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Hard to say whats going on.很难说现在是怎么回事Were there five that time?刚才是有五只吗Theyre kind of moving around, coming up and under and over.它们只是游来游去 在海平面上上下下Hopefully, somethings starting to happen.希望赶快有什么进展Maybe loves in the air?说不定爱苗已经在滋长了Love may be in the air, but it isnt in the water.爱苗也许已经在滋长 但是可不是在水底Despite keeping tabs on the whales over the next ten days,接下来十天 除了继续监看这些鲸鱼there was still no sign of a heat run starting.还是没有开始求偶竞逐的迹象Youd think itd be quite easy to keep track of a 40-tonne animal.你会以为追踪 四十吨的动物蛮简单的And weve got six of them out here, and we keep losing them.这里还有六只 但是跟丢的越来越多One minute theyre there, we get up reasonably close,它们一下子在那里 我们赶紧靠近and within 30 seconds, theyve dived and theyre gone again.过三十秒它们又潜下去跑掉了And then it takes another maybe five minutes, ten minutes,然后再过五或十分钟 它们又浮出水面and then theyll come up again and theyll be 300 yards away,可是却在三百码的距离之外and it takes ages just to get close to them.我们又要花老半天再靠近它们So were just playing a continuous game of cat and mouse.一直在玩猫捉老鼠的游戏Cat and mouse? Its whales.猫捉老鼠 这可是鲸鱼耶201308/251124

  The National Bureau of Statistics has released price volatility reports for February. Housing prices continued to rise.国家统计局已发布2月价格波动报告。房价呈继续上涨趋势。Compared with the same period last year, only one out of 70 major cities, Wenzhou, saw a price drop of about 4 percent.与去年同期相比,70个城市中仅有一个城市——温州出现房价下跌,同比下跌4%。Shanghai took top place with a rise of nearly 19 percent, while it was around 15 percent in the cities of Beijing, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.上海房价上涨19%,名列全国房价上涨城市中首位,而北京,广州与深圳房价上涨15%左右。Februarys price rise is stable. Theres even been a modest slowdown in 40 cities compared with January. Of the 70 major cities, four have experienced a monthly price drop, while nine remained flat.2月房价上涨态势平稳。与一月相比,40个城市房价上涨趋势有所放缓。70个主要城市中,4个城市房价有所下降,9个城市为持平状态。201403/280695

  菲利普·K ·霍华德认为:美国这个自由国度已经成为法律雷区——特别是对于教师及医生,他们工作时充满了对吃官司的恐惧。有没有解决之道呢?身为一位律师,霍华德有四条简化美国法律的建议。201308/251287。

  Tuesdays National Newspaper Front PagesSky News takes a look at the stories making a splash on the front pages of Tuesdays national newspapers.The financial times to start with the reports that Tesco has been thrown into termoyl after overstating its profits. The guardian views that two billion pounds was wiped off the value of Britains biggest retailer and that four senior executives have been suspended. The daily mail argues that Tescos facing the worst crisis in its 95 year history after claims that directors cooked the books. Independent claims the company seized the laptops of the suspended employees and considered that more money may be involved. Meanwhile the daily telegraph with Cameritons put English home rule at the heart of the torys election manifesto. The daily express lay on UK putting a promise to abolished inheritance tax before voters in May next year. The times says atmolibanto tax mansions was more than two million pounds to fund NHS. The metro has the case of graphic designer who try to kill her manipulated mom by laisting her drink with poison and so emulating a TV plot line accords been told. The Sun says the love sick woman into field with the physical drink because she was inspired by the plot of breaking bad. And the daily star highlights a th to the private see of the actress Emma. /201409/332484

  Not being in a relationship can be just as fulfilling as being happily paired up -- if you know how to embrace the advantages.做个单身汉也可以像快乐地成双成对一样满足——如果你知道怎样利用单身的优势的话。You Will Need你需要Self-sufficiency自给自足Gratitude感激之情Hobbies and interests爱好和兴趣Courage勇气Strong social network强大的社会关系网Step 1 Be self-sufficient1.自给自足Be self-sufficient both financially and emotionally. You dont need to depend on anyone else for your well-being and happiness.无论是在经济上还是在情感上,做到自给自足。你的幸福和快乐不需要依靠其他任何人。Step 2 Relish your freedom2.珍惜自由Make a list of all the advantages of being single, like complete freedom to come and go as you please, take career risks, and spend your money as you wish.列举出单身的所有优势,例如来去完全自由,随心所欲,职业方面可以冒险,花钱也可以按照自己的意愿。Step 3 Do what you like3.做喜欢的事情Pursue interests you enjoy; dont only sign up for activities in the hopes of hooking up.追求自己的兴趣所在;不要仅仅为了勾搭异性而报名参加活动。Step 4 Overcome your fears4.克恐惧Embrace the pleasures and possibilities that come with doing things alone, like eating out on the spur of the moment and traveling spontaneously.拥抱自由自在的快乐和单身一人的一切可能性,例如突然决定外出吃饭,或者率性而起去旅行。Eating at the bar is a good way to dip your feet into dining solo.在酒吧独坐是独自一人享受晚餐的好方法。Step 5 Dont put things on hold5.不要搁置Dont put dreams on hold because youve always believed they should be done with a mate. You can achieve them on your own,too.不要把自己的梦想搁置,认为这些应该和和另一半一起做。你完全可以自己完成。Step 6 Work on your relationships6.维护关系Work on maintaining good relationships with family members, and develop friendships with people of all ages. Being alone doesnt have to mean being lonely if you have a strong social network.致力于维护和家人以及各年龄段朋友的关系。如果你有着强大的社交关系网,单身并不意味着孤独。Thirty-three percent of unmarried Americans polled said ;the freedom to spend my time as I choose; is the best part of being single.接受民意调查的33%的未婚美国人表示,“自由地配时间”是单身生活最好的优势。201411/341605Los Angeles Vacation Travel Guide天使之城洛杉矶Los Angeles is situated in Southern California on the West Coast of the U.S.A. Home to 18 million people, Los Angeles is a collection of distinct cities that rolls out from the dry Santa Monica Mountains to the Pacific Ocean.洛杉矶位于美国西岸南加州。身为一千八百万人口的家,洛杉矶包括一系列从干燥的圣塔莫尼卡山脉绵延到太平洋的特殊城市。L.A.s sunshine, her entertainment industry, and her openness to newcomers and new ideas has made the city a magnet to dreamers. Many of those whose dreams become reality, like Walt Disney and John Paul Getty, poured their wealth back into the city, helping make L.A. one of the great culture capitals of the world.洛杉矶的阳光、她的产业、以及她对于新移民的开放度还有创新点子都让这城市成为吸引梦想家的地方。许多梦想成真的人们,像是华特迪士尼及John Paul Getty,都将他们的财产回这个城市,帮助洛杉矶成为世界上的文化重镇之一。Downtown Los Angeles is a center of global business and home to some of the finest examples of American civic architecture. Its also the birthplace of the city. Wander down Olvera Street, one of the oldest surviving areas in L.A., to experience the colors and tastes of Old Mexico.洛杉矶市区是世界商业中心,以及美国城市建筑中某些最优秀的楷模之家。这里同样是这城市的诞生地。閒晃到奥维拉老街--洛杉矶最古老的残存地区之一--来体验老墨西哥的色及风味。Just across the road from Olvera Street is Union Station, one of the worlds great railway stations. Youll be forgiven if you experience a sense of deja vu here. Union Station has been featured in almost 30 big-budget movies, including Pearl Harbor and Blade Runner.在奥维拉老街对面就是联合车站--世界上最棒的火车站之一。如果你在这感受到一种似曾相识的感觉,那是没有关系的。联合车站已经在将近三十部高成本电影中演出,包括《珍珠港》以及《银翼杀手》。Stroll south to Little Tokyo, or J-Town as the locals know it, which is home to Buddhist temples, galleries and museums. While youre there, why not try some super-fresh sushi? After all, the California Roll was invented right here.往南散步到小东京,或是当地人所知的日本城,这里是佛教庙宇、艺廊及美术馆的家。当你在这时,为何不试试一些超级新鲜的寿司呢?毕竟,加州卷正是在这里发明出来的。Half a mile to the west is the Walt Disney Music Hall. Looking like pieces of sheet music thrown to the wind, this stainless steel wonder is home to L.A.s Philharmonic Orchestra.往西边半英里是华特迪士尼音乐厅。看起来就像是随风抛去的一页页乐谱,这个不绣钢的奇观是洛杉矶管弦乐团的故乡。Hail a taxi for the short ride west to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. The one-hundred-piece collection at LACMA houses works that span the ages, from the classical periods through the edgiest street art.招辆计程车朝西边走段短短的路程来到洛杉矶艺术物馆。洛杉矶艺术物馆内的百件展品珍藏了跨越年代的作品,从古典时期一直到最尖端的街头艺术。Right next door is a very different kind of gallery. At the La Brea Tar Pits and George C. Page Museum, remains of incredibly preserved mammals, insects and plants are continually excavated and brought once more into the Californian sunshine.就在隔壁是非常不同的那种艺廊。在La Brea沥青池及George C. Page物馆中,惊人地被保存下来的哺乳类动物、昆虫及植物遗迹持续被挖掘出来,并再次被带到加州的阳光下。Heading further west, along Wilshire Boulevard, the aroma changes from the smell of tar pits to money. Welcome to Rodeo Drive in the heart of Beverly Hills. This is the worlds most expensive and exclusive three blocks of shopping. But you dont have to be a star to enjoy Rodeo Drive. Most folks are content to window shop.前往更远方的西边,沿着威尔夏大道,气味从沥青池的味道变成钱的味道。欢迎来到位于比佛利山庄中心的罗德欧大道。这是世界上最昂贵且独有的三块购物街区。但你不需要是位明星才能享受罗德欧大道。大部分的人都很满足于橱窗购物。But theres more to Beverly Hills than just bling. Only a street or two away awaits a world of leafy boulevards and incredible homes and gardens.但比佛利山庄除了闪闪发光还有更多特色。仅仅在一两条街外等待着的是林荫大道、美丽房屋及花园的世界。Head north to Hollywood, the epicenter of the worlds entertainment industry. Track down your favorite star on the historic Hollywood Walk of Fame, and catch a movie at Graumans Chinese Theater, the most famous first-run movie theater in the world.朝北前往好莱坞--世界产业中枢。在历史着名的好莱坞星光大道上找出你最喜爱的明星,并在Grauman中国戏院看部电影--世界上最知名的首轮戏院。Take a walk on the wilder side of L.A. to West Hollywood. WeHo is a haven for artists and designers. As evening falls, boogie on down to Sunset Strip, home to iconic clubs such as The Viper Room and the Whiskey a Go Go.在较野性的洛杉矶漫步来到西好莱坞。西好莱坞是艺术家及设计师的避风港。当夜晚降临,走到日落大道--那是像是The Viper Room及Whiskey a Go Go等经典酒吧的故乡。Griffith Park is the largest and wildest urban park in America. Here, perched high on the slopes of Mount Hollywood and offering superb views of L.A., youll find the Griffith Observatory. Built on land donated by mining magnate Griffith J. Griffith, admission to the main building and grounds is still free of charge, according to his wishes.葛利菲斯公园是美国最大且最野生的都市公园。这儿,高高地栖息在好莱坞山的斜坡上、提供洛杉矶绝佳的美景,你会找到葛利菲斯天文台。建在矿业大亨Griffith J. Griffith所捐赠的土地上,根据他的遗愿,进入主要建筑及场地的门票仍是免费的。Universal Studios is the oldest continually running movie studio in America. It features a theme park based around its blockbuster movies and popular TV shows; however, the star attraction is the studio tour, which winds its way through acres of sound stages and back lots. And if you have that sense of deja vu again, its no wonder. Some of the sets have been featured in dozens of movies and are still in use today.环球影城是美国最古老持续运作的电影制片厂。它主打以它的强档电影及受欢迎电视节目为基础的主题公园;然而,最优秀的景点是制片厂之旅,这段旅程蜿蜒通过数公顷的摄影棚及露天片厂。如果你又再次有似曾相识的感觉,这也难怪。某些场景已经在数十部电影中露面,且今日仍然在使用。Twenty miles southeast of downtown is Knotts Berry Farm. Originally a berry farm in the 1930s, this theme park has grown into a family favorite with child-friendly rides, short queues and offers a real taste of Americas pioneering heritage.市区东南方二十英里处是纳氏草莓乐园。原先在1930年代是一间草莓园,这个主题公园已成长为拥有适合孩子玩的设施、短短排队人潮的合家欢乐首选,并提供美国拓荒先锋遗产的真正体验。Just down the road, in Anaheim, is Disneyland Park. Since its opening in 1955, over 600 million guests have delighted in seeing Disneys much-loved characters brought to life.就在不远处,在安那罕,是迪士尼乐园。自它在1955年开幕后,超过六亿游客已因为看见迪士尼最受喜爱的角色被赋予生命出现而开心。The Port of Los Angeles, the biggest container port in the U.S.A., sits on San Pedro Bay. Climb aboard the USS Iowa, a World War II battleship which saw service in some of the most dramatic episodes in world history.洛杉矶港--美国最大的货柜港--坐落于San Pedro海湾。爬进爱荷华号战舰--一艘第二次世界大战的战舰,它过去在某些世界历史中最戏剧化的时期内役。Nearby at the Aquarium of the Pacific, 500 marine species sway, swirl and dive through the various marine systems of the vast Pacific from the sun-drenched coast of Baja to the frigid waters of the Arctic.在太平洋水族馆附近,五百种海洋物种在广大太平洋中各种海洋系统中摇摆、旋转、潜水,从Baja阳光普照的海岸,到北极冰冷的海水。Long Beach was once the birthplace of Californias surfing scene, but a breakwater has now tamed the wild waves, making the beach an ideal destination for families.长滩一度是加州冲浪场景的诞生地,但一道防波堤现在已经驯了那狂野的海浪,让这海滩成为家族出游的理想景点。From Long Beach, hop aboard a ferry and take a one-hour trip to Catalina Island. Once the home of otter hunters, smugglers and gold prospectors, these days day-trippers and weekenders are far more interested in working on their golden tans and escaping the frantic pace of the mainland.从长滩登上一艘渡轮,并来段前往卡特琳娜岛的一小时旅程。那一度是水獭猎人、走私者、以及淘金者的故乡,这些日子以来一日游客及周末游客都远远比较有兴趣去进行他们晒成金黄肤色的行程,以及逃开美国本土那发疯似的步调。Heading west from L.A., Santa Monica is one of the most popular resort towns in the U.S. Santa Monica epitomizes the California lifestyle of sun, sand, and the body beautiful. And right at her heart is her iconic pier.从洛杉矶朝西边前进,圣塔莫尼卡是美国最受欢迎的度假胜地之一。圣塔莫尼卡象征充满阳光、沙滩、与体态美感的加州生活型态。就在她的中心之处是她那经典的码头。Things get a little funkier just down the coast at Venice Beach. Long the center of L.A.s counterculture, Venice is more than just a beach, however. The main attraction here is the promenade. So pull on your in-line skates and join the colorful and sometimes bizarre human parade.就沿着海边不远处在海滩,事物变得有点更加新鲜。长久以来都是洛杉矶反文化的中心,然而不单单只是个海滩。这里主要的景点是海滨人行道。所以穿上你的直排轮,并加入那缤纷且有时有点怪异的人潮。After the craziness of Venice Beach, head five miles north to the tranquility of the Santa Monica Mountains. The Getty Center houses the extraordinary art collection of billionaire John Paul Getty. Water features prominently throughout the complex, encouraging quiet reflection.在海滩的疯狂之后,往北前进五公里进入圣塔莫尼卡山脉的静谧。盖帝中心收藏亿万富翁John Paul Getty绝佳的艺术藏品。在那建筑之中主要以水为特色,有助于静静的反思。Hire a convertible and follow the scenic Pacific Coast Highway to Malibu—21 miles of prime Californian coastline scented with salt and coastal sage.租一台敞棚车并跟着美丽的太平洋海岸高速公路到马里布--二十一英里的顶级加州海岸线,充满盐巴与沿海鼠尾草的味道。Many of L.A.s stars live in homes that cling to these dramatic hillsides by the Pacific, which is the perfect metaphor for L.A. A city built on an unshakable optimism and a devotion to creation, both human and natural. Welcome to the City of Angels.许多洛杉矶的明星住在紧邻太平洋边这些引人注目的山腰上的房子,这对洛杉矶来说是最棒的象征。一座建立在屹立不摇的乐观天性及对创作奉献的城市--人文及自然创作皆是。欢迎来到天使之城。201412/350216

  He was very appealing to anybody whos ever been oppressed because of ethnic reasons or other reason.那些被压迫的人觉得他充满魅力,有民族自豪感的原因或者其他的原因。That time when Bruce was on the rise,we were looking for counter cultural heroes to fight the establishment.Its 40 years. Wouldnt have people forgotten him by now?No, I think a lot of cultures have picked him up as sort of their hero.布鲁斯展露锋芒的时候正是我们在寻找民族英雄来对抗压迫者的时候。过去四十年了,人们会不会已经忘记他了?不会,我觉得很多民族把他当做英雄看待。You had Muhammad Au. You had Malcolm X.You had the Black Panthers.You had a lot of radicalism going on.Bruce Lee represented that same kind of radicalism.我们有穆罕默德·欧,有马尔科姆艾克斯,我们有黑豹党员。有很多这种根本的改革主义,李小龙代表了这种改革主义。Bruce Lee emerges when America is having a very bad time in Vietnam and cannot beat the Viet Cong,these little yellow guys in pyjamas,so Bruce Lee speaks to that.当美国在越南碰壁,对于那些穿着宽松裤的,越共束手无策的时候,李小龙展露头角,他响应着这种精神。Anywhere you go,everybody is about Bruce Lee and rallies behind him.Hes the underdog.You dont have to start shouting political declarations to be culturally and politically significant.无论你走到哪里,每个人都因为李小龙得到极大的鼓舞,他也是处于劣势的,你不需要高喊你的政治宣言来体现你在政治和文化上的重要性。That Colosseum fight was very accurate.Taking nothing away from Chuck Norris,but I think Bruce Lee would be victorious.That fight scene gave Chuck Norris pretty much a career.那场罗马剧院的对抗很微妙。查克·诺里斯没损失什么,但我觉得李小龙是赢家。这个打斗场景让查克·诺里斯声名大噪。If they said Bruce could have beat Chuck Norris,Id say,;How much do you wanna bet?;I got a fistful of green backs in my pocket.如果有人说布鲁斯能打败查克·诺里斯,我会说,你想赌多少?我口袋里有得是钱。Chuck got chucked out right there in that movie.Thats one of my favourites.Boom. Guillotine choke in the 70s.Hello.Thats being ahead of your time.在那个电影中查克被好好收拾了,那是我最喜欢之一。70年代的颈锁术,那要早我好多年了。201312/269182Lees use of real martial arts combined with the speed and directors eye was groudbreaking.李小龙的真功夫,加上出手快速以及导演似的眼光 很具突破性。Bruce Lee totally revolutionalized the way emm...unarmed combat would be presented on the screen or Bruce Lee had done because he worked in Hollywood with so many qualitied film makers.李小龙改变了 呃...电影里表现空手格斗的方式 或者说是他会如此,正是因为在好莱坞与许多优秀电影制作人合作过。He came back he learned which lens to use,how to move the camera, how to ... where to edit.回到香港后 他学会了聚焦,怎样移动镜头 怎样... 如何剪辑。Theseare ... What makes his fight so remarkable,the technique sometimes was really quite basic.那是一种... 让格斗非常精,有时那技巧真的很基础。The way he shot them was revolutionary.Yeah, his action is a kind of new-way of action.You know he, emm... he changed the whole thing.他拍摄的方式也是革命性的,是的 他的格斗动作是种新方式,可以说 呃... 他改变了一切。You know, emm... cause we have never seen a fighting like that.呃... 因为我们从见过他那样的格斗方式The whole sort of, like fast and slow thing he did with the tension and then release.The scenes would move then stop, then move again.移腿动作时快时慢 有种压迫感 然后出腿,场景前移接着停下 接着再前移。Bruce Lee really made that stylized,really built that up and turn that into something that...李小龙真正地让它特化,成形 变成了某种...I think thats the influenc for western movies.He made fighting entertaining.He made it fun.He made it dramatic.He made it emotional.我认为这影响了西方电影,他让格斗化,变得有趣,夸张有戏剧性,带有感情。And he really brought martial arts to the rest of the world.他确实将武术展现给世界201403/277883

  由布拉德皮特演绎的Chanel NO.5香水广告《总有你在》全球首播,作为该香水诞生91年来的首位男性代言人,皮特没有传说中的“全裸出镜”,只是留着沧桑的胡子,然后随着黑白镜头缓缓推进,娓娓道出广告词,意境深远,这段广告词就像圣人留下的哲学箴言。这段30秒的广告,立刻集中了广大女性和文艺青年的心,姚晨道出了许多人的心声:“皮特要是只穿Chanel NO.5拍就好了”。皮特就像Chanel NO.5一样是女人们的萌与追求。Chanel No.5历年代言明星全部都是大牌女性,请到男星代言No.5这不仅是香奈儿史上的第一次,对整个时尚界来说,这一消息也十分让人惊讶,但是这一大胆举措绝对让香奈儿的关注度倍增,也获得了不少时尚达人的赞叹,也有一些圈中人士猜测说这预示着香奈儿将要扩展业务开发男士香水,邀请皮特做代言人也是在为品牌扩张做“预热”。以下是广告词的中英对照:Its not a jurney.这不是一段旅程Every journey ends, but we go on.旅程总有终点 但我们会继续The world turns and we turn with it.世界在转 我们也随着转变Plans disappear, dreams take over,当计划消逝 梦成为主宰but wherever I go, there you are:无论我去哪里 都有你My luck;my fate;my fortune.我的幸运 我的命运Chanel No.5, inevitable.Chanel No.5 无可取代。201404/286177



  这是由巴西超模阿德瑞娜·利玛(Adriana Lima)为2012超级碗Teleflora拍摄的广告。广告中阿德瑞娜上演香艳诱惑,深V低胸出镜大玩丝袜诱惑。 以下是中英对照:Guys, Valentines Day is not that complicated. Give and you shall receive.告诉你们,情人节其实没那么复杂。送你一束花,然后你收下就可以了。Happy Valentines night情人夜快乐。teleflora.com201405/300417

  这则广告是大众汽车公司的品牌形象广告。这类型的广告一般不会宣传某种特定的商品,而代之以某种企业理念或企业文化。大型的公司通常很注重定期发布类似的广告,因为它会让企业跳脱简单的“商人”形象,而彰显健康的企业内涵,提升自己在消费者心中的形象。假如有这样的楼梯,小编坚决爬楼梯。Can we get more people to choose the stairs by making it fun to do?如果我们把楼梯弄得有趣点,是不是更多人会走楼梯、不搭电梯呢?Odenplan, Stockholm瑞典斯德哥尔某地铁站66% more people than normal chose the stairs over the escalator.有超过平常66%的人选择了楼梯,而不是电梯Fun can obviously change behaviour for the better.很明显,好玩的东西会让人们的行为变得更好。We call it the fun theory.我们称之为“乐趣理论”。Thefuntheory.com, An initiative of Volkswagen.乐趣理论.com,大众汽车的创始力。201403/277642

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