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黄岛开发区中医院网上预约挂号即墨人民医院大概需要多少钱青岛市妇女儿童医疗保健中心名中医 As IBM seeks to complete a .3 billion sale of its server business to China’s Lenovo, the U.S. is worried.IBM希望3亿美元的价格将旗下的务器业务出售给中国的联想集团(Lenovo),引起了美国政府的担忧。Although the deal was made in January, little has happened in the months since as the two tech companies try to resolve security concerns raised by the U.S. government, which is currently investigations the matter.虽然这两家公司的交易早在今年一月份就已经开始,但之后几个月却一直没有进展,因为它们不得不尽量解除美国政府对安全问题的担忧。目前,美国政府正在就此事展开调查。But what has the U.S. worried? IBM’s x86 servers are used in some of the country’s most sensitive networks including by the Defense Department and the U.S. Air Force, according to anonymous sources cited by theWall Street Journal. These servers may be open to attack by Chinese spies or hackers if the deal goes through, according to U.S. security officials and members of the federal Committee on Foreign Investment, an interagency group that reviews transactions involving foreign companies.美国人到底在担心什么?《华尔街日报》(Wall Street Journal)援引匿名人士的话称,IBM的x86务器被用于多个美国最敏感的网络,其中包括美国国防部(the Defense Department)和美国空军(the U.S. Air Force)。美国国防官员和联邦外国投资委员会(Committee on Foreign Investment)成员认为,如果这笔交易获得通过,这些务器将门户大开,容易受到中国间谍或黑客的攻击。美国外国投资委员会是一家跨部门组织,负责审查涉及外国公司的交易。But in their defense, IBM and Lenovo say that the technology used in the x86 servers is made by many other companies in the U.S. and that they contain Chinese components. Meanwhile, Lenovo says that it will only use the servers for commercial goals.但IBM和联想却认为,x86务器所用的技术由美国多家公司联合开发,其中也包括中国的组件。此外,联想表示只会将务器用于商业目的。The deal should still be approved despite the pushback, according to the Wall Street Journal’s sources, and a decision is expected by the year’s end.《华尔街日报》的消息人士透露,尽管遭遇阻力,但这笔交易最终仍然会获得通过,预计美国政府将在年底前做出决定。In order to meet the concerns raised by the U.S., the companies say that IBM will actively have a stake in maintaining the servers, although that has also drawn worry from the U.S. government. Similar concerns were also raised in 2005 when Lenovo purchased IBM’s personal-computer business.为了打消美国政府的忧虑,这两家公司表示,IBM仍将积极参与务器的维护,尽管美国政府对这一点同样表示担忧。早005年,联想收购IBM的个人电脑业务时,美国政府也曾有过类似担忧 /201406/308563青岛崂山区处女膜修复哪个好

李沧区八一医院该怎么走Russia concluded Tuesday that a bomb brought down one of its passenger jets over the Sinai Peninsula last month, with President Vladimir Putin vowing vengeance against those who carried out the attack.俄罗斯周二得出结论,上个月在西奈半岛坠毁的一架俄罗斯客机是被一枚炸弹炸毁的。总统普京誓言要对制造这场袭击的凶手复仇;We will search for them anywhere they might hide,; Putin said. ;We will find them in any part of the world and punish them.;普京说:“我们会在任何他们可能藏匿的地方去寻找。不论在世界任何角落,我们会找到他们,惩罚他们。”The Russian leader did not specifically blame the Islamic State for downing the Metrojet A-321 aircraft, killing all 224 aboard, but within hours launched an aerial bombardment on Raqqa, the Islamic States self-described capital in northern Syria.坠毁的美捷包机为空客A-321飞机,机24人全部遇难。普京并没有指明是“伊斯兰国”制造了这场空难,但是几个小时候后,他对叙利亚北部由伊斯兰国自封的首都拉卡市发动了空袭。France also bombed Raqqa in response to last weeks deadly terrorist attacks in Paris, with the Islamic State taking credit for both the destruction of the Russian jet and the carnage in the French capital that has shocked the world.法国在上周发生巴黎的致命恐怖袭击后,对拉卡进行了空袭。伊斯兰国宣称对俄罗斯客机坠毁事件和发生在法国首郀?令全世界震惊的屠杀负责。The Kremlin said Putin and French President Francois Hollande agreed in a telephone call to ;ensure closer contact and coordination; in their attacks on Islamic State targets. Putin ordered the Russian navy in the eastern Mediterranean to work ;as allies; with the French navy, while adding 37 planes to the Russian strike force off the shores of Syria.克里姆林宫表示,普京和法国总统奥朗德在电话中同意,就他们对伊斯兰国目标的袭击保紧密的联系与合作。普京下令地中海东部的俄罗斯海军与法国海军像盟军一般合作,同时给叙利亚海岸的俄罗斯突击部队增加37架飞机。The ed States said Russia carried out a ;significant number; of airstrikes on Raqqa, possibly including sea-launched cruise missiles and long-range bombers. U.S. defense officials said their Russian counterparts informed them ahead of time of the bombardment as part of an agreement between the two countries as both carry out air missions in Syria.美国称俄罗斯在拉卡进行了“大量”空袭,可能包括从海上发射巡航导弹和远程轰炸机。美国国防官员表示,美俄都在叙利亚实施空袭,基于两国达成的一项协议,俄罗斯军方在轰炸前通知了美方。Since September, Russia has been conducting airstrikes in Syria in support of President Bashar al-Assad, while the ed States and its allies for more than a year have been conducting raids against Islamic State targets in Iraq and Syria.俄罗斯自今年九月开始在叙利亚发动空袭,以持叙利亚总统阿萨德,而美国及其盟国在伊拉克和叙利亚对伊斯兰国目标实施突袭已长达一年多的时间。来 /201511/410704聊城治疗阴道炎多少钱 The Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for its contribution to the country’s transition to democracy in the wake of the Arab spring.诺贝尔委员会(Nobel committee)015年诺贝尔和平Nobel Peace Prize)授予突尼斯全国对话大Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet),以表彰其在阿拉伯之Arab spring)之后为突尼斯转型为民主国家作出的贡献。The little-known group won out over a long list of famous names, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Pope Francis.这个鲜为人知的组织击败了众多知名候选人,其中包括德国总理安格拉默克尔(Angela Merkel)和教宗方济各(Pope Francis)。The Dialogue, formed in 2013, was a key player in aiding Tunisia’s political transition, helping to ratify a new constitution and set up its electoral commission.突尼斯全国对话大会成立于2013年,在推动突尼斯政治转型方面发挥了关键作用,帮助批准了新宪法并组建了选举委员会。The Nobel committee hailed the organisation for its “decisive contribution to the building of a pluralistic democracy in Tunisia in the wake of the Jasmine Revolution in 2011诺贝尔委员会称赞该组织“在2011年茉莉花革命(Jasmine Revolution)后为突尼斯建设多元化民主作出了决定性贡献”。来 /201510/402997青岛市李沧区第三医院医生在线咨询

青岛城阳人民医院四维彩超费用Police in Hong Kong have arrested nine people on suspicion of “conspiracy to manufacture explosivesjust days before lawmakers in the Chinese territory vote on a highly contentious, Beijing-approved proposal for electoral reform.香港警方逮捕了涉嫌“串谋制造爆炸”的9人,就在本周三,这个中国特别行政区的立法会委员将投票表决一项中央已批准的、高度争议性的选举改革提案。The police said on Monday that the five men and four women, aged 21-34, had been detained after discovering that two members of the “local syndicateplanned to test explosive material on Sunday night.警方周一表示,被拘留的五男四女年龄介1岁至34岁。此前,警方在周日晚发现两名属于“本地激进组织”的人士试图进行引爆测试。They seized several kilogrammes of chemicals, including the precursor for triacetone triperoxide, an explosive substance, and the formula to make smoke grenades, as well as air guns and maps of Wan Chai and Admiralty, two areas in downtown Hong Kong that contain government and corporate offices.警方查获了数公斤的化学品,包括高爆炸性炸药“三过氧化三丙酮TATP) 的化学原料,还发现了制造烟雾弹的化学程式、以及湾Wan Chai)和金Admiralty)的地图——这两个地段有很多政府和企业办公楼。Political tensions have been rising in Hong Kong ahead of a crucial vote on Wednesday, when the 70 members of the legislative council will debate the government’s plan to allow citizens to elect the next chief executive by universal suffrage in 2017.近来香港的政治紧张不断升温,本周三将举行关键投票,届0名立委将围绕让市民在2017年通过普选产生下一届行政长官的政府计划展开辩论。The government, led by chief executive CY Leung, says this reform will give Hong Kong citizens real choice. But opposition legislators, who have enough seats in the legislative council to block the reform, say restrictions on who can stand for election mean it amounts to “fake democracy现任行政长官梁振CY Leung)领导的香港政府表示,这一改革将会给香港市民真正的选择。但是,在立法会拥有足够席位否决改革的反对派立委表示,针对谁可以参选的限制意味着这一方案是“假民主”。Groups for and against the proposal have vowed to protest outside the legislative council, and the government and police have called for all sides to do so peacefully.持以及反对选举改革方案的团体都已誓言要在立法会外举行抗议,政府和警方则呼吁各方以和平方式表达意见。Au Chin-chau, chief superintendent of the police’s organised crime and triad bureau, said at a press conference that some of the nine people arrested were members of a “radical groupbut declined to identify it, citing “operationalreasons.香港警务处有组织罪案及三合会调查科总警司区展秋(Au Chin-chau)在新闻发布会上表示,被捕人中,有一部分人士是一个激进组织的成员,但称出于“行动”理由,不能透露该组织的名称。He refused to say whether the explosives suspects were planning to injure or kill, saying only that the “police are looking into all lines of inquiry and won’t rule anything out他拒绝透露制造爆炸物的嫌疑人是否打算造成人身伤害或致人死亡,只表示“警方将对案件作全方位调查,不排除任何可能性。”During the briefing, the police laid out the objects they had seized from the nine, which included computers, smartphones, a 3D printer and the Guy Fawkes masks popular with protesters around the world.在新闻发布会上,警方展示了他们从9名嫌疑人查获的物件,包括电脑、智能手机、一台三维打印机,以及世界各地的抗议者都爱佩戴的盖伊#8226;福克Guy Fawkes)面具。They also displayed confiscated stickers with slogans critical of the government and China, such as 7 years after handover and corruption has gone backwards 70 yearsand “CY Leung go to hell, the hooligan police and their families die他们还展示了没收的批评香港政府和中央的贴纸,比如“回归十七年,贪污倒退七十年”以及“振英落地狱,黑警死全家”。Mr Au said the police investigation was ongoing and that “we will not preclude the possibility of further arrests区展秋表示,警方的调查仍在进行,并称:“不排除进一步逮捕的可能性”。He added that Hong Kong citizens should “avoid being incited or used by others to get involved in violent acts他补充说,香港市民应“不要受到滋事分子教唆及利用,参与暴力行为”。Political violence is extremely rare in Hong Kong although there were some clashes between police and activists during last year’s Occupy protests.政治暴力是香港极为罕见的,尽管在去年的“占领中环”抗议期间,警方和活动人士之间发生了一些冲突。来 /201506/381117 青岛阳光女子医院看妇科疾病好吗山东省青岛妇保医院可以做引产吗



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