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Intelligence is one of those hard-to-define qualities, which fall into the category of #39;things you know when you see.#39; Fortunately, many attempts have been made to quantify intelligence, and we#39;ve begun to discover patterns, suggesting links between intelligence and certain characteristics. Here I will explain some of the surprising characteristics which have been found to exist more commonly in intelligent people. Since co-occurrence does not imply causation, the exact relationship between these things can be hard to judge. So don#39;t get too big-headed just because you are a hairy, left-handed homosexual.智力是很难定义的一种能力概念,人们常误解成自己所知道的其他事物。幸运的是,在多次尝试量化智力和对智力模式的探索之后,人们发现了智力和某些特征之间的联系。在这里,我将要解释一些人类存在的,尤其是在高智商人群中更普遍存在的一些令人惊讶的智力表征。不过,共生关系不等于因果关系,因此,我们很难判断它们之间的确切关系。虽然说体毛茂密、左撇子、同性恋等一般情况下是智力高超的体现,但凡事并非必然,切不可妄妄作判断、盲目自大。10.Left-handedness10.左撇子The brain is split into two hemispheres. While each half of the brain does broadly the same thing as the other, there are some differences. In humans, and lots of other mammals, one side of the brain is slightly dominant – this is why you favor one hand over another. Some studies have shown that left-handedness is linked to intelligence; left-handed people tend to score higher on IQ tests, and can also often finish these tests faster than right-handed people. Other studies, however, have shown that left-handed people have a wider range of IQs – making them over-represented in both the highly intelligent and the rather dim-witted sections of the population.大脑分为两个半球,两个半球虽然大致相同,但仍然存在不同之处。在人类和其他哺乳动物中存在一种奇特现象,即有的习惯用左手,而有的却习惯用右手,这正是因为大脑的其中一侧占有优势。有研究显示,左撇子的行为与智力相关;左撇子的人往往智商测试得分高,连完成测试的速度也比右撇子的人快。然而,也有研究表明,左撇子人群拥有更广泛的智力范围,这使得他们不仅能代表高智商人群同样可以是智力低下的人群。简言之,就是身为一个左撇子,要么智力非凡,要么就是连平常人都不如。9.Homosexuality9.同性恋A study by the evolutionary psychologist Satoshi Kanazawa this year has found a small but significant link between homosexuality and intelligence. Rather than homosexuality itself being a characteristic of intelligence, Kanazawa#39;s results suggested that those who had had multiple homosexual partners were more likely to be intelligent. Those who scored highest on intelligence tests, tended to have had the greatest number of homosexual partners. Kanazawa suggests that homosexuality may be a reflection of inquisitiveness – a sure precursor, or companion, to intelligence. It has been suggested that the positive effect of homosexuality towards intelligence may be caused by society#39;s attitude towards gay people. Children bullied for perceived homosexuality may turn to intellectual pursuits, and may feel a greater urge to strive for achievement in areas where they will be accepted.近些年,进化论学家金泽士在一个研究中发现了同性恋现象和智力之间微妙但颇具意义的联系。金泽士得到的结果不是同性恋者本身与智力的联系,而是那些拥有同性恋伙伴的人群拥有更高的智商。经研究,那些智商测试得高分者,大部分拥有同性恋伙伴。金泽士表示,同性恋对于智力来说可能是一个奇特的反映,像是智力的前身或者是陪伴智力而存在。同时,社会对待同性恋的态度可能会对同性恋之于智商的影响产生积极性作用。例如,儿童会把因为被发现是同性恋而受到欺负转为对知识的追求,并且有更大的欲望去追求人生。8.Birth order8.出生次序Many studies have found a link between IQ and the order in which you were born in your family. Firstborn children were found to be generally more intelligent than their siblings; the further down each child sat on the pecking order, the worse they generally scored in IQ tests. It was unknown whether this effect was due to some change in pre-birth conditions as a mother continued to bear children, or whether it was a post-birth social effect. Recent studies have revealed that the main determinant for IQ is how children are treated within their family – as opposed to birth order in itself. In families where the first child dies, the surviving second child, on average, has the same boost in IQ as is usual for a first child.许多研究发现了智力与你在你家中的出生次序的联系,头个出生的孩子很大可能比后出生的孩子聪明。研究显示,出生顺序越靠后的孩子,在智力测试中得分普遍越低。我们不知道这种现象是否因为在产后几胎的时候母亲的产前环境或社会环境发生了变化。最新的研究表明,最具决定性的因素是孩子在家中受到怎样的对待,而不是出生顺序本身。若家中的第一个孩子去世,第二个孩子,大致上,拥有与第一个孩子一样的智商。7.Atheism7.无神论The link between IQ and religiosity has been studied extensively, in both individuals and societies. Average IQ scores tend to vary between countries. Those countries with the highest rates of atheism were found to be in the highest range of IQ scores. Since societal links can be easily skewed by other factors, studies on individuals have also been carried out. A 2008 study examined the relationship between intelligence and religious belief. When ranked in terms of intelligence, atheists generally came out on top, followed in order by agnostics, liberal believers, and last – and in this case least – religious fundamentalists.无神论作为智力和宗教之间的联系,如今已经被众多个人和社会研究者广泛研究。各国的平均智商差距日趋扩大。无神论者比率较大的国家被发现智商也普遍较高。由于对整个社会的研究容易被其他因素干扰,所以,对个人的研究也同步展开。2008年的一个研究报告发现了宗教信仰和智力之间的关系。依据智商的排名来看,无神论者智商位居首位,紧接其后的是自由主义者,当然,他们首先要是宗教原教旨主义者。6.Body hair6.体毛Studies on men by Dr Aikarakudy Alias have found a link between body hair and intelligence. Rather than looking at IQ, he looked the relationship between body hair and levels of education. Perhaps contrary to popular belief, he found that men who were students or graduates had more body hair than those who work menial jobs. He also found that students who excelled in their degree were often hairier than students who performed poorly.While his work focused particularly on chest hair, he also correlated the presence of back hair to intelligence in men. The hairiness of intelligent women has yet to be studied systematically.Aikarakudy士对男性的研究发现了智力与体毛之间的联系。不要认为体毛多少可以决定智力的高低,这边的联系是指体毛与教育水平之间的联系。士发现的现象或许不被大家认同,他发现学生或者高校毕业生比那些工作卑微的群体有更多的体毛。他还发现一个惊人的现象,那些在学习上表现出色的学生往往比其他学生体毛更多。虽然他的工作重心是研究胸毛,他还研究了男士们背后的毛跟智力的关系。智商偏高的女士的毛发现象仍待系统的研究。翻译:王珂 来源:前十网 /201508/392774

CAMEROON, AFRICA — A rare fruit from the western coast of Africa is offering fresh hope for dieters. 非洲喀麦隆——来自非洲西海岸的珍稀水果为节食减肥者带来了新的希望。In a new study, published in one of the world#39;s largest scientific journals, people using an extract (irvingia) from a fibrous citrus called #39;African Mango#39; lost an astounding average of 8.9 pounds and 2 full inches from their waistline in just 28 days — without cutting calories.在世界上最大科学期刊上发表的一项新的研究显示,人们使用一种名叫“非洲芒果”的纤维柑橘萃取物(irvingia)在短短28天令人震惊地减去了平均8.9磅脂肪和2全英寸腰围——不减少热量的情况下。It#39;s thought to be the greatest amount of weight loss, in such a short period of time, from using a natural supplement.这被认为是在如此短的时间内使用一种天然的补给品所能达到的最大减肥量。Sales of the new slimming super fruit have skyrocketed after one of America#39;s most trusted medical doctors called it a ;breakthrough supplement; and a ;miracle in your medicine cabinet to help you lose 10 pounds.; 在美国最值得信赖的医生把它称作一种“突破性的补给品”和“你药箱中帮你减掉10磅的奇迹”后,这种新的超级瘦身水果销量暴涨。 /201209/201151

It is August, and summer vacation is half-way over. Yes, it feels like it#39;s downhill all the way from here.来到八月,暑假也已过半。的确,感觉上就好像从现在开始,一切每况愈下。Those perfect summer books are going to go un, your last-minute plans will go undone, and the optimism you held at the beginning that this season would be different–that this would be the best summer ever–has gone entirely.那些完美夏日书籍还没来得及读,那些最后一刻制定的计划也都无疾而终。假期开始时,你乐观地认为,这个暑期定会别开生面,将是你度过的最美好的暑假。而今,这种乐观情绪早已消失殆尽。However, before you become depressed, it is not too late. Let#39;s list what you meant to do, what you actually did, and suggest how to salvage your good intentions.然而,在你心情跌到谷底之前,现在还是为时不晚的。把你要做的和已做的事情列份清单,让我们看看如何挽回你的良好初衷。Vacation at home宅人假期Intention: Make a bunch of travel plans.初衷:制定一系列旅行计划。As usual you made a few plans: you were going to visit popular places such as seaside cities, or country towns. Or perhaps you were invited to visit high school friends in other cities.跟往常一样,你制定了一些计划:你打算去像海滨城市或乡村小镇这样的热门旅游胜地。或者,你也许受邀前往其他城市去拜访高中同学。But as things turned out you discovered that plane tickets were too expensive, train tickets were sold out, and friends stood you up.但结果是,你发现机票太贵,火车票售罄,而朋友们也放了你的鸽子。New suggestion: Vow to go nowhere.新建议:发誓哪儿都不去Making travel plans can give you a headache. Going traveling can make you suffer more. So, lower your expectations.制定旅行计划令人头疼不已。旅游更是让人痛苦不堪。所以,降低你的期望。No one claims that summer vacation is incomplete without travel. It#39;s up to you to decide how you spend your time.没有人会认为,暑假不出去旅行就不完整。如何安排时间,这取决于你自己。Read what comes to hand阅读手边的书籍Intention: Track down a summer ing list.初衷:对照一份夏季阅读清单,按部就班。You were supposed to get it together and some good books, or at least the list that you put together to remind yourself of what you should be ing.你本应该理清头绪来阅读一些好的书籍,或者至少要看看自己罗列起来的书单,提醒自己应该读些什么。New Suggestion: Just whatever you can lay your hands on.新建议:阅读那些你手边的书籍。You can take a recommendation from friends, or maybe just go into your favorite local bookstore and buy something of the right size and weight that looks great. Go home, fix yourself a cold drink and the book. Stay up the whole night to finish it if you want, because it#39;s summer and you can.你可以听从朋友推荐,或者也许你只需要走进当地自己最喜欢的那家书店,购买一些大小重量恰到好处且看起来不错的书。回到家,为自己准备一杯冷饮,开始阅读。如果你愿意,可以熬个通宵读完整本书。因为这是暑假,你可以这么做。Ditch those flip-flops丢弃人字拖Intention: Promise to never wear flip-flops again.初衷:发誓从此不再穿人字拖。You decided to wear espadrilles. However, the promise is very likely to be broken when you go buy breakfast in the morning, take a short walk after dinner, or when your parents ask you to take the trash downstairs.你决定改穿帆布鞋。但这个决定很可能在买早点、晚饭后散步或者父母让你下楼倒垃圾时,便不攻自破了。New Suggestion: Throw away your flip-flops.新建议:把你的人字拖扔进垃圾桶。They are truly disgusting at this point, and possibly carry a virus, but we still don#39;t trust you not to wear them. Be strong. Put them in the trash and don#39;t look back.此时此刻,尽管那些人字拖鞋实在是令人生厌,也许还携带着病毒,但我们仍旧不相信你会抛弃它们。狠心点,把它们丢进垃圾桶,头也不回地离开。Anything goes in the summer我的暑假,我做主Intention: Peruse your wardrobe.初衷:仔细检查你的衣柜。We told you to buy tank tops and shorts, because you would wear them. How did that go?我们曾告诉你去买些背心和短裤,因为你穿得着。后来如何呢?New Suggestion: Pull out the clothes you haven#39;t worn and wear them while there#39;s still time.新建议:取出那些你没有穿过的衣,趁还有时间,穿穿看。It is the point in the summer that we call ;everything goes;.这正是我们称之为“我的暑假,我做主”的原因。Not too late for a little romance谈谈恋爱,为时不晚Intention: Promise yourself you#39;ll make that move.初衷:答应自己,你会有所行动。This was our nudge to infuse your summer with a bit romance. You were supposed to go for it, ask your crush on a date, work up the nerve to tell that boy or girl what kind of feeling you have for them.我们鼓励你去为自己的假期注入一些小浪漫。你应该大胆一试,跟你的心上人约会,鼓起勇气向心仪的男孩或女孩表白,诉说你对他(她)的感觉。New Suggestion: Depends how well the first move went.新建议:取决于你的第一步进展得如何。Repeat: it is not too late for summer romance. If your first fling went badly, you#39;re probably about y to jump in the pool again.再次重申:暑期恋爱还为时不晚。如果你的第一次尝试很糟糕,你也许要准备好再次受挫了。Timing is nearly everything. Make a plan to hang out with that dear friend you haven#39;t seen nearly enough (or at all) this summer, before we get into September.安排好时间是王道。制定计划,在步入九月之前,约上那些今夏相聚次数少得可怜或几乎为零的好友们出去闲逛。You#39;ve got what it takes你已然准备好了If you have accomplished our list, there#39;s no way your summer has been so terrible as you imagine it to be. If you feel like you#39;ve only done a few things, or none, take a deep breath and try harder.如果你已经实现了我们清单中列举的这些,那么你的暑假绝不会像你想象中的那样糟糕。如果你觉得自己只完成了其中几条,或者几乎零作为,那就深吸一口气,再加把劲吧。Chances are, you#39;ve got what it takes to make this summer yours, and if you don#39;t, you really shouldn#39;t be complaining when school starts.有可能,你已经做好足够的准备去打造一个专属自己的假期。如果你没有这样做,那么到了开学时,你真的没什么好抱怨的了。 /201208/195368


  THE newly released calendar for public holidays in 2013 has upset a number of people who had planned to take a break at the beginning of the year.新发布的2013年公众假期日历让许多曾计划在年初休息一下的人烦恼。But it also offers the prospect of a six-day break if employers can be persuaded to give employees an extra day off.但它也提供了一个为期六天休假的前景,如果雇主能被说给员工额外一天假。People will have 29 days off in seven public holidays, according to the calendar released by the central government yesterday.在七个公众假日里人们将会有29天休息,根据中央政府昨天发布的日历。But the actual holiday days add up to 11 when weekend days are subtracted and extra working days factored in.但实际的假日累计有11天当周末被缩减同时额外的工作日被包括进来。The New Year#39;s Day holiday will run from January 1 to 3, but people need to work on the weekend of January 5 and 6.元旦将从1月1日到3号,但人们需要在1月5日和6日的那个周末工作。The dates have upset a number of people who complained online that they had assumed the holiday would run from Sunday, December 30 to January 1, as was widely believed based on common arrangements for holidays in previous years, and they would have to abruptly change their travel plans.这一日期令许多人沮丧,他们在网上抱怨说他们曾认为假期将从周日开始,12月30日至1月1日,正如普遍相信的基于前几年假日常规安排,他们将不得不突然改变他们的旅行计划。 Kong Shuo, a Shanghai resident, said yesterday that she#39;ll have to sell tickets she bought for three concerts in Beijing and return her air tickets as well. ;I can#39;t go, feeling bad,; she said in an online post.孔硕,一个上海居民,昨日表示她将不得不卖出她买的在北京的三场演唱会门票并返还她的机票。“我不能去,感觉不爽,”她在网上的一个帖子里说。Another netizen said she had booked tourism packages between December 30 and January 1 on the assumption that the holiday would run from December 30. ;The announcement comes too late,; she complained.另一个网民说原以为假日将从12月30日开始她已经预定了12月30日到1月1日的旅游一揽子务。“这项宣布来得太迟了,”她抱怨道。Airline companies also seemed to have assumed the wrong start to the holiday.航空公司好像也错误假定了假期的开始日期。Air tickets on December 30 had been priced much higher than those for January 1.12月30日的机票价格远远高于1月1日的票价。A ticket from Shanghai to Sanya in Hainan Province, for example, costs 1,890 yuan (US4) for December 30, compared to the 1,320 yuan asked for January 1, according to China Eastern Airlines#39; website.从上海到海南省三亚的机票,例如,在12月30日花费1890元(304美元),相比1月1日要价的1320元,根据中国东方航空公司的网站。The southeastern city of Xiamen is hosting a marathon race on January 5, a Saturday but now a working day. However, organizers say there are no plans to change the date.东南部城市厦门举办一场马拉松比赛在1月5日星期六,但现在是工作日。然而,组织者说现在还没有计划更改日期。But not everyone is unhappy. Some are planning to ask for a leave on December 31 so they can enjoy a six-day break, and Shanghai travel agencies are working out new plans to accommodate this group of people.但并非所有人都不高兴。一些人打算12月31日请假,这样他们就可以享受为期六天的休假,上海旅行社正在为这群人的食宿制定新计划。The Shanghai Spring International Travel Service (Group) Co Ltd is replanning and promoting tour packages to Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand and Malaysia.上海春秋旅行社(集团)有限公司正重新规划和促进到东南亚国家如泰国和马来西亚的旅游包。Domestic tours are usually promoted during the New Year#39;s Day holiday break as it is short, but the schedule makes it possible for some travelers to go farther, said Qin Weihao, manager of Shanghai Spring#39;s outbound tour division.国内旅游通常在元旦假期被促进,因为它是短暂的,但这一日程安排可以让一些旅客走的更远,上海春秋旅行社的境外旅游部门经理秦威豪说。2013 holiday schedule2013年假日安排New Year#39;s Day: January 1-3 with January 5 and 6 working days.元旦:1月1日到3日,1月5日和6日为工作日。Spring Festival: February 9-15, with February 16 and 17 working days.春节:2月9日至15日,2月16日和17日为工作日。Qingming Festival: April 4-6 with April 7 working day.清明节:4月4日 到6日和4月7为工作日。Labor Day: April 29 to May 1 with April 27 and 28 working days.劳动节:4月29日至5月1日,4月27日和28日为工作日。Dragon Boat Festival: June 10-12, with June 8 and 9 working days.端午节:6月10日- 12日,6月8日和9日为工作日。Mid-Autumn Festival: September 19-21, with September 22 working day.中秋节:9月19日 - 21日,9月22日为工作日。National Day: October 1-7, with September 29 and October 12 working days.国庆节:10月1 – 7,9月29日和10月12日为工作日。 /201212/213307。


  导读:老挝人,无论其年龄大小,都是我见到过的最可爱的人。即使老挝是世界上最穷的国家之一,大多数老挝人不太关心钻营敛财之道,也不关心现代化的种种发展。I had envisaged a quiet time of ing and sleeping; our couple of days in southern Laos would be spent cruising 100 miles up the Mekong in a pretty, old teak boat. I was mistaken. Wonderfully mistaken. ;Bye! Bye! Bye!; was the endless refrain, as groups of tiny children, some in twos and threes, some in their dozens, stood waving at us and practicing their one word of English from the banks. Or from small carved wooden boats. Or, on one occasion, from the top of a giant tree, before they all jumped one after the other into the waters below.我曾经想象着,我们在老挝南部旅行的几天里会坐着一艘漂亮而古朴的柚木船在湄公河上巡游100英里(约161公里),享受一段只有阅读和闭目休息的宁静时光。但我想错了,惊喜频频出现。;再见!再见!再见!;是我们不断听到的一个词,一群群小孩子,有些是两三人一起,有些是十几个一组,站在河堤上边朝我们挥手边练习着说他们刚学会的这个英语单词。也有些孩子会站在小小的雕花木船上。或者,碰到那么一回,是站在一棵大树的顶端。随后,他们一个接一个地全都跳进了身下的河里。To or to snooze would have been to fail to wave back at the hundreds of small, smiling faces. That, one felt, would be letting down the children of Laos. On the last day, one fellow passenger laughed delightedly as she showed me the two pages she had of the 400-pagedoorstop she had been planning to finish.如果在船上看书或者打盹,那就不能挥手回应那数百张微笑的小脸,如此一来,游客们会感觉辜负了那些老挝孩子们的好意。在旅行的最后一天,我的一位旅伴快乐地笑着给我看那本她原本准备在旅途中看完的书,那本400页的厚书她只看了开头的两页。It was just another example of what makes this mountainous sliver of a country;squeezed between its bigger, louder neighbors, Thailand, Vietnam, and China;such a remarkable place to visit. Laotian people, whatever their age, are some of the loveliest I have ever encountered. Laotians today seem happy with what little they have;theirs is one of the poorest countries in the world;and largely unconcerned by the mucky business of making money, as well as many other aspects of modernity. This is the kind of country where most Lao women still wear the traditional tube skirt, together with a neatly tailored jacket, just as most Lao families still live in traditional wooden houses on stilts and work in the rice paddies.虽然老挝这狭长的山地之国挤在那些引人注目的邻居们(泰国、越南和中国)当中,却精处处,那里孩子们的笑容只是其值得到访的理由之一。老挝人,无论其年龄大小,都是我见到过的最可爱的人。今天,老挝人看起来都满足于他们所拥有的一切,即使老挝是世界上最穷的国家之一,大多数老挝人不太关心钻营敛财之道,也不关心现代化的种种发展。就是这样一个国家,在这儿,大多数老挝妇女仍然穿着传统的筒裙和整洁而剪裁讲究的短上衣,同时,大多数老挝家庭仍住在传统的木头高脚屋里,在稻田里劳作。Cars are a comparatively rare sight; bicycles and water buffalo, in contrast, are ubiquitous. Scooters are the transport of choice for the well-off, a brightly patterned umbrella nonchalantly held in one hand when the sun is hot or the rain is falling. Its rural landscape in the months from November to January is eye-poppingly verdant and picturesque. But equally beguiling is Luang Prabang, now a Unesco World Heritage Site, a pinch-yourself perfect time capsule of a French colonial town, caught in a fork between the Mekong and Nam Khan rivers. Its main streets are filled with pretty French-built stone buildings with wooden fretwork balconies and terraces, its residential streets are lined with traditional raised Laotian wooden houses with their sweepinggables.汽车相对少见;相比之下,自行车和水牛则到处都是,有钱人会选择小轮托车做交通工具。无论是出太阳还是下雨,人们手里总是拿着图案鲜亮的雨伞。从十一月到一月这段时间,老挝的乡村一片青翠,风景如画。不过,同样诱人的还有其首府琅勃拉邦,坐落于湄公河和南康河交汇处的这个城市,现在是联合国教科文组织指定的一处世界遗址,其法国殖民时代的风情得到了完好的保存,让人感觉恍如时光倒流。在琅勃拉邦的大街上,到处是法国人建造的漂亮的石头房屋,带有木质雕花阳台和露台,住宅区的街道旁是一排排有着大型尖顶山墙的传统老挝高脚木屋。 /201202/171203

  In 1914, a team of American and German scientists set up camp on the shores of Russia#39;s BlackSea. Their goal: to conduct an experiment involving one of nature#39;s most spectacular phenomena — a total eclipse of the sun. The results had the potential to explode 200 years of scientificconjecture, change forever the way scientists view the universe and launch the career of the mostbrilliant star in the scientific firmament — Albert Einstein.Albert Einstein`s revolutionary theory that turned the world upside down might have beendismissed but for a math mistake, a cloudy sky, and the start of World War I. This fascinating two-hour special tells the story of Einstein`s little-known, 15-year struggle to prove one of his mostradical theories a theory that upended Newton and three centuries of scientific thought and calledinto question the definitions of space and light and gravity the game-changing concept known asthe Theory of General Relativity. Today, more than a century since the Miracle Year in which hepublished many of his breakthrough papers, Einstein`s ideas remain a living, vibrant influence.阿尔伯特·爱因斯坦美籍德国犹太裔,理论物理学家,世界十大杰出物理学家之一,现代物理学的开创者、集大成者和奠基人,相对论的创立者,同时也是一位著名的思想家和哲学家。爱因斯坦1900年毕业于苏黎世联邦理工学院,入瑞士国籍。1905年获苏 黎世大学哲学士学位。曾在伯尔尼专利局任职,在苏黎世工业大学、布拉格德意志担任大学教授。1913年返德国,任柏林威廉皇帝物理研究所所长和柏林洪堡 大学教授,并当选为普鲁士科学院院士,1921年获诺贝尔物理学奖,1933年因受纳粹政权迫害,迁居美国,任普林斯顿高级研究所教授,从事理论物理研 究,1940年入美国国籍。1999年被美国《时代周刊》评选为“世纪伟人”。 /201205/180456LEO (July 23 - Aug. 22)As the King or Queen of the Jungle, the Lion opts to dine in the sort of restaurants that befit royalty -- those of the five-star variety. Three-course meals in the best restaurants in the world are right up your alley.狮子:“森林之王”的狮子往往偏爱能体验尊贵感受的皇家饭店-各类“五星饭店”。在世界上最高级的饭店里享受一日三餐感觉当然好了。



  He has won tens of thousands of admirers – but just how many of them would be brave enough to try to stroke him is anyone#39;s guess.它有成千上万的粉丝,但有多少人敢抚摸它就不一定了。This is Colonel Meow, the furious-looking feline whose sourpuss expression has made him an internet sensation.这就是;喵上校;,它的愤怒表情使它在网上走红。Despite a rather fluffy coat, the black smoke Persian cat appears anything but cuddly thanks to his evil stare and a face that seems to be fixed in a permanent frown.这只;黑脸;波斯猫长着蓬松的绒毛,但看起来一点都不乖巧可爱,这都是拜它那令人不寒而栗的眼神和似乎永远紧锁的眉头所赐。Fans have nicknamed him the ‘world#39;s angriest cat#39;. But while even the most ardent cat lover might be reluctant to get too close to Colonel Meow in real life, his Facebook page has attracted more than 32,000 ‘likes#39; from around the world.粉丝们给它取外号称作;世界上最愤怒的猫;。即便是最热心的爱猫人士可能也不愿意接近它,不过,它的主人为它建立的Facebook主页却已经吸引到了超过3.2万名来自全球的粉丝。Photographs uploaded to the page by his owner Anne Marie Avey carry tongue-in-cheek captions on Colonel Meow#39;s behalf, such as: ‘Behold, minions! I have learned to touch my nose with my tongue. Now honour my great achievement#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201; with treaties and scotch.#39;;喵上校;的主人安妮#8226;梅尔#8226;埃维在Facebook的网页上传了一些它的照片,并以它自己的口吻配上搞笑解说词,比如:;看,手下们!我已经学会用舌头舔鼻子了。现在用糖果和苏格兰威士忌来庆祝我的伟大成就吧。;Another s: ‘I WANT to plan my world domination#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;but I also wanna get drunk and eat treaties.#39;另一句说道:;我打算统治世界……不过我也想喝得大醉,吃糖果。;Colonel Meow had a troubled upbringing – the profile discloses that he was found by the roadside after being abandoned in Seattle, Washington.;喵上校;的成长历程很坎坷。从资料可以看到,它最初被遗弃在华盛顿西雅图的街头,后来被人在路边捡到。But his softer side is also revealed in a brief biography where he admits that he has a fear of birds which might hamper his ambitions to conquer the world.但在简短的经历介绍中,人们也可以看出它温柔的一面。它承认自己怕鸟,而且这会阻碍它实现占领世界的雄心。Miss Avey, who adopted Colonel Meow from an animal shelter, now hopes to take him to Los Angeles and make him a star.主人埃维从一家动物收容所收养了它,打算把它带到洛杉矶,使它成为明星。And perhaps world domination isn#39;t too far away, as Facebook users have posted dozens of pictures of themselves pulling sour expressions in tribute to the grumpy pet.也许;喵上校;统治世界的梦想不久就能实现了。很多Facebook用户模仿梅奥愤怒的样子并将照片上传到网上分享。 /201210/202919


  The opens showing a bespectacled Akio Toyoda in a charcoal suit and tie, waving to the cameras. Then suddenly, he is in a red and black racing jump suit, helmet on, climbing behind the wheel of a psychedelic Camry sedan at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. A cockpit-mounted camera displays the 56-year-old corporate chief shifting into high gear as the bass thunders on the car#39;s sound system. 这是一段2011年秋季在美国播出的丰田汽车(Toyota Motor Corporation)电视广告。视频开头出现的是丰田公司总裁丰田章男(Akio Toyoda),他戴着眼镜,身着深灰色西装和领带,向摄影机挥手。随后画面突然切换,丰田章男换上一身红黑相间的连体赛车,戴上头盔,在赛车场(Las Vegas Motor Speedway)驾驶一辆迷幻色的凯美瑞(Camry)轿车奔驰。一台安装在驾驶仓内的摄像头拍摄到56岁的丰田章男不断换档提速,汽车音响系统爆发出震撼人心的重低音。 #39;How do you reinvent the best-selling car in America?#39; a voice intones in the TV aid aired in the U.S. last fall. #39;From behind the wheel. Akio Toyoda: race car driver and president of Toyota Motor Corporation.#39; “怎样重新打造美国最畅销的汽车?”此时片中响起一个画外音,“从手握方向盘开始。丰田章男:赛车手、丰田汽车总裁。” It isn#39;t just the Camry being reinvented, but Mr. Toyoda himself. As he tries to turn around the auto giant from years of what many call bland design, an embarrassing 2009 recall and the effects of the 2011 earthquake, he is grabbing the wheel and playing the role of personal pitchman. 正在脱胎换骨的不仅是凯美瑞,还有丰田章男本人。多年来,丰田汽车的设计一直被许多人视为平淡乏味,2009年尴尬的召回事件以及2011年的地震也给公司带来严重冲击。现在,丰田章男驾驶汽车,亲自扮演宣传员的角色,以期振兴这家汽车巨头。 Mr. Toyoda isn#39;t the first auto executive to do so. Chrysler Chief Executive Lee Iacocca did it on a factory floor. Ford Motor Co. Chairman Bill Ford Jr. has done it from behind a desk. And #39;Dr. Z#39; Dieter Zetsche did it for DaimlerChrysler in a Dodge Challenger. 丰田章男并非第一个亲自上阵的汽车公司高管。克莱斯勒公司(Chrysler)首席执行官李.艾科卡(Lee Iacocca)在工厂车间,福特汽车公司(Ford Motor Co.)董事长小比尔.福特(Bill Ford Jr.)在办公桌旁,戴姆勒-克莱斯勒公司(DaimlerChrysler)董事长迪特.蔡澈(Dieter Zetsche)在一辆道奇挑战者(Dodge Challenger)车内,都为公司做过宣传。 But none was shown climbing 31-degree banks at the Daytona International Speedway, let alone appearing at racing events flanked by a pair of leather-clad female chaperones holding parasols. (The Gazoo Ladies, named after Toyota#39;s Gazoo Racing motor sports team, are part of Mr. Toyoda#39;s racing entourage and draw a big following in Japan.) 但这其中没有任何一个人驾车攀爬过31度倾角的雷特娜国际赛道(Daytona International Speedway)陡坡,也没有在一对身穿皮衣、手拿遮阳伞的赛车女郎簇拥下出现在竞技赛场上。(这对美女被称为“Gazoo女郎”,得名于丰田的Gazoo Racing车队,是该车队的随行阵容,在日本吸引了大量粉丝。) That rock star persona reflects the unusual way Mr. Toyoda has defined the job he took over in 2009. He has become both the company#39;s de facto chief marketing officer and chief test driver. He has vowed to vet as many vehicles as possible, especially muscle cars like the ,000 Scion FR-S coupe and 5,000 Lexus LFA super car. 这种摇滚明星般的形象反映出丰田章男2009年接管丰田汽车后对这项工作非同寻常的定位方式。他实际上已成为公司的首席营销官和首席试车员。他承诺要尽可能多地试驾汽车,尤其是马力强劲、高性能的“肌肉车”,如售价24,000美元的Scion FR-S 跑车和售价375,000美元的雷克萨斯(Lexus) LFA超级跑车等。 It is a remarkable evolution for a man who first stayed largely behind the scenes when he took over the company founded by his grandfather. Thrust into the spotlight during Toyota#39;s acceleration-pedal recall in late 2009, his initial public comments seemed awkward. But he found his voice during U.S. congressional testimony in early 2010, telling lawmakers: #39;My name is on every car.#39; (The corporate name was changed to Toyota in 1936 because it sounds snappier in Japanese.) 这对丰田章男来说是一个巨大的变化。刚刚接管祖父创办的这家公司时,丰田章男大部分时间都居于幕后。然而,在2009年底的丰田汽车“踏板门”召回事件中,丰田章男被推到聚光灯前。他的首次公开讲话略显笨拙,但终于在2010年初的美国国会听会上找到了自己的声音。他告诉国会议员:“每一辆丰田车上都有我的名字。”(该公司在1936年将Toyoda更名为Toyota,因为这在日语里更上口。) Company officials say that the campaign featuring Mr. Toyoda as a cockpit jockey helps the company turn the page on its recent mishaps and provides a sportier image for the brand. The current marketing effort was built around the launch of the latest-generation Camry, a humdrum people-mover that has been the best-selling car in the U.S. all but of the one of the past 15 years. 公司管理人士称,以赛车手丰田章男为形象的广告宣传有助于扭转公司近期的颓势,并为丰田品牌带来更多的运动气息。当前的营销活动是为了配合最新一代凯美瑞的上市。在过去十五年里,各方面表现中庸的凯美瑞一直是美国最畅销的乘用车,只有一年例外。 Mr. Toyoda says he honed his driving skills in the 1980s driving a used Porsche in Manhattan, where he was working as an investment banker. He bought it after someone stole his Toyota Celica. The Porsche is long gone, but Mr. Toyoda likes to show off his Porsche ballpoint pen clad in the steel mesh used to protect wiring under the hood. #39;Look at this,#39; he told a reporter Thursday. #39;It#39;s just like an auto part.#39; 丰田章男说,他的驾驶技术是二十世纪八十年代在曼哈顿开一辆二手保时捷(Porsche)时培养起来的。当年他在曼哈顿一家投资工作,因为自己的一辆丰田Celica跑车被盗,于是买下了保时捷。那辆保时捷早已不在,但丰田章男喜欢秀他的保时捷圆珠笔,笔身包裹着一层用于保护汽车引擎盖下配线的钢网。他对记者说:“看这笔,就像汽车零件一样。” His daredevil activities are raising his profile in a way that few of his button-down predecessors sought. The company#39;s last president, Katsuaki Watanabe, tried to keep out of the limelight during his stint, spending his leisure time singing in a men#39;s choir. 这些锐意进取的大胆行为提升了丰田章男的知名度,而他那些保守的前任们很少有人走这条路。丰田公司上一任总裁渡边捷昭(Katsuaki Watanabe)在任期间努力远离公众视线,闲暇时在一个男声合唱团里唱歌。 Mr. Toyoda#39;s approach carries risks, not least of which is the possibility of the type of high-speed accident that killed Toyota#39;s chief test car driver in 2010. That was one year after Mr. Toyoda drove for the third year in a row in an annual 24-hour race on a Grand Prix track in Nurburg, Germany. The company says he hasn#39;t been in a competitive race since then - a decision prompted in part by pressure from Toyota#39;s board, according to a person familiar with the matter. But he hasn#39;t quit his habit of racing solo at top speeds on closed courses. 但丰田章男的做法也伴有风险,高速驾驶中的意外事故就是其中之一。2010年,丰田汽车首席试车员在一起高速事故中身亡。事发前一年,丰田章男已连续第三次参加每年一度在德国尼尔堡(Nurburg)大奖赛(Grand Prix)赛道上举办的24小时耐力赛。丰田汽车称,丰田章男自此之后没有再参加竞技比赛。据知情人士透露,该决定在一定程度上是迫于丰田公司董事会的压力,但丰田章男并没有放弃在封闭赛道上独自驾车挑战极限速度的爱好。 At a news conference in March, Mr. Toyoda appeared alongside three Toyota test drivers and made the case for keeping the keys. #39;Ten years ago, I was once chewed out by our chief test driver for not knowing how to put a car through its paces, something they risk their lives to do everyday,#39; he said. #39;Now, I see myself as a bridge who can talk to both racing pros and average car owners.#39; 在2012年3月的一次新闻发布会上,丰田章男与三名丰田试车员一同露面,并阐述了自己继续试驾丰田汽车的理由。他说:“十年前,我们的首席试车员有一次曾训斥我不懂如何全面检测车辆性能,而这是他们每天都要冒着生命危险去做的事情。现在,我视自己为一座桥梁,能同时与专业车手和普通车主进行沟通。” Mr. Toyoda has cut back on other pastimes such as golf to spend more hours at the test track. That shift from the back nine to starting line came, he says, after a journalist chided him by saying that most Toyota executives#39; appreciation of #39;handling#39; is limited to golf clubs. 丰田章男缩短了打高尔夫球等其他活动的时间,把更多时间花在试车场上。他表示,这一转变得益于此前受到的来自一名记者的斥责。这名记者说,丰田汽车大多数高管对于“操作”一词的理解仅限于在高尔夫球杆上。 He regularly shows up at events wearing a tailor-made Nomex fireproof red and white racing suit - featuring a shoulder patch with a cartoon of his dog, Morizo. While many CEOs hand out business cards, Mr. Toyoda#39;s chief calling cards are stacks of stickers with that dog patch design. 丰田章男经常现身各种赛事,身着红白相间的Nomex定制防火赛车──肩章上印着他的爱犬Morizo的卡通像。许多公司高管给人递的是名片,但丰田章男递得最多的是一堆贴画,上面印着肩章上的卡通形象。 In an effort to energize some 1,100 dispirited Toyota dealers and employees attending a company conference in Las Vegas last November, he bounded to the stage in his racing suit. 2011年11月在举行的公司大会上,为了给与会约1,100名情绪不高的丰田汽车经销商和雇员打气,丰田章男身穿赛车跃上舞台。 In the midst of a pep talk, he led the crowd in chanting #39;WAKU-DOKI, WAKU-DOKI, WAKU-DOKI,#39; a term loosely translated as #39;heart-pounding excitement.#39; 丰田章男在演讲中给大家加油鼓劲,领着人们反复地喊“WAKU-DOKI, WAKU-DOKI, WAKU-DOKI”,这个词翻译过来的意思大致是“血脉贲张”。 Mr. Toyoda often uses that phrase to illustrate the passion needed in his company#39;s vehicles, the design of which he told reporters in April was #39;too Democratic#39; to inspire. 丰田章男常常用这个词来说明丰田汽车的设计所需体现的。他在4月份告诉媒体,丰田汽车的设计过程“过于民主”,导致产品平淡无奇。 Mr. Toyoda has taken a deep interest in product development. During the development of the FR-S sports car, which began in 2008, he drove prototypes at least once a month and offered sometimes blistering feedback on everything from the suspension to the design of the exterior badge. 丰田章男对产品开发有着浓厚的兴趣。丰田汽车从2008年起开始研发FR-S运动汽车,在此期间,丰田章男每个月至少都要试驾一次原型车,有时候会很不客气地提出反馈意见,涉及从减震装置到外部车标设计的方方面面。 #39;Mr. Toyoda#39;s comments can be quite harsh. At one point, we were at a crossroads in development and he said the car wasn#39;t talking to him at all, which was his way of letting us know it wasn#39;t anything special,#39; recalled Tetsuya Tada, the FR-S#39;s chief engineer. #39;I don#39;t remember that ever happening with past presidents.#39; “丰田章男提的意见有时候相当尖锐。有一回我们正处于产品开发的十字路口,而丰田章男说那款车根本不能同他交谈,意思就是说车的设计没有任何特色。”FR-S车型首席工程师多田哲哉(Tetsuya Tada)回忆道,“在我的印象中,以往的总裁从来没有这样做过。” /201207/192941

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