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郑州妇保医院做韩式隆鼻手术价钱费用郑州隆胸一般多少钱原味人文风情:How To Say ;I Love You; Around The World用各国语言说出“我爱你”How to Say ;I Love You; around the World在世界各地怎么说“我爱你”I think its important to say ;I love you.;我觉得说“我爱你”是很重要的。Its like one of the most powerful things you can say to someone.那就像是你能对一个人说出的最有影响力的话语之一。I think its really special.我认为这句话真的很特别。Its something that is not said often enough.这是句被说得不够多的话。What better way to communicate you love someone than be able to say it in their language?还有什么方式比用你爱的人的语言来传达你对他的爱更棒?We asked our friends how to say ;I love you; in different languages. (Please pardon our accents)我们向朋友请教怎么用不同语言说“我爱你”。(请原谅我们的口音)Je taime(French)我爱你(法语)Kocham Ciebie(Polish)我爱你(波兰语)Mahal kita(Tagalog)我爱你(塔加拉族语)Ich liebe dich(German)我爱你(德语)Ana behibek(Arabic)我爱你(阿拉伯语)Aishiteru(Japanese)我爱你(日语)Ninapenda wewe(Swahili)我爱你(斯瓦希里语)Phom rak khun(Thai)我爱你(泰语)(ASL)我爱你(美式手语)Eu te amo(Portuguese)我爱你(葡萄牙语)Sagapo(Greek)我爱你(希腊语)Sarang Heyo(Korean)我爱你(韩语)Te quiero / Te amo(Spanish)(西班牙语)Hum Tumhe Pyar Karte hae(Hindi)我爱你(印度语)(Tigrinya)我爱你(提格利尼亚语)Ani ohev otah(Hebrew)我爱你(希伯来语)wo ai ni(Mandarin)我爱你(华语)Te quiero(Spanish)我爱你(西班牙语)Saya cinta padamu(Indonesian)我爱你(印尼语)Yes kez sirumen(Armenian)我爱你(亚美尼亚语)I love you.我爱你。How do you say ;I love you;?你怎么说“我爱你”呢?注:1.提格利尼亚语的“我爱你”缺失,小编已经尽力了······2.第二个西班牙语是阿根廷人说的,阿根廷人也说西班牙语。201509/397528郑州/垫鼻梁手术 In the jungle, everything wants a piece of you--big or small.在丛林里面 每一样东西都对你虎视眈眈 无论是大是小And one of the smallest creatures is also one of the most annoying.哪怕最小的生物都有可能成为大麻烦Anyone whos ever spent time in the Vietnamese jungle will know all about leeches.任何来过越南丛林的人 都会知道蚂蝗的厉害之处Oh, Im really getting hammered by these things.我真的已经拍打过这些东西了Oh, Ill let you see this one.Its just full of blood.You just see how much they take out.我现在给你看看蚂蝗 它刚吸饱了血 你看看它们吸了多少血The hot, steamy environment is the perfect place for leeches.湿热的环境是蚂蝗的最佳生存环境These weird creatures are heat-seeking and will lie in wait in the leaf litter for months这些奇怪的生物有热辐射导引 会躺在落叶层里面等待好几个月until an unsuspecting pig, tiger,or even bear walked past.直到一头毫无戒心的猪 老虎 甚至熊经过I dont know about what you do,but Im getting loads of these leeches on.我不知道你会做怎么做 但是我身上不断地有蚂蝗爬上来Look. you can see that.See where theyve been feeding.Just blood on the trousers.看 看这些 看见它们在哪里吸血了吗 就在裤子有血的地方Actually, you know, its just worth just checking...checking all over there.事实上 值得检查一下 里里外外全部检查一下Yeah, look. Get him off.And Ive got a leech-- a Vietnam Vietnamese leech.把它扯下来 我抓到一条蚂蝗 一条越南蚂蝗Well, actually, the latin translation is terrifying ferocious leech蚂蝗按照拉丁文翻译过来 就是凶残的寄生动物and the reason for that is that they often go for crevices on the human body.原因是它们通常都 钻到人类的身体里去And theres a story of a solider in Vietnam who actually had one go right up his ;John Thomas;在越南有一个士兵的故事 有一条蚂蝗径直顺着他的;老二;and ended up inside his bladder,which you do not want to happen to you.钻到了膀胱里面去 你不会想要这样的事也发生在你身上吧201603/430686濮阳市臀部吸脂多少钱

郑州市中医院整形中心细胞分裂的启发,Michael Hansmeyer写下了拥有惊人艳丽的造型和无数刻面的设计运算法则。没人能将他们手绘出来,但他们确是可以被做出来--他们也可以向常规的建筑形态掀起思想狂潮。201509/396599郑州/金水区去胎记多少钱 It makes me feel... small. Very small.这星空让我觉得很渺小 非常渺小All that out there, us here.外面那么广阔 我们只在宇宙的一隅Dont worry. Galileo was wrong.别担心 伽利略搞错了St Albans is absolutely the central of the universe.圣奥尔本斯才绝对是宇宙的中心Galileo died. 321 years ago today.On your birthday.伽利略已经死了 正好是321年前的今天 就在你生日这天He changed the way we thought about everything,他改变了我们对万事万物的看法people are frightened of change.My father and I used to come out here而人们害怕改变 我和我父亲以前会in the middle of the night, and looked at the stars,actually saw a star died once.大半夜跑出来看星星 我们有次曾看到一颗星的陨落Of course it happened about two hundred thousand ago当然了 那其实是大约二十万年前的事了but the news didnt reached and open the night in 56.但直到56年的那个晚上光才传了过来Light is fast, but it isnt that fast.光虽然快 传播也要时间的Sorry. Physics.Theyre all so far away.抱歉 我净说物理了 他们都离我们好远But they dont seem it, I mean,it feel like I might但看起来却不那么远 我感觉似乎stretching and reaching them and might just touch them.我伸出手去够他们 就能碰到他们了You better hurry up, with your stretching and reaching,那你得快点了 快点伸手去够because its getting further away.What?因为他们越来越远了 什么The Galaxy is moving away from us it goes once about 6 million miles per hour,系离我们越来越远了 曾经是时速六百万英里but this ones about two hundreds million miles now.但现在时速是两亿英里了I believe in God.Oh, sorry. I just want to say, I dont know why.Its all right.我信仰上帝 对不起 也不知为什么 我就是想说出来 没关系201511/412430许昌/市开内眼角的费用

郑州做光子嫩肤多少钱I think Im going to start with the prawns first.我想我要先烧大虾Next, Im making one of my grandmothers signature dishes - drunken prawns.接下去,我要做我奶奶的拿手好菜之一,醉虾Get the wok nice and hot, add the prawns, a little ginger先把锅加热,倒入虾,放点姜and a good splash of rice wine to get the shellfish nice and tipsy.再放一点黄酒给虾增色提味My grandmother used to make drunken prawns for us when we were growing up, really tasty.从小到大我们经常吃奶奶做的醉虾,那真是人间美味So, like, the bitter sweetness of the Shaoxing rice wine kind of enhances the sweetness of the prawns,绍兴黄酒本身的苦甜味有助于增加大虾的甘甜口感and these are just local river prawns.这些是本地的河虾Really good.非常好My grandmothers speciality was seafood,我奶奶擅长做海鲜so Im making another of her favourite dishes所以我接着要做她喜欢的另一道菜fresh clams with Chinese basil, soy sauce and rice wine.新鲜蛤蜊加入九层塔,酱油和黄酒一起炒Just keep cooking until a lot of the shells have opened up.一直炒到蛤蜊的壳都张开为止Once the foods y, its time to seat the guest of honour - my grandfather.菜准备好了,是时候让贵宾入席了--我祖父My uncle said, ;This is the best.;我舅舅说,非常好吃Its got the best flavour, its got the flavour of a Taiwanese basil.味道顶好,有台湾九层塔的味道They all think that this food is really similar to what my grandmother used to cook.他们一致认为我做的菜味道和我奶奶以前做的很像These are all her flavours.这些菜都有她的味道Im really happy because my grandfather just said,我很开心因为我祖父刚才说;Did you really make this?; and ;Its got Grandmothers flavour.;真的是你烧的?有你祖母的味道It tastes like Grandmothers.这些菜吃着很像祖母做的My grandfathers really vulnerable, and Ive never seen him emotional.我祖父身体不好,我从来没见他这样激动过He must really miss her a lot.他肯定很想她My grandmother was an amazing woman,我祖母是个了不起的女人but she really groomed me to be a cook, at such a young age在我还很小的时候她就培养我做一个厨师and I didnt really think it would leave such an impression on me.我不曾意识到她给我的印象会如此深刻They all give their hats off to my grandmother.大家都很尊敬我祖母You know, she was the cook, she was exec chef.知道么,她就是厨师,她是行政主厨She was the best one out of all of them.她是他们中最优秀的厨师Now I really understand a bit of her more, through cooking and this kitchen.通过在这个厨房里做菜我觉得,我真正更加地理解我祖母了This was her life...you know.这就是她的生活,你知道的My food memory started here and I didnt think Id grow up to be a cook.我对食物的记忆源于此处,我没想到长大后会成为一个厨师I didnt think it would shape me so much.也没想到这会对我影响这么大I think I have come a full circle.我想我的旅程已经完满了201601/420062 布鲁斯·布恩诺·德·梅斯奎塔利用数学分析在预测一些人类突发事件,像战争,政权转变,巴勒斯坦起义等等(通常正确)。进过一番精炼的解释他预测的方法,梅斯奎塔对伊朗局势做出了三个预言。201508/390335新郑市去老年斑多少钱周口市中心医院整形美容



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