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上海比较好的皮肤美容医院上海玫瑰整形美容激光去痘手术价格玫瑰李鸿君做鼻修复好吗 Four years ago, the Chinese search giant Baidu bought a majority stake in one of China’s biggest travel booking sites. Now it is gaining a bigger presence on the company’s board.四年前,中国网络搜索巨头百度收购了国内一家大型旅游预订网站的多数股份。现在,它将在这家公司的董事会发挥更大的作用。The travel company, Qunar, plans to announce on Thursday that it will give Baidu five director seats, up from three, according to people with direct knowledge of the matter.这家旅游公司名为“去哪儿”,英文名Qunar。据知情人士透露,它计划在周四宣布,百度在公司董事会的席位将从三个增加到五个。As part of its plans, Qunar will expand its board to nine seats from seven. And one of its most important board committees, the audit committee, will be stocked entirely with independent directors, the people said.知情人士表示,作为计划的一部分,去哪儿网将把董事会的总席位从七个增加至九个,而重要的董事会审计委员会,将完全由独立董事组成。The move is meant to strengthen the relationship between the two Internet companies. Qunar, which means “where to go” in Chinese, will eventually have access to services beyond the booking of hotels and flights by becoming more tightly integrated with Baidu, which, along with the Alibaba Group and Tencent, is one of China’s Internet titans.此举是为了强化两家互联网企业之间的纽带。通过更加紧密地与百度集成,去哪儿网最终将有机会发展酒店和机票预订之外的业务。百度是和阿里巴巴、腾讯并驾齐驱的中国互联网巨头。Qunar has been successful in building out its mobile offerings, an important goal for many Chinese Internet companies, including Baidu.去哪儿网在打造移动产品上很成功。对于包括百度在内的很多中国互联网公司而言,这都是一个重要的目标。The two are making their move amid growing competition in the travel market in China. The Alibaba Group, the e-commerce behemoth, recently revamped one of its travel offerings, and the Priceline Group has grown its stake in Ctrip, one of Qunar’s main rivals.两家公司采取这次行动的时候,正值中国旅游市场竞争日趋激烈之际。电子商务巨头阿里巴巴最近调整了旗下的一款旅游产品,而Priceline集团增持了在携程的股份。携程是去哪儿网的主要竞争对手之一。Though investors have fretted about a slowdown of China’s economy, the Chinese government and analysts have contended that the travel industry has suffered no such drop. Chinese travelers booked about two billion trips in the first half of the year, up 10 percent from the same time a year ago, according to figures from the government.尽管投资者担忧中国经济在放缓,但中国政府和分析人士声称,旅游行业并未遭受这样的影响。政府数据显示,今年上半年,中国游客的预定量达20亿人次,较上年同期增长了10%。People close to Qunar said that the company had experienced little decline in leisure travel by Chinese passengers, the service’s main focus, this past summer.与去哪儿网关系密切的人士表示,今年夏季,该公司的中国旅客休闲游业务基本没有下滑,而这一块是公司的重点业务。The two companies have been linked financially since Baidu paid about 6 million for just over 50 percent of Qunar’s stock in 2011.2011年,百度出资3.06亿美元收购去哪儿网逾50%的股份,两家公司自此有了财务联系。The travel booking service has drawn interest from other companies since the Baidu investment. It held talks to merge with Ctrip, though those discussions broke off in June.百度进行投资后,这家旅游预订务公司引起了其他企业的兴趣。去哪儿与携程进行了合并谈判,但相关讨论在今年6月破裂。Instead, Qunar chose to take in a 0 million round of capital financing that was led by Silver Lake, the investment firm that has profited from its early bet on Alibaba.去哪儿转而选择接受银湖投资集团(Silver Lake)牵头的一轮5亿美元融资。通过早早投资阿里巴巴,银湖获利颇丰。Separately, Qunar plans to announce that it has extended the employment agreements of its chief executive, Chenchao Zhuang, and its chief financial officer, Yilu Zhao, by an additional four years, the people with direct knowledge of the matter said.另外,据知情人士透露,去哪儿网计划宣布将首席执行官庄辰超、首席财务官赵轶璐的雇佣合同延长四年。 /201509/398485上海注射美白针价格是多少

上海开外眼角的价格Chinese tech company ZTE#39;s new flagship Axon will reportedly be presented as one of the official gifts to the British government during the four-day visit of President Xi Jinping to the ed Kingdom, according to tech website gsmarena.com.据英国科技网gsmarena网报导,在中国国家主席习近平在英国国事访问期间,中国中兴科技公司的新款旗舰机Axon将作为国礼赠予英方。;It will be presented as a gift,; a spokesman of the company confirmed with China Daily about the report. ZTE has a history of being given as a gift to world leaders.该公司一位发言人向中国日报实此消息,“中兴Axon天机将成为国礼”。中兴手机作为礼物被赠予国家领导并非第一次。According to the spokesman, AXON was used by delegates during President Xi#39;s visit to the ed States in September. A year earlier, President Xi gave ZTE#39;s devices as state gifts to officials in Tajikistan. During the same month, former US President Jimmy Carter was presented with a ZTE device during his visit to ZTE#39;s Shanghai Ramp;D Center. This year, ZTE#39;s AXON devices have been given as gifts to Serbian President Tomislav Nikoli?, President of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon, Chairman of Bosnia and Herzegovina#39;s tripartite Presidency Dragan Covic, and Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn Boshe.该发言人称,Axon天机是习主席9月访美期间随访团的指定用机。一年前,习近平访问塔吉克斯坦期间向代表们赠送了中兴手机。此外,同月中兴通讯上海研发中心在接受美国前总统吉米·卡特参观时,赠予卡特一款中兴产品。今年,中兴Axon天机成为了新一代官方礼物,塞尔维亚总统尼科利奇、塔吉克斯坦总统艾玛马力·拉赫蒙、波黑轮值主席德拉甘·乔维奇、埃塞俄比亚总理海尔马里亚姆·德萨莱尼等多位国家元首都先后收到这份礼物。During a state visit to Germany in March 2014, China#39;s first lady Peng Liyuan was seen using a ZTE Nubia Z5 Mini.2014年3月,第一夫人彭丽媛随习近平访问德国期间使用的是中兴努比亚z5手机。;AXON being given as a state gift is recognition of ZTE as one of China#39;s top smart phone manufacturers, as the gift must meet the highest standards in terms of quality and innovation in order to be presented,; said the spokesman.发言人表示,“Axon天机成为官方赠送礼物,是对中兴作为中国最大智能手机制造商之一的认可。作为国礼,必须在质量和创新方面达到最高标准”。The device includes ;dual track; -- high fidelity sound recording and playback, as well as dual rear-cameras that capture high resolution images and s. The phone is recognized as the world#39;s first smart phone that can be unlocked with three different biometric authentication options-- fingerprint, voice control and eye-scan.手机包括“双声迹”高保真录音及回放功能,以及双后置摄像头,能捕捉高分辨率的图像和视频。这款手机是全球首部集“指纹、声纹、眼纹”3种生物识别于一体的智能手机。The flagship AXON won the ;User Experience Gold Award; at the IFA 2015, known as one of the world#39;s largest consumer electronics fair held annually in Berlin.旗舰智能机Axon天机在2015年柏林国际消费电子展获“用户体验金奖”,国际消费电子展是全球最大的消费类电子产品览会。ZTE#39;s products are among the cheaper phones of choice at three of the big four US carriers. The company is quietly becoming a force in the US by selling good-enough phones at low prices, according to Bloomberg.据彭网报导,中兴产品在美国四大运营商中的三家都是属于较便宜的产品,中兴以其产品的高性价比,正悄然占据一定的美国市场份额。The company announced Thursday that it is launching a 64GB model of the ZTE Axon Pro in the US market. ZTE has been described by zdnet.com as one that listens openly to feedback and quickly responds to consumers.周四,中兴宣布将在美国市场推出64GB型号的Axon天机。至顶网描述中兴为公开听取消费者反馈并快速回应解决的公司。According to consulting company Strategy Analytics, the US was the best-performing overseas market for ZTE last year. Shipments of its devices rose in the high double digits, even as competitors#39; shipments were flat or lower, the research firm said. ZTE had 20 million active users in the US as of Dec 31.根据咨询公司Strategy Analytics数据,去年中兴在美国市场的表现不俗,是表现最好的海外市场。其产品出货量的增长速度高达两位数,而竞争对手的出货量持平或较之更低。截至去年年底12月31日,中兴在美活跃用户达2000万;ZTE claimed about 8 percent of America#39;s smart phone market in the second quarter of this year,; said the US market research firm International Data Corporation. That ranks the company fourth among smart phone makers overall in the US market, behind Apple, Samsung and LG.美国市场研究所国际数据公司表示,“中兴通讯在今年第二季度声称占据美国智能手机市场的8%份额左右”,在苹果、三星和LG之后位列第四。ZTE said that over the next three years ZTE will continue to prioritize its superpower markets --China and US markets, while increasing its investment in 13 of its key markets worldwide.中兴通讯表示,在未来三年内,中兴通讯将继续优先考虑中国和美国两个大国市场,而在全球范围内增加13个主要市场的投资。By 2020, ZTE aims to rank among the top three smart phone manufacturers in its key markets.中兴通讯的目标是,到2020年在其主要市场跻身前三大智能手机制造商。 /201510/405987玫瑰整 The thesis of Robert Gordon’s magisterial book The Rise and Fall of American Growth, stands in sharp contrast to the technological optimism that bubbles out of Silicon Valley. The argument is that the years from 1870 to 1970 were the “special century”. Someone born when Benjamin Disraeli was prime minister and who lived to see Edward Heath in Downing Street would have witnessed horse-drawn transport give way to cars and aircraft. Born when medical services were largely useless, she would have seen cures found for most infectious diseases and experienced the introduction of electric light, indoor plumbing and colour television. 罗伯特#8226;戈登(Robert Gordon)权威著作《美国增长的起落》(The Rise and Fall of American Growth)的论点与硅谷迸发出的科技乐观主义形成鲜明对照。本书认为,1870年至1970年是一个“特别世纪”。在本杰明#8226;迪斯雷利(Benjamin Disraeli)担任英国首相时出生、并在有生之年看到爱德华#8226;希斯(Edward Heath)入主唐宁街的人,见了马拉交通被汽车和飞机取代。出生于医疗务基本无用时的她,见了多数传染病治疗方法的发现,并经历了电灯、室内下水管道以及电的诞生。 The past 50 years, according to Professor Gordon, have been “dazzling but disappointing”. We are dazzled because our attention is focused on advances in entertainment, communications and information technology. The disappointment is partly statistical — productivity growth has slowed. And looking beyond the field of IT, he argues, there have been no advances in materials, fuel technologies or food production and distribution comparable to those of the special century. 戈登教授认为,过去50年让人“眼花缭乱,但令人失望”。我们之所以感到眼花缭乱是因为我们的注意力集中在、通信和信息技术(IT)的发展。失望在一定程度上是统计上的:生产率增速放缓。他认为,除了IT,原材料、燃料技术或食品生产以及分销都没有出现与“特别世纪”可比的进步。 Boeing’s first 747 flew in 1969, and today’s jumbo jets are recognisably similar. The great blockbuster drugs have, it seems, aly been discovered. While US productivity enjoyed a spurt in the 1990s, as digital innovations transformed our lives, the special century is unlikely to be repeated. Given an ageing population and an inadequate educational system, a significant increase in American living standards should not be expected. 波音(Boeing)首架747飞机于1969年升空,今天的大型喷气式客机仍然与它类似。伟大的轰动性药物似乎已被发现完了。尽管随着数字创新改变我们的生活,美国生产率曾经在上世纪90年代出现井喷,但“特别世纪”不太可能重现。鉴于人口老龄化和教育体制不完善,预计美国的生活水平不会显著上升。 Progress in introducing robotics into service activities is “glacially slow”, observes Prof Gordon. Amazon employs product pickers; delivery drivers still mostly load and unload their trucks manually. Sceptical of driverless cars, he asks what commuters will actually do with the time they do not have to spend behind the wheel. His scepticism will no doubt have been compounded by a recent accident involving one of Google’s driverless cars. 戈登教授认为,将机器人引入务业方面的进展“极度缓慢”。亚马逊(Amazon)仍聘用产品挑选师;送货司机多数仍手动装货和卸货。他对无人驾驶汽车持怀疑态度,他问道,如果通勤者不需要自己驾驶,那这段时间里他们究竟会做什么。最近谷歌(Google)一辆无人驾驶汽车卷入的事故肯定会加深他的疑虑。 Yet, if not much seems to have happened, it is perhaps because we see that much is yet to come. No great effort of imagination is required to visualise machines that unload casks of beer or stack supermarket shelves. And if we trust robots to undertake surgery, why should they not offer pedicures or cut hair as people become more expensive and machines cheaper? Perhaps the future of progress lies in the application of IT to things that do not at first sight have much to do with it. 然而,如果情况似乎没有发生很大的变化,那或许是因为我们认为未来将发生很大变化。我们不需要努力想象就能设想出机器卸下啤酒桶或把货物放到超市货架上的场景。如果我们信任机器人做手术,在人工更为昂贵而机器更为廉价之际,为什么不让机器人来提供足疗或理发务?或许未来的进步在于将IT应用于那些乍一看与IT没有多大关系的事物。 Such opportunities are of two kinds. Computers can now replace human operatives in well-defined repetitive tasks. Examples include the computerised conveyancer, the robo-adviser as portfolio manager and the digital doctor. Many traditional middle-class occupations will be eliminated in this way. 这些机会有两种。电脑现在可以在定义明确的重复性工作中取代人类。例如,电脑化的产权转让律师、机器人顾问(如资产组合经理)和数字医生。很多传统的中产阶级职业将因此被淘汰。 The more subtle, and perhaps more profound, development is the capacity of digital processing to aid the discovery of things that will form the basis of new technologies. Gene sequencing and big data are likely to shape the future of medicine. Progress in battery technology is advancing by leaps and bounds thanks to the analytic capabilities in the hands of today’s researchers. If the world became wired in the “special century”, perhaps it will become wireless in the next. 更微妙而且或许更深远的发展是,数字处理能力将协助构成未来新技术基础的事物的发现。基因测序和大数据可能会改变药物的未来。得益于当今研究人员掌握的分析能力,电池技术的发展突飞猛进。如果说世界在“特别世纪”实现了有线连接,那么在下一个“特别世纪”世界或许将实现无线连接。 And do not underestimate the increasing speed at which innovations are adopted. Benjamin Franklin discovered electricity in 1752 and Richard Trevithick’s car, the Puffing Devil, took to the roads of Cornwall in 1801. But it was only towards the end of the special century that electricity and cars were available to most households. The first smartphone was sold in 2007 and today 1.5bn are in use. 不要低估创新得到采用的日益加快的速度。本杰明#8226;富兰克林(Benjamin Franklin)在1752年发现了电,理查德#8226;特里维西克(Richard Trevithick)制造的蒸汽机车Puffing Devil于1801年在康沃尔郡上路。但直到“特别世纪”快结束时,电和汽车才进入千家万户。而第一部智能手机于2007年上市,如今已有15亿用户。 The limits to productivity growth are set only by the limits to human inventiveness. 生产率增长的极限只取决于人类创造力的极限。 /201603/430551奉贤区人民中医院整形中心

上海市第六人民医院 玻尿酸隆鼻多少钱Samsung, LG and Google have pledged to provide monthly security updates for smartphones running the Android operating system.三星、LG和谷歌已经承诺每月都对使用安卓操作系统的智能手机进行安全升级。In July, a major bug was discovered in the software that could let hijackers access data on up to a billion phones. Manufacturers have been slow to roll out a fix because many variations of Android are widely used.七月份,安卓软件出现故障,黑客可利用该故障获取数十亿手机上的数据。由于各种版本的安卓系统得到广泛的应用,制造商未能及时推出解决方案。One Android expert said it was ;about time; phone makers issued security fixes more quickly. Android has been working to patch a vulnerability, known as Stagefright, which could let hackers access a phone#39;s data simply by sending somebody a message.一名安卓系统专家表示,生产商发布修补程序只是时间问题。安卓系统一直在修补名为Stagefright的漏洞,黑客可凭借该漏洞向用户发送视频信息即可窃取手机数据。;My guess is that this is the single largest software update the world has ever seen,; said Adrian Ludwig, Android#39;s lead engineer for security, at hacking conference Black Hat.安卓首席安全工程师在黑帽安全技术大会上表示:“我认为这是世界上需要更新的最大的软件。”LG, Samsung and Google have all said a number of their handsets will get the fix, with further updates every month.LG、三星以及谷歌也表示他们的很多手机每个月都会更新以修补漏洞。Android is an open source operating system, with the software freely available for phone manufacturers to modify and use on their handsets.安卓是一种开源式的操作系统,手机厂商可以免费将软件安装在生产的手机上。The Google-led project does provide security fixes for the software, but phone manufacturers are responsible for sending the updates to their devices. Some phones running old versions of Android are no longer updated by the manufacturer. Many companies also deploy customised versions of Android which take time to get the updates.谷歌公司领导的该项目确实为软件提供修补程序,但是需要手机厂商将更新程序发送至其生产的设备。一些手机运营较老版本的安卓系统,手机厂商已不再为此类手机提供修补程序。很多公司配置的是定做的安卓系统,融合更新程序,仍须一段时间。Apple and BlackBerry can patch security problems more quickly because they develop both the software and the hardware for their devices. BlackBerry#39;s software is reviewed by mobile networks before being sent to handsets, while Apple can push updates to its phones whenever it wants.苹果公司以及黑莓公司能够更快的修复安全问题,因为这两家公司不仅生产设备的软件,还生产设备的硬件。黑莓公司将软件发送至手机时,会经过手机网络的审查,而苹果公司可以随时对手机进行更新。;The very nature of Android is that manufacturers add their own software on top, so there have been delays in software roll-outs,; said Jack Parsons, editor of Android Magazine.安卓杂志编辑 Jack Parsons表示:“安卓系统的一个特点是,生产商最后才安装软件,因此软件交付会有推迟。”;In the US it#39;s even worse because mobile carriers often add their own software too. There#39;s no real villain here, that#39;s just how the system works. But there will always be security concerns with software, so it#39;s right that some of the manufacturers are stepping up to deal with this now.;在美国,情况更糟糕,因为手机用户经常添加自己的软件。其实没有真正的坏人,关键是系统运作的方式。但软件的安全问题会一直存在。因此,厂商逐步解决这个问题,是正确的选择。 /201508/392222 上海第九人民医院整形科整形中心上海玫瑰美容医院激光祛太田痣多少钱



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