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图木舒克市自体脂肪填充多少钱阿克苏市鼻头缩小多少钱乌鲁木齐隆鼻哪里最好 喀什市激光去痘坑多少钱

乌市高新技术产业开发区激光脱毛多少钱乌鲁木齐祛斑哪里最好 You Should Absolutely Never Go to Disneyland千万别去迪士尼!Disneyland is not at all what you think, trust us. Here are reasons you really shouldn#39;t go. You#39;ve been warned.相信我们,迪士尼乐园根本就不是你想的那样。下面是千万别去迪士尼的理由,我们可是警告过你了哦。The mint juleps taste way too good. You#39;ll be depressed by the taste of all other juleps.薄荷朱利酒真的太好喝了。所以其它朱利酒都会让你感到失望。Your neck will hurt from constantly looking up at all the grand attractions. Geez, can there not be so many architectural wonders?不断地抬头看著名建筑,会脖子疼。老天,能不能少来点建筑美景?There are balloons everywhere. What#39;s with all the pretty balloons? Like, WTF.到处都是气球。要这些好看的气球有什么用呢?搞什么?The park is always springing surprises on you. Sometimes you might not feel like being surprised with confetti and joy.乐园里都是惊喜。但有时候全都是纸和欢乐声,你反而觉得没那么惊喜了。The characters are TOO nice. Why are they being so polite and obliging?卡通人物太好了!为什么他们总是如此彬彬有礼、乐于助人呢?There are too many photo opportunities. Your phone will run out of storage within, like, five minutes. Great.你想拍的照片太多了。比如,五分钟后,你的手机就没有内存了,太棒了!Everyone who enters is happy ALL THE TIME. Why?! Why is there so much positivity and happiness?迪士尼里面每个人都很开心,一直笑容满面。为什么?为什么这么正能量,充满欢乐呢?The mouse ear choices are so cute it might make you sick. Like, how the freak are you supposed to choose just one? Not possible.有各种各样的老鼠耳朵,可爱到会让你感到不舒。比如说,如果你只选了一只耳朵,别人都会以为你是变态的。太不可能了!The It#39;s a Small World ride will make you feel like a giant. The world will feel, like, so big.迪士尼的小小世界项目会让你感觉自己是个巨人。你会感觉这个世界十分巨大。The weather almost never changes - it#39;s basically nice all the time. Can we get some storms every once in a while?天气基本都是一样的--基本上一直是晴天。能不能偶尔来点暴风雨呢?There are so many rides to go on. Sometimes all the options can really stress a person out.有太多的项目了。有时候游玩项目太多会让人倍感压力的。There#39;s a statue of Walt Disney that will make you cry. Curse you, Disney, why make us cry?!华特·迪士尼的雕像会让你潸然泪下。迪士尼,我诅咒你,你为什么要让我这么感动?!Apparently the place is . . . Yikes.很显然,这个地方太……太棒了!You have to go to a whole other place called California Adventure too. So much work.玩过迪士尼之后,你还要去玩另一个叫做加州冒险的游乐场。太累了。You always feel obligated to go on the roller coasters. Because people say they#39;re incredibly fun and stuff so you have to be polite, of course.你总觉得自己有义务玩过山车。因为其他人说过山车很好玩,作为礼貌的回应,你必须玩一把。The Dole Whips are chronically addicting. It#39;s a problem; there should probably be Dole Whips Anonymous meetings.多尔冰淇淋会让人上瘾的。这是个问题;应该有多尔冰淇淋匿名互戒协会。There are too many frozen treats to choose from. Choices, gah, too many choices.有太多冷冻食品可以选择了。额,选择,太多选择了。The rides will cause uncontrollable screams of bliss and an intense adrenaline rush. Can you handle losing control? Not everyone can.游乐项目会让你幸福地失控尖叫,而且肾上腺素也会激增。你能控制自己不失态吗?可不是每个人都能哦。译文属 /201701/488578乌鲁木齐整形医院切眼袋多少钱

阿拉尔市吸脂丰胸多少钱 The ;honeymoon stage; of a relationship is great, but once that comes to an end, we begin to notice things about our partner that we may have overlooked in the beginning. You or your loved one may be doing things subconsciously that are sabotaging your relationship. Annoying habits like leaving dirty clothes on the floor or leaving dirty dishes in the sink are one thing; but name-calling or hiding the phone is another.甜蜜的恋情阶段十分美好,但一旦这一阶段到了尽头,我们会开始注意另一半身上不好的细节,而我们在刚谈恋爱时可能忽略了这些细节。你或你的挚爱可能在潜意识地做一些破坏你们感情的事情。将脏衣扔在地板上或将脏盘子扔在洗碗池中就是让人恼火的习惯,但直呼名字或是藏手机就是另一个性质了。Silent treatment冷战Avoiding and running away from conflict is not going to resolve anything. ;Successful couples learn to fight well and find solutions quickly,; sex therapist and relationship counsellor Giverny Lewis, says. ;They don#39;t avoid fighting altogether and shut each other out.逃避、避免冲突并不会解决任何事情。;成功的CP知道如何争吵以及如何快速地找到解决方法,;性治疗师和情感咨询师吉维尼·刘易斯说道。;他们会正视争吵,不会让对方闭嘴。;Checking their phone检查对方的手机;In the world of online relationships, more and more people are obsessively checking their partners#39; history, messages, and social media posts,; Lewis says. ;Unfortunately this is a double-edged sword.; If you find something that looks suspicious, it#39;s almost impossible to raise it with your partner - this means you need to reveal your snooping. ;You also usually don#39;t have all the context, so it#39;s easy to misinterpret what you#39;re seeing. And if you find nothing, often you assume they#39;re just being extra secretive, and the cycle continues,; she says. ;If you#39;re having difficulty trusting your partner it#39;s best to talk to them and work out strategies together to address this concern.;;在网络恋情的世界中,越来越多的人痴迷于检查另一半的历史聊天记录、短信和社交状态,;刘易斯说道。;不幸的是,这种行为有利有弊。;如果你发现了一些猫腻,你几乎不会直接问你的对象--因为这意味着你要向他坦白你偷看他的手机了。;通常你看到的东西没有上下文,因此很容易产生误解。如果你什么都没发现,你就会假设他们十分谨慎,以此类推,循环往复,;她说道。;如果你很难相信自己的对象,那最好的方法就是和他们聊聊,并一起找出解决方法。;Making assumptions做假设;Routines are fantastic and they help us feel secure in relationships, but familiarity can really kill the romance and excitement,; Lewis says. ;Getting stuck in the same old day-in, day-out habits can make the relationship feel stale and unrewarding.; Relax a bit - have a mid-week date night, go on a weekend adventure or take on a new hobby together. You#39;ll discover new things about your partner and reinvigorate the fire, she adds.;一尘不变很美好,也能让我们在恋情中有安全感,但过于熟悉会扼杀浪漫和兴奋,;刘易斯说道。;每日每夜,习惯一尘不变,这样你们的关系就会没有新鲜感,而且也没有收获。;放松放松--周三的晚上出去约个会,周末去冒险或是一起培养新爱好。她补充道,你会发现对象身上有一些新的闪光点,让你重新对他充满热情。Spending all your time together总是腻在一起;It may seem counter-intuitive, but spending too much time together can actually drive you apart,; Lewis says. ;Doing things separately helps to reinstate your individual identity and lets you grow alongside your partner.; Go out and spend time with friends, find a solo after-work activity, or spend some time indulging on your own. ;You#39;ll have plenty to talk about and bring a fresh attitude back to your time with your partner,; she adds.;这看起来与大家的正常预期相反,但总是腻在一起实则会使你们分开,;刘易斯说道。;单独做事情有利于恢复你的个体身份,让你和对象一起成长。;出门和朋友聚聚吧,找一个下班后单独放松的活动,或是花些时间自己沉思。;这样当你与另一半在一起时你们就会有很多话要说,而且态度也会焕然一新。;她补充道。译文属 /201703/500527阿克苏去雀斑多少钱乌鲁木齐达坂城区哪家绣眉好



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