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哈尔滨市二院预约尚志市妇女医院的qq号Brexit was always a threat to the territorial integrity of the UK. The Leave campaign airily dismissed such talk as scaremongering. It was not, as Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland’s first minister, made plain on Monday.英国退Brexit)一直对联合王国的领土完整构成威胁。脱欧阵营毫不在意地不理会这种言论,认为这是危言耸听。事实并非如此,正如苏格兰首席大臣尼古拉?斯特Nicola Sturgeon)周一所表明的那样。Ms Sturgeon’s demand for a second referendum on Scottish independence comes as the UK government prepares to trigger Article 50, setting in motion divorce proceedings with the EU. The Brexit negotiations will be hard enough. Simultaneously fighting a Scottish referendum campaign would be a nightmare for Theresa May. It would also be against Scotland’s interests to make an irrevocable decision without knowing the terms of Brexit an irony which will not be lost on Britain’s voters.斯特金要求举行第二次苏格兰独立公投之际,英国政府正准备触发欧盟《里斯本条约》第50Article 50),启动脱离欧盟的程序。英国退欧谈判将会非常艰难。同时要应对一场苏格兰公投运动,将是特里萨?Theresa May)的噩梦。在不知英国退欧条款的情况下做出不可撤销的决定,也不符合苏格兰的利益——英国选民将感受到其中的讽刺意味。Yet Ms Sturgeon can argue legitimately that there has been a material change in political circumstances since the Scottish referendum in 2014. It may be a mistake for Scotland to demand a second vote, and voting to go might leave Scotland poorer and weaker; but Brexit changes everything.然而,斯特金可以合理地认为,自014年的苏格兰公投以来,政治环境发生了重大变化。苏格兰要求第二次公投也许是一个错误,投票离开也许会使苏格兰变得更贫穷、更弱小;但英国退欧会改变一切。Economic reality has changed too, but not in Scotland’s favour. Scotland’s flow of trade with the rest of the UK is still four times its trade with the rest of Europe, but oil prices are lower now. It is running a deep budget deficit, and continues to receive a significant slew of subsidies from Westminister.经济现实也发生了变化,但并非有利于苏格兰。苏格兰与联合王国其他地区的贸易量仍是其与欧洲其他国家贸易量倍,但现在油价更低。眼下,苏格兰的预算赤字很严重,并继续从威斯敏斯特方面获得大量补贴。Mrs May says the Scottish nationalist party is playing political games. Yet the extreme version of Brexit that the Tory government appears intent upon has forced the Scots into terrible choices. They face leaving the EU despite voting to remain by a large margin or upending relations with the rest of the UK, their biggest bilateral trading partner. They risk being hitched to an English Tory government that has scant support in more left-leaning, immigrant-friendly Scotland.梅表示,苏格兰国民党(SNP)正在玩政治游戏。然而,保守党政府看来打算走极端的退欧路线,这迫使格兰人面临可怕的选择。他们要么离开欧盟,尽管苏格兰的留欧票数大幅领先于退欧票数,要么与联合王国其他地区——他们最大的双边贸易伙伴——脱离关系。他们面临跟英国保守党政府捆绑到一起的风险,这个政府对立场更偏左、对移民友好的苏格兰给予的持非常小。Ms Sturgeon is playing on these fears, arguing that the May government has failed to give Scotland any real input into the Brexit process.斯特金正在利用这些恐惧。她辩称,梅的政府在退欧程序里没有给苏格兰任何真正的话语权。Mrs May could deny Scotland a constitutionally binding referendum. She cannot, however, stop an advisory vote from taking place. If such a vote were won by the leavers, she could prevent it going into force only by inviting a crisis of democratic legitimacy.梅可以拒绝授权苏格兰举行具有宪法约束力的公投。然而,她不能阻止咨询投票的发生。如果主张离开者赢得投票,她唯有引发一场民主合法性的危机,才能防止投票结果产生实效。If Scotland were to vote to leave, it would be an immense gamble. It could not be assured of an invitation to join the EU, since countries worried about their own restive regions, such as Spain, would surely object. The border will be another vexed topic, as is the case today with Northern Ireland. The future of farm and fisheries policy now in the hands of the EU remains open too.如果苏格兰投票离开,这将是一场巨大的。苏格兰不能确定自己会被邀请加入欧盟,因为担心本国内不安定地区的国家(如西班牙)肯定会反对。边界将是另一个令人头疼的话题,正如今日北爱尔兰的情况。目前掌握在欧盟手中的农场和渔业政策,其未来也不确定。The country of Adam Smith will no doubt favour open trade relations with the UK. The UK may feel differently if businesses shift operations north to remain in the EU’s single market. More important, the SNP has still not answered the questions that dogged it in 2014: what currency an independent Scotland would use, and how it would fund a generous welfare state.诞生了亚斯密(Adam Smith)的苏格兰无疑将赞成与联合王国的开放贸易关系。如果各企业把业务向北转移,继续留在欧盟单一市场,联合王国或许会有不同的感觉。更重要的是,苏格兰国民党仍没有回答014年困扰它的问题:独立后的苏格兰将使用什么货币,以及它撑一个慷慨的福利国家的资金来源是什么。This moment in the history of the nation is doubly fraught because there are irresponsible voices in Mrs May’s party who would be content to see Scotland go. They dream of tightening the conservativeshold on Westminster and ending the flow of subsidies north.在历史的这一刻,联合王国面临双重困扰,因为梅的保守党里有一些不负责任的声音,他们将乐意看到苏格兰离去。他们想要收紧保守党对威斯敏斯特的控制,不再向北方提供补贴。Ms Sturgeon has proposed that the referendum goes ahead between autumn 2018 and spring 2019. At the early end, it could disrupt Brexit negotiations. A later date would give Scots an informed choice. It might also force Mrs May’s government to think harder about the risks of walking away with no deal. In an imperfect world, that is the least the public deserves.斯特金提议在2018年秋季至2019年春季之间举行公投。如果时间靠前,公投可能会破坏英国退欧谈判。如果时间靠后,苏格兰将会在知道谈判结果的情况下作出选择。这也许会迫使梅政府更加认真地考虑尚未达成协议就退出的风险。在一个不完美的世界里,公众绝不应该承受这样的结果。来 /201703/498438哈尔滨市第三医院怎么样,收费贵吗 Rarely in a US presidential election has the choice been so stark and the stakes so high. 美国大选很少面临如此严峻且高风险的选择。The contest between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump has provided high drama, amply demonstrated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s reckless, last-minute intervention in the saga of Mrs Clinton’s emails. 希拉克林Hillary Clinton)和唐纳德.特朗Donald Trump)的这场争夺充满了戏剧性,联邦调查局(FBI)在最后一刻对希拉里邮件门的鲁莽调查,更是充分明了这一点。But there must be no doubt about the gravity of the 2016 election, for America and the world.016年美国大选的重要性毋庸置疑,无论是对美国还是对全世界。The international order of the past 70 years is fraying, maybe even breaking down. 过去70年的国际秩序正在产生裂痕,甚至可能崩溃。The Brexit vote in June likely removes a pillar of the EU. 6月英国脱欧公投可能撤掉了欧盟的一根柱。The Middle East points to a shattered system; further east, in the Pacific, China is becoming more assertive, challenging America’s dominant role in the region and the postwar Bretton Woods system. 中东秩序显然已四分五裂,远东太平洋地区,中国正变得日益强硬,不断挑战美国在该地区以及战后布雷顿森林体Bretton Woods)的主导地位。Under Vladimir Putin, Russia has become emboldened, threatening Nato’s borders, sping havoc in Syria, and apparently orchestrating leaks to influence the US election itself.俄罗斯在总统弗拉基米普京(Vladimir Putin)治下变得更加大胆,威胁北约边界,在叙利亚扩散混乱,并且显然精心安排了泄露事件以影响美国大选本身。This is a moment for the renewal of American leadership. 这是美国领导层更迭的时刻。One candidate has the credentials. 其中一位候选人是有资历的。Mrs Clinton has served as first lady, senator for New York and US secretary of state. 希拉里曾担任第一夫人、纽约州参议员以及美国国务卿。Mr Trump deals in denigration not diplomacy. 特朗普擅长诋毁,而不是外交。He has abused allies, threatening to remove east Asia’s nuclear umbrella, sideline Nato and unleash trade wars. 他侮辱美国的盟友,威胁要撤走东亚的核保护伞、退出北约和发动贸易战争。Mr Trump casts himself in the role of a western strongman to stand alongside the likes of Mr Putin.特朗普给自己选了个西方强人的角色,好与普京之类的人并肩。Mr Trump has demonstrated contempt towards American democracy itself. 特朗普对美国民主本身表现出了蔑视。He has persistently raised the prospect of a rigged election and declined, even when pressed, to guarantee he would accept the result. 他坚称选举可能受到操控,即使受到压力,也不愿保自己会接受结果。He has threatened to jail Mrs Clinton. 他威胁要囚禁希拉里。Such arrogance is unprecedented and it points to a fatal flaw in his character. 其傲慢前所未见,也表现出了他性格中的致命缺陷。The first role of the president is to be commander-in-chief, in charge of the world’s largest active nuclear arsenal. 美国总统的第一职责是担任三军统帅,掌管全世界最大的核武器库。Mr Trump has a thin skin and a questionable temperament. 特朗普为人敏感,性情可疑。For all his many years as a reality TV host, he is simply not y for prime time.虽然他多年担任真人秀电视节目主持人,但还不够格在黄金时段露脸。Yet Mrs Clinton has much to prove. 但希拉里也有很多事有待考验。To many American voters, Mrs Clinton’s decades of public service mean little. 对许多美国选民来说,希拉里几十年的公共务并不代表什么。She epitomises a remote, self-serving establishment. 她是高高在上的、自私自利的权势集团的一个缩影。Her campaign has lacked inspiration. 她的竞选缺乏灵感。She struggled against Bernie Sanders, a 74-year-old self-styled socialist from Vermont. 她之前在应对74岁、来自佛蒙特州、自诩社会主义者的伯尼.桑德Bernie Sanders)的竞争时颇为艰难。The uncomfortable truth is that both Mr Sanders and Mr Trump have touched a nerve among voters, tapping into a cynicism about politics which has been growing steadily in the US, fuelled in part by the legacy of the 2008 global financial crisis.令人不安的是,桑德斯和特朗普都触动了选民的神经,抓住了人们对美国政治的怀疑,这种怀疑一直在美国滋长,部分是受到2008年全球金融危机造成的影响的推动。The American dream, so potent for immigrants and US citizens alike, has become more elusive. 移民和美国公民心中强烈的美国梦已变得越来越难以企及。The middle class has been squeezed for several decades but the 1 per cent have become wealthier. 中产阶层被压榨了几十年,最富的1%人群却变得日益富有。Populism has staged a revival, supported by a media which have become more polarised than ever. 民粹主义再度抬头,比以往任何时候都更加两极分化的媒体对其提供了持。In the search for higher ratings, too many have been happy to strike a Faustian bargain with Mr Trump.为了吸引更多眼球,有太多媒体乐意与特朗普进行一场浮士德交易。If elected, Mrs Clinton must work out how to heal the divisiveness which has characterised the 2016 election. 希拉里如果当选,必须设法弥合已成016年大选特点的分歧。If Mr Trump contests the result, her task will be harder. 如果特朗普对结果有异议,她的这项任务将更加艰巨。In the national interest she must show a determination to work with a fractured Republican party. 为了国家利益,她必须表现出与分裂的共和党一起合作的决心。This proved beyond President Barack Obama, whose fatigue with Congress verged on the fatalistic. 事实表明美国总统巴拉奥巴Barack Obama)未能做到这一点,他对美国国会的疲于应对就像是听天由命。Mrs Clinton, who has worked with ideological foes, has the chance for a fresh start.曾与意识形态敌人合作过的希拉里有机会重新开始。After years of gridlock, the domestic agenda is clear: tax reform, an overhaul of America’s broken immigration system and a boost to infrastructure. 经过多年的僵局,国内议程已然明确:改革税制,全面改革美国不健全的移民制度,以及改善基础设施。Mrs Clinton has a sound programme, though she would have to face down Mr Sanders and fellow Democrats bitterly opposed to a lowering of the headline corporate tax. 希拉里有一个合理方案,不过她必须战胜强烈反对降低总体企业税的桑德斯和民主党同僚。She would also be wise to review her cynical U-turn on the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement, a vital building bloc in the liberal world trade order and a bridge to hard-pressed allies in Asia, notably Japan.她还应重新审视自己对《跨太平洋伙伴关系协定TPP)出于利己动机的大转变,这样才明智。TPP是全球自由贸易秩序的一个重要组成部分,也是美国与受到强大压力的亚洲盟友、尤其是日本之间的桥梁。The 2016 election, more than any in recent memory, is a test for the legitimacy of the US political system, with profound implications for the liberal world order. 2016年大选是对美国政治制度合法性的一场考验,并将对全球自由秩序产生深远影响,其重要性超过近期记忆中的历次大选。Mrs Clinton carries enough baggage to fill a Boeing 747. 希拉里背负着沉重的包袱。She is not trusted by the majority of voters.她没有得到绝大多数选民的信任。But she is manifestly more competent than Mr Trump whose braggadocio, divisiveness and meanness are on daily display. 可是她显然比特朗普更能胜任,后者日日上演着自吹自擂、挑拨离间和卑鄙恶劣。Despite her faults, Mrs Clinton is eminently qualified to be the first woman elected to the White House. 尽管犯过错误,希拉里依然有资格成为第一位获选执掌白宫的女性。She has the Financial Timesendorsement.英国《金融时报》持她。来 /201611/475771In 1994 China set about developing its own satellite-based global timing and navigation system. 中国994年开始发展自己的基于卫星的全球定位导航系统。Like all of Chinas accomplishments in space the project has taken a methodical and incremental approach; in this case involving three phases providing national then regional and now moving to global coverage. 像所有中国在太空取得的成就一样,这个项目有条不紊的不断向前推进。在这个案例中表现为分三步走,首先覆盖全国,然后覆盖亚洲区域,现在正向覆盖全球迈进。The first two phases were largely experimental and provided China with the confidence to establish the operational system called the BaiDou Satellite System (BDS).前两步大规模的实验,为中国提供信心建立名为北斗卫星系统的运行系统。On 19 June 2016 China launched the 23rd satellite in a constellation that will have 35 satellites when fully operational in 2020. 0169号,中国发射了其中的3颗卫星,整个卫星集群将有35颗卫星,020年全面运行。来 /201607/453674黑龙江省第七医院门诊部预约

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哈尔滨九洲妇科医院是公立医院吗?China is opposed to the nuclear test and satellite launch by the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea (DPRK) and supports efforts at the UN Security Council to pass a new and forceful resolution as soon as possible, said Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Zhang Yesui on Tuesday. He made the remark after talks with ROK First Vice-Foreign Minister Lim Sung-nam in Seoul.外交部副部长张业遂周二表示,中方反对朝鲜进行核试验和发射卫星,持联合国安理会尽快通过一个新的有力决议。张业遂是在首尔与韩国外交部第一次官林圣男举行会谈后作出这番表态的。Zhang said China attaches great importance to relations between China and South Korea. China stands y to work together with South Korea to implement the consensus achieved by the national leaders and push forward the development of bilateral relations while ensuring they remain on the right track, he said.张业遂表示,中国政府非常重视与韩国的外交关系。他说,为确保两国关系在正确的轨道上前进,中方愿与韩方共同努力,落实两国领导人达成的共识,推动两国关系平稳向前发展。The Chinese vice foreign minister said it is in the interests of both countries to achieve the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula and maintain peace and stability there.这位中国外交部副部长华表示,为了实现朝鲜半岛的无核化,维护朝鲜半岛的和平与稳定,这对双方都是有利的。However, sanctions are not an end in themselves and a fundamental solution still has to be found through dialogue, he added.但是,张业遂还称,制裁本身不是目的,还是要通过对话谈判找到从根本上解决问题的办法。Pyongyang conducted its fourth nuclear test on Jan. 6 and launched a satellite-carrying rocket on Feb. 7, which Seoul sees as a cover for a long-range ballistic missile.平壤方面日进行了第四次核试验,并日发射了一枚载有卫星的火箭,首尔方面将这其视为掩护远程弹道导弹的发射。Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei reiterated on Tuesday that China supports the Security Council in passing new sanctions resolutions against the DPRK.此外,中国外交部发言人洪磊周二重申,中方赞成联合国通过针对朝鲜的制裁新决议。来 /201602/427216 In past decades, when faced with plebiscites on whether to embrace further European integration, voters across the Continent had a habit of slamming on the brakes though in several instances they later changed their minds.过去几十年中,当就是否加强欧洲联合举行公投时,这块大陆上各地的投票者总是习惯于临时刹车——尽管好几次,他们后来改变了主意。Britain joined the European Economic Community, a forerunner of the European Union, in 1973, during the Conservative government of Prime Minister Edward Heath.1975年,英国曾对欧盟说“Yes”。英国在1973年加入欧盟的前身欧洲经济共同体,当时执政的是保守党政府。第二年上台的工党建议就是否继续留下举行公众投票。The yes camp won a resounding victory 67 percent with the backing of Prime Minister Harold Wilson.在首相哈罗德·威尔逊的持下,说活动赢得大胜7%投票者表示持。June 2, 1992: Danes Reject Maastricht Treaty, at First1992日,丹麦人最开始拒绝了《马斯特里赫特条约》。Sept. 20, 1992: France Approves Maastricht Treaty, Barely19920日,法国以微弱的优势通过了《马斯特里赫特条约》。June 8, 2001: Irish Oppose E.U. Expansion, Initially2001日,爱尔兰人最开始反对欧洲的扩张计划。Sept. 14, 2003: Sweden Refuses the Euro20034日,瑞典拒绝加入欧元区。May 29, 2005: France Vetoes European Constitution20059日,法国否决了《欧洲宪法条约》。June 1, 2005: Dutch Voters Also Reject the Constitution2005日,荷兰也对《欧洲宪法条约》进行否决。June 12, 2008: Another Irish No Vote, Followed by a Flip-Flop20082日,爱尔兰人投出反对票,之后撤回。来 /201606/450596哈尔滨九州妇科医院人流套餐哈尔滨市一院人流价格表




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