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成都孕前检查染色体成都治疗卵巢囊肿费用多少The graying of the population could shrink the number of working-age adults by more than 10 percent in China by 2040, a report from the World Bank said on Wednesday.世界在周三的一则报告中称,人口的老龄化将会使中国在2040年时劳动力人口缩减至少10%。It means a net loss of 90 million workers in the country until that time, according to the report named ;Live Long and Prosper: Aging in East Asia and Pacific;.据世界的题为《福寿延年:东亚与太平洋地区的人口老龄化》的报告,它认为中国的劳动力到2040年将净损失9千万。;Developing middle-income countries in East Asia, such as China, are aly aging quickly and face some of the most pressing challenges in managing aging,; it said.“东亚的中等收入发展中国家,比如中国,人口老龄化在逐步加剧,并正在面临老龄化问题带来的最严重挑战。”报告称。East Asia, as the Word Bank#39;s research showed, is aging faster than any other region in history. Nearly 36 percent of the world#39;s population aged 65 and over, or 211 million people, live in this region, which is the largest share among all regions in the world.正如世界的报告显示,东亚地区的人口老龄化速度比史上其他地区要快。全世界65岁及以上的人口中有36%分布在东亚,人数达到2.11亿,在世界所有地区中占比最大。The bank warned that the rapid pace and sheer scale of aging in East Asia raises policy challenges, economic and fiscal pressure, as well as social risks. ;Without reforms, for example, pension spending in the region is projected to increase by eight to 10 percent of GDP by 2070.;世界警告说,东亚地区如此快的老龄化速度及其庞大的规模带来了政策的挑战、经济和财政压力,以及社会潜在威胁。“如果不改革,比如仅就养老金来说,到2070年该地区养老金出可能提高到占GDP的8%到10%。”Axel van Trotsenburg, regional vice-president of the World Bank#39;s East Asia and Pacific Region, said on Wednesday that ;East Asia Pacific has undergone the most dramatic demographic transition we have ever seen, and all developing countries in the region risk getting old before getting rich.;世界东亚太平洋地区区域副总裁阿克塞尔·冯·托森伯格在周三说,“在东亚太平洋地区我们亲历了最严重的人口巨变,本区域所有的发展中国家未老先衰。”He suggested a comprehensive policy approach across the life cycle to enhance labor-force participation and encourage healthy lifestyle through structural reforms in childcare, education, healthcare, pensions, long-term care and more.他建议通过对育儿、教育、医疗、养老金、长期保健等方面的结构性改革,制定覆盖整个生命周期的全面政策方案来提高劳动力的参与,激励形成健康的生活方式。The report also recommends a range of pressing reforms in China, including removing incentives in pension systems that have encouraged some workers, especially urban women, to retire too early.报告还推荐一系列的改革,包括取消养老金体系中的激励措施,比如曾鼓励一些工人,尤其是城市女性提早退休。Developing countries in the region can take steps to reform their existing pension schemes, including considering gradual increase in retirement age, it said.本区域中的发展中国家可以采取措施改革现有的养老金体系,包括考虑逐渐推迟退休年龄。 /201512/415325金牛区妇幼保健医院支持刷信用卡吗 A survey shows over 80% of college students are plagued by procrastination, requiring epic all-nighters to finish papers and prepare for tests.一项调查显示,超过八成的大学生被拖延症所困扰,这才有了大伙通宵达旦写论文或备考的壮观景象。Roughly 20% of adults report being chronic procrastinators. But Adam Grant writes in the NYT that most people think procrastination as a vice for productivity. But it#39;s actually a virtue for creativity.近两成的成人承认自己是慢性拖延症患者。但是亚当·格兰特在纽约时报上写道,大部分人认为拖延症是效率的大敌,但实际上它是创造力的表现。According to Grant our first ideas are usually our most conventional but when you procrastinate, you#39;re more likely to let your mind wander giving you a better chance of spotting unexpected patterns.根据格兰特所说的,我们的第一个想法通常是我们最习惯的那个想法。但当你有所拖延的时候,其实这更有可能会让你的思维活跃起来,这也会给你提供一个发现意外模式的机会。Experts say procrastination encourages divergent thinking.专家称,拖延激发了发散性思维。Even some monumental achievements are helped by procrastination. Grant says that according to those who knew him, Steve Jobs procrastinated constantly, Bill Clinton has been described as a ;chronic procrastinator; who waits until the last minute to revise his speeches.甚至一些名人的成就都是靠拖延的帮助才得以实现的。格兰特说,从那些了解乔布斯的人我们可以获知,乔布斯就是一个总是拖延的家伙。此外,比尔·克林顿是一个被形容为有;慢性拖延症;的人,直到最后一刻他才会修改他的演讲。Aaron Sorkin, the screenwriter, is known to put off writing until the last minute. He once said, ;You call it procrastination, I call it thinking.;此外,编剧艾伦·索金曾说过,;你认为是拖延,我认为是思考。;众所周知,他的剧本总是要拖到最后一刻才会动笔。 /201601/423159成都中医药大学第二附属医院妇科专家在线

成都宫腔镜Many people wonder what the secret to long-lasting love is. Whilst mutual trust, loyalty and a shared love of Game Of Thrones might spring to mind, scientists believe they#39;ve determined the formula to figuring out whether you#39;re well-suited to your partner - and it#39;s all down to how you behave together. A study published in the Journal of Family and Marriage has identified four types of relationship and revealed which type is most likely to get married.许多人都好奇爱情常青的秘密。我们心里最先想到的就是相互信任、忠诚和《权力的游戏》中的那种同心同德。科学家们相信他们已经确定了一种公式,这种公式能够搞清楚你和伴侣是否彼此合适——这完全取决于你们在一起时的行为。一项发表在《家庭与婚姻》杂志上的研究声称其确定了四种爱情类型,并公布了最可能结婚的爱情类型。Do you and your partner have a rollercoaster relationship? You fit into the first group, which is dubbed #39;dramatic#39;?你和伴侣有着“过山车”式的感情吗?那么你就属于第一类情侣了。这种类型的情侣被戏称为“戏剧性情侣”。The #39;dramatic#39; section of participants weren#39;t exactly consistent in their affections, often justifying the bad elements of their relationship by claiming that they #39;weren#39;t good together#39;; they are the most likely to break up.“戏剧性情侣”对待感情并不始终如一,他们经常用“我们在一起并不幸福”来解释感情中的负面因素;这类情侣最有可能分手。Scientists also identified a second group called the conflict-ridden couples who tend to argue a lot. Unlike the dramatic couples, though, this second group weren#39;t as likely to break up and didn#39;t have a tainted future.科学家还定义了第二种情侣,即“吵架倾向型”情侣,这类情侣经常吵架。和“戏剧性情侣”不同,第二种情侣不大容易分手,未来也不太糟糕。The third group - the socially involved - place high emphasis on social approval. So, these couples attribute social reasons - such as #39;my parents and friends like them#39; - for the positive points in their relationship. This type of couple have a bright future thanks to the importance they place on common social networks, as well as having a solid foundation of friendship and cite their partner as their #39;best friend#39; as well as their lover.第三种情侣——“社交参与型情侣”——很重视社会认同。所以这些情侣会把社会原因当做感情中的积极因素,比如“我父母和朋友都喜欢他们”。由于此类情侣重视共同的社交网络、有着坚固的友情基础,并且把对方当做最好的“朋友”和“情人”,所以他们的未来十分明朗。The final - and most successful - group is hailed the partner-focussed commitments.They have plenty of positive turning points in their relationship and credit their success to having plenty in common, as well as spending a lot of time together focussing on each other#39;s needs. Perhaps unsurprisingly, this group were the least likely to break up - and it#39;s all thanks to them being conscientiousness, indicating that they#39;re people who make long-term relationship goals.最后一种——也是最成功的一种——“专注伴侣承诺型”情侣。他们的感情中有许多正面能量,他们把各自的成功归功于彼此的共同点;同时他们也会花费很多时间用于关注对方的需求。毫无意外,此类情侣最不可能分手——这都归功于他们的责任心。当然,这也意味着他们视彼此为长期伴侣目标。 /201601/421232新津县妇女儿童医院专家预约 The world#39;s second-largest gem quality diamond has been discovered in Botswana, the Lucara Diamond firm says.加拿大卢卡拉钻石公司宣布在茨瓦纳发现世界第二大宝石级钻石。The 1,111-carat stone was recovered from its Karowe mine, measures 65mm×56mm×40mm in size, about 500km (300 miles) north of the capital, Gaborone. It is the biggest diamond to be discovered in Botswana and the largest find in more than a century.这颗钻石重达1111克拉,尺寸为65毫米×56毫米×40毫米,开采于距首都哈罗内500千米以北的茨瓦纳Karowe矿场。 这是有史以来在茨瓦纳发现的最大钻石,也是近百年来发现的最大钻石。The 3,106-carat Cullinan diamond was found in South Africa in 1905 and cut into nine separate stones, many of which are in the British Crown Jewels.史上最大钻石“卡利南钻石”于1905年在南非发现,重量惊达3106克拉,被切割成9块,其中多数被镶嵌在英国皇室的上。;The significance of the recovery of a gem quality stone larger than 1,000 carats, the largest for more than a century... cannot be overstated,; William Lamb, the CEO of Lucara Diamond, a Canadian diamond producer, said in a statement.坐落于加拿大的这家钻石公司的首席执行官威廉兰姆,在一份声明中这样表示,“虽重达1000多克拉的宝石级钻石,一个多世纪以来的钻石之最,这次发现的重要性不可过分估量。”Lucara says two other ;exceptional; white diamonds - an 813-carat stone and a 374-carat stone - were also found at the Karowe mine.卢卡拉公司表示,本周公司在Karowe矿场还发现另外两颗钻石,重量分别为813克拉和374克拉。;This has been an amazing week for Lucara with the recovery of the second largest and also the sixth largest gem quality diamonds ever mined,; Mr Lamb said.兰姆表示,“这一周对卢卡拉公司来说是巨大的惊喜,先后发现世界第二大钻石,也是被开采的世界第六大宝石级钻石。”The stone is yet to be evaluated, but commodities and mining analyst Kieron Hodgson, told AFP news agency that ;the potential to be one very expensive diamond.;钻石还有待准确估价,而大宗商品和矿物分析师基隆霍奇向法新社表示,这颗钻石的价值不菲。In April a flawless 100-carat diamond was sold for .1m (14.8m bounds) at Sotheby#39;s in New York. The gem, originally mined in South Africa, had taken more than a year to cut, polish and perfect.今年四月,在纽约苏富比,一颗没有瑕疵、100克拉的钻石售价是2210万美元(148万英镑)。这颗于南非开采的钻石切割、打磨、完善,整个过程花费了一年多的时间。Botswana is the world#39;s largest producer of diamonds and the trade has transformed it into a middle-income nation.茨瓦纳是世界上最大的钻石生产国,凭借钻石贸易位居中等收入国家之列。 /201511/411583成都检查不排卵要多少钱

乐山市红十字会医院报价All Coca-Cola wanted to do was to wish consumers a happy new year, but instead it ended up stirring anger in two markets, Russia and Ukraine, over the disputed territory of Crimea. The Ukrainian Black Sea peninsula was annexed by Moscow in March 2014 and remains a trigger issue in the Russian-Ukrainian crisis today.可口可乐希望将新年快乐传达给消费者,但是却在俄罗斯和乌克兰这两个市场引起愤怒,这一切都是因为克里米亚这片争议领土。乌克兰黑海半岛于2014年3月并入俄罗斯,至今仍是俄罗斯乌克兰危机中的一个一触即发的问题。In a new year#39;s message on VK, the most popular Russian social media network, Coca-Cola published a map of Russia that did not include Crimea.俄罗斯最受欢迎的社交媒体网络VK传达了一条新年广告,可口可乐发布了一张不包括克里米亚在内的俄罗斯地图。Faced with barrage of criticism from Russian users of VK, it published the map again on Tuesday, this time including Crimea, and apologised. The new map also included the Kuril Islands, the western Pacific archipelago that Moscow seized in 1945 from Japan.面对VK上俄罗斯网民排山倒海的指责,可口可乐昨日重新发布了一张地图,这次包括了克里米亚,并进行了道歉。新地图还包括莫斯科于1945年从日本夺取的西太平洋群岛的千岛群岛。But by including Crimea, Coca-Cola unleashed a firestorm in Ukraine, where demands for a boycott of the soft drink got under way. On Tuesday, the corporation threw in the towel and simply dropped the New Year#39;s message. ;Dear friends! Thank you for your attention. It has been decided to delete the item which caused the upset,; Coca-Cola#39;s Ukrainian subsidiary said on Facebook.但是加入克里米亚的行为又惹怒了乌克兰,该国抵制可口可乐的要求已经开始进行。周二,可口可乐自认倒霉并撤下这则新年广告。可口可乐乌克兰子公司在脸书上写道:;亲爱的朋友们,感谢你们的关注,我们决定删除这条引发混乱的广告。;Late Tuesday Coca-Cola#39;s headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia issued a statement apologizing for the issue but blaming an outside agency. ;The Coca-Cola Russia team had a stylized map of Russia created as part of its Christmas campaign. The agency that created the map later made changes without our knowledge or approval,; the company said. ;We, as a company, do not take political positions unrelated to our business, and we apologize for the post, which we have removed.;上周二,可口可乐位于佐治亚州亚特兰大市的总部,对此事件发表了声明进行道歉,但是同时却责怪了一个局外者。该公司称:;可口可乐俄罗斯团队有一张固定的俄罗斯地图,作为圣诞节活动的一部分,绘制这个地图的机构没有告知我们,也没有经过我们的同意进行了修改。我们作为一家公司,在对于与我们业务无关的问题上,不持政治立场,我们为这条广告道歉,并且已经删除。; /201601/420882 It#39;s the latest bizarre photograph which has left the Internet baffled.近期一张匪夷所思的照片流传网络,让网友困惑不已。This holiday snap of a little girl has left thousands of people confused as to whether she is underwater, or jumping into a pool.这张小女孩的旅游快照让数千人备感困惑——她到底是一直在水中?还是刚刚跳进泳池?The picture was posted on photo-sharing website Imgur, where it has been viewed more than 1.4million times, and prompted fierce debate over what it actually shows.这张图片被发到图片分享网站Imgur后,已经有超过140万的浏览量,其内容引发了网友激烈的争论。The photo was uploaded last night by Imgur user Maskari, and is captioned: #39;This girl looks like she#39;s underwater and jumping into water at the same time.#39;昨晚,Imgur用户马斯克利(Maskari)上传了这张照片并附文字说明:这个女孩看上去既像在水中,同时又像在跳水。At first glance, the bright blue background of the water and the splashes around the child#39;s face makes it look like she is swimming underwater.乍一看,女孩周围天蓝色水的背景以及孩子脸上飞溅的水花,让她看上去是在水中游泳。However, on closer inspection her hair - which is tied up in a cute ponytail - is dry, meaning just must have jumped into a swimming pool.但是,仔细看她可爱的马尾辫就会发现——她的头发是干的!这就意味着她肯定是刚跳进泳池不久。But that hasn#39;t stopped Internet users from commenting on the image#39;s #39;mind blowing#39; powers, and speculating over whether it was created using photo manipulation software.这张照片引发的争议让不少网民觉得是“意念”的力量,也有人怀疑这张照片是用修图软件合成的。#39;The picture is taken upside down in water right?,#39; one web user wrote underneath the picture.有网友在图片底下道:“这张图片是在水中拍的吗”Another added: #39;Stop confusing me.#39;另一人追评道:“别再让我疑惑了。”While another commenter said: #39;Kids are waterbending younger and younger these days#39;.也有人道:“现在的孩子越来越会玩水了。”Other viewers described her as #39;Shr#246;dinger#39;s girl#39; - a reference to thought experiment Schr#246;dinger#39;s cat, and said the photo had left their #39;mind blown#39;.有人把这个女孩叫做“薛定谔的女孩”,是把她和思想实验“薛定谔的猫”联系起来,说这张照片让他们“观念爆炸”。However, several commenters explained how the girl must be above the water surface and was merely jumping into a pool.然而,也有几个人在中极力论女孩是在水面之上,是刚刚跳入水中的。#39;Her hair is dry,#39; one wrote. #39;She is just jumping in a shallow pool and little droplets have flown around her looking like air bubbles.#39;一位网友写道:“她的头发是干的,她刚刚跳入浅水池,周围飞溅的小水珠看上去像气泡。”The picture has echoes of viral phenomenon #39;The Dress#39;, a photograph which prompted online arguments as to whether a dress photographed by Scottish couple Cecilia Bleasdale and Paul Jinks was blue and black, or white and gold.这张图片是对热议文化现象“连衣裙”的回应。此前的连衣裙图片是苏格兰夫妇塞西莉亚布里斯代(Cecilia Bleasdale)和金克斯保罗(Paul Jinks)拍摄的,网友对图中的连衣裙是蓝黑色还是白金色争议颇大。 /201509/401604四川第五医院几点开门新都区治疗精子存活率低多少钱



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