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9V]hnq6Xe%%a!z7Z@q-nPDts0dHWzS*a~8fV1He had a beautiful car. It was a Cadillac. It was a 1993 Cadillac. It was a four-door Cadillac. It was light brown. It had a big engine. The big engine didn’t leak oil. The big engine didn’t leak water. He drove his car only five miles a day. He took good care of his car. He washed it every week. He washed it by himself. He washed it with dishwashing soap and water. He dried it with paper towels. He vacuumed inside the car every week. He vacuumed it with a small vacuum cleaner. The outside of his car was clean. The inside of his car was clean. He never ate anything inside his car. He never drank anything inside his car.tP6,a]~WREifMW-#JjL0QJdzvPmIzZi.H5n[Kwt+VNRZwz]]0_i~ 1376Mammoth Discovery A baby mammoth which died thousands of years ago has been revealed the first time. 精听建议:先完整地把一条新闻听一到三遍,争取掌握大意然后,一句一句精听,力争每句话都听明白遇到实在不懂的地方,再听写下面的文本材料中空缺部分里面要填的词都很简单,不过是一些值得注意的连读或者典型的美式发音哦,有些语速比较快试试看,你能不能全部写对?At just a few months old, she’s attracting an awful lot of interest. Lyuba, the baby mammoth is the ___(1)___ prehistoric animal ever found. She might just be a baby, experts reckoned she drowned at the tender age of three or four months, but she’s been around ___()___. It's thought she died 37,000 years ago. The discovery last year in Siberia's caused a huge amount of excitement scientists who hope she holds the key to building a genetic map of ___(3)___ . All her internal organs have been well preserved and using specialist equipment, they’ve been able to see right inside- heart, liver, veins and all. The president of the International Mammoth Committee, yes, there is one, knows this find is something special. “This Lyuba discovery is something unique that never happened bee. And a lot of specialists, a lot of scientists want to participate in this program, and would like to be more involved in this program.”___()___ , she’s guarded no worse than a royal and kept in a special container at sub-zero temperatures. It’s unlikely we'll be seeing mammoths like this walking around in the near future, but it could ___(5)___ some extinct animals being reproduced. Lyuba was named after the wife of a Russian hunter who made the discovery. But if you want to see her, you may have to pack those thermal thermals, she’s going on display in Salekhard in the Arctic Yamalo-Nenetsk region where she was found.WORDS IN THE NEWS1. mammoth : n-countA mammoth was an animal like an elephant, with very long tusks and long hair, that lived a long time ago but no longer exists.. tender : adj If you say that someone does something at a tender age, you mean that they do it when they are still young and have not had much experience.eg: He had become attracted to the game at the tender age of seven. 填空 :1. best-preserved . a while3. extinct animals. As a result5. lead to 67Voice 1: Today Spotlight is on plastic bags. Some people are trying to solve the problem of plastic bag waste. Their ideas are very creative. And, these ideas are easy any person to try.声音1:今天重点报道节目的主题就是塑料袋有些人正在试图解决塑料袋废物问题他们的想法极具创意而且,对任何人来说尝试这些想法都很容易Voice : There is a website that lists facts about plastic and paper bags. It is called myownbag.com. According to this website people use fourteen trillion plastic bags each year. It is true that many people like to use plastic bags. They do not weigh very much. They are strong. They can hold many things. Plastic bags can help make carrying your purchases easier.声音:有一家网站列出了与塑料和塑料袋有关的事实这个网站是myownbag.com根据这家网站提供的数据,人们每年使用的塑料袋数量达到兆的确,许多人喜欢用塑料袋因为塑料袋很轻,而且很结实塑料袋还能装很多东西塑料袋可以使携带东西这件事变得很容易Voice 1: But did you know it takes about one thousand years to break down one plastic bag? That is, it takes one thousand years plastic material to return to a natural substance.声音1:但是,你知道分解塑料袋需要00年的时间吗?也就是说,让塑料材料回归自然物质需要00年的时间Voice : That is why many people are concerned about plastic. Plastic bags do more than create waste. Creating plastic bags uses a lot of energy and oil.声音:所以许多人对塑料感到担心塑料袋不仅会产生废物生产塑料袋要用到大量的能源和石油译文属 69Great White Shark Jumps Onto Fishing Boat大白鲨跳上渔船An Australian fisherman was taken by surprise this week when a great white shark leapt out of the air and landed in his fishing boat in New South Wales. The shark knocked the fisherman to his feet and tore the skin off his arm. The 7-year-old fisherman quickly radioed help and was taken off his boat where the shark was still thrashing around. The boat was .5 metres long, and the shark was about .5 metres and weighed about 0 kilograms.一头从水中跃起并落在渔船上的大白鲨袭击了在新南威尔士州的澳大利亚渔民这头鲨鱼将渔民撞倒并撕下了他胳膊上的皮肤7岁的渔民很快就用无线电求助并被带离渔船,而大白鲨还在渔船上挣扎扭动渔船长.5米,鲨鱼长.5米,约重0千克译文属原创,,不得转载 58

Emily: Oh. It looks like Jack is going to make his annual speech.Joice: Couldnt he wait until were finished eating?Emily: Yeah. Im still hungry, but I guess it kind of rude to keep eating while he talking, huh?Joice: Can you even hear what he saying?Emily: No. He so far away I can hardly see him! Let keep eating!Joice: Can you turn the lazy Susan me? I want some more chicken.Emily: All that left is a leg. I gave the head to Tim!参考译文:艾蜜莉:噢看来杰克要发表年度演说了乔伊丝:他就不能等我们吃完饭吗?艾蜜莉:对啊我肚子还很饿,可是他边说我们边吃,好象有点不礼貌吧?乔伊丝:你听得到他在说什么吗?艾蜜莉:听不到离那么远,我都快看不到他了!我们就继续吃吧!乔伊丝:你能帮我转一下旋转餐台吗?我还要吃鸡肉艾蜜莉:只剩一根鸡腿我把鸡头夹给提姆了!重点词汇:annual (a.)  年度的,一年一次的A: I met Sue at last year annual Christmas party. 我是在去年度的耶诞派对上认识苏的B: Then youve known her a year now. 那你到现在已经认识她一年了lazy Susan  置于大桌上方便人取菜用的旋转餐台rude (a.)  卤莽的A: How rude! Stop talking with your mouth full! 真不礼貌!嘴里有东西别说话!B: Then you stop slurping your soup so loudly! 那你喝汤也别那么大声! 139593

B. Keywords. traffic situation, accident, fire, burst water main, sewer-reconstruction, roadworks.Vocabulary. tail-back, snarled up, congestion, water main, wellington, sewer.Below are five symbols representing the reasons different traffic delays and a map of Central Manchester.Listen to a bulletin of traffic inmation Central Manchester and put the number of each symbol at the appropriate place on the map.And now over to Nick with the latest update on the traffic situation.Thanks Andy. Well, there a bit of a headache drivers coming into the city center this morning.First of all, a serious accident has completely blocked the A6, Chapel Street in Sald, between Bridge Street and Blackfriar Street.There are aly long tail-backs of traffic there and the police say the road wont be open again another hour or so.Drivers should use Liverpool Road to come into the city center from the Sald Area.Once again, that an accident blocking the A6, Chapel Street, between Bridge Street and Blackfriars Street, in Sald.Another emergency, this time in John Dalton Street in the center of the town, er, where a fire has meant the closing of the road and has also led to restricted access to Albert Square and the southern end of Crossing Street, down there near the Town Hall.Avoid that area if you possibly can. It looks like things are pretty snarled up there.John Dalton Street, at the junction with Crossing Street and Albert Square, there is a fire, causing serious congestion and delays of course.Er, meanwhile in Cannon Street, things are pretty wet outside the Cathedral, because... Yes, Youve guessed it, there a burst water main.The Water Authority gentlemen are all out there in their wellingtons, but the road is, in fact, closed to traffic.That Cannon Street closed between Deansgate and Corporation Street, due to a burst water main.And whilst were talking about pipes under the ground, just a reminder that the sewer reconstruction work is still going on in Great Ancoats Street, in Ancoats, with traffic being diverted into Henry Street on the east side of Great Ancoats Street, between Oldham Road and Ancoats.And finally, there are roadworks starting today in Mosley Street, in the city center, between Princess Street and Piccadilly Gardens.This section of Mosley Street will be reduced to single lane traffic controlled by temporary traffic lights and delays are expected.The work is due to last at least a tnight, so try to avoid Mosley Street, if youre in a hurry and especially at peak times.Well, not a very happy picture on the roads in Central Manchester this morning, I am afraid.British Rail report no problem on the trains this morning, however, and things are running smoothly down at the airport, too.Well have another update on the road situation after news at nine. Meanwhile, back to Andy.Thanks very much, Nick. 86

Voice : In Akunyili native country of Nigeria, local people call her Doctor Dora. She is the Director General of Nigeria National Agency Drug and Food Administration — or NAFDAC. She took this job in 01. And she was shocked at her findings. At that time there were no effective rules food and drugs in Nigeria. This permitted all the false drugs to get on to the market. Akunyili and her team discovered that almost seventy percent of drugs in Nigerian markets were fake or counterfeit. These drugs contained little or nothing that could cure a person. Or some of the drugs had passed their use by date. Drug suppliers simply put new, wrong, dates on them. Nigeria hospitals contained fake equipment. Doctors were trying to re-start hearts, without knowing they were using false drugs! Counterfeit and fake drugs have led to tens of thousands of deaths in Nigeria.声音:在阿库尼丽的祖国尼日利亚,当地人称她为朵拉医生她是尼日利亚国家药品和食品(简称NAFDAC)局长她于01年开始担任这个职位她对她的发现感到震惊那时,尼日利亚的食品和药品没有有效的规定这使所有假药都能进入市场阿库尼丽和她的团队发现,尼日利亚市场上的药物有近70%都是假药或仿冒品这些药中能治疗人疾病的成分很少甚至是没有有些药甚至还过了“使用期”药品供应商在包装上标明的是新的、错误的日期尼日利亚医院还有假的医疗设备以前医生在试图帮助病人恢复心跳时,并不知道他们使用的是假药!假药造成尼日利亚数万人死亡译文属 87

1 Sean Connery1 肖恩·康纳利“My name is Bond — James Bond,” Sean Connery inmed the world’s movie-goers in 196. In seven Bond films over a span of years, the tall, dark Scot come to embody the suave secret agent whose code name was known around the globe: 0.196年肖恩·康纳利向全球的影迷宣布:“我叫邦德——詹姆斯·邦德”在1年间所拍摄的七部邦德影片中,这位高大、黝黑的苏格兰人表现出的温文尔雅的特工形象,使全世界对他的代号都耳熟能详:0But it didn’t go very smooth to be a successful star. The exception was Robert Henderson, a 7-year-old Yank who was directing South Pacific. One day, Henderson had a long talk with the muscle man whose determination seemed irrepressible. Connery told Henderson he hoped to become a professional soccer player.然而要成为成功的明星并非易事多亏了罗伯特·亨德森,一位正执导《南太平洋的7岁的美国人一天,亨德森与健壮的康纳利进行了促膝长谈,康纳利似乎已打定主意他告诉亨德森他想当职业足球运动员“Well look,” said Henderson. “With soccer, at or 30. It all over. Then what do you do? Wouldnt you rather be an actor?” “How?” said Connery, “I left school at .”“那么想一想亨德森说:“踢完球,到岁或30岁,就完了然后你怎么办?你愿不愿意当演员?”“怎么当?”康纳利问道,“我岁就辍学了”Henderson nodded. “You’ve practically no education. But you have an imagination and a mind. I will give you a list of ten books that you should .”亨德森点点头“你是几乎没受过教育可你有想象力,有头脑我可以列给你十本书的名单,你读一读”The “ten” books that Henderson had mentioned were more like 0, including the complete works of Shakespeare, Thomas Wolfe and Oscar Wilde. But Connery tackled them — every day, applying all the energy and tenacity he got from his parents. He would go to the library in the morning and stay till certain time.与其说亨德森提及的是“十”本书,不如说是二百本,其中包括莎士比亚、托马斯·乌尔夫和奥斯卡·王尔德的全集但康纳利啃下了它们——秉承着父母坚忍不拔的精神,他每天埋头读书一大早就去图书馆一直待到夜晚In 1957,B produced Rod Serling’s play Requiem a heavy-weight. The down-and-out prize-fighter, Mountain McClintock, was played by a young actor who had boxed in the Royal Navy. His name — Sean Connery.1957年,英国广播公司制作了罗德·赛林的剧目 《重量级拳击手的弥撒片中那位一敗涂地的职业拳击手蒙顿·麦克林托克,由一名曾在皇家海军打过拳的年轻演员饰演他叫——肖恩·康纳利By then Connery had appeared in five gettable films - but in one of them, he caught the eye of Walt Disney, who brought him to the ed States in 1958. Disney cast him as Michael McBride, the love interest in a story about leprechauns called Darby O’Gil and the Little People. In the film’s climax, McBride has a rousing fistfight with the village bully.那时候,康纳利已出演过五部不起眼儿的影片—— 但在其中一部中,他引起了沃尔特·迪斯尼的注意, 1958年迪斯尼把他带到了美国迪斯尼叫他扮演麦克尔·麦布赖德,一个在名为《达比·奥吉尔与小人国 的深受欢迎的矮妖精故事中的角色影片的高潮中,麦布赖德与村里的暴徒展开了惊心动魄的拳斗Among those who took note of Connery’s screen presence in Darby was producer Harry Saltzman who, with co-producer Albert, was casting a film of their own based on Dr. No, the 1985 novel by Lan Fleming.康纳利在《达比一片中的表现受到包括制片人亨利·索斯曼的注意,当时他正与合作制作人阿尔伯特拍一部由1958年伊恩·福莱明著的小说改编的影片《否士Connery was called to the producers’ London office an interview. “We watched him bound across the street like Superman,” said Saltzman later. “We knew we had our Bond.”康纳利被招到制片人的伦敦办事处去面试“我们看到他如同超人一般跃过街道,”索斯曼后来说,“我们知道他就是我们要的邦德” 61

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