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重庆激光脱毛的最佳时间渝中区玻尿酸隆鼻多少钱重庆一针除皱多少钱 This eternal image would be coupled with an eternal name. After his death, Augustus was declared a god by the Senate, to be worshipped by the Romans. His titles Augustus and Caesar were adopted by every subsequent emperor, and the month of Sextilius was officially renamed August in his honour. Here#39;s Boris Johnson again:永恒的形象应有永恒的名字与之相配。奥古斯都死后,元老院宣布他为神,所有罗马人都应敬拜。他的两个名号-奥古斯都和恺撒-被每一位继任者沿用下来。鲍里斯约翰逊说:;Augustus was the first emperor of Rome, and he created from the Roman Republic an institution that in many ways everybody has tried to imitate for the succeeding centuries. If you think about the Tsars, the Kaiser, the Tsars of Bulgaria, Mussolini, Hitler and Napoleon, everybody has tried to imitate that Roman iconography, that Roman approach, a great part of which began with Augustus and the first #39;principet#39; as it was called, the first imperial role that he occupied.;奥古斯都是罗马的第一任皇帝。他所创建的罗马帝国成为后世君主竞相模仿的对象。不管是俄罗斯沙皇、德意志皇帝、保加利亚沙皇、墨索里尼、希特勒还是拿破仑,他们都曾试图模仿罗马的个人崇拜及治国方式,而这些都始于奥古斯都。他是历史上第一位“国家元首”。All through this week, we#39;ve been looking at how a few privileged individuals imposed their will on the world around them. Next week, we#39;ll still be looking at the world in the time of the Pax Romana, but the objects will be focussing on the passions, pastimes and appetites that have always governed more ordinary people#39;s lives. It will be a week of vices, and spices. And we begin with a silver cup, made for a pederast in Palestine.伟大的君主创造伟大的国度。但帝国内平民的日常生活其实更受到公共爱好与消遣方式的配。在罗马和平时期也不例外。接下来的几件物品都来自罗马和平时期,能让我们深入了解当时人民的生活。它们都与香料和丑闻有关。首先要介绍的是为巴勒斯坦一位爱恋男童的男士制作的银杯。 Article/201412/347321重庆脱发医院检查

忠县彩光祛斑的价格The continents of our planet are drifting.地球上的大陆正在漂移Fast forward 75 million years and they快进七千五百万年will be clustered towards the south pole.它们将朝着南极聚拢No one knows if the Earth will still be habitable then,没人知道地球将来还是否适合居住but the sad truth is that但遗憾的是we may not last long enough to find out.人类也许活不到见的一刻的出现As we gaze into the future,我们凝视未来时it turns out that the universe is a pretty dangerous place.会发现其实宇宙颇为危险Just look at our neighborhood.看看地球周边即可略知一二It#39;s littered with billions of asteroids,这里存在着数十亿颗小行星ancient remnants left over from the process that built the solar system.都是太阳系形成时期存留下来的古老的残骸The possibility of one of these wiping us out它们毁灭我们的可能性isn#39;t just the stuff of Hollywood disaster movies.并不只停留在好莱坞虚构的灾难片中The threat from asteroids is real.小行星的威胁是真实存在的We#39;ve even given some of them names.我们已经为其中一些命名This one is called Apophis,这一颗叫阿波菲斯after a mythical Egyptian demon,得名自埃及神话中的一个恶魔a god of darkness and destruction.黑暗与毁灭之神Discovered in 2004,于2004年被发现的阿波菲斯Apophis is the size of a 100-story skyscraper.大小相当于百层天大楼It weighs about 20 billion tons.重约二百亿吨Speeding through space at 28,000 miles an hour,以每小时二万八千英里,子弹的十倍速度10 times as fast as a bullet,穿梭于宇宙之中it carries almost as much energy as它所具有的能量几乎是all the world#39;s nuclear weapons combined.世界上所有核武器所具能量的总和And we know roughly where it#39;s headed.我们目前只知道其大致走向The precise path is not yet fully known.其精确路径还有待研究But on April 13th, 2029,但在2029年4月13日this huge rock is likely to pass这块巨石很可能在距地球表面within 23,000 miles of the planet#39;s surface.约两万三千公里的位置经过Close enough to pass beneath the satellites in orbit around Earth近得能在地球轨道卫星下空掠过and give us all a scare.从而使我们担惊受怕Luckily there is very little chance that Apophis will actually hit us,幸运的是,阿波菲斯撞上地球的可能微乎其微but the problem for humanity is但人类面临的真正问题是that in space there is always a bigger rock.宇宙中总是有更大的石块 Article/201510/401928重庆第三人民医院是那里人开的 Professor Sahakian found the drug had萨哈金教授发现这种药物also boosted levels of chemical messengers in healthy brains,也可以提高健康大脑内化学递质的水平increasing their concentration levels too.进而也提高他们的专注性We were a bit surprised that我们有一些惊讶于in healthy people you could boost cognition.它也可以提高健康人的认知能力It reveals ADHD is not a black and white disorder.这表明 注意力不集中症状并不绝对It#39;s a spectrum, a spectrum we are all on.它只是个范围 人人都可能有点Some people are very impulsive,有些人很冲动other people are not impulsive at all.有些人却一点也不I think we all know friends of我想我们都认识这样一些朋友ours who might do something that we wouldn#39;t do他们会做出我们不会做的事情and then it#39;s a question of if we go只要我们将范围扩大further up that spectrum, that we may start to find somebody我们就会开始发现who is actually not functioning very well有些人并不是很健康because their impulsive behaviour or their lack of attention因为他们的行为冲动或缺乏注意力is very bad and therefore they do actually need a treatment.是不好的表现 他们亟需治疗This potential to make us all cleverer这种使人变聪明的潜在可能性opens an ethical minefield.引发一场道德上的争论 Article/201501/357278重庆除汗毛的方法

铜梁区激光治疗痤疮价格A lovely, lovely house.真是漂亮的房子- Were the directions good? - Very good, thank you.-我指的路好找吗 -很好找 谢谢Joe Cordell is a Cronie -乔·科代尔是一个低热量饮食者a calorie restrictor on optimal nutrition.即限制摄入热量同时获取最多营养And that means a lot of fruit and veg.这就意味着摄入大量水果和蔬菜I went ahead and kind of put everything out我提前准备过 已把所有东西都拿出来了because I thought you might want to have some breakfast.因为我猜你可能想要吃点早餐That would be delicious, thank you.一定会很美味的 谢谢你When I imagine a calorie restrictor,每当想到一个低热量饮食者I imagine someone who lives basically我的脑海中总是浮现出一个on a couple of carrots, or something like that.只靠几根胡萝卜之类的食物生存的人I didn#39;t think you#39;d go in for breakfast.我都没想到你会吃早餐Joe kicks off his day with a mountain of fruit,乔的一天从成堆水果开始some of which he then throws away.但其中的有些部分会被他丢掉Then what I like to do is add some apple to it,然后我会加一些苹果but when you#39;re in my position,如果你设身处地地理解我的想法I want to get as much nutritional value as I can for the calorie,我希望在摄入相同热量时得到最多营养and virtually all the nutritional value is in the peel.而事实上营养都贮存在苹果皮里So you#39;re going to slip the peel in所以你是准备把苹果皮加进去and throw away the rest of it?然后把剩下的都扔掉You#39;re going to do the reverse of what most people do.和大多数人所做的正好相反It#39;s great, because这样做很好literally 95% of the nutritional value here...因为事实上95%的营养都在这里面重点解释:1.go ahead 开始;前进例句:Go ahead and do what you like.去吧,喜欢干什么就干什么。2.a couple of 两个, 几个例句:He patched up a couple of old tires.他补了几条旧车胎。3.kick off 开始例句:Are you y to kick off?你准备好出发了吗? Article/201509/398728 The message is then sent through a series of computers信息接下来发送给一系列计算机which have volunteered to act as relay points.这些志愿机充当中继点的角色As the message passes from computer to computer,随着信息在计算机之间传递a layer of encryption is removed.一层加密被剥开Each time it is removed,每次去除加密时all the relay computer can see所有中继点计算机能看到的is an order which tells it to pass the message on.只是传递信息的指令The final computer relay decrypts the innermost layer of encryption,最后一个计算机中继点解密最内层的加密revealing the content of the communication.这样就能显示通讯内容了However - importantly - the identity of the user is hidden.然而最重要的是 用户的身份是被隐藏的Somebody who wants to look at things around the Web想上网浏览的人and not necessarily have people know what he#39;s interested in.未必有人知道他真正喜欢什么It might just be the local internet services provider,也许只是个本地互联网务供应商he doesn#39;t want them to know which things he#39;s looking at,他不想让别人知道他在网上看什么内容but it might be also the destination.但他也可能成为通讯终点Syverson#39;s system worked.赛福森的系统起作用了It was now possible to surf the net without being watched.不被人监视着上网变成了可能重点解释:1.a series of 一连串例句:The student always asks his teacher a series of questions.这个学生总是问他老师一连串的问题。2.look at (仔细地)看例句:Please raise your head and look at the blackboard.请抬起头来,看黑板。3.be interested in 对 ... 感兴趣例句:I think you may be interested in our new product.我想贵公司可能会对敝公司的新产品感兴趣。 Article/201701/490032北碚区做眼角除皱手术多少钱重庆妇幼保健医院位置



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