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Good morning everyone. Good God …good morning everybody, thank you very much. Please, please take your seats,we’ve got a lot to get through. Good morning everybody in Manchester, it’s agreat joy to be back here. Not so long ago my friends I…we welcome all sorts ofwonderful luminaries to City Hall but not so long ago I welcomed the formerFrench Prime Minister, Monsieur Alain Juppe to my office in City Hall and hecruised in with his sizeable retinue of very distinguished fellows with theirlegion d’honneur floret and all the rest of it and we shook hands and had atête a tête and he told me that he was now the Mayor of Bordeaux. I think hemay have been Mayor of Bordeaux when he was Prime Minister, it’s the kind ofthing they do in France – a very good idea in my view. Joke, joke, joke! Andwhat he said … joke! He said that he had the honour of representing, he had239,517 people in Bordeaux and therefore he had the honour of representing the9th biggest city in France. I got the ball back very firmly over the net,folks, because I said there were 250,000 French men and women in London andtherefore I was the mayor of the 6th biggest French city on earth.I can’t remember exactly what hesaid then, I think he said something like ‘Tiens!’ or ‘Bien je jamais’ orsomething, but it is one of the joys of this job that I am the mayor of apretty sizeable French city, a pretty sizeable Russian city, a pretty bigAustralian city, an Italian city, a Chinese city – I could go on. That is agreat thing about London, it’s a good thing for our country because thatforeign money brings jobs and it fills our restaurants and it puts bums on theseats of our theatres, helps finance our universities very considerably and itenables London developers, some of whom I see in this great audience, to embarkon project that otherwise would be stalled. Am I right? Yes. And it brings abuzz of excitement to the city which also of course attracts investors and yet wehave to recognise that the sheer global charisma of London is putting pressureon Londoners, with average house prices in our city now six times averageearnings and for the bottom 25% of earners, the house prices in the bottomquarter are nine times their earnings.The pressure is really growingand it is intensifying thanks to an entirely home grown phenomenon to which Ialluded at the end of the Olympic and Paralympic Games which took place lastyear because you may dimly remember that I prophesied that the athletes thatTeam GP and Paralympics GB had so moved the people of this country to suchparoxysms of excitement, I think I said, on the sofas of Britain that they hadnot only inspired a generation but probably helped to create one as well and likeall my predictions and promises as your Mayor or as the Mayor of many of youhere, I have delivered mes amis, in that GLA Economics now say that live birthsin London this year will be 136,942 which is more than in any year since 1966when England won the World Cup – and the Prime Minister was born I think.I look around this audience –that means the population is growing very fast and it is going to hit ninemillion by 2020, possibly ten million by 2031 and I notice when I point thisout to people that they start to look a bit worn. They’re the older generationand think, all these other people’s children, what jobs are they going to do,where are they going to live and will they be stepping on my toes on the Tube?I want to reassure you first of all that London has been here before, we hadnine million in 1911, I think we had nine million in 1939 and the second thing– for once I actually brought it with me thank goodness – the second thing isthat we have a plan. Here it is, the 2020 Vision, and it will ensure that wecreate a city in which no child is left behind or shut out and everybody has achance to make of their lives what they can.Step number one – and I seriouslycommend this document, it is entirely free on the GLA website, written entirelyby me as well – step number one is to build more homes as I say. Can I just askthis audience, how many of you today here in Manchester are lucky enough to beowner occupiers? Can I ask for a show of hands, is anybody here an owneroccupier? Look, here we go. Who is an owner occupier? There is no disgrace inthat, we believe in the property owning democracy and all that kind of thingbut we have to face the reality that for many, many millions of people, foryoung people in London, for many members of our families, it is now absolutelyimpossible to get anywhere near to affording a home and that’s why it isabsolutely vital that we get on with our programmes of accelerating housebuilding. We have done about 55,000 – Rick, how many have we done so far? 55,000so far, give or take it will be around 100,000 over two terms.We’ve put #163;3.6 billion of publicland to the use of so many of the good developers I see around here, since Maylast year when I was elected by the way, but we need to do more and we need toaccelerate our programme of house building dramatically and I think that it istime that we considered allowing companies to make tax-free loans to theiremployees to help them with the cost of their rent deposit – how about that?Brainy policy, no, put in for the budget considerations. Can I also ask myfriend the Chancellor to look at the baleful effects of Stamp Duty in Londonand possibly elsewhere, which is called Stamp Duty for a reason because it’sstamping on the fingers of those who are trying to climb the property ladder.Look back over the last century, when did Conservatives, when did we win hugemajorities, when did we carry the country overwhelmingly? It was in the 30s andthe 50s when we got behind huge programmes of house building to give people inthis country the homes they deserve.201412/350657

Hi, everybody. Sunday is Fathers Day. 大家好,星期天就是父亲节了。If you havent got Dad a gift yet, theres still time. 如果你还没有为自己的老爸准备礼物的话,还有点时间。Just barely. But the truth is, what we give our fathers can never match what our fathers give us.但很紧迫哦。老实说,无论我们给我们的父亲送什么礼物都无法与他们给予我们的东西相匹配。I know how important it is to have a dad in your life, because I grew up without my father around. 我深刻领会了生活中有爸爸的陪伴是多么重要,因为我的成长历程没有父亲陪伴。I felt the weight of his absence. 缺少父爱对我影响重大。So for Michelle and our girls, I try every day to be the husband and father my family didnt have when I was young. 因此对米歇尔和我们的女儿们,我每天都努力做好一个丈夫和父亲,这是我小时候的家庭所不具备的。And every chance I get, I encourage fathers to get more involved in their childrens lives, because what makes you a man isnt the ability to have a child-its the courage to raise one.只要有机会,我就鼓励父亲们更多参与孩子们的生活,因为能够明你是一个男人的不是你能有生育的能力,而是你有抚养孩子的勇气。Still, over the past couple years, Ive met with a lot of young people who dont have a father figure around. 过去的很多年里,直到现在仍然是这样,我遇到了很多年轻人,他们的人生缺少父亲的陪伴。And while theres nothing that can replace a parent, any of us can do our part to be a mentor, a sounding board, a role model for a kid who needs one. 尽管任何人都不能替代父母的角色,但我们可以尽我们的努力充当一个导师,一个参谋,或是孩子们需要的行为榜样。Earlier this year, I launched an initiative called My Brothers Keeper-an all-hands-on-deck effort to help more of our young men reach their full potential. 今年早些时候,我启动了一项称之为“兄弟的守护者”的活动,这是一项需要全体人民共同努力来帮助我们的年轻人发挥他们的潜力的活动。And if you want to be a mentor to a young man in your community, you can find out how at WhiteHouse.gov/MyBrothersKeeper.如果你想担任你所在社区年轻人们的导师,你可以在白宫的网站上(WhiteHouse.gov/MyBrothersKeeper)找到你具体可以做什么。Now, when I launched this initiative, I said that government cant play the primary role in a young persons life. 我启动这一活动的时候就说,政府是不可能在一个年轻人的生活中扮演首要角色的。Taking responsibility for being a great parent or mentor is a choice that we, as individuals, have to make. 做一个好父母或导师的责任,是我们作为成年人必须做出的选择。No government program can ever take the place of a parents love. 任何的政府计划都无法取代父母给予孩子们的爱。Still, as a country, there are ways we can help support dads and moms who make that choice.当然,作为一个国家,我们仍然有很多方式可以帮助爸爸妈妈们更好的承担这一责任。Thats why, earlier this week, we brought working dads from across America to the White House to talk about the challenges they face. 因此,本周早些时候,我们将全国各地的工薪阶层的爸爸们召集到白宫,与他们交流他们所面临的挑战。And in a few weeks, Ill hold the first-ever White House Working Families Summit. 再过几个星期,我将主持史上首次白宫工薪家庭峰会。Weve still got too many workplace policies that belong in the 1950s, and its time to bring them up to date for todays families, where oftentimes, both parents are working. 上个世纪50年代我们有太多的工作规则,对于当今的家庭而言,这些规则应该与时俱进一下了,因为现在很多情况下父母都在工作。Moms and dads deserve affordable child care, and time off to care for a sick parent or child without running into hardship. 妈妈和爸爸们应该有足够的财力去抚养孩子,应该有时间去照料生病的父母或孩子而不至于陷入困境。Women deserve equal pay for equal work-and at a time when more women are bwinners for a family, that benefits men, too. 妇女应该得到与男性同样的工作报酬,尤其是现在,有更多女性成为家庭的主要财力柱,这对男人来讲也是有好处的。And because no parent who works full-time should have to raise a family in poverty, its time for Congress to follow the lead of state after state, get on the bandwagon, and give America a raise.只要有全职工作的父母,其家庭生活就不应该陷入贫困,因此,现在是时候让国会跟上各州的脚步,赶上最后的班车,提高美国的工资标准。Dads work hard. 爸爸们工作很辛苦。So our country should do what we can to make sure their hard work pays off; to make sure life for them and their families is a little less stressful, and a little more secure, so they can be the dads their kids need them to be. 因此我们国家应该确保他们的努力付出能够得到回报,应该确保他们以及他们的家庭的生活少一些压力,多一些安全保障,这样他们才能做好他们的孩子所需要的爸爸。Because theres nothing more precious in life than the time we spend with our children. 人生当中,没有什么时间能比与孩子们相处的时光更珍贵。Theres no better feeling than knowing that we can be there for them, and provide for them, and help give them every shot at success.也没有什么感觉能比陪在他们身边,持他们,为他们的成功提供机会更棒了。Lets make sure every dad who works hard and takes responsibility has the chance to know that feeling, not just on one Sunday, but every day of the year.让我们保每一个辛苦工作,尽职尽责的爸爸都有机会感受到这种感觉,不仅仅是在星期天这一天,而是要贯穿全年的每一天。Thanks everybody, happy Fathers Day, and have a great weekend.谢谢大家,祝父亲节快乐,周末愉快。 201406/306877

That has always been the history of progress in America. Think of the suffragists who gathered at Seneca Falls in 1848 and those who kept fighting until women could cast their votes. Think of the abolitionists who struggled and died to see the end of slavery. Think of the civil rights heroes and foot soldiers who marched, protested, and risked their lives to bring about the end of segregation and Jim Crow.美国曾经的进步都已成为历史。想想1848年,聚集在塞尼卡福尔斯的选民,他们不懈奋斗直至女人拥有投票的权利;想想废奴主义者们,他们为看到奴隶制的终结而奋斗牺牲;想想人权斗争的英雄和徒步行军的士兵,他们前进、抗议、至死不渝地将种族隔离和种族歧视推向死亡。Because of them, I grew up taking for granted that women could vote and, because of them, my daughter grew up taking for granted that children of all colors could go to school together. Because of them, Barack Obama and I could wage a hard-fought campaign for the Democratic nomination. Because of them and because of you, children today will grow up taking for granted that an African-American or a woman can, yes, become the president of the ed States. And so--when that day arrives, and a woman takes the oath of office as our president, we will all stand taller, proud of the values of our nation, proud that every little girl can dream big and that her dreams can come true in America.正因为有他们,我成长在女人可以选举的时代;正因为有他们,我的女儿成长在不同肤色的孩子们可以在一起上学的时代;正因为有他们,巴拉克·奥巴马和我可以为民主党的提名候选参加这样一场激烈的竞选;正因为有他们和你们,如今孩子们成长在黑人和女人可以当美国总统的时代。当那一天来临时,一个女人宣誓成为总统时,我们将站得更高,更加为我们国家的价值观自豪,为每个美国的小姑娘都能有一个远大的梦想并且她的梦想是可以实现的而自豪。And all of you will know that, because of your passion and hard work, you helped pave the way for that day. So I want to say to my supporters: When you hear people saying or think to youself, ;If only,; or, ;What if,; I say, please, dont go there. Every moment wasted looking back keeps us from moving forward.你们将会明白,正因为有你们的热烈感情和艰苦奋斗,才为那一天的到来铺平了道路。因此我想对我的持者说:当你听到有人或你自己想说“如果……该多好”或“要是……就好了”时,我说,你一定不要这样。每个回望过去的片刻都会耽误我们向前迈进。 /201308/251479

Thank you, Headmaster. It is such a treat to be back here at St Andrew’s. I absolutely loved my time here; they were some of my happiest years, which makes it so incredibly special to be here today. In fact, I enjoyed it so much that when I had to leave, I told my mother that I was going to come back to be a teacher. While that didn’t quite happen, I was thrilled to have been asked back today on St. Andrew’s Day. It was while I was here at school that I realised my love of sport. Sport has been a huge part of my life, and I feel incredibly grateful for the opportunities I had to get outside and play in such wonderful open spaces – though sadly there was nothing quite as glamorous as this in my time! I hope that you all enjoy playing sport here as much as I used to, and make the most of these incredible facilities. It gives me great pleasure to declare this Astro officially open.201504/371735

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