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Good morning. Today, Laura and I are in Latin America, where we are visiting five countries: Brazil, Uruguay, Colombia, Guatemala, and Mexico. These countries are part of a region that has made great strides toward freedom and prosperity in the past three decades. They have raised up new democracies. And they have undertaken fiscal policies that have brought stability to their economies. Yet despite the progress we have seen, many citizens in our hemisphere remain trapped in poverty and shut off from the promise of this new century. Nearly one out of every four people in Latin America lives on less than a day. Many children never finish grade school. Many mothers never see a doctor. The fact is that tens of millions of our brothers and sisters to the South have yet to see improvements in their daily lives. And this has led some to question the value of democracy. Our Nation has a vital interest in helping the young democracies in our neighborhood succeed. When our neighbors prosper, they create more vibrant markets for our goods and services. When our neighbors have a hopeful future in their own countries, they can find work at home and are less likely to migrate to our country illegally. And when our neighbors feel the blessings of liberty in their daily lives, the appeal of radicalism declines, and our hemisphere becomes more secure. The ed States is doing its part to help our neighbors in Latin America build a better life for themselves and their families. We are helping these young democracies make their governments more fair, effective, and transparent. We are supporting their efforts to meet the basic needs of their citizens -- like education, health care, and housing. And we are increasing opportunity for all by relieving debt, opening up trade, and encouraging reforms that will build market economies, where people can start from nothing and rise as far as their talents and hard work can take them. On Monday, I will meet a Guatemalan citizen who has experienced the power of open trade and free economies. His name is Mariano Can . Twenty years ago, he was an indigenous farmer whose land provided barely enough corn and beans to feed his family. No one in his family had ever been to college, and most of the people in his village never got past the sixth grade. And his own children's prospects for prosperity looked just as bleak. Mariano was determined to do better for his family. So he organized an association of small farmers called Labradores Mayas. He persuaded his fellow farmers to switch their crops to vegetables they could sell overseas -- high-value crops like lettuce, carrots, and celery. Soon they were selling to big companies like Wal-Mart Central America. Today, the business he helped establish is thriving, and it supports more than a thousand jobs. It also has supported something else: a college education for Mariano's son. Mariano is showing what the people of Latin America can accomplish when they are given a chance. We must help others like him gain the opportunity to build a better life for their families. The generosity of the American people is helping our neighbors in Latin America build free and vibrant economies. By doing so, we will increase living standards for all our citizens, strengthen democracy in our hemisphere, and advance the cause of peace. Thank you for listening. 200705/13230+%EooPg._t^zS3.MTqC+.PgzeoJw|You have summoned me to the highest mission within the gift of any people. I could not be more proud. Better men than I were at hand for this mighty task, and I owe to you and to them every resource of mind and of strength that I possess to make your deed today a good one for our country and for our Party. I am confident too, that your selection for -- of a candidate for Vice President will strengthen me and our Party immeasurably in the hard, the implacable work that lies ahead of all of us.I know you join me in gratitude and in respect for the great Democrats and the leaders of our generation whose names you have considered here in this convention, whose vigor, whose character, whose devotion to the Republic we love so well have won the respect of countless Americans and have enriched our Party. I shall need them; we shall need them, because I have not changed in any respect since yesterday.mrjByGg44G-Z.eq.0BzWqLT3WTCHNy,k[BTL201201/169256

President Bush Welcomes 2008 NCAA Sports Champions to the White HouseTHE PRESIDENT: Thank you all. Please be seated. Welcome to the White House. Champions day here on the South Lawn. We appreciate you coming. We appreciate the fact that as champions you have set goals and you have worked hard to achieve those goals.I appreciate very much the fact that you brought your coaches with you, and people at your universities who support you. I'm proud to welcome the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, his wife Molly, and daughter Ella. He is here because he is a graduate of Northwestern University. Of course, you're probably here to cheer all the teams, right? Yes. I want to welcome other members of the administration, school officials, families, and fans. First team I want to honor is the team for which we have called upon this weather: the University of Alaska Fairbanks rifle team. (Laughter and applause.) The Nanooks are with us today. You won your 10th national championship and your third in a row. I want to welcome coach Dan Jordan and the folks from Fairbanks -- University of Alaska Fairbanks. I asked the captain, Who did you beat to get here? And he said, Army. (Laughter.) The folks at West Point need to practice. (Laughter.) These guys make good competition to you. Congratulations. Welcome. And we are glad you're here.A lot of teams from the state of Arizona have joined us. (Applause.) We put this weather on just for you. (Laughter.) The University of Arizona men's and women's swimming and diving teams are here. In March, the women defeated Auburn to win the national championship, and one week later, the men handily beat the University of Texas. We welcome you here. This is the first national championship for either team. And I got the feeling, having talked to some of the athletes, this will not be the last time you'll be at the White House, even though it will be my last time here at the White House. (Laughter.) Coach Frank Bush -- no relation -- and the mighty Arizona men and women's team, congratulations, and we welcome you. (Applause.)The Arizona State University men's and women's indoor track and field team have joined us today. (Applause.) There you are. The Sun Devil men and women both took home indoor track and field championships. This was the first indoor title for the men, and a repeat for the women. You have a great leader and coach, Greg Kraft, and we're glad to welcome you back. Congratulations and thanks. (Applause.)Arizona State softball team are with us today. (Applause.) Seems to be some support out there for women's softball. You're looking at a big women's softball supporter. You went 66-5, and 10-0 during the post-season to capture the Sun Devils' first NCAA Softball National Title. When Coach Clint Myers arrived three years ago, he promised that you would win a national title -- that's a pretty bold promise, Coach Myers -- and you've delivered. And you thanked him by dumping Gatorade all over him. (Laughter.) I hope you sent them the cleaning bill. The Florida State men's outdoor track and field team have joined us today, the mighty Seminoles. (Applause.) This is your third straight title. Coach Bob Braman told me that he -- last year, he said, We'll be back, Mr. President. I said, I'll be here, too. You're in the process of winning; you produced nine All-Americans. Congratulations on another great championship. (Applause.)The Northwestern University women's lacrosse team. (Applause.) They finished 21-1. I must tell you, I was slightly disappointed when I came in the White House room there and looked at the feet of those women. I was looking for flip-flops. (Laughter.) Coach Kathy -- Kelly Hiller led you to the fourth straight national title over Penn, and here is what she said: I'm not going to call ourselves a dynasty, but if you want to, I'm okay with it. (Laughter.) Welcome back, a dynasty. Congratulations, ladies. (Applause.)LSU -- (applause) -- women's outdoor track and field team. Straight out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. (Laughter.) It came down to the wire -- the very last event of the very last day was the 4x400, and you won. And now you are the national champs. We welcome Coach Dennis Shaver and the women from Louisiana State University. (Applause.)I'm proud to welcome back Coach John Murphy's Brown University women's rowing team. (Applause.) This is the second straight year that the women have been back. This is your sixth national championship in less than a decade. You are the most successful crew in NCAA women's rowing history. Congratulations, and welcome back to the White House. (Applause.)And finally, Fresno State men's baseball. (Applause.) So you talk about a team that refused to quit. This team lost 12 of the first 20 games of the season. I suspect some of you wrote you off, you know, like -- (laughter) -- eight and 12? These guys call themselves champs? You needed to win your conference tournament just to make the NCAA field of 64 teams. Six times in post-season you were only one game away from elimination. Every time you held on, and you became national champs. No wonder the ESPYs nominated you for the best upset of the year. I thank you for your willingness to never say die, your willingness to keep fighting. Steve Detwiler said this -- he played with an injury by the way -- he said, It's mind over matter. The pain is temporary. The pride is forever. And I suspect, Steve, a lot of athletes, whether they were on your team or on the teams represented here, can testify that pride is forever. This is a prideful moment for you. We are glad you're here at the White House. I thank you for being good champions on the field. I thank you for being champs off the field. I'm proud you're here at this grand house of the people. May God bless you, and may God continue to bless the ed States.200811/56046

n honor of one of the most tasty of American traditions, Thanksgiving, we are serving up five delicious White House s complete with all the fixin's. From grilling with the New Orleans Saints to constructing the more than 400-pound gingerb White House, these s are sure to tantalize your taste buds.201011/119257

  【Speech Video】The President delivers the commencement address at the ed States Military Academy.201005/104745


  We believe that America’s prosperity must rest upon the broad shoulders of a rising middle class. 我们相信美国的繁荣有赖于更多的人成为中产阶级,We know that America thrives when every person can find independence and pride in their work; when the wages of honest labor liberate families from the brink of hardship. 我们知道美国的振兴取决于每个人都能在工作中找到独立与自信,也取决于人们诚实的劳动让家庭脱离贫困。We are true to our creed when a little girl born into the bleakest poverty knows that she has the same chance to succeed as anybody else,当一个出身贫困的年轻女孩知道,她与任何人都享有同样的成功机会,because she is an American; she is free, and she is equal, not just in the eyes of God but also in our own. 身为美国人,她不仅仅是在上帝眼中,而且在每一个人的眼中,她都享有自由与平等,这样我们才算是遵守了立国的原则。We understand that outworn programs are inadequate to the needs of our time. 我们明白,目前那些陈旧的政府计划跟不上时代。So we must harness new ideas and technology to remake our government,我们必须驾驭新的思想和技术以重塑政府,revamp our tax code, reform our schools, and empower our citizens with the skills they need to work harder, learn more, reach higher. 更新税法,改革学校,并让公民能够掌握新技能,以便更加努力工作,学习更多的知识,以达到更高的目标。But while the means will change, our purpose endures: a nation that rewards the effort and determination of every single American. 我们的方法虽然会改变,但目的始终如一:建设一个奖励每个人的努力和决心的国家。That is what this moment requires. That is what will give real meaning to our creed. 这是当下所需要的。这是我们信念的真正意义所在。We, the people, still believe that every citizen deserves a basic measure of security and dignity. 我们,美国人,仍然相信,每位公民都应该得到基本的安全和尊严。We must make the hard choices to reduce the cost of health care and the size of our deficit. 我们必须作出降低我们的医保费用和赤字规模的艰难抉择。But we reject the belief that America must choose between caring for the generation that built this country and investing in the generation that will build its future.但是,我们拒绝接受这种看法,亦即美国必须在照顾建设了国家的那代人和投资于开创国家未来的那代人之间作出选择。For we remember the lessons of our past, when twilight years were spent in poverty and parents of a child with a disability had nowhere to turn.我们记得过去的教训:老人的暮年在贫困中度过,残疾孩子的父母走投无路。 We do not believe that in this country freedom is reserved for the lucky, or happiness for the few. 我们不相信,在这个国家里自由只属于幸运者,幸福只属于少数人。We recognize that no matter how responsibly we live our lives, any one of us at any time may face a job loss, or a sudden illness, or a home swept away in a terrible storm. 我们知道,无论我们平日如何负责,我们当中任何人,在任何时候,都有可能面临失业、突然生病或者房子被风暴卷走的情况。The commitments we make to each other through Medicare and Medicaid and Social Security, these things do not sap our initiative, they strengthen us. 我们通过联邦医疗保险、医疗补助计划以及社会安全保障为彼此作出的承诺,不仅不会挫伤我们的积极性,反而使我们更加强壮。04/438463

  Fellow-Citizens of the ed States:in compliance with a custom as old as the Government itself,按照一个和我们的政府一样古老的习惯,I appear before you to address you briefly and to take in your presence the oath prescribed我现在来到诸位的面前,简单地讲几句话,并在你们的面前,by the Constitution of the ed States to be taken by the President ;before he enters on the execution of this office.;遵照合众国宪法规定一个总统在他“到职视事之前”必须宣誓的仪式,在大家面前宣誓。I do not consider it necessary at present for me to discuss those matters of administration about which there is no special anxiety or excitement.我认为没有必要在这里来讨论并不特别令人忧虑和不安的行政方面的问题。Apprehension seems to exist among the people of the Southern States that by the accession of a Republican Administration在南方各州人民中似乎存在着一种恐惧心理。他们认为,随着共和党政府的执政,their property and their peace and personal security are to be endangered.他们的财产,他们的和平生活和人身安全都将遭到危险。There has never been any reasonable cause for such apprehension.这种恐惧是从来没有任何事实根据的。Indeed, the most ample evidence to the contrary has all the while existed and been open to their inspection.说实在的,大量相反的据倒是一直存在,并随时可以供他们检查的。It is found in nearly all the published speeches of him who now addresses you.那种据几乎在现在对你们讲话的这个人公开发表的每一篇演说中都能找到。I do but e from one of those speeches when I declare that I have no purpose, directly or indirectly,这里我只想引用其中的一篇,在那篇演说中我曾说,“我完全无意,to interfere with the institution of slavery in the States where it exists.对已经存在奴隶制的各州的这一制度,进行直接或间接的干涉。I believe I have no lawful right to do so, and I have no inclination to do so.我深信我根本没有合法权利那样做,而且我无此意图。Those who nominated and elected me did so with full knowledge that I had made this and many similar declarations and had never recanted them;”那些提名我并选举我的人都完全知道,我曾明确这么讲过,并且还讲过许多类似的话,而且从来也没有收回过我已讲过的这些话。and more than this, they placed in the platform for my acceptance, and as a law to themselves and to me, the clear and emphatic resolution which I now :不仅如此,他们还在纲领中,写进了对他们和对我来说,都具有法律效力的一项清楚明白、不容含糊的决议让我接受,这里我来对大家谈谈这一决议:Resolved, That the maintenance inviolate of the rights of the States, and especially the right of each State to order and control its own domestic institutions决议,保持各州的各种权利不受侵犯,特别是各州完全凭自己的决断来安排和控制本州内部各种制度的权利不受侵犯,according to its own judgment exclusively, is essential to that balance of power on which the perfection and endurance of our political fabric depend;乃是我们的政治结构赖以完善和得以持久的权力均衡的至为重要的因素;and we denounce the lawless invasion by armed force of the soil of any State or Territory, no matter what pretext, as among the gravest of crimes.我们谴责使用武装力量非法入侵任何一个州或准州的土地,这种入侵不论使用什么借口,都是最严重的罪行。”I now reiterate these sentiments, and in doing so I only press upon the public attention the most conclusive evidence of which the case is susceptible that the property, peace,我现在重申这些观点:而在这样做的时候,我只想提请公众注意,最能对这一点提出确切据的那就是全国任何一个地方的财产、and security of no section are to be in any wise endangered by the now incoming Administration.和平生活和人身安全决不会在任何情况下,由于即将上任的政府而遭到危险。I add, too, that all the protection which, consistently with the Constitution and the laws, can be given will be cheerfully given to all the States when lawfully demanded,这里我还要补充说,各州只要符合宪法和法律规定,合法地提出保护要求,政府便一定会乐于给予保护,for whatever cause—as cheerfully to one section as to another.不管是出于什么原因一一而且对任何一个地方都一视同仁。There is much controversy about the delivering up of fugitives from service or labor.有一个争论得很多的问题是,关于逃避务或引渡从劳役中逃走的人的问题。The clause I now is as plainly written in the Constitution as any other of its provisions:我现在要宣读的条文,也和任何有关其它问题的条款一样,明明白白写在宪法之中:No person held to service or labor in one State, under the laws thereof, escaping into another,“凡根据一个州的法律应在该州于务或从事劳役的人,如逃到另一州,shall in consequence of any law or regulation therein be discharged from such service or labor,一律不得按照这一州的法律或条例,使其解除该项务或劳役,02/433909演讲文本U.S. President's radio address (October 9,2004) US President George W. Bush THE PRESIDENT: Good morning. As your President, I have led this country with principle and resolve. We have confronted historic challenges and built a broad record of accomplishment. I have proposed and delivered four rounds of tax relief, and our economy is creating jobs again. We have added over 1.9 million jobs in the past 13 months, more than Germany, Japan, Great Britain, Canada and France combined. The unemployment rate is 5.4 percent, lower than the average rate of the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. Thanks to our education reforms, math and ing scores are increasing in public schools. We have strengthened Medicare to help low-income seniors save money on their medicine. And soon every senior will have the option of prescription drug coverage. We have more to do. We will transform our systems of government to fit a changing world and to help more people realize the American Dream. We will expand health savings accounts and improve Social Security to allow younger workers to own a piece of their retirement. Because education is vital to our prosperity, we will raise expectations in public schools and invest in community colleges. And to make sure America is the best place in the world to do business and create jobs, we will cut regulations, end junk lawsuits, pass a sound energy policy and make tax relief permanent. Senator Kerry takes a very different approach to our economy. He was named the most liberal member of the ed States Senate, and that's a title he has earned. Over the past 20 years, Senator Kerry has voted to raise taxes 98 times. He opposed all our tax relief, and voted instead to squeeze an extra ,000 in taxes from the average middle class family. Now he's running on an agenda of higher taxes and higher spending and more government control over American life. My opponent wants to empower government. I want to use government to empower people. Since September the 11th, 2001, I have led a global campaign to protect the American people and bring our enemies to account. We have tripled spending on homeland security and passed the Patriot Act to help law enforcement and intelligence stop terrorists inside the ed States. We removed terror regimes in Afghanistan and Iraq, and now both nations are on the path to democracy. We shut down a black-market supplier of deadly weapons technology, and convinced Libya to give up its weapons of mass destruction programs. And more than three-quarters of al Qaeda's key members and associates have been detained or killed. In the middle of a war, Senator Kerry is proposing policies and doctrines that would weaken America and make the world more dangerous. He's proposed the Kerry doctrine, which would paralyze America by subjecting our national security decisions to a global test. He supports the International Criminal Court, where unaccountable foreign prosecutors could put American troops on trial in front of foreign judges. And after voting to send our troops into combat in Afghanistan and Iraq, he voted against the body armor and bullets they need to win. For all of Senator Kerry's shifting positions on Iraq, one thing is clear: If my opponent had his way, Saddam Hussein would be sitting in a palace today, not a prison, and Iraq would still be a danger to America. As chief weapons inspector Charles Duelfer testified this week, "Most senior members of the Saddam Hussein regime and scientists assumed that the programs would begin in earnest when sanctions ended, and sanctions were eroding." Instead, because our coalition acted, Iraq is free, America is safer, and the world will be more peaceful for our children and our grandchildren. I will keep this nation on the offensive against terrorists, with the goal of total victory. I will keep our economy moving, so every worker has a good job, quality health care and a secure retirement. Thank you for listening. 200603/5018

  FATHER’S DAY 2008June 15, 2008 | Apostolic Church of God | Chicago, IllinoisGood morning. It’s good to be home on this Father’s Day with my girls, and it’s an honor to spend some time with all of you today in the house of our Lord .At the end of the Sermon on the Mount , Jesus closes by saying, “Whoever hears these words of mine, and does them, shall be likened to a wise man who built his house upon a rock: and the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house, and it fell not, for it was founded upon a rock.” [Matthew 7:24–25]Here at Apostolic , you are blessed to worship in a house that has been founded on the rock of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior . But it is also built on another rock, another foundation—and that rock is Bishop Arthur Brazier.In fortyeight years, he has built this congregation from just a few hundred to more than twenty thousand strong—a congregation that, because of his leadership, has braved the fierce winds and heavy rains of violence and poverty; joblessness and hopelessness. Because of his work and his ministry , there are more graduates and fewer gang members in the neighborhoods surrounding this church. There are more homes and fewer homeless. There is more community and less chaos because Bishop Brazier continued the march for justice that he began by Dr. King’s side all those years ago. He is the reason this house has stood tall for half a century. And on this Father’s Day, it must make him proud to know that the man now charged with keeping its foundation strong is his son and your new pastor, Reverend Byron Brazier . Of all the rocks upon which we build our lives, we are reminded today that family is the most important. And we are called to recognize and honor how critical every father is to that foundation . They are teachers and coaches . They are mentors and role models. They are examples of success and the men who constantly push us toward it.But if we are honest with ourselves, we’ll admit that what too many fathers also are is missing—missing from too many lives and too many homes. They have abandoned their responsibilities, acting like boys instead of men . And the foundations of our families are weaker because of it.You and I know how true this is in the African-American community. We know that more than half of all black children live in single-parent households , a number that has doubled—doubled—since we were children. We know the statistics—that children who grow up without a father are five times more likely to live in poverty and commit crime; nine times more likely to drop out of schools; and twenty times more likely to end up in prison. They are more likely to have behavioral problems, or run away from home, or become teenage parents themselves. And the foundations of our community are weaker because of it.How many times in the last year has this city lost a child at the hands of another child? How many times have our hearts stopped in the middle of the night with the sound of a gunshot or a siren? How many teenagers have we seen hanging around on street corners when they should be sitting in a classroom? How many are sitting in prison when they should be working, or at least looking for a job? How many in this generation are we willing to lose to poverty or violence or addiction ? How many?08/81862The President lays out his plans to address rising gas prices over the short and the long term, from a new task force to root out fraud and manipulation in the oil markets to investments in a clean energy economy.Download Video: mp4 (145MB) | mp3 (4MB) 201105/135911

  President Bush Participates in Briefing at Emergency Operations CenterTHE PRESIDENT: I'm going to make a quick statement. Then I want to come around and say thank you in person to you.First of all, Governor, thanks for having me down here. Phase one of the response to Gustav went very well. A lot of it had to do with the people in this room. We're much better coordinated this time than we were with Katrina. State government, the local government, and the federal government were able to work effectively together.There is still more work to be done. One of the key things that needs to happen is they got to get electricity up here in Louisiana, get moving as fast as possible. The Governor understands it's a problem, his team understands it's a problem, and I understand it's a problem.There's a lot of folks from this state that are working hard to re-string the lines. There are people from out of state coming into Louisiana to help, as well, and, of course, all the citizens of this state want to thank the people from other states that are moving in here to help get the electricity up as soon as possible. And I would ask that if utilities in neighboring states have extra manpower, please coordinate with the state and send the folks in. Part of this recovery is going to require the electricity coming back as quickly as possible.We talked about the need to make sure that in parts of Louisiana that are getting flooded now, rural Louisiana, that MREs and water and ice get delivered to those communities as quickly as possible.As a governor of a neighboring state, I remember often how people would say, all they care about is the big cities. And I understand there's a lot of focus on New Orleans, and there should be focus on New Orleans. But in the briefings today, it is clear that this state is focused, as well, as on people who live in rural Louisiana and in the smaller towns of Louisiana. And so the efforts will be aimed at helping people there.Bobby talked about the need for -- to release energy or oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. Last night we got a request from a company doing business here in Louisiana and we met that request. And if -- so oil was released from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. And we will continue to do that upon requests by companies.All in all, the response has been excellent. But the people here understand that there is more work to be done. And that's why I came down here with members of the federal government to listen and to figure out how to help.I can't thank you all enough for working as hard as you are. Looking around, I can see that some people may not have had much sleep recently. (Laughter.) The people of your state care a lot about the fact that you are working as hard as you are. And if this helps you keep going, I want to thank you, and I want to thank all the volunteers and the faith-based community that always rises up in a challenge like this. They listen to that universal call to love a neighbor like you'd like to be loved yourself. And that's happening here in Louisiana again. And I know the people that are -- whose lives have been affected appreciate a total stranger coming in to help.And finally, the people in Louisiana must know that all across our country there's a lot of prayer -- prayer for those whose lives have been turned upside down. And I'm one of them. It's good to come down here. Governor, I can't thank you enough for your leadership and your team's leadership, and we stand y to help.And now I'm going to come around and thank every one of you for working. God bless. (Applause.)200809/47393

  [Nextpage视频演讲]President Obama and President Lee Myung-bak of South Korea speak to the media after meeting at the G20 Summit in Toronto, Canada where they jointly denounce the North Korean torpedo attack on a South Korean ship and express support for a free trade agreement.Download Video: mp4 (146MB) | mp3 (14MB)[Nextpage演讲文本] PRESIDENT OBAMA: Well, I just had an excellent discussion with President Lee and his team. Obviously we are marking the 60th anniversary of the Korean War and the extraordinary friendship and alliance between our two countries. And when I last visited the Republic of Korea, President Lee shared with me a wonderful story of what the American presence had meant to him as he was growing up, and it was a reminder and a testament I think of the importance of the relationship and the alliance between our two countries. I expressed to President Lee once again the condolences of all Americans for the tragic Cheonan incident, and indicated to him that we stand foursquare behind him. He has handled this issue with great judgment and restraint. He rightly is insisting on North Korea being held -- held to account for its actions in the ed States Security Council. We are fully supportive of that effort. We think it is the right thing to do. There have to be consequences for such irresponsible behavior on the international stage. We also reaffirmed the importance of our military alliance. One of the topics that we discussed is that we have arrived at an agreement that the transition of operational control for alliance activities in the Korean Peninsula will take place in 2015. This gives us appropriate time to -- within the existing security context -- to do this right, because this alliance is the lynchpin of not only security for the Republic of Korea and the ed States but also for the Pacific as a whole. And South Korea is one of our closest friends -- we want to make sure that we execute what’s called the opcon transition in an effective way. One of the other points that we discussed extensively was the issue of commercial and trade ties between our two countries. There has been a lengthy negotiation to arrive at a free trade agreement. The last time I was in Korea, I said that I would be committed to moving this forward. And today I indicated to President Lee that it is time that our ed States Trade Representative work very closely with his counterpart from the ROK to make sure that we set a path, a road, so that I can present this FTA to Congress. We are going to do it in a methodical fashion. I want to make sure that everything is lined up properly by the time that I visit Korea in November. And then in the few months that follow that, I intend to present it to Congress. It is the right thing to do for our country. It is the right thing to do for Korea. It will strengthen our commercial ties and create enormous potential economic benefits and create jobs here in the ed States, which is my number one priority. So both on the security front and on the economic front, our friendship and alliance continues to grow. My personal friendship with President Lee and my admiration for him continues to grow. And I’m looking forward to working diligently with him and I’m looking forward to an opportunity to visit Korea once again because I had a wonderful time the last time we were there. PRESIDENT LEE: (As translated.) Thank you, first of all. Today during my talks with President Obama I recalled how we are commemorating the 60th anniversary of the outbreak of the Korean War, and I thought it was a very good opportunity for me to thank Mr. President, as well as the people of the ed States and its government, for the sacrifice and dedication and commitment given to the people of Korea 60 years ago. Because of your sacrifice by the American people and by the men and women in uniform, Korea today enjoys the freedom, prosperity, and the peace that we enjoy today. And I thanked President Obama for that. And I also thanked the ed States Congress for adopting a joint resolution commemorating the 60th anniversary of the Korean War. And I also thanked President Obama for his firm and unflagging support given to my people and my government following the sinking of our Navy vessel, the Cheonan. And as President Obama just explained, he and I agreed on the timing of the transfer of the wartime operational control. We also talked in detail about the follow-up activities to the Cheonan incident, and also we agreed on the adoption of the Korea-U.S. free trade agreement, as well. And as you know, considering the evolving security environment of the region, as well as the world, and also in order to strengthen ROK-U.S. alliance, we made a formal request to President Obama and to the U.S. administration for the adjustment of the transfer of the timing of the wartime operational control. And I would like to thank President Obama for accepting this proposal, and we agreed to transfer this in the latter half of 2015 -- by late 2015. And also President Obama and I talked about what to do following the Cheonan incident, and we talked in detail about the months ahead. And we talked -- first of all, we agreed that Korea and the ed States, that we will do all that we can to deter any acts of North Korean aggression leveled against us and that we will react swiftly and strongly so that this will not happen again. And also we are working very closely at the ed Nations Security Council in order to bring about a statement, and a strongly worded statement, condemning North Korea. And we also agreed on the follow-up activities that we would be jointly taking between Korea and the ed States. And also with regards to the Korea-U.S. free trade agreement, as President Obama talked about, when he was visiting Korea last November he also assured of his firm, continued commitment towards realizing this very important agreement. He and I agreed that we will continue to work closely together so that we can talk about the specific ways to move this forward. And we very much welcome and thank President Obama for proposing a date for us to look forward to, and we will work towards that date and that objective in the weeks and months ahead. And again, I thank President for this very constructive proposal. And also, President Obama and I agreed that we will of course work together in order to condemn North Korea at the ed Nations, but also at the same time, we will work towards this very important global objective and that is to stop nuclear weapons proliferation. And having said that, the issue of Iran is a very, very important matter for Korea as well. I assured President Obama that Korea will continue to support his goals when it comes to Iran and that Korea will be a firm supporter and also take constructive part and contribute in the application of the sanctioning measures against Iran. Well, President Obama, ladies and gentlemen, it was a very constructive meeting today that I had, a very useful dialogue with President Obama, as always. It was a chance for me and everyone here to reaffirm once again what a close ally and partner and friends we are between Korea and the ed States. And thank you, President Obama, because not only as heads of state but as personal friends, I will continue to work towards strengthening this partnership, this friendship, that is so valuable to all of us. PRESIDENT OBAMA: Thank you. I realize that I didn’t give my excellent translator a chance to translate my excellent remarks. (Laughter.) So she’s just going to summarize them very quickly. PRESIDENT OBAMA: See, the reason I forgot to have the translation is because President Lee, he actually knows English perfectly but he -- (laughter.) So I always know that he knows what I’m saying before the translator does.201006/107078。

  Remarks by President Obama and Commerce Secretary Nominee Gary LockeTHE WHITE HOUSEOffice of the Press Secretary___________________________For Immediate Release February 25, 11:08 A.M. ESTTHE PRESIDENT: Good morning, everybody. Last night, I outlined my vision for our common future -- one in which we accept the responsibility to act boldly and wisely to confront the extraordinary challenges of our times, put people back to work doing the work America needs done, and lay a new foundation for America's growth and prosperity.Today, I'm pleased to announce that I'm filling out my economic team with a man who shares that vision, and who will play a key role in carrying it out as my Secretary of Commerce: Governor Gary Locke.Now, I'm sure it's not lost on anyone that we've tried this a couple of times, but I'm a big believer in keeping at something until you get it right. And Gary is the right man for this job.Sometimes the American story can be told in the span of a single mile. More than 100 years ago, Gary's grandfather left China on a steamship bound for America. He had no family here. He spoke no English. He found work as a servant, and purpose in a dream. He raised a son -- Gary's father -- who would go on to fight in World War II, return home and open a grocery store, and later raise a family of his own.Gary didn't learn English until he was five, but he earned the rank of Eagle Scout, worked his way through Yale University with the help of scholarships and student loans, and got a law degree. He returned to Washington state and served as a prosecutor, a state representative, chief executive of one of the most populous counties in the ed States, and finally as governor -- in the State Capitol building not one mile from the home where his grandfather worked as a servant all those years ago.So Gary knows the American Dream. He's lived it. And that's why he shares my commitment to do whatever it takes to keep it alive in our time.Because somewhere in America, another small business owner is hard at work on the next big idea and dreaming big dreams for his grandchild. A scientist is on the cusp of the next breakthrough discovery. An entrepreneur is sketching designs for the startup that will revolutionize an industry. Our economic crisis has put these plans at risk, but it has not dimmed the dreams that inspired them.That's why we've put a recovery plan into action that will save or create 3.5 million jobs over the next two years. That's why the vast majority of these jobs -- 90 percent -- will be created in the private sector, because we know that business, not government, is the engine of growth in this country.It is entrepreneurship and industry that are the wellsprings of an economy that has been the greatest force of progress and prosperity in human history. It is America's workers and businesses that employ them that will determine our economic destiny. It is the task of the Department of Commerce to help create conditions in which our workers can prosper, our businesses can thrive, and our economy can grow.That's what Gary did in Washington state, convincing businesses to set up shop and create the jobs of the 21st century -- jobs in science and technology; agriculture and energy -- jobs that pay well and can't be shipped overseas. That's what he did by establishing favorable markets abroad where Washington state's businesses could sell their products. That's what he did by unleashing powerful partnerships between state and local governments, between labor and business -- all with an eye toward prosperity and progress for all those in his state who had dreams of their own.So Gary will be a trusted voice in my Cabinet, a tireless advocate for our economic competitiveness, and an influential ambassador for American industry who will help us do everything we can -- especially now -- to promote our industry around the world. I'm grateful he's agreed to leave one Washington for another. I'm looking forward to having him on my team as we continue the work of turning our economy around and bringing about a stronger, more prosperous future for all Americans.Ladies and gentlemen, I want to introduce to you an outstanding public servant, somebody I'm certain will be a great Secretary of Commerce, Gary Locke. (Applause.)03/63857

  The President blasts Republicans in the Senate who are blocking unemployment insurance and small business tax breaks to create jobs, even as they push for permanent, massive tax cuts for the richest Americans.Download mp4 (145MB) | mp3 (5MB)201007/109252

  mp4 下载 REMARKS BY THE PRESIDENTAFTER MEETING WITH ENERGY CEOSTHE PRESIDENT: Good afternoon, everybody. I just held a meeting with the CEOs of some of the most innovative energy companies in America to talk about growth and progress of a sector that represents a big piece of America's economic future. As our economy adapts to the challenges of a new century, new ways of producing and saving and distributing energy offer a unique opportunity to create millions of jobs for the American people.And obviously, this is a timely discussion, on a day of sobering news. The job figures released this morning show that we lost 467,000 jobs last month. And while the average loss of about 400,000 jobs per month this quarter is less devastating than the 700,000 per month that we lost in the previous quarter, and while there are continuing signs that the recession is slowing, obviously this is little comfort to all those Americans who've lost their jobs.We've taken some extraordinary measures to blunt the hard edges of the worst recession of our lifetime, and to offer assistance to those who've borne the brunt of this economic storm. But as I've said from the moment that I walked into the door of this White House, it took years for us to get into this mess, and it will take us more than a few months to turn it around.That's why the discussion that we had today is so important. It's men and women like these who will help lead us out of this recession and into a better future. My job -- and our job as a government -- is to do whatever we can to unleash the great, generative powers of the American economy by encouraging their efforts.And I'm absolutely confident that we can, at this period of difficulty, prove once again what this nation can achieve when challenged. And I'm confident that we're not only going to recover from this recession in the short term, but we're going to prosper in the long term. To do that, we have to act now to build a new foundation for lasting growth. And energy is one of the pillars of this new foundation, essential both to our recovery and our long-term prosperity.I'm pleased to say that we've achieved more in the past few months to create a new clean energy economy than we had achieved in many decades before. The recovery plan will double our country's supply of renewable energy, and is aly creating new clean energy jobs. Thanks to a remarkable partnership between automakers, autoworkers, environmental advocates, and states, we also set in motion a new national policy to increase gas mileage and decrease carbon pollution for all new cars and trucks sold in this country, which is going to save us 1.8 billion barrels of oil.And last Friday, the House of Representatives passed an extraordinary piece of legislation that would make renewable energy the profitable kind of energy in America. It will reduce our dependence on foreign oil. It will prevent the worst consequences of climate change. And above all, it holds the promise of millions of new jobs -- jobs, by the way, that can't be outsourced. The CEOs standing behind me know a lot about these kinds of companies. These are folks whose companies are helping to lead the transformation towards a clean energy future. Even as we face tough economic times, even as we continue to lose jobs, the CEOs here told me that they're looking to hire new people, in some cases to double or even triple in size over the next few years. They are making money and they are helping their customers save money on the energy front. So these companies are vivid examples of the kind of future we can create, but it's now up to the Senate to continue the work that was begun in the House to forge this more prosperous future. We're going to need to set aside the posturing and the politics -- and when we put aside the old ideological debates, then our choice is clear. It's a choice between slow decline and renewed prosperity. It's a choice between the past and the future. The American people I believe want us to make the right choice, and I'm confident that the Senate will. For at every juncture in our history, we've chosen to seize big opportunities -- rather than fear big challenges. We've chosen to take responsibility. We've chosen to honor the sacrifices of those who came before us -- and fulfill our obligations to generations to come. That's what we're going to do this time, as well.Thank you very much, everybody. 07/76470

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