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如今的数学教学是期望学生擅长于由数字堆砌的功课,这剥夺了孩子们更重要的解决问题的能力。在TEDxNYED,达恩·迈尔展示了基于课堂测试的数学练习,他鼓励学生停下来,并想一想。 Article/201507/387061

In the movie Self/Less,which hits theaters July 10th,Sir Ben Kingsley transfers his consciousness to Ryan Reynold#39;s body in an effort to stay alive forever,and effectively become immortal in a process called#39;shedding#39;.7月10日上映的电影《非我》 (又名换命法则)中,本.金斯利为了延续生命,将自己的意识转移到了瑞恩.雷诺兹的身体中,这个帮他延长寿命的过程叫“换命”。Which sounds pretty awesome,I mean who wouldn#39;t want more time to accomplish their dreams and goals in a younger body of your choice?Try being a professional athlete or solve the world#39;s greatest problems.But is shedding actually plausible?Could you really be immortal in this way?听起来好像很厉害的样子,谁不希望有机会借用一具自己选择的年轻肉体,获得更多时间来完成梦想和目标?例如成为一个职业运动员或解决世界上最牛逼的难题。但这种“换命”有可能成真吗?我们是否真的可以借这种方法获得永生?First,we need to understand how memories are stored.Your brain is a three-pound lump of fatty tissue that contains about 86 billion brain cells called neurons.By passing electricity or chemicals between them,neurons can send signals to each other.Most neuroscientists believe memory is stored as a network of neurons that form links with each other and all fire at the same time.首先,我们得知道记忆的存储方式。大脑是一块重3磅的脂肪组织,其中含有约860亿名为神经元的脑细胞。通过传递电流和化学物质,神经元之间可以互相发送信号。神经系统学家大多认为记忆是以神经元网络的形式存储的,当神经元彼此连接并且同时活动时就形成了记忆。Each time a memory is recalled,the same network of neurons fires together.In fact,scientists have shown that if you stimulate certain parts of the brain with electricity,you can cause an individual to recall certain memories-for example,the smell of burnt toast.So to download a memory,we could simply track which neurons are activated when you#39;re thinking about it.每次回忆时,同一个神经元网络就会同时发送信号,事实上,科学家已经明了,如果用电刺激大脑的特定部位,就能让该个体回忆起特定的记忆,例如,面包烤焦的味道。因此,要下载记忆,我们只要在回忆时追踪正在活动的神经元即可。And,as we explained in a previous ,scientists have aly done this.By using computers to match these patterns of firing neurons with real images or scenes,we can aly people#39;s minds to a limited degree.Many scientists believe it should one day be possible to create a kind of map of all the neurons in the brain and the connections between them:this map would be called a ;connectome.;正如之前其他视频所介绍的,科学家们已经着手进行这项工作了。通过电脑模拟这些神经元活动的方式,生成真实的图像或感觉,我们已经能在一定程度上读出人的思想了。许多科学家都相信有朝一日我们可以,组建出大脑中所有神经元的地图,并能随意将它们连接在一起:这地图可以命名为“连接体”。Both the ed States and the European Union have launched major research programs with this goal specifically in mind,much like the organizations in Self/Less.This task will likely take decades,but once it#39;s done,scientists should be able to build a computer model of the connectome,a kind of virtual brain that would be able to send signals between neurons through artificial synapses.美国和欧联都已启动,有关这个目标的重要研究项目,就像《非我》里的研究组织一样。这个任务可能需要耗时数十年,一旦完成,科学家们就能建出连接体的电脑模型,一个能够通过人造突触,在神经元之间传递信号的虚拟大脑。So if downloading memories is possible,what about uploading? That too is becoming a reality thanks to a technique called optogenetics.This involves injecting specific neurons with DNA from algae that causes them to produce a light-sensitive protein on their cell surface.When light is shone into the brain,it stimulates the protein and activates only those neurons that express it.如果下载记忆是可能的,那么上传呢?由于一种名为光遗传学的技术,上传也可能实现。向特殊的神经元中注入,藻类的DNA 让它们可以,在细胞表面生成一种光敏蛋白质。当光照进大脑时,会刺激该蛋白质并且激活与之有关的那些神经元。In this way,scientists can artificially activate groups of neurons assoc#39;#39;#39;iated with particular memories.All this may sound pretty scary,and may make you think that a scenario like that found in Self/Less can#39;t be far off.But there a few reasons to relax.Our brains are unbelievably complex,perhaps too complex to copy.The number of synapse connections is a thousand times bigger than the number of stars in the Milky Way galaxy.通过这种方式,科学家们可以人为激活,与特殊记忆有关的神经元。这听起来很可怕,甚至可能会让你认为《非我》中的那种情景很快就会成真。不过事情并没那么简单。我们的大脑超级复杂,复杂到很可能根本无法复制。突触间的连接方式,可能是系中星星数量的100多倍。On top of that,your brain is constantly remodeling itself,creating new connections and letting old ones expire.It#39;s a reflection of who you are at this specific moment in time,and it took your entire lifetime to create.A copy of your mind would be just an imitation.And the second it started integreating new thoughts,memories and experiences,it would become someone else.此外,大脑还在不停地自我重塑,建立新的关联并且消亡旧的关联。它是某个时间对你个人的一种即时映射,需要你用整个人生去塑造。思维复制得到的可能只是一件副本。从这个副本开始形成新的思想.记忆和经历的那一刻起,它就成了其他人。Which in a way helps us appreciate how unique we truly are.But with increasingly sophisticated technology.who knows what the future may hold!Perhaps a world like Self/Less isn#39;t too far away.某种程度而言,这增加了我们的独特性。随着尖端科技的不断发展,谁知道未来会变成什么样!没准不久后我们就会迎来《非我》的世界。 Article/201508/395136

So it seems that if it was just down to anatomy,因此 仅从生理结构的角度来看的话all mammals would have the ability to talk.所有的哺乳动物都应具有讲话的能力The main conclusion that I draw from all this work is that在这次实验中我最大的收获在于发现了the constraint that#39;s keeping a chimpanzee from speaking,阻止黑猩猩讲话 或者说阻止讲话的or indeed keeping a dog from speaking, is not the peripheral vocal anatomy,约束因素并不是发声部位的结构差异because any of these animals that we#39;ve looked at因为我们所观察的这些动物are able to lower the larynx都可以将喉部位置降低and reconfigure the vocal tract into a human-like从而创造出与人类相同的声道长度confirmation basically any time they vocalise.基本上每次发声都是这样So that can#39;t be the main thing that#39;s keeping these other animals所以说这并不是其它动物from having the capacity to produce humanlike speech,无法像人类一样讲话的主要原因so it must be in the brain, by process of elimination.排除了这个原因 主因一定在于大脑Come on, 4 a pound, banana.看呐 香蕉四块钱一磅Yes, I had to speak to both those...是的 我不得不对二者都讲一下Every dish has sugar.每道菜里都加了糖We don#39;t stop to think我们止不住地想 how our brain processes the 370 million words我们的大脑如何处理我们一生中所说的we will say in our lifetime.三十七亿个单词呢Read my lips.看我的嘴型Or how we coordinate the complex sequence of thoughts,又如何协调我们言语之中所蕴含的movements and actions that lie behind each and every word we utter.一系列错综复杂的思想动作和行为呢 Article/201411/344617

栏目简介:《造物小百科How it#39;s made》介绍了许多东西的制作或者说发明方法,非常实用。其中的英语视频发音地道,内容浅显易懂,过程形象生动,是提高英语听力水平,积累英语知识和一些简单生活常识的好素材。 Article/201509/392020

Aquariuses have high standards, but anyone with the right drive can meet them.水瓶座的标准很高,但是方法的当的人可以达到他们的标准。You Will Need你需要Creativity创造力Knowledge of art and music音乐和艺术知识Good social skills良好的社交技巧Steps步骤STEP 1 Plan a memorable first date1.策划难忘的初次约会Plan a memorable first date. Aquariuses don’t like the burden of making plans themselves, so they’ll be impressed with a person who comes up with a creative date idea, especially if it’s something that appeals to their intellect.策划值得回忆的初次约会。水瓶座不喜欢耗费精力自己制定计划,所以,如果有人提出有创意的约会方式,他们会对这个人印象深刻,尤其是如果是吸引他们的才智的想法。Aquariuses are interested in the arts, so planning a date around the debut of a promising new artist or a night of experimental theater is a good start.水瓶座对艺术感兴趣,所以计划一次围绕某位新艺术家首次登台演出或者实验剧场之夜的约会是一个不错的开始。STEP 2 Lean to the left2.富有同情心Lean to the left. Aquariuses are humanitarians who feel great compassion for the less fortunate.富有同情心。水瓶座都是人道主义者,对于不幸的人总是抱着深深的同情心。STEP 3 Keep up with current events3.关心时事Keep up with current events. If you know who Britney Spears is, but can’t name the current President of France, you don’t stand a chance with an Aquarius.关心时事。如果你知道谁是Britney Spears,却不知道法国现任总统的名字,那你就没有机会和水瓶座发展恋情。STEP 4 Join a book club4.加入读书俱乐部Join a book club and familiarize yourself with the New York Times’ bestseller list. Aquariuses pride themselves on being well-.加入读书俱乐部,熟悉纽约时报最畅销图书列表。水瓶座以学多识而沾沾自喜。STEP 5 Treat with respect5.尊重Always treat an Aquarius with respect; they want to be valued for their mind (though they also expect lavish appreciation of their body).总是尊重水瓶座。他们想要因为自己的思想而被重视,尽管他们也喜欢人们大肆赞扬他们的外表。STEP 6 Allow them privacy6.给他们隐私空间Allow them their space and privacy. It’s the only way to one day be invited to join their club.留给他们一些空间和隐私。这是你有一天被邀请进入他/她的领地的唯一方法。Famous Aquariuses include Oprah Winfrey, Jennifer Aniston, Mozart, and Charles Lindbergh. And the other guy from the band Wham!水瓶座名人包括奥普拉·温弗瑞,詹妮弗·安妮斯顿,莫扎特和查尔斯·林德伯格。还有威猛乐队中的一人。 Article/201501/352176

IMF denies talking to Greece on finance policies国际货币基金组织否认讨论希腊财政政策The International Monetary Fund has said it has not yet met with Greece#39;s new government on their economic policies, but it looks forward to hearing their proposals.国际货币基金组织已表示并未与希腊新政府就经济政策展开讨论,但期待听到这个新政府的建议。Greece#39;s finance minister met a senior IMF official in Paris over the weekend, but the fund#39;s spokesman, Gerry Rice said the two did not discuss specific policy issues.希腊财政部长周末在巴黎会见了国际货币基金组织一位高级官员,但国际货币基金组织发言人,杰里赖斯表示两人并未讨论具体政策问题。Greece has rejected the troika mechanism overseeing its finances.希腊已经拒绝了三驾马车的财政监督机制。Until now, it has been talking with its fellow EU member countries to replace the bailout program.直到现在,这个国家一直与其他欧盟成员国商谈以取代救助计划。 Article/201502/358800

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