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襄阳治疗早泄大概要多少费用襄阳中医院在线咨询The Most Annoying Things People Do at the Gym and on the Trail人们在健身房和跑步机上做的最让人恼火的事情If you#39;re a fitness fanatic like Health#39;s editors are, then you probably have at least one pet peeve-something your fellow gym bunnies or trail mates do that drives you bananas.如果你是像《健康》编辑们一样的健身狂人,那么你可能会有至少一个不能容忍的事--你的健身伙伴或跑步同伴所做的让你抓狂的事。In a recent article in The New York Times, Jen A. Miller lamented the use of smartphones in races, noting that the devices have become ;social media spouts for runners to take selfies, FaceTime a family member on a crowded course, or chat on the phone in the middle of a race, oblivious to the people behind and around them.; She pointed out that in her 10-year career as a runner, there have always been racers who did inconsiderate things. ;But with the advent of smartphones, such incidents have blossomed.;Jen A. Miller在《纽约时报》上最近的一篇文章中哀叹在竞赛中使用智能手机现象,指出智能手机已经成为;社交媒体的发展使跑步者自拍,在拥挤的道路上与家庭成员脸书,或者在比赛过程中间聊天,在他身后或身旁的人看的很清楚。;她指出,在她作为跑步者10年的职业生涯中,总有一些参赛者会做出一些不考虑别人的事情,;但是随着智能手机的出现,这些事情已蓬勃发展了。;Miller#39;s piece got us talking (okay, ranting) about the some of our biggest workout woes. We are sure you can relate.米乐的话语让我们得以讨论(好吧,责骂)健身中最大的一些烦心事。我们相信肯定会引起你的共鸣。Puddles水坑;Guys in hot yoga class who leave big puddles on the floor and don#39;t bother to wipe them up when they leave. There are few things grosser than stepping barefoot into a pool of someone else#39;s sweat.;;有些上热门瑜伽课的人在地板上留下了大水坑,他们走的时候也没有费心把水擦干。相比赤脚走进一滩别人流下的汗水中,有些事情更加恶心。;Irresponsible spitting不负责任的吐痰;My big pet peeve? Runners who don#39;t practice spitting etiquette. I get it, it#39;s really annoying to have that phlegmy feeling in the back of your throat. But please watch before you hock a loogie to make sure there#39;s no poor innocent jogger in the landing zone.;;我的大烦恼?跑步者没有练习吐痰礼节。我懂,喉咙里面有痰的确是件让人恼火之事。但请在吐痰前先观察一番,以确保没有无辜的慢跑者在痰的着陆区。;Getting too close for comfort为了舒适靠的太近了;It seems whenever I#39;m in the gym, someone stands right next to me. I#39;ve been in big empty rooms and someone starts working out on top of me. It drives me mad! To calm myself down I just tell myself they are right next to me because they see me as competition and want to keep up. But in reality I think they just don#39;t have my personal space issues.;;好像不管我什么时候在健身房,都有人站在我身边。我已经在一个大的空房间内了,有人紧接着我开始健身。让我很抓狂。为了使我自己冷静,我就告诉自己他们靠着我是因为他们将我视作竞争对手,想要赶上我。但是实际上我认为他们只是没有像我一样有私人空间问题。;译文属 /201606/449971湖北省襄阳四院医院地址哪里? Attending social events solo can feel awkward and icky, even for extroverted types. Networking events are especially tough, since there’s a lot riding on your ability to make a good impression. But, you don’t have to skip out on a great career opportunity, just because you don’t have a plus-one on your RSVP. Head to your next event with your head held high and a stack of business cards in your pocket. Here are some ways to embrace the solo flying and get some networking done.独自参加社交活动会感到有些尴尬和厌烦,即使是性格外向的人,也是如此。社交活动尤为困难,因为你需要依靠自己的能力来给他人留下好印象。但是,你也不要因为自己没有附加的资源预留协议,就让非常好的事业机会偷偷溜走。抬头挺胸去参加下一个社交活动,在口袋中装上一沓商务名片。下面市一些让你享受独自坐飞机完成一些社交活动的方法。1. Don’t Put Baby in a Corner1.不要躲在角落里If you’re anxious, you might feel a bit like a caged animal when you hit the crowd. Instead of hiding in the corner, put yourself where the animals like to congregate: by the food or drink. Most networking events have some kind of offering of one or the other, if not both (and you should get your money’s worth, after all). When you put yourself near the vittles, you can create a title for yourself: Expert. Offer advice on what tastes good to those approaching the watering hole, and then swoop in with an easy introduction and handshake. BOOM, you’re networking.如果你感到焦虑,当你在人群中的时候,你会感觉有点像被困在笼子里的小动物。不要躲在角落里面,要让自己像其他动物一样聚在一起:吃东西,饮酒。大多数社交活动,一般是以邀请的一种形式或者其他形式参加,如果都不是的话(毕竟你需要让你花的钱有价值。)当你站在食物旁边的时候,你可以给自己一个封号:专家。给酒吧附近位置的美食提一些建议,然后吃一些东西,并简单介绍一下自己,与他们握手。喔噢,你正在进行社交哦!2. Talk to the People You Know: The Organizers2.与你认识的人交谈:组织者You might have come alone, but you will always know (even just by name) the event organizers. Seek them out, and make sure to introduce yourself to them (and pass out the all-important business cards, too). That way, even if your gumption fails and they’re the only ones you speak with all night, you’ll at least have a few new contacts, and impressive ones, too!或许你是独自参加社交活动,但是你一般都会认识(甚至只是知道名字)活动组织者。找到组织者,确保向他们介绍你自己(给他们发所有重要的商务名片)。这样,即使你精疲力竭了,他们也是你整晚唯一需要交谈的朋友,至少你能够接触一些新的商业朋友,以及一些印象深刻的人。 /201607/452871After a long delay, the Sino-Thai high-speed railroad scheme looks set to shift into gear by year-end with Thailand funding all of the civil engineering work.在耽搁了很久以后,中泰高速铁路计划将在年底前开工,泰国将负责为所有的土木工程提供资金。;We came up with latest conclusion that the county will invest in all of the project#39;s construction,; said Kobsak Phutrakul, a vice minister at the PM#39;s Office.总理办公室的一位副部长表示:“我们做出最终的决定,就是国家将对铁路建设进行全额投资。”The Bangkok-Nakhon Ratchasima route would be developed in the first phase and its extension in the future. The railway project will feature dual 1.435-metre gauge tracks and span 837 kilometres in total.曼谷至呵叻段将于一期修建,其延长线将在未来完成。这项铁路工程的轨距将是1.435米,总长837公里。The Bangkok-Kaeng Khoi route will run about 250km and require about 170 billion-190 billion baht of investment. Under the agreement, Thailand would retain ownership rights for the entire project.曼谷至耿奎之间的铁路为250公里,大约需要1700—1900亿泰铢投资。按照此项协议,泰国将拥有全部项目的所有权。The Chinese side would be responsible for surveying the project#39;s proprietary and designing the project. The Thai side would be responsible for conducting environmental impact assessments, expropriating land and executing contracts.中方将负责进行项目的勘测和设计。而泰国方面将负责进行环境影响评估,征地和执行合同。The resource capital for the project would come from the government#39;s expense budget and domestic loans plus other sources such as China#39;s import-export bank.该项目的资金将来自政府的预算、国内的贷款以及中国的进出口等其他渠道。Other areas of co-operation are human resource development, technology transfer and training.其他领域的合作还有人力资源的开发、技术转让和培训。 /201609/464073襄阳市中医医院引产

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