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A cat named Bum, with eyes that make him look perpetually worried, is sweeping the Internet. Netizens called him ;worried cat;.近日一只名为Bum的喵星人走红网络,因为它的眼睛令它看起来总是一副忧心忡忡的样子网友都叫它;担心猫;His owner, Courtney Morman, made an Instagram to showcase Bum. It quickly gained more than 500 followers in a week.它的主人考特尼·尔曼为它建立了一个Instagram账号,短短一周内就吸引了500多名粉丝After the almost two-year-old Bum was featured on the cat-lovers blog Love Meow, images of his pensive expression began flying around the Internet.自从近两岁的Bum在猫咪爱好者客“爱喵”上被曝光后,他深沉思考的模样就迅速走红网络Bum came to the San Diego Humane Society Kitten Nursery when he was 5 months old. Courtney fell in love with Bum and decided to adopt him.Bum在5个月大的时候被送到了圣地亚哥人道协会的猫咪照料所考特尼很喜欢它,于是决定收养它While Bum eyes might look funny, there actually nothing wrong with them. Courtney says Bum is actually very happy and loving and helps take care of other cats that are being fostered.考特尼表示,虽然Bum的眼睛可能看上去很搞笑,但事实上视力没有任何问题,Bum实际上很快活还很有爱心,它经常帮忙照料其它被收养的猫 5588。

A: Hello. My name is John Sandals, and I've got a reservation.B: May I see some identification, sir, please?A: Sure. Here you are.B: Thank you so much. Have you got a credit card, Mr. Sandals?A: I sure do. How about American Express?B: Untunately, at the present time we take only MasterCard or VISA.A: No American Express? Okay, here's my VISA.B: Thank you, sir. You'll be in room 5, nonsmoking, with a queen-size bed. Do you approve, sir? A: Yeah, that'll be fine.B: That's great. This is your key, sir. If you need anything at all, anytime, just dial zero. 965。

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Internet pranksters have started posting photographs of cats which look like US presidential hopeful Donald Trump.喜欢恶搞的网友们盯上美国总统候选人唐纳德·特朗普(又译“川普”)了:给各自的猫咪做个特朗普造型,再把图片发到网上Cat owners have been posting the hilarious images along with the tagline #TrumpYourCat.网友们在贴出搞笑猫咪图片的同时,还会打上#TrumpYourCat(特朗普猫)标签The images have started going viral as Donald Trump campaigns the final few hours bee the Super Tuesday contest which will likely determine whether he becomes the Republican presidential nominee.这股风潮的流行正值特朗普为“超级星期二”做最后几小时的紧张拉票工作而“超级星期二”的走向有可能决定特朗普能否代表共和党出征最终的总统大选And regardless of whether youre a Democrat, Republican or just a member of the pizza party, we can all e under the belief that these cats are freakin hilarious.不管你是民主党派、共和党派或者只是披萨党的一员,大家在这件事儿上一定会统一意见:那就是这些“特朗普猫”太逗了It doesnt take a rocket scientist to #TrumpYourCat, either. According to the TrumpYourCat Instagram page—which shares images of furry friends rockin toupees alongside pompous es from Trump—all you have to do is brush your cats and use the hair as a makeshift toupee.你不必非得是个摇滚大师才能做出这个造型#TrumpYourCat的Instagram主页上分享了许多喵星人顶着假发的“模仿特朗普”图片,图片还配有浮夸的特朗普语录所以你只要跟大家一样,把你家猫咪的毛毛梳起来,弄个“一边倒”样子即可The trend has been around awhile but has recently really started to take off on social media.这股潮流其实出现了有一阵子了,但直到最近才突然在社交媒体上火起来 91。

It was an honest mistake.这是一个无心之过A newspaper in the Dominican Republic meant to run a photo of US President Donald Trump but accidentally ran a photo of Alec Baldwin doing his impression of Trump on ;Saturday Night Live; instead.多米尼加共和国的一份报纸本打算刊登美国总统特朗普的照片,却误用了在《周六夜现场中模仿特朗普的亚历克·鲍德温的照片The story, published in El Nacional, was about Israel decision to allow more settlers to build homes in disputed territories and Trump statement that the move did not aid in the peace process.《国民报日前刊登了一篇报道,其内容是以色列允许更多定居者在争议领土地区修建住房的决定,以及特朗普称此举无助于和平进程的声明The story featured photos of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and what was meant to be Trump but was instead Baldwin.报道中用了以色列总理内塔尼亚胡的照片,一同出现的理应是特朗普的照片,但实际登报的却是鲍德温的照片The paper quickly issued an apology. ;El Nacional apologizes to the ers and to all those who felt affected by the publication,; the paper wrote.《国民报很快发表了道歉声明该报纸写道:“《国民报向读者朋友们以及所有受刊物影响的人士们致歉”Trump has famously dissed ;Saturday Night Live; and especially Balwin, calling the show ;unwatchable.;特朗普曾公开炮轰《周六夜现场,特别是鲍德温,称这个节目“不值一看” 90。

Paris is so much more than the capital of love. It offers so many interesting quirks and facts that make it one of the most exciting and interesting cities in the world. Here are of the best tid-bits about Paris.巴黎不仅仅是浪漫之都这里有着许多有趣而又奇怪的事情,巴黎而成为世界上最令人兴奋和感觉有趣的城市之一以下是个关于巴黎最为人熟知的花边新闻.Paris Syndrome.巴黎综合症Many Japanese tourists have been sent back to Japan once arriving in Paris, as they suffer from extreme shock that is often referred to as ;Paris Syndrome;. It is thought they are often unprepared the reality that Paris is, arguably, not the greatest place in the world.因为遭受巨大的打击,很多日本游客一旦到达巴黎就会被送回日本,这被称为;巴黎综合症;日本人通常难以接受真实的巴黎是什么样子,因为对他们而言这是世界上最棒的地方不过关于这一点大家都说法不一9.Parisian Dinner9.的晚餐Do you often dream of dining in Paris? Well, you should definitely consider visiting the home of Jim Haynes. He has been inviting complete strangers to his home a dinner party thirty years, and you can register to join him.你是否常常幻想在巴黎用餐?嗯,你绝对可以考虑拜访吉姆·海恩斯的家他邀请陌生人到家中吃晚餐的传统已有三十年的历史,你也可以申请这个机会8.The Great Mosque of Paris8.巴黎的大清真寺During World War II, The Great Mosque of Paris sheltered Jews from the Holocaust, and even supplied them with Muslim identity certificates to ensure their safety.第二次世界大战期间,巴黎的大清真寺在纳粹屠杀时庇护犹太人,甚至为他们提供穆斯林的身份以确保其安全7.The Sisters7.城Many people dont know that Paris has a sister: Rome. Both are equal counterparts, and both use the motto: ;only Paris is worth of Rome; only Rome is worthy of Paris;.很多人都不知道巴黎有一个:罗马它们地位相同,共用座右铭:;只有巴黎配得上罗马,只有罗马配得上巴黎;6.Fake Paris6.山寨巴黎In order to confuse German pilots during WWI, France built a fake Paris to preserve their historic city and keep Parisians safe.一战时法国为了迷惑德国飞行员,建造了一个山寨版巴黎以保护他们这座历史名城,确保民的安全5.Kangaroos5.袋鼠If you head to Emance, the township just an hour outside of Paris, you might come across some kangaroos. They descended from the breeding population that escaped during a failed burglary attempt at an animal park back in the 1970s.如果出行到距巴黎仅有一小时车程的Emance小镇,那么你途中可能会偶遇袋鼠19世纪70年代,动物公园发生一起盗窃未遂案件,一些袋鼠趁机逃跑并在该地区繁衍生息下来.The Louvre.卢浮宫The Louvre protected its contents during World War II by distributing them among wealth French citizens, who hid them in the houses to prevent them from being stolen by Nazis or damaged following an enemy attack.二战期间,卢浮宫为了保护其文物财产把它们分别送交给法国的富人这些有钱人把东西藏起来以避免被纳粹盗走或者因敌人攻击而遭受损坏3.The Statue of Liberty3.自由女神像New York isnt the only city that offers the Statue of Liberty. France built a second Statue of Liberty to face the Eiffel Tower, which symbolises the friendship between the two cities. France gave the Statue of Liberty to New York as a gift of friendship, which created a bond between France and the ed States.不只纽约才有自由女神像法国在埃菲尔铁塔对面建造了第二个自由女神像,它象征着纽约和巴黎两城市之间的友谊法国将自由女神像作为礼物送予纽约,建立了美法间的友好关系.Les UX.UX组织Paris is the home to the group Les UX, which spends most of their time breaking into historical sites and monuments to secretly repair them, and they have also built underground cinemas and staged secret artistic events.巴黎是UX组织(一个以修缮巴黎各个角落为目的的地下组织)的大本营组织成员利用他们的大部分时间深入到历史遗址和纪念碑内部,秘密进行修复工作他们还建立了地下电影院,举办一些秘密的艺术活动1.Zidane Headbutt1.齐达内的;头顶对手;雕像On top of a second Statue of Liberty, you can also see a statue of Zinedine Zidane famous headbutt on Marco Materazzi during the World Cup final. It is on display outside the Pompidou Centre.除了第二尊自由女神像之外,你还可以看到一尊雕像,展示的是齐达内在年世界杯终场赛上用头顶撞对手的出名场面这尊雕像设立于蓬皮杜文化中心外译:夏久梅 审校:晴晴晴天 前十网 30。