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SAN FRANCISCO — The same tools that help millions of Americans work from home are being exploited by cybercriminals to break into the computer networks of retailers like Target and Neiman Marcus.旧金山——帮助数以百万计的美国人从家里上班的同样工具正被网络犯罪分子利用,成为侵入塔吉特百货(Target)和尼曼(Neiman Marcus)等零售商计算机网络的手段。The Homeland Security Department, in a new report, warns that hackers are scanning corporate systems for remote access software — made by companies like Apple, Google and Microsoft — that allows outside contractors and employees to tap into computer networks over an Internet connection.美国国土安全部在一份新报告中警告说,黑客在搜查企业计算机系统以发现其中的远程访问软件,这类软件由苹果(Apple)、谷歌(Google)和微软等公司提供,能让外部承包商和公司员工通过互联网进入公司的计算机网络。When the hackers discover such software, they deploy high-speed programs that guess login credentials until they hit the right one, offering a hard-to-detect entry point into computer systems.当黑客发现这种软件后,他们使用快速猜测登录信息的程序,直到碰上一个正确的,这就给他们提供了一个难以识破的打进计算机系统的切入点。The report, which Homeland Security produced with the Secret Service, the National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center, Trustwave SpiderLabs, an online security firm based in Chicago, and other industry partners, is expected to be released on Thursday. It provides insight into what retailers are up against as hackers find ways into computer networks without tripping security systems.这份报告是国土安全部与其他部门合作产生的,合作单位包括特勤局(Secret Service)、国家网络安全和通信集成中心(National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center)、总部设在芝加哥的在线安全公司Trustwave SpiderLabs,以及其他行业的合作伙伴,报告预计于周四公布。它为零售商面临的挑战提供了深入了解,黑客在寻找不触发安全系统报警的方法进入计算机网络。It is also a reminder that a typical network is more a sprawl of loosely connected computers than a walled fortress, providing plenty of vulnerabilities — and easily duped humans — for determined hackers.报告也提醒人们,典型的网络由松散连接的计算机组成,不是一个有围墙的堡垒,对有决心的黑客来说,这样的网络存在着大量的漏洞,还有容易上当的用户。“As we start to make more secure software and systems, the weakest link in the information chain is the human that sits on the end — the weak password they type in, the click on the email from the contact they trust,” said Vincent Berq of FlowTraq, a network security firm.“随着我们开始把软件和系统变得更安全,信息链中最薄弱的环节就是那些坐在用户端的人:他们键入弱密码,他们点击所信任的联系人发来的电子邮件,”网络安全公司FlowTraq的文森特·伯尔克(Vincent Berq)说。While the report does not identify the victims of these attacks, citing a policy of not commenting on current investigations, two people with knowledge of these investigations say that more than a dozen retailers have been hit. They include Target, P. F. Chang’s, Neiman Marcus, Michaels, Sally Beauty Supply, and as recently as this month, Goodwill Industries International, the nonprofit agency that operates thrift stores around the country.虽然这份报告援引不目前调查的政策为由,没有指明攻击的受害者,但两位对调查知情的人士说,有十多家零售商都受到过网络攻击,包括塔吉特百货、华馆(P. F. Chang)、尼曼、迈克尔斯公司(Michaels)、莎莉美容用品(Sally Beauty Supply),以及直到本月还受过攻击的国际好意企业(Goodwill Industries International),这是一家在美国各地的经营旧货店的非营利机构。Once inside the network, the hackers deploy malicious software called Backoff that is devised to steal payment card data off the memory of in-store cash register systems, the report says. After that information is captured, the hackers send it back to their computers and eventually sell it on the black market, where a single credit card number can go for 0.报告说,黑客一旦进入网络,他们使用一个名为Backoff的恶意软件,从店内收银器系统的内存上窃取付卡的数据。在捕获到这些信息后,黑客将其发送回自己的计算机,并最终将信息在黑市出售,一个信用卡号在黑市上可卖到100美元(相当于620元人民币)。In each case, criminals used computer connections that would normally be trusted to gain their initial foothold. In the Target breach, for example, hackers zeroed in on the remote access granted through the retailer’s computerized heating and cooling software, the two people with knowledge of the inquiry said.在每次这种攻击中,犯罪分子用的都是通常被信任的连接,让他们获得进入计算机的最初立足点。比如,在塔吉特百货的例子中,让黑客钻空子的,是该零售商计算机化的制热制冷系统软件的远程登录许可,两位了解调查情况的人表示。In an interview, Brad Maiorino, recently hired as Target’s chief information security officer, said a top priority was what he called “attack surface reduction.”在接受记者采访时,塔吉特百货最近聘请的首席信息安全官布拉德·迈奥里诺(Brad Maiorino)表示,当务之急是他称之为“减少受攻击面”的工作。“You don’t need military-grade defense capabilities to figure out that you have too many connections,” Mr. Maiorino said. “You have to simplify and consolidate those as much as possible.”迈奥里诺说,“你不需要军用级的防御能力就知道你有太多的连接。你需要尽可能地简化和合并这些连接。”The Secret Service first discovered the Backoff malware (named for a word in its code) in October 2013. In the last few weeks, the agency said that it had come across the malware in three separate investigations. Most troubling, the agency said that even fully updated antivirus systems were failing to catch it.特勤局是在2013年10月首次发现Backoff这个恶意软件的(其名称来自软件编码中的一个词)。该机构表示,在过去几周里,它已在三个不同的调查中遇到这个恶意软件。该机构说,最令人不安的是,就连全面更新的防病毒系统都未能查出这个恶意软件。Low detection rates meant that “fully updated antivirus engines on fully patched computers could not identify the malware as malicious,” the report concluded.低查出率意味着“打了所有补丁的计算机系统上的全面更新的防病毒引擎无法识别这个恶意软件是恶意的”,上述报告的结论说。Backoff and its variants all perform four functions. First, they scrape the memory of in-store payment systems for credit and debit card “track” data, which can include an account number, expiration dates and personal identification numbers, or PINs.Backoff及其变异版本都有四项功能。首先,它们从店内付系统的内存中获取信用卡和借记卡的“踪迹”数据,这些数据可能包括账户号、有效期,以及个人识别码(简称PIN)。The malware logs keystrokes, as when a customer manually enters her PIN, and communicates back to the attackers’ computers so they can remove payment data, update the malware or delete it to escape detection.这个恶意软件能记录按键动作,比如一个顾客用手输入自己的PIN这种动作,把其传回攻击者的计算机,使他们能够取得付数据,更新恶意软件或将其删除以免被发现。The hackers also install a so-called backdoor into in-store payment machines, ensuring a foothold even if the machines crash or are reset. And they continue to tweak the malware to add functions and make it less detectable to security researchers.黑客还在店内付款机上安装所谓的后门软件,确保即使在机器死机或重置后仍能进入系统。他们不断调整恶意软件,增添新功能,使其更不易被研究计算机安全的人察觉到。Security experts say antivirus software alone will not prevent these attacks. They recommend companies take what is called a “defense in depth” approach, layering different technologies and empowering security professionals to monitor systems for unusual behavior.安全专家说,杀毒软件本身并不能阻止这些攻击。他们建议公司采取所谓的“纵深防御”方法,用不同层次的技术,授权安全专家来监视系统中的不寻常行为。Among the report’s recommendations: Companies should limit the number of people with access to its systems; require long, complex passwords that cannot be easily cracked, and lock accounts after repeated login requests.这份报告的建议包括:公司应限制登录其系统的人数;要求登录者使用不能被轻易破解的长且复杂的密码,出现多次重复的登录请求后封锁帐户。The report also suggests segregating crucial systems like in-store payment systems from the corporate network and making “two factor authentication”— a process by which employees must enter a second, one-time password in addition to their usual credentials — the status quo.报告还建议,把关键系统,比如店内付系统,与企业的网络隔离,让“双重认”程序成为常态,“双重认”指的是除了通常需要的登录密码外,员工必须另外输入第二个、一次性的密码。The report also recommends encrypting customers’ payment data from the moment their cards are swiped at the store, logging all network activity and deploying security systems that can alert staff to unusual behavior, like a server communicating with a strange computer in Russia.报告还建议,从顾客在商店刷卡的那一刻起就加密客户的付数据,记录所有的网络活动,启用有异常行为时,比如一台务器与一个俄罗斯的陌生计算机通信,能提醒有关人员的安全系统。At Target, Mr. Maiorino said he planned to build a security program as tough as what was expected from military contractors.迈奥里诺说,他计划在塔吉特百货建立一个强度可达到军事承包商所要求的安全系统。“All of the same tools and techniques that nation states are using for attacks have been commoditized and are available for sale in the black market,” Mr. Maiorino said. “And for the right amount of money you can go out and create a cybercrime ring at a relatively low cost.”“与国家使用的网络攻击工具和技术相同的东西都已经商品化了,而且都在黑市上有卖的,”迈奥里诺说。“只要有足够的钱,你就可以去用相对较低的成本组建一个网络犯罪团伙。” /201408/319453。

The hospital room may be due for a checkup. 医院病房或许该做一次检查了。Doctors and nurses, architects and designers all say the room setting has an important but largely neglected role to play in the delivery of quality care and outcomes. 医生和护士、建筑师和设计师都说,病房环境对于优质护理与优质诊疗结果的达成发挥着重要的作用,然而这种作用基本上都是被忽略了的。Consider infections. One out of every 20 patients admitted to a hospital picks up an infection while there, according the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. These infections can be serious and deadly, and they cost the U.S. billion a year. 以感染为例。据美国疾病控制与预防中心(Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)数据,在美国,每20个入院病人就有一人在住院期间感染某种疾病。这些疾病有可能是严重而致命的,每年为此付出的代价高达100亿美元。But recent studies indicate that at least half can be avoided. And the design of patient rooms is one of the best places to start. 但近期研究表明,至少一半的感染是可以避免的。病房的设计是最佳切入点之一。The hospital room has changed little since the post-World War II years, when there was a shift to semiprivate rooms from wards. But even then, the patient wasn#39;t central to the plan. Now, the patient room of the future is being designed as a safe, private, comfortable place conducive to healing. 二战之后的那些年里,多人共用的大病房被陆续改为二到四人共用的半私密病房,之后基本上就没有变化。然而即便在当时,病房的改造也不是围绕病人而展开的。如今,未来的病房正在被设计成一个安全、私密、舒适、有利于康复的地方。#39;With all the knowledge we#39;ve gained,#39; says Douglas Wood, director of the Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation, #39;we can increasingly create an environment in the hospital to minimize the transmission of bacteria, increase the circulation of air, and reduce pain, discomfort and poor clinical outcomes.#39; 梅奥诊所(Mayo Clinic)创新研究中心主任道格拉斯#12539;伍德(Douglas Wood)说:“利用我们已经获知的各种知识,我们越来越有能力在医院里面打造一种最大化降低细菌传播,增加空气循环,减少疼痛、不适和劣质诊疗结果的环境。”Hospital officials from across the U.S. and abroad have traveled to New York to see the prototype patient room shown here. Designed by NXT Health, a nonprofit in New York, and funded by the Department of Defense, the room is designed to reduce infections, falls, errors -- and ultimately costs. Here#39;s a look at how it would do so. 全美各地以及美国国外都有医院管理人员前往纽约参观本文所示的这间样板病房。这间病房由纽约非营利组织NXT Health设计、美国国防部资助,其出发点是减少感染、摔倒和差错――最终就是减少要付出的代价。让我们大概了解一下它是怎样实现这些目标的。1. Patient Ribbon 1#8226;“病人环带”The canopy above the bed, the patient ribbon, extends from the head wall to the footwall. It contains electrical, technological and gas components normally found in any hospital room. It also includes a sound system that can create a cocoon above the patient#39;s head to block out unwanted noise and minimize the transmission of noise to other areas of the room. 病床上方的顶盖“病人环带”(Patient Ribbon)从床头墙一直延伸到床尾墙,包含普通病房里面一般都有的电子、技术及气体设备。它还有一个声音系统,可以在病人头部上方形成一个“茧”,一方面屏蔽掉恼人的噪音,另一方面也最大化地降低传到病房其他区域的噪音。2. Halo Lightbox 2. 晕轮灯箱The halo lightbox in the patient ribbon above the bed can be programmed for mood or light therapy, and can simulate cloud movements, blue skies and other lighting conditions. 镶嵌在病床上方病人环带里的晕轮灯箱可以通过编程打造特定氛围或用于灯光理疗,也可以模拟浮云、蓝天和其他一些光线环境。3. Head Wall 3. 床头墙The head wall contains the equipment needed to check vital signs (heartbeat, breathing rate, temperature and blood pressure), as well as oxygen and other supplies, all stowed neatly out of sight but easily accessible through pull-down panels in the wall. 床头墙包含一台用于检查关键指标(心跳、呼吸频率、体温和血压)的设备,以及氧气和其他物资供给设备。这一切都整齐地收纳起来不会被看到,但可以通过床头墙内的下拉式面板轻松调用。4. Footwall 4. 床尾墙The footwall contains a large screen that can be used for entertainment, consultations with doctors, and access to hospital information, educational content and social-media sites. It#39;s controlled from the bed by a tablet computer that allows the patient to adjust lighting, sound, and temperature. 床尾墙包含一个大屏幕,可以用于、通过视频咨询医生,也可以用来访问医院信息、教育内容和社交网站。病人在病床上通过一台平板电脑来对其进行控制。这台电脑还允许病人调节光线、声音和温度。5. Rubber Floors 5. 橡胶地板The floors are made of low-porosity rubber, which doesn#39;t contain or need chemical sealers or waxes that often trap bacteria and other substances that can cause infections and allergic reaction. Rubber is quieter, softer and less slippery than other traditional floor materials. In case of a fall, it reduces impact. 地面由细孔橡胶铺成,不包含也不需要化学密封材料或蜡油,因为这些东西常常会藏纳细菌等物质,可能引起感染和过敏反应。橡胶比其他传统地面材料要安静、柔软、防滑。在发生摔倒的情况下,还可以减轻冲击。6. Room Surfaces 6. 室内表面All surfaces in the room other than the floor are made of Corian or similar solid-surface materials commonly found in homes as kitchen countertops. The material is nonporous and seamless, making it easy to clean and minimizing the chances for mold, mildew or bacteria to grow. That all reduces the risk of infection. 室内除了地面以外的其他表面都采用可丽耐人造石(Corian)和其他常用作住宅厨房台面的硬表面材料。这些材料无孔无缝,容易清洁,并将发霉、生长细菌的概率最小化。这些都会降低感染风险。7. Entry Workstation 7. 入口工作站The workstation is located at the entrance to the patient room. As a staff member or other person enters, the sink lights up in red to indicate that hands should be washed. When hands are disinfected, a green light blinks. A dashboard in the wall stores a computer, where information on the patient can be found and entered. 这个工作站位于病房入口。当医院人员或其他人员进入的时候,洗手台就会亮起红灯,表示需要洗手。双手消完毒之后,就会有绿灯闪烁。墙面上的一个仪表板放了一台电脑,可以查阅、录入病人的资料。8. Bedside Caregiver Hub 8. 床边护理中心At the bedside caregiver hub, a wall panel holds another computer. Other technology is embedded in the wall, and when the panel is closed, ultraviolet light kills bacteria that might have formed on surfaces. The computer keyboard, like all others in the room, is a flat, nonporous typing surface that#39;s easy and quick to clean, unlike conventional keyboards, which can harbor bacteria. 床边护理中心的一个墙面面板容纳了另外一台电脑。墙面还植入了其他一些技术,当面板关闭的时候,就会有紫外线杀灭各处表面上可能已经形成的细菌。电脑键盘和病房内的其他所有键盘一样,都是一个平坦无孔的输入表面,清洁起来方便快捷,不像常规键盘那样可能会藏纳细菌。9. Patient Companion 9. 病人伴侣The mobile patient companion contains both an eating surface and a flat computer when flipped over. Operated by touch, the computer controls the screen on the footwall and the light and sound in the patient area. The surface has colored rings to indicate when power is low and icons to touch to call for help. 移动式病人伴侣包含一个就餐平面,翻过来就是一台平板电脑。电脑为触控式,控制着床尾墙面上的屏幕和病人区域的光线、声音。就餐平面上有表示何时电量不足的色圆圈,以及通过触摸寻求帮助的图标。 /201312/268306。

Hewlett-Packard is poised to spin off its PC and printer arm, in a move that will in effect split the struggling US technology conglomerate in two, according to a person familiar with the situation.知情人士表示,惠普(Hewlett-Packard)正准备剥离其个人电脑(PC)和打印机部门,这将在实质上把这个深陷困境的美国高科技集团一分为二。The spin-off plan, which was first reported in the Wall Street Journal, would end a controversial, 13-year chapter in HP’s history that began when then-chief executive Carly Fiorina agreed to buy Compaq Computer, one of the largest US PC makers. Dissent from some members of the HP founders’ families almost led to a rejection of the deal by shareholders.该资产剥离计划由《华尔街日报》(WSJ)首先报道,它将为惠普历史上一段长达13年的争议章节画上句号。13年前,时任惠普首席执行官卡莉#8226;菲奥莉娜(Carly Fiorina)批准收购了美国最大的个人电脑制造商之一康柏电脑(Compaq Computer)。当时,来自惠普创始人家族部分成员的反对意见曾差一点令该公司股东拒绝这一收购计划。HP’s PC and printer businesses produced revenues of .9bn in its last financial year, almost identical to the combined .7bn of its enterprise computing, services and software divisions.惠普的个人电脑和打印机部门在上个财年的总营收为559亿美元,差不多等同于其企业计算部门、务部门和软件部门557亿美元的总营收。The spin-off plan comes a week after eBay unveiled a similar bifurcation by spinning off its Paypal division to shareholders.就在惠普传出这一资产剥离计划之前一周,eBay也披露了类似的资产分割计划,欲剥离其Paypal付业务。Both companies have faced pressure to improve their bottom lines, and had previously argued for keeping their full range of businesses intact, before eventually bowing to a split.这两家企业都面临着改善盈利状况的压力。此前,它们都曾声称将不改动公司的整体业务范围,最终却不得不接受现实,实施资产剥离。 /201410/333546。

Appleintroduced an updated suite of Mac computers at a conference for developers in San Francisco, as it made a renewed push to use the iPhone and iPad ;halo effect; to convert more PC users to its higher-priced hardware. 苹果(Apple)在旧金山举办的年度开发者大会上,发布了升级后的Mac系列电脑。这家公司正加大力度,利用iPhone和iPad带来的;光环效应;,吸引PC用户转而使用它更昂贵的电脑硬件产品。A new MacBook Pro notebook, touting thinner casing and the same ;Retina Display; screen used in the latest iPhones and iPad, led a series of upgrades.新款MacBook Pro笔记本电脑的一系列升级最为耀眼。它拥有更加纤薄的机身,还配备了最新版iPhone和iPad上使用的;Retina Display;显示屏。;Surfing the web can be like experiencing magazine-like quality,; said Phil Schiller, head of product marketing, describing the new MacBook Pro, which he said was thinner than his finger. The device will cost ,200, suggesting it was aimed at the professional market which Apple has been accused of moving away from as it goes more mass-market.苹果产品营销主管菲利普·席勒(Philip Schiller)在描述新MacBook Pro时称:;使用该产品上网冲浪,能够体验到杂志一样的质感。;他说,Macbook Pro比他的手指还薄。这款电脑售价2200美元,表明它面向的是专业市场。一直以来,有人指责苹果把更多精力放在大众市场,抛弃了专业市场。 Sir Jonathan Ive, Apple#39;s recently knighted head of design, said: ;It#39;s without doubt the very best computer we#39;ve ever built.;最近获得爵士头衔的苹果设计主管乔纳森·艾夫爵士(Sir Jonathan Ive)说:;毫无疑问,这是我们有史以来设计得最棒的电脑。; Existing models of other MacBooks were also given upgraded Intelprocessors, extra storage and more memory.MacBook现有的其他型号也配备了升级的英特尔(Intel)处理器,拥有更大的存储空间和内存。 Apple more commonly makes incremental updates to its laptops without the fanfare of a keynote speech. By making a push around the new devices Apple hopes to sell more of its ,000-plus computers to new converts to the Mac operating system, ahead of the release of Microsoft#39;s Windows 8 software.苹果公司对笔记本产品进行渐进式升级时,通常不会请高管大张旗鼓地发表主题演讲。苹果这次大力宣传新设备,是希望能够在微软发布Windows 8之前,向有意转向Mac操作系统的用户出售更多价格在1000美元以上的电脑。Customers who buy a new Mac will be eligible for an upgrade to the new Mountain Lion operating system when it is released later this year. At the annual Worldwide Developer conference in San Francisco, Apple detailed the capabilities of the desktop software and iOS6, the next-generation software for its iPad and iPhone.名为;山狮;(Mountain Lion)的新操作系统将于今年晚些时候开始发售,现在购买新款Mac的顾客届时可以升级到新系统。在这场于旧金山举办的年度全球开发者大会上,苹果详细介绍了这款桌面操作系统,以及应用于iPad和iPhone的新一代移动操作系统iOS 6。 Apple also issued new figures for the App Store which suggested the rate of growth is accelerating, as more iPads and iPhones are sold and the store is extended internationally to 155 countries. More than bn in revenue – which is split 70 per cent to developers and 30 per cent to Apple – has been paid out to developers in total since the download store launched in mid-2008.苹果还发布了App Store商店的最新数据。数据表明,随着iPad和iPhone销量增长,App Store进一步国际化,目前已覆盖到155个国家,而且这个应用下载商店的发展速度还在加快。自App Store于2008年中上线以来,用户总计已经向开发者付了逾50亿美元(其中开发者分得70%,苹果分得30%)。 There are 650,000 apps available in the App Store, up from 600,000 in April, of which 225,000 are dedicated to the iPad.App Store现有65万款应用,4月份时为60万款。其中22.5万款应用专为iPad开发。 Apple unveiled the new technology to whoops and cheers from adoring developers. Ahead of the keynote, Apple poked fun at rival Samsung with its voice control service Siri, saying it was looking forward to the Korean manufacturer#39;s new fridge.苹果在开发者们现场的尖叫喝声中发布了这些新技术。在主题演讲之前,苹果用其声音控制务Siri,打趣了竞争对手三星(Samsung)一番。Siri称,它正在翘首期盼这家韩国厂商的新款电冰箱。 /201206/187083。

Less than two months ago Sergio Marchionne, Fiat Chrysler’s chief executive, announced that the Alfa Romeo 4C was finally y for prime time in the U.S., following several delays.早在两个月前,菲亚特克莱斯勒公司(Fiat Chrysler)首席执行官塞尔吉奥o马尔基翁就曾经宣布,经过多次推迟之后,阿尔法o罗密欧(Alfa Romeo)4C终于做好了最后的准备,迎接自己在美国即将到来的黄金时代。On Thursday, several copies of the sexy Italian two-seater were available for test laps at FCA’s proving grounds in Chelsea, Mich. Aside from routine nitpicking, automotive journalists registered respect, if not awe, at the 4C’s performance and especially its low-slung, curvy exterior.上周四,菲亚特克莱斯勒公司提供了这款迷人的意大利产双座汽车的几辆样车,供外界在密歇根州切尔西的汽车试验场进行试驾。除了例行公事的吹毛求疵之外,汽车业记者们纷纷被4C的性能,尤其是它流线型的低车身外观所折。Within a few months, 500 of Alfa’s “Launch Edition” of the 4C — featuring a few extra frills, such as carbon fiber accents in the interior — will go on sale for just under ,000 in North America. The company doesn’t expect to sell more than a thousand or so of the hand-built 4Cs. The regular edition will cost slightly less, starting at ,000; both are aimed at well-heeled customers who probably aly own a few vehicles.几个月后,500辆“首发版”将在北美地区销售,售价低于70,000美元。首发版中将包括许多额外的装饰,例如碳纤维内饰等。这家公司预计销售不超过1000辆手工打造的4C。普通版的价格较低,起售价为55,000美元;两版车型的目标客户都是已经拥有多辆汽车的富裕阶层。Fiat Chrysler has much bigger ambitions than this particular model. The 4C, to be sold at 85 Alfa Romeo dealerships, is the precursor of eight more Alfa models through 2018, all built in Italy and all containing a dose of Ferrari engineering and design expertise. Fiat Chrysler executives in Chelsea said the franchise could represent a billion investment. Fiat Chrysler and Marchionne still must raise much of the capital that is needed.除了4C外,菲亚特克莱斯勒还有更大的野心。它计划至2018年推出另外八款阿尔法车型,全部在意大利生产,全部具有法拉利的工程与设计特点。即将由85家阿尔法o罗密欧经销商销售的4C只是阿尔法扩充计划的第一步。在切尔西,菲亚特克莱斯勒的高管表示,特许经销权可能意味着50亿美元的投资。菲亚特克莱斯勒与马尔基翁仍然需要通过融资来获得所需要的大部分资金。Dave Sullivan, manager of product analysis for AutoPacific, said “the 4C will turn more heads than anything from Lotus,” the British maker of exotic sports cars.太平洋汽车公司(AutoPacific)产品分析经理戴维o苏利文说:“4C将比莲花集团(Lotus)的任何车型都要更为引人注目。”莲花集团是生产异国情调跑车的英国制造商。“I am six foot, three inches, though, and I can’t drive it. My line of vision is above the sun visor. I also had a very difficult time trying to climb/roll out of it. This is not a car you’d want your wife trying to get out of in a skirt,” he said.他说:“虽然我的身高是六英尺三英寸,但我没法开这款车。我的视线在防晒板上方。此外,上下车也非常困难。大家肯定不希望自己的妻子穿着裙子从这辆车上下来。”Its limitations notwithstanding, Sullivan said he’s “excited to see it on the road.”但尽管有这些局限性,苏利文还是表示,自己对于“能看到它上路感到异常兴奋。”At 2,465 pounds and powered by a 1.7-liter engine rated at 237 horsepower and 258 foot-pounds of torque, the car has an extremely high power-to-weight ratio. It’s not blindingly fast, but it’s certainly quick enough to raise your pulse. Its light weight is achieved by a carbon fiber cockpit, extensive use of aluminum in the structure and plastic composite for the exterior.4C车身重2,465英镑,采用1.7升发动机,额定功率为237马力,扭矩为259英尺-磅,拥有超高的动力-重量比。虽然这款汽车还达不到令人目眩的速度,但也却足以让人心跳加快。阿尔法o罗密欧4C采用碳纤维座舱和铝制车身框架,而外部则使用了塑料复合材料,使车身达到极度轻量化。Marchionne’s management and strategy since taking over Chrysler following its 2009 bankruptcy, and uniting the company with Fiat, have been magical. Much work remains, though, to ensure Fiat Chrysler can remain a going venture; one of the most formidable tasks is the creation of a luxury franchise, which is Alfa’s mission.2009年克莱斯勒(Chrysler)破产之后,由马尔基翁接管。他的管理和策略,以及与菲亚特(Fiat)的合并,产生了神奇的效果。但要想保菲亚特克莱斯勒成为风投目标,还有许多工作要做;其中最艰巨的任务之一就是打造一个豪华品牌,而这正是阿尔法的使命。Keeping an eye on Alfa — on what kind of buzz it generates and on how eager investors are to risk capital on the rest of product line — are key to understanding Fiat Chrysler’s future.要想了解菲亚特克莱斯勒的未来,关键是关注阿尔法——看看它会产生什么样的话题,以及投资者在其他产品投入资金的热情。 /201407/309506。