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顺德区妇幼保健院男科大夫暨南大学附属顺德医院收费贵吗China and the US clashed over the South China Sea at a defence forum this weekend, with a Chinese admiral warning Washington that “we have no fear of trouble中国和美国周末围绕南中国海问题在一个防务论坛上针锋相对。中国一名海军上将警告华盛顿方面称:中国“不怕事”。Tensions surrounding these contested waters have been rising amid island-building by Beijing, increased naval and air patrols by the US and the expectation that an international court will soon rule on an arbitration case brought by the Philippines against China’s expansive maritime claims.围绕南海争议海域的紧张局势不断升级,其背景是北京方面建设人工岛,美国增加海空巡逻,同时一个国际仲裁庭预计不久将对菲律宾提起的反对中国大范围声索海洋主权的仲裁案作出裁决。China has been trying to find other nations such as Russia that are willing to support its rejection of the legitimacy of the permanent court of arbitration in The Hague. Meanwhile, the US, the EU and Japan have said they support the right of the Philippines to bring the case under the provisions of the UN law of the sea, which the US itself has not ratified.中国一直在试图寻求其他国家(如俄罗斯)表态持其不承认海牙常设仲裁法院合法性的立场。与此同时,美国、欧盟和日本均已表态称,菲律宾有权利根据《联合国海洋法公约UNCLOS)的规定提起此案,尽管美国自己尚未批准《公约》。Admiral Sun Jianguo, deputy chief of the joint staff of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, on Sunday blamed the US for exacerbating the disputes by “openly showing its military muscleand supporting “allies that are confronting China and forcing China to accept any arbitration award中央军事委员会联合参谋部副参谋长、解放军海军上将孙建国周日指责美国“公然炫耀武力”,同时“持其盟国对抗中国,压中方接受并执行仲裁结果”,加剧了争端。“China firmly opposes such behaviour,he told an audience of defence ministers, generals and analysts at the Shangri-La Dialogue, an annual security forum in Singapore. “We do not make trouble but we have no fear of trouble.”“中方对此坚决反对,”他在新加坡举行的年度安全论坛“香格里拉对话Shangri-La Dialogue)对台下的各国国防部长、将军和分析人员表示。“我们不惹事,也不怕事。”He also hit back at the claim made in Singapore a day earlier by Ashton Carter, the US secretary of defence, that China was building a “great wall of self-isolationbecause of its aggressive approach to the other claimants to these waters, including the Philippines and Vietnam.他还回击了美国国防部部长阿什#8226;卡特(Ashton Carter)前一天在新加坡作出的断言,即中国在南海对菲律宾和越南等其他声索主权的国家采取咄咄逼人的姿态,等于是在打造一座“自我孤立的长城”。“Some countries are still looking at China with a cold war prejudice,said Adm Sun. “They may build a wall in their mind and end up isolating themselves.”孙建国表示:“我倒是担心那些有冷战思维、戴着有色眼镜看中国的人和国家,在自己心中筑起一道墙,最后孤立自己。”But it was not just the US raising concerns about China’s assertive stance and its opposition to involvement of The Hague court, which is expected to rule within months on the Philippinescase against Beijing’s “nine-dash lineclaim to almost the whole South China Sea.但是,并不只是美国对中国的强硬姿态、及其反对海牙仲裁庭的管辖表示关切。预计这个仲裁庭将在几个月内就菲律宾提起的反对北京方面几乎覆盖整个南中国海的“九段线”主权声索的仲裁案做出裁决。A succession of defence ministers and senior officials from Vietnam, Japan and other Asian nations as well as outside powers such as the UK and France repeated Mr Carter’s call for China and other nations to respect the outcome of the arbitration process and act in accordance with international law.从越南、日本和其它亚洲国家,到英国和法国等域外大国,一个又一个国防部长和高级官员纷纷重复卡特的呼吁,要求中国和其他国家尊重仲裁过程的结果,依照国际法行事。“This is a matter of the utmost importance,said Jean-Yves Le Drian, France’s defence minister. “If the law of the sea is not respected today in the China seas, it will be threatened tomorrow in the Arctic, the Mediterranean or elsewhere.”“这是一个极其重要的问题,”法国国防部长让-伊夫#8226;勒德里安(Jean-Yves Le Drian)表示。“如果海洋法今天在中国周边海域得不到尊重,那么明天它将在北极地区、地中海或其他地方受到威胁。”Michael Fallon, the UK defence secretary, said it would be a “mistakefor China to defy the tribunal.英国国防大臣迈克#8226;法伦(Michael Fallon)表示,中国违抗仲裁庭的裁决将是一个“错误”。“We need to keep working to show China that its position is relatively isolated,he said. “And one day, as China rises as a world power and develops ambitions for its blue-water navy, the time will come when China needs to rely on the provisions of these international conventions.”“我们需要继续努力向中国表明,它的立场是相对孤立的,”他表示。“随着中国崛起为一个世界强国,并发展其蓝水海军的雄心,有一天中国将需要依靠这些国际公约的规定。”来 /201606/448016广东省佛山新世纪医院治疗包皮包茎多少钱 China plans to complete the assembly of a national nuclear emergency response team by the end of 2018, Wang Yiren, deputy director of China Atomic Energy Authority, said last Tuesday.国家原子能机构副主任王毅韧上周二表示,我国计划于2018年年底前建成一国家核应急救援队。The team will have 320 professionals in six squads and will be designated to handle serious nuclear accidents and take part in overseas operations, Wang said.据王毅韧介绍,这应急救;国家;将由6救援分队组成、规模为320人,将被指派承担重特大核事故的处置任务,并可参与国际核应急救援行动;The work to establish the team has begun, and the government plans to invest around 600 million yuan (.6 million) in it,; Wang said, adding that the six squads will be responsible for command and technical support, handling emergencies, engineering work, monitoring, and radiation prevention and decontamination.王毅韧表示:“该团队的建设工作已经开始,政府计划投资亿元人民160万美。”此外,他还补充说道救援分队将负责指挥协调与技术持、突击抢险、工程抢险、应急监测与辐射防护、去污洗消工作。Currently there are 25 nuclear emergency teams with more than 1,300 personnel that are managed by several government departments and State-owned nuclear power companies, he said.王毅韧说,多个政府部门和国有核电公司已经组建5专业的核应急救援分队,人数涉及1300余人。In addition to the manpower buildup, the government will improve communication and coordination mechanisms among nuclear-related authorities and enterprises, and will speed up legislation on nuclear energy and nuclear security, Wang said. ;We also plan to develop specific equipment such as remotely controlled robots and emergency power.;他说,除了进行人员建设,政府还将完善核相关部门与企业间的沟通与合作机制,并加快进行核能和核安全方面的立法工作。此外,我们还计划开发特定的设备,比如远程控制机器人和应急电源。来 /201606/448412佛山市包皮过长

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佛山新世纪割包皮会不会肿 Salah Abdeslam, the leading suspect in last November’s Paris terror attack, will face questions from French investigators Friday for the first time since he was extradited from Belgium last month.星期五,去年11月巴黎恐怖袭击案的主要嫌疑人萨拉赫·阿布德斯拉姆将接受法国调查人员的讯问。自他上月从比利时被引渡到法国后,这是首次接受讯问。His testimony is hoped to provide some insight into the planning and strategies used by the Islamist extremists in the execution of the terrorist attack. He could also detail any connections between the attacks in Paris and Belguim, which were both carried out by the Islamic State group.有关当局期待阿布德斯拉姆的词会有助于了解伊斯兰极端分子是如何策划和实施那次恐怖袭击的。他提供的信息还可能帮助当局了解巴黎恐袭案与比利时恐袭案之间的关联。Abdeslam played down his role in the attacks during previous interrogations in Belgium, saying he was merely a pawn in the plan devised by Abdelhamid Abaaoud.此前在比利时接受讯问时,阿布德斯拉姆刻意淡化自己在袭击案中的作用,声称他只是阿巴乌德制定的计划中的一个小卒子。Abdeslam is believed to have transported three suicide bombers to the Stade de France national stadium in northern France, where they blew themselves up.据信阿布德斯拉姆名自杀爆炸手送到法国北部的法兰西国家体育场,他们在那里发动了自杀爆炸袭击。He is believed to have backed out of the suicide bombing himself at the last minute.此外,据信阿布德斯拉姆本人在最后一刻放弃实施自杀爆炸。来 /201605/444907佛山中医院泌尿科医院泌尿外科佛山中医院泌尿科医院包皮手术怎么样




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