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猴子也减肥?在日本的一家动物园,约50只猴子被要求按照严格的减肥食谱喂食,因为它们胖得几乎走不动路了。Losing weight has become monkey business at a Japanese zoo, which has put about 50 primates on a strict diet after some became so obese they couldn't move around.The fat Rhesus(恒河猴) monkeys are a popular attraction at the park, and gained fame in Japan after media dubbed them "metabo monkeys", a play on the Japanese slang for metabolic syndrome(代谢综合症) -- a form of human obesity."We don't really know the exact reason why the monkeys grew fat, but we reckon its because the monkeys are not only fed once a day by us, but also because this park is open 24 hours a day to visitors, who throw food into the enclosure," said Ohama park superintendent(监督人) Syoji Hasegawa.The keepers at Ohama park in Western Japan have halved the animals' calorie intake, replacing favorite foods such as sweet potatoes with wheat-based snacks.The zookeepers imposed the diet late last year after finding that some of the monkeys weighed almost 30 kg (66 pounds) -- at least three times heavier than average.Park officials have not weighed the animals recently but the diet appears to have worked as some monkeys now have saggy skin -- evidence of weight loss.Although signs clearly tell visitors not to feed the monkeys, park officials say many people still throw them food.That has prompted the park to consider building a new enclosure for the animals to cut them off from visitor titbits(量少味美的食品). /200807/43695You might think I#39;d have little in common with a camel, but we do share one useful skill: both of us can go for a very long time without water.你也许觉得自己和骆驼没有什么相同点,但其实我们确实和骆驼有一种共同的技能:我们和骆驼一样可以长时间不喝水。Usually I start my day with a cup of tea, then I might have a glass of water with my lunch and one with dinner - that#39;s about a litre of liquid in 24 hours. It feels like plenty, but apparently it#39;s not nearly enough.通常我会早上喝一杯茶,然后可能中午吃饭的时候喝一杯水,晚上吃饭的时候再喝一杯水——也就是大约24小时内喝1升水。这似乎够多了,但实际上远远不够。After years of suffering headaches and poor digestion I spoke to a neurologist about my regular headaches and a nutritionist about my poor digestion, and both told me I should be drinking up to three litres of liquid a day for my body to function at its best.在常年受到头疼和消化问题的困扰之后,我和一位神经科医生谈到我的头痛症,又和一位营养科医生谈到我消化功能差的问题,两位医生都建议我,必须一天喝多至3升的水,身体才能运转正常。I decided to conduct an experiment. What would happen if I drank the recommended amount every day for a month?我决定进行一项实验,看看如果我按医生的建议每天喝足量的水,会发生怎样的变化?The photograph of me taken the day I started this trial demonstrates perfectly - and rather frighteningly - what a lack of hydration does to a face.在开始实验前一天我给自己拍了一张照片,这张照片清楚——并且令人恐惧的——实了缺水对面部皮肤带来的损害。I am 42, but have to admit I look more like 52 in this picture, which is shocking. There are dark shadows under and around my eyes, which make me look exhausted, a profusion of wrinkles and strange reddish blotches, and my skin lacks any lustre. It looks dead.我现年42岁,但可怕的是,我必须承认在这张照片里我看起来更像是52岁了。我的眼部周围有黑眼圈,看起来十分疲惫,脸上还有许多皱纹和奇怪的红斑。我的皮肤看起来毫无光泽,死气沉沉。Even my lips look shrivelled. This is all classic evidence of poor hydration, apparently. Every system and function in our body depends on water.甚至我的嘴唇看起来都很干瘪。很明显,这些都是典型的缺水症状。我们身体中的所有系统和功能都离不开水。It flushes toxins from the vital organs, carries nutrients to cells, provides a moist environment for ear, nose and throat tissues, and eliminates waste.水能疏散重要器官中的毒素,将营养运输到细胞里,为耳部、鼻部和咽喉组织提供湿润健康的生态环境,还能排泄废物。Not drinking enough means all these functions become impaired. So I decided to see how I would look and feel if I drank three litres of water every day for 28 days. The results were astonishing.如果饮水量不足,则意味着这些功能都将受损。所有我决定考察一下,如果我连续28天每天都喝下3升的水,那么我的皮肤和身体感觉将有些什么变化。结果是惊人的。 /201311/264742Starting off a vacay with a flight delay or cancellation can turn things upside down — especially if you have limited time to visit with family and friends over the holidays. Instead of freaking out, here#39;s how to handle the situation.假期开始时遇到航班延误或取消会让心情很糟——特别是如果你在假日里只有有限的时间和家人、朋友见面。别抓狂,下面是处理这种情况的办法。Check in early! Make sure to check in online or via phone at least 24 hours ahead of time. Sure, that doesn#39;t mean things are always going to be perfect, but if you have aly checked in before arriving at the airport, then all your flight information is secure, and your seat is confirmed.尽早确认!确保至少提前24小时在网上或用电话确认信息。当然,这并不意味事情会一直很顺利,但如果你在到机场前已经确认过,那你所有的航班信息就不会有问题,你的座位也会被保留。Plan for it: While you#39;re packing your carry-on, prep for delays, and make sure to include your phone charger, a good book, a small bag of toiletries, and even fresh undergarments. You can also pack a few of your favorite snacks. That way, if there actually is a delay, you#39;re aly mentally prepped — and well fed.做好航班延误的准备:当你打包随身行李时,也做好延机的准备,并确保带了手机充电器、一本好书、一小袋洗漱品,甚至干净的内衣。你也可以备些喜欢的零食。这样的话,如果飞机真的误点,你已经有了心理准备——也能把自己喂饱。Take a deep breath: Getting news that your flight won#39;t be leaving for another six hours can feel like being dumped over the phone by your eighth-grade boyfriend. Take a deep breath, and compose yourself before taking action. These things happen, and there#39;s not much you can do about it. It#39;s best to focus on staying calm, even if you#39;re totally freaking out.深呼吸:知道还要再等6小时飞机才会起飞时,感觉像是在电话里被青梅竹马的男朋友甩了一样。深吸一口气,采取行动前先想清楚。事情已经发生,你也做不了什么。即使你已完全失控,也最好要尽力冷静下来。Make the call: When you find out there#39;s a delay or cancellation, instead of waiting in line and getting more frustrated, call your airline directly to check on alternate flights. Keep the number handy, so you are first on the line if things get chaotic. Just having the opportunity to talk things out sometimes makes everything better.打电话:当你发现航班误点或取消,不要在队伍里等着,让情绪越来越低落,而是直接打电话给航空公司看有没有别的航班。把电话留着,这样事态混乱时你就是第一个打进电话的人。有时只是有机会把事情讲出来就能让一切变得更好。Provide all information: The gate attendant is there to help, so taking your frustration out on her isn#39;t going to make things better. Give her any information that may help you get on another flight. If an alternate airport is close to your final destination, if you are willing to take ground transport, or if you have any pressing medical conditions, then now is the time to share. Once you#39;re done, walk away, and call a good friend to complain her ear off.提供所有信息:登机口的务员是提供帮助的,所以把你的不满发泄在她身上不会让事情有转机。告诉她任何可以帮助你登上其他航班的信息。如果降落的那个机场接近你的最终目的地,如果你愿意地面运输行李,或者如果你有任何紧急身体状况,那么现在是时候说出来了。一旦你提供好了信息就离开吧,打电话给好友狠狠抱怨下。Laugh: That#39;s right: laugh. Being stuck in an airport is no fun, but having a little levity about the situation makes things a bit easier to deal with. It#39;s much more enjoyable to have a positive attitude, and sitting and sulking isn#39;t going to get you out of there any faster. Who knows what might come form being stuck in the airport? You might make a new friend or actually have the chance to that book everyone#39;s been talking about.笑:对的,就是要笑。被困机场并不有趣,但是轻松面对境况会让事情更容易处理。呆坐着生闷气不会让你更快脱离困境,态度积极会更好些。谁知道自己会被困在机场呢?你可能会认识新朋友或有机会读那本每个人都在谈论的热门书籍。 /201312/270520A Dying Man#39;s Favorite Cookies An elderly man lay dying in his bed. 临死者最爱吃的小甜饼一位濒临死亡的老人正躺在他的床上,承受着死亡的煎熬。In death#39;s agony, he suddenly smelled the aroma of his favorite chocolate chip cookies wafting up the stairs. He gathered his remaining strength, and lifted himself from the bed. Leaning against the wall, he slowly made his way out of the bedroom, and with even greater effort forced himself down the stairs, gripping the railing with both hands. 突然一股香味顺着楼下飘了上来,那正是他最喜欢的巧克力小薄饼的味道。他用尽吃奶的力气挣扎着从床上爬了起来,倚着墙,慢慢地走出了卧室,并且用最后的力量用双手抓住扶手走下了楼梯。With labored breath, he leaned against the door frame, gazing into the kitchen.Were it not for death#39;s agony, he would have thought himself aly in heaven: 老人靠在门框上,嘴里喘着气,眼睛凝神着厨房。如果不是因为承受着临死的痛苦,老人会认为自己到了天堂。there, sp out upon newspapers on the kitchen table were literally hundreds of his favorite chocolate chip cookies. Was it heaven? 那里,在厨房铺着报纸的桌子上,确切地说有数百个他最喜欢吃的巧克力小薄饼。真在天堂吗?Or was it one final act of heroic love from his devoted wife, seeing to it that he left this world a happy man?Mustering one great final effort, he threw himself toward the table, landing on his knees in a rumpled posture.还是他那离婚妻子的最后一次英雄般的爱心显示,以便让他开心地离开这个世界?集中最后的力量,老人跪着双膝挣扎着移向桌子。他口干舌燥,嘴巴张开。 His parched lips parted; the wondrous taste of the cookie was aly in his mouth; seemingly bringing him back to life. The aged and withered hand, shockingly made its way to a cookie at the edge of the table, 他感受到了美妙的甜饼味道,仿佛要将他带回人世。他的一只年迈干瘪的手颤颤悠悠地伸向桌子边缘的一只小甜饼。when it was suddenly smacked with a spatula by his wife.Stay out of those, she said, they#39;re for the funeral.突然,他妻子扔过一把铲子,砸在他的手上。“离远点”,他妻子说。“这是为你的葬礼准备的。” /201303/232701

Over the past few years, most people I’ve spoken to have become (or aly were) environmentally conscious to some degree. What often begins simply as saving money - such as reducing the amount of electricity you use - turns out to have quite a positive impact. If, however, you want to do even more; there are several things you can do. Here are just 7 lifestyle changes which will help the environment.1. Use the car less. This is perhaps the simplest change in this list - reduce the time you spend behind the wheel. In addition to the environmental benefits of doing this, you’ll probably find that you become slightly fitter; and have more money in your pocket at the end of the week. In short, there’s no downside. How do you do this? Here are a few suggestions :* for short journeys, walk* if possible, work from home (at least some of the time)* create a car pool with workmates* make use of public transport occasionally* bike to work2. Reduce your intake of red meat. Common sources of red meat such as cows and bulls produce an enormous quantity of climate-changing gases such as methane. Now, I’m certainly not suggesting that you should become vegetarian - I enjoy a good steak as much as any other omnivore - simply that a slight reduction can have a dramatic effect. As a bonus, there are a number of well-documented health benefits of a diet containing only a small amount of red meat.3. Become a ‘green consumer‘. When shopping for any sort of product - anything from groceries to a new television - take a moment to weigh up the options. If there are alternatives, consider which product has the lowest impact on the environment. Things to look out for :* does the item come in easily-recyclable packaging?* have the goods been recently produced? Locally?* is the item energy or water efficient?By favoring the products which answer ‘yes‘ to these questions, producers and manufacturers will gradually take up ‘green‘ practices in order to remain competitive.4. Become ‘carbon neutral‘ using offsets as necessary. This is something that nearly everyone can take advantage of. Become as close to ‘carbon neutral‘ as possible; purchasing carbon offsets as necessary. In effect, you’ll be investing in a number of sustainable energy and water schemes. NB : if you’re looking for a slightly more direct investment approach, on.wind farmPhoto by Jasmic5. Invest in companies researching and producing renewable energy. Want to make some serious money, and help the environment at the same time? Invest in companies which are researching, producing and selling energy-efficient and water-efficient goods. Think wind farms, solar panels and electric cars. This is one area in which financial reward and environmental impact can have an enormous overlap.6. Share your ‘green’ ideas with others. Over the past century or so, global communications has grown in many, many ways. This has made it possible to share ideas and discoveries at an incredible rate. Here are just a few of the ways in which you can share your thoughts with others :* create a blog which documents the energy-conserving changes you make in your own home* establish a not-for-profit group which teaches others how to live sustainably* create a recycling collective with your neighbors, where each person is responsible for the collection and recycling of a particular material or productNB : naturally there are a great many others. If you’ve developed or are aware of a scheme which is working well, be sure to leave a comment below. I’d love to hear about it.7. Become politically active. If you’ve ever heard someone say ‘the government should do this‘ then this one’s for you. By becoming involved in politics - at any level with which you feel comfortable - you are able to help guide people to an incredible goal. Rather than sitting back and waiting for someone else to take action, make your own voice heard.Final thoughts on lifestyle changes which will help the environmentWant more? Well, there’s one change you can make which will incorporate many of the items noted above - support those who are aly making a difference. When your neighbor approaches you to discuss their own ideas for a recycling collective, or a workmate suggests a car pool; dive in. It really will make an impact. 在过去的几年里,大部分和我说过话的人都在一定程度上变成(或者本来就是)有环境意识的。通常我们会从简单的开始,比如省钱,比如减少你使用的电量 -就会变成有比较积极的影响。然而,如果你想做的更多,那就还有一些你可以做的事情。以下的7种生活方式的改变将有助于改善环境。1. 少用车。这也许是这份单子上最简单的改变 - 减少你花在轮子后面的时间。这样做除了对环境有利外,你可能会发现自己也变得更健康了。并且周末的时候,会发现口袋里多了些零钱。简而言之,这有百利而无一害。那具体该怎么做呢?这里有一些建议:·对短途而言,请步行·如果可能的话,在家工作(至少偶尔)·和同事拼车·偶尔乘坐公共交通·骑车去工作2. 少吃红色肉类。通常的红肉源比如奶牛和公牛会排出大量改变气候的气体,比如甲烷。现在,我绝对不是建议你变成素食者 - 我同任何不偏食的人一样喜欢吃好的牛排 - 只是稍微的减少一点食用量,就会带来巨大的效果。并且还有额外的好处,少吃红肉对健康的好处已经得到充分实。3. 成为一个"绿色的消费者"。买任何一类产品的时候 - 从日用百货到新式电视机 - 花一些时间来权衡你的选择。如果有其他的选择,请考虑那些对环境有最低影响的产品。值得留意的东西:·这样东西有容易回收的包装吗?·这些货物是最近生产的吗?是当地的么?·这样东西节能或者节水吗?人们倾向于对以上问题说“是”的产品,那么生产商和制造商就会渐渐开始从事绿色生产从而保持他们的竞争力。4. 成为尽可能使用‘自然碳(碳中和)’产品。这是几乎所有人都能利用的东西。尽可能变得靠近‘自然碳(碳中和)’:必须买碳产品。事实上,你将会投资很大数量的可持续发展的能源和水模式。注:如果你想找更直接一点点投资途径,请读下文。照片由Jasmic提供5. 投资研究和生产可持续使用的能源的公司。想在赚钱的同时改善环境吗?投资那些正在研究,生产,销售节省能源,省水的货物的公司。考虑下风力农业,太阳能面板和电子汽车。这是一个经济回报和环境影响相交的领域。6. 与他人分享你的“绿色”想法。在过去的几个世纪里,全球化交流新增了许多途径。这使人们能以不可思议的速度分享想法与发现。下面仅是一部分你可以同他人分享想法的方式。·建立一个关于你家乡能源存储变化的客·建立一个非盈利的团体,教导他人如何可持续发展地生活·和邻居一起建立一个回收团体,其中的每一个成员负责收集和回收一种特殊的材料或产品。注:自然还有很多其他的方法。如果你已经养成了或者意识到了一种也可以生效的模式,请一定在下面留下,我很乐意看到它们。7. 潜意识里变地积极。如果你曾经听到有人说“政府需要做这个”那么这个人就是对你有用。以任何你觉得合适的程度参与到政策中,就能够帮助引导人们达成一个不可思议的目标。与其坐在后面等待别人采取行动,不如让别人看到你的行动。最后一些有助于环保的生活方式。想要更多?好,这里有个和以上提到的都不一样的改变 - 持那些已经有变化的人们。当你的邻居呼吁你来讨论他们自己有关回收的主意,或者一个同事建议搭车;加入他们。这些真的会有效果。 /200806/42593

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