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发抖!生活中的各种“恐惧症”... --30 18::50 来源:chinadaily 在英语里有个后缀phobia多用来表示“对于某个事物极端的、非理性的惧怕”,中文多称为“恐惧症”我们常见的有“密闭空间恐惧症”(claustrophobia)、“蜘蛛恐惧症”(arachnophobia)等近几年随着手机的广泛普及,还出现了“无手机恐惧症”(nomophobia) 其实,在生活中,还有很多我们没有听说过的各种奇葩“恐惧症”今天,小天就为大家总结总结 Kinesophobia: Pathological fear of motion 运动恐惧症:对运动无法控制的恐惧 The root of this word is kinein, Greek to move. 这个词的词根是kinein,是希腊语中“移动”的意思 Kathisophobia: Fear of sitting down 静坐恐惧症:很害怕坐着 The Greek kathizein means to sit down. 词根kathizein是希腊语,表示“坐下” Aichmophobia: A morbid fear of sharp or pointed objects (such as a needle or a pointing finger) 恐尖症(尖器恐惧症):对锋利或有尖头的物品(如针或者伸出的手指)有恐惧 At the root of this word lies an iconic pointed object of the ancient world: the Greek aikhmē means ;spear; or ;javelin.; 这个词的词根是希腊语aikhmē,指古代标志性的物件“矛”或“镖” Amaxophobia: Fear of being in or riding in a vehicle 乘车恐惧症:害怕待在车里或者乘车 This word comes from the Greek amaxa, meaning wagon – which suggests the vehicle that first inspired this fear. 词根是希腊语amaxa,指“马车”,意指最早引发这一恐惧症的车辆 Ailurophobia: Abnormal fear of cats 恐猫症:对猫不正常的惧怕 This word comes from ailurous, the Greek word cat. 来自于“猫”的希腊语说法ailurous Agoraphobia is an anxiety disorder characterized by anxiety in situations where the sufferer perceives the open space to be dangerous, uncomtable, or unsafe. 广场恐惧症是一种焦虑症,具体表现为在开阔的环境下感到危险、不适或不安 Iatrophobia is a fear of going to the doctor. Fear of doctors or iatrophobia can ruin the quality of your life. Some of the common symptoms of this phobic condition include rapid breathing, sweating, feeling of d, shortness of breath, nausea and irregular heartbeat. “医生恐惧症”,害怕去看病,害怕见到医生“医生恐惧症”有损生活质量常见症状有:呼吸加速、出汗、畏惧、气短、恶心、心跳不规律 Trypophobia is a revulsion and fear of objects with clusters of small holes – think beehives, ant holes, and in particular lotus seed heads. “密集恐惧症”就是指对有密集小孔的物体感到恶心和恐惧,类似物体有蜂窝、蚁窝,尤其是莲蓬

众多案件表明:贪官多与女主持人勾结 -- :: 来源: 最近几年,有数位落马高官或因其女主持人情妇举报锒铛入狱,或“连累”其情妇陪其一起坐牢,纠正了中国官场这股股歪风邪气 The Xinhua News Agency reported on June that Ye Yingchun had resigned as a member of the th National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC).新华社6月日报道,叶迎春辞去了第届政协委员的职务Ye, a mer China Central Television (CCTV) anchorwoman, was under investigation being allegedly romantically involved with China’s disgraced ex-security chief Zhou Yongkang, The Beijing News reported. Zhou, the highest-ranking official to have been investigated corruption since rem and opening-up began in 1978, was sentenced to life imprisonment last year abusing power and accepting bribes.据《北京新闻报道,叶迎春曾是中国中央电视台的节目主持人,因与前安全部门负责人周永康的不正当关系而接受调查周永康是自1978年改革开放以来因腐败罪名接受调查的等级最高的官员,并于去年因滥用职权和收受贿赂被判终身监禁Ye, born in Jingdezhen, East China’s Jiangxi Province, first worked at a local TV station bee she became the first female anchor of CCTV’s newly launched military channel in July 1996. Then she became a CCTV news anchor in 1998 and hosted many high-profile live broadcasts.叶迎春出生于中国东部江西省景德镇,起初只是地方电视台的一名主持人1996年7月,叶迎春成为了中央电视台新设的军事频道的首位女主持人1998年,她成为了中央电视台的一名新闻主持人,主持了多档规格较高的直播节目In February , Ye was part of the th National Committee of the CPPCC, a panel of China’s top political advisors. She submitted several proposals including purifying the Internet through legislation and setting up parking standards.年月,叶迎春成为了第届政协委员,提交了包括立法整治互联网和制定停车标准在内的提案Ye was absent from the country’s annual two political sessions in March , while Zhou was being probed by the authorities.周永康接受调查期间,叶迎春缺席了年3月召开的“两会”Ye is not the only anchorwoman that has been linked to corrupt officials. Several female anchors in State or grass-roots media have been involved in corruption cases in recent years.叶迎春并非首位和腐败官员挂钩的女主持人近年来,上到国家电视台,下到草根媒体,都有女主持人和腐败案件扯上关系Life outside TV荧幕外的生活Ji Yingnan, a mer host the China Travel and Economic Channel, released photos and s on Sina Weibo in June , claiming that she was tricked into being the mistress of Fan Yue, mer senior official with State Administration of Archives, four years.中国旅游与经济电视台前节目主持人纪英男于年6月在个人微上曝光被前国家档案局高管范悦诱骗包养四年In a released by Ji, Fan says to her that they have been together two years, and he hopes that Ji will accept his offer of marriage.在纪英男曝光的一段视频中,范悦对纪英男说两人已在一起两年,希望纪英男接受自己结婚的要求But according to Ji, Fan was actually married the entire time they were together. Fan gave Ji ,000 yuan (,5) every day during their relationship, and then dumped her after she found out about his marital status in .但据纪英男透露,范悦在包养自己的这段时间一直处于已婚的状态在此期间,范悦每天给纪英男1万元人民币年范悦在纪英男发现自己已婚的事实后又抛弃了她Then on June 19, , the State Administration of Achieves posted an announcement on its website, saying that Fan had been removed from his post after they verified Ji’s story.年6月19日,国家档案局在官方网站上宣布纪英男反应的情况属实,已撤消了范悦的职务In a more recent case, Jin Zeyin, mer deputy secretary of the Zhangjiajie city government in Central China’s Hunan Province, received a serious warning from the Party on May 30 after it was reported - by the woman’s husband - that he was keeping a female TV anchor as a mistress.近日湖南省张家界市人民政府副秘书长金则胤因被曝出包养一位卢姓女主持人于5月30日受到了严重警告处分曝光者正是女主持人的丈夫"Jin committed adultery with my wife surnamed Lu who worked at Zhangjiajie TV station since , and bought a luxury BMW her and offered her 1 million yuan every year," Lu’s husband wrote online.卢姓女主持人的丈夫在网上爆料称:“年我的妻子在张家界电视台工作,金则胤从那时开始便与她保持了不正当关系,给她买了一辆豪华的宝马轿车,还有每年一百万的包养费”In a clip released by the angry husband, a middle-aged man carries a woman on his back out of an apartment.在该男子发布的视频中,一位中年男性背着一位女性走出了公寓After receiving the warning, Jin was transferred to a local government office.遭到警告处分后,金则胤被调动到当地政府一处办公室In another case, Wang Dechun, a mer female anchor in Shuangcheng, Heilongjiang Province exposed on Weibo in November that Sun Dejiang, a mer manager of a local company and also a mer deputy to the National People’s Congress, ced her to have sex with him from 1996 onwards.在另一起案件中,黑龙江双城电视台女主持人王德春于年月在微上爆出自己遭当地一家企业的经理和人大代表孙德江胁迫,自1996年起长期与其保持不正当关系Wang also claimed that Sun abused his power and raped her when she was pregnant. Sun raped Wang the first time when she was drunk, and then blackmailed her with a footage he filmed of the rape. Sun was sentenced to years in prison corruption in April .王德春称自己在怀期间仍被迫与其发生性关系王德春某次醉酒后两人首次发生性关系孙德江后来以二人发生关系的视频要挟王德春孙德江于年月因腐败罪被判处有期徒刑年In some cases, female anchors who act as the mistresses of corrupt officials also end up behind bars.有些涉案女主持人最终同样锒铛入狱Li Yong, mer anchor of Guangdong TV, spent seven years of her life as the mistress of Chen Shaoji, mer chairman of the Guangdong provincial committee of the CPPCC who was sentenced to death with a two-year reprieve in accepting bribes.广东电视台前节目主持人李泳被前广东省第十届政协主席陈绍基包养七年年陈绍基因受贿罪被判处死刑缓期两年执行Li was sentenced to three years in jail receiving bribes.李泳因受贿罪被判处三年有期徒刑

优雅地吐槽 大概就是这样吧 -- 18:6:37 来源:chinadaily 莎士比亚是世界文学史上的一代文豪,凭借一妙笔,写活芸芸众生 作为语言大师,谐趣幽默、精妙绝伦的对话是莎翁作品的一大特色,而对话中令人捧腹的吐槽桥段层出不穷一起来看看00年前的莎士比亚的吐槽技能! 从上述各例吐槽来看,精准无误、一击致命的吐槽实在是一门艺术列位读者如果觉得自己的吐槽功力不够深,请向莎翁学习,开卷有益,适时离开手机屏幕以上吐槽用语均引自《莎士比亚全集;英汉双语本(外研社版) (以上文字为原创,图片均来自网络)

霉霉又?叒叕分手了,新歌还会远吗? -- ::5 来源: 经媒体实,霉霉这周确实和她的DJ男友Calvin Harris分手了,媒体认为她也许只是和男友玩玩,而粉丝关注的则是霉霉何时出新歌 Even the doubters who teased Taylor Swift her ’serial dating’ habits — and her penchant penning songs about ’long list of ex-lovers’ — began singing a different tune about her affair with fellow musician Calvin Harris.之前曾有人调侃霉霉的“连续约会”习惯,戏称她每和前男友分手便会创作新歌而这次,粉丝们似乎对霉霉和Calvin Harris分手一事持不同看法了After all, the couple started things off slowly, and the 6-year-old seemed older and wiser. But following her split with the 3-year-old producer and songwriter this week, fans can’t help but wonder: What exactly is going wrong in Taylor Swift’s love life?毕竟,这对情侣都是慢热型,而霉霉(6岁)似乎更年长、更聪慧一些但是在霉霉这周和Calvin Harris(3岁的制片人、作曲家)分手后,粉丝们情不自禁地问:泰勒斯威夫特的爱情生活到底出了什么问题?Here, FEMAIL takes a look back at nearly a decade of the Grammy winner’s incredibly high-profile relationships in an eft to unearth just where and why things go south.FEMAIL杂志社发掘了霉霉过去非常高调的恋爱关系,以求能够探寻出霉霉恋情不顺的原因Some might argue that Taylor’s relationships are doomed as soon as she pulls them into the public eye. The star doesn’t take too much caution to keep her private life private, and often happily parades her beaus in front of the paparazzi.也许有人会认为,在霉霉把自己的恋情公之于众的时候,就注定会失败了霉霉并不会刻意地隐瞒自己的私生活,她经常很开心地和自己的情郎在仔队面前秀恩爱’It’s very hard to date in the spotlight. Because Taylor’s so famous, people are fascinated by what goes on with her,’ professional matchmaker Samantha Daniels, who founded The Dating Lounge app, told Daily Mail Online.“Dating Lounge”软件的创始人、专业月老萨曼塔·丹尼尔斯告诉《每日邮报:“在聚光灯下约会是一件非常难的事因为霉霉实在是太出名了,人们都想知道发生在她身上的事儿”Dating so publicly has its drawbacks. one thing, there’s a lot of pressure when strangers constantly have something to say about your love life — and you always have to be on your guard.公开约会有很多弊端比如说,当陌生人不断地对你的感情生活指指点点的时候,你会感到非常大的压力--而且有时候你还不得不为自己辩护’Having other people notice what you do and comment, you might begin second guessing,’ Samantha explained. ’You also can’t really be yourself. If you think about being affectionate, you have to wonder if someone is taking your picture.萨曼塔解释说道:“在别人都来关注你做了什么、说了什么的情况下,你在做事前也许就会思虑颇多你也不能够表现出真正的自己如果你想要亲热一下的话,你还要担心附近是否会有仔在偷拍”’You think, "If we get in a sarcastic disagreement, are people gonna think we’re fighting when we’re just being playful?"“你会这样想‘如果我们只是为了好玩而互相损对方的话,粉丝们会认为我们在吵架吗’?”’You constantly have to watch how you behave, which makes a relationship less organic.’“你将不停地谨言慎行,而这将使得你们的恋爱关系非常僵硬、尴尬”

雅思口语进阶攻略 -- 18:18: 来源:chinadaily 在没有充分的英语语言环境的情况下,如何运用有效的练习方法自我营造出英语口语的学习氛围不仅是参加雅思考试的中国考生所关心的问题,更是所有学习英语口语的中国学生经常会面临的问题这里从雅思口语的角度出发,从基础较弱的考生出发,跟大家一起分享英语口语的进阶过程:模仿-复述-原创 一、模仿(Imitation)— 跟读是起点 1. 方法 众所周知,模仿最基本的方法便是跟读跟读的途径可以是两种:一种是听录音跟读;一种是看录像跟读对于还处在备考初期,口语较弱的考生来说还不急于接触雅思考试的,不管是录音还是录像,都可以选择较简单,较实用,较生活化的材料跟读如新概念的一二册可以对着镜子矫正自己的口型,语速由慢及快的练习 . 目的 ① 语音语调 发音正确与否直接决定说话对象是否能领会自己所要表达的意思英语的发音方式与汉语肯定有很大的不同,如果从一开始就不能很好地掌握英语的发音,或是形成了较为奇怪的语调,养成习惯之后就再难纠正过来所以从最基本的词汇开始对语音语调的训练是模仿最直接的目的有时只听录音还不能完全了解个别发音的过程,如θ和e 的音,所以通过录像来学习就可以更加直观,让发音得以完善,变得更加到位 ② 句式句型 有了单个词汇或词组的扎实基础,接下来模仿句子的步骤就会更容易进行因为如果单词的发音准确,对于词组或句子中爆破和连读等语音技巧就能更顺利地掌握另外对句式和句型的熟悉已经可以开始让考生慢慢接触和适应英文的思维方式和表达方式,对英文的逻辑如如何界定事物等产生一个基本的概念,这是隐形的目的当然,在这个过程中,对句子整体语调的把握也是重点,考生可以开始最基本的交流 二、复述(Repetition)— 背诵是基础 模仿是一个长期的过程,到达一定程度以后,对于段落篇章的内容考生便可以开始练习复述学习语言的过程与记忆密不可分,而体现记忆过程的最初形态便是背诵 1. 背诵 对于雅思考生来说,背诵的内容仍然不一定要参考雅思题目的和范本,因为这仍然是一个积累词汇,巩固语法句型,培养语感及英文文法的时期选择一些有趣的英语故事可以让背诵的过程显得不那么枯燥而笑话作为幽默的载体更能最大限度地展现英语的逻辑思维方式这些材料除了具体生动的内容和情节外,还有不少习语,如果能选择性地加以背诵,既能保背诵的效率,又能掌握更多地道的表达,学会怎样用英文的方式描述事物,之后亦可以运用到雅思考试中背诵的故事可以由短到长,循序渐进当然,一些生词量不大的优美诗歌或短文也是好的背诵材料有音频的材料仍旧可以先跟读,再进行背诵,这样可以保语音的正确性和对内容的表现力同时,考生可以通过录音与原声比对的方式来检查自己的背诵情况 . 替换 真正的复述练习并不等于背诵,背诵只是复述的一种最基本的形态记忆好的东西要懂得灵活地运用,这也是考生们在考试的时候最需要明白的一点在背诵的基础上,考生们可以练习对已有内容中的词汇甚至是句型表达进行替换用不同的方式表达同样的意思,这才是复述所要达到的目的 ① 词汇和句型替换 词汇和句型的替换是相对简单的在考生们对自己的单词库和句型库做足储备时,这样的替换练习便可以开始了如“重要”的表达除了“important”还有“significant”, “crucial”, “critical”…主动的句型可以改为被动或“There be …”等等 ② 意义替换 意义的替换指不拘泥于简单的词汇和句型等形式上的改写,而是将内容用其他的方式加以说明或呈现如考生可以借鉴电影《勇敢的心(Brave Heart)来呈现出对勇敢、信念的表达这才称得上是真正的“换言之” 三、原创(Creation)— 即兴是根本 许多雅思口语考官其实常建议考生不需要刻意准备题目,他们最希望的是考生能够随心所欲地与自己沟通确实,考官反感机械地记忆和回答,更不喜欢看到考生一边说话一边翻白眼考生在搜寻自己记忆的同时也失去了考官的信任和好感过度地依赖自己的记忆还容易偏题离题所以,有了以上模仿和复述的两步积累,考生在备考雅思话题时就应完全摒弃所谓的参考和答题模板 首先,话题当然要熟悉,准备一定要原创曾经考过的话题考生一定要了解,如果是本就比较容易谈论的话题,要能根据问题的核心内容理清回答的基本思路;如果话题较为生僻,则应该多角度多层面地去思考问题,不仅要有清晰的思路,还要将内容进一步丰富平时准备的内容就一定要有原创性,这也是考试时“即兴”的根本保障说到即兴,便是考生们在考场上要带给考官的感觉,也就是能与考官充分互动,不死记硬背,自然流利的表现有了前面的基础和原创的非即兴内容,只要考场上加以灵活运用,自由发挥,考生便能以最自然的状态让考官感受到自己的特色与创意,给考官留下深刻的印象 综上所述,上面提到的都是考生在没有同伴或老师互动的条件下如何通过自身努力提高口语的过程及训练方法考生要在自我练习的过程中习惯“自言自语”的方式,始终坚持有意识、有目的、积极主动的练习这样不仅能有效地备考雅思口语,也能有效地提高自身真实的口语水平及实际运用能力

科技的魅力:时空船或可让冷冻人重生 -- :: 来源: 导语:相信每个人都希望自己能够长生不死,永葆青春最近美国有科研团队表示,他们正在建造全球最大的人体低温贮藏中心,未来人类或可实现永生 Humans have long dreamt of finding the ‘fountain of youth’ – a way to prolong life, sustain health, and even achieve immortality.一直以来人们都梦想着找到“不老泉”——一种延长寿命、保持健康甚至长生不老的方法Now, one project will soon be spearheading the efts toward making this a reality.现在,一项工程将很快作为探路先锋来尝试实现这个梦想After many years of planning, construction has finally begun on the Timeship Building, where thousands of frozen bodies will eventually be contained, in hopes to one day bring them back from the dead.经过多年的准备,这座名为“时光船”的建筑终于开始动工,它将可以储存成千上万具冰冻的人体,以便在未来某一天将他们起死回生According to New Scientist, the site will become the largest structure dedicated to life extension research and cryopreservation in the world.据《新科学家报道,该建筑将会成为世界上最大的致力于研究延长寿命和低温贮藏的地点Designed by renowned architect Stephen Valentine, the sprawling building will sit behind the gates that encircle a massive plot of land in Comt, Texas.它由著名建筑师史提夫·瓦伦丁设计,其庞大的身躯将坐落在德克萨斯州康福特镇的一片大片土地上It won’t just house bodies; the Timeship Building will also be used to store biological materials, including cells, tissues, and organs.这座“时光船”将不仅仅用于贮藏尸体,还用于贮藏其他生物材料,包括细胞、组织和器官This project is essentially ‘taking people to the future,’ Valentine explained to New Scientist.瓦伦丁向《新科学家介绍说,这一项目能够将人类带到未来Cryopreservation is the practice of storing animals and humans in extremely low-temperatures with hopes that they can be revived in the future.低温贮藏是一种在极低温度下储存动物和人类尸体以便未来将之复活的方法Cryonics is often criticized as a misguided venture reserved the wealthy, and aims to heal those who cannot be saved through current capabilities.不过,人体冷冻法经常被批评为针对有钱人的错误冒险,其目的在于治愈那些现有条件无法治愈的病人Instead of definite death, the procedure aims to provide a way them to exist in a frozen state until technology arises to meet their needs.这种方法旨在提供一种途径让人类不用彻底消亡而以冰冻的状态存在,直到未来科技发展到足以满足他们的需求With such precious materials contained within its walls, the Timeship Building is being built with safeguarding in mind.由于建筑内部保存着如此贵重的物料,建造“时光船”必须考虑到安全防护措施Its location and structure are suited to protect the project from any imaginable dangers, from natural disasters to terrorist attacks.它的位置和结构将保护项目抵抗任何可能的危险,包括自然灾害和恐怖袭击And, the first bricks will soon be laid.该工程很快将动土‘We see the Timeship as the ‘t Knox’ of biological materials,’ the site explains.设计方称:“我们认为‘时光船’就是生物材料的‘诺克斯堡’“‘DNA, tissue samples, and cryopreserved patients will be housed in Timeship, and their safety and security against all threats, both natural and human-made, will have to be maintained hundreds of years.“DNA、组织样本和低温贮藏的病人将被安置在‘时光船’中,在数百年内,他们将不受任何威胁,包括自然的和人为的”‘Timeship has been designed to provide that security at every level, from defense against terrorist attack, to sea level changes due to global warming, to interruption of energy supplies due to any catastrophe.’“‘时光船’预设了各级安防措施,包括防御恐怖袭击,因全球变暖导致的海平面上升以及由于任何灾难而导致的能源供给中断”

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