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成都军区八一骨科医院看病贵么四川省生殖健康研究附属医院几点营业Life inthe Russian Countryside,Happy One俄罗斯乡下的美好生活Pictures from amodern Russian village don#39;t have to be always gloomy. These ones, taken in Ushakovovillage, for example, portray the best we normally may imagine whenthink about joys and pleasures of life in a countryside.现代俄罗斯乡下的照片也不一定就都是愁云惨雾的样子。这些图片拍摄于Ushakovo村,其中是一派乡村生活其乐融融的景象。 /201501/353096成都妇保医院电话 A: “Rock pie”---that’s it!A:;石头饼;,就是这个。B:Who in their right mind would eat rock pie?B:哪个头脑清楚的人会吃石头饼?A:Nobody.I’ve entered a pie-throwing contest.A:没有,我只是参加了一个饼投掷大赛。 /201506/375889达州市中心医院能做人流吗

广元打胎哪家医院最好的邛崃市中医院到底好不好 四川成都第一人民医院可以做引产吗

成华区中医院做产检价格Singles#39; Day - the Chinese opposite of Valentines that#39;s turned into a massive online shopping event - has been all over the news. It#39;s a day when single people are supposed to buy themselves presents, or get them from their coupled-up friends. But there are sinister sociological reasons at play behind China#39;s #39;celebration#39; of single life. And the imbalance could have big consequences for the country.光棍节——中国的反情人节,现在已经成为了盛大的电子商务盛会。在这一天,单身的人会给自己买礼物,或者从他们已经成双成对的朋友那里收到的礼物。然而,在中国的光棍节背后还有这复杂的社会学原因,这也对中国社会产生了巨大的影响。There were 34 million more men than women in China in 2011. Part of that is natural - usually there are 105 boys born for every 100 girls. But the Chinese gender ratio at birth is much more stark. It was 116 boys to 100 girls in 2012. The one child policy is largely to blame. Brought in to curb population expansion, the policy allowed only one child per family.2011年,中国男性比女性多出3400万,这种情况有自然的成因——每出生100个女孩就会有105个男孩出生。但是中国的性别比率会更悬殊一点,2012年每100个女孩会就会有116个男孩出生。而这种现象的背后,很大的一个原因是计划生育政策。由于人口数量庞大,政策要求每个家庭只能要一个孩子。But because male children are seen as more valuable, as well as more likely to support their parents in old age, some parents chose to have a son over a daughter. The result? Large numbers of surplus men who will likely never get married. In fact, one study has predicted that by 2030, 1 in 5 Chinese men in their 30s will never have married , while another states that 94% of unmarried people in China are men.但是因为男孩子对家里显得更为重要,在父母年迈时也看上去更能照顾他们,因此一些父母会有重男轻女的思想。结果呢?大量的男性可能找不到配偶。实际上,一项调查预测到2030年,20%的中国男性30几岁会还没结婚,另一个调查表明94%的未婚人士会是男性。Some parents are trying to find partners for their sons at physical markets, where people post personal ads detailing their characteristics, as well as their work and educational achievements. Traditionally China has seen high levels of marriage, usually among the young, but measures brought in by the government, as well as increased education and career opportunities for women have meant marriages are happening later.一些家长会帮自己的儿子相亲,贴上广告介绍儿子的性格、工作和教育背景。通常来说中国的婚姻都是较高标准的,尤其是在年轻人之间。但是政府标准的引入,以及教育程度的提高、女性工作机会的增加都使得年轻人结婚更晚。It#39;s also traditional that women marry up - meaning they marry men from a higher socioeconomic bracket than themselves. So women at the top and men at the bottom find themselves alone. That#39;s a big problem in a society that still focuses on family life as the ideal. One study has even suggested a link between an imbalanced sex ratio and growth in violent crime in the country.同样,女性嫁得好也是很正常的——她们通常会与社会地位比自己高的男性结婚。因此社会地位高的女性和社会地位低的男性就剩下了。社会仍旧把家庭关系假设得非常理想,一项调查同时认为不平衡的性别比例和国家暴力犯罪率也有关系。There#39;s a huge number of young, single Chinese people and Chinese businesses have tackled that market aggressively. But Singles Day can#39;t solve all the problems China#39;s singles face. Indeed, it#39;s possible it#39;s causing even more problems, as men resort to increasingly risky lines of work to increase their chances of gaining mon大量的单身青年促进了中国的市场,然而光棍节却解决不了中国的单身现状。实际上,它可能会创造更多问题。因为男人可能会为了挣钱娶妻而采取非同寻常的挣钱手段。当金钱胜过浪漫,中国的婚姻会变得更加现实。 /201411/343945 What Do Texas And Delhi Have In Common? Extreme Weather!德州与德里的相同点——极端天气Texas, the second most populous U.S. state and India#39;s capital Delhi may lie in two different continents and over 8,300 miles apart. But over the past few weeks both have made headlines for the same reason - extreme weather. 德州是美国第二知名大州,它和印度首都德里虽坐落于不同的大陆,相隔8300多英里,但在过去的几周里,都因为同一原因频频出现在新闻头条——极端天气。Texas, USA美国德州Similar to California, Texas has been experiencing a severe drought for the last five years. However, that changed over the Memorial Day weekend when a series of thunderstorms and tornadoes swept through a wide swath of area, wreaking havoc to communities all the way from Mexico to Iowa. 德州过去五年和加州一样,也遭遇严重干旱。然而,在悼念日那个周末,这一切都被卷土来袭的暴风雨和龙卷风改变了。从墨西哥到爱荷华州,肆虐的风暴扫荡了大片区民区。While the twister did not impact Oklahoma and Texas, the heavy rain brought many cities to a near standstill. Houston, which received 11-inches, most of it on Memorial Day, was particularly impacted thanks to the overflowing of the 2,500 miles of bayous or waterways that meander through the city. The severe weather left thousands without power, damaged over 4,000 homes and 2,500 cars, and resulted in seven deaths.虽然龙卷风并没有影响到俄克拉荷马州和德州,但随之而来的暴雨却致使许多城市几乎陷入停滞状态。悼念日那天,11英寸的大雨使被2500英里左右的河湾与水道环绕的休斯顿遭受了严重的影响。恶劣的天气致使上千场所停电,毁坏了近4000处居所、2500多辆车,还致使7人死亡。Delhi, India印度德里According to EM-Dat, The International Emergency Disasters Database, this year#39;s heat wave is so severe that it will go down in record books as second-deadliest in India and the fifth in the world!据EM-Dat(国际灾难数据库)称,今年的印度经历的酷暑将在印度史上排名第二,世界第五。On Wednesday May 27th, the 112° F (44.4°C) temperatures experienced in the Indian capital resulted in melting the asphalt road surfaces in certain areas.5月27日,周三那天,印度首都112° F (44.4°C)的高温使一些地区路面上的沥青都融化了。Government officials have been urging the residents of the most severely affected areas to stay indoors, especially between 11am and 4pm when the temperatures are the highest. However, it is hard to do in a country where 29% of the people live below the poverty line. So far, over 1,800 people have succumbed to the heat. 政府官员力劝受影响最严重地区的居民在室内活动,特别是上午11点到下午4点温度最高的时段。但这在29%人口都在贫困线下挣扎的国度,似乎很难实现。迄今为止,已经有1800多人死于高温。译文属原创,仅供学习和交流使用,未经许可,。 /201507/383616四川大学华西第二医院费用成都市第四人民医院治疗前列腺疾病多少钱



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