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襄阳一医院割包皮怎么样襄阳第四人民医院周末上班吗襄阳中医院宫颈糜烂怎么样 An app that does nothing but send a simple notification of “Yo” to recipients is the most popular app right now in the US.最近,一款只能向他人发送一个字“Yo”的手机应用风靡美国。The app, named Yo, reached No 1 in the Apple App Store in the US last week, after The Financial Times broke the story on June 18 that the app has received million (6.23 million yuan) in investment funding.《金融时报》6月18日的报道中称,这款名为 “Yo”的应用已获得100万美元(约合6230万人民币)的融资。而上周,Yo已升至美国苹果手机应用商店排行榜的首位。Created in just eight hours by Or Arbel, a 32-year-old app developer from Tel Aviv, Israel, Yo claims to be the “simplest and most efficient communication tool in the world”. With a single tap, users can send the word “Yo” to one another in a voice notification — and nothing else.这款应用仅用8小时就开发而成,而它的开发人——来自以色列特拉维夫的32岁研发员奥尔?阿拜尔——说:“Yo是目前全世界最简单、最高效的通讯工具”。因为只需一个简单的按钮,用户就可以把“Yo”这个单词以语音提醒的方式发给别人,而这也是Yo的唯一功能。Arbel enthused about his app in an interview with The New Yorker: “It’s a whole new way for communication. A hundred and forty characters is way too much these days… It’s lightweight, easy, you don’t have to open a message — the notification itself is everything you need.”在《纽约客》的采访中,奥尔对他的应用热情满满:“这是一种全新的沟通方式。在当今时代,发送140个字母实在太长了……Yo简短轻便,你甚至不必打开每条消息,因为你只需要提醒本身就行了。”When Yo was launched on April Fools’ Day this year, the Apple App Store at first rejected it on the grounds that it lacked substance. Many people still see the app as a joke. Some technology experts, like Polly Mosendz from The Wire and Judd Legum from Think Progress, point out that the way a simple app like Yo got millions in funding says much about the impending burst of the tech bubble.Yo在今年愚人节首发。一开始,苹果手机应用商店以“没有实质内容”为由拒绝发布;直到今天,仍有不少人认为这个应用就是个玩笑。不少技术人员指出,如此简单的一个应用能获得上百万的投资恰恰反映了技术泡沫的破裂近在咫尺,The Wire网站的作者Polly Mosendz与美国知名新闻客Think Progress的作家Judd Legum都持有此种观点。Simple, but deep简单却深刻Arbel calls Yo “context-based communication” and some people are beginning to “get it”. Jordan Crook, from Tech Crunch, explains why the context of a “Yo” says much more than two little letters: “As with anything, a ‘Yo’ can just be a ‘Yo’. But you’ll feel a very real difference between a ‘Yo’ you get in the morning from a friend and a ‘Yo’ you get at 2 am from a friend with benefits. Trust me. And that’s the magic.”奥尔认为Yo是一种“依赖语境的沟通方式”,现在不少人已经体会到这一点。来自Tech Crunch客的乔丹?克鲁克解释了为什么有了语境,“Yo”就能表达出远超出两个字母的含义:“如果没有任何语境,那么Yo只是两个字母。但是,你却能明显感觉到早上朋友发来的Yo和凌晨2点“床伴”发来的Yo之间的不同。相信我,这就是它的魔力所在。”But people don’t always want to load their “Yos” with meaning. David Shapiro, from The New Yorker, says now when he thinks about someone, he just “Yos” them instead of spending time starting and carrying on a conversation. He says it’s a great way of saying: “I’m thinking about you but I don’t have anything in particular to say.” Social media constantly demands our time and attention. Not responding to text messages and e-mails can hurt relationships. But, Shapiro says, a “Yo” doesn’t seem to demand a reply. “What a relief,” he says.不过,人们并不总是想赋予“Yo”具体含义。在《纽约客》工作的大卫?莎皮欧说,现在每当他想念谁的时候,他会给对方发一条Yo,而不是花好多时间网聊。他觉得发送Yo是个很不错的办法,告诉对方“我想你了,但是我没什么特别想说的。”社交媒体总是占用我们大量的时间和注意力,而不回复短信或者邮件则容易伤感情。不过,莎皮欧认为Yo就不需要用户有信息必回。正如他的感概:“这多省事儿啊!”Andrew Leonard, from The Salon, says “Yo” also signifies something deeper. It “expresses our most essential humanity”. He says that the utterance of the word “Yo” is “a declaration, first, that I exist in this world, and second, that I seek connection and community with something outside myself.” It’s like saying: “Yo… I am here. Is anybody out there?”来自The Salon的安德鲁?里欧纳德认为,Yo表达了一些更深层次的东西:“它传达出了人性的本质。Yo这个简短词汇本身就是个宣言:首先,我在这里,其次,我还想认识别人,和他人建立联系。这就好像是说,嘿….我在这里呢,这儿还有别人吗?” /201407/312494襄阳中医院可以刷医保卡么?

襄阳泌尿科医院哪里好For some business giants—and their millions of followers—social networking is part of the job. This is our handpicked list of the most influential, popular, and interactive businesspeople on social media.社交网络是一些商业巨头和他们数以百万计的追随者工作的一部分。《财富》杂志日前精心制作了一份在社交网络上最有影响力、最受欢迎、最活跃的商界人物榜单。‘The art of communication,” James C. Humes, a speechwriter for five presidents, once said, “is the language of leadership.” And an art it is. In today’s fave-this, like-that social media environment, a chief executive of a Fortune 500 company can share a status update from a head of state 6,000 miles away and then respond, directly and in real time, to a tough question from one of his customers—all in the span of a minute, and all in a public forum for the world to see. (Talk about a high-wire act.) Not every executive has dared to give Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, or LinkedIn a try. For some business leaders, though, socializing is part of the job. In our inaugural Fortune Social Register, we pick the most experienced, active, influential, and followed members of the business community. Call them socialites; call them social butterflies. Whatever the term, we can all agree that it’s something to tweet about.为五位总统撰写过演讲稿的詹姆斯oCo休姆斯曾经表示,“沟通的艺术是领导力的语言。”沟通的确是门艺术。在今天这样一个点“赞”无处不在的社交媒体环境中,一家《财富》美国500强公司( Fortune 500)的CEO可以共享远在6,000英里之外的某位国家元首的状态更新,然后在第一时间直接回应一位客户的棘手问题,所有这一切全部在一分钟内、在一个面向全世界的公共论坛上完成——这简直是在走钢丝!不是每位高管都敢尝试 Facebook、Twitter,、Google Plus或商务社交网络LinkedIn。但对一些商界领袖来说,社交是工作的一部分。作为《财富社交名人录》专栏(Fortune Social Register)的处女秀,我们精巧细选了一组在社交网络上最有影响力、经验最丰富、最活跃、粉丝最多的商界人物。大家可以把他们称为社交达人,或者社交花蝴蝶。但不管使用哪种称谓,我们都觉得这份名单值得你转发到社交网络上,发表一下看法。;AND YOU GET A TWEET, AND YOU GET A TWEETOprah Winfrey;“上Twitter发消息,上Twitter发消息”Social activity: 8奥普拉o温弗瑞Social network: 10社交活力: 8Business influence: 10社交网络: 10Chief executive of the cable television network that bears her name, Winfrey demonstrates that she can excite her community without the need for a daytime talk show. Call it a #lifeclass in staying relevant.商业影响力:10;THE BOULEVARDIER;“”Richard Branson理查德o布兰森Social activity: 7社交活力:7Social network: 10社交网络:10Business influence: 8商业影响力:8It comes as no surprise that the social accounts of free-spirit Virgin Group co-founder Richard Branson are chockablock with spaceship riding, deep-sea diving, and—wait, was that a picture of him kite-surfing with a naked model on his back?维珍集团(Virgin Group)联合创始人理查德o布兰森向来天马行空,他的社交帐户充满了各种跟太空旅行和深海潜水有关的话题,这一点也不奇怪等等,看那张他冲浪的照片,他竟然还背着一位裸体模特?;IT#39;S NATURAL, DAHLING;“这很自然,亲爱的”Arianna Huffington阿里安娜o赫芬顿Social activity: 9社交活力: 9Social network: 9社交网络:9Business influence: 7商业影响力:7According to the president and editor-in-chief of AOL’s Huffington Post Media Group, there are better ways to sleep, eat, work, converse, and vacation. Follow Huffington and you’ll get plenty of advice on how to live the good life.赫芬顿是美国在线公司(AOL)旗下赫芬顿邮报传媒集团(Huffington Post Media Group)的总裁兼总编辑。在她看来,人们睡觉、吃饭、工作、交谈和度假的方式都有待改善。请关注赫芬顿,你将获得大量建议,告诉怎样过上好生活。;REIGNING RETWEETER;“转发皇后”Marissa Mayer玛丽莎o梅耶Social activity: 1社交活力: 1Social network: 6社交网络: 6Business influence: 9商业影响力:9Yahoo’s chief executive makes this list but not because of her own updates, which are infrequent and almost always through purple-colored glasses. Rather, it’s her heavy use of retweets, which subtly reveal what she might be thinking.这位雅虎公司(Yahoo)CEO并不是凭借她自己的原创帖而跻身这份榜单的。事实上,她很少发原创帖,而且几乎总是慎之又慎。相反,她频繁地转发别人的微,这些只言片语巧妙地揭示了她或许正在思考的东西。 /201406/305346襄阳中医医院流产怎么样 During Apple#39;s presentation of its new software, new iOS leader Craig Federighi made a bunch of jokes about the old look for iOS.在苹果的新软件发布会上,iOS新领导者克雷格#8226;费德里吉讲了一大堆关于iOS老样子的笑话。When he revealed the new look for the calendar app on the Mac, he said, ;No virtual cows were harmed in the making of this one.;当他透露Mac上日历应用的全新样子时,他说,“在制作这一个东西时没有虚拟奶牛受到伤害。”He also made fun of Apple#39;s Game Center, which currently looks like a craps table in Vegas. The new version doesn#39;t have the fake textures, and Federighi joked, ;We ran out of felt and wood.;他还调侃了苹果的游戏中心,其目前看起来像的一张双骰儿桌。新版本没有假纹理,Federighi开玩笑说,“毛毡和木头我们都用完了。”The jokes were well-received by the people in the audience, but there was something slightly weird about them when you consider that Steve Jobs was a big proponent of the design style Federighi was trashing.这个笑话被现场观众很好地接收了,但当你意识到史蒂夫乔布斯才是Federighi贬低的设计风格的最大提倡者时,对此只是有些略奇怪。It#39;s also weird that just a year ago Apple was pushing further into this style under Scott Forstall. Now, Apple is running away from the Forstall and Jobs style that defined iOS.还让人奇怪的是就在一年前苹果公司还在斯科特#8226;福斯托尔的领导下进一步深入这个风格。现在,苹果公司正远离福斯托尔和乔布斯定义的iOS风格。Everyone considers Jobs to be a genius who understood design. Now, Apple is not only abandoning his design style, but it#39;s also openly mocking it.每个人都认为乔布斯是一个懂设计的天才。现在,苹果不仅放弃了他的设计风格,而且还公开嘲笑它。 /201306/243608谷城县妇幼保健院中医院治疗前列腺疾病怎么样

湖北省襄阳四院医院专家挂号The world’s largest e-commerce company is finally going to embrace bricks and mortar.全球最大的电子商务公司亚马逊(Amazon)终于要开实体店了。The Wall Street Journal on Thursday reported that Amazon.com AMZN -2.27% will open its first physical store in New York in time for the holiday shopping season, citing people familiar with its plans.《华尔街日报》(Wall Street Journal)本周四报道,据消息人士称,亚马逊公司将在纽约开设首家实体店,开业时间正好选在今年的圣诞购物季之前。The store would be located on 34th Street in Manhattan, close to a shopping district that includes Macy’s M -2.73% flagship and serve as a mini-warehouse, with limited assortment used for same-day delivery within New York, returns and exchanges, and pickups of online orders, according to the Journal’s report.这家店的位置在曼哈顿的34号街,附近的商圈有包括梅西百货(Macy’s)旗舰店在内的许多大品牌,同时这家实体店也将起到一个小仓库的作用,向纽约市内发送一部分当日送达的快递,并提供退换货和到店取货务。Amazon was not immediately available for comment.我们未能及时联系到亚马逊对此事发表。SucharitaMulpuru, an e-commerce analyst at Forrester Research, tells the Fortune the space sounds “closer to a post-office” than a retail store and that it remains to be seen what economic boost the location will provide to the company.福雷斯特研究公司(Forrester Research)的电子商务分析师苏察雷塔o马尔波罗对《财富》(Fortune)表示,这家门店对亚马逊的作用似乎“更像一家邮局”,而不是零售店,这家门店对亚马逊将产生怎样的经济推动力,还有待观察。“They need to figure out what resonates with shoppers with respect to Amazon in a physical store,” Mulpuru says. “Do they want to look at product? Do they just want to pick up product? Do they want to look at Amazon electronics equipment?”马尔波罗表示:“他们需要弄明白,对于一家实体店来说,什么才能让消费者产生共鸣。他们是想看产品还是只想到店取货?他们想看亚马逊出产的电子设备吗?”Sources told the Journal that Amazon might use the space to showcase its own devices like the Kindle e-ers, Fire smartphone or Fire TV set-top box. If the New York store works out, it could serve as a model for a rollout to other U.S. cities, the Journal’s sources said.消息人士对《华尔街日报》透露,亚马逊可能会利用这家门店展示自家的电子设备,比如Kindle系列电子书阅读器、Fire智能手机和Fire电视机顶盒等等。如果纽约的实体店获得了成功,这个模式可能会被推广到美国其他城市。The news comes at a time traditional brick and mortar chains like Macy’s and Neiman Marcus are testing same-day delivery, while others are trying out a service offered by Google. GOOG -2.03% It also comes as those physical retailers get nimbler at using merchandise in their hundreds of stores to speed up delivery, turning them into de facto distribution centers to help them compete with the Amazon facilities that dot the country. For example, Macy’s is now using all 800 or so of its stores to help its online efforts, while others like Target TGT -1.93% are gearing up for that capability.就在亚马逊筹备开设实体店的同时,像梅西百货和内曼百库斯百货(Neiman Marcus)等传统的实体连锁店正在试水当日速递,还有一些企业正在试用谷歌(Google)提供的快递务。有些实体连锁店还利用旗下几门店里的货物来加快发货速度,这样一来,这些门店在某种程度上就成了“配货中心”,以此与称霸美国的亚马逊抗衡。比如梅西百货的全部800余家门店都参与到了它的在线业务中,塔吉特百货(Target)等其它商家也在加速提升这一能力。A number of online-only retailers have experimented with physical stores of late, showing the enduring value of brick-and-mortar locations. They include eyewear retailer Warby Parker, Bonobos, Birchbox, and Rent-the-Runway.近来,已有一批网商纷纷试水实体业务,表明实体店依然具有不可取代的价值。其中包括眼镜零售商沃比派克(Warby Parker)以及Bonobos、Birchbox和装租赁务Rent-the-Runway等。 /201410/334798 襄阳第四医院妇科检查多少钱襄阳妇保医院是公立医院吗?



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