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四川不孕不育哪家医院好重庆垫江县人民医院人工流产If arbitration is to take place in China, which substantive law will apply? 如果仲裁在中国进行,主要依据哪些法律规定?Arbitration will be carried out in compliance with the commerical law of China. 仲裁将根据中国商法进行What documents must we furnish to arbitration? 进行仲裁时我们必须提供哪些文件?All the relevant documents. 所有的相关材料Just a second. Ill check out you. 稍等,我帮你查一下Do we have to settle the dispute by arbitration? 我们必须通过仲裁解决分歧吗?It is not necessary to submit a case to arbitration as long as our two parties can discuss the matter in a friendly manner. 只要双方能有好协商,就没有必要进行仲裁We wish to sellte this dispute fairly and suggest that we submit is to arbitration. 我们希望能够公平解决争议,建议对争议进行仲裁Arbitration is generally the last resort if there is no alternative. 仲裁通常是在别无选择的情况下的最后手段Does the arbitration have to be done in China? 只能在中国进行仲裁吗?No, we can have arbitration in other countries. 不,可以在其他国家进行仲裁You dont have to. But since we do business in China, having arbitration here is convenient. 不用,但既然我们在中国经商,在这里仲裁方便些Arbitration can be concluded either in China or in other countries. 仲裁可以在中国进行,也可以在他国进行We dont oppose the matter be submitted to arbitration. Then in which country? 我们不反对将此问题交仲裁解决,那么在哪个国家仲裁呢?We insist that arbitration be carried out in the country of the defendant. 我们坚持仲裁应在被告所在的国家进行We hope that the arbitration be conducted in China. 我们希望仲裁在中国进行What kinds of dispute do you usually handle? 你们通常处理哪些类型的纠纷?We handle many kinds of commercial disputes. 我们处理很多种商业纠纷Well, there are many kinds, such as disputes arising m eign trade and transport of goods, cargo insurance, transfers of technology, leasing and so on. 嗯,很多例如,由对外贸易,货物运输,货物保险,技术转让,租赁等引起的纠纷 00温江区保胎多少钱 Advantages and disadvantages of online-shopping网上购物的利弊A: What do you do with surfing the Internet?您在网上做些什么?B: Well, finding out the latest news, chatting with some friends, playing games and things like that.浏览新闻,与朋友聊天,玩游戏,诸如此类的事情A: Have you ever bought anything this way?您在那里买过东西吗?B: No, never. I dont feel like shopping that way.从来没有我不喜欢那样买东西A: Why? Isnt it convenient you to shop without moving to a store like this?为什么?您不需要像这样来到商店就可以购物,难道不方便吗?B: On-line shopping sounds easy and convenient, but it presents many problems.网上购物看似简单方便,实际存在很多问题A: Would you say more details?能说得具体点吗?B: It not safe to reveal some inmation of the credit card to a stranger.把自己的信用卡的信息透露给一个陌生人是不安全的A: Yeah, some criminals sometimes make use of the Internet.是啊,一些犯罪分子会利用网络作案B: Also the quality of the goods is not guaranteed, as we must pay first.因为是先付款,一些商品的质量难以保A: That true. And that what troubles some on-line shoppers as well.确实如此,这也是许多网上购物者遇到的问题B: And the most important thing is shopping on line deprives the pleasure of shopping. It nothing like the real shopping here, short of pleasure of communication with real people, and relaxation.最重要的是,网上购物剥夺了购物的乐趣它和在商店购物不同,缺少人与人的沟通和放松的乐趣A: Good points. Thanks very much.您的观点很对多谢!B: My pleasure.不客气 1838成都做无痛取环正规医院

成都孕前做什么检查:看京剧 696四川成都附属不孕不育医院投诉电话 A: Could I order dinner?B: Of course. What would you like?A: I want a bottle of champagne, lobster tail, and filet mignon, medium rare.B: I'm so sorry. We ran out of filet mignon. May I suggest the porterhouse instead?A: That's too bad, but the porterhouse will be okay.B: May I be so bold as to suggest chocolate-covered strawberries with the champagne?A: Not tonight, thank you.B: No strawberries. We'll charge your amenities , if that's okay.A: Charge it to whatever you like.B: Your meal will be delivered as soon as it's all y. Enjoy! 01绵阳市404医院官网

武侯区最好的不孕不育医院Conversation 3A: Good afternoon. What can I do you?B: Can you show me some ties and handkerchiefs?A: Certainly, sir. How about this new design?B: It doesnt suit me, Im afraid.A: And this one?B: Too dull me.A: How do you like that one, next to this?B: Please let me see that.A: This is a Japanese product and of the finest material. Please feel it, it very soft.B: Yes, it better an d softer than that one. How much is it?A: 60 yuan, sir.B: Too expensive.A: You must consider its quality, sir. That one of the best we have, and the most beautiful.B: No. How about 0 yuan?A: OK. A:下午好我能为您做什么吗?B:请给我看一些领带和手帕好吗?A:好的,先生这种新款式怎么样?B:恐怕不是和我吧A:那这一条呢?B:太老气了A:旁边的那一条好吗?B:请给我看看A:这是日本产品,用最好的料子做成的请摸摸看,很柔软B:是的,比那一条好点儿,也更柔软多少钱?A:应该看看它的质量啊,先生这是我们所有产品中最好的一种了,也是最漂亮的B:不,0元怎样?A:好吧 1 绵阳市治不孕不育那个医院专业四川成都华西医院查封闭抗体费用



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