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呼和浩特早泄手术的价格呼和浩特第一人民医院泌尿科咨询So we just give Sherrie a cheque with 100 thousand dollars and she said this gonna help so much我们刚给了Sherrie一张10万美元的票 她说这可帮了大忙because I just got a bill for 4 thousand dollars for toilet paper她刚收到买手纸的账单 要求付4千美元and I had choosed between paying for that and buying food她得在付账和买食品之间选择so this is gonna help and I will urge everyone to continue to try to help you所以这10万美元帮上忙了 我会继续呼吁大家来帮你there is one more thing,Ginny if you do me a favor还有件事 Ginny 帮我个忙好吗if you would take all of those kids and everybody outside,that would be great take everybody outside把大家都带到外面去 帮我把大家带出去就好了a lot of children in this country dont finish school,because they never learn how to 美国有很多孩子没有从学校毕业 是因为他们一直不会读书Targets want to help kids reach their full potential塔吉特想帮孩子们发挥全部潜力And one way to do that is to make sure they can by the third grade有一个办法就是让他们三年级前就学会读书so they sent 75 volenteers to Vagas and they packed 600 backpacks filled with books lots of school supplies所以他们派了75个志愿者到 和600个书包 装满了书和学习用品and other stuffs for every single students还有一些其他东西 送给每一个学生So you get a backpack,Here we go, oh my god.Get all the stuff in here,They are so derserve them你也有一个书包 都在这了 天啊 所有东西都在里面 他们真的很需要这些Targets giving everybody in the audiance 100 dollar gift card塔吉特还给大家每人一张百元购物卡If you know an amazing person like Sherrie,please write to our website and tell us about them如果你知道什么人像Sherrie这样 请在我们网站留言 告诉我们他们的事迹we need to know about people like Sherrie and I challenge everyone else out there,let she inspired you, she inspired me我们想了解Sherry这样的人 我希望Sherry能够激励每一个人 让她来鼓舞你 她已经启发了我I want to thank Ashton Kutcher Will.I.Am,Sherrie Gahn and all the kids in Whitney Elementary School感谢Ashton Kutcher Will.I.Am 感谢Sherrie Gahn和惠特尼小学的孩子们none of this would have become possible without the help of the Target如果没有塔吉特公司的热情相助 这一切也不会成真I cant thank them enough,All right you havent seen the last of us对大家感激不尽 你还会见到我们we are gonna keep help you, we are not gonna stop.See you tomorrow, Be kind on one another Bye.我们会继续帮助你的 不会是一锤子买卖 明天见 善待彼此哦 再见了 /201606/447370呼和浩特治疗前列腺囊肿医院哪家最好 During its three weeks of operation, the new GFS remained outclassed. On a standard measure—predicting the altitude at which the atmospheric pressure is half as great as at sea level—it still trails the ECMWF model.全球预报系统投入运行的三周时间里,其预报质量远优于欧洲中期天气预报中心。但在一项对某纬度大气压强是海平面一半的标准测试中,全球预报系统仍落后于欧洲中期天气预报中心.Nonetheless, the GFSs strong showing during Januarys noreaster offers solace to critics who feared America would never catch up with Europe in matters meteorological. Weather forecasting is fiendishly complex, and improvements tend to arise not from great leaps forward but rather an accumulation of incremental advances.之前批评家们担心美国在气象预报方面永远也赶不上欧洲,但是全球预报系统在1月份对暴风雪东北锋面的准确预测给予了他们一些安慰。预报天气是件极其复杂的事情,要想提高预测的准确性可不能一蹴而就而要靠慢慢积累。The ECMWFs most obvious advantage has been in raw computing power. Its Cray XC30 supercomputer can perform up to 2 quadrillion calculations a second, about ten times more than the GFS hardware before the recent upgrade. As a result, it carves up the Earths atmosphere into svelte cells 16km square and 137 layers deep, compared with a bulky 27km and a mere 64 layers for the old GFS. The ECMWFs computing muscle also lets it start its projections with a replay of the past 12 hours of weather, using 40m data points derived from observations collected by ground stations, aeroplanes, balloons and satellites. In contrast, the GFS begins with a snapshot of a single moment.欧洲中期天气预报中心的强势之处在于它那了得的运算能力。该气象中心拥有一台Cray XC30型超级电脑,一秒内就能运算2万亿次,其运算能力是全球预报系统硬件升级前的十倍多。这台计算机能把地球大气层整齐地分割为面积为16平方公里的若干小块,且把每块做137层分层,而升级前的全球预报系统只能做27平方公里和137层的块层分割。借助其厉害的运算能力,欧洲中期天气预报中心能对过去12小时的气象云图做回放,从而使其天气预报更为准确。云图回放时计算机要处理4000万个数据点,这些数据都是从地面观测站点,气象飞机,气球及气象卫星收集获得的。相较之下,美国的全球预报系统只能对某一特定时刻做云图拍照,进而分析预测。The ECMWF also deserves credit for deploying its computational force wisely. The centre was a pioneer in using satellites to fill gaps in the data over the oceans, and in developing “ensemble forecasts” that generate a range of outcomes by employing slightly different starting conditions to produce multiple predictions. Its current model runs 52 such forecasts in parallel, each with a probability assigned to it.欧洲中期天气预报中心对其强大的运算能力使用分布得当亦值称赞。该中心在运用卫星进行气象观测,弥补海洋气象数据不足方面处于领先地位;此外,它还开发出一套名为“系集预报”的模型,即通过利用气象起始状况的细微不同来得出多项预测从而得到多个预报结果。欧洲中期天气预报中心现有的这个模型能同时进行52项这样的气象预测,每个预测都会得出一个预报结果。Weather forecasters in America have full access to the ECMWFs model. However, the ed States still has good reason not to free-ride on the Europeans work. Private American firms have to pay for it, and the ECMWF is unlikely to develop regional or local models focused specifically on America. Moreover, giving the ECMWF a worthy competitor would probably lead to better forecasts overall.美国的气象预报人员具有使用欧洲中期天气预报中心该模型的全部权限。但是美国还是找出了不搭便车的理由。一来美国私人公司要付费使用该模型,二来是欧洲中期天气预报中心也不可能针对美国开发出一套区域性更强的模型,三来欧洲中期天气预报中心是个劲敌,与之竞争或许能全面促进美国天气预报的发展。The new GFS has certainly narrowed the gap. Its resolution is now 13km, though it still has only 64 layers. By November it is expected to run on a faster computer than the ECMWFs. It could be in line for further upgrades if the new, Republican Congress reintroduces the Weather Forecasting Improvement Act proposed last year—though the partys global-warming sceptics are likely to demand that much of the additional 0m a year the bill offered be taken away from research on climate change.全球预报系统升级后着实缩小了与欧洲中期天气预报中心的差距。虽然该系统大气分层能力还只能分出64层,但现如今它的气象分辨率已经能达到13千米。今年11月,全球预报系统有望将换装比欧洲中期天气预报中心运行速度更快的超级电脑。如今美国国会已是共和党人的主场了,如果他们能重新采纳去年递交的“气象预报完善法案”,那全球预报系统有望得到进一步升级。该法案要求每年给气候研究增加1200万美元的经费,虽然共和党内的“全球变暖”怀疑者们可能会要求大幅裁减这笔资金。According to Cliff Mass, a professor of meteorology at the University of Washington, more money will not be enough to catch up with the Europeans. America, he says, must integrate its separate research and forecasting divisions, and include more contributions from non-government experts. Compared with pushing through cultural change in large public bureaucracies, predicting the weather is easy.华盛顿大学气象学教授Cliff Mass称,即使美国投入再多的钱其天气预报的能力也无法赶上欧洲人。他说美国要想在这方面获得实质性的提高不仅得把其气候专项研究和各预报部门综合起来,还得广纳民间气候专家的建议。较之在官场推行政治文化气息变革,预测天气真算得上是简单的了。 译文属译生译世 /201605/445493呼和浩特市男科医院哪家好

锡林郭勒盟做体检多少钱He was praised for trying to restore Germanys greatness and, in the process, spending enormous sums on the Germany military.他因致力德国伟大复兴而受到褒扬,同时他在德国军力上投入大量资金。Hitler came to be seen as a leader far above the squabbles of everyday life.希特勒被看作成超凡脱俗的领导人。As a result, it became possible for Germans to dislike particular Nazis they dealt with,and yet still respect Hitler.德国人有可能讨厌纳粹分子,但仍旧尊敬希特勒。There is great sympathy amongst the population for the Fuehrer and Reich Chancellor, Adolf Hitler.德国人民极度认可国家元首,德意志帝国总理,希特勒。I have never heard any negative comment directed at his own person.我从未听过针对他的负面言论。Rather, one hears now and then,yes, if Hitler could do everything himself,;some things would be different.然而经常听到人们说,若希特勒能身体力行,结果会截然不同。But he cant keep a watch on everything.但他不可能亲自过问每件事。This myth that if Hitler only knew about unpopular aspects of the Nazi regime,he would change them,was a safety valve in the system,one that protected Hitlers image as a charismatic leader.若希特勒知道,纳粹体制中不尽人意之处,他肯定有所作为,这种烟幕是此体制的安全阀,维护着希特勒卓越的领袖形象。 译文属201512/416602呼和浩特市附院检查妇科病多少钱 呼和浩特看男科

内蒙古呼和浩特市治疗早孕哪家医院最好的Court?Lisa?Ah,Its Jennifer!柯特? 丽萨? 我是詹妮弗!Youre sleeping with her too?No,no,of course not.你也和她打炮? 不 不 当然不了You are still dating that writer guy,right?Ah!你还在和那个作家约会对吧? 啊!Oh my god.You are disgusting.Im never sleeping with you again.天呐 你太恶心了 我再也不要和你约炮了But we still on for tomorrow night?Yeah.Good.Yeah.那明晚还一起吃饭吗? 行 那就好!Oh my god.How long has this been happening?How long has this been going on?天呐 这样的状况发生多久了? 你们这样多长时间了?You really should call.I know.你真的应该先打个电话的 我懂的You knew why I knew something was happening because I texted...我知道正发生一些事 因为我发短信给...What?Portia?NO.Woo...Whatre you..whats,Thats Ellen.No,Its not.什么?Portia? 不 不 不是的 不是 你...那是..那是艾伦 不 不See? she just said no.Its not.You really should call first.她说了不是 她就不是 你真的应该先打电话Jan,good luck with the show.I understand.I really should call.祝你节目好运 我知道 我的确应该先打电话的LeBlanc,go out of the fountain,man.What,Leblanc?勒布朗 从喷泉里出来吧 兄弟! 什么?勒布朗?Well,Now do you,now do you wanna talk about it?Yeah,lets talk about it.现在你想谈这个吗? 好 让我们来谈这个Did you get the advise you wouldve needed?I wasnt allowed to get the advise I needed你得到你需要的建议了吗? 我可不能得到建议because he was otherwise,entertaining himself.Yeah.He was occupied.He was occupied.不然的话他就得到好处了 是 他很忙 他很忙He was.Lets talk about something real.Lets talk about the movie that you have coming out让我们谈论一些真的事 让我们谈谈你即将上映的电影We are the Millers.The Millers on August.August 9th August 9th米勒一家 米勒一家在8月上映 8月9号 8月9号 /201604/437585 呼和浩特新城区上环多少钱兴安盟第一人民妇幼中医院治疗包皮包茎多少钱



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