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盱眙县妇幼保健院药流多少钱涟水县引产哪家医院最好的7岁古稀老人奇迹生宝宝 -- 19:35: 来源: 印度一名70岁老妇人采用人工受方式,如愿首度产下一子,她表示自己还未老到不能当妈妈,如今人生终于完整The 70-year-old Indian woman who have birth to her first child with her 79-year-old husband has returned home with her newborn son.印度一名70岁的老妇人和她76岁的丈夫迎来了他们的头生子,并带着他们的新生儿已经从医院回家Daljinder Kaur and husband Mohinder Singh Gill have been married 6 years, but were never able to conceive naturally, believing that they had been rsquo;cursed by Godrsquo;.Daljinder Kaur和她丈夫Mohinder Singh Gill已经结婚6年,但一直没有孩子,他们认为,这是因为他们被诅咒了Last month, thanks to IVF treatment, Mrs Kaur gave birth to their son Armaan, making her the worldrsquo;s oldest first-time mother上个月,多亏了试管婴儿治疗技术,他们的儿子Armaan诞生了,这也使她成为世界上年龄最大的,生第一个孩子的妈妈oday, Mrs Kaur and Mr Singh Gill returned to their home in Amritsar with Armaan, showing off their bundle of joy, saying that their life is now rsquo;completersquo;.今天,这对来自印度阿姆利则的夫妇将会带着孩子回家,炫耀他们来之不易的、快乐的包袱,并表示,他们的生命终于完整了Hitting out at critics, Mrs Kaur said she was not too old to become a first-time mother with husband, Mohinder Singh Gill, adding they were not worried about the future as rsquo;God will take care of everythingrsquo;.对于批评言论,这位老妇人回应称,为人父母,她和他的丈夫都不算老他的丈夫也表示,他们不担心将来,因为上帝将会安排好一切Mrs Kaur underwent two years of IVF treatment at a fertility clinic in the northern state of Haryana, India bee falling pregnant.The baby was conceived using the couplersquo;s own egg and sperm, the news agency AFP reports.怀之前,Mrs Kaur在哈里亚纳邦的一家诊所接受了为期两年的试管婴儿治疗根据法新社的报道,这名婴儿的育使用了这对夫妇的卵子和精子He is now rsquo;healthy and heartyrsquo; after weighing just .lb when he was born on April 19, said a statement released by the clinic, the National Fertility and Test Tube centre.根据国家生育及试管检测中心发布的声明称,婴儿月19日出生时只有.磅,但他现在非常健康Mrs Kaur said the couple, who have been married 6 years, had almost lost hope of ever having a child.She claims they had even faced ridicule in a country where infertility is sometimes seen as a curse from God.Mrs Kaur说,她和她丈夫已经结婚6年,早就放弃了能有孩子的希望她说,他们还受到嘲笑,因为在这里,不不育被认为是受到了上帝的诅咒She said: rsquo;God heard our prayers. My life feels complete now. I am looking after the baby all by myself, I feel so full of energy.rsquo;My husband is also very caring and helps me as much as he can.她说,上帝听到了我们的祈祷,我们的人生现在完满了我现在亲自照顾孩子,我感觉精力充沛我丈夫也在尽其所能地照顾和帮助我rsquo;When we saw the (IVF) advert, we thought we should also give it a try as I badly wanted to have a baby of my own,rsquo; she said.她称,当我们第一次看到试管婴儿治疗的广告时,我们想可以试一下,因为我非常想要一个自己的孩子Doctors said Mrs Kaur had been infertile until now because her fallopian tubes were blocked, which had not been detected until she visited the clinic in .医生说她不不育是因为她的输卵管被堵塞了,这个病症是直到他年去诊所才查出来After two failed cycles of IVF, she finally conceived in July last year.经历了两轮失败的试管婴儿治疗,她最终在去年七月怀Her husband, who owns a farm outside Amritsar, said he was unfazed about their age, saying God would watch over their child.rsquo;People say what will happen to the child once we die. rsquo;But I have full faith in God. God is omnipotent and omnipresent, he will take care of everything,rsquo; he told AFP.她的丈夫在阿姆利则郊外有一农场,他称,对于他们的年龄,他一点儿不苦恼,上帝会照顾他们的孩子他告诉法新社记者,人们经常会说,如果我们去世后,孩子可怎么办但是我们相信上帝,他是万能的Dr Anurag Bishnoi, who runs the fertility clinic, said he was initially sceptical about going ahead with in vitro fertilisation (IVF), but tests showed Mrs Kaur was able to carry the unborn baby.Anurag Bishnoi医生是治疗这对夫妇诊所的所有者,他表示,最开始对于这对夫妇进行试管婴儿治疗持怀疑态度,但检测显示Mrs Kaur能够怀孩子rsquo;I first tried to avoid the case because she looked very frail. Then we made her undergo all the tests and once all the results were okay we went ahead,rsquo; the doctor told AFP.医生告诉法新社称,最开始的时候,我不想接这个病人,因为她看起来好脆弱但当我们做了所有检查之后,发现她情况还可以,我们决定继续This is the second case at the centre where a woman in her seventies has delivered successfully following IVF.In , 70-year-old Rajo Devi gave birth to a baby girl from the same centre, making her the worldrsquo;s oldest mother at the time.这也是第二例妇女在70岁时,通过试管婴儿治疗,成功怀在年,70岁的Rajo Devi在同一家生育中心成功产下一名女孩儿,这也使她成为世界上年龄最大的母亲淮安中山妇科医院怀孕检测怎么样好不好 豆腐为印尼提供清洁能源 --31 :1: 来源:chinadaily people living in some remote villages in Indonesia, heating houses and fuelling stoves can be a real challenge. The resources required, like gas and wood, have to get shipped in and distributed to individual households, and not only does this process take a whole lot of time - some families wait weeks new gas to arrive - it also produces a tonne of emissions that contribute to global warming.在印度尼西亚的一些偏远小村庄中,房屋取暖和锅炉燃料是个大问题像天然气、木头之类的资源需要从外面运输进来,然后再分配到每个家庭这个过程很漫长,许多家庭要等好几周,而且这些燃料会产生大量的二氧化碳,加剧全球变暖The good news is that this antiquated system is now on its way out, thanks to an unlikely source: tofu.好消息是,这种陈旧的方式将被取代,这多亏了一种不同寻常的来源:豆腐You're probably familiar with tofu as a delicious, fluffy treat that's made from bean curd, but in Indonesia, tofu isn't just a snack - it's a livelihood, with hundreds of small, family-run shops producing tofu in massive quantities every day.大家都知道豆腐软乎乎的很美味但是在印尼,豆腐不只是一种食物,更是一种营生,成千上万的家庭式小作坊每天要生产大量的豆腐Now, thanks to a government-run program, the waste water from all that tofu production is getting transmed into biogas that can be pumped directly to houses.如今,当地政府主导了一项工程:将所有做豆腐剩下的水用来生产沼气,然后供应给各家各户But how does it work?但是这个系统是如何运转的呢?First, let's talk about tofu. Tofu has been made the same way generations, and it's a rather simple, yet time-consuming process.首先是生产豆腐多少年来,豆腐都是相同的做法,过程简单但是耗时Basically, producers start by soaking and grinding soybeans to separate the soy milk from the soy pulp. This step takes the longest because the beans have to soak hours bee they are y separation.简单来说,就是要浸泡然后研磨大豆,把豆浆和豆渣分离这个步骤耗时最长,因为需要将大豆浸泡数小时,才能实现分离After the separated parts go through a filtration system, the protein and oil are separated from the soy milk. A chemical coagulant is added to firm everything up. Once med, you have tofu y cutting. So, in essence, tofu is coagulated soy milk that you can pick up and eat.分离出来的豆浆经过过滤,蛋白质和油脂就从豆浆中分离出来,然后在豆浆中加入混凝剂就形成豆腐了当豆腐成形时,就可以切成块了本质上,豆腐就是一种让你可以用手拿起来吃的固态的豆浆Though simple in practice, an enormous amount of water is required to make tofu - roughly 33 litres every kilogram of spongy bean curd.尽管操作过程简单,但是制作过程中需要大量的水,大概每公斤豆腐需要使用33升水Researchers found that this waste water could be turned into biogas if a certain type of bacteria is added to it.研究人员发现,如果在这些废水中加入某种细菌就可以将废水转化为沼气Every day, the waste water is collected from various shops and treated with bacteria. Once transmed, the gas is pumped directly to local homes.每天从各个作坊收集的废水被集中到一起,然后在里面加入细菌,随后就能产生沼气,即时供应给当地住户Besides creating a green energy source locals, using all that waste water has significantly helped the local environment. Thousands of litres of waste water drained from raw tofu was once pumped daily from factories around the village into nearby rivers, befouling waterways and contaminating rice fields downstream.这个方法不仅为当地提供了绿色能源,而且合理地处理废水对当地环境也是很好的保护在此之前,每天制造生豆腐产生的成千上万升废水从村中各处的作坊排放到附近的河流中,污染了河流和下游的稻田Without all that wastewater lying around, farmers have seen an increased rice yield and the foul smell that comes with tofu production has left the area.没有了废水的污染,水稻产量上升了,难闻的气味也没有了The hope Kalisari is to become the first full-blown green village in Indonesia. If they're successful, there's no reason why similar programs couldn’t sweep across the region, dramatically changing the way people get the energy they need to live out their lives.Kalisari有望成为第一个完全使用绿色能源的村庄如果真能做到这一点,那么这个项目就能顺理成章地推广到其他地区,极大地改变当地的能源使用方式Vocabularybiogas: 沼气coagulant: 凝结剂英文来源:sciencealert中文来源:煎蛋网审校#38;编辑:丹妮英国将迎来第二位女首相 -- :50:5 来源: 在第二轮保守党议员投票结束后,只剩下两名女性候选人,这意味着英国将于今年9月迎来历史上第二位女首相 Theresa May and Andrea Leadsom will battle it out to become the next leader of the Conservative Party after Michael Gove was eliminated from the contest.Michael Gove已被淘汰,Theresa May和Andrea Leadsom将争夺下一届保守党领导人的位置After the second MPs’ ballot, Home Secretary Mrs May finished with 199 votes, Energy Minister Mrs Leadsom 8 and Mr Gove, the justice secretary, 6.在第二轮议员投票,内政大臣May女士获得199票,能源部长Leadsom女士获得8票,而司法部长Gove先生获得6票Conservative members will now decide the winning candidate, with the result due on 9 September.保守党成员将推选最终的候选人,结果将于9月9号公布The winner will become the UK’s second female prime minister.决胜者将成为英国第二位女首相Mr Cameron resigned after finishing on the losing side in the UK’s EU referendum, in which there was a vote the UK to leave.英国脱欧公投结果是英国要离开欧盟,卡梅隆的立场位于失败方因而辞职The results were announced at Westminster by Conservative MP Graham Brady, the chairman of the backbench 19 Committee.该结果在威斯敏斯特由保守党议员Graham Brady公布,他是后座议员委员会19的主席There had originally been five contenders to succeed Mr Cameron, with MPs voting in two rounds to get that number down to two.此前有5名候选人想要接替卡梅隆,经过议员们两轮的投票,人数缩减为个The contest now moves to its final stage with the Conservative Party’s 0,000-strong membership deciding between Mrs May, a Remain campaigner with a long track record in government, and Mrs Leadsom, a leading light of the Brexit campaign who has stressed her City and business background.竞争进入最后阶段,保守党万强大的成员将从May女士(长期在政府务的活跃竞争人)和Leadsom女士(英国脱欧的引路灯,她强调的是个人城市和商业背景)之间做出选择Speaking after the results were announced, Mrs May said she had secured support from all wings of the Conservative Party and pledged to bring the Tories together.在结果宣布之后,May女士发表讲话说他在保守党内部得到广泛持,并承诺将保守党成员聚合起来She promised "strong, proven leadership" to negotiate the UK’s departure from the EU, and to "make Britain a country that works not a privileged few but every one of us".她承诺将以“强大、成熟的领导力”谈判英国脱欧问题,并“使英国成为务每个人而不是少数有特权的人的国家”Conservative MP Tim Loughton, Mrs Leadsom’s campaign manager, said she would bring a "huge and fresh skills base" to Downing Street if elected.Leadsom女士竞选团队的负责人——保守党议员Tim Loughton说如果Leadsom女士当选,她将为唐宁街带来“巨大、新鲜的技能背景”He played down her lack of cabinet experience, saying she would have "no problem stepping up to the job" having had a long career outside politics, adding: "She has done things outside of this place on so many different levels."他淡化了Leadsom女士缺乏内阁经验这一点,说她在政界之外多年的职业背景将使她“胜任这个工作”,还说:“她在其它地方做过很多层次的工作”Mr Gove said he was "naturally disappointed" not to have made it to the final two, describing the remaining contenders as "midable politicians".Gove先生说没有进入最后一轮“自然失望”,但其他两位都是“强大的政治家”He welcomed the fact that the UK would be getting a second female prime minister - after Margaret Thatcher - and called a "civilised, inclusive, positive and optimistic debate".他接受了英国将迎来撒切尔·玛格丽特之后第二位女首相的事实,并呼吁“文明、包容、积极、乐观的辩论”Mr Gove did not announce backing either candidate, but several of his key backers, including Education Secretary Nicky Morgan and Culture Minister Ed Vaizey, switched their support to Mrs May.Gove先生没有公布持哪一位候选人,但他的几位关键持人,包括教育部长Nicky Morgan和文化部长Ed Vaizey都将持转向了May女士Anyone wanting to vote has to have been a member of the Conservative Party by 9 June.任何想要投票的人都要在9月9号之前成为保守党的一员Polling expert Professor John Curtice, of Strathclyde University, said the electorate the contest represented a "very distinctive slice of Britain".斯特拉斯克莱德大学教授John Curtice,一位民意调查专家,说这次竞选的选民代表“英国很特殊的一面”They would be mostly over 50, disproportionately male, and "overwhelmingly middle class", he said.他说大部分的选民年龄超过50,男性居多,而且“中产阶级占绝大多数”He predicted the Brexit debate would "play a role" in the contest, but not a defining one. About two thirds of Tory members voted to leave, but a higher proportion saw a candidate’s leadership credentials and vision Britain as the most important factor, he added.他预计英国脱欧将在竞选中“扮演重要角色”,但不是决定性的三分之二的保守党议员都投给脱欧,但大多数人都更看重候选人的领导资历和对英国未来的视野,他补充道Mrs Leadsom’s departmental boss, Energy Secretary Amber Rudd, is backing Mrs May and took aim at her junior ministerial colleague’s lack of government experience.Leadsom女士的部门领导,能源部长Amber Rudd持的是May女士,并指出她这位助理部长同事缺乏政府经验She said: "The fact that she hasn’t had experience at the Cabinet table, hasn’t had much experience even as a junior minister - let’s face it she’s had just two years - I do think is a problem at this stage."她说“事实上她在内阁没有经验,甚至作为助理部长也没有多少经验——让我们承认她只有年经验——这在目前来看是个问题”But one of Mrs Leadsom’s high-profile backers, mer worker and pensions secretary Iain Duncan Smith, said she would "develop" over the coming weeks and get "better and better and better".但Leadsom女士高知名度的持人之一,曾是一位工人的养老金大臣Iain Duncan Smith说她将在接下来的几周“不断成熟”,并变得“越来越好,越来越好”Mrs Leadsom is also supported by mer London mayor and one-time leadership favourite Boris Johnson, who said she would replace the "absurd gloom in some quarters with a positive confident and optimistic approach".Leadsom女士的持人还有前伦敦市长,一度受人喜爱的Boris Johnson说她将以“积极自信和乐观的方式”在某种程度上代替“荒谬的阴郁”淮安清河区治疗子宫肌瘤哪家医院最好的

淮安中山医院坐无痛人流好吗[社会]世界那么乱,带你去寻找一些小美好(双语) --30 18:9: 来源:sohu 话说,这段时间,世界真的不太平啊!恐怖袭击、军事政变、警察遇袭……新闻人忙晕头,读者们看到厌烦所以,今天,让小编带大家一起去寻找那些生活中的小美好吧—— 前几天,在美国芝加哥一辆深夜公交车上,正当乘客们低头刷手机的时候,一名格子衫大叔突然开始唱歌!车上一名女乘客心想:“这种场面没见过啊 ”,于是果断掏出手机开录! 可万万没想到,旁边一位小哥突然也一起唱起来了!这歌声一扫车上的沉闷! The lady hit record on her phone, and to her surprise captured an impressive sing-off between the man and another passenger who had said he was in town a singing event. 这段视频一po上网,立刻就火了! Since then, the s have amassed(累积) a combined total of more than 65,000 views. 网友们是这样说的: Texan: Bravo! It is good to see and hear ;good news;! Enough too much shooting, violence, crime, terrorism in the news! We need something to lift us up! Scott: Yes! More singing and hugging, less shooting and hate. 虽然最近新闻里有太多的血腥、暴力和冲突,但是生活中总还有些小美好 比如这个打999救怀妈妈的英国三岁小女孩来听听她可爱的声音吧! 遇事冷静,声音甜美,勇敢地帮助了妈妈和未出生的小宝宝,这样的小女孩简直就是天使啊,有木有! 还有许多美好的瞬间,总能让我们微微一笑,鼓起勇气去面对更多的未知 因为见到偶像而笑开了花的小朋友! 为帮同学撑伞而提前出门的小男孩! 想帮电视里的人物擦眼泪的小姑娘…… 还有啊,小编今天独自上班,没人和我商量选题;突然发现,原来只要另一个小编也坐在这里,就是一件超级暖心的事情啊! So do you know any heartwarming stories? 你有什么暖心的小故事,记得分享给我们哦!淮安做流产那家医院好 有曲线女人更长寿 宽臀降低心血管发病风险 -- 00:9: 来源: Curvy women are more likely to live longer than their slimmer counterparts, researchers have found.调查者发现,有曲线的女人比更纤瘦的女人更长寿Institute of Preventative Medicine in Copenhagen researchers found those with wider hips also appeared to be protected against heart conditions.Women with a hip measurement smaller than 0 inches, or a size would not have this protection, they said.The researchers say hip fat contains a beneficial natural anti-inflammatory.哥本哈根预防医学研究所的调查者发现宽臀有助于预防心脏疾病根据他们的调查,臀围小于0英寸,或穿码以下的女人没有这层保护因为臀部脂肪含有天然的有益抗炎成分They said this anti-inflammatory, called adiponectin, prevents arteries swelling up and becoming blocked.他们说,这种抗炎成分叫做脂联素,它会防止动脉膨胀造成的血管堵塞Women ranging from Marilyn Monroe and Sophia Loren to Kelly Brook and Catherine Zeta Jones today have been made famous by their hourglass figures.从玛丽莲·梦露,到索菲娅·罗兰,再到凯莉·布鲁克和凯瑟琳·泽塔·琼斯,她们都以沙漏形的身材著名The Danish researchers examined almost 3,000 men and women aged between 35 and 65 . They measured height, weight and body mass index - calculated by dividing weight in kilograms by the square of your height in metres.丹麦的研究者调查了3000名35~65岁的男女他们测量了身高、体重以及体重指数(体重公斤数除以身高米数平方)They then looked at Danish health registers up until the end of 1998 to look at how many of the men and women had cardiovascular problems, and up to 01 to see how many had died.Compared to the group of women with the smallest hip circumferences, women with the biggest were found to have an 87% reduction in deaths.接下来他们调查了至1998年底丹麦的健康情况,以查明有多少人患有心血管疾病,以及到01年有多少人死于此类疾病结果,对比臀围较小的一组,臀围较大的女人死亡率降低87%They also had an 86% reduced risk of having coronary heart disease and a 6% reduction in the risk of developing cardiovascular disease, according to the researchers. Previous studies have found both men and women with small hips are at an increased risk of developing diabetes, high blood pressure and gall bladder disease.同样,调查者说,她们患冠心病的概率也降低86%,心血管疾病的概率降低了6%而之前的调查表明,臀围较小的男女皆更易患糖尿病、高血压和胆囊疾病的困扰However the study, which has been published in Obesity Research, found a wider hip circumference was not linked with better heart health in men.然而发表在肥胖研究杂志的调查并没有实宽臀对于男性也有一样的益处'Apple-shape' risk“苹果型身材”的风险Professor Berit Heitmann, who led the study, said: "It seems that the protection is not a matter of wide hips, it's the detrimental effect of narrow hips with a lack of muscle fat, or bone or a combination of both.She added: "Fat on hips is different than fat on the abdomen. If you do not have enough of this fat you may risk heart attacks."领导这项研究的贝瑞特·海德曼教授说,“并不是宽臀才具有这层保护,而是纤窄的臀部缺乏肌肉脂肪或者骨骼撑,或者两者皆缺乏才造成的危害”而且教授补充说,“臀部脂肪不同于腹部脂肪,如果不足可能会影响心脏健康”Carrying excess fat around the stomach, being 'apple shaped', is aly known to be potentially damaging to health. Fat cells in this part of the body pump out chemicals that can damage the insulin system, raising the risk of diabetes and heart disease.如果在胃部周围有过多脂肪,造成“苹果型”身材则是对健康有害的身体这一部分的脂肪会溢出有害元素,影响胰岛系统,从而提高糖尿病和心脏病的风险Belinda Linden, of the British Heart Foundation said: "It has been widely reported that if you are apple-shaped, your risk of developing cardiovascular disease is likely to be greater than if you are pear-shaped.英国心脏基金会的贝琳达·林登说:“苹果型身材比梨形身材更会提高心血管疾病发病率,这已经是广为人知的了”"This study provides additional evidence of the association between hip circumference and cardiovascular protection among women."But she added: "It is important to consider both your body weight and shape in tandem. Controlling both by eating less and being more active is the best way to reduce your risk of heart and circulatory disease."“这项调查为女性臀围和心血管保护之间提供了额外的据”但是她补充道,“但是同时考虑体重和身材也是非常必要的节食加运动是降低心脏和血液疾病的最好方法”洪泽县人流专家

淮安市第一人民医院妇科薯条为什么要叫“French fries”(法国马铃薯)? -- :7:6 来源:chinadaily 薯条,是最常见的快餐食品之一,从美国及欧洲等地渐渐流行开来,可谓风靡世界各地 很多人都知道薯条的英文是“Chips”,美国人称之为“French Fries”,直译过来就是“法国油炸马铃薯”,那为什么叫薯条为“法国油炸马铃薯”,薯条和法国有何渊源呢? 对此,然我们来看看美国朋友的解释吧 一位网友是这么解释的: In fact, that is not their real name anyway. The popular food item was once called ;Frenched Fries; since the potatoes were frenched -- meaning to be cut into large rectangular strips or spears. Frenched cuts are larger cuts than julienned cuts, otherwise they are pretty similar. Americans tend to slur or reduce the sound at the end of some words. Hence Frenched Fries become French Fries, much like Iced Tea became Ice Tea. 其实呢,;French Fries;原为;Frenched Fries;,其中的英语单词;Frenched;意为“切成条的”,而;Frenched;的条状比;julienned;的丝状要大些,这就是为什么叫薯“条”了 当然关于“Frenched Fries”名称的由来还有其他的观点 比如,以制作法式菜肴著名的托马斯;杰弗逊主张,薯条之所以被叫做French Fries(法式炸薯条)是因为其中的french是指法式深油炸,指的是它的烹饪方式 还比如,有观点说是因为在第一次世界大战的时候,美国士兵在比利时吃到了这种薯条,觉得特别美味,而当时在比利时军队中的通用语言是法语,他们就以为是“法国的薯条”了,便想当然的称其为“French Fries” 虽然“French Fries”的确切来源不得而知,但可以确定的,“French Fries”是真的跟法国没有半点关系 年伊拉克战争期间,法国反对战争,一些愤怒的“挺战 ”美国人要消灭一切与法国有关的名称,甚至建议把“法式薯条”( French fry )改称“自由薯条”( Freedom fry ),一时落下笑柄 联合国维和车队马里遇袭 5人死亡 --31 ::53 来源: 5月9日,联合国维和人员在马里中部遭袭击,5人死亡,1人严重受伤 Five ed Nations peacekeepers have been killed and another was seriously injured in an attack in central Mali.联合国维和人员在马里中部遭袭击,5人死亡,1人严重受伤The soldiers - who were from Togo - were travelling in the Mopti region when their vehicle came under fire bee hitting a landmine.这些士兵来自多哥,他们的车队正在向莫普提区域进发时遭地雷袭击The area is known as a stronghold the Macina Liberation Front, a jihadist group with suspected al-Qaeda links.据称该区域是马格里布基地组织的大本营,它是一个疑似与基地组织有关联的伊斯兰圣战组织The UN mission was set up in to stabilise Mali following a rebellion by Islamist and Tuareg fighters.联合国特派团在成立,以稳定马里区域的伊斯兰和图阿雷格武装叛乱Militants have been mounting sporadic assaults on peacekeepers in northern and central regions.武装分子不断对北部和中部地区的维和人员进行零散的袭击No group has said it carried out the latest attack.目前尚不能确认哪个组织发动了本次袭击It occurred near the town of Sevare, on the International Day of UN Peacekeepers. Last year, 0 UN personnel were killed in peacekeeping operations in countries.袭击发生在塞瓦雷附近,这天恰好是国际维和人员日去年,共有0名联合国人员在个国家的维和行动中被杀害France, the mer colonial power in Mali, initially intervened in January when the rebels seized the north of the country .法国是马里殖民地时期的宗主国年1月叛乱者控制了马里北部,法国进行了军事干预In July that year, the UN ce took over responsibility security after the main northern towns had been recaptured.同年7月,北方大部城镇被夺回后,联合国武装接管了当地的安全事务Militancy in Mali马里的军事动乱:October : Ethnic Tuaregs launch rebellion after returning with arms from Libya年月:图阿雷格族从利比亚返回的雇佣兵发动了叛乱March : Army coup over government’s handling of rebellion; a month later Tuareg and al-Qaeda-linked fighters seize control of north年3月:由于政府平判无方军队发动政变一个月后,图阿雷格武装和与基地组织有关的势力占领了北部January : Islamist fighters capture a central town, raising fears they could reach Bamako. Mali requests French help年1月:伊斯兰武装占领了一个中心城镇,增加了他们将占领首都巴马科的担忧马里请求法国援July : UN ce, now totalling about ,000, takes over responsibility securing the north after Islamists routed from towns.年7月:伊斯兰武装从这个小镇撤退后,联合国部队承担了北方的安全保障责任,目前军队已达000人July : France launches an operation in the Sahel to stem jihadist groupsAttacks continue in northern desert area, blamed on Tuareg and Islamist groups年7月:法国在萨赫勒地区启动了对抗圣战组织的行动北部沙漠地区仍然持续受到来自图阿雷格和伊斯兰武装的袭击: Terror attacks in the capital, Bamako, and central Mali年:恐怖分子袭击了首都巴马科以及马里中部淮安市中医院地址涟水县治疗早孕多少钱



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