the same goal of preventing any erosion of civil liberties. They also accepted “a responsibility to partner with communities where the effects of rapidly changing technologies have hurt our fellow Americans.” Among those signing were Aileen Lee, a venture capitalist; Dave McClure, of the 500 Start-Ups incubator; and Lenny Mendonca, an angel investor.另一群企业家亦在本周聚集在一起,他们同上述声明者的目标几乎是一样的,都是为了防止任何对公民自由的侵害。他们也相信“当技术的快速变化对我们的美国同胞造成了伤害时”,我们有责任与受影响的社区进行合作”。签名者包括风险资本家艾琳#8226;李(Aileen Lee);“创业500”(500 Start-Ups)孵化器的戴夫#8226;麦克卢尔(Dave McClure)和天使投资者莱尼#8226;门东萨(Lenny Mendonca)。Mr. Levie, of Box, a Hillary Clinton supporter who this week joined the executive council of the bipartisan policy group TechNet, believes in engagement with the new administration. “We have to face reality that this is the next four years, and the best way to make sure our values are upheld is actually push on them,” he said.作为希拉里#8226;克林顿(Hillary Clinton)的持者,Box公司的列维本周加入了两党政策集团TechNet的执行委员会,他认为应该与新政府进行接触。“我们必须面对现实,未来四年就是这样的,确保我们的价值观得到维护的最好方法就是切实地推广它们,”他说。Other tech chief executives were also taking the same route of working with the new administration. Hours before Mr. Trump’s meeting with tech leaders, the president-elect announced that Mr. Musk and Travis Kalanick, Uber’s chief executive, would be among those joining his Strategic and Policy Forum, which is aly stacked with businesspeople from finance and other industries. Ginni Rometty, the chief executive of IBM, had previously joined the forum.其他科技公司的首席执行官也同样采取了同样的方式与新政府合作。在与科技领袖们会面几小时之前,特朗普宣布马斯克和优步的首席执行官特拉维斯#8226;卡兰尼克(Travis Kalanick)将加入他的战略与政策论坛(Strategic and Policy Forum),该论坛中已有一批来自金融业和其他行业的商人。IBM的首席执行官罗睿兰(Ginni Rometty)之前亦加入了该论坛。While few in tech publicly supported Mr. Trump, his election is prodding the industry to realize it was isolating itself. For all of tech’s success in defining the first years of the 21st century, there were too many people who felt left behind.虽然科技界很少有人公开持特朗普,但他的当选促使该行业意识到自己正在日益孤立。尽管科技成功决定了21世纪最初数年的面貌,但是有太多人产生了被遗弃的感觉。“There is a growing divide between those who get to participate in our growth and those stuck in legacy industries,” said Mr. Levie. “Bridging that gap will require better partnership and better collaborations.”“参与了我们的发展的人,和那些被困在传统行业内的人之间,分歧越来越大,”列维说。“在这一鸿沟上架起桥梁需要更好的伙伴关系与更好的合作。” /201612/484296

Would you buy a Nokia cellphone?你会买诺基亚手机吗?That’s the question that Foxconn, the Taiwanese technology giant, and HMD Global, a Finnish company, are hoping to answer after they joined forces on Wednesday to license the once-powerful brand to build smartphones and tablets, primarily for customers in emerging countries.这是台湾科技企业巨头富士康和芬兰公司HMD Global希望回答的问题。周三,这两家公司联手,将使用这个曾经强大的品牌生产智能手机和平板电脑,主要面向新兴国家的消费者。The announcement signals the potential return of Nokia-branded phones after the company sold its handset division in 2013 for .2 billion to Microsoft, which subsequently wrote down most of that investment. Microsoft later discontinued Nokia-brand smartphones.周三的声明预示着诺基亚品牌手机有望回归。2013年,这家公司以72亿美元把自己的手机分部卖给微软公司(Microsoft),那笔投资的大部分价值后来被减记。微软最后停止了诺基亚牌智能手机的生产。The attempt to revive Nokia phones and tablets (the company had previously licensed its brand to Foxconn to make a tablet in China in 2014) also comes almost two decades after Nokia, then the world’s largest smartphone maker, reached its highest valuation of almost 0 billion. It is now worth around billion.这是一次重振诺基亚手机和平板电脑的尝试(2014年,诺基亚曾把自己的品牌授权给富士康,允许它在中国生产诺基亚平板电脑)。近20年前,诺基亚是全球最大的智能手机生产商,市值达到近2500亿美元的巅峰。现在它的市值约为300亿美元。After a number of missteps, most notably the failure from 2007 onward to adequately respond to the global popularity of Apple’s iPhone, Nokia has been forced to reinvent itself as a telecommunications equipment maker, producing mobile network and broadband infrastructure for the likes of ATamp;T and Verizon Wireless.经历了若干失误之后——主要是从2007年起未能对苹果公司(Apple)的iPhone手机在全球的流行作出有效反应——诺基亚被迫转变为电讯设备制造商,为ATamp;T和威瑞森无线(Verizon Wireless)等公司生产移动网络和宽带基础设施。The deal announced on Wednesday aims — admittedly amid cutthroat competition in the world’s smartphone market — to resurrect the Nokia brand for consumers that may still remember the company’s glory days before it fell behind rivals like Apple and Samsung.周三宣布的决定旨在重振诺基亚品牌,面向那些可能依然记得该公司在落后于苹果和三星(Samsung)等竞争对手之前的辉煌岁月的顾客们。但不可否认,当今的全球智能手机市场竞争异常激烈。To make that happen, Foxconn, which put up most of the cash, and HMD Global, a private-equity-backed Finnish group led by former Microsoft and Nokia executives, agreed to buy Microsoft’s so-called feature phone unit for 0 million. The division has 4,500 workers worldwide and a manufacturing facility in Vietnam. Feature phones are basic devices, mostly used in developing markets, that often lack services like Internet access.为了实现这个目标,富士康和HMD Global同意以3.5亿美元买下微软公司所称的功能手机分部。该分部在全球有4500名员工,在越南有家工厂。功能手机是基础设备,主要面向缺乏互联网等务的发展中国家市场。此次购买主要由富士康出资。HMD Global是一家获得私募股权持的芬兰公司,由微软和诺基亚的前高管们领导。Foxconn and HMD Global also sealed a separate agreement with Nokia to license its brand to manufacture new smartphones and tablets, adding that they planned to spend a further 0 million over the next three years to promote the devices, which would run on Google’s Android operating system.富士康和HMD Global还与诺基亚达成另一项单独协议,获得使用诺基亚品牌生产新的智能手机和平板电脑的授权。这两家公司补充说,他们计划在未来三年花费5亿美元推广这些设备,这些设备将采用谷歌的安卓操作系统。Under the complicated agreement, Foxconn — which also makes devices under contract for other manufacturers and has attracted criticism for how it treats its workers — would manufacture the devices, which have not yet been released, as well as the existing feature phones.按照这项复杂的协议,这些设备将由富士康生产,目前设备尚未发布。现有的功能机也将由富士康生产。富士康也按照合同为其他厂商生产设备,并因对待员工的方式而遭到批评。HMD Global, based in Helsinki, would design the new smartphones and tablets. The deal is expected to be completed by the end of the year. HMD Global is backed by a private equity firm run by Jean-Fran#231;ois Baril, a former Nokia executive with close ties to Foxconn.HMD Global公司位于赫尔辛基,它将负责设计新的智能手机和平板电脑。这项交易预计将于今年年底前完成。HMD Global获得诺基亚前高管让-弗朗索瓦·巴里勒(Jean-Fran#231;ois Baril)经营的一家私募公司持。巴里勒与富士康关系密切。Nokia would be paid a per-device licensing fee, and it will have a position on HMD Global’s board, though it did not put any money into the entity.诺基亚将按量收取每台设备的授权费,也将在HMD Global的董事会拥有一个席位,虽然它没有向该公司注入任何资金。“Branding has become a critical differentiator in mobile phones, which is why our business model is centered on the unique asset of the Nokia brand and our extensive experience in sales and marketing,” Arto Nummela, HMD Global’s chief executive, said in a statement.“品牌塑造已经成为手机的一个关键区别点,所以我们的商业模式以诺基亚独特的品牌资源以及我们在销售和市场推广方面的广泛经验为核心,”HMD Global的首席执行官阿托·努梅拉(Arto Nummela)在一项声明中说。Nokia has tried to reinvent itself in the smartphone market before.之前,诺基亚也曾努力在智能手机市场重塑自我。Months before completing its handset sale to Microsoft, the Finnish telecom giant released a device based on the Android operating system, a belated realization that Google’s software had outmuscled Microsoft’s rival version. Not surprisingly, Microsoft discontinued the device soon after taking control of the division.在微软完成收购诺基亚手机业务之前数月,这家芬兰电讯巨头发布了一款基于安卓操作系统的手机设备。它终于意识到谷歌的软件优于微软,只是醒悟得太晚了。不出意料,微软在控制这部分业务之后不久,就停止了这款手机的生产。It also remains unclear whether the reimagined Nokia phones would be able to compete in a global market where low-cost rivals like Xiaomi of China can offer powerful smartphones to emerging market customers, often at a fraction of the cost of Western rivals.现在,改头换面的诺基亚手机能否在全球市场上具有竞争力仍未可知。在如今的市场上,中国的小米手机等低成本机型能够向新兴市场消费者提供功能强大的智能手机,价格却通常比西方竞争者低得多。 /201605/445132



  WeChat, a popular instant messaging tool run by Tencent Holdings, aims to help users access mobile services without downloading separate apps, which experts said may challenge the business of smartphone app distributors such as Apple Store.由腾讯控股运营的流行即时通讯工具微信,旨在帮助用户获得移动务,而无需另外下载应用程序,专家表示,这可能对智能手机应用程序分销商构成挑战,比如苹果商店的业务。This new feature, dubbed ;Xiaochengxu; (Little Program), allows WeChat users to find a variety of services such as ticket buying by scanning a quick-response code, saving them the trouble of installing a number of different apps on smart devices, according to the transcript of a speech by Zhang Xiaolong, Tencent#39;s senior executive vice president, last Wednesday.腾讯高级执行副总裁张小龙上周三发表演讲称,这一新功能名为“小程序”,它允许微信用户通过扫码来查找如购票在内的各种务,从而省去在智能设备上安装多个不同应用程序的麻烦。Zhang, known as the father of WeChat, emphasized that Little Program is not a mobile app distributing function.张小龙,也被称为微信之父,他强调,小程序不是一个移动应用程序的分发功能。Still, experts and app developers said that the rollout of Little Program on WeChat will erode the market share of app distributors like Apple Store in China.不过,专家和应用程序开发人员表示,小程序在微信上的推出将削弱苹果商店在中国应用程序分销商的市场份额。;Little Program will attract lots of start-ups, because a program based on WeChat can help them build up businesses at much lower costs,; a Shanghai-based app developer, told the Global Times.上海的一位应用开发商在接受《环球时报》采访时表示:“小程序将吸引大量新创公司,因为基于微信的项目可以帮助他们以更低的成本来建立业务。”If a start-up wants to promote its business via a separate application, it has to hire a special team to develop two different apps - one each for iOS and Android.如果一个新创公司希望通过一个单独的应用程序来推广其业务,就必须雇佣一个特殊的团队来开发两个不同的应用程序--一个iOS版,一个Android版。Launched in 2011, WeChat has evolved to include services such as car-hailing, food deliveries, e-commerce and utility payments from just an instant messaging app.于2011年推出的微信已经发展为集网约车、食品交付、电子商务和公用事业付等功能于一体的即时通讯应用程序。 /201701/487751

  Many of us will have a tube of tennis balls gathering dust in the bottom of a cupboard. 想必很多人都会有一管尘封于橱柜底的网球。But the sports balls have many uses beyond the tennis court, and are in fact one of the handiest objects to have lying around the house in a pinch. 但这小小网球除了在赛场大显神通外,也有很多其他用途,在必要时也能化身家用神器。From getting rid of static in the tumble dryer, to cleaning the pool and removing static, the bright green balls are remarkably versatile. 家务万能的鲜绿色网球不仅能去除滚筒式烘干机里的静电,还能在清洗泳池的同时消除静电。Static in your clothes can be a nightmare to remove, but if you don#39;t have a box of dryer sheets handy - or are unwilling to shell out for the expensive laundry product - tennis balls are the solution. 衣上附着的静电可谓是挥之不去的噩梦。如果你手头没有一盒干衣机布,或者不愿花钱去买这种昂贵的洗涤产品,你可以尝试用网球来解决这一麻烦。Homemaking blogger I#39;m A Lazy Mom suggests wrapping a tennis ball in aluminium foil as an alternative. 家政主“我是懒妈妈”建议用包裹了铝箔纸的网球代替。#39;You get the benefit of the foil for the static, and you get the benefit of the tennis ball for faster drying and fluffier laundry!#39; she wrote. “神器在手,不仅没有静电烦恼,衣干得还快,手感也更柔软啦!”客中如是写道。Changing up your curtain rod finials can be as simple as using a cutting out a hole in a tennis ball (enough to get for the rod to fit through). 要给窗帘杆换个装饰头很简单,只要在网球上挖个洞就好了(洞口要和窗帘杆的粗细相匹配)。Then wrapping it with cloth matching your curtain, pop it on the end like a finial as shown on home DIY blog In Her Own Style. 接着给挖好洞的网球包裹上与窗帘风格相符的布料做装饰,最后将它按到窗帘杆上即可。这一创意由居家DIY客“特有风格”提供。Mums with school children will probably have scuff marks around the home. 家中有学童的妈妈们可能会为他们留下的各种磨损痕迹伤透脑筋。To get rid of those pesky eyesores try rubbing a dry tennis ball on the black streaks. 为了消除这些碍眼的印记,你可以试着用一个干燥的网球在黑色印记上来回擦。Forget using a pool cleaning machine that costs hundreds to run a year, tennis balls can be used as a pool cleaner. 使用一个泳池清洗机每年要花费数百美元,所以赶紧弃用吧,网球们完全可以代替它清洁泳池。Throw in a couple of tennis balls in the water to absorb up body oils and any small bits of trash on the top layer of the pool and you#39;ve got yourself an affordable pool cleaner. 往水里扔两三个网球就可以清理其中掺杂的护肤油及任何漂在池面的细小垃圾,这样你完全可以自己清洁泳池。But if you have got a painful knot in your back, try using a tennis ball as massaging device by laying back on it and rolling back and forth. 如果一直感觉后背疼痛,你可以试着把网球当作工具,躺在上面让它前后滚动,帮助缓解背部不适。 /201608/461265Altruism(1), one of the most difficult human behaviors to define, can be detected in brain scans, U.S. researchers reported on Sunday.They found activity in a specific area of the brain could predict altruistic behavior -- and people's own reports of how selfish or giving they are."Although understanding the function of this brain region may not necessarily(2) identify what drives people like Mother Theresa, it may give clues(3) to the origins of important social behaviors like altruism," said Scott Huettel, a neuroscientist(4) at Duke University who led the study.They set up an experiment in which they put 45 college students into a functional magnetic(5) resonance(6) imaging scanner, which can take real-time images of brain activity.They gave the students various games to play, and told them that winning earned cash for either themselves or for a charity. The students had chosen the charities beforehand(7) from a list, the researchers report.The students reacted differently depending on whether they won for themselves or for charity with the ones who described themselves as altruistic responding more strongly."The game involved reacting as fast as one can to the appearance of a target; if one responds fast enough, then money was earned," Huettel said.The task was fairly simple, and the students did not give up any payments to themselves to give to the charities. But it cost enough effort that Huettel believes it did represent altruistic intent."Conversely, trying to watch people in their daily lives would make data collection nearly impossible. So, we settled on(8) self-reports as a good, albeit(9) imperfect, measure."Huettel believes it is valid(10) to try to assess altruism scientifically."It is hardly the case that all altruistic acts come from people who are religiously faithful; there are undoubtedly many altruistic atheists(11)," He said."And, a religious explanation would have considerable(12) difficulty explaining why some animals help others of their species at significant cost or danger to themselves."Next his team hopes to test children, and find out how and when altruism develops. 周日,美国研究人员称,最难解释的人类行为之一—利他主义可以通过脑部扫描探测。他们发现脑部一块特殊区域的活动能预示利他主义行为—身体自己汇报自私度或者利他度。本研究组长、杜克大学神经学家Scott Huettel说:“尽管对这部分脑功能的认识还无法解释到底是什么可以让人们像德兰修女一样,但却能让我们更加靠近诸如利他主义这样的重要社会行为的根源。”研究人员将45位大学生送入能够实时记录脑部活动的功能磁共振成像扫描仪。他们让学生们玩不同的游戏,并每次让他们选择赢的钱是留给自己还是捐献福利机构。游戏开始前学生们可以从列表上选择受捐赠的福利机构。选择不同受益者,游戏结果大大不同,同时自称是利他主义者的学生的反应更为强烈。Huettel说:“其中一个游戏是让学生目击突然出现的目标,如果反应够快就能赢钱。”任务都很简单,学生们在此过程中不会有任何金钱损失。但是Huettel认为学生付出的努力足可以代表他们的利他意图。“相反地,通过观察人们的日常生活搜集数据几乎是不可能的。所以,我们认为自我汇报是一种虽然不完美,但还不错的方法。”Huettel认为这是评估利他主义的科学有效途径。他说:“并非所有的利他行为都来自有宗教信仰的人;毫无疑问太多无神论者同样是利他主义者。”“而且,宗教无法解释为什么有些动物会付出很大代价、冒很大风险帮助同类。”下一步,他的团队希望测试儿童,试图发现利他主义行为是从何时、如何发展的。 /200805/39176When Brazilian marathon runner Vanderlei de Lima lit the torch in Rio on Friday, it marked the latest chapter in N’s decades-long bet on the commercial success of the Olympic Games. 上周五,巴西马拉松运动员范德莱#8226;德#8226;利马(Vanderlei de Lima)在里约点燃火炬(见上图),标志着美国全国广播公司(N)对奥林匹克运动会(Olympic Games)商业成功的数十年押注翻开最新一章。The media group, which is owned by Comcast, paid .8bn to extend its deal to broadcast the Olympics until 2032, having started airing the games in 1964. 康卡斯特(Comcast)旗下的这家媒体集团斥资78亿美元将转播奥运会的合同延长至2032年。N从1964年开始转播奥运会。For television companies like N, keen to dismiss pessimism over their future, the stakes for blockbuster events such as the Olympics have scarcely been higher. 对于N这样热衷于驱散围绕其未来的悲观情绪的电视公司而言,押注奥运会这类盛大赛事的赌注从未像现在这么高。As audiences scatter across a growing choice of screens and stream their favourite shows days or weeks after they air, live sports are viewed as a rare safe bet for traditional television. Steve Burke, N chief executive, predicted Rio would be the most profitable Olympics in history.随着观众面对的屏幕选择日益增多、而且可以在播出数天乃至数周后观看自己喜爱的节目,运动赛事实况直播被视为传统电视难得的安全赌注。N首席执行官(CEO)史蒂夫#8226;伯克(Steve Burke)预计,里约奥运将成为史上最赚钱的一届奥运会。The network says it has aly sold a record .2bn in advertising — 20 per cent more than final revenues from the London games in 2012, even as television audiences have shrunk by a third since then. N称,广告销售额已经达到创纪录的12亿美元——比2012年伦敦奥运的最终广告收入多20%,尽管自那以来电视观众数量缩减了三分之一。In comparison, yearly television advertising sales have grown less than 6 per cent since 2012, according to Nielsen.据尼尔森(Nielsen)数据显示,相比之下,自2012年以来,年度电视广告销售增长不足6%。More than three-quarters of sales for Rio came from primetime television buys, which had “gone up a bit” versus London thanks to expectations for higher ratings, said Seth Winter, vice-president of ad sales at N. N广告销售副总裁塞思#8226;温特(Seth Winter)称,超过四分之三的里约奥运销售来自黄金时段广告,该比例较伦敦奥运“上升了一些”,得益于本届奥运会的预期收视率更高。Big cultural moments where groups of people sit down to watch the TV have become more scarce in recent years, prompting the spike in interest from advertisers, said Colleen Leddy of Droga5, an agency that made an Olympics ad featuring swimmer Michael Phelps for Under Armour. “Brands don#39;t think about TV in the way they used to, because it’s not the only medium any more, but events like the Olympics prove that TV is still king.” 广告公司Droga5的科琳#8226;莱迪(Colleen Leddy)称,近年来,能让成群的人们围坐在电视机旁的重大文化时刻越来越少了,这使得广告商对奥运会的兴趣陡增。“品牌不再像过去一样看待电视了,因为它不再是唯一的媒介,但是奥运会这样的盛事明电视仍然为王。”Droga5曾经制作由游泳运动员迈克尔#8226;菲尔普斯(Michael Phelps)为Under Armour代言的奥运会广告。“The value to ad buyers is much higher than it was four years ago,” says Bill Day of Frank N Magid associates, which consults to broadcasters. “It’s hard to find those massive bulks of consumers anywhere, let alone in a dedicated time-defined space. In 1978, a third of households tuned in to watch Bonanza each week.” “奥运会对广告买家的价值比4年前高得多,”为广播公司提供咨询的Frank N Magid Associates公司的比尔#8226;戴(Bill Day)称,“无论在哪都很难找到消费者集中的场合,更不用提在某个特定时段了。1978年,三分之一的家庭每周都会收看《伯南扎的牛仔》(Bonanza)。”N is set to air a whopping 6,700 hours of live coverage from Rio across 11 channels and dozens of live streams. It is the equivalent of watching every NFL game since 2008, according to Brian Roberts, Comcast chief executive. This is expected to lift viewership after much of the London coverage was broadcast on delayed tapes, prompting outcry from audiences when results emerged on social media first. N将在11个频道、数十个直播流媒体对里约奥运会进行长达6700个小时的现场直播。据康卡斯特CEO布莱恩#8226;罗伯茨(Brian Roberts)表示,这相当于观看美国国家橄榄球联盟(NFL)自2008年以来的全部比赛。伦敦奥运会的大部分赛事都是以延迟录播的形式转播,播出时比赛结果已经率先在社交媒体上公布,这引发了观众的强烈抗议。里约奥运会以现场直播方式播出,预计将提升收视率。However, analysts are sceptical that the boosts from events like the Olympics can thwart the tide of cord-cutting, falling cable audiences and declining advertising revenues.然而,对于奥运会等赛事的提振效果能否逆转订户退订、有线电视观众数量下滑以及广告收入下滑的大趋势,分析师们持怀疑态度。Television owners have had reason to be optimistic so far this summer. This year’s so-called upfronts, at which television networks lure a large chunk of advertising commitments from buyers, saw bookings rise across the large broadcasters — A, CBS, N and Fox — after three years of declines. Networks have also seen ratings inflated by coverage of the US presidential race. 今天迄今,电视广播公司的东家有理由乐观。从今年的预售(电视广播公司吸引买家作出大量广告承诺)可以看出,在经历了3年下滑后,美国广播公司(A)、哥伦比亚广播公司(CBS)、N和福克斯(Fox)等大型电视广播公司的预售都有所增加。电视广播公司还发现,美国总统竞选的相关报道提高了收视率。But the question looming over media owners is whether these larger audiences can be sustained once the fanfare has ended. 但是困扰这些媒体东家的问题是,当这一切喧哗结束后,电视能否留住扩大的观众群体。“The stage is set for a dramatic decline (in TV advertising) in 2017, when both political spending and Olympics-spend disappear,” said Rich Greenfield of BTIG. “Ratings are still pretty horrible. The media industry’s problem is there isn’t an Olympics every week.” “2017年(电视广告)预计将出现显著下滑,因为那时将失去政治广告投入和奥运会广告,”BTIG的里奇#8226;格林菲尔德(Rich Greenfield)称,“收视率仍然很糟糕。媒体行业的问题是,不是每周都有奥运会。”There is little sign that the cord-cutting trend is waning. In the second quarter of this year, some of the largest cable and satellite providers — Verizon, ATamp;T, Comcast and Dish — shed a combined 375,000 TV customers.没有什么迹象表明有线用户退订的趋势在减弱。今年第二季度,一些最大规模的有线电视和卫星电视提供商——Verizon、ATamp;T、康卡斯特和Dish——总计流失了37.5万电视顾客。Meanwhile, digital advertising is projected to outpace television advertising for the first time next year, as brands look to reach a younger generation that has eschewed cable boxes in favour of streaming . 与此同时,随着各品牌希望触及那些唾弃有线电视盒、转而欢迎流视频的年轻一代,预计明年数字化广告将首次超越电视广告。Nearly 8 in 10 millennials said they would stream the Olympics live online, and 7 in 10 would do so on a mobile phone, according to a survey by the Rubicon Project. Rubicon Project的调查显示,在千禧一代中,每10个人里有8个人表示会在网上观看奥运会直播,有7个人将在手机上观看直播。N has acknowledged the need to appeal to cord-cutters, even as it holds a tight grip over Olympics coverage. The network has for the first time allowed some social media companies, such as Snapchat and Facebook, rights to distribute highlights and clips of athlete interviews to drum up interest for the games. N承认吸引退订用户的必要性,即使它牢牢攥住了奥运会转播权。该电视广播公司首次允许Snapchat和Facebook等社交媒体发布精场面和运动员采访片段,以此勾起人们对奥运会的兴趣。Meanwhile, Comcast is focused on capitalising on the Olympics frenzy to convince its customers of the value of their monthly cable TV bill. 与此同时,康卡斯特正专注于利用这股奥运热情向其客户明他们每月有线电视账单的价值。The largest US cable-TV provider is pumping out Olympics coverage through its new high-tech cable box, called the X1 — a robot-esque TV guide that Comcast compares to Amazon’s digital assistant, Alexa. The X1 will provide “one integrated Olympics dashboard”, through which viewers can speak commands into a remote to search between live cable programmes, digitally streamed highlight reels and s, and real-time scoreboards. The box has been rolled out to about 40 per cent of Comcast’s 22m subscribers. 这家美国最大的有线电视提供商正通过其新款高科技有线盒子输送奥运直播内容。这款名为X1的盒子是机器人般的电视指南,康卡斯特将其与亚马逊(Amazon)的数字化助手Alexa相提并论。X1将提供“集成的奥运会仪表盘”,观众可以向遥控器说出指令,在有线直播节目、数字化精集锦流视频和实时奖牌榜之间搜索。在康卡斯特2200万视频订户中,约有40%的订户使用这款盒子。Comcast’s chief has called the X1’s Olympics platform a “laboratory” for the “future of television”. The 53-year-old company, which lost 4,000 TV customers last quarter, has placed a .8bn gamble that he will be proven right. 康卡斯特的CEO称X1的奥运平台是探索“未来电视”的实验室。这家拥有53年历史的公司在上个季度失去了4000个电视顾客,它押注了78亿美元打赌其CEO判断正确。 /201608/459581


  Sextortion -- using nude photos of someone to press for even racier content or other goods -- is surprisingly common, a US think tank says in what it calls the first in-depth study of another danger lurking in cyberspace.美国一家智库称,“性敲诈”行为——利用一些人的裸照获取更不雅的内容或者其他东西——惊人地普遍。该智库称,这是为网络空间的另一大潜在危害所做的首份深度研究。Most victims are minors, the predators are almost always men who prey on multiple targets, and almost all adult victims are women, it said. Most victims choose to stay anonymous, out of shame.研究称,大多数受害者都是青少年,而侵害者几乎总是对多个目标下手的男子,而且几乎所有的成年受害者都是女性。大多数受害者都选择匿名以免丢脸。And while US law enforcement officials acknowledge the problem, no agency or advocacy group keeps data on it, said the Brookings Institution, which published the study on Wednesday.布鲁金斯学会11日发布了这项研究结果,称尽管美国执法官员承认这一问题,但还没有机构或者利益团体追踪这方面的数据。Even the term #39;sextortion#39; is not a real word, but rather slang that prosecutors use to refer to an offense that does not fit neatly into a single category.甚至就连“性敲诈”也并非一个真正的词,而是检察官使用的一个俗语,用来代指不完全符合任何一个类别的侵害行为。;Legally speaking, there#39;s no such thing,; the report states.报告称,“从法律上讲,并没有‘性敲诈’这个罪名。”Sextortion can entail a hack into someone#39;s computer to rob a sexy picture or or take over a webcam, then the use of this content to extort victims for even more.性敲诈可以通过侵入某人的电脑窃取色情照片或者视频,或者侵入网络摄像头,然后利用这些内容对受害者进行敲诈。It is even more common for perpetrators to resort to social media to elicit a photograph from a victim, then use it to demand more.更常见的情况是,犯罪者通过社交媒体获取受害者的照片,随后进行敲诈。The Brookings Institution said it studied 78 cases from recent years that met its definition of sextortion and many others that contained elements of it.布鲁金斯学会研究了近年发生的符合其“性敲诈”定义的78起案例,以及其它诸多含有“性敲诈”因素的案例。Those cases involve at least 1,379 victims. But for a variety of reasons -- such as prosecutors not seeking out all victims of a given predator -- the true number of victims from those 78 cases could actually range from 3,000 to 6,500 or even more, the study said.这些案例中的受害者至少有1379位。但由于多种原因,比如检察官并没有找出遭受某一位侵害者侵害的所有受害者,这78起案例的受害者真实人数可能会达到3000到6500人,甚至更多。One involved a woman who opened an email from an unknown sender and found sexually explicit photos of herself, data about her job, husband and three kids, and a demand for a porno of her.在其中一起案例中,一名女子打开一封来路不明的邮件,而后发现了她自己的不雅照,还有有关她的工作、丈夫和三个孩子的资料,发信人还要求获得她的情色视频。 /201605/444163

  Having a cold beer after a hot bath is a nightly ritual for many Japanese, and now the country has found a way to further indulge -- soaking in the suds themselves.In Hakone Kowakien Yunessun, a mountainous hot spring resort just a day trip from Tokyo, a spa park is offering a bathtub, shaped like a beer mug, filled with heated amber water and white foam with the aroma of hops and barley.The resort is also pouring and spraying real beer into the bath and onto the customers three times a day until December 31.The beer bath installation, which began late last month, pays homage to the "beer fights" of professional baseball season winners."We wanted ordinary people to enjoy the fun," the spa said in a statement.The facility says the beer bath moisturises and cleanses the skin.The theme park-style facility, which features various tubs of hot spring water, annually celebrates the release of the Beaujolais Nouveau with a real sommelier pouring the fresh wine into its open-air "wine spa."The Yunessun also offers baths of coffee, tea and Japanese sake. 很多日本人习惯晚上洗个热水澡后喝杯冰镇啤酒。现在,日本人又多了一个畅享啤酒的方式——“啤酒浴”。距离东京仅有一天路程的神奈川县箱根町是一个多山的温泉胜地。这里的一家温泉公园设了一种啤酒杯状的浴缸,浴缸内盛满了散发着啤酒花和大麦清香的热啤酒。工作人员还将啤酒倒进浴缸并向客人身上喷洒,这一务每天提供三次,截止到12月31日。“温泉啤酒浴”务于上个月末推出,其灵感主要来自于职业棒球的赛季冠军们“洒啤酒”庆祝胜利的做法。温泉公园在一份声明中说:“我们想让普通人也体会一下这种乐趣。”据介绍,洗啤酒浴能够清洁并滋润肌肤。该公园提供各式的“主题温泉浴”设施。在一年一度的宝祖利新酒上市庆祝仪式上,一名斟酒员会将新鲜的酒倒进公园的露天“酒温泉”里。箱根町温泉胜地还向游客提供咖啡浴、茶浴及日本米酒浴。 /200803/29225。

  The FBI paid more than .4m to hackers who developed a way to gain access to the iPhone used by one of the San Bernardino attackers, leading the law enforcement agency to drop litigation against Apple intended to force the company to help break into the device. 美国联邦调查局(FBI)花了逾140万美元请黑客想办法破解了圣贝纳迪诺击案一名袭击者所用的iPhone,这家执法机构因此才放弃针对苹果(Apple)的诉讼,不再一心强迫后者帮它破解该设备。 James Comey, director of the FBI, said on Thursday that the cost was “worth it”, but added that an accommodation needed to be made with Apple and other technology companies in the future, as paying outside technologists to find ways to access highly-encrypted messages on phones used by terrorist suspects was not “scalable.” FBI局长詹姆斯#8226;科米(James Comey)周四说,这笔钱“花得值”,但他还表示,未来需要在这方面与苹果及其他科技公司达成和解,因为雇佣外部技术专家想办法获取恐怖嫌疑分子手机上高度加密信息的做法不具“可扩展性”。 Speaking at an Aspen Security Forum event in London on Thursday, Mr Comey said: “We were able to get into the phone because, in an odd way, all the controversy around the litigation stimulated a marketplace around the world#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;for people trying to figure out if they could they break into Apple 5C running iOS9 — and those details matter because that’s the phone that the terrorists left behind.” 周四,科米在伦敦“阿斯彭安全论坛”(Aspen Security Forum)的一次活动上讲话时表示:“我们之所以能够破解这部手机,是因为这起诉讼引发的各种争论以一种离奇的方式,为那些想弄清自己是否能破解运行iOS 9的iPhone 5C的人搭建起一个全球性的交流平台。那些细节也很重要,因为这是一部恐怖分子遗留下的手机。” He added that: “Somebody approached from outside the government [with a solution]. We tested it and tested it, then we purchased it.” 他接着说:“有外部人士(拿着解决方案)接触了美国政府。我们经过一再测试,然后购买了它。” Asked how much the FBI paid, he said: “A lot. More than I will make in the remainder of this job, which is seven years and four months, for sure. But it was, in my view, worth it#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;I think it was very, very important that we got into that device.” 当被问及FBI为此花了多少钱时,科米表示:“一大笔。肯定比我在现在这个岗位上干到退休拿得多,我还有七年零四个月退休。但在我看来,这笔钱花得值……我认为最最重要的是我们破解了这部设备。” Mr Comey’s annual salary was 3,800 last year, suggesting his agency paid about .4m to the as-yet-unknown hackers who developed the method to break into the device. 科米去年的年薪是18.38万美元,这意味着FBI向想办法破解了这部设备的黑客付了约140万美元。黑客的身份至今仍未揭晓。 The FBI director added that he wanted to find a long-term solution with technology groups such as Apple and Facebook, which both used end-to-end encryption on some of their messaging services, to avoid the need to pay outside parties if confronted with a similar situation in the future. 科米还表示,他希望能与苹果和Facebook——这两家公司都在它们的某些信息务上采用端到端加密——等科技公司一起找到一项长期解决方案,这样未来若再遭遇类似情况就不必再雇佣外部人士了。 “I’m hoping we can get to a sensible solution that doesn’t involve hacking and that doesn’t involving spending loads of money,” he said. 科米说:“我希望我们能找到一个合理的解决方案,既不涉及破解,也不涉及花费大量的金钱。” /201604/439394



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