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Asking a friend or family member for money is a sensitive undertaking. If you take the necessary steps, you’ll get what you need and ensure them that their money will be repaid.向亲朋好友借钱是一项非常敏感的任务。如果你采取必须的步骤,并且确保及时还钱,你将得到想要的。You Will Need你需要A list of friends朋友名单A calculator计算器A contract合同Steps步骤Step 1 Decide who to ask1.决定向谁借钱Make a list of friends and family members who you would like to ask to borrow money.列出一张表格,你想跟哪些亲朋好友借钱。Step 2 Calculate how much you’ll need2.计算所需金额Calculate how much money you’ll need. Write it down in a contract format.计算一下你需要多少钱。以合约的格式写下来。You can find generic contracts online.通用的合同在互联网上可以找到。Step 3 Write down what it will be used for3.写下用途Write down what the money will be used for with as much detail as possible.尽量详细地写下这笔钱的用途。Step 4 Develop a repayment timeline4.设定还款期限Develop a timeline for repayment, and add that to the contract.设定还款期限,并写在合同中。Offer up collateral if possible – a car, a piece of jewelry, or something else of value. It should be worth close to what you’re borrowing.如果可能的话提供抵押品,例如汽车,珠宝或者其他有价值的物品。抵押品的价值必须接近你借钱的金额。Step 5 Make an appointment5.预约Make an appointment or arrange a meeting to ask them in person.预约或者与他们亲自会面。Step 6 Present the plan6.提出计划Present the amount needed, what you need the loan for, and the repayment plan. Offer to have it notarized once you reach an agreement. Don’t forget to say thank you.向他们表明需要的金额,用途和还款计划。一旦达成一致,确认合同。不要忘记说谢谢。Did you know? As much as 14 percent of money in the U.S. loaned to family and friends does not get paid back.你知道吗?美国高达14%的借给家人和朋友的钱最终得不到偿还。视频听力由。201310/262860

音乐革新者安德鲁·伯德Andrew Bird带来了包含木琴、人声及复杂的电子线路的标志性的小提琴技术。加上他能用口哨演奏任何事物的怪诞能力,他变成了令人着迷的一人乐队201412/346786Chinas swimming star, Sun Yang, has been banned from more competitions, training, commercial and social activities as a member of Chinas national team by the sports Chinese governing body. This means the four-time Olympic medallist is suspended from domestic and international races.中国游泳明星—孙杨,已经被国家队处以“暂时取消国家队队员资格”等处分并禁止参加任何比赛,训练,商业和社会活动。这意味着这位四届奥运冠军被暂停参加任何国内及国际比赛。Sun Yang was detained on Monday by police for driving without a license, after a bus rear-ended his Porsche SUV in his home town of Hangzhou. Sun was not hurt in the accident.周一,孙杨在家乡杭州驾驶一辆由其代言的保时捷SUV并被一辆公交追尾,随后孙杨因无照驾驶被交警拘留。Sun Yang is serving a seven-day jail sentence, and was fined 2,000 Yuan.孙杨被处以拘留7日并处罚金2000元的处罚。Zhejiang College of Sports, where Sun trained with his team, has announced that hes been barred from practising and competing, and been banned from doing any commercial activities until his suspension is lifted.浙江体育职业技术学院也宣布了对孙杨的处罚,暂时停训、停赛,且不允许孙杨参加任何商演活动直至禁令解除。201311/263726

几个世纪来,科学被排拒在善恶对错的问题以外。 Sam Harris 提出科学不但可以,更应当成为道德问题的准则,为人类设立新人道价值,带领我们走向真正的幸福生活。201308/252774What do we know of the marine world, of which we see only the surface,and which covers three-quarters of the planet?对海洋世界我们了解什么?它覆盖了地球四分之三的面积。The ocean depths remain a secret.海洋深度仍是个秘密。They contain thousands of species whose existence remains a mystery to us.海洋中存在的数千物种对我们来说也是一个谜。Since 1950, fishing catches have increased fivefold,from 18 to 100 million metric tons a year.自1950年起 渔业捕获量增加了5倍,由每年一千八百万吨增至一亿吨。Thousands of factory ships are emptying the oceans.数以千计的加工渔船淘空海洋。Three-quarters of fishing grounds are exhausted,depleted or in danger of being so.四分之三的渔场已枯竭,废弃或是频临废弃。Most large fish have been fished out of existence,since they have no time to reproduce.大型鱼类已所剩无几,因为没有时间繁殖。We are destroying the cycle of a life that was given to us.我们把上苍赋予的生命循环摧毁了。On the coastlines, signs of the exhaustion of stocks abound.在海岸线上 到处都是资源耗尽的迹象。First sign: Colonies of sea mammals are getting smaller.第一幕:海洋哺乳动物的栖息地越来越小。Made vulnerable by urbanization of the coasts and pollution,they now face a new threat: famine.海洋沿岸的城市化和污染已让它们变得异常脆弱,现在它们又要面对一个新的威胁:饥荒。201410/336301

Line-dry your washed clothes and linens to keep them from wearing out, and save money on your energy bill at the same time.自然晾晒衣物和亚麻制品不仅可以防止损坏,同时还可以节约电费。You Will Need你需要A clothesline晾衣绳Wooden clothespins木质晒衣夹Clothes衣物Good weather晴朗的天气Hangers (optional)衣架Steps步骤Step 1 Snap clothing1.甩衣Snap each piece of washed material before your hang it to help prevent wrinkles.晾晒每一件衣物之前用力甩一下,可以避免褶皱。Step 2 Turn clothing inside out2.反过来Turn your clothing inside out for faster drying and to prevent fading.把衣反过来,这样衣可以干的更快,也可以防止褪色。Step 3 Pin to clothesline3.夹在晾衣绳上Pin your articles to the clothesline with wooden clothespins.用木质晒衣夹把衣夹在晾衣绳上。You can also hang your clothes on hangers and hang them on the line to dry.你也可以用衣架把衣撑起来,然后挂在晾衣绳上晾干。Step 4 Dry according to light4.根据光线凉晒Dry silk, synthetic, and fine fabrics in the shade. Dry linen in the sun for fewer wrinkles.丝绸,合成纤维和比较精细的布料在阴凉处晾干。亚麻布在阳光下晒干,这样可以防止褶皱。Step 5 Hang shirts5.倒挂T恤衫Hang your T-shirts on the line upside down.T恤衫倒挂在晾衣绳上凉晒。Step 6 Throw articles in dryer6.放入烘干机Throw your towels or clothing in the dryer for a minute or two if they’re still damp or stiff from hanging.如果仍然潮湿或因悬挂而僵硬,把毛巾或衣物丢进烘干机一两分钟。Step 7 Enjoy7.享受Enjoy the fresh smell, lower electric bill, and environmental benefits of line-drying your articles.现在可以享受自然晾晒的衣物带给你的新鲜气味,低成本的电费和环境效益了。According to the Energy Information Agency, clothes dryers account for 5.8 percent of home electricity usage.根据能源信息局(Energy Information Agency, 简称EIA)的资料,衣物烘干机的耗电量占家庭用电总量的5.8%。201501/351483So it seems that if it was just down to anatomy,因此 仅从生理结构的角度来看的话all mammals would have the ability to talk.所有的哺乳动物都应具有讲话的能力The main conclusion that I draw from all this work is that在这次实验中我最大的收获在于发现了the constraint thats keeping a chimpanzee from speaking,阻止黑猩猩讲话 或者说阻止讲话的or indeed keeping a dog from speaking, is not the peripheral vocal anatomy,约束因素并不是发声部位的结构差异because any of these animals that weve looked at因为我们所观察的这些动物are able to lower the larynx都可以将喉部位置降低and reconfigure the vocal tract into a human-like从而创造出与人类相同的声道长度confirmation basically any time they vocalise.基本上每次发声都是这样So that cant be the main thing thats keeping these other animals所以说这并不是其它动物from having the capacity to produce humanlike speech,无法像人类一样讲话的主要原因so it must be in the brain, by process of elimination.排除了这个原因 主因一定在于大脑Come on, 4 a pound, banana.看呐 香蕉四块钱一磅Yes, I had to speak to both those...是的 我不得不对二者都讲一下Every dish has sugar.每道菜里都加了糖We dont stop to think我们止不住地想 how our brain processes the 370 million words我们的大脑如何处理我们一生中所说的we will say in our lifetime.三十七亿个单词呢Read my lips.看我的嘴型Or how we coordinate the complex sequence of thoughts,又如何协调我们言语之中所蕴含的movements and actions that lie behind each and every word we utter.一系列错综复杂的思想动作和行为呢201411/344617当现代艺术物馆的建筑设计部资深馆长宣布在2012年收藏了14部,“全乱套了”。在这个范围宽广,寓教于乐,极有见地的讲话中,Paola Antonelli解释了为什么她乐于挑战关于艺术和画廊的先入为主的想法,并描述了她热切希望帮助更广泛地理解设计。201403/278640

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