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襄阳南漳县人民中心医院做割包皮怎么样襄阳477医院治疗肛瘘肛裂怎么样Qin Shi Huang (born c. 259B. C., Qin , northwestern China,died 210/209),personal name Zheng,was king of the Chinese State of Qin from 247 B. C. to 221 B.C.,and then the first emperor of a unified China from 221B.C. to 210 B. C.,ruling under the name First Emperor.秦始皇,名赢政,于公元前259年出生在中国西北部的秦国,卒于209年或210年。赢政于公元前247年到221年作为秦王统治秦国,之后于公元前221年至公元前210年作为统一的中国的第一个皇帝统治中国,自称“始皇帝”。Having unified China,he and his prime minister Li Si passed a series of major reforms aimed at cementing the unification,and they undertook some gigantic construction projects,most notably the precursor version of the current Great Wall of China.统一中国后,秦始皇和丞相李斯通过了一系列旨在巩固统一大业的主要改革措施。他们还进行了一此巨大的建设工程,其中最著名的就是今长城的前身。For all the tyranny of his autocratic rule,Qin Shi Huang is still regarded by many today as the founding father in Chinese history whose unification of China has endured for more than two millennia,with interruptions.尽管秦始皇的统治独裁残暴,现在仍然有很多人认为秦始皇是中国历史上的开国者。秦始皇统一中国后,中国的统一状态已经顽强持续了2000多年,尽管中间时有间断。 /201507/387709襄阳南漳人民医院做产检多少钱 I have a very 2014 question for you: How would you respond if you found out that a man living down the street regularly has sexual intercourse with a horse?我有一个非常适合在2014年提出的问题:如果你发现住在同一条街上的邻居定期和一匹马性交,你会作何反应?Would you be morally disgusted? Consider him and his behavior an abomination? Turn him in to the police? (This would be an option in the roughly three-quarters of states that — for now — treat bestiality as a felony or misdemeanor.)你会不会产生道德层面的厌恶感?将他和他的行为视为变态?会不会让警察逮捕他?(这个选项可以在大概三分之一的州得以实现-目前这些州将人兽性交视作一项重罪或者品行不端罪。Or would you perhaps suppress your gag reflex and try hard to be tolerant, liberal, affirming, supportive? Maybe you#39;d even utter the slogan that deserves to be emblazoned over our age as its all-purpose motto and mantra: Who am I to judge?或者你也许会压制住你的呕吐反射症状并努力想要对这种行为表达容忍,自由主义,肯定,甚至持态度?也许你甚至会吼出一句在我们这个时代备受推崇,多用途的口号和咒语:我又有什么资格来评判别人呢?Thanks to New York magazine, which recently ran a completely nonjudgmental 6,200-word interview with a ;zoophile; who regularly enjoys sex with a mare — unironic headline: ;What it#39;s like to date a horse; — these questions have been much on my mind.真要感谢《纽约杂志》。它于近期刊登了一篇6200字的非主观报道。它采访了一位名为“zoophile”的人,他定期同一匹母驴进行性交-采访报道的题目颇具讽刺意义:同一匹马约会是什么感受。我近期一直在想着这些问题。They should be on yours, too.你们也真应该思考一下。Because this is a very big deal, in cultural and moral terms.这是一件大事,不论是文化层面还是道德层面。No, not the fact of bestiality, which (like incest) has always been with us, but the fact of an acclaimed, mainstream publication treating it as a matter of complete moral indifference. (Aside, of course, from the requisite concern about animal abuse — a nonhuman analog to the pervasive emphasis on consent as the only relevant moral criterion for judging sexual behavior. The interview dispenses with this worry by informing us that the zoophile regularly brings his equine lover to orgasm orally — and that she often initiates acts of intimacy, showing that she appears to enjoy their sexual interactions.)不,困扰我们的并不是人兽性交这件事(类似乱伦),而是一股收到赞扬的,主流出版物将这种事情视作对于道德的完全无视。(当然,除此之外。关于这件事情的争议还有: 对于这个非人类代替物会产生动物虐待行为的普遍担心,到普遍将同意与否视为唯一一个评判性行为的相关道德标准。受访者让我们排除了这种担心,他表示,他通过口交定期给他的马爱人性高潮。并且他的马儿会经常模仿亲密的行为,已示自己对于这种性交的喜爱。Am I worried that large numbers of people will soon choose to shack up with their pets or farm animals? Not at all. I can#39;t imagine that very many people will ever be drawn to bestiality, no matter how casually it is treated in the media.我会担心有很多人会选择“搞上”他们的宠物或家畜吗?完全不。无论媒体对兽交的态度如何随便,我都不认为会有多少人被吸引。Why, then, is the New York interview a big deal? Because it#39;s perhaps the most vivid sign yet that, in effect, the ed States (and indeed the entire Western world) is running an experiment — one with very few, if any, antecedents in human history. The experiment will test what happens when a culture systematically purges all publicly affirmed notions of human flourishing, virtue and vice, elevation and degradation.然而,为什么这种现象被纽约媒体采访成一个大新闻?因为它也许是最生动的迹象表明,美国(实质是整个西方世界)实际上正在运行一个实验,一个很少甚至未曾出现过人类历史先例的实验。这个实验将测试当一个文化去系统地,全面地否认所有人们公认的价值观,善恶观,荣辱观时,会发生什么。Moral and religious traditionalists have seen this coming and warned about its consequences for years. And indeed, they are the ones raising the loudest ruckus about the New York interview.道德和宗教上的保守人士已经预见到这种情形并在多年来一直警告其后果。事实上,他们也是对纽约的采访反响最大的。I share some of their concerns. But there are at least two problems with their analysis of the experiment.我对他们的担心有一些赞同,但他们的实验分析至少存在两个问题。First, the trads are wrong to blame the purging of publicly affirmed notions of human flourishing on the sp of relativism. Viewed from inside traditionalist notions of virtue and vice, a culture that seeks to redefine ;normal; to include zoophilia might seem like a culture defined by relativism. But it isn#39;t. Rather, it#39;s a culture fervently devoted to the moral principle of equal recognition and affirmation — in a word, to an absolute ethic of niceness. Moral condemnation can be mean, and therefore it#39;s morally wrong — that#39;s the way growing numbers of Americans think about these issues.首先,传统人士不应该把大众价值观的丢失归咎于相对主义的传播。从传统观念上美德和恶习的角度来看,一个试图将人兽交重新定义为“正常”的文明似乎是由相对主义定义的。但它并不是,相反,这个文明热烈地忠于某些道德准则,而这些道德准则基于公众的普遍认知与许可——总而言之,这个文明忠于绝对意义上的美德。道德上的谴责可以很残忍,因此它在道德上是错误的——这正是越来越多的美国人在思考这些问题时用的方式。Of course, these nonjudgmental Americans would think differently — they would continue to publicly affirm notions of human flourishing and condemn acts that diverge from the norm — if they confidently believed in the foundation of these judgments. But increasingly, they do not. Judeo-Christian piety used to supply it for many, but no longer.当然,这些不偏不倚的人们有着不同的见解,他们将继续肯定人类公认的价值观并谴责与之相违背的行为——只要他们能肯定地相信着这些判断的基准。然而这样的人却越来越少。犹太教和基督教带来的虔诚信仰提供了许多道德基准,但已不再有过去的影响力。Then there#39;s the option of basing our judgments on what conservative bioethicist Leon Kass once called ;the wisdom of repugnance; — that is, on our commonsense moral intuitions. But as the liberal philosopher Martha Nussbaum has argued, the ;ick factor; just isn#39;t a reliable basis on which to make moral evaluations. And we know that from lived experience. Interracial romances once seemed icky, but then they didn#39;t. Next it was homosexual acts that passed through the looking glass from repellant to respectable. Faced with this slippage and uncertainty — with a long string of reversals in moral judgment — it#39;s no wonder that the ethic of unconditional niceness increasingly trumps all other considerations.然后,出现了一种选择,让我们的判断基于保守派生物伦理学家Leon Kass一度所说的“厌恶的智慧”——就是说,基于我们的常识中的道德直觉。但如自由主义哲学家Martha Nussbaum所辩驳的那样,是否感觉“令人作呕”并非一个可靠的道德评估依据。我们从各种生活经验中已知道这一点。不同人种间的爱情曾经受到厌恶,后来则不会。然后同性恋行为也在经历从被排斥到被尊重的过程。面对这样的易变与不确定性——带有一大堆观点相抵的道德观——难怪有关无条件美德的伦理正日益压倒所有其他的观念。And that brings us to the second way in which the trads go wrong — in speaking confidently about how we#39;re ;galloping toward Gomorrah.; This implies that they know exactly where the experiment is going to end up. The truth is that they — and we — have no idea at all. Because there has never been a human society built exclusively on a morality of rights (individual consent) and an ethic of niceness, with no overarching vision of a higher human good to override or compete with it.而这让我们见识到了传统出现问题的第二个面向—— 自信的谈论我们如何”快速的接近罪恶之城”。这意味着他们知道这个实验的最终结局是怎样的。真相是他们——还有我们——根本就不知道结局是怎样的。因为人类历史中从来没有出现过单单以权利道德(个体的同意)和友善伦理为基础的人类社会,没有一个更高人类善行的总体设想来推翻它或者与它进行竞争。As I noted above, I find it hard to imagine that more than a tiny fraction of human beings will ever choose to engage in sex acts with animals, even if and when the taboo has been thoroughly deconstructed and the behavior mainstreamed by dozens of sympathetic stories in the media. I suspect the same is true about incest and polyamory. Most people will continue to live boring, mundane sex lives, monogamously committed to one human being of the opposite sex at a time.正如我在上面所提到的,我根本无法想像会有很多人愿意与动物性交,即使这样的禁忌被重新结构以及主流媒体对这样的行为表示同情。我觉得这样的道理同样可以应用在乱伦和一夫多妻制上。大多数人将继续过无聊的世俗的性生活,并且坚持异性的一夫一妻制。So what, then, is there to worry about? Why is this cultural experiment a big deal?所以还有什么好担忧的?这样的文化实验又有什么了不起的呢?Because it stands as a stunning testament to our ignorance about ourselves. Roughly 2,500 years since Socrates first raised the question of how we should live, several centuries since the Enlightenment encouraged us to seek and promulgate scientific knowledge about the universe and human nature, Western humanity seems to have come to the conclusion that we haven#39;t got a clue about an answer. There is no consensus whatsoever about what ways of life are intrinsically good or bad for human beings.因为它对于我们自身的无知给予一个惊人的明。大约2500年前苏格拉底首次提出我们应该如何生活的问题,几个世纪以来的启蒙文化促进我们去寻找和传播关于宇宙和人类的本性,西方人文科学好像得出了结论那就是我们还没有得到最终的。关于人类如何去生活在本质上没有评判的标准。为什么要结婚和有孩子呢?如果这是你想要的,当然听起来很不错。你准备好恋爱多元化了吗?只要每个人都同意,又有乐趣。那么和马谈恋爱做爱能怎么样呢?关键要确保没有人会伤害,伤害是狭隘的定义(包括物理伤害和侵犯个人喜好)。That#39;s all we#39;ve got. Or at least all we#39;re left with, now that we#39;ve shed the (ostensibly) discredited notions of human virtue that most people once affirmed.这是我们所拥有的一切文化。或者至少这些都被我们继承了,既然我们已经摆脱了虚伪的人类表面观念和美德。Is that good enough? Can we do without a publicly affirmed vision of human flourishing? Fulfilling personal preferences (whatever they happen to be), seeking consent in all interactions, and abiding by the imperative of universal niceness — is that sufficient to bring happiness? Or will a world that tells us in a million ways that we are radically undetermined in our ends leave us feeling empty, lost, alone, unmoored, at sea, spiritually adrift?那样足够好吗?我们可以脱离大众观念去那样做吗?满足个人偏好(无论他们发生什么),寻求交流的一致,尊重普世法则——这足以带来幸福吗?或者我们根本无法确定我们来自哪里去向何方(结局的无法预料),那种空虚,失落,孤独,无依无靠就像在大海中漂流然而这个世界用一百万种方式告诉我们那根本就无法解决。I have no idea.搞不懂哎。But I suspect we#39;re going to find out soon enough.但是我们会尽快搞清楚的。 /201501/353760Aries buys the first thing that catches their eye.白羊座总是购买一眼就看上的东西。Taurus gives stocks and bonds, with piggy banks for the kids.金牛座花费很多在孩子身上。Gemini rewraps a present they didn#39;t use from last year.双子座会送给你一件他用不着的的去年的东西。Cancer knits sweaters and makes fudge for the neighborhood.巨蟹座会为邻居织毛衣或者自制巧克力。Leo makes charitable donations on behalf of their loved ones.狮子座代表他们爱的人进行慈善捐助。Virgo#39;s gifts don#39;t matter quite so much as their impeccable wrapping.处女座的礼物并不像像精美的包装一样华丽。Libra will reach a decision sometime next year.天秤座会决定明年再送礼物。Scorpio gives their partner a night to remember.天蝎座会给对方一个难忘的夜晚。Sagittarius distributes strange souvenirs from exotic locations.射手座分发异地带回的奇异的纪念品。Capricorn showers their coworkers with engraved pens.羯座给同事很多刻上字的钢笔。Aquarius purchases virtual gifts online.水瓶座在网上购买实质的礼物。Pisces plants a tree in the name of their dear ones.双鱼座会种下一棵以爱人名字命名的树。 /201507/385406枣阳市第一人民医院子宫肌瘤怎么样

襄阳医院网站In recent years, our parenting culture began to send the message that competence was important for building self-esteem and that parents needed to do everything they can to convince their children how competent they were. All very reasonable, to be sure. However, that same parenting culture made a big mistake by telling parents that the way to instill competence in their children was to tell them how competent they were. Parents bought into this message and starting telling their children how smart and talented and wonderful they were. But here#39;s the problem. Children can#39;t be convinced that they are competent.近几年,我们的教养文化开始传达这样的信息:能力对树立自尊很重要,父母应该尽其所能使他们的孩子相信他们是多么有能力。可以肯定的是,所有的这些都很合理。然而,同样的教养文化通过给孩子们灌输他们是多么有能力的方式犯了个大错误。父母们输入了这样的信息,并且开始告诉他们的孩子他们是多么聪明,多么有天赋,多么棒。但是这里有一个问题,孩子们不能被说相信他们是有能力的。When parents try to convince their children of how competent they are, they often have the exact opposite effect. There is this little thing called reality that children have to confront on a daily basis; life has a way of sending messages about competence that can be in sharp contrast to the outsized messages of competence that parents send their children. When children are faced with the conflict between what their parents had told them about how good they are and what reality is telling them, the result is the bursting of the “You are the best” bubble that their parents blew up for them. The result: disappointment, hurt, and an actual loss of sense of competence. Let me be clear here: The only way for children to build a true sense of competence is through first-hand experience that includes travails, triumphs, struggles, setbacks, and successes.当父母尽力去让孩子他们是多么有能力时,这往往会起到相反的效果。孩子们在日常中不得不面对一种叫做现实的东西。生活有一种传递能力信息的方式,这种方式和父母传递给孩子说他们有很强能力的信息形成鲜明对比。当孩子们面临这父母告诉他们的他们多么优秀和现实正告诉他们的这两者之间的冲突时,其结果就是摧毁了父母为他们放大的“你是最棒的”的泡沫。结果是失望、受伤和能力感觉的实际损失。这儿让我说清楚:为孩子建立真正意义上的能力唯一方式就是第一手的体验,包括艰辛、胜利、斗争、挫折和成功。So, to reiterate, only your children can build their sense of competence. You can, however, do several things to encourage them to develop their own competence. First, you can give them opportunities in their daily lives to gain a sense of competence. Your family life is rife with situations that are just calling out for you to allow your children to “get their hands dirty” and find out what they are capable of, for example, dressing, eating, drawing, ing, cooking, chores, and interacting with others. Of course, they will gain additional competencies from their experiences in school, sports, the performing arts, and other extracurricular activities.所以,重申一下,只有孩子自己可以建立他们的能力。然而,你可以做一些事情来鼓励他们发展自己的能力。首先,你可以在日常生活中给他们机会去获得能力。你的家庭生活充满了各种状况,这就是在呼唤你让你的孩子“弄脏自己的手,”然后找到他们的能力。例如:穿衣、吃饭、绘画、阅读、烹饪、家务、以及与他人交流。当然,他们也将从他们在学校里的经历中获得很多额外的能力,比如体育、演艺和其他的课外活动。These daily experiences allow your children to develop specific competencies that will be helpful to them as they progress through childhood and into adulthood. Those early competencies lay the foundation for the development of more complex capabilities later in life related to higher education, career, and more sophisticated relationships.这些日常经历能够让你的孩子发展具体的能力,当他们经历孩童到成年的过程,这些能力对他们很有帮助。这些早期的能力也为他们后期生活中涉及的更加复杂能力发展像高等教育、事业和其他复杂的关系的发展等奠定了基础。Also, the more individual competencies children develop, the more they will view themselves as globally competent people which will give them confidence to explore their world, try new things, take risks, and persist in the face of obstacles and setbacks. In other words, competence begets competence.另外,孩子们发展的个人能力越多,他们就越会认为自己是在全世界都是有能力的人,这将给他们探索世界的信心,尝试新事物,承担风险,并坚持面对障碍和挫折。换句话说,能力产生能力。Second, you can be sure that they gain the most value from their experiences. You can direct their focus to the competencies that enabled those successes (e.g., “You were really focused and worked hard on that project.”) rather than some generic praise of the accomplishment itself (e.g., “Good job.!). And you can praise their accomplishments (e.g., “You must feel so good about your project.”).第二点,你可以确定孩子们会从他们的经历中获得最大的价值。你可以引导他们集中于那些能使他们成功的能力(例如:“在那个项目上你真的很专注很努力”)而不是那些成就本身所通用的一致好评(例如:“做得好”)。你可以赞扬他们的成就(例如:“你对你的项目一定感觉很棒”)。But you shouldn#39;t just focus on the successes because, as every parent knows, as your children develop, they will experience far more failures than successes as they begin to gain competence. How you react often dictates how they will respond to those failures. If you show disappointment and frustration, they will judge their experience as negative and it may cause them to be reluctant to try again in the future. But if you are positive and supportive, your children will get the message that failure is okay and just a part of life.但是你不应该只关注成功,因为每一位父母都知道,当孩子们发展时、获得能力时,相对于成功,他们更可能失败。你的反应往往决定了了他们将如何回应这些失败。如果你表现的失望或者沮丧,他们会判定自己的经历是消极的,这可能会导致他们不愿在未来再尝试一次。但是如果你是积极的持的,你的孩子将会得到这样的信息:失败没什么,也是生活中的一部分。A great difficulty for parents is allowing their children to be wrong or do something poorly in the mistaken belief that these experiences will hurt their sense of competence and scar their little psyches. But children, like everyone else, will likely fail the first few times they try anything new. Plus, they#39;re little kids, so you wouldn#39;t expect them to do much of anything very well at first. Whether they do it well isn#39;t important because success isn#39;t really the goal. Instead, the goal is their willingness to keep trying. And you can have faith that if your children continue to try at something, they will, sooner or later, achieve some degree of competence and success.对父母来说,一个很大的困难就是允许孩子犯错,允许做一些不好的事情并且错误地认为这些经历将会损伤他们的能力,给他们的小心灵留下创伤。但是和其他人一样,孩子们在尝试新事物的前几次里可能会失败。另外,他们是小孩子,你不能指望他们第一次都会把事情做得很好。他们能否做好不重要,因为成功不是真正的目的。相反的,我们的目的是他们愿意持续尝试。你可以坚信:如果你的孩子可以继续尝试新事物,他们迟早会达到某种程度上的能力和成功。Another mistake that parents make is that, after being unsuccessful when their children first try something, they try to correct them so they will succeed the next time they try (otherwise, many parents think, their children will get further scarred from the repeated failures). But put yourself in your children#39;s shoes. How would you feel if you tried really hard at something and your parents jumped right in to show you that you did it the wrong way and here#39;s how to do it the right way? Wouldn’t it irritate the heck out of you? Well, that#39;s how your children probably feel. And what message are you sending with your rapid-fire intervention? That you don#39;t believe your children are competent enough to figure it out on their own. You may ask, but how are they going to learn to do it the right way? I assure you that they will most likely figure it out themselves over time, through practice or observation. When they do finally get it, they will own it and will make a big deposit in their competence “bank.” That#39;s not to say that you can#39;t lend a hand when they are struggling. But let them take the lead; if they really want your help, they#39;ll ask for it.父母会犯的另外一个错误是,当孩子们第一次尝试一些事情失败后,他们尽力去纠正孩子,所以下一次他们尝试的时候会取得成功。(否则,许多父母认为,他们的孩子将从不断重复的失败中得到更大的创伤)。但是你应该把自己放在孩子的位置。如果你在某件事情上很努力,然而你的父母跳着告诉你你做错了,并告诉你用正确的方法该怎么做,你感觉如何?这会不会刺激你的挫折感?其实,那可能就是你孩子的感受。你快速发送和干预的信息是什么呢?你不相信你的孩子有足够的能力去解决自己的事情。你可能会问:他们要怎么学会用正确的方法去做呢?我向你保,他们将最有可能随着时间的推移通过实践和观察去弄明白自己。当他们最终得到它,他们就会拥有它并且会在他们的能力“”有一大笔存款。这并不是说当孩子们在苦苦挣扎的时候你们不能伸出援手,而是应该让他们先带头,如果他们真的需要你的帮助,他们会开口的。 /201411/344688襄阳第一人民医院看泌尿科怎么样 Austria is home to some weird andwonderful superstitions, with some of them still practised today. Ahead of thattraditionally inauspicious date - Friday 13th - weexplain ten of the most common Austrian superst itions.在奥地利本土有许多怪异奇特的风俗迷信,其中有些还一直流传至今,在邻近“黑色星期五;这个不吉利日子前,我们 来见识一下奥地利的十个最常见的迷信。As a Catholic country, it#39;s perhaps no surprise that Austria is steeped in superstition.奧地利迷信盛行,但作为一个天主教国家,这不算奇怪。Some - like never walking under a ladder - you may have aly heard of in your own home country while o thers are individual toAustria.你或许在家乡听到去过奥地利的人说过,那儿的有些人可能从不会在梯子下走过。If the prospectof Friday 13th is troubling you, or youworry about breaking mirrors, here are ten other t hings to think about.要是眼前的黑色星期五困扰着你,或是你还在担心弄碎镜子,有十件事要留心了。Eating raw sliced garlic mixed with yoghurt isbelieved to bring you good luck. We#39;re not sure this would have the desiredeffect if taken before a first date though. It#39;s also thought to be a powerfulcold remedy - which makes more sense, as garlic is believed to stimulate theimmune system.吃混有生蒜的酸奶能给你带来好运。要是第一次约会时就这样干,我们不知道这能否达到预期效果。把它看成治疗感冒的强效药还差不多,因为大蒜能增强免疫。 /201503/363608枣阳市第一人民医院耳鼻喉科

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