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吉林省长春市中心医院服务吉林长春中心医院做人流榆树市第一人民医院怀孕检测多少钱 翻译点津:钱钟书的英文信函 --01 :5:1 来源: 钱钟书钱钟书是我国通古今中外的大学问家、作家学术巨著《管锥篇大精深;长篇小说《围城脍炙人口他还是《毛泽东选集英译本定稿人为了使读者进一步欣赏钱钟书的英语(论坛)文采,现把钱钟书给林书武的三封英语信刊登出来,并加汉译同时,做些必要的注解方便各位:第一封信My Dear Shu-Wu[1], May Your letter gives me a joyful surprise[] Your English is astonishingly good. This is not “flannel” or “butter”[3] but my sincere opinion (my hand upon my heart!) The idea found from your version of Chairman‘s statement is, to say the least, quite unjust[] Perhaps your hand is recovering some of its old cunning momentarily lost through long lack of practice[5] At any rate, it would be a pity-nay, a sin, a crime[6]-to let your[7] English get rusty and become finally unserviceableYours in hasteBy a slip of pen, you wrote “allocation” instead of “Collocation” This is a mere peccadillo. Don’t let meticulousness about such trifles cramp your style参考译文:书武:看了来信,又惊又喜你的英语之好,出人意外这不是兜圈子的奉承话,而是真诚的意见(我手在胸前发誓!)你以前翻译主席文章的段落,我看了以后有些想法现在看来,那些想法至少是很不公正的你长期以来缺乏实践,一时失去原有的灵巧手法,也许逐渐得到恢复不管怎么样,让你的英语生锈,最终变得无法利用,那是件憾事——不,是罪过,是犯罪钱钟书匆匆5月日又及,由于笔误,你把collocation写成allocation这只是一个小错别把这些小事看得过重,变得谨小慎微,妨碍你写作方式的完善注解:[1] My Dear…是英语书信的一种格式,并不非译出来不可这里可译作:书武林书武当时是中国社会科学院语言研究所研究人员1970年冬,下放河南息县劳动锻炼,在那段时间跟钱钟书有过一段交往此信写于1971年5月[] a joyful surprise: 又惊又喜英语的短语,译成汉语时往往变成动词短语[3] flannel: 花言巧语此信中用双引号有两处第一处有“所谓的”的意思,注8为第二处,意指原词[] 这是一个复杂句,但并不难分析要说的是“to say the least”是个插入语;英语句子常用插入语例如: Your composition, to put it bluntly, is ill written. 你的作文,坦率地说,写得很不好[5]momentarily lost修饰cunning; through long lack of practice, 这里又是名词短语变作译文中动词短语的例子[6] sin和crime几乎是同义词这里连用,旨在加强语气[7] 词底下划一横线,表强调之意第二封信My Dear Lin[1], May Excuse this belated reply to your very kind May Day greetings. It’s almost literally “a day after the fair” What with fixing the mosquito net, queuing sweets at the co-op store, fetching and distributing letters, and the thousand and one odds and ends which eat away one‘s time, the red letter day was over bee I know where I was[3] Well[], here go my best wishes in which my wife joins. Your letter makes me ashamed. I feel guilty like a swindler who has won your “gratitude” without doing anything to earn it. Your characteristic generosity has led you to overestimate the aids to study I gave. Yes, vocabulary is important. Pedagogues used to distinguish a pupil’s active.. or[5] writing and speaking vocabulary. As you know, the latter is far more extensive than the mer. How to turn the supinely passive into the nimbly active-- that‘s the big problem[6] However, enough of shop talk. Tomorrow to the battle and more power to your elbow![7]Yours Sincerely参考译文:林:5月1日承蒙来信祝贺节日,迟复为歉称之为“集市后的一天”,此语非虚安蚊帐,在合作社小店排队买糖果,往邮局取信,回来分发,以及忙乎耗费时间的没完没了的琐事,不知不觉中纪念日已经过去了在此,我和妻子向你致以最良好的祝愿你的来信,使我感到惭愧我像个骗子,没干什么就获得了你的感谢,这使我感到内疚我对你的学习,帮助甚少,你特有的忠厚,使你过誉了这种帮助是的,词汇是重要的教师通常把词汇分为积极的和消极的词汇,前者为写和说的词汇,后者为阅读的词汇正如你所知道的,学生的词汇中,后者远比前者多得多如何把呆板的消极词汇变成灵活的积极词汇,这是个大问题但有关行内的议论,就说这么多吧明天就要投入战斗了,加油干!钱钟书谨上5月日注解:[1] 此信写于197年5月日,距上封信近一年[] Excuse my late arrival, 或Excuse me coming late都可以说,但中国学生似乎更喜欢采用后一个句型所以信中说Excuse this belated reply更显得新颖[3] 这是一个复杂句Thousand and one odds and ends, 极言琐事繁多Red letter day: 日历上节日、纪念日都是用红色字体印,故称这个句子定是神来之笔,百读不厌[] Well是个多义词作为感叹词,也可以表达多种意思,不能一律译作“嗳”、“嗯”、“啊”这里信中用来改变话题[5] Or除了常见的“或者”义之外,这里是“等于”、“即”的意思(注:此处原文有删减)[6] How to.是个话题,that是主话这样的写法突出重点,又很生动[7] 两句都是不完全句前一个常用,如快下课时说,Enough the time being(暂时就谈这么多), So much today(今天就讲这么多)后一个是口号式句,简洁有力第三封信My Dear Lin[1],I am deeply grateful, but I have smiting of conscience[] As you know, I have my own ration of sugar, and I must not deprive you of yours[3] As to the tidbits, a healthy young man has more need of them to stay his hunger[] between the meals--much more than an old man does. So I am returning them with heartfelt thanks--accompanied with a little token of esteem[5] The latest Number of Broadsheet is worth glancing at.[6]Your thankfully参考译文:林:很感谢你,但我深感不安正如你知道的,白糖,我有自己的定量,我不应该取你的至于那些精美的点心,健康的小伙子比老人更加迫切需要,以便在两顿饭之间充饥所以我怀着衷心的谢意把糖和点心还给你,同时附上一些英文报纸杂志,聊表敬意最近一期的Broadsheet(报纸)值得一看钱钟书 谨上注解:[1] 这封信没署日期大概写于197年钱钟书杨绛离开河南明港,提前返回北京的几个月前信中提到“白糖”、“点心”等话,指的是林书武为了感谢钱钟书赠送英语书报,对林书武学习上的指导,送给钱钟书的东西[] smite和conscience搭配,是地道的英语,如:His conscience smote him. 他受到了良习的谴责也可以说成: He had smiting of conscience[3] to deprive you of yours 夺取你的东西,不能说成to deprive yours. 同类动词还有一些,例如rob. Those barking of a dog robbed me of my sleep. 吠了又吠,弄得我无法入睡[] to stay ones hunger是地道的英语,学生往往想不到这种用法“充饥”不要说成to fill ones hunger, 要采用这里的说法[5] a little token of esteem 当时钱钟书还送给林书武一些英文报纸杂志[6] to be worth 接动词的ing形式,表示值得做……,这里的is worth glancing at, 值得一看注意:跟to be worthy的差别: to be worthy of something 应该得到某事物;to be worthy to do sth 应该做某事总的来说,钱钟书这三封英语信,是珍贵的学习资料除了其思想内容之外,单从英语写作技巧来说,就有许多值得学习的地方以下仅提出两点:1、这三封信句法变化丰富,相邻的两句句型绝不相同简单句,复杂句,定语从句,非完全句,等等,变化多端,多有神来之笔钱钟书的英文信,富有灵气、用词特点之一是多用近义词,如flannel和butter; sin 和crime; 词的搭配很地道,如“充饥”,“值得一看”等等的英语表达式,都是不可替换的  在一些名星志愿者的帮助下,网站经过了测试,测评结果还颇具见解长春二院妇科是公立医院吗

长春都市丽人妇科人流多少钱双语职场:七高招提升你的简历吸引力 -- :: 来源: 评估你简历的7个提示The New Resume Rules: What’s In and What’s Out新的简历规则:哪些符合哪些不恰当7 Hints Evaluating Your Resume评估你简历的7个提示Fashion changes, and resume styles change, too. If you have solidskills and work experience but your resume isn’t getting any bites, you might need a resume makeover时尚改变了,简历的风格也改变了如果你有很强的实力,丰富的工作经验,但是你的简历没有任何优势的话,你可能就需要装饰装饰你的简历了Take a free resume test to see if your resume has what it takes to pass the -second scan and get results. And check out the “what’s in, what’s out” info below to help make your resume more cutting-edge做一下免费的测试,看看你的简历是否能够通过秒的浏览,并引起面试官的注意并参照以下专家的几条关于哪些是好的做法哪些是错误的做法的建议,来帮你打造更具优势的简历:1. In: A professional summary at the top of your resume. This sells you like nothing else on your resume does正确的做法:在你的简历顶部放上一段专业概要简历上没有什么比这个更有卖点了Out:An objective statement at the top of your resume. Nothing says “outdated” like an objective错误的做法:在简历顶部放一段目标宣言没有什么比目标宣言更土了“Ditch it immediately,” advises Jack Williams, vice president of national sales and recruiting Staffing Technologies, in Atlanta. Employers don’t care what a potential hire wants to do. “They care whether they can do what the employer needs them to do,” he saysJack Williams是亚特兰大Staffing Technologies公司的国际销售和招聘副总裁,他建议说:“马上删除掉雇主不会关心一位候选人想要做什么他们关心的是该候选人能否照他们的需求去做”.In:Resumes that are easy on the eyes正确的做法:能够轻易吸引人注意的简历“I don’t have time to through each resume and search the important points. They need to jump out at me,” says Mike Earley, vice president of resource management at MyWire, a media aggregation site. Earley says hot resumes are organized with bullet points, not paragraphs, and have enough white space to look clean and visually interestingMyWire是一个综合媒体网站,其人力资源副总Mike Earley说:“我没时间去看每一份简历,然后找出其中的重点部分它们需要马上跳入我的眼帘” Earley说好的简历都是非常有条理地列出要点,而不是一段一段,并且空出很多空白的地方看起来很干净、有视觉冲击效果Out:Resumes that are “grey,” with large chunks of unbroken text that require recruiters to slow down. Chances are they won’t take the time错误的做法:不起眼的简历,一大段文字还不分段,招聘人员要慢慢去看很可能他们不会浪费这个时间3.In:A customized resume. Tailor every resume you send out the job you’re seeking好正确的做法:定制的简历为你应聘的每个职位定制简历Out:A cookie-cutter approach: same resume every job. These were from the days bee home computers, when changing a resume was a really big deal错误的做法:一刀切的方法:每个职位发送的简历都是一样这种是家庭计算机还没有普及时候的做法,因为那时候改简历确实是非常麻烦的事情.In:A two-to-three-page resume when you really need the space正确的做法:如果真的很有必要的话,两三页的简历是可以的Out:A one-page resume when you really need two or three pages错误的做法:在你非常需要两三页简历说明的时候压缩成一页“One-page resumes are a myth,” says Williams. “No talented person with more than five years experience can fairly summarizetheir experience in one page.”Williams说:“所谓的一页简历是一种错误没有哪位有五年工作经验的人才能够将他们的经验用一页纸清楚地表达出来”5.In:Selling yourself. The best way to do this, Earley says, is through quantifying your accomplishments. “When describing what you did on a job, be sure to include the results. Your accomplishments are key,” says Earley. instance, if you’re an office manager, don’t just say you “organized a system to track outside vendors.” Conclude with a real result, like “reduced operating costs by one-third.”正确的做法:销售你自己Earley说最好的销售自己的方法是将你的成就量化他说:“当你在描述你曾经做过的事情时,确保要加上成果你的成就是关键”比如,如果你是一位办公室经理,不要仅仅写上“组织了一个追踪外部供应商的系统”以一个真实的结果来总结,比如“减少了三分之一的经营成本”Out:Not being your own best marketing and sales department. “Gone are the days of just listing job titles and responsibilities,” says Leslie Sokol, co-author of “Think Confident, Be Confident.”错误的做法:没有成为自己最好的销售部门“那些只单单在简历上列出职位和责任的日子已经不存在了” “Think Confident, Be Confident.” 的作者之一Leslie Sokol说6. In:Including links to websites all companies on your resume, and, if possible, a brief description of each company. “Few do this, but it is always well-received,” says Williams. “Hiring managers have an interest in knowing what a company does and what your previousposition there had to do with that.”正确的做法:在你的简历中添加上各个公司的主页链接,并且如果可能的话还加上一小段公司介绍Williams 说:“很少有人会这样做,但是这样却会收到很好的效果招聘经理都有兴趣想知道你的前任公司是做什么的,以及你在那家公司里的工作是做些什么”Out:Assuming hirers know your old company or don’t need to know错误的做法:想当然地认为招聘人员都了解你的前公司,或者他们不需要了解7. In:Including your LinkedIn or other social network address in your resume’s header. Make sure it’s a custom (“vanity”) URL if it’s LinkedIn (these are free)正确的做法:在你的简历标题中附上LinkedIn或其他的社交网络网址如果是LinkedIn的话,确保附上正确的URL链接Out:Not being up-to-date with social networking错误的做法:没有及时更新社交网络Following these ins and outs will make your resume shine and help you to land your dream job. Take a free career test to find a job you’ll really love参照这些正确的做法和错误的做法,可以帮助你打造一份闪亮的简历,帮你得到你的理想职业做一份免费的测试来找到你真正喜爱的工作吉林大学口腔医院预约时间表 When more than 90 Chinese musicians from the orchestra played her hit song, Roar, with ancient Chinese instruments like the guzheng (Chinese plucked zither), erhu (two-stringed bowed instrument) and pipa (four-stringed plucked instrument), she sat at the back of the theater, wiping her tears.长春无通人流医院

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