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Oh, we have too many these guys, and you gotta hate this one. This guy is particularly hateable. Right now, we got a very special guest here in the studio. With “this” I do mean special.Some idiots advanced their skills with music or numbers. Twelve-year-old James Kimura’s skill is spelling. Like a real life Rain Man. That’s right, Tracy. Here’s him winning the New Jersey State Spelling Bee. He did such a good job there that he gets to represent the state in the National's. And he joined us live right here in the Today Now Studios. James, good morning.Good morning to you. James, we’re both so proud of you. Yeah, when I won, I would like ‘Yes’!But James, tell us how do you get to be able to spell like that. My brain works normally, so I don’t, I can’t even find it.I study like two or three hours a day.What is going on in your brain right now? I think you can probably understand everything we’re saying but is it all jumbled up and maybe you see random colors and flashes and stuff like that.Oh, I don’t. I’m just…I’m fine. I understand your school has actually put you into a specialized institution… the gifted and talented program?Well, those are accelerated learning classes.Ah, is that what they’re calling now?Yeah.Well let’s take another look at you up on that big high stage.e-u-d-a-e-m-o-n-i-c, eudaemonic.That’s correct.Tracy, look at him in there. He may not be able to feed himself but he can spell the word I cannot even pronounce. Woo…I can feed myself. I am just fine. James, the other kids must be so cruel to you, aren't they?No, they treat me fine.Do they call your names? No, I’m fine. No, I bet they do.I bet they've really hurt your feelings.They never called my names.Well, James, do you know if your mother did a lot of drinking or had a drug problem while she was pregnant with you.No, she didn’t. She was fine.I really admire her strength in raising you. I mean I would have just tossed you in the gutter to end your agony. There’s nothing wrong with me. I’m just smart. Right. James , if you want to howl or pound your head against something, you just go ahead and do it.There’s nothing wrong with me. I’m just smart. You just do whatever you have to do.No, I’m just…I’m just smart.05/71035

An old railroad line in New York City is back in use. It doesn't deliver livestock anymore, it delivers pleasure to thousands of people every day and stimulates economic development in a few New York neighborhoods. An elevated railroad line has been turned into an "elevated park" right in the middle of New York City. 07/77479

Redistricting rows重新划分选区之争Not so easy并不容易Republican hopes of snagging extra seats following last year’s census look doomed to disappointment 共和党人想要通过去年的人口普查数据再获得一些新席位,不大可行May 5th 2011 | AUSTIN, TEXAS | from the print edition ..REDISTRICTING, so the old saying goes, is when politicians get to choose their voters. Every ten years, following the national census, each state must redraw the constituency boundaries for both its members of Congress and its state legislators. In most states, the party in power controls both those processes, either directly through the state legislature or indirectly through the appointment of members to commissions charged with the job.老话讲,重新划分选区就是政治家选择投票者。每隔十年,在全国人口普查之后,各个州要为国会代表以及州立法委员重划选区界限。在大部分州,执政的党派决定着选区界限的划定,或直接通过州立法机关、或间接地通过指派人员处理这项事务。The whole business has been riven with conflicts of interest for at least two centuries. This time around, though, Republicans are in charge in far more states than Democrats, so should be able to weight the political odds in their favour for the next decade. But that is proving trickier than normal, for a variety of reasons.这项事务为利益冲突成为的焦点已经至少有两百年了。这一次,共和党执掌的州大大多于民主党,所以共和党应该会争取在接下来的十年时间里获得政治优势。不过,有许多原因导致情况非常复杂。201105/135177

UK Sinks into Recession英国宣布经济陷入衰退 Britain has officially sunk into recession, with its economy shrinking by 1.5 percent in the fourth quarter of last year. This comes amid the growing financial crisis around the world. 英国正式陷入了衰退,去年第四季度的增长收缩了1.5%。这个消息是在金融危机还在世界各地继续扩大的时候发布的。It's official - the British economy is in recession. Government figures released Friday show the economy contracted by a larger than expected 1.5 percent in the last three months of 2008, after a 0.6 percent drop in the previous quarter.  英国经济陷入衰退现在是正式的了。英国政府星期五公布的数据显示,在2008年的最后三个月,英国经济收缩了1.5%,超过了预期。在第三季度,英国经济下滑了0.6%。Britain's finance chief, Chancellor Alistair Darling acknowledged the economy had taken a sharper downturn than anticipated. 英国财政大臣达林承认,英国经济滑坡的程度比预期的还要糟糕。"If you look at today's figures, what you're seeing is a very significant fall in industrial production and that's been caused because world trade has really fallen away very rapidly over the past few weeks and months," said Chancellor Darling. 他说:“如果你看今天的数据,你所看到的是工业生产上出现的很大下滑。这是因为全球贸易在过去几个星期和几个月的时间里出现了急剧减少所造成的。”What started as a crisis in the financial sector in Britain continues to infect the wider economy. Unemployment is accelerating sharply, with nearly two million people now out of work, the housing market remains severely depressed and retail sales are weak. For the U.K., Friday's figures show the biggest decline in nearly 30 years. 英国始于金融行业的危机继续对更广泛的经济造成损害。失业率正在急剧攀升,现在将近有2百万人失业,住房市场仍然极为低迷,零售销售也相当疲软。 But, Chancellor Darling was quick to point out Britain is certainly not alone. 不过,财政大臣达林很快的指出,英国并不是唯一处于这种状态的国家。"We're facing this problem everywhere," he said. "America has been in recession for a year now, even Germany, Italy, Japan. Countries in the Far East are seeing a substantial slowdown in growth." 他说:“我们大家都面临这个问题。美国陷入衰退已经有一年的时间了,就连德国、意大利和日本也陷入了衰退。远东国家的增长也出现了严重的滑坡。”The British government has moved to bail out failing banks and has put in place a multi-billion dollar stimulus package to shore up the ailing economy, including a cut in the national sales tax and help for businesses, homeowners and low-income families. 英国政府已经采取了行动,对提供救助,而且制订了几十亿美元的刺激方案来撑萎靡不振的经济,包括削减全国销售税以及对企业、房屋拥有者以及低收入家庭提供帮助。Prime Minister Gordon Brown says these measures will work, but he says there needs to be a coordinated international effort. 英国首相布朗表示,这些措施将会起作用,不过他说,国际社会需要采取协调一致的努力。"What we need is a degree of international cooperation here, so that all countries who are affected by this can work together to do similar things," he said. 他说:“我们需要的是一定程度的国际合作,这样所有受到危机影响的国家可以共同采取类似的行动。”Mr. Brown says he is talking with world leaders about ways to overcome this crisis. 布朗说,他正在同世界各国领导人讨论克这个危机的途径。Britain is due to host the next financial crisis summit of the G-20 group of industrialized and emerging economies in April. 英国将在今年4月主办下一次由工业化国家和新兴经济体组成的20国集团金融危机峰会。01/61490

Political Fallout in Wake of Terror Attacks Taking Toll in Mumbai孟买所在邦最高官员批评声中辞职 Top officials in the Indian state, Maharashtra, are becoming political causalities of last week's terror attack. The 60-hour assault on Mumbai, blamed on Islamic militants, killed an estimated 175 people, including at least 18 foreigners. 印度马哈拉施特拉邦的最高官员成为上周发生的恐怖袭击的政治牺牲品。据称由伊斯兰武装分子发起的针对孟买的60个小时袭击导致大约175人死亡,其中包括18名外国人。The two top officials of the state in which Mumbai is located appear to be on their way out, in wake of last week's terror attack. Maharashtra Chief Minister Vilisrao Deshmukh says he is willing to quit to take responsibility for perceived security shortcomings. Media reports say the state had received intelligence warnings Mumbai would be attacked.  上个星期发生恐怖袭击后,孟买所在的这个邦的两名高官看样子官位不保。马哈拉施特拉邦首席部长维拉斯拉奥.德斯穆克说,他愿意为显而易见的安全疏漏引咎辞职。媒体报道说,该邦此前已经收到情报警告,说孟买将会受到袭击。At a raucous news conference, where reporters demanded a clear statement, the chief minister would only acknowledge he is offering his resignation and leaving his fate in the hands of his Congress Party bosses. 记者们在喧闹的新闻发布会上要求得到一个明确的声明,但这位首席部长只承认递交了辞呈,把自己的命运交到了国大党领袖的手中。"Whatever decision high command takes … I was telling you in very, very simple understandable words," said Deshmukh. "You don't need any more explanation."  他说:“不管高层做出什么样的决定。我是用最最简单易懂的词汇告诉你们的。你们不需要任何其他解释。”Deshmukh also came under fire for having his movie star son, as well as a top Bollywood filmmaker, accompany him on a tour of the devastated Taj Mahal Hotel, while bodies were still being removed from the attack site. 德斯穆克还因为带着他在宝莱坞做影星兼制片人的儿子一道前去巡视遭受重创的泰姬陵酒店而受到抨击。当时从这个遭受袭击的酒店里仍不断有尸体被抬出。Deshmukh's number-two is also quitting. Deputy Chief Minister R.R. Patil called the unprecedented siege of Mumbai "a small incident." That comment generated an uproar of criticism.  德斯穆克的副手也提出辞职。副首席部长R.R.帕蒂尔把孟买遭遇的这场前所未有的袭击称作是“一个小事件”。这番话招致铺天盖地的批评。The first political casualty at the federal level was the unpopular home minister. He stepped down Sunday.  联邦层级的第一个政治牺牲品是不得人心的内政部长。他在星期天辞职。Calls for the ouster of Shivraj Patil had been heard even before last week's attack on Mumbai. Patil had faced criticism for the perceived poor government response to a continuing wave of bombings, this year, in various Indian cities.  甚至在孟买上个星期遭袭击之前,就有人呼吁把希夫拉杰.帕蒂尔赶下台。帕蒂尔因为政府对今年在多个印度城市接连不断发生的炸弹事件反应明显太差而遭到批评。Patil is being replaced by the respected finance minister, Palaniappan Chidambaram, who tells reporters he is moving reluctantly to the home ministry, which oversees domestic security.  帕蒂尔的职务被受尊敬的财政部长奇丹巴拉姆取代。他对记者说,他对调往负责国内安全事务的内政部有些迟疑。"I would be less than honest if I do not say I was disinclined," said Chidambaram. "But, in a situation like the one we find ourselves, the final call is taken by the party leader - in my case the Congress [Party] president and the prime minister.  他说:“如果我说我没有觉得不情愿的话就不是实话。但是,处在我们现在所处的这种局面,党的领袖有权做出最终决定。我的任命是由国大党主席和总理指定的。”The prime minister, Manmohan Singh, is taking the finance portfolio, a post he held previously.  总理辛格接管了财政部长一职。他过去曾经做过这个位置。The political turmoil is not unexpected.  这样的政治混乱令人意外。Analysts say the governing coalition, led by the Congress Party, has to make changes, amid rising public anger about its perceived inability to halt terror attacks across India. The top opposition party, the BJP, is saying the government, led by Prime Minister Singh, is no longer fit to stay in power. 分析人士表示,政府在制止遍及印度的恐怖袭击中表现出的显而易见的无能已经引发公众怒气高涨,因此由国大党领导的执政联盟必须做出改变。印度的主要反对党人民党表示,由总理辛格领导的政府已经不再适合掌权了。200812/57759

Health and longevity健康与寿命Long live the fat American长命百岁 美国胖子!Obesity may threaten life expectancy. Or maybe not 肥胖症不知是否会威胁人们的预期寿命Jun 30th 2011 | NEW YORK | from the print editionAMERICA’S obesity epidemic is so called for a reason. Roughly one in three adults is obese. In 2008 close to 25m Americans were diabetic, according to a study published on June 25th. Nevertheless, Americans are living longer than ever. In 2007 the average life expectancy at birth was 78 years. This follows decades of progress. The question is whether obesity might change that. 在美国,说肥胖症流行有理有据:大约每三个成年人中就有一个是胖子。6月25日出版的一项研究结果表明,2008年,美国有近2500万糖尿病患者。然而,美国人正生活在史上最长寿的时期。2007年,初生婴儿平均预期寿命为78岁,这种进步已经持续数十年。如今的问题是肥胖症也许会改变这种进步的趋势。National progress in life expectancy masks wide local disparities, according to a study published on June 15th and written by researchers at the University of Washington and Imperial College London. Men in Holmes County, Mississippi, for example, have a life expectancy of 65.9 years, the same as men in Pakistan and 15.2 years behind men in Fairfax, Virginia. Gaps between America’s counties have widened since the early 1980s. Most alarming, 702 counties, or 30% of those studied, saw a statistically significant decline in life expectancy for women from 2000 to 2007; 251 counties saw a statistically significant decline for men.一项由华盛顿大学和伦敦皇家学院的研究人员共同执笔,并于6月15日出版的一项研究结果显示,预期寿命所取得的全国性进步掩盖了广泛的地方性差异。例如,密西西比州Holmes县男性预期寿命为65.9岁,与巴基斯坦男性相同,但要比佛吉尼亚州Fairfax 县男性少15.2岁。美国各县之间的差距从1980年代早期开始扩大。最令人担忧的是,有702个县(占研究总数的30%)的女性预期寿命在2000年至2007年间出现了大幅下降,有251个县的男性预期寿命出现大幅下降。201107/143225

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