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Vienna has hosted the Habsburg court over centuries, first as the imperial see of the Holy Roman Empire, then the capital of the Austrian Empire and later of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. This has had a tremendous impact on the culture that exists there today.Like Munich, its residents are formal, but with small doses of courtliness, polite forms of address and formal dress attire, the residents of Vienna tend to be equally modern and old-fashioned. Waiters address their customers with honorifics; a man who bumps into someone on the street is more than likely to implore his or her pardon with a small bow; tourists are treated as if they were a long-lost member of the royal family returning home. This luxurious treatment is one of the reasons that many people enjoy visiting Vienna.The traditional Vienna is but one of the many faccedil;ades of this city. Vienna is also a dynamic, young city, famous for its (electronic) music scene with independent labels, cult-status underground record stores, a vibrant club scene, and a government that seems overly obsessed with complicated paperwork. However, people are willing to go out of their way or bend the rules a little if they feel they can do someone a favor.Vienna is also famous for its coffee culture. "Let's have a coffee" is a very common phrase to hear, because despite incursions by Starbucks and Italian-style espresso bars, the Kaffeehaus is still the traditional place to drink a cup of coffee, the newspaper, meet friends or fall in love.If you come to Vienna and don't try some coffee you've missed one of the great reasons to come here. Vienna has a reputation for having an excellent coffee culture and you should at least visit one of the countless traditional coffee houses where you can sit down, relax, and have some coffee.Sidewalk Cafés line a pedestrians-only street in central Vienna's Graben district. Cafés and coffee houses are an Austrian tradition, and it is customary to take an afternoon break for a strong cup of coffee. The coffee ritual is incomplete without a delicious pastry or a slice of chocolate cake.One Viennese admitted to me that being in a coffee house is like leaving the real world. "You close the doors and all the troubles you have are forgotten. You leave them behind. You the newspaper, you play the billiards, you play chess, you talk to your friends while you drink your coffee or beer and everything has become peaceful." /200812/59288

1.Jaws vs. Little Mermaid Swimsuit. 鲨鱼口与小美人鱼泳衣 /201107/143375

激战正酣的奥运赛场,除了实力的角逐、激烈的厮杀,还有一种叫男性荷尔蒙的东西被荧屏无限放大,死命抓住了女伪体育迷的芳心。金牌也好,没牌也罢,这都是竞技场上的事儿,诞生太多不免让人精神涣散;反倒是身姿矫健的体育帅男,成了街头巷议的八卦头条,今天就让我们一同来欣赏那些让我们无限倾心的奥运帅哥吧!本届奥运体操赛场上,一位来自德国的25岁体操男选手麦瑞-纳亚(Marcel Nguyen)因其精致英俊的脸庞和健魄的身材迷倒一众女粉丝,直呼最帅体操男。Marcel Van Minh Phuc Long Nguyen (born 8 September 1987 in Munich) is a German gymnast. He competed for the national team at the 2012 Summer Olympics in the Men#39;s artistic team all-around, floor and parallel bars. He won the silver medal for Germany in the all round men#39;s gymnastic competition。麦瑞·纳亚是来自德国的体操运动员,为德国和越南混血。他在2012伦敦奥运会上代表德国参加个人全能,自由体操和双杠的比赛。在北京时间8月2日凌晨进行的体操男子全能决赛中,麦瑞·纳亚以总分91.031分摘得银牌。 Nguyen began gymnastics at the age of four, and at seven joined TSV Unterhaching. Since 1995, he has trained in the regional training center in Munich. Since 1997, Nguyen was part of the squad perspective, where Andreas Hirsch and Jens Milbradt were his coaches. He rose quickly from the D- to B-squad. Nguyen四岁开始练习体操,7岁加入拜仁州的TSV Unterhaching运动俱乐部。1995年开始,他在慕尼黑国家竞赛中心一直接受教练Kurt Szilier的训练。97年成为重点运动员,接受Andreas Hirsch跟Jens Milbradt的训练。他很快从D级运动员升到了B级。Since 2002, he has started for the Junior National Team. In 2005, Nguyen was the German junior champion on parallel bars, runner-up on rings and third in the vault. That same year he took part in the world championships in Melbourne for the first time and was 16th in the men on the parallel bars. After the World Cup Nguyen spent a year at the sports boarding school in Stuttgart in order to prepare with his teammates under the coaches Anatoli Jarmovski and Klaus Nigl for the 2006 World Championships in Aarhus.2002年他开始为少年国家队比赛。慕尼黑Isar运动中学负责他的中学教育。2005年纳亚成为德国双杠少年组第一人,同年他参加墨尔本世锦赛男子组,并获得双杠第16名。赛事结束后他转学一年到斯图加特的体育寄宿学校,在那里跟随国家男团一起接受教练Anatoli Jarmovski和Klaus Nigl的训练,备战06年奥尔胡斯(丹麦)世锦赛,并于06年夺得第7名。 /201208/193438

These amazing images were taken at Horsetail Falls in Yosemite National Park, California by wildlife photographer Penny Adams. For just a few days each year the sun sets over the falls creating a vivid red amber glow - leading it to be re-named Yosemite Firefall. Ironically Horsetail Falls was a real 'firefall' in the 1870s when a hotel proprietor began a night time show for visitors by pushing bark embers over the nearby Glacier Point Cliff, creating a waterfall of fire and sparks。  据《每日邮报》4月20日报道,野外女摄影师佩妮-亚当斯在美国加利福尼亚州中部的约塞米蒂国家公园,拍摄到了一组“马尾瀑布”令人惊奇的画面。瀑布像一股炽热的火山岩浆从山顶直泻而下,奔腾而壮观,实际上这是“夕阳落在瀑布上“形成的自然景象。据了解,每年的一些天里,夕阳都会刚好从在这里的瀑布位置落下。正因为如此,该瀑布被人们冠以“约塞米蒂火瀑布”。实际上,“马尾瀑布”在19世纪70年代确实有过“火瀑布”的经历。那时,一名酒店业主为欢迎游客,将大量火苗抛下悬崖,造成了“火山瀑布”。  Horsetail Falls is a waterfall in the Sierra Nevada mountain range, to the west of Lake Tahoe. It falls in stages for nearly 500 feet。  “马尾瀑布”位于内华达山脉,在太浩湖以西,水流从近500英尺高度倾泻而下。布”景观。 /201004/102157

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