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国家地理:Martin Luther King 马丁·路德·金He began his career as a Baptist preacher but went on to lead a sweeping grassroots effort to end racial discrimination, known as the Civil Rights Movement. Along the way, Martin Luther King Junior made history and emerged as one of the most influential leaders of the 20th century.Before the Civil Rights Movement began, segregation policies known as Jim Crow laws kept African-Americans in a separate and generally inferior world from whites. African-Americans went to separate public schools, ate in separate restaurants, and even had to use separate public restrooms. They had to sit in the back of buses, and give up their seats to any white people standing.But in 1954, Jim Crow suffered a stunning defeat. The Supreme Court declared that separate schools for blacks and whites were inherently unequal in a case called Brown versus board of education. The following year, in Montgomery, Alabama, a tailor's assistant, named Rosa Parks, refuse to give up her bus seat for a white passenger. Parks was arrested, but Martin Luther King organized a full-fledged boycott of the Montgomery city bus system. 13 months later, the buses integrated.The Montgomery boycott inspired more efforts to end segregation. In 1963, King and other civil rights leaders organized the March on Washington. More than 200,000 people came to the nation's capital to demand equality for blacks and urge Congress to pass pending civil rights laws. Standing at the base of the Lincoln Memorial, King spoke the words "I have a dream today", describing his hope for a future in which all men would be brothers.The Civil Rights Movement was changing the nation. In 1964, Congress passed the Civil Rights Act, which made racial discrimination in public places illegal. The same year, King was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.On April 4th, 1968, Martin Luther King was assassinated in Memphis, Tennessee. But the movement he helped to lead lived on, inspiring other groups such as Hispanics, women and the disabled to fight for equal treatment under the law, and completing King's legacy of greater social justice for all Americans.Wordsgrassroots : The grassroots of an organization or movement are the ordinary people who form the main part of it, rather than its leaders. 基层的,一般民众的;来自民间的Hispanic: A Hispanic person is a citizen of the ed States of America who originally came from Latin America, or whose family originally came from Latin America.200708/17063Voters in the southern state of Mississippi are going to the polls in that state's Democratic Party presidential primary. Opinion polls put Senator Barack Obama in first place, but, Senator Hillary Clinton is likely to almost evenly split the state's 33 delegates. 美国南方的密西西比州星期二举行民主党总统初选。民意调查显示,奥巴马参议员在这个州领先。不过,克林顿参议员可能几乎同奥巴马平分这个州的33张党代表票。More than half of Mississippi's Democratic voters are African-Americans, a segment of the voting population that has favored Barack Obama in past contests and they are expected to help him win Tuesday's primary as well. Obama, whose father was from Kenya and whose mother was white, is likely to win more than half the votes, but Hillary Clinton will take away almost as many delegates.  密西西比州民主党选民有一半以上是非洲裔美国人。而非洲裔选民在过去的选举中是持奥巴马的。预计这些选民将帮助他赢得星期二的初选。奥巴马的父亲来自肯尼亚,母亲是白人。奥巴马可能会赢得半数以上的选票。但是克林顿可能将获得将近一半的党代表票。In Democratic contests the delegates are divided proportionally according the number of votes won by each candidate. Clinton is behind Obama by about 100 delegates at this point, but she is counting on a big win in Pennsylvania, which holds its primary on April 22. Polls show she has an advantage there.  在民主党的竞选中,党代表票是按照竞选人得票的比例分配的。目前克林顿的党代表票比奥巴马少大约100张。但是她期待在宾夕法尼亚州以很大优势取胜。宾州将在4月22号举行初选。民调显示克林顿在宾州拥有优势。Mississippi is a poor state and often lands at or near the bottom of national lists on such matters as rural poverty, educational achievement and school financing. Issue of concern for voters include the economy, health care, job creation and the war in Iraq. 密西西比是一个贫穷州。在那里,乡村贫穷、教育成就和学校的财政持大都处于全国最低的水平或者接近最低的水平。该州选民关心的问题包括经济、保健、创造就业和伊拉克战争。On the eve of the Mississippi primary, as both candidates appeared around the state, a controversy flared over Clinton remarks that seemed to suggest she would be willing to name Obama as her running mate. 密西西比州初选前夕,两位民主党竞选人都到那里竞选。克林顿的言论显示,克林顿愿意选择奥巴马作自己的竞选夥伴。这些言论引起了一场争议。"I have had people say to me, 'I wish I could vote for both of you.' Well, that might be possible some day," she said. 克林顿说:“有些人对我讲,‘我希望能投你们两个人的票’。我看,有一天这会成为可能。”Obama responded by rejecting the notion that he would accept the second-place spot on the ticket with Clinton. 奥巴马的反应是,拒绝接受作克林顿的副总统竞选夥伴的设想。"I do not know how somebody who is in second place is offering the vice presidency to someone who is in first place," he said. 奥巴马说:“首先,我不明白,在竞选中处于第二位的人怎么会提出,让处于第一位的人当副总统竞选夥伴呢?”Obama is also expressing irritation over assertions by Clinton that he is not experienced enough to take on the job of commander in chief. He questioned how Clinton could see him as a potential vice presidential candidate if she does not believe he is y for such responsibility. 奥巴马还对克林顿断言说他没有足够的经验担任三军统帅表示恼怒。奥巴马问到,如果克林顿不相信他作好了担负作三军统帅责任的准备,那么克林顿怎么会认为他有能力担任副总统候选人?Democratic leaders are concerned that such rhetorical skirmishes between the two candidates may help Republicans by giving them ideas on how to attack whichever of the two wins the Democratic nomination. Senator John McCain, who has clinched the Republican nomination, has been able to concentrate on building his team and financial resources for the November election, while the Democrats still struggle to finalize their selection process. 根据美国宪法,总统如有意外,副总统自动接替总统职务。民主党领导人担心,两位总统竞选人之间这种唇舌剑式的互相抨击可能会帮助共和党,因为这可能提醒共和党怎样攻击奥巴马和克林顿两人中胜出的民主党候选人。麦凯恩参议员已经获得了共和党的提名。他在集中建立自己的团队和财政资源,为11月大选作准备。民主党仍然在竭力完成该党推举候选人的过程。200803/30139S. Korean President Apologizes, Promises US Beef Import Limits韩国总统再就进口美牛肉协议道歉   South Korea's president has made a second public apology for his management of a deal to resume controversial American beef imports. Responding to massive street protests, he says he will ensure age limits on the imports, in partnership with Washington. 韩国总统再次就其在恢复进口美国牛肉问题上所采取的措施,向公众表示道歉。这一问题在韩国引起很大的争议。针对近来众多 的街头抗议活动,李明总统表示,将与美方合作,确保落实进口牛肉的牛的年龄限制。For the second time in four weeks, South Korean President Lee Myung-bak apologized Thursday for failing to consider public opinion in a beef import deal with the ed States. 李明星期四表示,在恢复进口美国牛肉问题上,没有充分考虑民意,并表示道歉。这是他在过去四个星期里,第二次就这一问 题,公开表示道歉。This time, he added a key concession to protesters who have been pouring into the streets since April. 这一次,他在讲话中对那些自从4月以来大批走上街头抗议的民众,做出了一项新的让步。He says, as long as South Korean people do not want it, there will be no U.S. beef from cattle older than 30 months on offer to Korean consumers. Mr. Lee says he will obtain concrete guarantees from Washington on that point. He says he expects the ed States, a close ally, to respect South Korea's will. 韩国总统李明说,只要韩国民众不希望见到,在韩国的消费市场上,就不会看到超过30个月以上的牛的牛肉。李明说,在这 个问题上,他将要求美方提供实在的保。他还说,他认为美方作为韩国密切的盟友,会尊重韩国民众的意愿。South Korea banned U.S. beef in 2003, after an American animal was found to have "mad cow disease." President Lee's April deal to resume U.S. beef imports angered South Korean opponents, because it failed to include the same sort of restriction on meat from older cattle that other U.S. trade partners maintain. Cattle older than 30 months are considered to be at higher risk of the disease. 韩国自从2003年开始,禁止进口美国牛肉。在那之前,美国的一头牛被发现患有“疯牛病”。李明总统在今年4月与美方就恢复进 口牛肉问题所达成的协议,让韩国的反对派感到非常愤怒,因为这项协议当中,没有包括美国与其他贸易夥伴之间所达成的禁止 出口稍老一些的牛的牛肉的条款。年龄超过30个月的牛被认为更有可能患有疯牛病。There has never been a confirmed case of anyone contracting the human variant of mad cow disease from eating American beef. U.S. officials and the ed National World Organization for Animal Health have said American beef is safe. 事实上从来没有任何人因为食用美国牛肉被确诊感染人类疯牛病。美国官员和世界动物卫生组织都已经表明美国牛肉是安全的。U.S. lawmakers have warned ratification of a much broader free trade deal, signed last year between the two countries, would be in jeopardy if South Korea did not reopen its beef market. 美国国会议员警告说,假如韩国不开放牛肉市场的话,一个两国间去年签署的更加广泛的自由贸易协议有可能在美国不能得到批准。President Lee says the economic benefits of that agreement were uppermost in his mind when he made the beef deal. 李明说,他决定这项自由贸易协议时,该协议的经济利益在他心中是最重要的。He says he thought ratifying the free trade deal was a "shortcut" to trigger the economic growth South Korea urgently needs. He says he thought ejecting U.S. beef would have endangered the deal and possibly set off trade disputes. So, like it or not, he says he thought the beef deal was unavoidable. 他说,他认为批准这项自由贸易协议是刺激韩国急需的经济增长所需的一个“捷径”。他说,他认为抵制美国牛肉可能会给该协议 造成危险,并可能带来贸易纠纷。因此不论喜欢与否,他认为这项自由贸易协议是不可避免的。President Lee's trade minister is in Washington seeking concrete means of implementing the beef export limitation. The arrangement being discussed would be voluntary. However, Mr. Lee says President Bush has assured him the export limits would be guaranteed by the U.S. government. 韩国政府贸易官员正在华盛顿寻求具体的方式来推行牛肉出口限制,讨论中的安排将是自愿执行的。不过,李明说,布什总统 已经向他保出口限制将受到美国政府的担保。Separately, President Lee promised to replace his chief of staff and other unspecified members of his cabinet, in the near future. He also promised to hold off on a massive South Korean canal project, if it is clear the people are against it. 在其它方面,李明保在近期撤换总统秘书室室长和他内阁中没有明确说明的其他成员。他还保要暂停一项韩国大型运河工 程的建设,假如民众确定对此表示反对的话。200806/42337Democrats, Republicans Respond to Bush Decisions on Iraq美国会民主党人批评布什伊战决定  Democrats are criticizing President Bush's latest decisions on military deployments in Iraq, based on recommendations of the U.S. military commander and senior U.S. diplomat in the country. Republicans supported the president, who approved a plan to reduce the length of U.S. troop deployments, but suspend force withdrawals from Iraq after July. 美国国会民主党人批评布什总统就美军在伊拉克部署所作的最新决定,布什根据美军驻伊拉克最高指挥官和美国驻伊拉克大使的建议作出这一决定。布什批准了一项缩短美军部署时间的计划,但是同时决定在今年7月之后暂停美国从伊拉克撤军。共和党人持这个决定。 Appearing after President Bush announced his decisions at the White House, Democratic House and Senate leaders held a news conference in the U.S. Capitol. 布什总统在白宫宣布了他的决定之后,国会参众两院的民主党领袖在国会山举行了一场记者会。Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid referred to the week's testimony by U.S. Iraq commander General Petraeus and Ryan Crocker, the U.S. ambassador to Iraq, and noted that after July, when the U.S. military surge force is withdrawn, U.S. troops in Iraq will still number about 140,000: 参议院民主党领袖里德谈到了美军最高指挥官彼得雷乌斯将军和美国驻伊拉克大使克罗克本周在国会的词。他说,在7月份美国增援部队撤出伊拉克之后,美国在伊拉克的军人仍将有大约14万。"This is not a so-called troop withdrawal pause," he said. "With today's announcement the president signaled to the American people that he has no intention of bringing home anymore troops. Instead he is leaving all the tough decisions to the only person that is going to have to make those tough decisions, the next president of the ed States." 他说:“这并不是所谓的暂停撤军。总统今天宣布的消息向美国人民发出了一个信号,那就是他不想再让更多军人返回家园。相反,他将把这个棘手的决定留给另外一个人去作,那就是美国的下一届总统。”House Speaker Nancy Pelosi accuses the president of dragging the war out, and repeats the assertion that Iraq is diverting attention from Afghanistan, where Democrats say the real war on terrorism needs to be fought: 众议院议长佩洛西指责布什总统拖延战争,并再次断言说,伊拉克抢走了阿富汗应该得到的关注。民主党人认为,阿富汗才是真正应该进行反恐战争的战场。"When we know that the real war on terror is in Afghanistan, how can we have that real effort with a sustained effort in Iraq continuing?" she asked. 她说:“当我们知道真正的反恐战争在阿富汗时,我们怎么还能继续把反恐的真正努力继续放在伊拉克呢?”With Reid and Pelosi were representatives of two military veterans groups opposed to the president's Iraq policies 与里德参议员及佩洛西议长一起出席记者会的是两个退伍军人组织的代表,这些组织都反对布什总统的伊拉克政策。John Soltz is an Iraq war veteran who heads the VoteVets.org: 索尔兹是一名从伊拉克战场退伍的老兵,他也是“老兵投票”网站的负责人。"For the president to stand up tonight and explain to the country that he is somehow going to lower troop levels from 15 months to 12 months starting August 1 is a direct misrepresentation of the truth," he said. 他说:“总统今晚站在那里对全国解释说,从8月1号开始,他将把军人的部署时间从15个月减少到12月,这是对真相的直接错误表述。”President Bush's decision on reducing deployments to 12 months would take effect on August 1, but would not affect U.S. forces aly deployed on the front lines. 布什总统决定把部队在伊拉克部署的时间减少为12个月,这个决定将在8月1号生效,但是该决定不影响已经在伊拉克前线部署的美国军队。Bobby Muller, who heads Veterans for America, calls the decision effectively meaningless:"Half of the front-line units in the Army [are] aly deployed on 15 month deployments," he said. "The majority of the units scheduled to deploy throughout this year are not regular Army anymore. We are going to the domestic unit[s], we're going to the National Guard, the majority are going to be National Guard units who aly served 12 month tours."Republicans welcomed the president's decision, saying it will help reduce stress on U.S. forces. 共和党人欢迎总统的决定,他们说,这个计划有助于减少美国军队的压力。They also focused on the testimony to Congress by General Petraeus and Ambassador Crocker, with Republican Senator John Cornyn saying the pace of U.S. withdrawals must be based on conditions: 共和党参议员科宁说,美国撤军的速度必须是有条件的。"We need to leave Iraq when it has the capability to govern and defend itself," he said. "That is because it is in our vital national security interests to do so." 他说:“我们应该在伊拉克有能力治理和保卫自己的时候才离开伊拉克,这符合我们国家关键的安全利益。”Senate Republican Lindsey Graham pronounces as dead any new Democratic efforts to set any timetables: 共和党参议员格雷厄姆说,民主党试图制定时间表的任何新努力都是徒劳的。"I think you would look pretty foolish right now to be quite honest to suggest that the Congress knows more than General Petraeus," he said. 他说:“我认为,坦白地说,如果有人现在说国会比彼得雷乌斯将军了解得还多,那就太愚蠢了。”But Democrats vow to continue their attempts to use legislation to impact the president's Iraq policies will continue, with Pelosi and Reid saying they will mount legislative efforts to formally mandate the amount of time troops must have between deployments, among other things. 可是,民主党人发誓要继续争取用立法来影响布什总统的伊拉克政策。佩罗西和里德说,他们将增加立法努力,包括正式规定美国军队在两次海外部署之间所需要的休整时间。200804/34267

Negotiation about inspection检验商议A: Good morning, Mr. Black, Im here to talk about the inspection of the goods.A: 早上好,布莱克先生。我来是想讨论一下商品检验的问题。B: Great, thats what I have in mind.B: 太好了,我也正想和你们商量一下这事儿呢。A: Firstly we want to confirm something.A: 首先我们想确认一些事情。B: Go ahead.B: 好的,什么事情?A: How would the goods be inspected?A: 商品是如何检验的?B: Well, according to the international practice, you should inspect the goods before shipping and we have the right to reinspect on arrival.B: 嗯,根据国际惯例,你方负责货物装船前的检验,而我方负责货物抵达后的复检。A: Who will take charge of the inspection fee?A: 那么谁来负责检验费呢?B: According to the international practice, the exporter should pay the inspection fee.B: 根据国际惯例,检验费有出口一方负责。A: We agree but we demand that we find an organization we both trust to inspect the commodities.A: 我们同意,但是我们要求货物由我们双方都信任的机构进行检验。B: Thats fine for us.B: 这点没问题。A: If there is any discrepancy when you reinspect our goods, could you please inform us in 10 days?A: 再复检过程中如果发现什么问题,请在十天之内通知我们。B: We will, for sure.B: 一定。 /201602/425133

Cut your reporting. Now a lost city under the sea--for centuries the stuff of myth--now, possibly, a reality. An Oceanographer in Japan says he is convinced he's found evidence of an ancient civilization that must have slipped into the ocean thousands of years ago and has released pictures that he thinks proves that. Sally Gould reports.These steps of a submerged ancient city lost thousands of years ago to the Pacific Ocean. At least according to a Japanese Oceanographer, who's spent 2 decades studying the site, alerted by some scuba-diving tourists who noticed the area's rocks were unnaturally smooth and seemed to form a stone staircase. Professor Masaaki Kimura believes the area contains the ruins of a lost city, which would've had a road, a castle, a shrine, statues, even a coliseum.Judging by the design and disposition of the ruins, the city must have looked just like an ancient Roman city, I can envisage that a Triumphal Arch-like statue stood on the left side of the coliseum, and a shrine over the hill. Professor Kimura thinks the city probably sank in an earthquake about 3,000 years ago, and that the myth of the lost continent of Mu and Atlantis, developed out of actual ancient cities like this one. But scientific opinion is divided. Skeptics believe the ruins could be explained by natural phenomena, and point out very few artifacts like weapons, for instance, have been found to prove humans lived among these rocks.When you look at the images, it's very hard not to think that these might have been something man-made, but all the other scientists that've gone to look at this site, can't find any evidence of human habitation. There is no man-made pots, there is no other signs that people lived there. That makes people much more cautious. So the other ideas are possibly that the natural phenomena, either volcanic activity or wave activity or water currents are of eroded features to, to look like this. It is something that I think all of us would,would love to see to be true, and to be fair, many archaeologists would love to stumble on as well. It's one of these things though that extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. But so persistent are these myths of lost sunken cities, speculation has even crossed over to the search for alien life. In the 1960s and 70s, a cottage industry of books emerged, postulating that an ancient civilization could have been, and in fact still be, a base for UFOs.Any chance you reckon on coming across Atlantis and really the amazing lost cities perhaps with aliens that are living inside them or? Be fantastic if we could. That there are examples in South and Latin American jungle I think of, um, of temples that have been discovered ever now and then in the jungle , and simply just a question of people getting to these sites, and finding them. Aliens is a whole different ball game, we'll see.Sally Gould, our Manha(ttan),-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------1.scuba-diving:the sport of swimming under water while breathing through a tube that is connected to a container of air on your back200805/39855

Top Afghan Diplomat Abducted in Pakistan万豪酒店爆炸后巴国安全继续恶化   A senior government official says Pakistan's top civilian and military leaders had planned to dine at Islamabad's Marriot Hotel when a suicide car bombing struck it, killing 53 people. While an investigation is under way into the country's deadliest suicide bombing, unknown gunmen kidnapped Afghanistan's ambassador-designate in the northwest Pakistan city of Peshawar. 巴基斯坦政府的一位高级官员说,巴基斯坦文职和军界的高级领导人曾经计划在自杀式汽车炸弹袭击伊斯兰堡的万豪酒店的时候在那里用餐。这次袭击造成53人死亡,是巴基斯坦死亡人数最多的一次自杀炸弹袭击。就在当局对这起事件进行调查的同时,不明身份的武装分子在巴基斯坦西北部的白沙瓦市绑架了即将上任的阿富汗大使,导致巴基斯坦安全局势进一步恶化。Speaking to reporters in Islamabad, Interior Ministry head Rehman Malik disclosed that Pakistan's President, Prime Minister, and Army chief were planning to attend a dinner party at the Marriott Hotel when it was bombed.  巴基斯坦内政部长马利克在伊斯兰堡对记者们透露,巴基斯坦总统、总理和陆军总参谋长曾计划在万豪酒店被炸的时间在那里出席一个晚餐会。Malik says perhaps the terrorists knew that the Marriott was the venue of the dinner and the entire leadership of the country would be present there. But he says the dinner was moved to the Prime Minister's official residence at the 11th hour on the instructions of the president and the prime minister. The interior ministry chief did not explain why the two leaders decided to change the venue of the dinner party.  马利克说,也许恐怖分子知道晚餐会将在万豪酒店举行,而且整个巴基斯坦领导层成员将聚集在那里。不过他说,在11点时,总统和总理指示将宴会的地点改在总理的官邸。他没有解释这两位领导人为什么会改变餐会地点。Officials say that nearly 270 people were wounded in the bombing, while the dead included the Czech ambassador to Pakistan and American nationals.  有关官员说,有近270人在爆炸中受伤。而死者中包括捷克驻巴基斯坦大使和一些美国人。A U.S Embassy spokesman Lou Fintor gave details of the American casualties in the weekend bombing. 美国大使馆发言人芬托尔透露了美国死者的详情。"Two American citizens died of injuries sustained during the September 20th bombing of the Islamabad Marriot Hotel. Those individuals were Department of Defense employees. In addition, a State Department contractor, an American citizen, is unaccounted for at this time. However, we are continuing efforts to determine this employee's status," said Fintor. 他说:“在九月20号发生在伊斯兰堡万豪酒店的爆炸中,两名美国公民在受伤后不治身亡。他们是美国国防部的工作人员。此外,一名美国籍的国务院合同工目前失踪。不过,我们在尽力确定他的状况。”There are no claims of responsibility, but Pakistani authorities suspect militants linked to the Taliban and Al-Qaida terror network for the bombing. The attack prompted the British Airways to temporarily suspend flights to Pakistan.  目前还没有人出面对袭击承担负责,但是巴基斯坦有关当局怀疑塔利班和基地恐怖组织同爆炸有关。这起袭击使英国航空公司暂停飞往巴基斯坦的航班。In a further sign of the worsening security situation in the country, unknown gunmen have kidnapped Afghanistan's ambassador-designate, Abdul Khaliq Farahi in the northwestern Pakistan city of Peshawar. The kidnappers ambushed the diplomat's car in a residential area of the troubled city and killed his Afghan driver.  另一起事件更加突出了巴基斯坦安全局势的恶化。不明身份的武装分子在巴基斯坦西北部的白沙瓦市绑架了即将上任的阿富汗驻巴基斯坦大使法拉希。绑匪在白沙瓦市一个居民区里突袭了法拉希乘坐的汽车,并杀死了他的阿富汗司机。Speaking to VOA by telephone from Peshawar, an Afghan official, Noor Mohammad Takal, says that the kidnapped diplomat was still serving as the consul general at the Afghan consulate in Peshawawr.  阿富汗官员塔卡尔在白沙瓦通过电话告诉美国之音,法拉希当时依然担任阿富汗驻白沙瓦市领馆总领事的职位。He says that the top Afghan diplomat was going back to his residence in the city from work, but was intercepted by armed men.  他说,法拉希当时正在从办公室回家的路上,但是遭到了武装分子的拦截。The kidnapping took place in an area that borders one of Pakistan's semi-autonoumos tribal areas, the Khyber Agency, where Taliban and al-Qaida militants are believed to have their hideouts. Pakistani security forces recently have conducted major military operations to eliminate the militants.  发生绑架的地区同巴基斯坦半自治的部落地区开伯尔相邻。开伯尔地区有塔利班和基地组织激进分子的藏匿点。巴基斯坦安全部队最近对这个地区展开了大规模军事行动,以消灭这些激进分子。The latest incidents of violence in Pakistan underscore the extremist threat facing the country, a vital U.S. ally in the war against terrorism. Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari is set to meet President Bush in New York this week to discuss, among other things, efforts to tackle the rising militant threat. 巴基斯坦最近发生的几起暴力袭击显示,这个美国反恐战争的重要盟国面临来自极端分子的威胁。巴基斯坦总统扎尔达里定于本周在纽约同布什会晤,双方将讨论如何解决不断增加的激进分子威胁等问题。200809/49972

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