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Well, I mean, apart from the ones I dont like of course!我的意思是,当然除了我不喜欢的人!Secondly, I know Tip Top Trading is one of the fastest-growing companies in London, and I want to be part of that.其次,我知道Tip Top Trading是伦敦发展最快的公司之一,所以我想成为其中的一员。Thats absolutely right. Tip Top Trading is the fastest-growing company in the plastic fruits sector.千真万确。Tip Top Trading是塑料水果业发展最快的公司之一。Well said, Anna! If she gets that job Im sure shell be an asset to the company.说的好,安娜!如果她得到这个工作,我肯定她将是公司的骨干。The decision is in the hands of Manager, Paul, who we heard there.我们听到了,决定权在经理保罗的手中。Hes a nice guy really, a little disorganised, but when things go wrong hes got to take charge, a bit like this.他人真的不错,有点儿缺乏条理,但是当事情出错时他就会全权掌管,就像这样。Yesterday was not a great day. Two clients came in with serious complaints.昨天可不好过,有两名客户带来了严重的投诉。Mrs Kumquat received a delivery of imitation bananas that were purple - not very convincing, and Mr Lime ordered grapefruits, but got pineapples. Tom!Kumquat女士收到了紫色的人造香蕉,难以相信。Lime 先生定了葡萄,但是收到的是菠萝。汤姆!Yeah, listen...Were you responsible for these errors?是的,听着……-你能对这些失误负责吗?Well...yes, but...是的,但……Look, mistakes happen. But it seems that Mrs Kumquat left our offices even angrier than when she came in and she says she will never use Tip Top Trading again!错误已经发生了。但是似乎Kumquat女士离开办公室的时候甚至比她进来的时候更生气,并且她说她再也不会光顾 Tip Top Trading了! /201611/479622。

US Central Bank Chief Gives Gloomy Economic Assessment伯南克称美国经济前景恶化The head of the U.S. central bank says the outlook for America's economic performance has worsened, and that the Federal Reserve may have to reevaluate current interest rates. Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke spoke amid continued swings in world markets, one day after massive sell-offs that saw several exchanges hit multi-year lows.美国中央的负责人、美联储主席伯南克表示,美国经济表现的前景恶化,美联储可能不得不重新评估目前的利率。伯南克是在全球各地的股市继续动荡的情况下说这番话的。一天之前,一些股市出现大规模的抛售,导致世界好几个券交易所的股价下滑到多年来的最低水平。Chairman Bernanke says severe upheaval in America's financial sector has further strained an aly weak U.S. economy. Addressing a business association in Washington, the Fed chief gave a gloomy assessment of economic prospects.美联储主席伯南克说,美国金融行业出现的严重动荡使已经疲软的美国经济进一步受到压力。在华盛顿对一个商业协会发表讲话时,伯南克对美国经济的前景做出了相当悲观的评估。"The housing market continues to be a primary source of weakness in the real economy as well as the financial markets," he said. "However the slowdown in economic activity has sp outside the housing sector. Private payrolls have continued to contract, and the declines in employment, together with earlier increases in food and energy prices, have eroded the purchasing power of households. Overall, the outlook for economic growth has worsened."他说:“房屋市场继续是导致实体经济以及金融市场出现问题的一个主要原因。不过,经济活动的减缓已经扩展到房市以外的行业。私营部门的就业 人数继续减少,而且就业机会的减少以及食品和能源价格早些时候出现的上涨侵蚀了家庭的购买力。在总体上,经济增长的前景已经恶化。”Bernanke did not say the ed States has entered a recession or predict that a recession is looming. Rather he said that inflation worries have moderated somewhat and that "the downside risk to growth has increased."伯南克没有说美国已经进入了经济衰退或预计即将进入衰退,而是表示,有关通货膨胀的担忧在一定程度上有所缓解,增长下行的风险增加了。"In light of these developments, the Federal Reserve will need to consider whether the current stance on policy remains appropriate," he said.他说:“考虑到这些发展,美联储将需要考虑目前的政策立场是否仍然是合适的。”The "current stance on policy" is widely viewed by economists and Fed-watchers as current U.S. interest rates - an indication that the Fed will at least consider further cuts to stimulate economic growth and promote lending.他所说的“目前的政策立场”被经济学家和美联储的观察人士普遍看作是美国目前的利率。这表明,美联储至少会考虑削减利率来刺激经济增长和促进借贷活动。Earlier in the day, the Federal Reserve unveiled an aggressive plan to make it easier for American companies to finance short-term needs like payroll obligations and purchasing supplies.今天早些时候,美联储推出了一个大胆的计划,使美国公司更容易为付工资以及购买原料等短期需求进行融资。The initiative follows another major government effort to end a credit crunch that could further stifle economic growth. Last week, President Bush signed into law a massive financial rescue package that empowers the federal government to buy bad debt from struggling U.S. financial institutions.在采取这项举动之前,政府做出重大努力试图结束可能会进一步窒息经济增长的信贷紧缩。上个星期,布什总统将一个大规模的金融救助方案签署成法律,这个方案使联邦政府有权从正在挣扎之中的美国金融机构那里购买坏帐。Speaking outside Washington, Mr. Bush urged patience when it comes to addressing America's financial ills.在解决美国的金融问题上,布什总统敦促人们要有耐心。"Thawing the freeze in the financial system is not going to happen overnight," he said. "It will be a process that unfolds over several stages, and obviously the first stage began last Friday when I signed the rescue package into law. And so the Treasury Department is moving aggressively to implement the new authorities."他说:“解除美国金融体系中出现的冻结不会在一夜之间发生。它将是一个分好几个阶段展开的过程。显然,第一阶段是从上星期五我把救助方案签署成法律的时候开始的。财政部也正在积极行动来实施它们的新权力。”The president said the ed States will coordinate its efforts to contain the financial crisis with those of other major industrialized nations, noting an upcoming meeting of G-7 finance ministers later this week in Washington. 布什总统说,美国将同其他工业化大国进行协调一致的努力,来遏制这场金融危机。他指出,7国集团的财政部长这个星期晚些时候将在华盛顿举行会议。Meanwhile, world markets were mixed. One day after sinking to its lowest level in four years, Wall Street's Dow Jones Industrial Average opened higher before retreating to triple-digit losses in afternoon trading. Major European markets were mixed, with London and Paris recording slight gains while shares in Frankfort closed moderately lower.Earlier, Tokyo's market finished with a three-percent loss.200810/52190。

Asian Region Faces Political Pressures from Rising Inflation亚洲各国面临通胀高财政吃紧压力  Rising inflation is putting pressure on governments all over Asia, as angry citizens protest spiraling food and fuel costs and politicians bicker over how to handle new fiscal constraints. 日益增长的通货膨胀以及民众针对不断攀升的食品以及燃油价格的不满和抗议,加之政界人士对于如何因应新形势下财政紧缩的意见分歧,给亚洲各国政府带来很大压力。India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, South Korea - just a few countries in Asia where residents angry at surging fuel and food costs say they have had enough. Protests have gained steam in the past month, with demonstrators blocking traffic and in some cases disrupting the flow of fuel and food supplies.  在印度、印度尼西亚、马来西亚、泰国以及韩国等国家,民众们对于大幅度攀升的食品以及燃油价格,表示强烈的不满,说他们已经“受够了”。过去一个月里,各地的抗议活动此起彼伏,抗议人士在一些地方阻断了交通,有的时候还迫使食品以及燃油的运输不得不中断。Politicians in many of these countries also are struggling with inflation. Rising costs have forced governments throughout the region to reduce the subsidies they have long given on fuel.  在这些国家里,政界人士也在为通货膨胀感到头疼。不断攀升的价格迫使亚洲地区各国政府不得不削减长期以来给予消费者的燃油补贴。Mark Thirlwell, program director for international economy at the Lowy Institute for International Policy in Australia, says subsidy cuts were bound to happen with oil prices holding over 0 dollars a barrel. 澳大利亚洛伊国际政策研究所(Lowy Institute for International Policy)的项目负责人瑟尔威尔表示,在原油价格持续在130多美元一桶的情况下,各国政府削减补贴势在必行。"Their initial reaction in many cases is to use subsidies to defray the impact of higher fuel prices, higher food prices," Thirlwell explained. "As that situation has been sustained for longer and longer and as you've actually seen prices bid up higher and higher, the budgetary burden has gotten greater in each case." 他说:“那些政府最初的反应是利用补贴来抵消燃油和食品价格的攀升所带来的负面影响,随著这种局势的持续发展,实际上价格越来越高,各国政府面临的财政压力也越来越大。”The problem for many governments is that most of the inflation problem is global, not local. High worldwide demand, supply bottlenecks and international monetary policy all help push up oil prices. And food prices are soaring because of tight supplies and rising demand. 对很多国家的政府来说,通货膨胀带来的问题是全球性的,而不是地区性的。世界范围内的高需求,货源不足以及国际货币政策都是迫使石油价格上涨的因素。食品价格的上升则是供不应求造成的。That leaves governments with little room to maneuver, and in countries that have long subsidized fuel or food for their citizens, budgets are being overburdened, forcing leaders to do such things as cut subsidies, raise taxes or accept growing deficits.  在这种情况下,各国政府应对的空间非常有限。在那些长期以来对食品或者是燃油实行补贴政策的国家里,政府在财政出方面,呈现出负担过重的情形,迫使政府当中的决策人士不得不削减补贴、增加税收或者是面临不断增多的赤字。In Malaysia, for example, government leaders recently raised fuel prices by 41 percent after being faced with billion-bill to underwrite fuel subsidies. In a country used to cheap subsidized gasoline, protests erupted quickly. 比如说,在马来西亚,政府间的领导人最近就面临著要拿出170亿美元进行燃油补贴,随后被迫把燃油的价格提高了41%。马来西亚的民众长期以来习惯了由政府提供补助的廉价汽油;面对新的形势,抗议活动随之而起。In India, politicians are desperate to tame inflation - now at a seven-year high. If they fail, a voter backlash in next year's national elections is likely. Thirlwell says government leaders there are caught in a very difficult situation. 在印度,通货膨胀率现在是七年来最高的,政界人士千方百计想要控制住这种趋势。假如不成功的话,民众很有可能就将在明年的全国大选当中,用选票说话。瑟尔威尔说,印度的领导人现在面临著非常困难的处境。Thirlwell says governments that cut subsidies, or are not fiscally strong enough to handle the burden of rising inflation, face the strongest protests, and the strongest risks of political upheaval. 他说,那些决定削减补贴的政府、或者是财政方面不够强大、不足以承受通货膨胀所带来的压力的政府,面临著最严峻的抗议,也面临著政治动荡。"On the one hand, it's fiscal pressures which say well our ability to sort of defray or provide subsidies or ameliorate these price increases is limited, on the other hand we know there is real political cost involved here if we let inflation get out of control because the voters will punish us for this," Thirlwell said. 他说:“一方面,是财政上的压力,政府提供补贴或者是通过其他方式控制价格上涨的能力有限,另一方面,要是控制不住通货膨胀的话,执政党的前途就很成问题,选民们会用选票说话的。”Robert Broadfoot of the Political and Economic Risk Consultancy in Hong Kong says several governments are making a number of mistakes in handling inflation, and public concerns. 香港政治和经济风险资讯公司的罗伯特.布罗德福特表示,有几个国家的政府在处理通货膨胀问题上的做法是错误的。"In India, you have elections coming up and members of the ruling coalition don't want anything that is going to cost them votes, which means don't get rid of the subsidies," he said. "So the politicians are making mistakes and this is a time when the countries really can't afford it." 他说:“印度马上就要举行选举,执政联盟的成员不希望因为冒然行事而失去选票,这意味著补贴不能取消。 政界人士这么做是错误的,这是这个国家实在不能承担得起的。”Broadfoot says the Indian government's bill for fuel subsidies is expected to be almost billion this year, because the retail price remains far below the cost of oil. He says considering that citizens aly have taken to the streets to protest recent price increases, the Indian government can expect more strife if it is forced to slash subsidies again. 布罗德福特表示,预计印度政府今年的燃料补贴费用大约为600亿美元,因为零售价格依然远远低于石油的成本。他说,考虑到公民们已经走上街头抗议最近的价格上涨,如果印度政府再次被迫大幅度削减补贴,那么,可以预计印度政府将会面临更多的冲突。Soaring fuel and food costs also are taking a toll on developed economies such as Hong Kong, where groups are demanding that the government freeze prices or reduce taxes. In South Korea, truck drivers blocked roads to air their frustration over rising fuel prices and lower incomes. Some countries are handling the problems better than others. Broadfoot says Indonesia should be applauded, despite recent protests over cuts to fuel subsidies. 但是,有些国家在这方面的表现比其它国家要好。布罗德福特表示,尽管印尼最近因为削减燃油补贴也出现了抗议活动,但是,印尼政府的做法却值得称道。"The current president is taking some hard decisions, like they've really reduced their subsidies on fuel and yet he's done it in a way that's made it digestible for the population," Broadfoot noted. "He's giving poor Indonesian cash handouts, which make it a lot easier. So there have been protests but not of a scale that can bring the government down." 他说:“现任总统正在作出一些艰难的决定,虽然印尼减少了对燃油的补贴,但采取的方式却为大众所接受。印尼总统给穷人提供现金补助,这使决定执行起来顺利得多。虽然也出现抗议,但没有闹到把政府赶下台的地步。”Indonesia raised retail fuel prices by 30 percent last month. 上个月,印尼还把燃料的零售价格提高了百分之30。Many people, including government leaders, hope that relief will soon be in sight. But Thirlwell, like many analysts, warns not to expect inflation to slow. 许多人,包括政府领导人在内,都希望很快就能有一个救济办法出台。但是,和很多其他分析人士一样,瑟尔威尔警告人们不要期望通货膨胀会放慢。"Over time, high prices will produce a supply response, and we'll see some of the sting out of current prices come out," Thirlwell said. "But, there are all these question marks of well if there is any disruption to supply, any questions on supply, then rather than a sort of a slight retreat in prices we actually have the potential for another big spike." 他说:“随著时间的推移,高价格会导致供应的回馈。我们会看到,目前价格高涨造成的问题有些的确会消失。但是,不确定的因素依旧存在,例如一旦供应中断,或者供应出现问题,那么价格不但不会下降,实际上还有可能出现另一次上涨。”A number of Asian countries, including India and Indonesia, face elections in the coming year. How each government handles inflation will likely affect the next campaigns. Being popular with the public is usually a top priority for elected leaders. But many economists and political analysts warn such popularity can come at a higher price than some countries can afford. 包括印度和印尼在内的一些亚洲国家明年都面临选举。对每个政府来说,通货膨胀问题解决的好坏有可能影响下一次竞选。得到大众的持对当选领导人来说通常是当务之急。但是,许多经济学家和政治分析家警告说,这么做所付出高昂的代价是某些国家所承受不起的。200806/42338。

The standard of service is not good enough.务的水平不够好。The room I booked did not meet my expectations. Good luck Anna!我订的房间无法满足我的预期。好运,安娜!OK.Here goes.好的,就这样。Hello. Royal Imperial Hotel.你好。皇家酒店。Erm...hello… I want to… I want to complain.你好,我想要……投诉。Really? About what exactly?真的吗?具体关于什么?Your hotel… Well, I mean, a room I booked for my boss. Room 101.你的酒店,我的意思是我为我的老板订的房间,101房。I’m very disappointed with your service.我对你们的务很失望。And why’s that then?为什么?Well, the room isn’t like the one I booked. It’s just not good enough.这不是我订的房间,它不够好。Let’s have a look at the booking… well your boss got a bed… and breakfast too… a continental breakfast in fact.让我们看看预定,你的老板需要有床和早餐,事实上是欧式早餐。But the room just didn’t meet his expectations… hello?但房间没有满足他的预期……你好?Give me the phone Anna, I’ll deal with this.安娜,把电话给我,我来处理。Now hello Miss…? Miss Fit.你好,贵姓? 菲特。Miss Fit? This is the office assis I mean Manager here.菲特?我是办公室助……我是说经理。This isn’t good enough.这还不够好。My colleague has made it quite clear that the room did not meet our requirements我的同事已经说得很清楚了,房间无法满足我们的预期,and I would like you to resolve this matter as quickly as possible or I will have to cancel our reservation.我希望你能尽快解决,否则我们要取消预定。 /201702/491114。

Maybe she will, with the do's and don'ts of lending money to family, we are joined by Mility Hopson, GMA financial contributor and president of Aerial Capital Management. Welcome.Welcome, thank you.So it, it, can we narrow it down.Is there a yes-no answer to the question: Should you lend family money?I wouldn't call it a yes-no answer; I would start with a very basic idea. Before you think about this familial obligation issue, let's start with can you afford it? And if you can't afford it that answers the question right away. Also can you afford it if they don't pay you back? A bank thinks about the same thing. They assess the risk of the loan that they are going to make. And they don't make loans that are going to make them insolvent. You shouldn't either, but if you go down this path, the one thing that I suggest you that helps mute some of the resentment or problems that can occur. Document it. Documentation helps a lot. So those are the guidelines basically, you're saying: write it down on paper, sign it, date it, interest rates, someone said, the interest rates are low, so this is a good deal. We do look at family as a good deal, even for paying an interest that's usually lower than the market rate, right /? Well, I would start with, you know, you want your names, you want the date, you want the amount, you want the purpose and yes you have a right to know. A bank would ask you what the loan is for. You may not wanna lend a family member money for a vacation versus a medical bill.And you should tell them that. Hey, I don't want to pay for your trip to Disney World.(Perfect dictation ) Absolutely did in / terms, the terms may or may not include interest. They may include a payment plan; they may include it all back at a, over a lump-sum period. And then last, last but not least, sign it, copy it, make sure you both have a copy and when you get into issues, you pull out that piece of paper. And you should have the hurt, supposed to be able to say to the person: I don't think I wanna loan your money for this purpose.Absolutely, it's worse if you feel tremendous guilt and do something that you don't wanna do. You do it and it doesn't go well. That's a really bad situation. So on the front-end, maybe you can go to someone else, maybe I can cosign for a loan for you at the bank, really to create that kind of distance...that might be meeting them halfway. This, this is so loaded, because it is not just the stranger, right? This is all the family history, all the arguments, all the little things you did your bother or sister, you did your parents, whatever you is loaded from the back-end with emotions. There is no question about it, and there are certain people that think the family bank should always be open, that is not the case, there are also in most families there is a go-to person, that person gets called again and again and again, often, because there is a sense that they are good with money, they're button-down, they have the money and can loan it. And so those things just create just tremendous stress around these issues in families.But it is hard to say no, you love this person, right? you wanna help them out. But this maybe not be the best thing for the person. Well, it's hard to say no, but sometimes you have to say no. I had the situation just this week. I had a family member repeatedly needs money and at some point I had to say. And this, the moment of truth was this week. (Yah!) We are done, this is the last check that I would write, because I'm enabling you, to live a life style that you can not afford. And how does he or she react?Not well, I can tell you that.And so that will affect your relationship. You gotta deal with this person at holidays and family reunion? you know? But you know what, it's better than dealing with them when they are facing bankruptcy, facing serious, serious financial problems, because I didn't force them to look themselves in the mirror and try to take accountability for the life style that they were trying to maintain, that they quite frankly could not afford. It was just a fact, there were no two ways about it. Let, now we've been talking about you as the bank in the family, what about if you need to borrow money, what, what do you do? How do you approach your family member?Well, if you need to borrow money, I will go to them in the most professional way possible and I would be the one saying this is what I need the money for, I'd like to document this and write this down, this is when you can be expected to receive the payment. If I don't pay you back, I would be here before the money is due to renegotiate these terms, so they get a sense that you are very serious, very credible and you wanna make sure that this goes really, really well. It's also good for your own self-esteem. You know, hey, we get terms here, we get interest payments, I am gonna pay you back. There is no question about it. One interesting other idea, let's just say for some reason a family member doesn't pay you back, try having them work off the money. That's been something that I've tried lately and that goes extraordinarily well, they may do the baby-sitting that you need done or mowing the lawn or things like that.I don't know any of my relatives would like to clean windows. Mellody Hobson, Thanks a lot for the good advice. Tit touch waters to navigate here. 200810/51397。

;hold your horses!; ------ 别着急(非正式)英文释义(INFORMAL) Command to stop and be patient before taking additional action.例句My children became excited when they heard we were going to the zoo, but I said ;hold your horses!;and reminded them to finish their school homework first.听到我们打算去动物园时,我的孩子激动起来。但是我说:“别着急!”提醒他们先把作业写完。 /201611/471232。

Russians go to the polls on Sunday for a presidential election in which the victory of Kremlin-backed candidate Dmitri Medvedev is considered a foregone conclusion. Medvedev's path toward high office has been very different from the one facing American presidential hopefuls.  俄罗斯民众计划星期天在总统选举中投票,克里姆林宫持的候选人梅德韦杰夫在这次选举中获胜已经被视为定局。梅德韦杰夫通往总统宝座的道路与美国总统候选人非常不同。Russians today are witnessing the twists and turns of an exciting presidential campaign. 俄罗斯人今天正在目睹一场激动人心的总统竞选的曲折过程。But … it is not their own. 但是这不是俄罗斯的总统竞选。Russia's presidential contest stands in sharp contrast to America's hotly-contested presidential primaries.  俄罗斯总统竞争与美国竞争激烈的总统初选完全不同。Unlike his American counterparts, Dmitri Medvedev - the candidate of the ruling ed Russia Party - did not need to submit his ideas, style and political record to the scrutiny of open competition, in which various party constituencies select their nominee based on discrete interests, be they regional, social, industrial, or financial. 与美国总统候选人不同的是,代表执政的统一俄罗斯党的梅德韦杰夫不需要暴露思想、方式和从政记录,来接受公开竞争的检验。在公开竞争中,不同政党的选民根据地区、社会、工业或者财政等不同利益来挑选候选人。Instead, Medvedev was nominated in private, though the exact procedure is unknown. Word of his candidacy came in December after the leaders of several parties, not just ed Russia, presented his name to current president Vladimir Putin. But it is widely believed Mr. Putin selected Medvedev himself. 尽管无法了解确切的程序,梅德韦杰夫却是私下任命。统一俄罗斯党等几个政党的领袖去年12月向现任总统普京提名梅德韦杰夫之后,梅德韦杰夫就成为候选人了。但是人们普遍相信,是普京本人挑选了梅德韦杰夫。The 42-year-old candidate also did not have to agree to a single debate against his opponents. President Putin says there is no need. 今年42岁的梅德韦杰夫也不用答应与任何一个对手进行辩论。总统普京说没有这个必要。The Kremlin leader asks why should Medvedev participate in debates and discuss problems that will be clearly formulated in a populist key. He continues, "Did we not have the opportunity to tell citizens what we have done and what we will do? In essence everything has been said." 普京问道,梅德韦杰夫为什么应该参加辩论、去讨论将会被清楚确定的问题?他说:“我们有机会告诉公民我们已经做了什么和我们将会做什么吗?其实所有事情都已经说过了。”Mr. Putin says the opposition candidates - political unknown Andrei Bogdanov, Communist leader Gennady Zyuganov, and populist firebrand Vladimir Zhirinovsky - have been granted every opportunity to publicize their programs.  普京说,政界不知名人士格丹诺夫、共产党领袖久加诺夫和煽动民粹争议的日里诺夫斯基这些反对党候选人有充分的机会来宣扬他们的竞选计划。But none has challenged the front-runner's platform and opposition campaign advertising is barely visible. Televised political promotions are not frequent, and the candidates have little outdoor advertising.  但是没有任何人来挑战梅德韦杰夫的竞选纲领,而且很少能看见反对派的竞选广告。电视经常播放政治宣传,候选人的室外广告很少。The most prominent election publicity amid a sea of commercial ads is a generic series of small billboards with a reminder that March 2 is Election Day. Another series billboards in Moscow shows prominent Russians - Mayor Yuri Luzhkov, well-known actor Leonid Yakubovych, or Viktor Sadovnychy, an honorary citizen of the capital, announcing merely that they will vote. 在商业广告的海洋中,最令人瞩目的竞选宣传是一系列的小型标语牌,提醒人们留意3月2号是选举日。莫斯科另外一个系列标语牌是显示莫斯科市长卢日科夫、知名演员雅库波维奇或者显示莫斯科一位荣誉市民,标语牌上仅仅说,这些人都会投票。The advertising seems aimed at increasing voter turnout. Although denied by the Kremlin, political analysts say large institutions such as factories, hospitals and universities are being pressured to secure a 65 percent turnout to promote the legitimacy of the election.  宣传广告的目的似乎是为了增加投票率。克里姆林宫虽然否认,但政治分析人士说,工厂、医院和大学等大型机构正在被迫确保65%的投票率来提升选举的合法性。Public opinion polls indicate Dmitri Medvedev will win handily in the first round. Muscovite Andrei Borodin intends to vote for him. 公共民意测验显示梅德韦杰夫将在第一轮投票中轻松获胜。The Russian voter says everybody fundamentally understands that Medvedev is Putin's successor, adding that he is very pleased with Putin's policies and considers them to be those of order. Borodin says most Russian citizens feel the same. 莫斯科市民包罗丁说,他有意投票给梅德韦杰夫。包罗丁说:“每个人根本都了解,梅德韦杰夫是普京的继承人。” 他补充说,对普京的政策感到很满意,认为这些政策是有序的。包罗丁说,大部分俄罗斯公民都有共同的感受。Russia's March second vote comes eight months before the U.S. election. By January, both countries will have new leaders, who will have arrived in office after completely different campaigns. But outgoing Russian president Vladimir Putin says it will be in the interests of both countries for their new leaders to cooperate. 俄罗斯总统普京说,两国新的领导人进行合作,符合两国的利益。200802/27978。

7 拒绝还盘3句英文任你选I appreciate your counter-offer but find it too low.谢谢您的还价,可我觉得太低了。My offer was based on reasonable profit, not on wild speculations.我的报价以合理利润为依据,不是漫天要价。This is our rock-bottom price , and we cant make any further reduction.这是我方的最低价格,我们不能再让了。半个句型要记牢be based on -(以……为基础,基于)Tip:固定词组,主要根据语义运用,没有特殊用法。如 This song is based on an old folk tune. (这首歌曲是以一首民间小调为基础的。)还盘还一些术语 withhold an offer (停盘), withdraw an offer (撤盘), extend an offer (延长报盘)。 /201604/434085。

William Boynton is professor of planetary sciences at the University of Arizona. And he's dedicated his life to looking for water on Mars. The link between life and water is very strong. Even here in the desert, there's life all around us. Now when looking for life on Mars, we use our basis of knowledge on Earth. And on Earth we know life requires water. So on Mars, we're gonna be looking for the places where we can find water. Just like the desert, Mars may look dry but there are signs of water there. It's been known for almost a century that there are icecaps at the Martian poles. When we look up at Mars, we see a dry, dusty planet. It doesn't look like a place for life. But there's tiny amounts of water in the atmosphere. And we know there are ice concentrations in the poles. So we're actually very optimistic that because there is at least, a speck of water on Mars, there might be a speck of life. However, while the poles contain water ice, temperatures there can reach a staggering minus 150 degrees centigrade which meant these were not good places to search for life. The conditions there are way too extreme. It's really just too cold. We really need liquid water for life. What we want to find on Mars is some place where we can find water in the more temperate regions. What we ultimately need to find is liquid water. But the first indications were that if life needed liquid water, then Mars was out of luck. Conditions all over the planet seemed too cold, there appeared to be no prospect of water anywhere. These photographs changed everything. Taken by the Viking Space Probe in 1976, they showed what looked like dried-up river valleys. You can see one here. You can see there's a, a valley through here, you can see it branches, the tributaries. Here's one branch going off here with tributaries. So this looks very much like, er, a terrestrial river system. If these were dried-up riverbeds, it meant that Mars must once have had the perfect conditions for life.ice concentration: the ratio expressed in tenths describing the area of the water surface covered by ice as a fraction of the whole area200809/48181。

African Athletes Win 40 Olympic Medals非洲运动员在北京奥运获傲人成绩  African runners swept the Men's Marathon race Sunday on the last day of the 29th Olympic Games in China. In all, athletes from more than a dozen African countries won medals in events ranging from running and football to swimming and kayaking. 非洲运动员星期天在北京奥运最后一天夺取了男子马拉松比赛的胜利。纵观奥运赛事,来自非洲十几个国家的运动员在赛跑、足球、游泳以及皮滑艇等项目上都取得了奖牌。Kenya's Samuel Wansiru and Morocco's Jaouad Gharib Sunday broke the 24-year-old Olympic record in the Men's Marathon race while Ethiopia's Tsegay Kebede came in third. 星期天,肯尼亚选手塞缪尔.卡马乌和洛哥选手贾瓦德.加里卜双双打破奥运男子24年不变的马拉松记录,分别夺得这个项目的金牌和银牌, 埃塞俄比亚选手泽盖伊.凯贝德获得铜牌。Kenya was one of the most successful African teams, winning five gold medals and 14 medals in all. Kenya excelled in long distance running events but also took gold and silver in the women's 800 meters. 肯尼亚选手是最成功的非洲团队,赢得了5枚金牌,奖牌总数达到14枚。肯尼亚不仅在长跑项目中表现优异,也在800米赛女子项目中夺得金牌和银牌。The head of the Kenyan Committee in Beijing, David Okeyo, noted that the team performed much better than at the previous Olympics in Athens, Greece and said this was due to its training program for young athletes. 在北京的肯尼亚委员会领队戴维.奥基欧表示,肯尼亚队员的表现比前一次雅典奥运会好很多,他说,这归功于他们对年轻运动员的训练项目。"Our youth program has really increased and it's really helping. It's a very good buildup toward these kinds of Games and the Championships," said Okeyo. “我们的青年项目真的加强了力量,效果显著。这对参与有关运动项目和夺取金牌来说,有很好的推动作用。”Kenya is to host the Africa Championship games in two years in Nairobi. Okeyo says in anticipation, Kenya is working hard on the sprints and field events.  肯尼亚将于两年后在内罗毕主办非洲冠军赛,奥基欧说,预计肯尼亚在短跑和田赛项目上会付出巨大努力。Ethiopia also did well in the long distance races. It won four gold medals, in the men's and the women's 5,000- and 10,000-meters, and bronze in the men's marathon on Sunday. 埃塞俄比亚在长跑项目上也表现出色,在男子和女子5千和1万米赛中赢得了4枚金牌。星期天又获得了男子马拉松铜牌。Nigeria won the silver medal in men's football, or soccer, losing to Argentina one-nil, in a tough match Saturday in Beijing. 尼日利亚在男子足球赛中赢得了银牌,以零比一的比分输给了阿根廷,那是星期六在北京的一场艰苦的比赛。Nigeria team spokesman Tony Nezianya said Nigeria also expected to do better in athletics, especially the relay events. 尼日利亚奥运代表队的发言人托尼.内兹安亚说,尼日利亚也曾期待在竞技项目上取得好成绩,特别是接力项目。"We had expected that we would have performed much, much better than we have done but on the whole we are not totally disappointed," said Nezianya. “我们也曾预期能够获得比目前所得到的成绩好得多的结果,不过总的来说,我们并不完全失望。”He noted that the football team was undefeated until the final game. And he expressed pleasure over Nigeria's bronze medals in the women's long jump and four-by-100-meter relay. 他说,尼日利亚足球队常胜不败,直到最后一战。他对尼日利亚女子跳远和4X100米接力获得银牌的表现感到高兴。Zimbabwe took one gold and three bronze medals in women's swimming, all by Kirsty Coventry in the 100- and 200-meter events. Team leader Thabani Gonye called it a major accomplishment given the small size of the Zimbabwean team. 津巴布韦在女子100米和200米游泳比赛中夺得1枚金牌和3枚铜牌。领队塔巴尼.甘叶说,对该国这么小型的于运动队来说,可以说是显赫的成功了。"We only brought a team of 13 athletes, for swimming, track and field, cycling, rowing and tennis," said Gonye. "So when we look in terms of people that we have brought we feel as a nation we put up a fairly commendable performance." “我们的参赛运动员只有13人,包括游泳、田径、自行车、滑艇以及乒乓球等几个项目。所以从我们 参赛运动员人数上来看,我们感到我们国家的表现还是值得钦佩的。”He added that two younger members placed fourth in the men's long jump and 200-meter race and said he expected further improvements as the younger athletes mature. 他补充说, 跳远和200米跑中两名比较年轻的运动员获得了第4名的成绩。他期待这些年轻人成熟发展以后会有更明显的提高。Other gold medal winners included Cameroon, in the women's triple jump, and Tunisia, in the men's 1500-meter swimming (freestyle) race. 其他金牌获得者包括喀麦隆的女子三级跳和突尼斯男子1500米自由泳。Besides Morocco's second-place finish in the men's marathon, South Africa won a silver medal in the men's long jump. Sudan took silver in the men's 800-meter race. And Algeria took silver in men's Judo. 银牌除了洛哥的男子马拉松,还有南非的男子跳远,苏丹的男子800米跑以及阿尔及利亚的男子柔道项目。Bronze medal-winners included Algeria in women's Judo, Egypt in men's Judo, Morocco in the women's 800-meter race, Mauritius in boxing and Togo in kayaking. 铜牌获得者包括阿尔及利亚女子柔道,埃及男子柔道,洛哥女子800米跑,毛里球斯的拳击和多哥的皮划艇。Kenya's Okeyo, like most of the participants, praised China for its organization of the Games."It's one of the best organized Olympic Games that I have attended in terms of accommodation, in terms of transportation and in terms of hospitality in general. I think they have done a good job. Facilities were first class," added Okeyo.They said Britain's organizing committee will be hard-pressed to equal the Chinese feat at the next Olympic Games in London in four years.200808/46660。