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Heavy objects can be moved in this way.重物均可以通过这种方法来移动A three-in-one haul line like this has been deployed in countless rescue situations.这种三合一的拉绳 已在无数救援场合大显身手A couple of years ago,a hiker fell into a 75-foot ravine.几年前 一名徒步旅行者坠下75英尺的峡谷With no other access,rescuers lowered an emergency stretcher无计可施的情况下 救援人员降下了一副急救担架and were able to safely haul him out using this system.用这种拉绳将他救了上来The speed with which they were able to get him out and into hospital saved his life.从出峡谷到进医院 这一系列及时的救援行动 挽救了他的生命Okay. Well, weve reached the sea.到了 我们到海边了Now its just a question of trying to get out there.现在的问题便是离开这里The ship I spotted earlier has moved on now.我刚才发现的油轮已经远去But if you hug the coastline,You may come across more signs of shipping.但只要沿着海岸线行驶 你就能邂逅更多船只Kayaking is one of those things you just want to find your rhythm,皮划艇就是这样一种运动 需要你找到适合自己的节奏get into that zone, and then you can keep going,and the time passes quickly there.驾轻就熟后 就能乘风破浪了 时间也会过得很快We used to do so much of this sort of canoeing in the military, you know,just long-distance paddling.在军队里 我们常进行这种 划船训练 那种长距离划行To be honest, I kind of forget just how hard work it is.说老实话 我有点记不清它的艰辛了Its just a grind.Getting a little bit choppier here.真是漫长的折磨 这的浪有点急了Its actually surprisingly stable, this canoe.不可思议 这小舟真是结实Thats a port over there!Were only about a mile away as well.那有个港口 差不多就剩一英里了If I can reach there, then its job done.到了那 就大功告成了This tiny country punches way above its weight.这小小的国家却拥有强大的实力Its a formidable landscape and should not be underestimated.此处令人敬畏的景致 不应被人们所低估And one things for sure I wont be able to look at a boiled egg for quite a while.可以确定的是 我在一段时间内 都不会碰煮鸡蛋了But finally I can head home to my family,and thats a welcome thought.最后 我终于能返回家中与家人团聚 这真令人振奋201705/508639。

The vine is taking me out above the waterfall and into the jungle.顺着藤蔓我来到了瀑布上方 进入到了丛林中For centuries this was a wild and ruly place千百年来 这里都是蛮荒之地Rebellious tribes adapt to the harsh environment over thusands of years.部落的人民在经历了数千年的历练之后 适应了这里恶劣的生存环境But this mountian remained untamed.但这深山老林之地依然野性难驯Still today that stories of tigers prowling around the jungles here.至今仍然有传说当中的老虎 在附近的丛林中四处觅食Ants! Man, look at this,look. Weaver ants.Thats what they are.Hang on.蚂蚁 快看 织叶蚁 这就是织叶蚁 等等Right down the neck.Look at this.These things are brutish.蚂蚁爬进我的脖子了 快看 这些织叶蚁真是如狼似虎The bites really pack a punch because the ants spray formic acid into the wound.被蚂蚁咬到一口可疼得不轻 因为这些蚂蚁会把蚁酸喷到伤口上See, its why theyre called weaver ants.Theyve weaved all of these leaves together.看 这就是为什么要把它们称为;织叶蚁; 它们把这些叶子都编织到一起They have this, like,glue that holds it all in place.But these are nasty ants.看 就像这样 分泌类似胶水的东西把叶子黏在一起 这些蚂蚁都非常难对付These ants are so aggressive that the ancient chinese used nests of weaver ants 它们的攻击性很强 因此 古代的中国人民用织叶蚁to protect their fruit trees from harmful bugs.来保护果树 防止害虫的袭击Its the oldest example of biocontrol in the world.这是世界上最早的生物防治措施Theyre not gonna like this one bit.它们不会喜欢我这样的But the larvae are packed with protein and thats what Im after.但它们的幼虫富含丰富的蛋白质 而那是我求生所必须的食物Yeah, that is massive.Lets try and get some of this stuff there.这里有一大群蚂蚁 我得弄点下来Look. There you go. Thats what I mean.See that.看 就是这个 看见没201607/454271。

Id never be a paparazzi. I couldnt be.我绝不会像个仔队那样去跟拍。To torment people and chase them...Oh, that I couldnt do. I wouldnt do.去折磨那些人,追着他们拍我不会,也绝不那样做。I think it has to be done just discreetly and quietly.我认为拍照是一件很谨慎的事应该悄悄地去做。;Invisible,;I think, is the word.或许换句话说,摄影师应该是;隐形人;。This is the greatest subject in all of Europe...Madame Piaggi.这是欧洲最美的人之一,Piaggi夫人。Cest le The New York Times.Yeah, I know.他们是《纽约时报》的,在拍照。哦,我知道。The pumps. I dont like them on me, but its good on her.我不喜欢他们拍我,拍她很好。When did he first photograph you?他第一次给你拍照是什么时候?Uh, in the 70s.大概是…七十年代。I photographed her outside Saint Laurents couture show, mixed in with all the other women that were trying to be so chic with their pantsuits.我第一次给她拍照是在Saint Laurent的女装展外面,她和一些穿着普通裤装却努力想让自己显得很特别的女人在一起。It was a revelation.这简直是场革命。I mean, I never saw anyone like her.我从未见过像她这样的人。I think shes a poet with clothes.她像个衣的诗人。But a very fine poet.一个很好的诗人。Oh, my God, I wouldnt miss her.哦,天呐…我决不能错过拍她。To me, thats the reason to go to Paris.她是我来巴黎的原因之一。I mean, I just like fashion as an art form of dressing the body.她简直像流动的装艺术展。If we all went out looking like a slob like me, it would be a pretty dreary world.如果每个人都像我这个懒虫一样这样穿出门那这个世界将会多么无趣。No, see, I think Bill is very stylish.Bill有他自己的风格。201609/460801。

So until the throne of England tempted him back across the Channel at the age of 36,直到英格兰王位之争 诱惑着三十六岁的他 横跨英吉利海峡回归祖国this was Edwards home,and while he was here a child was growing up who would change the course of British history.这里就是爱德华的家 在此 一个孩童长大成人 并将改写不列颠的历史It was at the site of this castle at Falles in 10271027年 就是在法莱斯的这座城堡里that William, known to his contemporaries though not to his face as William the Bastard, was born.威廉 这个被时人私下称为 ;私生子威廉;的人 出生了He was the illegitimate son of the Duke Robert of Normandy and the daughter of a tanner called Ellave.他是诺曼底公爵罗贝尔一世 和一个名叫艾尔莱芙的鞋匠女儿的私生子And in the cut-throat world of feudal Normandy,it was important that he learn, and quickly, how to survive.在封建的诺曼底这个弱肉强食的世界里 对他来说迅速学会如何生存比什么都重要He was only a child when his father died on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land,当他父亲死在朝圣的路上时他还只是个孩子leaving William, just eight years old, as his heir,a lamb thrown to the wolves.年仅八岁的的威廉成为了爵位的继承人 这无异羊入狼群Certainly Edward would have known the young William.毫无疑问 爱德华定对小威廉有所耳闻There were even suggestions that he was one of the hand-picked companions甚至有迹象表明 他是威廉之父罗贝尔公爵entrusted by Williams father, Duke Robert,with keeping an eye on the vulnerable young boy.亲自定下的托孤人选 负责照看这个羸弱的小男孩So Edward would have seen how William survived the traumas of his childhood,因此 爱德华已经目睹了 威廉如何在童年经历的劫难中幸存narrowly escaping assassination attempts;惊险地躲过暗杀how William was forced at just aged ten, to witness the brutal murder of his beloved steward in his bedchamber, before his very eyes.以及年仅十岁的威廉在卧房中亲眼目睹 自己亲爱的管家被残忍地杀害 /201607/456173。

The death toll from the massive earthquake that struck central Italy on Wednesday has reached over 160 and is expected to climb higher. Hundreds more have been injured in the disaster.周三,意大利中部遭遇大地震袭击,死亡人数已超过160人而且预计还会攀升。数百人在地震中受伤。The 6.2 magnitude quake and its aftershocks demolished several small towns in a remote, mountainous region of Italy near Rome and Perugia.在罗马和佩鲁贾附近,6.2级地震及其余震摧毁了偏远山区的几个小城镇。Rescue workers are still trying to dig through the rubble to rescue any survivors. But the regions steep terrain and narrow, winding roads are making it tough for officials to move rescue equipment around.救援人员仍在努力挖掘碎石,以挽救任何幸存者。但该地区陡峭的地形和狭窄蜿蜒的道路使官员难以移动救援设备。Italy is accustomed to massive earthquakes, since its located atop two fault lines and has invested in quakeproof infrastructure to compensate. A writer for CNN points out many small, remote towns have neglected that earthquake-proofing.意大利因位于两个断层线之上,因此经常发生大地震,国家投资了防震基础设施。一位CNN作家指出,许多小的偏远城镇忽视了抗震。译文属。201608/462777。

TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201608/461839。

Okay, Im down.Bear, you all right?好的 我下来了 贝尔 你还好吗Sean, whats going on?Hes good.Hes good?Lean back and put your weight on it. Down you come.肖恩 怎么样了 他没事 没事吗 向后仰 重心靠后 下来吧Nice and steady.This is a pretty scary situation.慢慢来 不要晃 这真是非常恐怖的情况I didnt want to go down there. You feel very alone.我不想往下走 感觉孤立无援You just got to trust Bear and his experience.你只能相信贝尔 还有他的经验Okay, Joe! We got Sean down!Oh, man.好的 乔 肖恩下来了 老天啊Okay, were going down, Joe. Lets go.下来吧 乔 来吧 This is really gonna push Joe,and will make him confront his fear of rappelling.这对乔来说是一大难题 他得面对他最怕的索降Whos guarding the rope?You got me, Bear?我下去了谁看着绳子呢 贝尔 你能保护我吗I got you 100%, brother.All right. I trust you.我全力保护 哥们 好吧 信你Thats good. Thats good.Keep it coming.Lean back.好极了 好极了 就这样下来 向后仰I reckon you can walk down this,so lean right out like you did on that first granite rappel.我保你能安全下来 向后仰 就像你第一次从峭壁上下来一样Thats it. Lean right back. Right back.就这样 后仰 对了Hips forward, remember.Feet flat against the ice...not to the ice.记住 臀部向前 双脚平放抵住冰面 不要离开冰面Crevasses are scary places.And this is really challenging Joe.冰裂缝是令人生畏的地方 对乔来说无疑是个巨大的挑战Hes gonna have to put his fears to one side and put his confidence in me.他必须抛弃胆怯 对我充分的信任Good job, Joe.Oh, good stuff.Bear helped me.干的好 乔 确实不赖 贝尔帮了我I mean, he told me everythings gonna be fine.他告诉我任何事都会好起来的But, you know, hes been saying that all day.但你也知道 他整天都这么说And I have been fine,so I guess I need to start believing him at some point.而事实上我确实毫发无损 所以一定程度上我想我该相信他201705/511614。