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1) Don’t accuse1)不要指责If you want your boyfriend to respond to you in a normal way (aka you don’t want him to get super mad and give you the silent treatment if that’s his usual deal), then you can’t ever accuse him of anything.如果你想让你的男朋友以正常的方式回复你(也就是你不想让他非常愤怒,想让他给你一个沉默的回答,如果这是他的通常应对方法的话),那么你永远都不要指责他任何事情。Explain what you’re concerned about and what the issue is. Use plain language and say things like “I feel” instead of “You did this” or “You’re being unfair.”解释你关心的以及问题所在。用平淡的语言,比如“我感觉”而不是“你这样做”或者“你这样不公平”来描述事情。After all, if the situation was reversed and he talked to you about what you were doing wrong, you wouldn’t want to hear it, right? It’s all about the delivery.毕竟,如果情况反过来发生在你身上,他对你说你做的不对,你也不会愿意听,对吧?这完全是陈述的方式问题。2) Take responsibility2)承担责任The truth is that it takes two to tango, to make a relationship work or fall apart, and to have a love story that lasts beyond your wildest dreams.事实上,成就一段感情或者分手,拥有一段超出你的狂热梦想之外的爱情故事,是一件巴掌拍不响的事情。It’s best to take responsibility for your own failings in the relationship. Since literally, no one is perfect, that means you’re not either, so you definitely have at least one thing to own up to.最好的方法就是承担你自己失败的感情经历中的责任。因为从字面上来说,人无完人,这意味着你也不例外,所以你肯定至少有一件需要承认错误的事情。Talk to your boyfriend and say that you know you’re too quick to get mad at him, whether it’s about dividing up the chores and who’s going to cook dinner if you two live together.跟你的男友谈一谈,告诉他你知道你太急于对他发火了,如果你们住在一起的话,无论是分配杂务,还是谁去做饭,都不应该对他生气。Or maybe it’s about spending more time together if you’re not at the cohabitation stage yet. Own your mistakes and say that you get that you didn’t respond in the best way and you understand that he gets frustrated with you sometimes.或者如果你们还没有到同居的阶段,或许只是花时间在一起的问题。承认自己的错误,告诉他你知道你没有用最好的方式回应他,告诉他你知道他有时候会感到灰心。3) Make change happen3)做出改变On that note, make sure that you’re not just talking to your boyfriend about any relationship problems so you can kiss and make up and sweep everything back under the rug.关于这一点,要确保你并不是遇到任何感情问题都会和你的男友交谈,你可以亲吻他,弥补清除所有相处中的小问题。 /201702/493713

Pineapple-topped pizzas leave the president of Iceland cold.菠萝馅儿的披萨无法讨得冰岛总统的欢心。In fact, Gueni Th. Jóhannesson says if he could, he#39;d pass a law banning pineapple from being used as pizza topping in his country.事实上,古德尼?约翰内松表示,如果可以的话,他会通过一项法律禁止用菠萝做披萨馅儿。Jóhannesson made the saucy comments to a group of high school students in the town of Akureyri, according to Iceland magazine,据《冰岛杂志》称,约翰内松对阿克雷里镇的一群中学生发表了此番傲慢言论。One of the students asked Jóhannesson his opinion on this cheesy topic and he didn#39;t mince words, according to Visier, an Icelandic language news website.冰岛语新闻网站Visier报道,其中一名学生询问约翰内松对菠萝披萨的看法,而他直言不讳。The president told the student he was firmly opposed to pineapple on pizzas. He added, perhaps with a tongue in his cheek (not a pineapple), that it is only the fact that he#39;s not allowed to pass laws that is keeping him from banning it entirely.约翰内松对该学生表示,他坚决反对在披萨里加菠萝。也许是出于玩笑,他还说,自己没有完全禁止菠萝披萨的原因是他无法通过这样的法律。;I do not have the power to make laws which forbid people to put pineapples on their pizza. I am glad I do not hold such power. Presidents should not have unlimited power…I would not want to live in such a country. For pizzas, I recommend seafood.;“我没有权力制定禁止人们把菠萝放在披萨上的法律。我也很高兴自己没有这种权力。总统不应拥有无限的权力……我不想要生活在这样的国家里。对于披萨来说,我推荐海鲜口味的。”He also clarified he doesn#39;t hate pineapple all the time, just on pizza.约翰内松还澄清道,他并不总是讨厌菠萝,只是讨厌披萨里的。Jóhannesson#39;s issues against pineapple gets sympathy from Giacomo Pizzigoni, who owns Ambrogio15 pizzeria in San Diego.约翰内松抵制菠萝的言论得到了Giacomo Pizzigoni的同情,他是圣地亚哥Ambrogio15披萨店的老板。;I feel chefs should be free to experiment, but I think pineapple is a horrible topping for pizza,; he told HuffPost by email. ;It is extremely sweet, and what#39;s worse is that it is served over tomato sauce. Red sauce does not go well with sweet ingredients.他写邮件告诉《赫芬顿邮报》,“我认为厨师有进行尝试的自由,但依我之见,菠萝是一种非常烂的披萨馅儿。菠萝太甜了,更糟糕的是还要配上番茄酱。番茄酱和甜味的食材十分不搭调。”For the record, pineapple-topped pizza originated not in Honolulu, but in London, Ontario, according to Atlas Obscura.阿特拉斯奇妙之旅官网称,据记载,菠萝馅儿披萨的发源地并不是火奴鲁鲁,而是加拿大安大略省伦敦市。Back in 1962, restaurant owner Sam Panopoulos decided to mix ham with canned pineapple on his pie to see how it would taste.1962年,餐馆老板Sam Panopoulos决定将火腿、菠萝罐头和馅饼搭配在一起,试试味道如何。;People said #39;You are crazy to do this,#39;; Panopoulos told the website. To the surprise of many, it became a hit.Panopoulos对该网站称,“人们说‘你这么做是疯了。”令许多人大跌眼镜的是,这种食物广受欢迎。 /201702/494411

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