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成都省第四医院电话挂号四川省成都市第六医院的具体地址Do you like to eat a sweet treat every now and then?你喜欢时不时地吃些甜食吗?I know I do, and a lot of us enjoy a cookie or a piece of candy when its time for that special goodies.我就喜欢这样,到了特别的甜品时间,我们许多人都喜欢吃上一块饼干或一颗糖果。And whats a birthday without a cake?一个生日没有蛋糕会怎样啊。But as much as we might, like special snacks, like these,但尽管我们很喜欢这些特色小吃,we know that they arent good for us, right?但也知道它们对身体无益,对吧?Fortunately, there are lots of healthier choices out there for when we want something sweet to eat.幸运的是,当我们想吃甜食时,我们还有许多更健康的选择。Foods like apples and bananas are full of things that are good for our bodies像苹果、香蕉之类的食物充满对身体有益的营养,and theyre also naturally sweet.而且它们也是自然甜。The reason that both desserts and fruits taste so sweet is thanks to sugar.多亏了糖,所有的点心和水果才吃起来那么的甜。So where does all that tasty sugar come from?那么,这些可口的糖都来自哪里呢?Believe it or not, the story of sugar starts withthe sun!不管你信不信,糖的故事始于太阳。Green plants catch the light from the sun, and then take the energy in the sunlight,绿色植物捕获阳光,然后吸收其中的能量,and use it with other materials in the air and water, to make a kind of sugar, called glucose.再利用空气和水中的其他物质合成了一种叫做葡萄糖的糖。Plants use this glucose as a source of energy, to help them grow.植物将这些葡萄糖当作能量来帮助自己生长。Then, when animals—including people like us—eat plants,然后,包括我们人类在内的动物吃下这些植物时,our bodies use the glucose in the plants for our own energy, to grow and play.我们的身体将植物中的葡萄糖变成自己的能量,用于生长和运动。Aw, thanks, plants!啊,多谢了,植物们!And glucose is just one kind of sugar that comes from plants.植物产生的糖类不仅仅是葡萄糖。The sugar thats probably in the canisters in your kitchen你家中厨房某个容器里的糖,is another kind of sweet stuff made by plants, called sucrose.是另一种来自植物的糖,叫做蔗糖。Plants move sucrose around from one part of a plant to another, in a liquid called sap.植物通过一种叫树汁的液体将蔗糖从一处转移到另一处。You might aly know that we collect sap from maple trees.你可能已经知道,我们会从枫树上收集树汁。If you cook the sap for a really long time, until most of the water in the sap is gone,如果你长时间地煮制这些树汁,直到其中的大部分水分蒸发,then the sweet stuff thats left behind is what we called maple syrup.留下的甜蜜物质就是我们所说的枫糖浆。But, maple trees are just one plant that we use to get sugar.不过,枫树只是我们获取糖类的其中一种植物而已。Most of the sucrose we eat comes from a plant called sugar cane.我们食用的大部分蔗糖都来源于一种叫甘蔗的植物。Sugar cane grows in places where its warm all year round.甘蔗生长在全年温暖的地区,and its related to the grass that grows in our lawns.它与生长在草坪上的草类似。Its long, thick stems are full of sugar, and when the cane is cut down,甘蔗又长又粗的茎里贮满了糖,在被砍倒后,the stems can be squeezed until all of the sap, or ;juice,;comes out.它的茎会被压榨,直到榨出全部的汁液,或是“糖汁”。We also get sucrose from another plant, called a sugar beet.我们也从另一种叫甜菜的植物中获得蔗糖。Instead of getting sap from the stem though,不像甘蔗用茎制汁,we can crush, cook, and squeeze the root of the sugar beet to get its sweet juice.我们通过粉碎、蒸煮、压榨甜菜的根来获得它的糖汁。All of these plants make and store a lot of sucrose,所有这些植物都会产生并储存很多的蔗糖,so we use them to make the sugar that fills up our sugar bowls.因此我们会用它们来制糖,填满我们的糖罐。But how does it get from the plants and into your bowl?那糖又是怎么从植物那里跑到你的糖罐中的呢?The sugar you eat is made by taking the sap from sugar cane, or the juice from sugar beets,你吃的糖是用甘蔗或者甜菜的汁液,and then heating it, until the water in the juice is gone.通过加热,直到蒸干里面的水分得到的。As it dries, the particles that make up sugar stick to each other,在水分蒸发过程中 组成糖的小分子会黏到一起,making little kind of squares that eventually form sweet little crystals!凝结成小方块儿,最终形成小糖块晶体。So, whether its maple syrup for your pancakes, or sugar for your sugar cookies,所以,不管是薄煎饼里的枫糖浆,还是甜饼干里的糖,or ever a sweet, juicy strawberry, the sugar that you eat comes from plants!甚至是一颗甜而多汁的草莓,你吃的这些糖都来自于植物。And you know what the sweetest part of many plants is? Fruit!你知道大多数植物最甜的部位是哪里吗?果实!Lots of plants store a bunch of sugar in their fruits,许多植物将大量的糖储存在它们的果实中,but, unlike those sticky desserts,但是,不像那些黏黏的甜点,fruit also carries a lot of other good things that your body needs to stay healthy.水果中也含有许多其他保持身体健康所需的物质。Thanks for joining us at SciShow Kids!感谢收看儿童科学秀!Do you have a question about a food you like or anything else?如果你有什么关于喜爱的食物或者其他的问题,Then get some help from a grown up and leave us a comment, or send us an email at kids@SciShow.com!那么就请大人帮忙给我们留言,或者发送邮件到kids@SciShow.com。Well see you next time!我们下期见。201706/515730金牛区看乳腺检查哪家医院最好的 Dunfermline Abbey is one of those places where you can almost smell tragedy in the stonework.邓弗林修道院也是其中之一 你依然可以从那砖墙瓦缝间 嗅到历史的悲剧气息Pretty much everything you see here was built, or rather rebuilt, after 1303.你在此看到的一切 几乎都建造 或者说重建于1303年之后It was in that year that Edward I,in one of his murderously vindictive tantrums, torched the place,burnt it to the ground.也就是那一年 爱德华一世 强劲的复仇之火 在这熊熊燃烧 将整座修道院夷为平地He was, as usual, making a point.一如既往地 他想以此告诫敌人To smash up a royal mausoleum was to strike directly at Scotlands sense of independent history.摧毁一座皇家陵园 实际上是摧毁了苏格兰人民对独立民族史的认同感The greatest symbol of that independence, as always, was Stirling.Its surrender took the fight out of the Scots.一直以来 苏格兰独立的象征都是斯特林 它的沦陷使苏格兰人放弃了抵抗In 1304, they submitted to Edward.Well, he must have thought, that was that.Done with Peace.A mistake.1304年 他们选择了臣 爱德华一定认为 事已至此 天下太平 他错了For what Edward couldnt possibly have predicted was the emergence of a Scottish lion even more ruthless than the leopard himself.爱德华料想不到的是 觉醒的苏格兰雄狮 比他这头英格兰猎豹 更加凶残And he was, of course, the Bruce.这头雄狮就是 布鲁斯The strange thing, though, when you cashed the lord,the formidable strengths of Robert Bruce,his political cunning, his military ingenuity,奇怪的是 当我们悉数这位君王的种种 他那令人生畏的力量 狡猾的政治手腕 干练的军事才能his steely resolution, even his intermittent fits of rage,they all begun to sound rather like the attributes of a man whose work hed sworn to undo.坚毅的决心 甚至那乖戾的脾气 听起来 就像是在描述那位 与他誓不两立的人Edward I.If hed the book of Edwards life,he would have known that lesson number one爱德华一世 如果他曾研究过爱德华的生平 会发现其中的第一课便是was not beat the foreigner,it was first win your battles at home.攘外 必先安内 /201610/474973TED演讲视频:寻找那个弄断了我脖子的人19岁那年,一场毁灭性的公交车车祸造成Joshua Prager的偏瘫。20年后,他重返以色列,去寻找那个彻底改变了他一生的肇事司机。在讲述这个令人着迷的见面故事过程中,Prager以深刻的眼光探究了自然、教养、自欺以及命运等问题。201703/496868四川生殖好?

金牛区流产多少钱Too often young Somali-Americans in Minnesota have made headlines for all the wrong reasons:年轻一代的索马里裔美国人经常会成为新闻头条,而每次几乎都是因为下面这些错误的原因:a small number have fallen prey to the lure of drugs, gangs and extremist ideology.少数人沦为毒品、黑帮和极端主义意识形态的牺牲品。But youth organizations in the state are trying to challenge all that.但如今美国各青年组织正在设法挑战这一切。A group of 12 youth basketball organizations representing mosques around the Twin Cities held a tournament12个青年篮球组织代表双城的清真寺举办了一场锦标赛,where young people were given the chance to build athletic skills and gain self-esteem.从而使年轻人有机会培养运动技能,赢得自尊心。One of the players from the al-Rawda team, representing one of the mosques and won the tournament,同样代表清真寺出战的al-Rawda队在本次比赛中获得了胜利,explained why it was so important.一名队员向我们解释了获胜的重要性。Today we have succeeded in winning the cup after beating the finalist Umatul-Islam club.“今天在击败决赛选手Umatul-Islam俱乐部之后,我们获得了奖杯。We had worked very hard for this and we are so excited about it.;为了这个奖杯我们付出了很多努力,所以现在非常兴奋。”Minnesota is home to the largest Somali community in the U.S.,明尼苏达州是美国最大的索马里社区所在地,with more than 20,000 (people) living in the state out of a total of 80,000 across the country.全国总共有8万索马里人,其中有2万都生活在明尼苏达。According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), about a dozen people have joined militant groups in Syria in recent years根据联邦调查局的报道,近年来,大约有十几人加入了叙利亚武装组织,and about 22 men have been lured to join al-Shabab in Somalia dating back to 2007.从2007年开始,大约已经有22名男子被引诱加入索马里青年党。Most recently, nine Somali-American men were accused of plotting to join ISIS,最近又有9名索马里裔美国男子被控密谋加入ISIS,a Minnesota federal court handed them jail sentences.明尼苏达联邦法院已经对这些人处以监禁的惩罚。Programs like the basketball tournament are geared toward providing extracurricular activities to fend off negative influences.之所以举办像篮球锦标赛这一类的活动,是为了提供多样的课外活动,从而抵御负面影响。A local organization behind the tournament, ;For the Youth, by the Youth,;持举办本次比赛的一个当地组织“青年享,青年治”表示,says the impact of the competition is felt far beyond the basketball courts.比赛的影响远远超出了篮球场。;The reason we start this proram is when we saw what the youth are going through“我们之所以开展这个项目,是因为目睹了年轻人的遭遇,and how they were involved with gang fights among themselves, when we saw how they are suspected or labeled as extremists,亲眼看到了他们是怎么参与到帮派之间的斗争中,还眼睁睁地看着他们被怀疑,被贴上恐怖主义分子的标签,we started to bring them together in order to prevent them from getting involved with drugs.于是我们开始把他们召集到一起,防止他们参与到吸毒事件当中去。We found a place where they can stay fit and stay busy and avoid negative influences.;最终我们找到了一个地方,这里不仅可以让他们保持健康,还能保持忙碌的状态,避免产生那些负面的影响。”One of the players, Abdullahi Bare, agrees that sport can be a unifying force for good.阿卜杜拉·拜尔也是球员之一,他表示,运动永远都是一股凝聚人心的力量。This kind of tournament brings us together as brothers.“这种比赛让我们相聚在一起,我们就像是兄弟一样,We come together and when we finish the games we eat together and communicate as well.;来时一起来,比赛结束之后会一起吃饭,也会相互交流。”The basketball tournament is an annual event in Minnesota that has been going on for three years.作为明尼苏达州一年一度的活动,篮球锦标赛如今已经走过了三个年头。For Abdi H. Mahamud, Salem Solomon, VOA news.VOA新闻,阿布迪·H·马阿穆德,塞勒姆·所罗门为您播报。201706/515740大邑县妇幼保健院治疗龟头炎多少钱 金堂县儿童医院剖腹产怎么样

四川中心医院妇科TED演讲视频:走向简单的本质简单:见到即被理解。但是,它确切地是指什么?在这个幽默而又富含哲理的演讲中,George Whitesides找到了一个。201702/492845 四川省成都市人民医院门诊地址广元治疗子宫内膜炎多少钱



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