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And with sub-zero temperatures common here at night,这里夜晚的温度通常在零度以下I want insulation to keep that heat in.我需要一些绝缘物来保持温度And just use a big pile of leaves and build it up from the bottom upwards.用枯树叶就可以 从底部开始把树叶堆起来And I want this to be,you know, kind of that thick,and this is gonna insulate me.我要用树叶 把它密密地遮起来 这样就能保暖了The idea is, eventually,it looks like a giant, upside-down birds nest.事实上 这东西 看起来就是一个巨大的倒扣着的鸟巢These oak leaves are plentiful,and since its still cold, theyre bug-free.收集了如此大量的橡树叶 因为这里很冷 叶子质量很好Gonna put a load of leaves inside as well,to act as my bedding,and then this looks pretty set.也要在里面放一些树叶 当做我的床 现在看起来大功告成了Just give it a try.Its a tight squeeze,but just big enough.进去试试看 里面空间很小 但足够大了Actually, this is really, really snug.Okay, go and check this trap now.这里头真的非常暖和 好了 我们去看看陷阱怎么样了Its been several hours since I set a snare in the hope of trapping a deer.从我设下捕鹿陷阱到现在 已经过了好几个小时Now to see if its worked.This is where it was.是时候去看看有没有收获了 就在这边But the trap is broken.Its lying in pieces on the ground.Look, you can see there.可是捕兽器却被破坏了 它离破碎地散落在地上 看 你看这Ive caught no deer this time,but the area is full of other large animals,like wild pigs.这回没抓到小鹿 但这片区域还有很多其他的大型动物 比如野猪Come on, then.Cause seated pass across USA,theyre trapped to shot by local farmers.过来这边吧 在全美各地 当地农民常设圈套捕杀他们Hang on. Here we go.You can hear it. Listen.等等 这边走 能听到它的叫声 你听201602/425703Even some of the most able students are struggling with the pace of the Chinese teaching.即使那些最有能力的学生也很难跟上中式的教学节奏Today we did, um...今天我们学了trigonometry, which we have never covered before and we did it in, like, 15 minutes.以前从未学过的三角函数,他花了十五分钟就讲完了He was just moving on to the next one,然后就开始讲下一部分了cos everyone was talking so it was, like,因为大家都在讲话,所以他大概在想;Oh, theyre doing it by themselves, Ill just move on.;;他们都在自学,那我开始下一部分吧;Theres such a wide range of abilities.学生的能力有很大差距Some people get it so quickly and some people take more time.有的人学得很快,有的人学得慢一些Hes going over things so quickly and not explaining things properly他讲得很快,解释得也不是很到位and theyre new to us, so were not understanding them.这些对我们都是新知识,所以我们很难理解Have you got a minute?您有时间吗The girls have decided to visit Jay Bremner, their British maths teacher, to ask for help.姑娘们决定向她们的英国数学老师杰伊·布雷姆纳寻求帮助Its very convenient that I was doing this today so I have it all y to go.正好我今天正在准备这个部分,所以我随时可以开始Mr Bremner has his own Year 9 class,布雷姆纳老师也在教一个九年级的班who will be competing against the Chinese school in the exam to test the two teaching styles.他的学生将在考试中与中式学校一决高下,来检验两种不同的教学法Three different trig ratios, sin, cos, and tan.三种三角函数,正弦,余弦,正切I actually write it with these little ridges in it,我写的时候会写成这种三角的形状so SOH... CAH... TOA.这是正弦,余弦,正切I get it! Sin is opposite hypotenuse... Yes.我懂了,正弦是对边比斜边。是的Oh, my God! Cos is adjacent to the hypotenuse...天呐,余弦是邻边比斜边It makes sense. That sounds like an ancient African rhyme!终于懂了,听着像古代非洲的韵诗Well... To a certain degree...yes.某种程度上...是的All right, I just simply refer to it as SOH-CAH-TOA.我就称它为;正余切口诀;That makes sense.很有道理We went to see our normal maths teacher to ask him about trig because we didnt understand any of it我们去找我们平时的数学老师,问他三角函数的问题,因为我们一点也不懂and he said his class was taking, a whole week and another lesson to learn it.他说他们班用了一周时间外加一节课来学这部分It appeared that the information was largely just given to them very quickly, all in one go,显然这些知识大部分是非常快地塞给他们,分分钟了事just with an expectation that its there, copy it and do it.就秉着知识就在这摆着,记下然后应用的理念Teaching and learning and classrooms have changed so much.教学,学习和课堂已经发生了很大变化Its not the teachers lesson any more, it is the students lesson这不再是老师的课堂,而是学生的课堂and if we, as teachers, dont develop lessons to take...如果我们作为老师不把课程tailored to the needs of our particular groups, its just going to fall on deaf ears.按照受众群体的需求来设定的话,结果只能是对牛弹琴Either the children will misbehave, the children wont access it,学生要么会作弊,学生既不懂其表the children wont understand it and youll just be talking at them,也不懂其里,你就只是单方面的灌输and they will be sitting there waiting for you to shut up.他们就会坐在那等着你闭嘴Thank you. Thank you very much.谢谢老师。谢谢你们201602/425332Every year, they proliferate into huge brumes每年,他们繁衍增生形成巨大的雾霭that color the ocean green.海洋为之变绿The ocean absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere海洋从大气层中吸收二氧化碳and the plankton use this carbon for both photosynthesis and to make their shells.浮游生物的生长消耗二氧化碳When the plankton died,浮游生物死亡后they fall to the sea floor. And here, over thousands of years,掉落海底。经过数千年they are slowly transformed into rocks.他们逐渐转化成岩石。In this way, huge amount of carbon dioxide,巨量的二氧化碳the very gas that keeps our planet warm,这种为地球保暖的气体are removed from the atmosphere.以这种方式从大气中被移除So if that was the end of the story,那么,如果故事到此为止our planet would have run out of carbon dioxide.我们的行星将...and steadily got colder and colder.逐渐变得越来越冷But fortunately,a special type of volcanoes doesnt allow that to happen.幸运的是 一些特殊类型的火山 不允许这种状况发生。Theyre called subduction volcanoes.他们叫做俯冲火山201509/396717

After a three-month mission, a fleet of Japanese ships has returned home after catching 333 minke whales, more than 200 of which were pregnant females. Cue the angry reactions. 结束三个月的任务后,日本船队捕获了333头小须鲸后回航,其中超过200只是怀的雌性。此举引发外界愤怒。Japans government claims the expedition was for research, but the U.N. International Court of Justice and scientific and animal welfare organizations have universally called BS.日本政府声称此次探险是为了研究,但联合国国际公正和科学法院及动物福利组织普遍称其虚假。For one, the Japanese say they’re studying minke whale migration, but killing the whales and putting them on your boat obviously prevents them from migrating. Second, most of those whales will end up as food.其一,日本声称他们正在研究小须鲸迁徙,但捕杀鲸鱼并将其置于船上显然阻碍了它们的迁徙。其二,大部分鲸鱼将流向餐桌。Japan likely classifies the hunt as scientific because whaling is forbidden by international law, though its not the only nation that still does it.日本将捕猎冠以科学的名义,因为国际法禁止捕鲸,尽管这并不是唯一仍在捕鲸国家。Norway is the only other country that expects to carry out any whaling this year, but it largely avoids international flak because it hunts in its own territory, while Japan goes into international waters.挪威是另一个进行捕鲸的国家,但很大程度上避免了国际的批评,因为在自己的水域,而日本在国际海域捕鲸。Despite widesp pressure to stop, Japan says it plans to continue hunting whales at the same rate for at least the next decade.尽管广泛压力要求停止,但日本计划至少在未来10年里,将继续以同样的速度捕杀鲸鱼。译文属。201603/433427

It has been a big year for Apple. While retaining its title as the world’s most valuable company, in 2015, the US technology giant also moved into the global number one spot in terms of sales profits.今年是苹果盛行之年。在2015年这个美国科技巨头不仅保持了世界上最有价值公司的称号,也在销售利润上拔得头冠。Now it can add what’s believed to be it’s first-ever large-scale cyber attack to the list.现在它遭到被认为是有史以来第一次大规模的网络攻击。China is the main target. Software developers in the country were tricked into downloading a fake version of Xcode, Apple’s app-creation tool.中国是主要目标。软件开发商诱骗下载假冒的Xcode版本,苹果的应用创建工具。As a result, around three dozen iPhone and iPad apps are said to have been affected by malicious code embedded in the counterfeit tool.结果,近四十个iPhone和iPad应用程序受到假冒工具嵌入恶意代码的影响。Apple has confirmed its App Store was breached and says it has taken steps to address the problem.苹果公司已经确认其应用程序商店遭到破坏,并表示已经采取措施来解决这个问题。The news comes just days ahead of Chinese President Xi Jinping’s trip to Washington to discuss an arms control deal for cyberspace.几日后,中国国家主席习近平将前往华盛顿讨论网络军备控制协议。译文属。 /201509/400204

TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201511/407017

The problem is while the mountains make this area stormy,问题是山上发生暴风雨时they dont make it easy to catch up with the storm.我们很难赶上Right now, all I see is a black sky in front of me.现在我看到的是阴沉的天空Its just a wall of dark cloud and dust.乌云和尘土漫布天空Look at that!看!The lightning is just the by-product of the extreme air movements闪电是空气团相互作用产生暴风云within the storm clouds.时同时产生的As the moist air rises, it cools and water particles freeze.湿气上升的时候冷却,小水珠凝固Some become small ice crystals, others larger, slushy ice.有一些变成了小的冰晶,有一些变成了大一点的冰块These two different types of ice collide and become electrically charged.两种不同的冰相互碰撞 产生了电An electric field builds up until it becomes so strong达到一定程度以后 产生了电场it reaches for the Earth below.接下来就会和地面接触But far higher in the atmosphere is a much more elusive,不过雷电在大气层中越高就越难以琢磨much more exotic form of lightning越壮观thats been caught on film.这些被拍到底片上的Theyre called sprites.它们被称为鬼神201509/399709卡罗琳·波尔科向我们展示了卡西尼号探测器传回的土星图像,探测器着重拍摄土星最大的卫星土卫六和冰冻土卫二。201503/365053He had such pipes and drama in his voice他的嗓音很好又富有情感to be so young.却又如此年轻He was just one of a kind in that respect.他真的很独特He really did the songs justice.他唱的真的很好l think Michael knew how important lyric was to the song.我觉得迈克尔很了解歌词的重要性And it had to reach, touch something, l think, for him to really wanna sing it.明白它一定要能够感动 他才会想去唱那首歌And, you know, hed dance and sing at the same time况且他又能歌善舞so it had to correspond with his body, too.所以还必须要与肢体产生共鸣so it all had to be one piece for him.所以一切都要搭配得很好He didnt want fluff. He wanted something with legs on it,他不喜欢很花俏的东西 他要的是实在something that was gonna last through time可以承受时间洗礼的东西and thats actually what he ended up creating.这也是他所创造的The bigger he became as an artist,他愈走红the more enamoured he seemed to be over songwriters.就愈崇拜词曲创作者A lot of people have done those songs and couldnt get a handle on em许多人都没有办法驾驭llike the levi stubbs or Diana Ross,像是利瓦伊·史塔布斯 或是黛安娜·罗丝but he just had a knack, a gift.但他真的很有天份He aly had a cake but then he put icing all on top of it.对他来说简直是锦上添花201509/398342

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