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四川妇保医院做人流的费用成都市不孕不育医院哪家较好Last year, four of Japan#39;s top 10 best-sellers were about how blood type determines personality, selling more than 5 million copies altogether.去年,日本10大畅销图书中有4本与血型决定性格有关,四本书的总销量超过500万册。Taku Kabeya, chief editor at Bungeisha, the publisher of one of the books, told The Huffington Post that he thought the appeal of these books comes from having one#39;s self-image confirmed. Readers discover the definition of their blood type and ;It#39;s like #39;Yes, that#39;s me!#39;;作为其中一本图书的发行人、文芸社主编Taku Kabeya在接受《郝芬顿邮报》采访时称,他认为这类图书的魅力源自人们对自我形象的认知。读者看到书中对自己血型所下的定义时便会觉得“太对了,这就是我!”。As defined by the books, type As are sensitive perfectionists and good team players, but they tend to be over-anxious. Type Os are curious and generous but stubborn, while ABs are artistic but also mysterious and unpredictable. Type Bs are cheerful, but have eccentric, individualistic and selfish traits.按照书中定义,A型血的人是敏感的完美主义者以及优秀的团队领导者,但同时往往过于焦虑。O型血的人好奇心强,慷慨大方,但十分固执;而AB型血的人很有艺术气质,但太过神秘莫测。B型血的人性格开朗,却性格古怪,崇尚利己主义且十分自私。About 40 percent of the Japanese population are type A and 30 percent are type O, while only 20 percent are type B, with AB accounting for the remaining 10 percent, according to the B.B报道称,日本人口中大约有40%的人是A型血,30%是O型血,而B型和AB型血的人数仅占20%和10%。Morning television shows, newspapers and magazines often publish blood type horoscopes and discuss relationship compatibility based on blood types. Popular comics and games often mention a character#39;s blood type.早间新闻节目、报纸以及杂志常常会发布一些类似于占星术的血型分析,并探讨恋人间的血型相容性。热门喜剧以及也常常会提到某个人物的血型。You can even buy soft drinks, chewing gum, and bath salts catering to different blood groups.你甚至可以买到根据不同血型人群所定制的软饮、口香糖以及浴盐。Blood types, however, are simply determined by proteins in the blood. Why is it such a popular belief that they determine one#39;s character? One reason often given about the craze is that in a relatively uniform and homogenous society, it provides a simple framework to divide people up into easily recognizable groups.然而,简单来说血型是由血液中蛋白质决定的。为何“血型决定性格”这种说法会如此受到人们的欢迎呢?导致这股热潮的原因之一便是:在相对制式、趋同的社会里,血型理论提供了一种简单的框架将人分为不同的类型。;Being the same is considered a good thing here in Japanese society,; translator Chie Kobayashi told the B. ;But we enjoy finding little differences that distinguish people.;译者千绘小林在接受B采访时表示:“在日本社会,‘从众#39;被视为一种美德。但我们也喜欢找到这些区别人们的小差异。”The beliefs surrounding blood groups have been used in unusual ways.血型理论还被应用到许多不同寻常的事物中去。The women#39;s softball team that won gold for Japan at the Beijing Olympics is reported to have used blood type theories to design training for each player. Major companies reportedly make decisions about assignments based on employees#39; blood types.北京奥运会上夺取冠军的日本女子垒球队便针对每个队员的不同血型进行训练。据说,大多数公司会参考血型来为员工安排任务。In 1990 the Asahi Daily newspaper reported that Mitsubishi Electronics had announced the creation of a team made up entirely of AB workers, because of ;their ability to make plans;.1990年,《朝日新闻》的一篇报道称,日本三菱电器组建了一个完全由AB型血员工组成的团队,认为“他们企划能力强”。These beliefs even affect politics. Last year, the country#39;s Minister for Reconstruction Ryu Matsumoto was forced to resign after only a week in office, after a bad-tempered encounter with local officials was televised. In his resignation speech he blamed his failings on his blood type.血型学说甚至波及到政坛。去年,日本复兴担当大臣松本龙由于脾气暴躁而与日本地方官员发生冲突,该事件被电视报道后,上任仅一周的松本龙就被迫辞职。在辞职演说中,他将自己的过失归咎于血型。;My blood is type B, which means I can be irritable and impetuous, and my intentions don#39;t always come across,; said a remorseful Matsumoto.松本龙十分懊悔地表示:“我是B型血,这意味着我容易烦躁和冲动,我的本意经常被误解。”Not all see the craze about blood types as harmless fun, and the Japanese now have a term for it, ;bura-hara,; meaning blood-type harassment.并非所有的人都将这股热潮视为无伤大雅的玩笑,现在在日本有一个专门术语叫“bura-hara”,意思就是血型骚扰。People with blood B and AB are especially looked down upon because according to their blood types they are strange and can#39;t get along with others. The negative images are so widely acknowledged that people with these blood types are reluctant to ;come out;. It even affects their willingness to become blood donors.B型和AB型的人尤其遭到人们的白眼,因为这些血型的人性格古怪,无法与他人相处。这些负面形象得到人们的广泛认同,使得这些血型的人十分抗拒站出来。这甚至还影响到他们想献血的意愿。 /201510/401886四川成都第四医院专家 绵阳治疗不孕不育的医院哪个正规

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江油市人民医院专家微信;Grin; is the most popular emoji on the instant messaging tool QQ in China, and was used more than 52 billion times in 2015, according to a report released by Tencent.腾讯公司发布的一份报告称,“龇牙”表情是即时聊天工具QQ上最受欢迎的表情,在2015年使用次数超过520亿次。The report was based on the data of more than 860 million QQ users, for whom means polite, cute, and friendly, and has become the best way to say hello when chatting online.该报告的数据采集自超过8.6亿QQ用户,他们认为“龇牙”表情礼貌、可爱而又友好,因而是网上搭讪的不二之选。Different people prefer different emojis. Though not listed in the top 5, icons of crying are popular among women and kids.当然,各人自有各人钟爱的聊天表情。哭泣类表情虽未能入驻前五,却赢得了女性和儿童的青睐。Females like the emoji ;sob; most, which is also used to represent acting like a child. Kids and teenagers between the age of 5 to 15 favor ;whimper;, which is frequently used for an icon representing tears.女性最喜欢“流泪” ,让人觉得她们童心未泯。5到15岁之间的青少年喜欢“大哭” ,常用来代表泪水。Meanings of emojis change over the years, too.各个表情的意思也在逐渐变化。The emoji ;smile; used to represent kindness, but now indicates unhappy and dismissive. For example, one can reply with when he disagrees with and makes fun of others.“微笑” 曾经表示友好和善,如今却代表不开心和鄙视。例如,在反对并取笑对方时就可以用这个表情。The emoji ;wave; used to mean goodbye, but now is more often used to mean to pretend that ;we are no longer friends;. For example, one can say ;I don#39;t want to see you anymore;, which is usually not taken seriously.“再见” 曾经用来告别,如今却往往用来佯装“我们不能愉快地做朋友了”。比如,我们可以说“再也不见 ”,当然这一般是开玩笑的啦。The emoji ;laugh and cry;, which was chosen as the word of the year of 2015 by the Oxford English Dictionary, is a new star with several different meanings, for example laughing out loud, expressing extreme happiness, laughing helplessly, or embarrassment.“笑哭” 当选为牛津英语词典2015年度词汇,是一颗身负多重含义的新星,表达的含义可以有哈哈大笑、喜不自胜、无力苦笑、尴尬无语等。 /201602/426710 China has reported nearly 110,000 HIV/AIDS cases so far this year, a slight increase over last year, said the nation#39;s top AIDS specialist.据国家艾滋病专家称,今年中国报告艾滋病例接近11万例,较去年有所增加。The gay male population has been hit particularly hard, accounting for more than 25 percent of the total.男男性行为是我国艾滋病感染最多的群体,占全部病例的25%。Wu Zunyou, head of the National Center for AIDS/STD Control and Prevention, made the remarks on the sidelines of the ongoing 2015 National Conference on HIV/AIDS. ;The situation among gay men is alarming and in some cities one out of five gay men is HIV positive.; In worse-hit cities such as Beijing and Harbin, more than 70 percent of the cases reported in 2015 involved gay men.国家艾滋防控中心主任吴尊友,在2015年艾滋病学术大会上进行了演讲,;男同性恋者的情况十分严重,平均每五个男同性恋者就有一个病检结果是阳性。; 病情较严重的北京、哈尔滨等城市,70%报告的病例都涉及男男性行为者。Worse, young students have been hit hard in recent years by the epidemic, he said, and 70 to 80 percent of the HIV/AIDS cases detected in 2015 among them involved gay sex. ;It#39;s a big challenge to protect young students from HIV/AIDS,; he said.更严重的是,近些年感染艾滋病的学生增加,在2015年发现的学生艾滋病的病例中,70%到80%的病例都是由于男男性行为。吴尊友称:;避免学生感染艾滋病成为一个巨大挑战。;Thanks to robust intervention efforts initiated in 2003, China has a low prevalence of HIV/AIDS (0.06 percent). But the rapid increase of HIV cases among gay men has hardly been curbed.由于2013年开始执行强有力的避免艾滋病的措施,中国艾滋病患病率仅有0.06%,但是男同性恋的艾滋发病率却很难抑制。Mainstream prevention strategies like education and behavioral intervention didn#39;t work well for them, said Wu. Condom use, for instance, has never exceeded 50 percent of the gay male population, he noted, citing previous investigations. ;I even saw a gay medical doctor who had unprotected gay sex,; he said.主要防御措施比如教育和行为上预防在男同性恋者身上效果并不是很好。吴尊友引用之前的调查说道,比如说避套的使用,使用避套的男同性恋者从未超过50%,;我甚至见过一个男同医生在性生活上不使用保护措施。;Many of them are aware of the risks and preventive measures but simply don#39;t practice accordingly, he pointed out. Wu suggested that improved treatment should be the best way to help curb the quick sp of the virus among gay men.他指出,他们中的很多人都了解感染艾滋病的风险和预防措施,只是不想这么做而已。抑制艾滋病毒在男同群体里的广泛传播的最好办法是加强治疗。HIV/AIDS sufferers are much less likely to pass the virus to others if put on antiretroviral therapy, he explained. In that regard, ;treatment is prevention,; he said.他解释称,如果接受抗逆转录病毒治疗,艾滋病毒携带者很难将病毒传染给他人,从这个角度来看,;治疗就是防治。; /201511/411529乐山市人民医院做人流宜宾第二人民医院人流费用




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