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宝山区人民中医院激光去红血丝价格费用上海医学院附属医院激光去斑多少钱In animals, this part of the brain evolved around the time of the dinosaurs before mammals existed. It's hardwired to beat starvation. For three days Jean-Luc has been trapped underground. He hasn't had a morsel to eat. He doesn't know it, but his brain is changing how his body functions and how he behaves. There are a couple of different brain centers that graduate feeding behavior as well as hunger. They’re in different parts of the central part of the brain called the hypothalamus. And in that part of the brain you are really driven to seek out food to eat almost anything to try to stop yourself from starving to death. To drive Jean-Luc’s search for food his brain first releases a hormone--orexin. Orexin comes in tiny doses, but it has a profound effect. This hormone makes us more alert, improves our muscle efficiency, making us better hunters. It even sharpens our problem-solving skills. For days Jean-Luc scours the caves. He finds water but nothing to eat. He starts to fear the worst. Even if when I had a little hope, I thought obsessively what would happen over the last few days or the last hours before dying. It was a big question: how I would die--was it going to be cold or hunger or… It was a question that I always had in my head. Sure that he's doomed, he records a message. But as hope fades, Jean-Luc’s brain switches strategy to help him survive with no food. With his fuel stores depleted, his body becomes even more efficient. It makes him slow down. Now his muscles use less energy, so do all his internal organs. New cells grow more slowly. Nonessentials—fingernails, toenails, hair—hardly grow at all. Jean-Luc is entering a survival state that evolved to keep starving animals alive until they could get to food. This enforced efficiency which kicks in when we're at our limit may have bigger implications. Some say, it could help us all live longer.参考中文翻译:对动物来说,大脑的这一部分在哺乳动物还不存在的恐龙时代就已经在进化了。它几乎无法打败饥饿的威胁。三天以来,Jean-Luc 都被困在地面一下 ,一口吃的都没有。他并不知道,他的大脑已经使它的身体机能和行为方式发生了改变。在大脑中有两个不同的脑中心来产生进食行为和饥饿行为,他们位于大脑中不同的中心部位,叫做下丘脑。在大脑的这一部分,你被驱使着寻找任何可以吃的东西以免自己被饿死。为了促使Jean-Luc寻找食物,他的大脑首先会分泌出一种荷尔蒙——食欲。所产生的食欲荷尔蒙量很微小,但是却有着深刻的影响。这种荷尔蒙让我们更加警惕,提高肌肉的效率,让我们变成更好的捕食者甚至会提高我们解决问题的技能。几天来,Jean-Luc搜索了所有的洞穴,但是只是找到一点水,没有任何吃的东西。它开始感到前所未有的恐惧。即使我还有一点希望,我也会沉迷地想象死前的最后几天或者最后几个小时会发生什么事。这是个大问题:我会怎么死——会被冻死还是被饿死呢?这是我头脑里一直闪现的一个问题。当然这是他的命运,他记录了一个信息。但是当希望渐渐变得渺茫时,Jean-Luc的大脑开始改变策略,以使自己在没有食物的情况下也能生存下来。随着所储备的能量逐渐匮乏,他的身体变得更加高效。这使他的动作慢下来。现在他的肌肉利用更少的能量,内脏器官也是如此。新的细胞分裂速度减缓,那些不必要的——比如手指甲,脚趾甲,毛发几乎停止生长。Jean-Luc 进入了一种求生的状态,在找到食物之前,都会使饥饿的动物一直生存下来。当我们达到身体的极限时,这种增强的效率作用更大,可以帮助我们生存更长时间。 200812/57703上海武警总医院打瘦脸针的费用 An egg tumbled from the nest is fair game for Johnny Rook. Hell soon have his own brood to look after.一枚蛋从窝里滚落,这对约翰鸦来说再公平不过。他很快就可以照看自己的幼鸟。On another stretch of beach, the shoreline quakes with desperate battles to dominate. The stakes are unimaginably high. Only a privileged few elephant seal bulls will become beach masters, controlling dozens of females and reproducing abundantly.另一片海滩,在海岸线正在上演一场绝望的战斗。赌注令人难以想象的高。只有少数享有特权的海象最终将成为海滩的主人,控制数十只母海象并且可以尽情繁衍自己的后代。This is no place for a young male to stick his nose in. Usually trembling warnings make challengers back off, but not all.这个地方根本不适合年轻的一代。通常颤抖的警告让挑战者们纷纷退后,但并不是全部。词语解释:1. tumble v. 跌倒;滚下;坠落2. brood n. 一窝孵出的雏鸡(或雏鸟)3. privilege n. 特权201111/161636Rising food pricesCNN's Maggie Lake looks at how rising food prices are hitting U.S. families hardFelicia Padley and her youngest daughter Jenny Ella are picking up free helpings of pasta, vegetables and other essentials at a Food Bank in Brooklyn, New York . Padley holds down a fulltime government job but still finds it hard to feed her family of four. She needs the pantry’s help now more than ever as her weekly food bill soarsA year ago it's like about 50 or 60 dollars I would spend at a grocery store and that would include meats, that would include vegetables, fruits, cereals stuff like that. But now I’m spending like a hundred dollars.Rising food prices are hitting families across the ed States hard. Over the past year, egg prices have risen almost 44 percent, fresh milk 21 percent, and poultry and beef more than 6 percent. Economists say severe weather in the southern US and Australia is partly to blame for the jump in prices at food stores like this one behind me. But many are pointing to another culprit, energy, in particular the rising production of ethanol, a bio-fuel made from corn. There are some 130 ethanol plants now in operation across the US churning out billions of gallons of this stuff each year. The US hopes ethanol will slash demand for oil, but to make all that ethanol you need a lot of corn that has sent prices soaring 50 percent in the past year and a half. On top of ethanol there’s also the spike in the price of crude oil which makes it more expensive to transport and package foods. Some say demand for food and fuel are on a collision course that could have disastrous consequences.What we are looking at in a sense is direct competition between the 860 million people in the world who own automobiles and who want to maintain their mobility and the 2 billion poorest people in the world who simply want to survive. Others say demand may be outpacing supply now but the market will eventually adjust.We’ll continue to grow and really that’s a good thing. But people will also produce more. There’s an old saying at economics says the solution to high prices is high prices. What’s going to happen is that people are going to be provided an economic incentive to plant more. That should help solve the increase in prices. For now though, families struggle. 30 new families are walking into this Brooklyn pantry each day in need of help. This upcoming winter could be a bitter one indeed for many across the ed States finding it hard to afford the food basics.Maggie Lake, CNN New York.Notes:collision course: A course, such as that of moving objects or opposing philosophies, that will end in impact or conflict if permitted to continue unchanged or unabated02/61977奉贤区激光祛痘多少钱

上海隆胸哪家好Angelina's twin joy 安吉丽娜·朱莉喜得龙凤胎 Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie has given birth to twins, a boy and a girl. It had to be the birth of the year, paparazzi photographers were at the y in Nice in the south of France as news sp that Angelina Jolie had given birth to twins, one girl, one boy. Newspapers wasted no time announcing the happy news as their staff pitched outside the Lenval hospital building, scanning for any sight of happy father Brad Pitt or just about anyone else connected to the event. Jolie aged 33 picked a hospital near the glamorous Promenade des Anglais for the birth. Pitt and Jolie, seen here during their recent visit to the Cannes film festival, named the twins Vivienne Marcheline, and Knox Leon. Marcheline was the name of Angelina’s actress mother who died of cancer last year. The paparazzi were finally rewarded when Jolie's doctor Michel Sussmann along with the mayor of Nice made an appearance on the hospital steps. Sussmann told Reuters both parents and babies were in "excellent health". He said the caesarean section birth had been brought forward for medical reasons. The birth drew a mixed reaction in Nice. Some were caught up in the mood of the moment. “I'm happy for them. It must have been a wonderful occasion. It always is when you have a baby, isn't it?” Others kept a firm sense of proportion. “It's ridiculous. (It's ridiculous, right?) Yeah, absolutely, it’s just two people that had kids and that, just they make far too much out of it.” “Please take care of them, because, with so many children I don't know if you can do that.”The twins bring the Pitt-Jolie brood to six. Local newspaper Nice-Matin reported that the couple had sold exclusive rights to the first photographs of the babies to an unnamed US magazine for million and would give the money to charity. The celebrity couple, known in the media as "Brangelina", moved into a 17th century villa in Provence, France, earlier this year. Penny Tweedie, Reuterscaesarean section:A Caesarean or a Caesarean section is an operation in which a baby is lifted out of a woman's womb through an opening cut in her abdomen.200811/56363上海短鼻整形手术 China's economy中国经济Keqiang ker-ching李克强好样的!How China’s next prime minister keeps tabs on its economy 看下一任中国总理如何看管自国经济Dec 9th 2010 | HONG KONG | from PRINT EDITION IF CHINA’S deputy prime minister, Li Keqiang, succeeds his boss, Wen Jiabao, in 2013, as is likely, he will become his country’s top economic policymaker. But he may not pay much heed to the figures provincial officials feed him. In 2007 he told America’s ambassador that GDP figures in Liaoning, where he was then party chief, were “man-made” and unreliable, according to a State Department memo released by WikiLeaks.如果国务院副总理李克强,在2013年的国家领导人选举中坐上温家宝的位子,那么,他将成为该国经济的最高决策人。这似乎也极有可能成真。但他是不会把各省官员上报给他的数据太当回事的。根据维基解密近日公布的中国国务院数据,2007年,时任辽宁省委书记的李克强曾告诉美国大使,称该省的GDP的统计数字全是“人造的”,根本就不可信。Provincial officials have long been suspected of overstating growth. Adding their figures together suggests that China’s economy was 4 billion bigger in than the total in the national accounts. Mr Li preferred to track Liaoning’s economy by looking at other indicators: the cargo volume on the province’s railways, electricity consumption and loans disbursed by banks. 长久以来,中国各省官员就一直被怀疑有夸大该国经济增速。将它们的这些数据一相加,年的中国经济总量居然比国民账户多出了3640亿美元。李克强认为,评估辽宁省的经济时,应看看其他数据:该省的铁路货运量、用电量以及发放的贷款额。201107/143226第六人民医院金山分院祛痣价格费用

上海玫瑰整形女子医院做双眼皮多少钱在本期节目中,主持人以另一种方式回顾了奥巴马总统继位100天~~07/78446 British no longer willing to queueQueuing, along with warm beer and afternoon tea, was once a quintessential British trait. But it would seem we are no longer prepared to wait in line.Two minutes is the longest many British consumers are prepared to queue, down from five minutes just six years ago.Two-thirds of us have walked away from buying something in a shop because we were so fed up with queuing, the survey also found.Queuing patiently was once considered a typically British trait, fostered during the era of rationing. It was deemed a sign of civility that consumers were prepared to wait a long time, sometimes only to discover the shop had run out of butter or meat.British buses, with only one place to hop on, are also believed to be a key reason why we have been more prepared to queue than our European cousins – where the predominant form of public transport was the tram, with multiple doors, which discouraged the single, disciplined line.However, the survey undertaken for Barclays and Barclaycard discovered that two fifths of British refuse to queue for longer than two minutes and 51 percent of shoppers refuse to even enter a store if they spy a queue.This is in contrast to a similar survey back in 2004 which discovered half of shoppers refused to queue for more than five minutes in a high street shop.The internet, which allows shoppers to buy most goods, with just a click of the mouse, is one of the reason why people's patience appears to be so thin. While ever longer working hours has also meant British employees have lost the art of queuing.Some shops, the study found, made the queues appear shorter, by shifting the position of the till.Stuart Neal, head of contactless payment at Barclaycard, said: “Our research shows that consumers are much less willing to stand in line compared to six years ago and it would seem that as the Internet has become more popular among shoppers, impatience with queuing has increased."Used to buying without delay, customers are even abandoning purchases rather than wait their turn. Shoppers are also less likely to queue for long if the item they are buying is of low value, and as a result food and drink retailers are having to find innovative ways to deliver good customer service.”Vocabulary:fed up with: 对……感到厌烦rationing: the policy of limiting the amount of food, fuel, etc. that people are allowed to have when there is not enough for everyone to have as much as they want 定量配给政策;配给制high street: 大街(城镇的主要街道),繁华的商业大街till: 交款处背单词 — 装英语词汇201008/110972上海市奉贤区奉城医院打溶脂针的费用上海复旦大学附属眼耳鼻喉科医院祛除腋臭多少钱



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