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In every man there is a king. Speak to the king, and the king will come th.在每个人内心都有一个国王如果你想与他交谈,国王就会出现How I've Been Enriched by BeggarsOutside our hotel in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, a seemingly ancient woman on crutches waited beside the door with her hand outstretched. Every day I put my hand in hers as our eyes met. She never failed to return my smile, my grasp, and my sin chau greeting.On the last day of our visit, I found myself alone on a busy corner across the street from our hotel. Bicycles and motorbikes careened in front of me. We had been advised to walk straight through the teeming traffic without looking right or left. Let them avoid us.But tonight I was by myself and felt inadequate to face the torrent of vehicles. As I hesitated on the curb, I felt a hand on my elbow and looked down to see the smile of my small beggar friend looking up at me. She nodded her head toward the street, indicating that she would take me across. Together, we moved slowly into the chaos as she gently prodded me ward.When we reached the center of the crossing, I looked down at her again, and couldn't resist exclaiming, "You have the most beautiful smile."She obviously knew little English, but must have recognized the tone, she threw both arms and crutches around me in a big hug, while the traffic streamed by us on both sides.Then we precarious moved on toward the sidewalk, where she pulled my face down to hers, kissed me on both cheeks, and then limped away, still smiling and waving back to me.I had not given her a single coin. We had shared something vastly more important - a warming of hearts in friendship.This experience remained me of something Mother Teresa once said "If you cannot do great things, you can do small things with great love."To look beggars in the eye and smile, thus acknowledging their existence, is a small thing. Putting your hand into another's outstretched hand and grasping it firmly a moment is also a small thing. Learning to use a greeting in the local language is not too difficult. But these are important. many reasons, giving money is not the best response to an outstretched hand. Many world travelers have discovered that the greatest gift they can give is their time and friendship. Everyone needs recognition, to be seen as worthy of attention, to feel appreciated and loved.Traveling in poorer nations, I have witnessed a variety of ways to deal with beggars. The most common response of tourists faced with the poverty-stricken is to ignore them and focus their eyes elsewhere. I have seen people push away an outstretched hand in angry annoyance. A few may hastily drop a few coins into a beseeching palm, and then execute a quick getaway in hopes that another ragged pursuers won't immediately appear on the scene.But I feel it's worthwhile to try to live by the words of English author John Cowper Powys "No one can consider himself wholly civilized who does not look upon every individual, without a single exception, as of deep and startling interest."I once spotted a legless man sitting by a road at the Pushkar Camel Fair in India. I was returning to my tent after recording the exotic music of the dancing men of Pushkar and was replaying the music on my tape recorder. When the man's smile lured me to join him, we began to communicate in the kind of sign language and laughter one learns while vagabonding around the world.After mimicking the whirling skirts and sticks, I showed him how my tape recorder worked. He motioned me to give it to him. I hesitated, but only a moment. After examining it carefully, he began to sing a hauntingly beautiful song, indicating that he wanted me to record it and take it home as a memory of our time together.Moments bee, we had been total strangers suddenly, we were cemented in a momentary friendship born of our common existence in this world. His eyes shone as we exchanged names. My experience with Vidur confirmed the truth of the Scandinavian proverb "In every man there is a king. Speak to the king, and the king will come th."I've learned that those considered the world's most hopeless are so often rich in humanity, with hearts yearning to be affirmed - and y to respond.My life continues to be enriched by connecting with everyday humanity. Each time I do this, I rediscover that what I have been given is far beyond monetary value. And I reaffirm that everyone is worthy - and worth knowing. 31吊唁的英语口语 -- :5:36 来源: 我对您深表同情!I sympathize with you.I sympathize with you. (我对您深表同情!)Thank you your concern. (谢谢您的关心!)我们为失去一个这么好的人而感到遗憾!(太遗憾了,我们失去了一个伟大的人)What a pity weve lost such a great man!What a pity weve lost such a great man! (我们为失去一个这么好的人而感到遗憾!)Yes, indeed. (确实是这样)我很怀念我的爷爷Im going to miss my grandpa.Im going to miss my grandpa. (我很怀念我的爷爷)I know how you feel. (我能理解你的感受)太不幸了That too bad.My father is in the hospital now. (我爸爸现在住院了)That too bad. (太不幸了)别太消沉了Try not to get depressed.Try not to get depressed. (别太消沉了)I cant help it. (我无法控制自己)这次很麻烦,对吧?It was terrible this time, wasnt it?It was terrible this time, wasnt it? (这次很麻烦,对吧?)It sure was. (确实是这样)我太难过了!Im so sorry. *语气比That too bad还要礼貌一些My mother died when I was ten. (我妈妈在我岁的时候就去世了)Im so sorry. (那太不幸了)What a shame.没关系别太在意Never mind.I couldnt pass the test.(我考试没有通过)Never mind.(没关系别太在意 日常英语 英语口语How High Can You Jump?Flea1) trainers have observed a strange habit of fleas while training them.Fleas are trained by putting them in a cardboard box with a top on it.The fleas will jump up and hit the top of the cardboard box over and over and over again.As you watch them jump and hit the lid,something very interesting becomes obvious.The fleas continue to jump,but they are no longer jumping high enough to hit the top.When you take off the lid,the fleas continue to jump,but they will not jump out of the box.They won’t jump out because they can’t jump out.Why?The reason is simple.They have conditioned) themselves to jump just so high.Once they have conditioned them-selves to jump just so high,that’s all they can do.Many times,people do the same thing.They restrict3) themselves and never reach their potential).Just like the fleas,they fail to jump higher,thin king they are doing all they can do. 6现在医生们有一个可以大范围地监察小肠的器具最近批准的可与传统的内窥镜共同使用的M2A是一种可吞咽的无线影像胶囊Picture Snapping1) PillPhysicians perm more than two million endoscopies) a year on the small intestine3),looking cancers and other ailments) by inserting fiber-optic5) tubes via the throat or rectum6).This often requires sedation7),can be uncomtable,and some areas remain inaccessible.But now doctors have a tool that can see more of the small intestine.The M2A ――recently approved use along with traditional endoscopes ――is a wireless capsule that’s swallowed.It maps the intestine as you go about your business.The M2Asanps two pictures a second eight hours as it passes through a patient’s system,beaming images to a small recorder worn at the waist.These images are then downloaded to a computer doctors to analyze.The capsules won’t banish the endoscope,however doctors believe that the M2A is an important diagnostic8) advance. 67

年底贺岁电影来袭 贺岁片英文怎么说? -01- :6: 来源: 年底到了,又到了小伙伴们“任性”看电影的时候啦!《匆匆那年(Fleet of Time)、《太平轮(上)(The Crossing Part 1)、《我的早更女友(Meet Miss Anxiety),除了这几部影片外,另一部备受瞩目的大片就要登场啦!这就是月18日即将上映的姜文新片《一步之遥(Gone With The Bullets)话说,因3月被曝出轨而沉寂近一年的文章,也将借该片复出在片中,他第一个出场,据说竟然与葛大爷还有“基情”!这是神马情况?该片由姜文执导,姜文、葛优、周韵、舒淇等主演,剧情改编自历史上真实的民国奇案“阎瑞生案”故事讲述的是19年的上海,花国大选(旧时的选美活动)如火如荼,最终归属扑朔迷离据说,这部电影也可以被叫做“一碗王婆面引发的血案”不能剧透太多啦!亲们,自己去看片吧!马上学:据说,小一百年前的大上海,不会英文你也根本不好意思出门~ 小伙伴们,还不快学起来!英文中,“贺岁片”可以说New Year film“大腕大腕的”则为big shotbig-shote.g. The two American big shots, though in minor roles in the film, each deliver a commendable permance.此外,“众星云集”可以用star-studded表示e.g. This is a star-studded cast. It is a group of stars that is versatile and should be able to come together fast. 贺岁片 电影

购物时英语常用表达方式 -- :37:35 来源: 我们去(商店)逛逛吧!Let go window-shopping.Im flat broke. (我身无分文)Let go window-shopping anyway. (不管怎么说,我们去逛逛吧)Why dont we go window-shopping?Shall we go window-shopping? (去逛商店吗?)人多得要命!What a crowd!It so crowded!What a big crowd!商店几点开门?When does the store open?When does the store open? (商店几点开门?)It closed today. (今天休息)When do you open?What time do you open?How soon does it open?What time does the store open?When do the doors open?商店几点关门?When does the store close?When does the store close? (商店几点关门?)We close at seven. (7点)What time does the store close?When is closing time? (几点打烊?)我们点才开门呢We wont open until eleven.We wont open until eleven. (点才开门)That late? (那么晚?)It opens at eleven. (点开门)From eleven. (点开始)Our business hours begin at eleven. (我们点开始上班)卖鞋的专柜在哪儿呀?Where the shoe department?Where the shoe department? (卖鞋的专柜在哪儿呀?)Im lost, too. (我也糊涂了) *department store “商场”Where can I find the shoe department?Where is the shoe department located?在3楼It on the third floor. *on the...floor是“(楼的)……层”美国的1楼是the first floor,层是the second floor英国的1楼是“the ground floor”,楼是“the first floor”,两种说法相差1层,所以要注意是往下?Going down? *乘坐电梯时向对方询问“是下楼吗?”,如果问“是上楼吗?”可说Going up?你找什么呢?What are you looking ?What are you looking ? (你找什么呢?)The shoe department. (我找卖鞋的柜台)请8楼(乘电梯时)Eighth, please.The eighth floor, please.欢迎光临May I help you? *顾客走进商店时,店员经常一边说May I help you?,一边走近顾客Can I help you?What can I do you?How may I help you?我想买件套装Id like a suit. *Id like 是I would like的缩写,表示希望“我想要……”,比I want的语气更客气我在找一种……包Im looking a ... bag.Im looking a black, leather bag. (我在找一种黑色的皮包)How this? (这个怎么样?)我只看看Im just looking. *没有特别想买的意思时,可以这样回答店员Just looking.Just browsing.I dont need any help.Im just browsing.No just yet. (还不需要)您有什么需要帮助的尽管说If you need any help, let me know. *这是店员对顾客常用的一种说法这双鞋真漂亮!These shoes are great!These shoes are wonderful.买这个吧Buy this.Please buy this ( me).这个多少钱?How much is this?How much does this cost?What does this cost?What is the price of this?How much? *比较生硬的感觉太贵了!That expensive!This one is eight hundred dollars. (这个800美元)That expensive! (太贵了!)How expensive! (怎么这么贵!)That too much! (太贵了!)真便宜!That cheap!How cheap! (怎么这么便宜!)这种衬衫有小号的吗?Do you have this shirt in a small?Do you have this shirt in a small? (这种衬衫有小号的吗?)Let me check. (我给你找找)Do you have this shirt in a smaller size?这种毛衣有红色的吗?Do you have this sweater in red?我可以试穿吗?May I try it on? *try on 表示“试穿、戴(衣、帽子、眼镜)”May I try it on? (我可以试试吗?)Sure. Let me help you. (当然,我来帮你)试衣间在哪儿?Where is the fitting room?Where is the fitting room? (试衣间在哪儿?)Right this way, maam. (请往这边,女士)Where is the dressing room.我穿着太小It too small me. *其反意为It too big me.(我穿着太大)It a little bit tight. (有点儿紧)It loose.(有点儿松)It long. (长了)It short. (短了)这套衣正合适This suit fits perfectly.This suit is perfect me.这个真不错This is nice.This is good.这个比较好This is better. *用于进行各种各样的比较之后,还是这个比较好的情况How do you like it? (你看这个怎么样?)This is better. (这个比较好)I like this better.That more like it.这条裙子和这件上衣挺配的,是吧?This skirt matches this blouse, doesnt it?This skirt matches this blouse, doesnt it? (这条裙子和这件上衣挺配的,是吧?)Yes, they look great together. (是的,看上去很配套)This skirt and this blouse go together well.你觉得哪个好?Which is better?Which one do you like better? (你喜欢哪一个?)Which one do you think is better?两个我都想要I want both of them.I want them both.I dont want either of them. (两个都不想要)太艳了It too flashy.It too flashy. (这件太艳了!)We have a more plain looking one. (我们也有素净点儿的)It too gaudy.It too loud.老气It too plain.It too conservative.It too bland.您能给锁边吗?Would you hem it? *hem “(衣的)边沿,边缘下摆的缝边”Would you alter it?Would you shorten it?多少钱?How much is it?How much does it cost?Could you tell me how much it is? (您能告诉我多少钱吗?)我要这个Ill take this one.Ill take this one. (我要这个)All right, maam. (好的)Id like this one.Id like to buy this one. (我要买这个)Ill get this one.您用现金还是卡?Will that be cash or charge?Cash or charge?Will you be paying by cash or credit card?Would you like to pay by cash or charge?现金Cash, please.卡Charge, please.我可以用VISA卡吗?Can I use VISA?Do you accept VISA?Do you take VISA?我可以分期付款吗?Can I pay by installment payment?我可以付日元吗?Can I pay in Japanese yen?Do you take Japanese yen?Do you accept Japanese yen?请给包一下Please wrap it.我想退货Id like to return this.Id like to return this. (我想退货)Do you have a receipt? (您有收据吗?)您能给我换一下这个吗?Could you exchange this, please?这儿有点儿脏It got a stain.It has a stain.可以退款吗?Can I have a refund? *refund “退款”Id like to get a refund, please. (我想退款)Id like a refund, please. (请退款吧)Id like my money back, please. (请把钱退给我吧)能再便宜一些吗?Would you give me a discount?Would you give me a discount? (能再便宜一些吗?)This is a discount price. (这已经是打过折的价钱了)Can you make it cheaper?不满意就算了Take it or leave it. *多用于商业的买卖中,向对方表示“就这价钱”、“随便你”、“不中意就别买了”,或“在出示的价格范围内您考虑买还是不买”,特别在商业谈判中常用Accept it or reject it.Be satisfied with it or get nothing.That my only offer.That my last offer.That my final offer 日常英语 英语口语We wish you a bright and successful New Year.我们确信今后……将继续不断地增加We trust that an increase in ... will continue in the future.We trust that an increase in sales will continue in the future. (我们确信今后销售量将继续不断地增加)叙述事情我们被告知…… We are told that... 我们从青木先生那儿了解到……We understand from Mr. Aoki that...我们察觉到…… We observed that...We found out that...We discovered that... 我们希望提醒贵方注意…… We would like to call your attention to... *用于必须说出很严重的事情时 我们想利用这次的机会就……事提醒您May we take this occasion to remind you that... *有礼貌但语气严厉用于欠款到期不还等情况时May we take this opporty to remind you that...转达希望我们希望您能…… We hope that you will... 我们希望收到……We hope to receive... 我对……很感兴趣 We are interested in... *适用于索取资料时 我们渴望知道…… We would be interested to learn...如果您能告诉我们……,我们将不胜感激We would appreciate it if you will let us know...We would appreciate it if you would let us know...We shall appreciate it if you would let us know... 我们能麻烦您将……寄给我们吗? May we ask you to send us...?致谢非常感谢您为我们提供的一切We thank you your offer. 您……,我们不胜感激I appreciate very much that you... 对贵方的大力合作我们万分感激We appreciate your cooperation and... *cooperation “合作”We thank you your cooperation and...感到遗憾得知……,我们感到很遗憾 It is regretful to learn of... 我们抱歉地通知您…… We are sorry to inm you that... 为……,我们深表遗憾We are very sorry that... 我们遗憾地通知您…… We regret to inm you that... *We are sorry...带有说话人犯有过失的语气而用We regret和regret则不清楚过错是在哪一方It is regretted that...表示歉意就……,我们表示歉意 We apologize ...We deeply apologize ... *更加强调We sincerely apologize ... *更加强调 我们对……感到非常抱歉 We are very sorry ... *比We apologize ...的语气要婉转的道歉方式抱怨怨言对对方来讲绝对不是一件使人愉快的事情,所以在表达方式上有必要下一番工夫我们不得不遗憾地通知您……We are sorry to inm you that... 我们不得不很遗憾地提醒您…… We very much regret to have to remind you of... 我们请求您对……给予注意We invite your attention to... *用于引起别人注意时attention “注意”We would like to call your attention to... *比较礼貌的说法 我们想提醒您注意…… May we remind you that...?May we take this occasion to remind you that...? *语气较委婉,“借此机会我想就一问题提醒您的注意” 我们想指出…… We wish to point out that... *wish to... 虽然缓和了“我认为……”的语气,但是说法仍然比较直接point out “指出”祝贺我们非常高兴地获悉…… We are delighted to learn that... *用于私人的或和对方很熟的情况下delight “非常高兴”衷心地祝贺你…… Congratulations on your...We would like to offer our congratulations on your...吊唁刚刚惊悉××不幸逝世,我们深感悲痛We have just learned with profound sorrow of the passing away of... *profound “发自内心的”,sorrow 表示“悲痛” 对××的不幸逝世我们深感痛惜 We wish to express our deep regret over the passing of... *death 也可以代替passing, 但是death说法太直接,最好避开请接受我们诚挚的哀悼Please accept my sincerest condolences.同意我们同意你们关于……的意见We agree with you on...We agree with you on the following issues... (我们同意以下几点) 我们完全同意您信上所提出的所有问题We are in full agreement with the points raised in your letter. *raise 表示“提出质问、异议”We are in complete agreement with the points outlined in your letter. 我们非常高兴能有机会……We are very pleased to have the opporty to...We are very pleased to be in a position to... *较绕圈子的说法 我们非常高兴地…… We will be delighted to...We will be delighted to meet with you on June , 1998. (我们非常高兴地期待着能在1998年6月日见到您)陈述自己的见解我们认为…… We think that...We believe that... (我们相信……)We understand that... (我们理解……) 我们强烈地感到……We feel strongly that...We feel strongly that our products are the best. (我们强烈地感到我们的产品是最好的) 我们所理解的是…… It is our understanding that...We understand that... 我们对……完全没有异议We do not anticipate any objections to...We do not anticipate any objections to your proposal. (我们对贵社的提议没有任何异议) 我们找不到任何理由……We can see no reason why... *直译是“我们不明白为什么必须……的理由”Why以下是说话人认为不太合适的事情“我们一向不认为……”、“我们对不那样做没有异议”、以这种煞有介事的语气使对方感激反驳对方我们不清楚您到底是怎么想的It is not (quite) clear to us what you had in mind.It is not clear to us what you meant.It is not clear to us what you intended. 使我们担心的一点是…… The one point that concerned us (a little) was... *concern “担心,在意”The one point that troubled us was... 我们对……感到担心和挂念We have become concerned with regards to...We have become concerned with regards to the shipment schedule. (我们对装船的日程感到担心和挂念)中立的答复我们正在……过程中We are (now) in the process of... *in the process “正在……,……正在进行中”We are in the process of reviewing your suggestion. (我们正在重新研究贵社所提出的方案) 我们非常重视…… We value ... highly.We value your suggestion highly. (我们非常重视贵社所提出的建议) 我们非常感谢您提出的这件事We thank you raising the issue. *内容可能是好,也可能是坏 您的建议将由……进行讨论Your suggestions are being followed up by...Your suggestions are being followed up by our committee. (您的建议将在我们委员会进行讨论Your suggestions are being reviewed by...否定的回答我们希望您能理解我们这次行动的理由We hope you will understand our reason this action. *表达不利于对方的事情时,重要的是在表达方式上下工夫 我们很难接受…… It would be difficult us to accept... *还有商量余地的情况下It would be difficult us to accept the revision to our shipping schedule. (就我们的装船日程来说,再作修改会是很困难的) 非常遗憾,我们不能……We regret that we are unable to... *已没有商量的余地We regret that we are unable to alter our pricing schedule. (很遗憾,我们不能更改价目表) 除……之外,没有选择的余地We have no alternative but to... *用于最后阶段的信函中alternative 是指“替代的手段、方法” ,我们采取的立场是…… Consequently we are in the position to... *后接否定性的内容consequently 表示“最终结果地”我方的行为和说明我非常高兴地向您推荐……We are pleased to recommend...to you.我们与……有非常亲密的关系We work closely together with... 我们已经得知……We are also told that... 修改后规定…… The amendment provides that... *amendment “改正”The amendment provides that you can no longer ship after the tenth of each month. (更改后的规定是每月号以后不能装船)以下的条件表明……The following conditions show that... *用于否定的内容时The following conditions show that each shipment must arrive bee noon. (以下的条件表明各种货物必须在正午以前送到) 这种变更意味着将会推迟…… The effect of this change will be to delay...表明谢意和希望我们非常感谢本次交易和…… We appreciate your business and...We appreciate your patronage and... ……还有对贵方的友好表示感谢..., and wish to thank you your kindness. 我们非常感谢你们提供的意见We would appreciate receiving your comments.We would appreciate it if you could send us your comments. 我们非常欢迎你们提出宝贵意见We shall be interested in receiving your comments.We shall be interested in hearing your comments.显示热情和诚意我们确信…… We are confident that... *confident “确信的” 我们就……的可能性表示极大的热忱We are enthusiastic over the possibilities of... *enthusiastic “热心的,狂热的” 我们非常欢迎此事有所发展We welcome this development very much. *development “(形势等)进展,发展” 我们将继续做我们所能做的一切We will continue to do all we can to...We will continue to do all we can to develop a stronger working relationship between our companies. (为了使我们两家公司的商务关系更加紧密,我们将做出我们所能做的一切) 我们将竭尽全力地……We will do our utmost to... utmost “最大限度”We will do our utmost to develop new markets. (为开发新市场我们将竭尽全力) 为了扩大……,我们将付出最大的努力We shall do whatever we can to extend...We shall do whatever we can to extend our service. (为了扩大务,我们将付出最大的努力) 我们将一直地努力提供给您我们最优惠价格We will always endeavor to offer you our most favorable rates. *endeavor “认真地努力” 就……一事,请您尽管放心You may rest assured that... *rest assured 为短语,“放心”You may rest assured that your shipment will arrive on time. (贵公司的货物将时到达,请放心)You may be certain that...通知、希望得到通知我们希望就此事今后经常保持联系We wish to keep you fully inmed on this matter.We wish to keep you fully posted on this matter. 在本项目实行之际,烦请通知我们一声Kindly inm us when this is put into effect. *put into effect “实施,实行”Kindly notify us when this is put into effect.Please let us know when this is put into effect.对否定性回答的补充我们相信您能够理解我们的立场We feel certain you will understand our position in this matter. 尽管如此,我们将做我们所能做的一切……Nevertheless, we will do everything we can to... *nevertheless “然而,尽管如此” 对于……,就我们来说,没有异议 There is no objection, as far as we are concerned, in...There is no objection, as far as we are concerned, in raising the prices. (就提高价格一事,我们完全没有异议) 为作为今后的参考,我们已将此事存入了我们的文档These have been placed into our files future reference. * future reference 表示“为了作为今后的参考”引言部分:边陈述写信目的,边设定整体收信我们收到了您1998年月日的来信We have received your letter of April , 1998.We have received your letter dated April , 1998.我们收到了您的咨询函,非常感谢We thank you your inquiry.We have received your letter and thank you your inquiry.我们非常高兴从您的来信中获悉……We are pleased to learn from your letter...From your letter we have learned that...我们收到了您1998年5月3日的来函查询,非常感激We are grateful your inquiry of May 3,1998.我们已经收到了您1998年6月6日的来信This is to acknowledge your letter of June 6, 1998.回信我非常愉快地回复您1998年8月18日的来函查询We are pleased to respond to your inquiry of August 18, 1998.We are pleased to answer your letter of August 18, 1998.以下是就您1998年月1日来信的回函We are writing in response to your letter of October 1, 1998.We are writing with reference to your letter of October 1, 1998.这是对您1998年月9日来信的复函This refers to your letter of October 9, 1998.这是对您1998年月日来信给予的答复This is in response to your letter of November , 1998.从来信中得知我们高兴地从您的来信中得知……We are happy to learn from your letter that...From your letter we have learned that...我们很遗憾地从您的信中得知……We regret to learn from your letter that...We are really sorry to learn from your letter that...我们为我们的差错向您表示真诚的歉意We would like to offer our sincere apologies the mistake. *“从内心发出的歉意”,用sincere apologies表示得知……真是太好了It is nice to know that...It is nice to learn that...It is nice to hear that...为……我们很遗憾It is regretted that...It is regrettable that...联系我们非常愉快地通知您……We are pleased to inm you that...We are excited to inm you that...We are happy to inm you that...我们想通知您……We would like to inm you that...我们非常荣幸地通知您……We take pleasure in inming you of... *用于转达好消息时We take pleasure in inming you that...我们很遗憾地通知您……We regret to inm you that... *通知的内容不太好时我们抱歉地通知您……We are sorry to inm you that... *比用regret的语气要婉转请允许我通知您……Please be advised that... *好、坏消息均可以用随信附上随信附上……We will enclose... *enclose “装入信封”随信附上……的复印件We are enclosing a copy of...……复印件随信一并寄上There is a copy of... attached to this letter. *attach 有附上“大件的东西和主要东西”的语气Attached, please find...附上了你要的……Attached you will find...附寄在内的是一份……的复印件Enclosed is a copy of...Enclosed, please find...A copy of...is enclosed.寄给……、请(对方)寄出……我们将寄给你……We will send you...We are sending you...We will mail you...我们非常高兴地寄给你……We are pleased to send you...We are happy to send you...我们另外再把合同书寄给您We are sending you the contract separately.您能将……寄给我们吗?Would you please send us...? *虽是口语,但给人有礼貌的感觉如果你能将……寄给我的话,我们将非常感谢We would appreciate it if you would send us... *表示对对方的感谢之情If you would send us是假设条件句,意思是“我不知您是否能给我寄来,如果能寄来的话……”,这是对对方相当尊重的说法认为对方收到了自己的信件几个月前,我们曾就……事给您写了一封信Some months ago we wrote you regarding... *regarding “关于……”就……事我们至今没有得到您的回音So far, we do not seem to have received word from you... *催促什么事情时如果在1998年月1日前还得不到您的回音的话,……If we do not hear from you by December 1, 1998...*语气有些严厉有关……事,我们还未收到您的任何回音So far, we have not received word from you... *so far “至今为止”So far, we have not received any word from you...因回复迟了而表示歉意很抱歉未能尽早给您回信We apologize not replying to you earlier.未能及时给您回信,我们深表歉意We are sorry not answering your letter sooner.We are sorry not replying to your letter sooner.We are sorry not responding to your letter sooner.久未回信,让您久等了Thank you your patience. *patience “忍耐,耐心,耐性” 日常英语 英语口语

Museums Museums From Boston to Los Angeles, from New York City to Chicago to Dallas, museums are either planning, building, or wrapping up wholesale expansion programs. These programs aly have radically altered facades and floor plans or are expected to do so in the not-too-distant future. In New York City alone, six major institutions have sp up and out into the air space and neighborhoods around them or are preparing to do so. The reasons this confluence of activity are complex, but one factor is a consideration everywhere - space. With collections expanding, with the needs and functions of museums changing, empty space has become a very precious commodity. Probably nowhere in the country is this more true than at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, which has needed additional space decades and which received its last significant face lift ten years ago. Because of the space crunch, the Art Museum has become increasingly cautious in considering acquisitions and donations of art, in some cases passing up opporties to strengthen its collections. Deaccessing - or selling off - works of art has taken on new importance because of the museum's space problems. And increasingly, curators have been ced to juggle gallery space, rotating one masterpiece into public view while another is sent to storage. Despite the clear need additional gallery and storage space, however," the museum has no plan, no plan to break out of its envelope in the next fifteen years," according to Philadelphia Museum of Art's president. 95

Wedding custom around the world (8)Finland:Brides wear golden crowns. After the wedding, unmarried women dance in a circle around the blindfolded1) bride, waiting her to place her crown on someone’s head. It is thought that whoever she crowns will be the next to wed. The bride and groom have seats of honor at the reception. The bride holds a sieve) covered with a silk shawl3);when the guests slip money into the sieve, their names and the amounts given are announced to those assembled by a groomsman. Greece:The koumbaros, traditionally the groom’s godfather, is an honored guest who participates in the wedding ceremony. Today, the koumbaros is very often the best man, who assists in the crowning of the couple(with white or gold crowns, or with crowns made of everlasting flowers, or of twigs)of love and vine wrapped in silver and gold paper), and in the circling of the altar three times. Other attendants may Scripture5), hold candles, pack the crowns in a special box after the ceremony. To be sure of a “sweet life”, a Greek bride may carry a lump of sugar in her glove on wedding day. 196

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