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John Coltrane, 1926-1967: The famous saxophone player helped make modern jazz popular around the worldVOICE ONE:PEOPLE IN AMERICA, a program in Special English by the Voice of America.(MUSIC)John Coltrane He was one of the greatest saxophone players of all time. He wrote jazz music. He recorded new versions of popular songs. And, he helped make modern jazz popular. I'm Shirley Griffith.VOICE TWO:And I'm Steve Ember. Today, we tell about musician John Coltrane.(MUSIC)VOICE ONE:John Coltrane was born in the state of North Carolina in nineteen twenty-six. He was raised in the small farm town of High Point. Both of his grandfathers were clergymen. As a young boy, he spent a great deal of time listening to the music of the black Southern church.Coltrane's father sewed clothes. He played several musical instruments for his own enjoyment. The young Coltrane grew up in a musical environment. He discovered jazz by listening to the recordings of such jazz greats as Count Basie and Lester Young.VOICE TWO:When John was thirteen, he asked his mother to buy him a saxophone. People realized almost immediately that the young man could play the instrument very well. John learned by listening to recordings of the great jazz saxophone players, Johnny Hodges and Charlie Parker.John and his family moved to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in nineteen forty-three. He studied music for a short time at the Granoff Studios and at the Ornstein School of Music.VOICE ONE:John Coltrane served for a year in a Navy band in Hawaii. When he returned, he began playing saxophone in several small bands.In nineteen forty-eight, Coltrane joined trumpet player Dizzy Gillespie's band. Seven years later, Coltrane joined the jazz group of another trumpet player, Miles Davis. The group included piano player Red Garland, double bass player Paul Chambers and drummer Philly Joe Jones.VOICE TWO:Coltrane began experimenting with new ways to write and perform jazz music. He explored many new ways of playing the saxophone.Some people did not like this new sound. They did not understand it. Others said it was an expression of modern soul. They said it represented an important change. Jazz performers, composers and other musicians welcomed this change.During the nineteen fifties, Coltrane used drugs and alcohol. He became dependent on drugs. Band leaders dismissed him because of his drug use. In nineteen fifty-seven, Coltrane stopped using drugs.VOICE ONE:In nineteen fifty-nine, John Coltrane recorded the first album of his own music. The album is called "Giant Steps." Here is the title song from that album.(MUSIC)VOICE TWO:Coltrane also recorded another famous song with a larger jazz band. The band included Milt Jackson on vibes, Hank Jones on piano, Paul Chambers on bass and Connie Kay on drums. Here is their recording of "Stairway to the Stars."(MUSIC)VOICE ONE:In nineteen sixty, Coltrane left Miles Davis and organized his own jazz group. He was joined by McCoy Tyner on piano, Jimmy Garrison on bass and Elvin Jones on drums. This group became famous around the world.John Coltrane's most famous music was recorded during this period. One song is called "My Favorite Things." Richard Rogers and Oscar Hammerstein had written the song for the Broadway musical "The Sound of Music." Jazz critics say Coltrane's version is one of the best jazz recordings ever made. The record became very popular. It led many more people to become interested in jazz.(MUSIC: "My Favorite Things")VOICE TWO:Critics say Coltrane's versions of other popular songs influenced all jazz music writing. One of these was a song called "Summertime." It was written by Du Bose Heyward and George Gershwin for the opera "Porgy and Bess."(MUSIC)VOICE ONE:In nineteen sixty-four, Coltrane married pianist Alice McCloud who later became a member of his band. He stopped using alcohol, and became religious. He wrote a song to celebrate his religious experience. The song is more than thirty minutes long. It is called "A Love Supreme." Here is part of the song.(MUSIC)VOICE TWO:By nineteen sixty-five, Coltrane was one of the most famous jazz musicians in the world. He was famous in Europe and Japan, as well as in the ed States. He was always trying to produce a sound that no one had produced before. Some of the sounds he made were beautiful. Others were like loud screams. Miles Davis said that Coltrane was the loudest, fastest saxophone player that ever lived.Many people could not understand his music. But they listened anyway. Coltrane never made his music simpler to become more popular.Coltrane continued to perform and record even as he suffered from liver cancer. He died in nineteen sixty-seven at the age of forty in Long Island, New York.VOICE ONE:Experts say John Coltrane continues to influence modern jazz. Some critics say one of Coltrane's most important influences on jazz was his use of musical ideas from other cultures, including India, Africa and Latin America.Whitney Balliett of The New Yorker Magazine wrote about Coltrane the year after his death: "People said they heard the dark night ... in Coltrane's wildest music. But what they really heard was a heroic ... voice at the mercy of its own power."(MUSIC)VOICE TWO:This Special English program was written by Shelley Gollust. It was produced by Lawan Davis. I'm Steve Ember.VOICE ONE:And I'm Shirley Griffith. Join us again next week at this time for another PEOPLE IN AMERICA program on the Voice of America. Article/200803/32376A husband and wife drove for miles in silence after a terrible argument in which neither would budge. The husband pointed to a mule in a pasture. "Relative of yours?" he asked. "Yes," she replied. "By marriage."一对夫妻开着车出去,走了很长一段时间谁也不吭声。因为在这之前他们曾争吵得很历害,谁也不肯让步。丈夫指着牧场上的一头骡子问道:“是你的亲戚吗?”“是的,”妻子回答, “是婆家的亲戚。” Article/200805/382617 Friday第7章 星期五For two years I never went anywhere without my gun.两年来,没带我从不四处乱走。I felt lonely and afraid,and had many sleepless nights.我感到孤独和害怕,许多晚上无法入睡。One night there was a very bad storm,and I thought I heard the sound of guns out at sea.一个晚上来了一场非常厉害的风暴。我想我听到海上的声。The next morning I looked out,and saw a ship.第二天早晨我往外望去,看到一只轮船。It was lying on its side not far from the shore.它斜搁在离海岸不远的海面上。Quickly,I put my little boat in the water and sailed out to it.我迅速地把我的小船拖下水并朝大船驶去。There were two dead men on the ship,but no one alive.船上有两个死人,但没有人活着,The bodies of the other sailors were lost in the sea.其他水手的尸体都消失在海上。I took some clothes and tools,and also a box of Spanish gold and silver money.我带走一些衣和工具,还有一箱西班牙金币和银币,I was a rich man now,but what use was money to me?现在我成了一个富翁,但这些钱对我有什么用呢?I could not buy anything with it.我用它们什么也买不到。I wanted people,a friend,somebody to talk to…我渴望人类,一个朋友,可以谈话的人……somebody who could help me escape from my island.可以帮助我逃离孤岛的人。One morning I woke up and made a plan.有天早上我醒来作了个计划。#39;I#39;ll try to catch one of the prisoners of the wild men,#39;I said to myself.“我将试图能救一个那些野人的俘虏,”我自言自语,#39;He#39;ll be happy to be alive and perhaps he#39;ll help me to escape. #39;“他将因为活着而高兴,可能他会帮助我逃跑。”I watched day and night,but for a year and a half there were no boats.我日夜观望着,但一年半过去了,却再也没见到船只出现。Then one day five boats came.有一天,海上来了五只船,There were about thirty men and they had two prisoners.大约有30个人和两个俘虏。They made their fire on the sand and danced round it.他们在沙滩上生火并围着火跳舞,Then they killed one of the prisoners and began to cook their terrible meal.然后他们杀了一个俘虏并开始煮可怕的食物。The second prisoner waited under the trees,with two men to watch him.另一个俘虏在树下等候,留有两个人看守,Suddenly,the prisoner turned and ran.突然,这个俘虏转身就跑,The two men ran after him,两个人在后面追赶,but the other wild men were busy round the fire and did not see what was happening.但其余的野人围着火忙着,并没有看见发生的事。The prisoner ran like a wild goat,那俘虏像一只野山羊在奔跑,and soon I saw that he was coming near the bottom of my hill.不一会儿我看到他已跑到我的山脚下。As fast as I could,I ran down the hill and jumped out of the trees between the prisoner and the two wild men.我尽快地跑下山去,在俘虏和另两个野人之间的树丛里跳出来。I hit the first man with the wooden end of my gun and he fell down,我用木制的柄击倒第一个野人,but I had to shoot the second man.但我却不得不开打死第二个。The poor prisoner did not move.可怜的俘虏没有移动,He was afraid of the noise of my gun.他被声吓呆了。I called to him and tried to show him that I was friendly.我大声招呼他,努力向他表明我是友好的。Slowly,he moved nearer to me,but just then the first wild man began to get up from the ground.他慢慢地向我靠近,但这时第一个野人开始从地上爬起来。Then the prisoner spoke and I understood that he wanted my sword.然后这俘虏说话了,我明白他需要我的刀。How happy I was to hear words again!能够听到人的语言我是多么高兴啊!I gave him my sword,and at once he cut off the head of his enemy.我给他我的刀,他立刻砍掉了敌人的脑袋。Hurriedly,we hid the dead bodies under some leaves,and then left quickly.我们急忙把尸体藏在了落叶下,然后迅速地离开。I took my prisoner to my secret cave on the other side of the island and gave him food and drink.我把俘虏带到岛的另一面我隐蔽的洞穴,并给他食物和水,After that,he went to sleep.不久,他睡着了。He was a fine young man,about twenty-five years old,他是一个可爱的年轻人,大约25岁,tall and well-built,with a kind face and a nice smile.身材高大健壮,和善的脸上带着开心的微笑。He had a brown skin,black hair,bright eyes and strong white teeth.他褐色皮肤,黑头发,明亮的眼睛和坚固的白牙齿。I decided to give him the name of#39;Man Friday#39;,because I first saw him on a Friday.我决定叫他“仆人星期五”,因为我是在星期五第一次见到他。When he woke up in the morning,he ran out to me.当他早上醒来时,他跑到我的身边。I was milking my goats in the field,and he got down on the ground and put his head near my foot.我正在田里挤羊奶,他跪在地上把他的头贴在43我的脚边。I understood that he was thank-ing me,and I tried to show him that I was his friend.我明白他在感谢我,我努力向他表明我是他的朋友。I began to teach him to speak English,我开始教他说英语,and soon he could say his name,#39;Master#39;,and#39;Yes#39;and#39;No#39;.不久,他能够说他的名字,“主人”及“是”与“不是”。How good it was to hear a man#39;s voice again!重新听到人的声音是多么美妙啊!Later that day we went back to my first house.那天傍晚,我们回到我的第一次建造的房子,We went carefully along the beach,but there were no boats and no wild men.我们沿着海滨小心走着,但那儿没有船和野人,Just blood and bones all over the sand.只有血迹和尸骨散落在沙滩上,I felt ill,but Fri-day wanted to eat the pieces of men#39;s bodies which were still on the ground.我感到恶心,但星期五想吃地上的尸体的碎块,I showed him that this was terrible for me,and he understood.我向他表示这对我来说很可怕,他明白了。When we got to my house,I gave Man Friday some trousers,当我们回到房子里,我给星期五几条裤子,and I made him a coat and a hat.而且给他做了件外套和一顶帽子,He liked his new clothes very much.他非常喜欢他的新衣。Then I made him a little tent to sleep in,然后我给他搭了一座小帐篷睡觉,but for a few weeks I always took my gun to bed with me.但一连几个星期我总是带睡觉,Perhaps Friday was still a wild man and would try to kill me in the night.或许因为星期五还是一个野人,也许他会在夜里杀了我。At first,Friday was very afraid of my gun.开始,星期五害怕我的,Sometimes he talked to it,and asked it not to kill him.有时他对说话,叫不要杀死他。Friday was a quick learner and his English got better day by day.星期五学得很快,他的英语讲得一天比一天好。He helped me with the goats and with the work in the cornfields,他帮我养山羊和在田地里干活,and soon we were good friends.不久我们成了好朋友。I enjoyed teaching him and,most of all,having a friend to talk to.我乐于教他,最重要的是有一个朋友可以谈话,This was the happiest of all my years on the island.这是我在岛上最快乐的时光。Friday and I lived together happily for three years.我和星期五幸福地一起生活了三年,I told him the story of my adventures and about life in England,我告诉他我的冒险经历和在英国的生活,and he told me about his country and his people.他告诉我有关他的国家及人民。One day we were at the top of the highest hill on the island,一天,我们站在岛的最高的山顶,and we were looking out to sea.眺望大海,It was a very clear day and we could see a long way.天气十分睛朗,我们可以看得很远。Suddenly,Friday began to jump up and down,very excited.突然,星期五跳上跳下,非常兴奋。#39;What#39;s the matter?#39;I said.“发生了什么事?”我说。#39;Look,Master,look!#39;Friday cried. #39;I can see my country. Look over there!“看,主人,看哪!”星期五叫起来。“我能看见我的国家。看,就在那儿。”I looked,and there to the north-west,between the sea and the sky,was a long thin piece of land.我看到从这儿往西北,在海天之间,有一片狭长的土地。I learnt later that it was the island of Trinidad,我后来知道这是特立尼达岛,and that my island was in the mouth of the River Orinoco on the north coast of South America.而我的岛在南美洲北部海岸的奥里诺科河的河口。I began to think again about escape.我又重新开始考虑逃离。Perhaps Friday wanted to go home too.也许星期五也想回家。Perhaps together we could get to his country.或许我们能一起回到他的国家。But what then?但那会怎样呢?Would Friday still be my friend,or would his people kill me and eat me?星期五仍会是我的朋友么?他的伙伴会杀死并吃掉我么?I took Friday to the other side of the island and showed him my big canoe.我把星期五带到岛的另一边,向他展示我的庞大的独木舟。It still lay under the trees.它仍躺在树下。It was very old now,and there were holes in the wood.现在它非常旧,木头上有些洞。#39;Could a boat like this sail to your country,Friday?#39;I asked him.“星期五,像这样的船能驶到你的国家吗?”我问他。#39;Oh yes,#39;he answered.“哦,能,”他回答说。#39;A boat like this can carry a lot of food and drink. #39;“像这样的船能装运许多食物和水。”#39;Then we#39;ll make another canoe like it,and you can go home in it,#39;I said.“那么我们将制造差不多的另一只独木舟,你就可以乘着它回家了。”我说。But Friday looked very unhappy.但星期五看起来很不开心。#39;Why are you angry with me?#39;he asked.“为什么你生我的气呢?”#39;What have I done?Why do you want to send me home?#39;他问。“我做了什么?为什么你想送我回家?”#39;But I thought you wanted to go home,#39;I said.“但我认为你想回家,”我说道。#39;Yes. But you must come with me.“是的。但是你一定要和我一起去。Kill me if you want,but don#39;t send me away from you!#39;假如你想杀我也可以,但不要把我送走!”Then I saw that Friday was a true friend,and so I agreed to go with him.此后我发现星期五是一个真诚的朋友,因此我同意和他一起走。We began work on the canoe at once.我们马上开始建造独木舟。Friday chose the tree himself—he understood wood better than I did—and we cut it down.星期五亲自挑选木头——他比我更懂得木材的好坏——我们砍倒树木。We worked hard and in a month the boat was finished.我们辛苦地工作,一个月就把船造好了。Two weeks later it was in the sea,and we began to get y for our long journey.两个星期后船下水了,我们开始为长途旅行作准备。 Article/201202/172673It was so light that it almost was white in color. She was facing the parallel side of the club from where she was standing. The lighting is not too good in the club because there are no windows, but I could see her clear as day. Thinking I left the Emergency exit where I emptied the trash unlocked, I was about to shout at her to say we were closed.   Just then something stopped me from speaking. Most people say when they see something paranormal they get cold, not in my case. I got incredibly hot. Even standing there with the fridge door open in a naturally cool place, I grew as hot as the afternoon sun beaming outside. I stood still in silence for about 5 mins staring at her, as she did not move. I then grasped some courage and said "hey, how did you get in here we are closed!" As I said this she turned to look at me, that's when I noticed the other side of her face that was not visible to me before was MISSING! This freaked me out so much that my blood ran as cold as the fridge standing open. I stood frozen for a few minutes refusing to look away as she stood there and returned my gaze. Now I do not know what came over me because I now started to chase after her. Most people would think I am crazy to chase after a ghost but my bold stupidity of working security and liking to throw my weight around took over. Article/200904/67946

Every day at Longbourn was now a day of anxiety; but the most anxious part of each was when the post was expected. The arrival of letters was the grand object of every morning#39;s impatience. Through letters, whatever of good or bad was to be told would be communicated, and every succeeding day was expected to bring some news of importance.浪搏恩一家人每天都过得非常心焦,最焦急的时间莫过于等待邮差送信来。不管信上报道的是好消息还是坏消息,总是要讲给大家听,还盼望着第二天会有重要的消息传来。But before they heard again from Mr. Gardiner, a letter arrived for their father, from a different quarter, from Mr. Collins; which, as Jane had received directions to open all that came for him in his absence, she accordingly ; and Elizabeth, who knew what curiosities his letters always were, looked over her, and it likewise. It was as follows:嘉丁纳先生虽然还没有给她们寄来第二封信,可是她们却收到了别的地方寄来的一封信,原来是柯林斯先生寄来了一封信给她们的父亲。吉英事前曾受到父亲的嘱托,代他拆阅一切信件,于是她便来拜读这一封信。伊丽莎白也知道柯林斯先生的信总是写得奇奇怪怪,便也挨在吉英身旁一同拜读。信是这样写的:;MY DEAR SIR,长者先生赐鉴:;I feel myself called upon, by our relationship, and my situation in life, to condole with you on the grievous affliction you are now suffering under, of which we were yesterday informed by a letter from Hertfordshire. Be assured, my dear sir, that Mrs. Collins and myself sincerely sympathise with you and all your respectable family, in your present distress, which must be of the bitterest kind, because proceeding from a cause which no time can remove. No arguments shall be wanting on my part that can alleviate so severe a misfortune--or that may comfort you, under a circumstance that must be of all others the most afflicting to a parent#39;s mind. The death of your daughter would have been a blessing in comparison of this. And it is the more to be lamented, because there is reason to suppose as my dear Charlotte informs me, that this licentiousness of behaviour in your daughter has proceeded from a faulty degree of indulgence; though, at the same time, for the consolation of yourself and Mrs. Bennet, I am inclined to think that her own disposition must be naturally bad, or she could not be guilty of such an enormity, at so early an age. Howsoever that may be, you are grievously to be pitied; in which opinion I am not only joined by Mrs. Collins, but likewise by Lady Catherine and her daughter, to whom I have related the affair. They agree with me in apprehending that this false step in one daughter will be injurious to the fortunes of all the others; for who, as Lady Catherine herself condescendingly says, will connect themselves with such a family? And this consideration leads me moreover to reflect, with augmented satisfaction, on a certain event of last November; for had it been otherwise, I must have been involved in all your sorrow and disgrace. Let me then advise you, dear sir, to console yourself as much as possible, to throw off your unworthy child from your affection for ever, and leave her to reap the fruits of her own heinous offense.昨接哈福德郡来信,借悉先生目前正什心烦虑乱,不胜苦悲。不佞与拙荆闻之,无论对先生个人或尊府老幼,均深表同情。以不佞之名份职位而言,自当聊申悼惜之意,何况与尊府为葭莩,益觉责无旁贷。夫癸诸情理,此次不幸事件自难免令人痛心疾首,盖家声一经败坏,便永无清洗之日,伤天下父母之心,孰有甚于此者?早知如此,但冀其早日夭亡为幸耳。不佞只有曲尽言辞,备加慰问,庶几可以聊宽尊怀。据内人夏绿蒂言,令媛此次淫奔,实系由于平日过分溺爱所致,此尤其可悲者也。唯不佞以为令媛年方及笄,竟而铸成大错,亦足见其本身天性之恶劣;先生固不必过于引咎自责也。日前遇咖苔琳夫人及其千金,曾以此事奉告,夫人等亦与不佞夫妇不所同感。多蒙夫人与愚见不谋而合,认为令媛此次失足,辱没家声,遂使后之攀亲者望而却步,殃及其氏终生幸福,堪虑堪虑。瓴念言及此,不禁忆及去年十一月间一事,则又深为庆幸,否则木已成舟,势必自取其辱,受累不浅。敬祈先生善自宽慰,任其妄自菲薄,自食其果,不足怜惜也。;I am, dear sir, etc. , etc. ;(下略) Article/201204/179421

Now surely I could not disappoint the only person who considered me afraid of nothing? I edged into the space and fired up the flashlight…I was completely taken aback by the sight that met my eyes…And quickly exited. I had noticed three things…a baby’s rattle, an old-fashioned teddy bear and what looked to be a baby…  As I re-entered the attic, with a more rational mind, and discovered what had appeared to be a baby was only in fact a doll. I sent Jonathan to get my camera and we took this photograph. I chuckled to myself at how my mind had twisted the situation…We left the door unnailed, just resting against the gaping hole, and continued on with the day. We did not think much more of it until that evening whilst we were watching television; we once more heard the noise. But this time it was significantly louder.  That morning, I once again stuck my head in to the attic, and this time I almost screamed…Not from what I saw, but from what I did not see. The doll had vanished.   I quickly nailed up the panel again…And to this day I have never again ventured inside our attic…And yes, on occasion, we still do hear strange noises coming from that space.  Was it really just his imagination?  I am not so very sure…I suspect that my attic might hold a sordid past…  此刻我决不能让儿子对心目中天不怕地不怕的父亲形象失望,于是我把身子探进去,打开手电筒…看到了里面的情景后我猛然间向后一缩,随即迅速退了出来。我看见三样东西…一个小孩子的玩具,一件老式的玩具熊,还有一个东西好像是个孩子…  第二次进去的时候我有了心理准备,这时发现那个似乎是孩子的东西其实是个洋娃娃。我让乔纳森去拿照相机来,给这些东西拍了照片。我笑自己怎么会把情况想得那么复杂…随后我们离开了,并没把木板钉回去,而是就立在了洞口的地方。那天接下来的时间就这么过去了,我们都没再想什么,直到晚上看电视的时候我们又听见了那个声音,而且这次的声音明显比以前大了。  转天早上我又把头探进阁楼去看个究竟,当时我几乎尖叫出来…并不是因为我又看见了什么,而是因为我没有看见的东西。昨天的那个洋娃娃不见了。  我赶忙把木板钉了回去…并且至今为止我也没有再进到阁楼里面去…不过,有时我们还能听到那个奇怪的声音从里面传出来。  难道这是他的灵魂吗?  我不知道到底是怎么回事…我只是在想,也许阁楼里面当初发生过某件不光的事情。 Article/200809/49012

Aren’t mp3s amazing? Maybe young people today don’t think so. They are part of the “digital generation” and think mp3s are normal. But I was born long before digital music started. When I was a teenager, I had a record collection. You had to go to a store and buy your music. I had hundreds of records. The first time I came across mp3s I laughed. I was totally amazed. I still find it hard to believe I can keep 10,000 songs in my pocket and take them anywhere in the world. I also love the idea of mp3 downloads. It’s much easier than going to a record store. I’m wondering what happens after mp3s. What’s next? I’m sure one day people will laugh at how “old technology” mp3s are. Article/201106/139160

就在这时,这个房子的门开了,一只大盘子朝仆人的头飞来,掠过他的鼻子,在他身后的一棵树上撞碎了。 `There might be some sense in your knocking,' the Footman went on without attending to her, `if we had the door between us. For instance, if you were INSIDE, you might knock, and I could let you out, you know.' He was looking up into the sky all the time he was speaking, and this Alice thought decidedly uncivil. `But perhaps he can't help it,' she said to herself; `his eyes are so VERY nearly at the top of his head. But at any rate he might answer questions.--How am I to get in?' she repeated, aloud. `I shall sit here,' the Footman remarked, `till tomorrow--' At this moment the door of the house opened, and a large plate came skimming out, straight at the Footman's head: it just grazed his nose, and broke to pieces against one of the trees behind him. `--or next day, maybe,' the Footman continued in the same tone, exactly as if nothing had happened. `How am I to get in?' asked Alice again, in a louder tone. `ARE you to get in at all?' said the Footman. `That's the first question, you know.' It was, no doubt: only Alice did not like to be told so. `It's really dful,' she muttered to herself, `the way all the creatures argue. It's enough to drive one crazy!' 内容来自: Article/201101/123306

The Meeting 相识 In the autumn of 1930 Edward went to stay with his friends Lord and Lady Furness. This is how he described that weekend in a book called A King#39;s Story:1930年的秋天,爱德华去他的朋友弗内斯勋爵夫妇那里小住。在《一个国王的故事》一书中,他是这样描述那个周末的:On Saturday the weather was cold and windy. It was raining heavily so we could not ride our horses. We decided to stay in the house and have an early lunch with some of Lady Furness#39; friends.星期六,天气很冷,刮着风。雨下得很大,所以我们无法出去骑马。我们决定待在屋里,早点开午饭。与我们共进午餐的是弗内斯勋爵夫人的一些朋友。At one o#39;clock Wallis arrived with her husband. She was beautifully dressed and she smiled all the time. She spoke with Lord Furness for a few minutes, and then Lady Fur-ness brought her over to see me.1点钟,沃利斯和她的丈夫来了。她穿得很漂亮,始终面带微笑。她与弗内斯勋爵夫人谈了几分钟,然后弗内斯勋爵夫人把她带到我面前。;Sir, I would like you to meet one of my dearest and sweetest American friends, Mrs Wallis Simpson.;“殿下,我想介绍您认识我的一位最可爱、最甜美的美国朋友,沃利斯·辛普森夫人。”;How do you do, Mrs Simpson,; I said. ;Please come and sit down.;“您好,辛普森夫人,”我说,“请过来坐坐。”Lady Furness left us and we began to talk.弗内斯勋爵夫人走开了,我们交谈起来。I could see that Wallis was not felling very well. She had a bad cold and her eyes were red. ;I#39;m afraid that our English houses aren;t very warm,; I said. ;We don#39;t have American central heating here.;我看得出,沃利斯不太舒。她得了重感冒,眼睛红红的。“恐怕我们英国的房子不够暖和,”我说,“我们这儿没有美国的中央供暖系统。”There was a long silence. Mrs Simpson turned her face and looked out of the window. Then she said: ;You have disappointed me, Sir.;接着是长长的一段沉默。辛普森夫人转头向窗外望去。然后她说:“您让我感到失望,殿下。”;And why is that?; I asked.“为什么?”我问。;Because everybody asks me about American central heat-ing. I thought that the Prince of Wales would talk about something more interesting.;“因为每个人都问我美国中央供暖的事儿。我想,威尔士亲王准会谈些比较有趣的事。”I began to laugh.我大笑起来。;What;s the matter, Sir?; Wallis asked. ;Have I said something wrong?;“怎么了,殿下?”沃利斯问,“我说错什么了吗?”;No,; I replied.;I#39;m laughing because you didn;t lie to me. You told me the truth.;“没有,”我回答,“我笑是因为你没对我说谎。你讲了真话。”;But why is that funny? Doesn;t everybody do that?;“可这有什么可笑的?难道大家不都这样吗?”;One day I#39;ll be King of England,; I replied. ;And people are afraid of me. If I say that the sky is yellow, they say, ;Yes,Sir,you are right.;“有朝一日我会成为英国的国王,”我答道,“所以人们都怕我。如果我说天是黄的,他们会说,“对,殿下,您说得对。” /201204/177517

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