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All you can really say is that the universe is because its a self-consistent mathematical structure.你所能说的是创世者存在于宇宙之中 因为它是一个独立的数学结构Theres no past because,unlike the creation-as-a-point scenario theres nothing for it to be created in.它没有过去的 因为它不像一个点被创造出来这样的设想 对于宇宙来说 没有什么被创造So to say its created from nothing is a bit of a misnomer.Its a misleading use of the word ;nothing.;所以说 创造于虚无之中的说法有点欠妥 ;虚无;这个词的用法会令人误解its not just that there was empty space in which the universe appeared,which you might call ;nothing.;宇宙表现出的并不是空间的虚无 你可能把这称之为;虚无;There was really nothing at all,because there wasnt even a creation event.宇宙里确实什么都没有 因为连创造都没有The use of a past tense in a verb becomes inappropriate in these theories.动词过去式的用法在这些理论里不太合适Unfortunately,tenses were set up when people believed in real time, of course不幸的是 当人们持实时间 时态就被创造了and we dont yet have a linguistic form to describe tenses in imaginary time.至今我们都没有一种语言形式 来描述虚时间的时态The word ;time; was not handed down from heaven as a gift from on high.;时间;这个词 可不是作为 礼物从天堂那流传下来的The idea of time is a word invented by man and if it has puzzlements connected with it whose fault is it? Its our fault.时间的概念 只是个被人类发明的词 如果它让人产生疑惑 这是谁的错 我们的错Where does the difference between the past and the future come from?过去与未来 有着什么不同The laws of science do not distinguish between the past and the future.科学法则 没法区分过去与未来Yet there is a big difference between the past and future in ordinary life.但在日常生活中 过去与未来有着巨大的差别You may see a cup of tea fall off a table and break into pieces on the floor你能看到茶杯 从桌子上跌到地上 摔成碎片but you will never see the cup gather itself back together and jump back on the table.但你从没见过杯子能自己合好 然后跳回桌子上The increase of disorder, or entropy is what distinguishes the past from the future giving a direction to time.混乱或者熵的增加 可以区分过去和未来 给出时间的方向201604/438796即墨做流产手术哪儿好即墨妇幼保健院妇产科建卡要多少钱This is the river.But just look,the flood line here,this is about 10 or 15 foot above where the river is now.这就是那条河了 看看 涨潮水位线在这 离现在的河岸 大概有十到十五英尺I cant believe the canyon is so to flash floods When it rains, all that water gets pounding down here and the level rises very fast.这个峡谷是如此的狭小 突发的洪水 大雨过后 所有雨水汇聚于此 水位将迅速上升Keep following this along.Flood is the most frequent nature disaster in Alabama,跟着这个走 在阿拉巴马 洪水是爆发频率最高的自然灾害taking more lives and causing more damages than hurricanes and tornados combines.其造成的伤亡人数和财产损失 比飓风与龙卷风二者之和还要高Look all of this is flash flood.And this is why theyre so dangous.看 这都是山洪暴发造成的 山洪裹挟着无数重物Just tons and tons of dead like this huge tree trunks pounding down stream.危险无比 像这些巨大的树干 常随着洪峰 顺流而下Flash floods leave a trail of destruction in their path.山洪流经之处 总会留下破坏的痕迹 Look, a lot of trash.And I shall use this sort of things.好多垃圾啊 塑料泡沫之类的东西Trying to build a raft.And thats gonna take me down the river much quicker,than try to do battle over all the rocks.我打算做个筏子 这样能提高我漂流的速度 还能避免一场与岩石的;斗争;I mean just look at all these.If I can find the right materials,a raft would save me time and energy.你看看这些石头 如果能找到合适的材料 造个筏子 就能省时省力You see under the trunk a bit of plastic sheeting wedges there.你看那个树干底下 有一大块的塑料布That would be so useful for making a raft.The thing is this water is icy cold.那东西简直是 造筏子的绝佳材料 问题是 这河水 寒冷彻骨啊In fact, look, you see across there?its icy even on that branch you see that.你看对面那里 那里都结冰了 看见了吗201601/424734All religions have to confront the key question-how can the infinite, the boundless, be apprehended? How can we, humans, draw near to the other, God? Some aim to achieve it through chanting, some through words alone, but most faiths have found images useful to focus human attention on the divine. In this weeks programmes, Ill be looking at how, a little under two thousand years ago, great religions used the visual as a route to prayer. Is it more than an extraordinary coincidence that at about the same moment Christianity, Hinduism and Buddhism all start showing Christ, Hindu gods and the Buddha in human form? Coincidence or not, all three religions established then artistic conventions which are still very much alive today.所有宗教都需要面对一个关键问题,即如何理解永恒与无限,人类又如何亲近神?有的宗教采用了吟诵的方式,有的则完全依赖文字,大部分宗教都认识到,神像能让凡人感受神的力量。本期节目当中,我会带领大家了解了解2000多年前伟大宗教对朝圣者的意义所在。在大约两千年前,几大宗教都开始用神像来传道。基督教、佛教和印度教几乎在同一时期采用人类的形象来表现本教神灵。这难道仅仅是巧合?不管真相如何,三大宗教都在这一时期创造出了流传至今神的形象。Around 1,800 years ago, Buddhism had aly been in existence for centuries. The historical Buddha was a prince of the Ganges region in North India in the fifth century , who abandoned his royal life to become a wandering ascetic, wanting to comprehend and therefore to overcome the roots of human suffering. After many experiences he finally sat under a pipal tree and meditated without moving for 49 days until, at last, he achieved enlightenment-freedom from greed, hate, and delusion. At this moment, he became the Buddha-the ;Enlightened; or the ;Awakened One;. He passed on his dharma (his way, his teaching) to monks and to missionaries who eventually travelled across the vast expanses of Asia. As the Buddhist message sp north, it passed into the region known as Gandhara, the area in what is now north-eastern Pakistan, around Peshawar, in the foothills of the Himalayas.188年前,彼时佛教已经存在了数百年。据佛教文献记载,佛陀曾是公元前15世纪北印度迦毗罗卫国的一位王子,他放弃了王族生活,成为一名苦行僧,想参透人生的苦痛与无常,助人脱离苦海。在漫长的苦行生活之后,他在一棵菩提树下打坐,悟道49天后终于开悟,脱离了人生的贪、嗔、痴。从那一刻起,他便成了佛陀,意为“觉者”或“悟者”。 他向僧侣传授自己的佛法,僧侣们再将其传向亚洲各地。佛法在向北传播的途中来到了今巴基斯坦东北部的犍陀罗,即喜马拉雅山山脚的白沙瓦附近。201503/363318青岛即墨医院妇科专家大夫

即墨做无痛人流去哪家华山灵山段泊岚刘家庄移风店七级蓝村南泉普东大信人流手术多少钱栏目介绍:搞笑英语轻松学通过不同的搞笑生活片段来学习日常口语,领域涉及生活的各个方面,让我们边看视频边学英语。正宗地道的口语,假一罚十。美剧电影真人秀都看过了之后还能看什么学口语呢?当然是看这些双语视频啦!又好玩,又原汁原味,又顺便学一两句地道英语,多痛快!快来看看吧!201509/399029环秀通济田横岛即墨妇科检查哪家医院最好的Asking a girl out on a date can be daunting. But with a positive attitude and a little preparation, you’ll soon be wooing the girl—or girls—of your dreams.和女孩约可能会使人退缩。但是有积极的态度且做点准备,你很快就会和你的梦中情人约会。You Will Need你需要A little courage一点勇气Some self-assurance一点自我安慰Your best set of clothes最好的衣Steps步骤Step 1: Decide where1.决定约会地点Decide beforehand where you want to take her, if you’re lucky enough to get the date. To a fancy restaurant? A movie? Something more original? If possible, choose something that appeals to her interests.如果你能很幸运地约到她,在你们出去之前要决定约会的地点。家浪漫的餐厅?看电影?还是做些其他有创意的活动?如果可能,要选一些能吸引她兴趣的事情。Step 2: Look your best2.注重外表Look your best. You don’t have to be Brad Pitt to get a date, but it will help if you’re well groomed.要打扮得很帅。你不必像布拉德·皮特那样去约会,但是如果你打扮得很精神,这对你是有帮助的。Wear clothes you feel comfortable in. Now is not the time to experiment with a whole new look that may make you feel self-conscious or awkward.穿你感觉舒适的衣。现在还不是尝试全新外表的时候,而且那样做会让你感到紧张或尴尬。Step 3: Pick your moment3.把握时机Pick your moment. Asking a girl for a date when she’s rushed or with other people may torpedo your chances. Wait until it’s just you two and you’re not likely to be interrupted.把握时机。当她很匆忙或是和其他人在一起的时候,向她提出约会邀请可能会让你错失机会。耐心等待直到只有你们两个人的时候,那时你说话不会被别人打断。Step 4: Be yourself4.做你自己Be yourself. A sincere geek comes across far better than a guy doing a poor imitation of James Bond.要做你自己。一个真实的男孩要远比一个模仿詹姆斯·邦德却搞砸了的人强得多。If you wear cologne, go easy on it: You want to date her, not knock her out.如果你要用古龙水,要悠着点。你想和她约会,而不是想要她昏迷。Step 5: Compliment her5.称赞对方When it’s time to make your move, begin by paying her a compliment. She’ll feel good about herself and look kindly on you. But be sincere—no one likes to be patronized.到你该行动的时候,先要称赞她。她会自我感觉良好,并对你友善。然后要真诚——没人喜欢被以高人一等的态度对待。A funny comment can lighten the mood—just make sure it’s not at her expense! Everyone likes someone who can make them laugh.一个有趣的话语会使心情高兴起来——但要确保不是以挖苦对方为代价。大家都喜欢让他们开心的人。Step 6: Ask her out6.约她出去Take the plunge and ask her out. Nervous? Remind yourself that she can only say “yes” or “no.”一番考虑后要果断行动,去约她。还是紧张?要提醒你自己,她只有两个:答应或拒绝。Step 7: If she says no7.如果她不答应If she says no, don’t take it personally. You’re not attracted to everyone either, right? Plus, her rejection may have nothing to do with you.如果她不答应,不要为此而烦恼。你不可能让每个人都对你感兴趣,对吧?而且她的拒绝可能和你自身没有关系。Step 8: If she says yes8.如果她答应你的邀请If she says yes, set a date and time immediately. Now go home and get y for your date. And whatever you do, don’t be late!如果她答应你的邀请,要马上定好约会及约会时间。现在回家去准备约会。无论你做什么,千万别迟到。The average single person will go on at least 100 dates in his or her lifetime.普通单身人士一生平均将进行至少100次约会。201501/356002即墨的医院哪家做人流手术好

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