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Lebanons president had a morning to forget after he tripped and fell face down onto the red carpet in front of fellow Arab leaders.黎巴嫩总统一定想要忘记那个早晨,当时他在一群阿拉伯地区领导人面前,自己不小心被绊倒,脸朝下摔在了红毯上。Michel Aoun tumbled forward at the start of a summit at the Dead Sea in Jordan.在约旦死海举行的峰会上,米歇尔·奥恩在开幕式上就“先声夺人”了。TV footage shows the 82-year-old appear to trip on a low, red-carpeted podium where flags of Arab states had been arranged.根据电视片段显示2岁高龄的他被一个不高的台阶绊倒,摔在布满阿拉伯国家国旗的红地毯讲台上。Two men in suits rushed to help him to his feet as Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi stood nearby.两名西装革履的男子迅速冲上前搀扶他站起来,而当时埃及总统阿卜杜勒·法塔赫·塞西就站在一旁。Aoun became head of state last year in a political deal that saw Saad al-Hariri appointed prime minister, ending a two-and-a-half year vacuum in the presidency.去年,奥恩凭借政治交易当选国家元首,萨阿德·哈里里任总理,结束了持续两年半的总统空窗期。The summit brings together 22 leaders from the Arab world. They will discuss the war in Syria, the threat of terrorism, and the release of former Egyptian leader Hosni Mubarak from prison.来自阿拉伯世界的22位领导人齐聚本次峰会。他们将会就叙利亚战争、恐怖主义的威胁、还有埃及前总统胡斯尼·穆巴拉克获释出狱等问题展开讨论。Aoun was not seriously hurt in the fall, and later addressed the summit about Lebanons security situation.还好奥恩这一摔并没有造成重伤,在随后的声明中,他向峰会阐明了黎巴嫩的战略地位。来 /201704/502724look-a-like product 山寨货(非正式)英文释义A new product that is very similar to an existing product, usually one that is aly successful.例句Our company invented a popular new communications device, but our competitors are now producing cheaper look-a-like products that some customers prefer.我们公司发明了一款畅销的新通讯产品,但我们的竞争对手正在生产一种更便宜的山寨货,受到了一些客户的喜爱。 /201310/260199公司董事会成员David找Ken谈话,显得很神秘。David: Hey, Ken...I need to talk to you.K: Sure...whats up?D: Can we step into the conference room? This is a more private conversation.K: Sure...D: Ok...Im just going to lay it all out on the table: What do you think of Vincents management style?K: Well, Vincent has only been CEO for a couple of years and ... well...um...D: I dont want to put you on the spot. Heres what Im getting at: I dont think Vincent is the man for the job.原来,David找Ken谈话,是因为觉得公司首席执行官 Vincent is not the man for the job. 不称职。David 说,I dont want to put you on the spot. 意思是我不是故意为难你。to put someone on the spot 意思是让某人回答很难回答的问题。David 在上面那段话里还说 Im just going to lay it all out on the table. 我就直截了当说吧。to lay something out 是讲清楚;on the table 意思是放在桌面上讨论。Ken 问 David 为什么觉得 Vincent 不称职。K: Really? And what led you to this conclusion?D: As I see it, he lacks the proper vision. His style is more about survival, and hes not taking the company anywhere.Hes ting water instead of swimming.K: Well, I confess Ive had my doubts about his abilities before. It seems he mainly got the job because his famous aunt pulled some strings.David觉得Vincent缺乏远见,lacks the proper vision. 只能维持现状,不能推动发展,就好像在水里,Hes ting water instead of swimming. 光是原地踩水,不向前游。Ken说,Vincent 担任CEO, 靠的是自己姑姑的关系,His aunt pulled some strings. to pull some strings 意思是动用关系。D: Ive been with this firm for 26 years and Id hate to see it go down the drain due to poor leadership skills.K: Me too. But what can we do? This isnt a reality TV show...we cant just vote him out.D: Yes and no...We cant ask for a show of hands on who thinks he should be fired, but we can introduce a vote of no confidence at the next board meeting.K: Interesting idea. You might be on to something.David 说,自己在公司已经26年了,不想看着公司go down the drain就这么垮掉。to go down the drain 是失败,白费的意思。David 觉得,虽然这不是电视真人秀 reality TV show,不能让大家表决把他赶下台,a show of hands 是举手表决的意思,但是可以在下个董事会上提出一份 a vote of no confidence 不信任提案。 /201205/183782

常见面试问题(二)  上期节目我们说到了面试的重要性,那么,我们仍旧继续这个话题,来说说常见的面试问题。   What kind of person do you like to work with?   你喜欢和什么样的人共事呢?   Would you mind working overtime?   你介意加班么?   What’s your salary requirement?   你能接受什么样的薪水?   Would you mind going out for business trips?   你愿意出差么? /09/84062

(一):The company has become a focal point that draws people at all times of the day and year. 贵公司成了时刻吸人眼球的焦点。A: The company has become a focal point that draws people at all times of the day and year.甲:贵公司成了时刻吸人眼球的焦点。B: Yes, and we successfully challenged for market share in Southeast Asia.乙:是的,并且我们成功争取到了东南亚的市场份额。成为焦点:the most strikingeye-catchingdrag in more viewers(二):The temptation in a downturn is to let prices slide to increase market share.在经济减速的情况下,通过降价提高市场份额的方法很诱人。A: How do you like our proposal?甲:您觉得我们的提议怎么样?B: The temptation in a downturn is to let prices slide to increase market share.乙:在经济减速的情况下,通过降价提高市场份额的方法很诱人。 提高市场份额:enjoy a vast expansion of marketgrab an increasing share of the marketgain market share /201409/325493第32期:应聘会计师你做过会计工作吗?Have you ever been involved in the accounting work?For example:A: Have you ever been involved in the accounting work?你做过会计工作吗?B: Yes ,I have. I was employed by the university after my graduation and Ive been working at the financial section of the university ever since.是的。我毕业后应聘在该校财务处工作。你喜欢数字工作吗?Do you like to work with figures?For example:A: Do you like to work with figures?你喜欢数字工作吗?b: Yes, I liked math in school.喜欢,我在学校的时候很喜欢数学。你能说出几门你学过的和会计有关的课程吗?Can you name some of the courses you completed in relation to accounting?For example:A: Can you name some of the courses you completed in relation to accounting?你能说出几门你学过的和会计有关的课程吗?B: Sure. I took such courses as accounting principles, commercial accounting, cost accounting, industrial accounting, electronic data processing accounting,and accounting involved in foreign capital enterprises.当然可以了。我学过会计原理、商业会计、成本会计、工业会计、电算会计以及涉外会计。你学过《决策与控制会计》吗?Have you taken Accounting for Decision-Making and Control?For example:A: Have you taken Accounting for Decision-Making and Control?你学过《决策与控制会计》吗?B: No,we have not taken such a course, but we have taken a more specialized course for decision making, by the name of Forecasting and Decision-Making.没有,但我们学了一门更专业的有关决策的课程,名字叫《预测与 决策》。你目前工作的主要职责是什么?What are your responsibilities in your present work?For example:A: What are your responsibilities in your present work?你目前工作的主要职责是什么?B: My work involves various routine bookkeeping and basic accounting tasks.我的工作包括日常记账以及基本的账目清算任务。journal entry会计分录; entry进入,登记,记账; reconcile使和谐,查出你英语说得很流利,但我不知道你能否用英语记账及清算账目。You can speak English fluently but I wonder if you can deal with bookkeeping and accounting in English.For example:A: You can speak English fluently but I wonder if you can deal with bookkeeping and accounting in English.你英语说得很流利,但我不知道你能否用英语记账及清算账目。B: No problem. The professional English course is just English for Accounting. Moreover, the Atlantic Trading Company is a Sino-Australian joint venture. When I served part-time there, I became well acquainted with accounting operated in English.没问题,我的专业英语就是会计英语,而且,大西洋商贸公司是一家中澳合资企业。我在那里做兼职时,就已经熟练掌握用英语进行会计操作了。bookkeeping 簿记你熟悉中华人民共和国的财政和税收条例吗?Are you familiar with the PRC Financial and Tax Regulations?For example:A: Are you familiar with the PRC Financial and Tax Regulations?你熟悉中华人民共和国的财政和税收条例吗?B: I think so.是的。PRC Peoples Republic of China 中华人民共和国债权人净资产值是什么?Whats the creditors equity?For example:A: Whats the creditors equity?债权人净资产值是什么?B: The creditors equity is the same as liabilities.债权人净资产值就是负债。equity净资产值;creditor债权人你能告诉我关于现金控制的一些知识吗?Can you tell me something about cash control?你熟悉西方会计吗?Are you familiar with America-styled accounting?For example:A: Are you familiar with America-styled accounting?你熟悉西方会计吗?B: Yes. I had worked as an assistant accountant with IBM China. Inc. 是的。我曾经在IBM中国公司做过助理会计。 /201502/358478第一句: What would you like to drink?你想喝什么酒?A: What would you like to drink?你想喝什么酒?B: Why dont we start off with a little Mao-tai?我们先喝点茅台怎么样?A: Great idea!好主意。 第二句: Have some of this roasted beef and some Yorkshire pudding to go with it.吃点烤牛肉,用约克夏布丁配着吃。A: To your health!祝你健康!B: To your health!祝你健康!A: Have some of this roasted beef and some Yorkshire pudding to go with it. Help yourself to vegetables.吃点烤牛肉,用约克夏布丁配着吃,请随便吃些蔬菜。B: This is marvelous. What a wonderful cook you are.好极了。您真是一个了不起的厨师。 其他表达法:Could you tell me how this thing is cooked?能否告诉我这道菜是怎么做的?It is steamed and served with our special sauce.蒸过后加上本店特制的调味料。 /201304/233703

to have butterflies in ones stomach 紧张不安(成语)英文释义 (IDIOM) To be nervous.例句Speaking in public terrifies me, and I always have butterflies in my stomach before I have to make a speech.我害怕面对公众演讲,在开口说话前总是紧张不安。 /201406/305920extravaganza------盛大的活动(名词)英文释义 (noun) An impressive social event with an abundance of food, musical performances, and decorations.例句 The opening of our new company headquarters was a memorable extravaganza with fireworks, famous singers, fine food, an orchestra, gifts for everyone, and speeches by our companys founders.我们新的公司总部的开业是一场盛大的活动,观赏烟花,观看知名歌手演出,品尝精致食物,每个人都有礼物,公司的创始人还发表了演讲。 /201410/334650

8 总结闭会3句英文任你选Let me summarize what has been agreed so far.让我来总结一下到目前为止达成的共识。Now I declare the meeting adjourned.现在我宣布休会。All scheduled programs have been completed. Thank you for your participation.所有预定议程都已结束,谢谢各位的参与。半个句型要记牢summarize(总结,概括)Tip: summarize既可作及物动词,又可作不及物动词,表示;总结,概括;相当于recap。如 Philosophy is the scientific knowledge that summarizes the nature and society. (哲学是关于自然和社会知识总结、概括的一门学科。), I tell you the general terms, and then let the chairman summarize. (我给你们讲一讲大致情况,然后请主席作总结性发言。) /201506/373227

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