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The first step to taking care of yourself and de-stressing is to make sure that your environment is in order. Seeing your house full of clutter can affect your mood negatively and make your personal space seem like a place you want to escape from, rather than something to look forward to coming home to. Organize a ;throwing out; day every month to make sure that you don#39;t have clutter building up. Here are some things you should consider purging from your home:关爱自己,释放压力的第一步就是要保自己的生活环境整洁干净。看见自己的房间被杂物堆满,你的心情会很差,这时候,只想赶紧逃离这个杂物堆了,而没有想回家的欲望了。每个月安排一天作为自己的“清空日”,把杂物都处理掉。现在,下面这些杂物你该考虑清空了:Old magazines旧杂志Get rid of old magazines you have lying around because chances are, you aren#39;t going to them again. Find places where you can donate your magazines to such as child care centers, doctor#39;s offices, nail salons, nursing homes, and libraries. If there#39;s an article that really speaks to you, scan a digital image of it and keep it in your computer. Or keep a folder of magazine clippings if you like saving magazine articles.把房间里到处丢的就杂志赶紧清理了吧,因为你可能再也不会读了。你可以把这些旧杂志捐出去,比如:保育院,医务室,美甲店,养老院或者图书馆。如果其中有些文章对你来讲很重要,那么你可以进行扫描,保存到电脑里;如果你喜欢收集杂志文章,就做一个剪报收藏。Clothes衣Use the two-year-rule for clothes — get rid of apparel that you haven#39;t worn in two years. Sell them to a thrift store or donate them to the needy.收拾衣要采用“两年原则”,即处理掉那些两年你都没有穿过的衣。卖给二手店或者捐给那些有需要的人。Books书籍Go through your bookshelf and gather together books you haven#39;t touched in months and ones that you aren#39;t planning on reing. Be realistic and make sure you#39;re ruthless. If you haven#39;t touched it in a year, you#39;re most likely not going to it again. Sell the books on Amazon, or eBay. You can always donate them as well!查看自己的书架,把那些你几个月都没碰过的书,或者是你也不打算读的书,整理到一起。实际点儿,无情点儿,该出手时就出手。如果一年的时间你都还没看过这本书,估计你也不会再去读了。你可以把书放到Amazon或者eBay上卖掉,或者把书捐掉。Medicine and vitamins药品和维生素片Take a look at your medicine closet and clear out drugs that have expired, medicine that has sat on your shelf for too long, or ones that you no longer use. First, check to see what the proper disposal methods are for the medication, and if you can#39;t find any, check to see if your community has a drug take-back program.查看一下自己的药箱,清理掉已经过期的药物、存放了太长时间的药物、以及你再也不会用的药物。首先,检查一下这些药物的处理方法;如果你没有找到说明,查看一下自己的社区有没有药物回收计划。Makeup and perfume化妆品和香水Go through your beauty cabinet and get rid of makeup that#39;s too old or that you don#39;t use. There are programs out there that let you recycle your makeup, such as MAC, which has a program that lets you exchange six empty containers for a new eyeshadow, lip gloss, or lipstick.查看一下自己的化妆箱,清理掉太旧的或者不用的化妆品。你还可以参与到一些循环利用化妆品的活动中,例如MAC开展的一项活动,这项活动让你可以用六个空化妆品容器换一个新的眼影、润唇膏、口红。Jewelry珠宝饰品Go through your jewelry and dispose of the broken costume jewelry and make plans to sell ones that you don#39;t wear. For fine jewelry, look up appraisers. Once you have a ed price, shop around at auction houses, estate buyers, pawnshops, and jewelers to see if you can find a better deal.查看一下自己的各类珠宝饰品,扔掉那些已经坏掉的人造珠宝,把那些自己不戴的珠宝卖掉。对于贵重的珠宝,你可以去寻找那些珠宝鉴定商。得到报价之后,去拍卖行、预购商、当铺、和珠宝商各处逛一逛,价比三家。Food食物Go through your pantry and fridge and clear out items that need to be thrown out — the old, unused, and rotting. Do this weekly instead of monthly, just to make sure you don#39;t have any unpleasant surprises!查看自己的食品储藏室和冰箱,清理掉那些需要扔掉的食物——过期的、不吃的、腐烂的。一个星期清理一次,不要一个月才清理一次,确保自己别时不时来点“意外惊喜”。Some memorabilia纪念品Many organizing experts advise to be ruthless and throw away memorabilia like cards and gifts you don#39;t use. I agree, but I think you can keep some of them by perhaps creating some sort of poster with old cards or designating a small shoe box for memorabilia. Resolve to throw away anything that can#39;t fit into the box.很多整理专家建议大家狠心一点儿,扔掉那些没用的纪念品,例如卡片或者礼物。我同意上述建议,但是个人认为,我们可以利用这些卡片做一些海报,或者设计一个纪念品盒子, 把那些没法装进盒子的纪念品就处理掉吧!Notebooks笔记本I don#39;t know about you, but I have a ton of notebooks lying around. Take a look at them and throw out the ones that you no longer need.我不了解你是什么样的人,不过我可有一吨的笔记本堆在那里。看看这些笔记本,把那些没用的就丢掉吧! /201302/224877A long time ago in China lived the Jade Emperor. It was his birthday. He wanted to measure time to know how old he was.很久很久以前住着一位玉皇大帝,有一天他的生日到了,他想测量一下时间,好让他知道自己已经多少岁了。All the animals arrived. The Emperor decided to have a race to give a name to each year of the Chinese Zodiac.所有的小动物们都到了,玉帝决定举行一个比赛,来决定每一年的名字。The rat and the cat couldn’t swim very well. “Can you take us across the river?” “Yes, jump and quick!”老鼠和猫都不太会游泳,(他们对牛说)”你能带我们过河吗?“ ”可以,快来上来吧。“They swam across the river. Then the rat pushed the cat into the water and jumped on to land.他们游到河边,然后老鼠把猫推下了河,自己跳到了岸上。(这就是为什么十二生肖中没有猫的原因了)”Well done,Rat! The first year will be the Year of the Rat and the second will be the Year of the OX.”“干得好,老鼠! 第一年就是鼠年,第二年是牛年。”“Look! Here’s the tiger. He’s very tired. The third year will be the Year of the Tiger.”“看!老虎来了。它很累,第三年就是虎年了。”“The rabbit can’t swim but he’s very clever. The fourth year will be the Year of the Rabbit.”“兔子不会游泳但他很聪明,第四年就是兔年。”“Why are you late, Dragon? You can fly!” “I had to make some rain for thirsty people to drink.” “Well done! The fifth year is the Year of the Dragon.”“龙,你为什么迟到了?你会飞啊!” “我必须给干渴的人们制造雨水。”(龙王爷是掌管下雨的)“干得好!第五年就是龙年了!”“What’s this? I can hear a horse. No, it’s a snake. So the snake has the sixth year.”“谁来了?我好像听到了马的声音。不,是蛇,所以第六年是蛇年。”“Well done! It is good to see you working together! The goat is eighth, the monkey is ninth and rooster is tenth.”“干得好!很高兴看到你们齐心合力干活!第八是羊,第九是猴子,第十是鸡。”“Sorry I’m late. The water is clean and I needed a bath.” ” The eleventh is the Year of the Dog.”“抱歉,我来晚了。河水很干净,我得洗个澡。” “第十一年就是年。”Be“You are the last.” “Yes, I had to eat and sleep on the way.” “The last is the Year of the Pig.” And that is how the Emperor chose the animals for Chinese Zodiac.“你是最晚的。” “是的,我得在路上吃个饭、再睡个觉。” “最后一年就是猪年吧。” 玉皇大帝就是这么排列中国的生肖的。 /201309/257716Habit is habit and not to be flung out of the window by any man, but coaxed downstairs a step at a time. - Mark Twain习惯就是习惯,谁也不能将其扔出窗外,只能一步一步地引它下楼。 ---马克.吐温Let’s be honest: Losing weight isn't the easiest thing in the world. All our best intentions end up doing nothing.老实说,减肥绝不是世界上最容易的事。我们最好的愿望(减肥成功)往往都会落空。And I've tried just about every diet plan out there, from the various low-carb diets to Weight Watchers (which isn't bad, actually) to the Abs Diet to Slim Fast to low-calorie to low-fat and more. I've tried a bunch of exercise programs too, believe me.我也试过基本上所有的节食计划,从各种低碳计划、减肥中心的计划(实际上它的效果还行),到Abs节食手册、快瘦,再到低热量的、低脂的等等等等,我都试过。我还上过各种减肥锻炼课,真的上过。My weight-loss efforts these last couple of years have been hit-and-miss, as I've struggled to find something that works for me. Recently, I think I've been hitting upon some pretty simple concepts that really work, for me at least.几年来,我减肥的努力总是毫无成果,我也曾费尽心力去寻找一种适合我的减肥方法。最近,我想我终于领悟到了一些减肥的基本观念,虽然它们都很简单,但至少在我身上是有效的。You might have the Zen Habits Meal Plan, which is actually a pretty good plan. But let me take some of those concepts and simplify them a little more, for some (almost) easy ways to beat your weight-loss struggles. These are mostly the same concepts, but I'm reporting what has been working for me as I experiment with the meal plan.也许你看过《Zen Habits食谱》——它确实是一本不错的书。但我还是想用我领悟到的观念把它简化一下,这样能让你在减肥的时候少做些挣扎。这些观念大多是相似的,但是我会用我亲身体验这个食谱的感受,来说明一下它们都是怎么样在我身上起作用的。Let me be honest again: even with the concepts below, weight loss isn't going to be easy. But at least these tools will make it a little easier, a little simpler, and they really do work.不过还是有句忠告:就算是知道了下面这些观念,你的减肥之路也不会变得多轻松。但至少了解这些可以让这个过程变得轻松一点点、简单一点点,更何况它们真的是很有效。I've lost 15 pounds in the last few months, which isn't rapid weight loss but is actually a very healthy rate of loss. I recommend gradual weight loss for everyone. At the rate I'm going, you can lose 50 pounds a year. I don't need to lose 50 pounds anymore (I did at one time, but only have about 20 pounds to go), but after I lose the rest of the unwanted bodyfat, I'm going to focus more on building a little muscle (something I'm actually doing now but it's not my main focus).过去几个月里,我一共减了15磅,减得不算快,但是确实不会伤身体。我希望所有人都能循序渐进地减肥。以我减肥的速度,你一年里能减掉50磅。我现在是没有必要再减50磅了(以前倒是真的有过,不过那个时候再减20磅就可以了),不过当我把多余的肥肉减掉以后,我就会去更多地去锻炼我的肌肉(这是我现在正在做的,但绝不是我的主要工作)。Never eat more than you can lift. - Miss Piggy永远不要吃到让你都走不动。 ——佩吉1. Focus on gradual loss. I mentioned this above, but it's important. Too many people focus on trying to lose weight fast — 10 pounds in 4 weeks, 20 pounds in 2 months, etc. It's not healthy, and it doesn't work, because even if you are able to lose that much weight that fast, you haven't learned sustainable eating habits that will last you a lifetime. The key is to figure out an eating pattern than will work for you for the rest of your life. Again, if you focus on losing 1-2 pounds per week, you will lose between 50-100 pounds per year. You just have to be willing to wait a year, but trust me, a year goes by pretty fast these days (I think it's inflation or something).1. 循序渐进地减少体重。前面我提到过这一点,那是因为它太重要了。太多的人都追求快速减肥——4周减 10磅,2个月减20磅,等等。这样做不仅不健康,而且没有太大的作用,因为即使你能够很快地减掉那么多体重,你也没有学会可以受用终生的可持续的饮食习惯。所以,关键是能找到一种饮食方式,能让你在你以后的生活中一直受益。再说一次,如果你能认真地花一周时间减掉1-2磅,那你一年之内就能减掉50- 100磅。你只需要花一年的时间来等待结果,但是相信我,现在的一年过得是很快的(我想是通货膨胀或者其它的原因吧)。2. Focus on nutrition. Exercise is important. You have to do it. It has wonderful benefits. But if your focus is on weight loss, the most important factor is what you eat. Don't ignore exercise, by any means, but if you focus on exercise and think you can eat whatever you want, you're wrong. You have to focus on nutrition (what you eat) and use exercise as a way to supplement the calorie burn and to get your body looking how you want it to look (not to mention as a key way to get healthy and feel great).2.注重营养摄入。锻炼很重要,你一定要锻炼,它会让你受益很多。但是如果你的重点是减肥,最重要的因素就是你的饮食。无论如何不要忽视锻炼,但如果你只是锻炼,而且认为你可以想吃什么就吃什么,那你就大错特错了。你一定要注重营养摄入(或者说你的饮食),然后把锻炼当作辅助热量燃烧的手段,从而让你的体形朝着你希望的样子发展(更不用说它还能让你健康、使你感觉舒畅)。The reason: you can change how many calories you take in to a much greater degree than you can change how many calories you burn. Thirty minutes of exercise, for example, can burn less than a medium McDonald's fries. Lose the fries, and you've done in a few seconds what would take 30 minutes of exercise to accomplish.原因:你最大限度地转换摄入热量的程度,远比你转换热量的数量重要得多。打比方说,锻炼三十分钟能转换掉相当于一个中号麦当劳炸鸡的热量。忍住不要吃炸鸡,你只花几秒钟的时间,就能起到锻炼三十分钟的效果。3. Become aware of your hunger. This is one of the key things I've been learning. Many times we are not conscious of how hungry we are. We ignore our bodies because we're too busy thinking about other things. As a result, we only eat when we're famished, and that's not a good time to eat, because you don't make healthy eating decisions when you're super hungry. Your blood-sugar level is too low, and your body just wants a quick sugar fix — a donut or some cookies or white b or a Coke will be much more appealing than a salad or healthy sandwich on whole grain b.3.关注你的饥饿程度。这也是我领悟到的关键之一。很多时候,我们不知道我们有多饿,因为我们太忙了,顾不上关心自己的身体。结果,只有到了饿极了的时候,我们才去吃东西。而这个时候不适合进食,因为当你极度饥饿的时候,你就不会健康地进食。你的血糖水平很低了,所以需要快速地补充糖分——这个时候,面包圈、饼干、白面包或者可口可乐铁定比沙拉或者全麦面包做的三明治更吸引你。Learn to listen to your body, and be aware of your hunger when it's in its early stages. This is a key skill to weight loss, something the other plans don't tell you about. They tell you what to eat and when, but don't teach you how to use your body's signals to learn to eat healthier.试着关注你的身体,在刚开始饿的时候就感知到它。这是减肥的一个重要技巧,一般在别的方法中都不会提到。它们会告诉你吃什么、什么时候吃,但是不会教你去感知身体的信号,从而吃得更健康。 /200802/26473

夫妻斗嘴比生闷气更有益于健康A good fight with your spouse could be good for the health, a new study has found.Couples who suppressed their anger have a mortality rate twice as high as those in which at least one partner stands up for themselves, according to the study which tracked 192 US couples for 17 years."When couples get together, one of their main jobs is reconciliation about conflict," said lead author Ernest Harburg, an emeritus professor with the University of Michigan."The key matter is, when the conflict happens, how do you resolve it?" he said."If you bury your anger, and you brood on it and you resent the other person or the attacker, and you don't try to resolve the problem, then you're in trouble."Previous studies have shown that suppressing anger increases stress-related illnesses like heart disease and high blood pressure.This study looks at how suppressed anger and the resulting buildup of resentment in a marriage affects overall mortality rates.Harburg and his colleagues used a questionnaire to determine how the spouses responded to behaviour that they perceived as unfair.Both spouses suppressed their anger in 26 of the couples while at least one spouse expressed their anger in the remaining 166 couples.At least one death was recorded in half the couples who suppressed their anger, whereas only 26 percent of the other couples suffered from the death of a spouse.And the anger-supressing couples were nearly five times more likely to both be dead 17 years later, the study found.The study was carried out in a small, predominantly white and middle class town in Michigan and most of the women were "housewives" born before the sexual revolution.An upcoming analysis of survival rates 30 years later will yield more reliable results, Harburg said 一项最新研究发现,夫妻双方在必要的时候斗斗嘴有益于身体健康。该研究对192对美国夫妇进行了长达17年的跟踪调查。研究发现,夫妻间生闷气的比至少有一方为自己争辩的死亡率高一倍。研究报告主要撰写人、密歇根大学退休教授欧尼斯特#8226;哈伯格说:“夫妻相处的一个主要问题就是如何调解矛盾。”“关键问题在于,发生矛盾时你应该怎样去解决它?”“如果你把怨气憋在心里,耿耿于怀,对对方愤恨不满,而不想办法去解决问题,那就麻烦了。”之前有研究表明,生闷气会增加患心脏病和高血压等与紧张有关的疾病的风险。该研究对夫妻之间生闷气以及由此导致的怨恨积聚对总体死亡率的影响进行了探究。哈伯格及其同事通过问卷调查来测定受访夫妇对他们所认为的“不公平”行为如何反应。调查结果显示,有26对夫妇双方都生闷气,其余的166对夫妇中至少有一方发泄不满。生闷气夫妇的死亡率至少为50%,而发泄不满夫妇的死亡率仅为26%。此外,研究发现,经常生闷气的夫妇17年后双亡的几率为其他夫妇的近五倍。该研究在美国密歇根州一个以白人和中产阶级为主的小镇开展,其中大多数女性为“家庭妇女”,均出生于美国性革命(美国性革命爆发于20世纪60年代)之前。哈伯格说,研究人员将对这些夫妇30年后的存活率进行研究分析,这一分析得出的结果会更加可靠。 /200803/32063

Amid the recriminations, some Finns accuse Mr Elop of deliberately pursuing a line that made Microsoft the only potential buyer. But despite the value destruction of recent years, the reality is more complex. Blame also attaches to previous executives, including some of those who, under Jorma Ollila, former chairman and chief executive, rescued Nokia from near-oblivion the first time round. 在一片指责声中,有些芬兰人声称,埃洛普刻意奉行的路线导致微软成了唯一的潜在买家。然而,尽管近年来诺基亚市值一泻千里,现实情况却更加复杂。以前的高管也要担责,包括在前董事长兼首席执行官约玛#8226;奥利拉(Jorma Ollila)带领下在第一次转型中把诺基亚从几近被遗忘中拯救出来的一部分人。 As Nokia#39;s dominance grew in the early 2000s, complacency and bureaucracy crept in. In what now seems a sadly apposite jibe, given the Microsoft takeover, the group#39;s headquarters in Espoo, just outside central Helsinki, became known as “the PowerPoint Palace”, filled with middle managers obsessed about internal politics and making presentations prepared with the Microsoft tool. Riitta Nieminen-Sundell, a sociologist who worked at the company until 2005, calls the Nokia tale a “Greek tragedy”. 随着21世纪前10年初期诺基亚地位的增强,洋洋自得与官僚作风开始滋生。诺基亚位于赫尔辛基郊区埃斯波(Espoo)的集团总部以“PPT宫殿”著称,充斥着沉迷于内部政治、喜用微软PowerPoint软件进行演示的中层经理。考虑到微软的收购,这一嘲讽在今天看来非常贴切,也令人伤感。在诺基亚干到了2005年、目前是社会学家的里塔#8226;涅米宁-松德尔(Riitta Nieminen-Sundell)称,诺基亚的故事就是一出“希腊悲剧”。 If so, it is a tragedy that Finns hope will have a strong next act. Valtteri Halla, who led development of the homegrown Nokia operating system MeeGo and is now chief technology officer of Leia Media, a start-up, says: “The Nokia palace has collapsed. It was a great fortress and there are huge building blocks lying around, from which people can make things.” 如果真的是这样,芬兰人希望这出悲剧的下一幕会有精剧情。领导开发诺基亚自有操作系统MeeGo、现任初创企业Leia Media首席技术官的瓦尔特里#8226;哈拉(Valtteri Halla)表示:“诺基亚宫殿倒塌了。它曾是一座宏伟的堡垒,倒塌以后,大块砖石散落的到处都是,人们拿这些还可以做出一些东西。” Ms Nieminen-Sundell says: “[Nokia] educated one or two generations of Finns in international business, [planting] the idea that we can do it and we#39;re not a tiny country next to Sweden, almost in Russia.” 涅米宁-松德尔表示:“诺基亚教育了一两代芬兰人怎么做国际业务,植入了有志者事竟成的观念,使人们认识到,我们不是挨着瑞典的小国,而是像俄罗斯一样强大。” From his ministry corner office, with a view of the harbour and the historic Aleksanterinkatu district in central Helsinki, Mr Vapaavuori says the decline of Nokia was a bigger psychological blow to Finnish self-esteem than it was a hit to the economy. 瓦帕沃里从他的部长办公室里能够俯视港口以及位于赫尔辛基市中心的Aleksanterinkatu历史街区。他表示,诺基亚衰落对芬兰人自尊心造成的心理打击比对经济的冲击大得多。 Finnish start-ups and small technology companies are trying to prove his point. Among them are gaming companies Supercell (maker of Clash of Clans) and Rovio (Angry Birds). Another is Jolla, staffed mostly with ex-Nokians, which is developing open-source software and innovative phones in an echoing office block shared with Supercell. (“Jolla” means “little sailing ship” in Finnish, with the implication that it was a lifeboat leaving the sinking ship.) 芬兰初创企业和小型科技企业正在试图印他的观点,其中包括游戏公司Supercell(《部落战争》(Clash of Clans)制作方)和Rovio(《愤怒的小鸟》(Angry Birds)出自该公司)。另一家是Jolla,员工多数是前诺基亚人,正在开发开源软件和创新型手机,与Supercell同在一座写字楼。(Jolla在芬兰语中的意思是“小帆船”,暗指这是一艘离开沉船的救生船。) Jolla co-founder Antti Saarnio says the message to the country is that “it#39;s time to wake up” and provide even more support for smaller and medium-sized technology companies. This sentiment echoed a tweet by Ilkka Paananen, the Supercell chief executive, who said “Finland needed this” after the deal was announced. Jolla联合创始人安蒂#8226;萨尔尼奥(Antti Saarnio)表示,收购消息传递给芬兰的信号是,“是时候觉醒了”,应该给中小型科技企业提供更多持。Supercell首席执行官伊卡#8226;帕纳宁(Ilkka Paananen)在Twitter上发帖呼应这一观点,在交易信息宣布后,他说“芬兰需要这个”。 While the transition to this post-Nokia era began two or more years ago, an obvious problem is that these smaller companies cannot hope, even if they grow, to replace all of the 14,000 jobs that Nokia has shed in Finland in the past three years, as well as other work that was dependent on the company. 尽管向“后诺基亚时代”的过渡在两三年前就开始了,一个明显问题是,即便这些小型企业在发展,也不能指望它们替代过去3年来诺基亚在芬兰裁减的14000个职位,以及其他过去倚赖诺基亚的工作岗位。 Ebba Dahli, a former Nokia employee and now a partner with Kaato, which connects inward investors with opportunities and employees in Finland, says: “One of the big challenges is it#39;s not only Nokia [restructuring] – the same is going on in shipbuilding and the paper industry.” 前诺基亚员工埃巴#8226;达利(Ebba Dahli)表示:“最大的一项挑战是,进行结构重组的不仅仅有诺基亚,造船业和造纸业也一样。”如今达利是Kaato的合伙人,该公司为外国投资者在芬兰寻找商机和员工。 Mr Ala-Pietila#39;s report into the future of the technology sector is partly aimed at making the most of the Nokia building blocks, by helping Finland apply the technology skills it has learnt across many different sectors, beyond telecommunications. 阿拉-皮蒂拉关于科技行业前景的报告一定程度上是想充分利用诺基亚所具有的东西,把其在许多不同领域掌握的科技技能应用到电信业以外的行业。 Start-ups, despite their enthusiasm and ambition, will be less important for employment than sustained investment by Microsoft and other large international employers with Finnish operations. 尽管初创企业有热情,有野心,但在增加就业方面,其重要性比不上微软以及其他在芬兰运营的大型跨国企业持续做出的投资。 Finns may exude a surface calm about the Nokia deal but shortly after the Microsoft announcement there was palpable relief that Broadcom of the US had stepped in to rescue the Finnish operations of Renesas, the Japanese chipmaker, including preserving the jobs of hundreds of people in the northern town of Oulu, where Nokia remains a large employer. 芬兰人对微软收购诺基亚手机业务的交易表面上可能波澜不惊,但在微软宣布消息后不久,美国通(Broadcom)出手救助日本芯片制造商瑞萨电子(Renesas)的芬兰公司,决定保留北部城市奥卢(Oulu,诺基亚在这里依然是一大雇主)数百人的工作,很明显人们松了一口气。 Steve Ballmer, the Microsoft chief executive, has done his best to reassure Finnish politicians and Nokia staff this week that Finland will remain an important part of the strategy of the company. In Salo, a Nokia smartphone facility northwest of Helsinki, Mr Ballmer was asked by one of 1,200 staff: “Does this mean we all get Xboxes?” He said they would. 微软首席执行官史蒂夫#8226;鲍尔默(Steve Ballmer)竭尽全力地向芬兰政界和诺基亚员工保,芬兰仍将是微软战略中的重要环节。在赫尔辛基西北部一家诺基亚智能手机设备厂所在地萨洛(Salo),1200名员工中的一位问鲍尔默:“这是不是意味着我们都会拿到Xbox?”鲍尔默回答会的。 Mr Kiljander, now a director at F-Secure, a computer security group, says however painful for those who contributed to Nokia#39;s success, the sale to Microsoft makes sense. “Nokia gets rid of something that could have drowned the whole company and Microsoft gets something that allows it to continue driving its mobile strategy,” he says. 目前在计算机安全企业F-Secure担任董事的基尔扬德表示,不管这给曾为诺基亚的成功做出贡献的人带来多大痛苦,诺基亚把手机业务出售给微软是合理的。他表示:“诺基亚摆脱了那些可能会溺死整个公司的东西,而微软则得到了可以让它继续推进其移动战略的东西。” In the longer term it will take more than a handout of gaming consoles to some staff and Microsoft#39;s £250m investment in a new Finnish data centre to fill the hole left in Finland as Nokia has shrunk over the past few years. 从长期来看,要填补诺基亚近些年萎缩而在芬兰留下的窟窿,微软所需要做的不仅仅是给某些员工发放游戏机,或者投资2.5亿英镑在芬兰新建一座数据中心。 In a strange way, Finnish people suggested that the hole was probably bigger for those Finns who did not have a direct stake in Nokia, but had become used to it being the handheld calling card by which foreigners from Barcelona to Beijing recognised their country. Now that the speculation about Nokia#39;s ownership is over, it may be easier for Finns both inside and outside the company to stop raking over the errors of the past and to start building the future. 奇怪的是,芬兰人认为,这个窟窿可能对某些芬兰人而言更大——这些人与诺基亚并没有直接利益关系,但他们已经习惯人们把诺基亚当作一张名片,从巴塞罗那到北京,各地外国人用这张名片来认识他们的国家。既然诺基亚的归属已经尘埃落定,诺基亚内外的芬兰人可能更容易停止盘点过去的错误,开始为建设未来努力。 Samuli Hanninen, an engineer and Nokia vice-president responsible for smartphone imaging technology, says that when he was briefed on the forthcoming announcement one Saturday he “opened a beer and went to do some gardening”. This week, presenting the news to his team, he called for questions. One engineer put up his hand. “Can we go back to work now?” 工程师、负责智能手机成像技术的诺基亚副总裁萨穆利#8226;汉尼宁(Samuli Hanninen)表示,当他在一个周六事先得知这一交易时,他“开了瓶啤酒,干了点园艺活儿”。他向团队宣布这条消息时,问大家有没有问题。一名工程师举起手,说道:“我们现在能回去工作了吗?” /201309/256754

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