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Bruce Lee 'Lost' Interviewan unedited 25 minute interview with Bruce Lee (1940-1973) on the Pierre Berton Show. Recorded on 9th December 1971 in Hong Kong, Bruce Lee ... all raquo; is seen being himself, speaking candidly and informally about his life, his martial art beliefs and philosophy. Through the programme Bruce's supreme confidence, charisma and focus provide a tremendous insight into the young Bruce Lee - the man behind the legend.Bruce Lee faces a real dilemma. He is on the verge of a stardom in the ed States, with a projected TV series on horizon, but he has just achieved super stardom as a film actor here in Hong Kong, so what does he choose? The East or the West? It’s a kind of problem most budding movie actors , so welcome.It’s the Pierre Berton Show, the program that comes to you from the major capitals of the world. This edition comes to you from Hong Kong and Pierre's guest is the man who taught karate, judo and Chinese boxing to James Garner, Steve McQueen, Lee Marvin and James Coburn. The newest mandarin super star, known in the west for his appearances in Batman, the Green Hornet, Ironside and Long Street. His name is Bruce Lee and he doesn’t even speak mandarin. And here is Pierre.Well how can you play in mandarin movies if you don’t even speak mandarin? How do you do that?Well first of all, I speak only Cantonese, yeah, so I mean, there is quite a difference as far as pronunciation and things like that kind.So somebody else's voice is used, right?Definitely, definitely.You just make the words, sort of. Bruce, doesn’t that sound strange when you go to the movies especially in Hong Kong, in your hometown and you see yourself with somebody else’s voice?Well not really, you see, because most of the mandarin pictures done here are dubbed anyway.They are dubbed anyway?Anyway, I mean disregard. I mean they shoot without sound. So it doesn’t, you know, make any difference. Their lips never quite make the right words, do they?Oh, yeah, well, that’s where the difficulty lies, you see, I mean in order to, because the Cantonese have a different way of saying things, you know, I mean different from the mandarin.(yeah.) so I have to find like something similar to that, and keep a kind of a feeling going behind them, something that matching the mandarin deal. Does it sound complicated? Like the silent days, like old silent days. But I gather in the movies made here, the dialogue is pretty stilted anyway.Yeah, I agree with you. I mean, see, to me, a motion picture is motion, I mean, I mean, you gotta keep the dialogue down to the minimum.Did you go to… did you look at many Mandarin movies before you started to play in your first one?yes, yes.What do you think of them when you saw them?Quality-wise, I mean, I have to admit that it’s not quite up to the standard, however, it is growing and it’s getting higher and higher and going to, toward that standard, that what I would term quality.They say the secret of your success in that movie, the Big Boss--such a success here and (it) rocketed you to stardom in Asia, was that you did your own fighting. As an expert in the various martial arts in China, what did you think of the fighting that you saw in the movies that you studied before you became a star?02/62390More companies in Asia are lining up to tap the stock markets for capital for the first time since the financial crunch late last year. Experts say the recent surge in stock prices is bringing in investors.越来越多的亚洲公司正准备进入股市募集资金。这是自去年下半年发生的金融危机以来首次出现这样的现象。专家认为,近期股价高涨正在吸引投资者入市。Adani Power of India waited more than half a year for stock market sentiment to improve before selling shares to the public. Its initial public offering, or IPO, opened Tuesday, aiming to raise more than 0 million.印度的阿达尼电力公司为了公开募股,花了半年时间等待股市恢复元气。这家公司星期二首次公开发行股票(IPO),其目标是募集5亿美元以上的资金。On Wednesday, property company Sena, will list on the Stock Exchange of Thailand - one of at least 14 companies expected to list here in the next few months.这个星期三,一家名为希纳的房地产公司将在泰国券交易所挂牌上市。至少有14家公司打算在今后几个月时间里在那里上市。Vichate Tantiwanich, chief marketing officer in charge of issuers and listings at the exchange, says previously delayed plans are back on track.泰国交所负责发行和上市的市场总监维差特.坦提瓦尼克说,之前被耽搁的上市计划已经重上轨道。"On the last quarter of 2008, we haven't seen any IPO. They just delayed for ," he said.他说,“在2008年最后一个季度,我们没有看到一家首次公开募股的公司。它们都推延到了年。”When the global financial crunch set in late last year, Asian companies faced difficulties raising money to expand their businesses. Banks were hesitant to lend and nervous investors held on to their money.当去年下半年爆发全球金融危机时,亚洲的公司很难为商业扩张募集到资金。不愿意放贷,紧张的投资者们捂紧了钱袋。That appears to be easing, starting with borrowing by large companies and governments early this year. The region's soaring stock prices - up about 70 percent since March - have revived investors' appetite for new stocks. That new demand brings hope for a solid economic recovery - fresh capital for businesses means growth and could lead to more employment.今年早些时候,当大公司和政府开始恢复信贷活动后,这种状况看起来正在缓和。这个地区的股价自3月以来已经飙涨了70%,这激发了投资者购买新股票的胃口。新的市场需求为坚实的经济复苏带来了希望。新的商业资本意味着增长,并且能够创造更多的就业机会。On Tuesday, China State Construction Engineering Corporation raised billion - in what analysts say is the world's biggest IPO in more than a year. Since China lifted an IPO moratorium imposed last year, a series of companies has made it to the market. 星期二,中国建筑募集了70亿美元资金。分析人士将此次募股称为一年多以来世界最大的首次公开募股。自从中国取消了去年发布的暂停首次公开募股的规定后,一些公司已经完成了上市活动。The accounting firm, PricewaterhouseCoopers says some billion could be raised in IPOs in Hong Kong alone this year. 会计公司普华永道说,仅仅在香港,今年的首次公开发行股票就能够募集到大约120亿美元的资金。Schive Chi, chairman of the Taiwan Stock Exchange, says at least 17 Taiwan-owned companies based overseas have applied to list, attracted by recent tax reforms and Taiwan's better relations with China. He added foreign high technology companies are also considering raising capital in Taipei.台湾券交易所董事长薛琦表示,受到近期税务改革及两岸关系改善的影响,至少有17家海外台资企业已经递交了上市申请。他补充说,外国的高科技公司也在考虑来台湾募集资金。"The reason is up to May, there was only one company listed on Nasdaq. For many high-tech companies there's just nowhere for them to list," he said.他说,“其中原因是,到5月份时,只有一家公司在纳斯达克上市。对许多高科技公司而言,没有什么地方可以上市。”Vichate at Thailand's exchange says now is a good time to return to emerging markets, because shares are still cheap and there is room for growth as economies recover.泰国交所得维差特说,现在正是回到新兴市场的好时候,因为股价仍然很便宜;随着经济的复苏,还有增长的空间。07/79481

Snarky no more: UK issues Olympics etiquette guideHold off from hugging an Indian, don't be alarmed if the French are rude and never mistake a Canadian for an American.Britain's national tourism agency issued guidelines Wednesday on the etiquette of dealing with the hundreds of thousands of foreign visitors who will be coming to London for the 2012 Summer Olympics.Seeking to help the country's sometimes snarky citizens offer a warmer welcome, VisitBritain has updated its advice for anyone likely to work with travelers arriving from overseas — from hotel staff to taxi drivers.Other tips: Don't go around asking Brazilians personal questions and never be bossy with visitors from the Middle East."Giving our foreign visitors a friendly welcome is absolutely vital to our economy," said Sandie Dawe, chief executive officer of the agency. "With hundreds of thousands of people thinking of coming to Britain in the run-up to the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2012, this new advice is just one of the ways that VisitBritain is helping the tourism industry care for their customers."About 30 million people visit Britain each year, spending about 16.6 billion pounds ( billion). The 2012 Olympics is likely to bring in an additional 2.1 billion (.3 billion) in tourism revenue, according to a government estimate, and about 320,000 extra visitors from overseas during the games in July and August 2012.VisitBritain said research it had conducted found tourists believe Britons are honest and efficient — but not the most pleasant. Britain is ranked 14th out of 50 in the Anholt-GfK Roper Nation Brands Index on the quality of welcome offered to visitors, the tourism agency said.背单词 — 装英语词汇201008/111392

In recent years, medical evidence has pointed to the harmful physical effects of second-hand smoke. Now, a new study adds to evidence that non-smokers who live or work around smokers can experience psychological harm as well.Dr. Mark Hamer of University College London says previous research found that smokers have a higher rate of mental illness, specifically depression. "The problem with that body of research is that it's difficult to interpret because obviously people with existing mental health problems use cigarettes to self-medicate," he says.In this study, Hamer and his colleagues combined measurements of tobacco exposure with interviews focused on mental health issues. They found that nonsmokers exposed to tobacco smoke were more likely to experience psychiatric distress, and that the mental health issues increased along with the tobacco exposure."We found that people with high exposure to second hand smoke had increased levels of depression and anxiety," says Hamer.They also found that people exposed to second-hand smoke - like smokers - were more likely to be admitted to a hospital for a psychiatric illness than people without the exposure to tobacco smoke.To accurately assess the level of second-hand smoke exposure, researchers tested for cotinine, which is produced when nicotine is metabolized. But they also asked the people in the study where they were exposed to tobacco smoke. Perhaps surprisingly, says Hamer, the answer wasn't at work, restaurants, or pubs."The people that are at the highest level of passive smoke are actually the ones reporting exposure in their own homes. So in other words, if you live with a smoker, you really are at very high risk of demonstrating high levels of second-hand smoke exposure."随近几年来,医学据显示了二手烟对身体的害处。现在,新的研究又明,在吸烟者环绕的环境里生活或工作的人,可能还会遭受心理上的伤害。 英国伦敦大学学院的马克·哈默医生说,早先的研究发现,吸烟者患精神疾病的比率较高,特别是抑郁症。 “那一类研究的问题在于很难解释这个现象。因为原本心理健康有问题的人,显然会靠吸烟来寻求自我抒解。” 在新的研究中,哈默医生和同事们综合考量研究对象接触香烟烟雾的程度和心理健康问题。他们发现,不吸烟的人处在吸烟环境之中,更可能有心理上的压抑感。而越多地处于吸烟环境中,心理压抑感越严重。 哈默医生说:“我们发现,高度曝露于二手烟之中的人,抑郁和焦虑程度会增加。” 哈默医生说,他们还发现,曝露于二手烟之中的人,和吸烟者一样,比不接触二手烟的人,更有可能因为精神问题而进医院。 为了精确评估接触二手烟的程度,研究人员对可铁宁进行检测。可铁宁是尼古丁经过新陈代谢之后产生的。研究人员同时也询问研究对象,他们是在什么地方接触到二手烟的。出人意料,既不是工作场所,也不是餐馆或酒吧。 哈默医生说:“那些被动吸烟最多的人说,他们实际上是在自己家中接触二手烟的。” 伦敦大学学院哈默医生的研究报告,刊登在美国医学协会的期刊中。201007/109075

  丹尼斯(保罗·鲁斯特)是个别人眼中的书呆子,毕业典礼上,他作为学生代表发言,大家没有想到的是,这个“书呆子”竟然在大庭广众之下表达了自己对校花啦啦队长贝丝-库珀(海顿-潘妮蒂尔)的暗恋之情。而让丹尼斯也很意外的是,贝丝-库珀不但没有笑话他,反而主动来邀请他参加毕业派对,现在的问题是:贝丝-库珀并非丹尼斯想象的那样完美无缺。That's not the kind of thing usually included in a valedictory speech, but Dennis Cooverman - played by newcomer Paul Rust - is not the usual valedictorian. Sure, his grades are terrific and he's going on to a prestigious university; but shy Dennis realizes he has missed out on the fun of the high school years, so he confesses his secret passion for Beth Cooper, the prettiest girl on campus, with whom he has never spoken. In fact, their first conversation comes right after the graduation ceremony …and it is not quite what he had imagined.still, she has actually spoken to him, and Dennis thinks his dreams are finally coming true; but, as they often do in the movies, those dreams can turn into nightmares …especially with a reckless driver like Beth behind the wheel.As the night progresses, so does a friendship; he discovers she is not the ideal he had imagined - but that's okay - and she recognizes there is more to life than high school popularity.Hayden Panettiere says encounters with fans of the TV series Heroes helped her identify with Beth, who, like her TV character, is type-cast as a cheerleader."I think 'cheerleader' is used a lot as a symbol of high school: cheerleader, quarterback, you know," Panettiere says. "I think that is why it was used in 'Heroes.' The popular girl is supposed to be the head cheerleader, right?"I don't know how you think you know somebody if you've never even had a conversation with them," she adds. "It's a very odd concept, but she is this image of a popular, perfect, head cheerleader kind of girl; yet when he gets to know her he realizes that is not her at all. She's this very spunky very full of life girl.""She goes from being this picture of perfection and this idea of perfection and he realizes that this girl who is everything he might have wanted to be in high school - meaning popular and had fun and reckless and got to have that high school experience - is anything but perfect," Panettiere says. "She doubts herself and is full of insecurities and he has the upper hand [because of] who he is in life."Director Chris Columbus says Panettiere's Beth and Paul Rust's Dennis realize in the course of their graduation night adventure that their futures will be very different from high school."The character of Beth Cooper had probably the four most wonderful years of her life and then on graduation day it sort of all fizzles and she is going to descend into an ordinary life," Columbus says. "She talks about that in the movie. Paul's character, Dennis Cooverman, has had four of the most horrible years you can possibly imagine and, after all the smoke clears on graduation night, he's going to have a pretty great life. I was fascinated by these two people who were polar opposites …that's why I cast Paul, someone who is such a polar opposite of Hayden …and it was a directorial challenge to make them connect emotionally so the audience would accept that."Columbus, whose films include comedy hits like Home Alone and Mrs Doubtfire as well as the first two Harry Potter features, says …Beth Cooper is a welcome return to his directing roots."After doing films like Harry Potter, particularly when you have as much money as you can possibly imagine at your fingertips to make whatever sort of movie you want," Columbus says, "I felt I was getting a little soft and, to be honest with you, spoiled. I wanted to go back to, not a bare-bones approach to filmmaking, but the way I felt back in the 1980's when I was first starting out as a writer on movies like Gremlins and The Goonies and my first movie [as director] Adventures in Babysitting. I thought this could be a companion piece to that and if I strip away the budget and we do it with a relatively unknown cast, with the exception of Hayden, it was an opportunity to put myself back into that situation and, in a sense, reignite my passion for making not only those kind of movies, but bigger movies as well. I just wanted to go back there and see what would happen."I Love You Beth Cooper is written by Larry Doyle, adapted from his 2007 novel of the same name, which won the Thurber Prize for American humor.07/79769

  Lexington来克星敦 Connubial bliss in America幸福婚姻在美国Behind the politics of gay marriage, a widening social acceptance同性婚姻之政治因素的背后,公众对同性恋的接受程度看涨Jul 30th 2011 | from the print editionAMERICA is the country, said Alexis de Tocqueville, where the bonds of marriage are most respected and the concept of connubial bliss “has its highest and truest expression.” If the French aristocrat were to revisit America’s capital today, he might at first glance think his observation had withstood the test of time remarkably well. Not content with having in 1996 put a Defence of Marriage Act (DOMA) on the statute book, Congress has now begun to hold hearings on a Respect for Marriage Act. Defended, respected: what could possibly ail marriage in America?法国贵族托克维尔曾说,美国人最为尊重婚姻联系,夫妻美满生活的概念在美国也是达到了“最顶级最真实的境界。”今日,倘若托尔维尔能够重游华盛顿的话,乍一看也许觉得自己的如此经得起时间考验,历久弥新啊!美国于1996年曾经推行了一部《捍卫婚姻法案》,现今,不满足于仅此而已,国会又已着手于就出台《尊重婚姻法案》举行听会。到底是该捍卫婚姻还是尊重尊重?到底哪个可能会“蹂躏“美国婚姻呢?Plenty. As the revisiting Norman would swiftly discover, Americans today are better at quarrelling about what marriage is and who should be allowed to enjoy its benefits than they are at the more demanding work of getting and staying married themselves. The National Marriage Project at the University of Virginia points to a widening “marriage gap”. Traditional family values are enjoying a revival among better-educated Americans, but are fraying in the lower middle class and have collapsed among the poor. As for laws “defending” and “respecting” marriage, these are merely weapons in a battle that has rolled back and forth for more than a decade between those who say that same-sex couples should be allowed to marry and those who abhor the idea.能够“蹂躏“美国婚姻的因素还真不少呢。要是故地重游的话,托克维尔会很快发现,如今美国人更多的是争论婚姻的本质是什么,以及哪一方可以从婚姻中受益,反而没有过多谈论他们自己应该提高结婚率,压低离婚率。弗吉尼亚大学《全国婚姻计划》表明“婚姻差距”愈发扩大。受过良好教育的美国人越发崇尚“传统家庭观念”,下层中产阶级的这方面意识在变淡,而之于贫穷家庭,“传统家庭观念”干脆就已分崩离析了。十几年来,美国内部有两种声音,一种声音主张允许同性婚姻,另一种声音对此深恶痛绝,在这十几年里,两番势力反反复复斗争不断,而至于美国法律一边捍卫婚姻,一边尊重婚姻,他们也不过是斗争中的武器而已。201108/146941。

  A new study finds that men who drink a lot of coffee are less likely to develop potentially fatal prostate cancer. It's the latest study to show a beneficial effect from one of the world's favorite beverages.新的研究发现大量饮用咖啡的男子不太容易罹患致命的前列腺癌。这项最新研究显示,咖啡这种世界上广受欢迎的饮料能够产生对人体有益的效果。The study included about 50,000 men who reported their coffee consumption in questionnaires every four years. Over more than two decades, the moderate coffee drinkers were somewhat less likely to develop any form of prostate cancer. But lead author Kathryn Wilson of the Harvard School of Public Health says the real difference showed up when the researchers looked at the most serious prostate cancers.这项研究有5万名男子参加,他们每四年在答卷上报告一次有关咖啡饮用量的问题。经过20多年的追踪调查,咖啡饮用中等的人群不太容易出现任何种类的前列腺癌。但是调查报告的主要撰写人、哈佛大学公共健康学院的凯瑟琳.威尔逊说, 在研究人员观察一些最严重的前列腺患者时,真正的差异显现了出来。"Men who drink six or more cups of coffee per day had a 60 percent lower risk of lethal prostate cancer than men who drank no coffee," she says. "And we saw this reduction in risk for both regular and decaffeinated coffee."她说:“每天喝6杯以上咖啡的男人比不喝咖啡的人患前列腺癌症的机会少了60%。我们看到不仅是普通咖啡,去咖啡因的咖啡也有同样功效。”Coffee is a chemically complex brew, full of antioxidants and other compounds that may affect the development of prostate cancer. 咖啡是一种含复杂化学成分的饮料,具有丰富的抗氧化物质和其他化合物质,这些都能影响前列腺癌的发展。201105/137364

  One is the giant business, whose software powers more than 90% of the world's computers. The other is the firm, which has revolutionised the way many communicate. Now Skype is being swallowed up by Microsoft.微软,一个商业巨头,它占有世界上90%的计算机软件权力,另外这一公司已经革命性地改变了许多交流方式,现在Skype正在被它收购。 It’s just eight years since Skype started helping people to make calls over the internet for nothing,and this the third time it’s been bought and sold.这仅仅是八年自从Skype开始没有任何利益的帮助人们能通过网络进行交流。这已经是第三次它被卖和收购。Microsoft has been struggling to prove it can compete with the likes of Google and Apple.Now as it tries to make an impact on the mobile-phone world,it wants Skype to help it become a bigger force.微软一直在努力地明自己是可以与谷歌和苹果进行竞争的,就象现在微软正试着在手机世界造成一定的影响,它要Skype帮助它成为更强大的一个集团。Skype is now used by 170 million people around the world(each month),not just on their computers,but on the move-on their mobile phones and even on their tablet devices.Skype现在每个月的客户流量达到170万,他们不仅仅在自己的电脑上使用,还把这个用到了他们的手机,甚至移到他们的平板电脑上。Microsoft wants to tap in to this connected community,but it's paying a huge price for a business that isn't even profitable.微软要进入这个网络连接的团体,但它为这一甚至没有利益的商业投入很大的资金。201110/156205In Australia, it’s not just livestock hit hard by draught, but the next generation of farmers. At 24, Robert Watt, a farmer from Alectown, a region of Australia, has had seven seasons on the farm, but not one year of profit. He says the draught, plus a sharp spike in farming costs, has left a generational hole on farms.“A lot of my mates have gone off farm, off farms and get the quick buck at the mine. And it's not usually by, by choices. It's...they're forced to, cos, uh, when they make a living, yeah.”He says most young people have considered selling out, and explains that the prospect of not earning any money could eventually push him to leave as well.“The only reason I would leave the land is the finance, the pressure of not being able to get a wage at the end of the week and do what you like with it.”Robert has joined other young farmers at a meeting in Sydney recently, to work out ways to get more people back on the land. And some say farm finance is the key. Sam Gunn, the chairman of the Young Farmers’ Committee, says that encouraging young people to get the “first farm buyers” grant is important to help them get back into farming.“And we’re just saying that, you know, people getting back and that encouraging young people back into farming if they get that first farm buyers grant, I really think it would be a step in the right direction to getting people back on the land.”The farmers who stay on the land face new challenges. They have to manage with less rain, and decide which crops suit the changing conditions. Robert also says there is potential in agriculture to make some money, but external conditions such as the weather are elements that can’t be anticipated and controlled.“Yeah, there’s definitely potential in agriculture. The, the, the price of the commodity at the moment is quite, quite good. It just depends if, if the weather comes our direction and we can crack a crop and some, some decent seasons for the livestock as well, we could, we can make a bit of money. It’s obviously out of our control.” A spike in: a sudden large increase in the number or rate of somethingLeave a hole (on) in: to use a large part of an amount of money, food etcGet the quick buck: to make some money quicklyBy choice: If you do something by choice, you do it because you want to do it and not because you are forced to do itWork out: to find a solution forDecent: proper, satisfactory200812/59404Can China cushion the blow?China's surging economy may be able to cushion the blow from a slowdown in the U.S. CNN's John Vause reports.Like so many of China’s growing middle class, Pan Honglin is cashed up and y to spend, he wants to buy this fully-loaded SUV, price tag including taxes,45,000 US dollars. But he will have to wait, the salesman told me I can’t have it for more than 3 months, he says, there are orders for this car until April. Chinese consumers wealthier than ever are spending more than ever, helping to drive this economy like never before. For five years now, the economy has been growing at double-digit speed, so fast the government has struggled to slow it. So a drop in demand from the US, China’s No1 customer for exports would be seen here as not necessarily a bad thing. It would tone down Chinese trade surplus a bit, it would tone down inflationary pressures a bit and it would tone down overall growth a bit. Many exporters are feeling the pinch like this Beijing textile company, manager Yang Aiwu tells me her sales to the US are down but she adds "we’re doing better business with Europe, Russia and Australia", some economists argue China is now so robust that a drop in US exports won’t have a major impact at all. ”The thing is what we’ve seen in recent years is significantly growth not all the way, by any means been driven by exports it’s been domestic demand, It's been consumption and investment Investment in all those things China didn’t build for 50 years. Roads, airports and skyscrapers, lots of skyscrapers. in recent years an estimated 40 billion US dollars has been spent rebuilding Beijing alone.In fact, some economists now argue that China’s economy is so big and getting bigger, that while it may not be able to save the world from a US-led recession, Chances are it will soften the blow. John Vause, CNN, Beijing.02/62943

  芯片成就一切Intel is the world's largest semi-conductor company'Making super-small microchips',has made Intel one of the world's biggest tech companies, and has led college students to rank the company 34th on the ideal employer list.Headquartered in Santa Clara, California, Intel is the world's largest semi-conductor company. But they also make motherboards, chipsets ,network cards, ICs, flash memory, graphic cards, embedded processors and other devices related to communications and computing.Intel has more than 1000 career opportunities posted on its website under a topic called 'jobs just for students'. Their recruiters have a strong interest in students with backgrounds in engineering, science, and business majors. And they offer a variety of internships and rotational programes to give students a taste of various departments.Intel also has a recent college graduate network, designed to help students make connections with tech-professionals both inside and outside of Intel.To find out more about Intel, it's internship programs or job opportunities, just follow the links right here on our site. For career TV, i'm Matt Rivera.02/63300President Barack Obama says the ed States is on pace to meet his goal of doubling its exports within five years.The president has expanded an advisory committee on stimulating business abroad, and says his administration's efforts to boost the exports of U.S. goods and business around the world are off to a solid start."American exports grew almost 17 percent over the first four months of this year, compared to the same period last year," said Obama. "Part of this, of course, is due to the global recovery. But we are also moving forward on improving conditions for America's exporters."The president told business leaders gathered at the White House Wednesday the global marketplace requires American businesses to continue to be more competitive."Ninety-five percent of the world's customers and fastest-growing markets are beyond our borders," said the president. "So if we want to find new growth streams, if we want to find new markets and new opportunity, we have got to compete for those new customers, because other nations are competing for those new customers."Mr. Obama named 18 business leaders to his council on business exports, which advises him on promoting U.S. goods and jobs. The council includes the leaders of large companies such as Ford Motor, Xerox and Walt Disney.The president said one of his main trade priorities is to promote U.S. businesses and workers worldwide. He said so far this year, the government has coordinated 18 trade missions to 24 countries. He said the Export-Import Bank has more than doubled its loans to American exporters since last year, with many of those loans going to smaller businesses.Mr. Obama said his administration is pushing hard to open new markets and remove trade barriers for American businesses. He also promised to do everything within his power to enforce trade agreements. "The ed States offers some of the world's lowest barriers to trade," said Obama. "And when we give other countries the privilege of that free and fair access, we expect it in return."The president listed some of his administration's accomplishments in the trade area, including agreements to sell poultry to Russia and pork to China, and a World Trade Organization rejection of European subsidies to the aircraft maker Airbus.美国总统奥巴马星期三在白宫发表讲话时表示,美国正稳步实现他提出的在五年内将出口额翻一番的目标。 奥巴马总统还宣布扩大一个推动对外贸易的顾问委员会。奥巴马总统说,本届政府促进美国货物出口、帮助美国公司在世界各地拓展业务的努力已经扎扎实实地开始了。 奥巴马:“美国今年头四个月的出口跟去年同期相比增长了差不多17%。部分原因当然是全球经济复苏。不过,我们也在朝着改善美国出口企业状况的方向迈进。” 奥巴马总统告诉到白宫开会的工商界领袖,面对全球市场,美国企业必须继续保持较大的竞争力。 奥巴马:“世界95%的客户和发展最快的市场都在我们的边界以外。所以,我们如果要找到新的增长源泉,找到新的市场和新的机会,我们就必须通过竞争来赢得新的客户,因为其他国家也都在争取这些新客户。” 奥巴马总统任命18名工商领袖加入他的出口委员会,在促进出口和就业方面向他提供建议。这个总统出口委员会的成员包括福特、施乐和迪斯尼等美国大公司的主管。 奥巴马总统说,在贸易方面,他的首要任务之一就是帮助美国企业和工人迈向全世界。他指出,今年迄今为止,联邦政府已经协调派遣了18个贸易代表团到24个国家进行访问。他说,去年以来,美国进出口已经把对美国出口商的贷款增加了一倍多。其中很多贷款是发放给中小企业的。 奥巴马总统说,他所领导的这届政府正在努力为美国企业开辟新的市场和消除贸易壁垒。他还承诺要竭尽全力落实贸易协议。奥巴马:“美国向全世界提供一些最低的贸易障碍。在我们给予其他国家自由和公平的市场准入的同时,我们也期待得到回报。” 奥巴马总统还列举了本届政府在贸易领域所取得的一些成就,其中包括向俄罗斯出口鸡肉和向中国出口猪肉问题上达成的协议,以及促使世界贸易组织否决了欧洲对空中客车公司的补贴。201007/108548

  新华网北京2月20日电 综合新华社驻新加坡、马德里记者报道:美国东部时间2月18日,美方不顾中方强烈反对,执意安排总统奥巴马会见达赖喇嘛。海外一些华侨华人纷纷谴责美国政府这一严重损害两国关系的行为,并指出达赖挟洋自重的行径必将惨遭失败。 Some overseas Chinese have criticized US President Barack Obama's meeting with the Dalai Lama in Washington on Thursday. They say splitting Tibet from China is the Dalai Lama's real intention for the meeting.Du Ping is a Singaporean expert on international relations. He told Xinhua news agency the Dalai Lama has made a point of meeting Western political leaders. Du says the real intention is to keep the "Tibetan issue" in the news, raise funds and seek more room to maneuver.Du says without support from the West, the Dalai Lama's personal influence will be greatly weakened.He also says the meetings between successive US presidents and the Dalai Lama lack international moral basis and common sense.Criticism has also been launched in an open letter to the US Embassy in Madrid. Representatives of more than 20 ethnic Chinese organizations in Spain say the Dalai Lama has never ceased his activities to split China since fleeing abroad in 1959.The letter urges people in Western countries not to be misled by the Dalai Lama, nor to fail to see through his real motive of secession.201002/96925

  The acceptable face of FacebookFacebook中一个可亲的面孔Social skills for a social network 一个社交网站所需的社交能力Jul 21st 2011 | SAN FRANCISCO | from The Economist print edition Few corporate types can charm hardened hacks so effectively. Sheryl Sandberg, the number two at Facebook, the world’s biggest social network, has been glad-handing reporters with spectacular results. The New Yorker says she may “upend Silicon Valley’s male-dominated culture”. New York magazine puts her in line for Secretary of the Treasury. Bloomberg Businessweek speculates that she might one day be the president of the ed States.很少有商界人士能像Sheryl Sandberg似地懂得讨老油条似的媒体的欢心。身为最大社交网络——Facebook的二当家的谢勒尔 桑德格最近一直忙着亲切会见记者们。这些记者都对她赞不绝口:纽约客称她可能会改变木硅谷男性主导的风气,纽约周刊将她与财务部长相提并论,彭商业周刊推测她可能有一天会成为美国总统。Her sudden lionisation is well-timed. Facebook is expected to go public soon, perhaps this year. It may be the biggest internet flotation ever, with a market capitalisation of more than 0 billion. Investors might be less bullish if the 27-year-old Mark Zuckerberg, the founder, were in sole charge. Many consider him somewhat socially awkward.她的突然成名来的恰是时候。因为Facebook很可能会在本年很快上市。Facebook拥有超过一千亿的市值,届时可能成为迄今为止最大的上市互联网公司。而如果27岁地Facebook的创始人马克 扎克伯格独挑大梁的话,投资者可能不这么看涨。因为很多人认为他有些欠缺社交能力。201108/150419。

  North Korea’s train-lover朝鲜那个爱坐火车的主儿A China hedge?防范中国?A hermit makes a rare venture out of his kingdom深居简出的金将军,罕見地走出国门到外面风险投机Aug 27th 2011 | BEIJING AND TOKYO | from the print edition EVEN by his own mercurial standards, the contradictory signals sent out this week by North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong Il, are unusual. One day his government was seizing the assets of a South Korean tourism venture in the North once hailed as a symbol of detente. Two days later Mr Kim, making his first visit to Russia in a decade, was discussing the possibility of a pipeline carrying natural gas between Siberia and the two Koreas.即便是以其常出人意料的标准来衡量,朝鲜领导人金正日本周放出的反常信号还是那么的非比寻常。某天,金将军的政府将曾被视为朝鲜半岛和解象征的金刚山旅游区内的韩方资产收归己有。两天之后,他又跑到俄罗斯,商讨铺设从西伯利亚到朝鲜和韩国的天然气输送管道,这是他十年来首次访问俄罗斯。Mr Kim’s foray into Siberia began on August 20th, and was as usual by train (he has a fear of flying). In Ulan-Ude, Mr Kim met Russia’s president, Dmitry Medvedev, who treated the Dear Leader to some greasy salmon from Lake Baikal. Some in Russia have pushed the idea of piping Siberian gas to South Korea through the North, as well as connecting the three countries by rail. Perhaps North Korea, desperate for cash, is really interested. More likely, the interest is feigned. Russia is a useful supplier of free grain.金正日对西伯利亚的“突然袭击”始于8月20日,一如既往地乘坐火车(将军害怕坐飞机)。俄罗斯总统梅德韦杰夫在乌兰乌德会见了这位贵客,并用贝加尔湖肥美的大马哈鱼款待了他。在俄国,有人推崇铺设西伯利亚至韩国的输气管道通过朝鲜,进而通过管道联通三国的理念。或许极度贫困的朝鲜是真的动心了。而更有可能的是,动心是假的,反正俄罗斯的便宜不占白不占。(*毛子这次在利比亚赔了几十亿美元的军火)Importantly, the trip takes place at a time when Chinese diplomatic pressure is on North Korea to be less belligerent towards the South, and Chinese influence in the North is growing. North Koreans resent both. Mr Kim may be hedging against over reliance on China by getting closer to Russia. Either way, the political risks for Russia and South Korea of a pipeline through the North are almost too high for the plan to be credible.重要的是,这次访问发生的背景,是中国施加外交压力要求朝鲜减少对韩国的武力挑衅,以及中国在朝鲜的影响与日剧深。这两点都让朝鲜很不爽。所以将军想要拉拢俄国以防对中国过于依赖。但是不管怎样,铺设通过朝鲜的输气管道的政治风险,对俄罗斯和韩国来讲都是高的无法可信。201109/152004

  Gordon Brown has arrived in India for a two-day visit, pledging to forge stronger trade links and cooperate against terrorism. But the fate of Northern Rock continues to dominate his tour. The prime minister denied he's aly struck a deal with Sir Richard Branson. Our political editor Gary Gibbon reports from Delhi.Well Gordon Brown's here in India to talk about aid, trade and counter-terrorism. He attended a women's empowerment event when he arrived here in Delhi. And a short while after that, he had this to say about how he wanted more international cooperation on counter-terrorism.What I would like to see is greater contact between our two countries in winning the battle of hearts and minds, isolating extremist ideologues who are trying to poison young people and the views that they have.Tomorrow Gordon Brown's gonna be talking about what he calls global governance, changes to institutions like ed Nations. He wants India to have a seat on the Security Council. But he wants a lot else as well. He's talking about a sort of force, a bit like the Blue Berets, the military forces that the ed Nations currently deployed to troubled countries. He wants a backup as it were a blue suit force which could include teachers, judges, doctors, people who can come in when a country is in dire difficulty. But there is another issue that is dogging him around here and it is in a way personified by the ever-present, Sir Richard Branson, boss of Virgin. He's been following the prime minister on his tour and insisting at every turn that there are no secret negotiations going on between the two of them when it comes to the sale of Northern Rock. This is what the prime minister himself had to say about that today.I can reassure people entirely that any negotiations about Northern Rock will be taking place in London. If a number of commercial companies are expressing interest in the future of Northern Rock, then it is right that the government explore all options available to us. But as I said the prime minister is gonna be talking about the ed Nations and other matters tomorrow when he's here in Delhi but his heart and mind are gonna be very much back in London where the Chancellor will be making a very important statement about Northern Rock. The prime minister wants people to think that he's no longer on the back foot on Northern Rock, he's taken a grip of the situation and that he is not bailing out whoever buys Northern Rock. Will it look like that? Will it sound like that? Will people think that the government is actually making a sweetener for Richard Branson or whoever buys Northern Rock? That will be the key moment tomorrow. Gordon Brown will be watching from a distance here in Delhi.200810/53540


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