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The Salinity of Ocean Waters If the salinity of ocean waters is analyzed, it is found to vary only slightly from place to place. Nevertheless, some of these small changes are important. There are three basic processes that cause a change in oceanic salinity. One of these is the subtraction of water from the ocean by means of evaporation---conversion of liquid water to water vapor. In this manner the salinity is increased, since the salts stay behind. If this is carried to the extreme, of course, white crystals of salt would be left behind. The opposite of evaporation is precipitation, such as rain, by which water is added to the ocean. Here the ocean is being diluted so that the salinity is decreased. This may occur in areas of high rainfall or in coastal regions where rivers flow into the ocean. Thus salinity may be increased by the subtraction of water by evaporation, or decreased by the addition of fresh water by precipitation or runoff. Normally, in tropical regions where the sun is very strong, the ocean salinity is somewhat higher than it is in other parts of the world where there is not as much evaporation. Similarly, in coastal regions where rivers dilute the sea, salinity is somewhat lower than in other oceanic areas. A third process by which salinity may be altered is associated with the mation and melting of sea ice. When sea water is frozen, the dissolved materials are left behind. In this manner, sea water directly materials are left behind. In this manner, sea water directly beneath freshly med sea ice has a higher salinity than it did bee the ice appeared. Of course, when this ice melts, it will tend to decrease the salinity of the surrounding water. In the Weddell Sea Antarctica, the densest water in the oceans is med as a result of this freezing process, which increases the salinity of cold water. This heavy water sinks and is found in the deeper portions of the oceans of the world. [ NOTE ] salinity sэ'linэti; sэ`linэti n [U] the high salinity of sea water 海水的高含盐量. -àgt;gt;saline 'seilain; US -lin; `selin 1.adj [attrib 作定语] (fml 文) containing salt; salty 含盐的; 咸的 * a saline lake 盐湖 * saline springs 盐泉 * saline solution, eg as used gargling, storing contact lenses, etc 盐溶液(如用于漱喉、存放隐形眼镜等). . n [U] (medical 医) solution of salt and water 盐水.英语口语:使用频率最高的美语口语96句(1) -- 1:50:6 来源: 1. Have a nice day. 祝你今天愉快   . So far, so good. 目前为止一切都好   3. Take it or leave it. 要就要,不要就拉倒   . Keep it up! 继续努力,继续加油   5. Good you. 好啊!做得好!   6. Time flies!时光如梭   7. Time is money. 时间就是金钱   8. That's life. 这就是人生   9. Now you're talking. 这才对嘛   . have butterflies in one's stomach 紧张   . You asked it. 你自找的   . between the lines 字里行间的言外之意   . The rest is history. 众所皆知   . A little bird told me. 我听说的   . It never rains but it pours. 祸不单行   . Mind your own business. 不关你的事儿   . Hang in there. 坚持下去   18. could be worse 可能更糟   19. Money talks. 金钱万能   . count me out 不要算我   1. Over my dead body! 想都别想   . go fifty-fifty on sth. 平分   3. You can say that again! You said it! 你说的没错;你说对了   . Look who's talking! 看看你自己吧!   5. It's Greek to me. 这我完全不懂   6. take my word it 相信我的话   7. not one's cup of tea 不感兴趣;不合胃口   . Get real ! 别闹了;别开玩笑了   9. head over heels 深陷;完全地   30. Suit yourself. 随你高兴   31. What's the catch? 有什么意图?   3. let the cat out of bag 泄漏秘密   33. sth. is touch and go 危险的情况;惊险的;一触即发的   . beat a dead horse 白费劲   35. The sky's the limit. 没有限制   36. once in a blue moon 千载难逢;难得一次   37. Be prepared. 准备好   38. It's easier said than done. 说的比做的简单   39. have second thoughts 考虑一下;犹豫   0. behind someone's back 在某人背后;背着某人 英语口语 口语 频率英语成语:经一事,长一智 -01-7 18:5:51 来源: B is the staff of life. 民以食为天 Brevity is the soul of wit. 言以简洁为贵 Bring up a raven and he'll pick out your eyes. 养虎贻患 Burn not your house to rid it of the mouse. 投鼠忌器 Burnt child ds the fire. 一朝被蛇咬,十年怕井绳 Business bee pleasure. 事业在先,享乐在后 Business is business. 公事公办 Business is the salt of life. 事业事人生之盐 Business makes a man as well as tries him. 事业既考验人,也造就人 Business may be troublesome, but idleness is pernicious. 事业虽扰烦,懒惰更害人 Business neglected is business lost. 玩忽事业等于丢失事业 Business sweetens pleasure, and labour sweetens rest. 工作后消遣更愉快,劳动后休息更舒畅 Butter to butter is no relish. 千篇一律的东西令人生厌 By doing nothing we learn to do ill. 懒散学为非 By doing we learn. 经一事,长一智 By falling we learn to go safely. 吃一堑,长一智 一事 英语 Business 事业表达你的兴趣握手要有力,直视对方带以微笑这是表现信心极好的第一印象要问问题没有什么比一方侃侃而谈,一方沉默无语的交谈更没意思了会后寄份感谢卡若想真给人家留下印象,招聘会后马上将感谢卡寄给那些激起你兴趣的公司Top Ten Tips Career Fair1) Success 1.Develop a commercial.You have 30 seconds to get an employer interested in you.If you can’t,they’ll move on.Practice a 30-second commercial to introduce yourself and your career goals.Be short and concise,but add a specific instance to grab attention.The following is how an American student “sells”herself at a career fair.“Hello,Ms.Smith.I‘m Samantha Ward and I‘ve been interested in Omega Tron ever since I that Business Week about your new multimedia software program.I‘m a computer science major with an art minor,and I‘m really excited about combining these two interests.I‘ve actually developed an interactive educational program to teach children how to draw.Would you like to see a copy of the website I designed??. Look professional.Always remove tongue or eyebrow piercings3)(no more than one earring in each ear),and hide tattoos.Once you know the culture of the company,then you can start to add(or not)these items to your morning toilette.It’ s always better to err on the side of caution and be more conservative) than less.3. Bring at least 50 resumes.Cover letters are not necessary at the fair,but don’t risk running out of5) resumes.. Bring a bag,a notebook and a pen.The bag is to carry literature and giveaways6).The notebook should be professional with space safekeeping of those resumes(no crumbled copies,please.)and a pad7) notes.Bring two pens――just in case.5. Get enough rest.Get a good night‘s sleep so you’re rested and energized the fair.Eat a good meal bee you go to prevent tummy grumbles while you chat.6. Do your homework.Check out the websites of the participating companies so you’re familiar with them and what they are looking .7. Arrive early.Career fairs attract hundreds,some times thousands of people.Get there early,grab the directory,and plan your attack.8. Start in the back.Many people get stuck in the stampede at the front.Make your way to the back where there are representatives waiting someone to appear.9. Pick up literature and a business card.Take literature you know you’ll from companies you’re interested in.Otherwise your arm will ache carrying around all that stuff.Don’t get a business card so you can follow up with the recruiter later.Jot8) down on the back some notes about your conversation.. Show your interest.Give a firm handshake and smile with eye contact.That’s a great first impression that shows confidence.Ask questions.Nothing is more boring than a one-sided conversation.Send a thank-you note.To make a real impression,send it soon after the fair to the companies that most piqued9) your interest.Follow up.Don’t wait companies to call――call them first.Set up inmational interviews or a company tour. 190

英语课堂最常用的口语表达 -- :39: 来源: 对于已经走出校园的我来说,如今真是怀念坐在教室里听老师讲课的日子,怀念我们那位一节课能问上好多遍"Can you follow me?"的英语老师,所以大家一起来看看在英语课堂上经常听到的话吧开场Let's get y class. 准备上课Time class. 上课时间到了Class begins. 上课I'll call the roll bee class. 课前我要点名Is everyone here? 都到齐了吗?Who's absent today? 今天谁没来?Who's on duty today? 今天谁值日?授课First let's have a revision. 首先我们复习一下Has everybody got a sheet? 每个人都拿到材料了吗?Open your books and turn to Page . 打开书,翻开第页Please take out your notebooksexercise books. 请拿出笔记本练习本Take notes, please. 请作笔记No more talking, please. 请安静Attention, please. 请注意All eyes on me, please. 请都看着我Look at the blackboardscreen, please. 请看黑板屏幕Watch me and I'll show you. 看着我,我来演示Repeat after meFollow me. 跟我读Let's it together. Ready, go! 大家齐声朗读预备,起Now you're going to one by one. 现在你们依次朗读Who's next? 接下来是谁?It's your turn. 轮到你了Please it from the very beginning to the end. 请从头开始读读到结尾I want you to work in pairs groups. 请大家两人一组组成小组做练习Have I made myself clear? 我讲明白了吗?Can you follow me? Are you with me? 能跟上我讲的吗?Any questions? 有什么问题吗?Put up your hands if you have any questions. 如果有问题请举手提问Who can answer this question? 谁能回答这个问题?Who wants to do it on the blackboard? 谁愿意到黑板上来做?Raise your hands, please. Hands up, please. 请举手Just hands. No voices. 不要说,请举手Hands down. 把手放下Come up to the front, please. 请到前面来Go back to your seat, please. 请回座位Can you guess it? 能猜猜吗?Take your time. 慢慢来Use your head. 动动脑筋Take it easy. Don't be nervous. 别紧张.Come on. You can do it. 来吧!你能做到的Come on, you're almost there. 来吧!你快(做答)对了I'll give you a clue hint. 我给你一些提示Any one can help him her? 谁来帮他她一下?Are you through? Have you finished? 做完了吗?Any different opinion? 有不同意见吗?Good job. Good try. Well done! 完成得不错Terrific! Wonderful! Excellent! 很棒!Good idea! That makes sense. 好主意,有道理Please give him her a big hand. 请给他她一些掌声结尾That's all today. We stop here today. Let's call it a day. 今天就到这儿Please pass the exercise books to the front. 请将练习本递到前面来Here are your exercise books. Please hand them out. 这是练习本,请发下去Here's your homework today. 这是今天的家庭作业Hand in your homework tomorrow. 家庭作业明天交Come and see me after class. 课后找我 英语 口语 课堂

地道美语:give her a coffee 小联谊会 -01-7 18:6:6 来源: give her a coffee学期就快要结束时,女儿同学的妈妈告诉我说,Mrs Grystal就要退休了,我问她是不是办个惜别会之类的表示感谢,她回答说:Well,we'll give her a coffee after church service!我想只是送人一罐咖啡太简单太便宜了吧!她看我不解的样子,赶快解释说:Of course,not really a can of coffee,it means a patty,原来一个coffee指的是小联谊会,大家喝咖啡吃吃点心,送些小礼物,场面温馨感人就行了! 美语 地道 coffee 咖啡

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