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东莞东城华美整形美容医院激光点痣好吗东莞东城华美医院美白针南城万江区小腿减肥多少钱 They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day and for this family sharing it with their pet camel is a no-brainer.人们都说早餐是一天中最重要的一餐。对这家人来说,和家里的骆驼共进早餐是每天的惯例。Joe, a six-year-old Bactrian camel visits the Anderson-Dixon family#39;s home every morning, and enjoys munching his way through carrots and bananas on the breakfast table.乔是一只六岁的巴克特里亚骆驼。他每天早上都会拜访安德森-迪克逊一家,津津有味的吃完这家人放在早餐桌上的胡萝卜和香蕉。While Nathan, 34 and wife Charlotte, 31, who live on a farm in Staffordshire attempt to have a nice civilised breakfast with their two sons, Reuben, 3 and Beau, 2, the family barely have the chance to sit down before Joe pokes his head through the window and helps himself.这家人住在斯塔福德郡,家中成员:34岁的爸爸南森、31岁的妈妈夏洛特和两个儿子3岁的鲁宾和2岁的宝儿。每当这家人想吃一顿文雅的早饭时,还不等他们入座,乔就从窗口探进脑袋开始吃起来。Joe, who stands at 5.83 feet is not particularly picky and will happily chow down on b, cereal and fruit, but does turn his nose up at cheese.大个子乔站起来有5.83英尺高(约1.77米),它并不挑食。无论是面包、麦片粥还是水果,它都会高兴的大快朵颐。但它唯独不喜欢奶酪。Although Joe lives with three other female camels, he is the only one lucky enough to share breakfast w ith his owners.虽然乔并不是家里圈养的唯一一只骆驼,他和另两只雌骆驼住在一起,但他却是唯一一只有幸与主人共进早餐的骆驼。The others have to eat hay, barley, straw and corn mix in their stable.另两只骆驼只能吃到牲畜棚里用干草、大麦、稻草和玉米混杂的饲料。Mr Anderson-Dixon, said: #39;The first time Joe joined us for breakfast he was uninvited.#39;He leaned in and rudely helped himself to the fruit bowl. But I wasn’t surprised because he’s very good at persuading all the other animals to give him their food too.’安德森-迪克逊先生说,“乔第一次和我们一起吃早饭是自己不请自来的。他伸进脑袋,不讲礼貌的吃着水果盘里的水果。但对此我并不惊讶,因为乔也非常擅长从其他动物那里要到食物。”#39;Now he comes over whenever he feels like it and hovers around in anticipation.He is eating us out of house and home, but we can’t get angry at him. He is like a big soft giant teddy bear and has become part of the family.#39;“现在它随时想来就来,充满期待的在窗口等着。它几乎把家里的东西都吃光了,但我们无法对它生气。它就像一只柔软的、超大号的泰迪熊。它已经是我们家的一个家庭成员。”Although the family have gotten used to Joe’s freeloading, the family were initially frustrated at first with his lack of table manners.虽然这家人对乔的不请自来已经习惯了,但一开始乔粗鲁的餐桌礼仪还是让一家人充满了挫败感。Luckily for the family, Joe is the best behaved animal on the farm.对这家人堪称幸事的是,乔在牧场上表现的非常听话。 /201312/266852塘厦清溪凤岗镇激光除斑多少钱

东莞老干部医院韩式三点双眼皮多少钱A number of human foods are dangerous to pets. Many of these foods may seem tasty to our pets but can prove deadly if eaten. It can be very tempting to offer pets food from the table, but pets should not be given human food unless recommended by your veterinarian.有些适合人类吃的食物对宠物是有害的。这些食物味道可口,但是宠物吃了以后可能会死亡。人类餐桌上有各种各样充满诱惑的食物,但是给宠物吃之前,最好询问一下兽医。If you suspect your pet may have eaten a dangerous food, contact your veterinarian immediately. In many cases, early recognition and treatment are critical.如果你发现你的宠物可能吃了一种危险的食物,赶紧联系兽医,很多情况下,早发现和早治疗是至关重要的。Chocolate, Coffee, and Caffeine巧克力和咖啡Chocolate contains theobromine, a chemical that is toxic to dogs in large enough quantities. Chocolate also contains caffeine, which is found in coffee, tea, and certain soft drinks. Different types of chocolate contain different amounts of theobromine and caffeine. For example, dark chocolate and baking chocolate contain more of these compounds than milk chocolate does, so a dog would need to eat more milk chocolate in order to become ill. However, even a few ounces of chocolate can be enough to cause illness in a small dog, so no amount or type of chocolate should be considered “safe” for a dog to eat. Chocolate toxicity can cause vomiting, diarrhea, rapid or irregular heart rate, restlessness, muscle tremors, and seizures. Death can occur within 24 hours of ingestion.巧克力包含了可可碱,这种化学物质达到一定数量后,会使得中毒。巧克力同时还包含了咖啡因,在咖啡、茶和某些不含酒精的饮料中都含有咖啡因。不同种类的巧克力包含了不同数量的可可碱和咖啡因。比如说:深色咖啡和烘焙巧克力包含了比牛奶巧克力更多的可可碱和咖啡因。一只成年大可能要吃下很多牛奶巧克力才会患病,然而对于一只小来说,一点点的可可碱或者咖啡因都是异常危险的。Grapes and Raisins葡萄和葡萄干Grapes and raisins can cause acute (sudden) kidney failure in cats and dogs. It is unknown what the toxic agent is in these fruits. However, clinical signs can occur within 24 hours of eating and include vomiting, diarrhea, and lethargy (tiredness). Other signs of illness relate to the eventual shutdown of kidney functioning.葡萄和葡萄干会引起猫和的肾功能衰竭。这些水果中的有毒成分目前还不得而知,但24小时临床表现包括呕吐,腹泻,无力和肾功能衰竭等。Garlic and Onions大蒜和洋葱Garlic and onions contain chemicals that damage red blood cells in cats and dogs. Affected red blood cells can rupture or lose their ability to carry oxygen effectively. Cooking these foods does not reduce their potential toxicity. Fresh, cooked, and/or powdered garlic and/or onions are commonly found in baby food, which is sometimes given to animals when they are sick, so be sure to food labels carefully.大蒜和洋葱包含了能够破坏猫身上红细胞的化学物质,受此影响的红细胞会减弱甚至失去输氧功能。煮过后也不能有效降低内部毒性。新鲜的,煮过的大蒜或者洋葱不能作为食物给动物吃。Many cases of human food toxicity in pets are accidental. A pet may find and chew on a package of gum or candy, or steal food from a countertop or table. The best way to prevent this is to keep all food items in closed cabinets or in areas that are inaccessible to pets. This may be particularly difficult during the holiday season, when more candy, chocolate, fruit baskets, and other food items are around. During these times, increased vigilance can help prevent pets from finding and eating dangerous foods.许多例宠物误食人类食物导致中毒事件都是意外发生的。一只宠物找到一块口香糖后,可能就会不假思索地咀嚼起来,有些小猫咪也会趁主人不在从厨房或者橱柜里偷吃一些食物。在长假中,家里随处可见的甜点、巧克力和水果等也应该特别留意。Children should also be taught to never give candy, gum, or other human food items to pets.家长应该教育自己的小孩子不要随意把蜜饯,口香糖等食物给宠物吃。 /201311/266663企石桥头东坑镇美白针多少钱 同济光华医院激光祛斑手术多少钱

东莞常安医院祛疤多少钱 THE 30-second clip begins with one figure, usually helmeted or masked, dancing to a catchy mix by Baauer called “Harlem Shake”. The surrounding people appear oblivious to the movement. Fifteen seconds in, the beat drops, a voice says “Do the Harlem Shake”, and everyone starts gyrating manically. Most are suddenly oddly costumed, and waving random objects. Filthy Frank, a blogger, seems to have uploaded the first version a month ago. A group of Australian teens posted their response. Their version, with more than 20m views, also went viral. Aly a parody, it was parodied. A lot. Searching “Harlem Shake” on YouTube now brings 330,000 results.一段30秒的视频中,通常会有一个带着头盔或面具的人首先出场,跳着一种引人侧目的舞蹈,鲍尔称之为“哈林摇摆舞”。周围的人似乎并没有注意到舞者的存在,15秒过后,音乐骤起,一个声音说到:“跳哈林摇摆舞吧!”,然后所有人都开始抽疯似的打起转来。大部分人会突然身着奇装异,挥舞着乱七八糟的东西。这类视频最早出现在一个月以前,应该是一个叫“肮脏的弗兰克”的主上传的。之后一群澳大利亚的小青年模仿拍摄了这段视频并发布到了网上。他们的版本同样广为流传,吸引了2千多万的点击量。这段本就是模仿他人的视频,居然又被海量模仿了。现在在YouTube上搜索“哈林摇摆舞”,可以找出33万个结果。Some of the copycats have notched up even more views than the original uploads. One, posted by a Norwegian military squad (pictured), has had 52m views. Firemen, athletes (including Manchester City footballers), porn stars, Sports Illustrated models, newscasters, students, office workers and the Simpsons have all uploaded their own versions of the Harlem Shake.一些模仿视频的浏览量甚至超出了最初版本。比如挪威部队某班上传的视频(如图),吸引了5200万点击量。消防队员、运动员(包括曼彻斯特足球队)、色情明星、《体育画报》模特、新闻主持人、学生、上班族,甚至《辛普森一家》都上传了他们各自版本的哈林摇摆舞视频。Some have got into trouble for their silliness. According to the National Centre Against Censorship hundreds of American students have been punished for participating in the Shake, with many of them being suspended. The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating a made mid-flight. In Western Australia, 15 miners were sacked for filming at work.一些人因为录制这些犯傻的视频惹上了麻烦。据“反互联网审查国家中心”称,数百名美国学生因为参与录制这些视频而遭到惩罚,很多人甚至被停了课;美国联邦航空正在对一段飞行中录制的视频展开调查;在澳大利亚,有15名矿工因为在工作期间录制视频被解雇。But this is not the true Harlem Shake, say many in Harlem. Chef Jones, who is in her 50s, remembers the original version. “That’s not authentic. It can’t compete with the Harlem Shake I know,” she says as she moves her shoulders and arms to demonstrate the original move on Harlem’s busy 125th Street. A-tone, a hip-hop historian, says “they share the name but that’s it.” The original dance was created by the late Albert Leopold Boyce (Al B) on Harlem’s basketball courts three decades ago in the early days of hip hop. Sandra Boyce, mother of the original’s creator, bears no animosity toward the meme, however. “Let them do their thing.”不过有很多住在哈林区的人说,这些不是真正的哈林摇摆舞。年过五旬的琼斯大厨还记得原始版本的哈林摇摆舞。“他们跳的不对,跟我知道的哈林摇摆舞完全没法比。”她一边说一边舞动着肩膀和胳膊,试图向我们展示这种源于哈林区125街的舞蹈应该是什么样。嘻哈音乐史学家A-tone认为:“它们只是名字相同,仅此而已。”最初的哈林摇摆舞诞生于30年前的哈林区篮球场上,是由已故的阿尔伯特·利奥波德·伊斯(AI B)在嘻哈音乐早期最先发明的。他的母亲桑德拉·伊斯却并不反感这些米姆式的模仿,“由他们去吧。”她说。Others in Harlem are angry about it. One fellow, who goes by “CJ”, played on those courts and knew Boyce well. “It’s a disservice to him and to Harlem,” he says. Derek Watson and Patrick Johnson, two residents, concede the meme is funny, but also say “it is a mockery.” Some teenagers uploaded a clip of themselves performing the “Real, Real, Real Harlem Shake” to highlight the difference between the original and what people are doing now. It got a paltry 1.6m views.但是哈林区的其他人很生气。一个绰号叫“CJ”的人以前跟伊斯很熟,也曾经在那些篮球场上打过球。他说:“这是在伤害伊斯,也是在伤害哈林区。”另外两名本地居民,德里克·沃森和派翠克·约翰逊觉得米姆挺有意思,但同时也认为“这是一种嘲弄行为。”有些年轻人上传了一部他们制作的视频,称这才是“最最最地道的哈林摇摆舞”,并强调原始版本的舞蹈和现在人们跳的有区别。这部视频仅吸引了160万人观看。 /201303/229120东莞华美美容医院激光祛痣多少钱广东东莞市无痕丰胸手术费用



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