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Robots will play a key role in the care of China#39;s elderly within five years, according to a national robotics industry development guideline.根据国家机器人产业发展指南,五年内,机器人将在中国的老年人护理方面发挥关键作用。In Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, robots aly act as caretakers and companions for the elderly in rest homes.在浙江省杭州市,机器人已经成为养老院老人的照顾者和陪伴者。Hangzhou#39;s social welfare center began to use Ah Tie robots in May. Each robot is 80 centimeters tall and weighs 15 kilograms. They are also equipped with two 5-megapixel cameras to identify patients.杭州的社会福利中心在5月份开始使用“阿铁”机器人。每个机器人高80厘米,重15公斤。它们还配备了两个500万像素的摄像头来识别病人。The producer of Ah Tie robots said they aim to collect more data from users during this trial period at the center.“阿铁”机器人的制作者表示,他们的目标是在该中心的试用期间,从用户那里收集更多的数据。Additional data will help to advance the health analysis and remote medical services provided by the robots.其他数据将有助于推进机器人提供健康分析和远程医疗务。According to deputy director of the center, Ah Tie robots can help support healthcare workers by offering regular reminders.据该中心副主任介绍,“阿铁”机器人可以通过提供定期提醒来帮助医护人员。They can also enrich the social lives of those living at the center, as the robots can play music and dance. They are even able to conduct basic conversation.它们还可以丰富那些生活在中心的人的社会生活,因为机器人可以播放音乐和跳舞。它们甚至能够进行基本的交谈。As China#39;s society ages, an increasing number of senior citizens are being left to either live by themselves at home or move into rest homes. In the future, robots may also be able to help those living alone.随着中国社会的老龄化,越来越多的老年人要么独自住在家中,要么就搬进养老院。在未来,机器人也可以帮助那些独居的人。 /201611/480981B News – US vice president Joe Biden has announced plans to lend railway operator Amtrak (National Railroad Passenger Corporation of the USA) .45bn to expand services and make upgrades.B新闻 – 美国副总统拜登宣布计划,借贷给铁路运营商美国全国铁路客运公司(美铁)24.5亿美元,以扩大务,进行升级换代。Amtrak#39;s plans include expanding high-speed trains between Washington DC and Boston. The vice president said ;America needs to go big on infrastructure; investment.美铁的计划包括扩充华盛顿特区和波士顿之间的高速列车。副总统说:“美国需要加大基础设施”投资。Rail infrastructure in the US lags many other developed countries, particularly in terms of high-speed trains.美国的铁路基础设施落后于其他许多发达国家,特别是在高速列车方面。The new trains, which Amtrak expects to begin running in 2021, will have initial speeds of up to 160mph, but will be capable of speeds up to 186mph. The new trains will have one-third more seating, increasing capacity by 40%.新型列车的初始速度将达到时速160英里,但有能力提高到时速186英里。美铁期望新型列车2021年开始上线运行。新型列车将多出三分之一的座位,载客量增加40%。;We need these kinds of investments to keep this region - and our whole country - moving, and to create new jobs,; said Mr Biden.“我们需要这样的投资,以保持这个地区乃至整个国家继续前行,并创造新的就业岗位。”拜登说。America#39;s Northeast corridor, which includes Washington, New York City, and Boston is one of the country#39;s busiest route networks. Amtrak recorded 11.7 million riders along that route in 2015 - its highest number on record.美国的东北走廊包括华盛顿,纽约城和波士顿,是该国最繁忙的路线网之一。美铁2015年录得沿线1170万的乘车人数 – 是其有记录以来的最高值。;The Northeast corridor is a national economic engine that carries a workforce contributing bn annually to the national GDP,; said New Jersey Senator Cory Booker.“东北走廊是全国经济引擎,承载着每年为国家国内生产总值贡献500亿美元的劳动力队伍。”新泽西参议员布克说。 /201608/463600

Ruth Teichroeb, the communications officer for Oceans North: Protecting Life in the Arctic, an initiative of the Pew Charitable Trusts, sent a note this evening about new steps related to an issue I’ve covered here before – the rare and welcome proactive work by Arctic nations to ban fishing in the central Arctic Ocean ahead of the “big melt” as summer sea ice retreats more in summers in a human-heated climate.今晚,皮尤慈善信托基金(Pew Charitable Trusts)的倡导项目“最北面的海洋:保护北极生物”(Oceans North: Protecting Life in the Arctic)的通讯联络主管露丝·泰希罗布(Ruth Teichroeb)发出了一条消息,是有关我曾经在这里介绍过的一个议题的最新动向。那是在“大消融”出现之前,北极国家采取的比较少见也很受欢迎的一项积极行动,即在中央北冰洋公海禁渔。“大消融”是指在人类活动引发气温上升的气候条件下,海冰在夏季的消融面积扩大的现象。Given how little is known about the Arctic Ocean’s ecology and dynamics, this is a vital and appropriate step.考虑到人们对北冰洋的生态和动态变化知之甚少,这称得上是至关重要且恰如其分的一步。Here’s her note about an important meeting in Washington in early December, which will likely be obscured as the climate treaty negotiations in Paris enter their final week at the same time:以下是她发出的有关12月初在华盛顿召开的一个重要会议的消息。这项会议有可能不会被注意到,因为巴黎的气候协议谈判届时将进入最后一周:The ed States is hosting negotiations for an international Arctic fisheries agreement to protect the Central Arctic Ocean in Washington, D.C., on December 1 to 3. The five Arctic countries will meet for the first time with non-Arctic fishing nations to work on a binding international accord. This follows the declaration of intent signed in July by the Arctic countries.美国计划在12月1日至3日在华盛顿举行这次会议,就达成一项保护中央北冰洋公海生态的北极渔业国际协议进行磋商。五个北极国家将第一次和多个非北极渔业国家进行会面,共同制定一项具有约束性的国际协议。这些北极国家已在今年7月签署了相关意向书。The big question for this meeting is whether China, Japan, Korea and the European Union will attend and cooperate on a precautionary agreement to prevent overfishing given the dramatic impact of climate change in the Arctic.Let’s hope they do. The lack of governance in the far north is aly being exploited in other ways related to the fate of marine life.关于这次会议,有一个比较大的疑问是,考虑到气候变化对北极地区产生的巨大影响,中国、日本、韩国和欧盟国家是否会参会?是否会配合达成这项防止过度捕捞的预防性协议?希望都是肯定的。北极地区缺乏管治,已经在与海洋生物命运息息相关的其他一些方面给人以可乘之机。Just before President Obama visited the Arctic in August, an Icelandic seafood company quietly sent 1,800 tons of frozen meat hacked from slaughtered endangered fin whales through the Arctic to Japan.就在奥巴马总统于今年8月访问北极地区之前,一家冰岛海产品公司悄悄地把1800吨冷冻肉从北极运到了日本。这些肉取自惨遭屠戮的濒危物种长须鲸。Environmental groups ran ads in Alaskan newspapers during the Obama administration’s Conference on Global Leadership in the Arctic in Anchorage to draw attention to the issue.奥巴马政府在安克雷奇召开全球领导人北极会议(Conference on Global Leadership in the Arctic)时,环境保护团体在阿拉斯加的各大报纸上刊登相关广告,希望吸引人们关注这一问题。Given that the president in 2014 publicly castigated Iceland for its continuing slaughter of fin whales despite their international status as an endangered species, it’s hard to interpret the shipment as anything other than thumbing the nose at the ed States. Here’s what Obama said in a memorandum to Congress in 2014:考虑到奥巴马曾在2014年公开指责冰岛无视长须鲸是国际濒危物种的事实,并不断对它们进行屠戮。除了把冰岛运送鲸肉的行为看作对美国的蔑视,实在不好做别的解读。以下是奥巴马2014年在给国会的一个备忘录中的话:“Iceland’s actions jeopardize the survival of the fin whale, which is listed in CITES among the species most threatened with extinction, and they undermine multilateral efforts to ensure greater worldwide protection for whales.”“冰岛的行为危及长须鲸的生存,后者是《濒危野生动植物种国际贸易公约》(CITES)中列出的濒危程度最高的物种之一。这些行为有损为在全球范围内加强对鲸鱼保护而进行的多边努力。” /201511/412477

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