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栏目简介:《外国人在北京》是英语视频听力下面的子栏目,节目关注在北京生活的外国人的时尚新生活。话题紧紧围绕网络生活,每日的话题内容按照网络热门固定划分为家居、汽车、数码、饰美容、健身、交友、美食等,了解外国人生活的同时通过网络互动提供一个中外人士互相帮助的平台。201602/407646This god creates life, destroys it...这个神祇创造了生命,也会摧毁生命...and demands we keep out distance要求我们保持距离This comet strayed too close这个彗星太靠近太阳了The Suns heat is boiling it away...它被太阳的热量蒸发...creating a tail that stretches for millions of miles.产生绵延数百万英里的彗尾Its freezing in here.这里冰冷彻骨Theres no doubt where this comets from, the icy wastes of deep space我们清楚彗星来自哪里,它来自深太空的冰冻垃圾But all this steam and geysers and dust...但你看这些蒸汽、间歇泉和尘埃...its the Sun again, melting the comets frozen heart.这是太阳正在融化彗星的冰冻核心Strange.太奇异了A kind of vast, dirty snowball, covered in grimy tar犹如外面包裹着肮脏沥青的巨大脏雪球Tiny grains of what looks like organic material...看起来像是有机物的小颗粒...preserved on ice, since who knows when...被冷冻保存,谁会知道已经保存了多久...maybe even the beginning of the solar system.也许和太阳系同龄Say a comet like this crashed into the young Earth billions of years ago.如果像这样一颗彗星在数十亿年前撞到年轻的地球Maybe it delivered organic material and water也许带来了生命原始物质......the raw ingredients of life ...有机物和水It may even have sown the seeds of life on Earth...彗星甚至可能在地球上播下生命之种...that evolved into you and me后来进化成你和我But say it crashed into the Earth now如果彗星现在撞上地球Think of the dinosaurs, wiped out by a comet or asteroid strike想想恐龙吧,被彗星或是小行星的撞击彻底灭绝Its only a question of time.这只是时间问题Eventually, one day, well go the way of the dinosaurs毫无疑问,总有一天我们会步恐龙的后尘If life on Earth was wiped out, wed be stuck out here...如果地球上的生命灭绝了,我们会被困在这里...homeless, adrift in a hostile universe无家可归,漂泊在危险宇宙中Wed need to find another home我们需要找一个新家Among the millions, billions of planets...在几百万甚至数十亿的行星中...there must be one thats not too hot, not too cold, with air, sunlight, water...一定会有一个行星不会很热,也不会很冷,有空气、阳光和水...where, like Goldilocks, we could comfortably live可以让我们舒适居住,生活The red planet红色行星Unmistakably Mars.我们都熟知的火星For centuries, weve looked to Mars for company...几个世纪以来,我们一直都在寻找火星上的同伴...for signs of life寻找生命迹象201505/377449Day two - and the students of the Chinese school are finally out of the classroom.第二天,中式学校里的孩子们终于走到了户外In Britain, PE is often a chance to let off steam and have some fun.在英国,体育课通常是释放压力,轻松玩乐的机会At just two hours of compulsory PE a week, 体育课只是每周两小时的必修课its a small part of the curriculum.这是占比重很小的一门课In Chinese schools, things are a bit different.在中式学校里,情况有所不同And one line for girls and the boys in one line, yeah.女孩站一列,男孩站一列In the 1990s, the Communist government of China decided在九十年代,中国共产党政府决定that physical exercise would become central to the national examination system.体育锻炼应当是国家考试体系的一个重要部分Because we focus on study, some students have health problems因为我们太重视学习,有些学生会有健康问题but parents dont like it, they dont...但家长们却不喜欢这样They said, ;Why should my son be running quick? We dont want him to be a sportsman.;他们会说 ;我儿子为什么要跑得快呢,我们不想要他成为运动员;We just want to go to a good university.;;我们只要他考上好大学;So they dont think health is very important,所以他们不觉得保持身体健康很重要but the government force the school to do this.但政府要求学校这么做If you cannot pass PE, you cannot go to a good high school or a good university.如果学生体育考试不及格,就无法上好高中或好大学Ok.好了Now, PE is part of the national Zhongkao exam现在,体育已经成为全国中考考试科目the target for Chinese students at the age of 15.中国学生十五岁的时候都要参加中考I just want to explain what is Zhongkao.我想解释一下什么是中考If you want to go to the good school in high school,如果你想上一个好高中you have to pass the national exam.你必须通过全国性考试We have running. 我们有跑步项目For the boys, erm, you will run 1,000 metres, girls 800.男生要跑一千米,女生跑八百米Miss Wang will be assisted by Bohunt PE teacher Anna Hogg to deliver PE - Chinese style.航特体育老师安娜·霍格将辅助王老师进行中式体育教学The kids are all going to be timed, tested and ranked against each other.所有的学生都将经过计时测试,排出名次高低The news has not gone down well with everyone.不是每个人都觉得这是个好消息Theyre a bit shocked that in China this is compulsory rather than optional, erm...他们听到这在中国是必修而不是选修有点震惊We do fitness tests, but its very much ability-set,我们有体能测试,但会根据能力分组so they will run against people that are the similar ability.所以他们都和体能差不多的人一起跑I think its the idea of having the pressure that they have to pass,我觉得主要是他们有了必须要通过考试的压力you know, students are scared of failing.毕竟学生都怕挂科Joe excels in academic subjects but struggles with PE.乔在学术科目上十分优秀,但体育并不理想Right, listen, if your best means...听着,如果你竭尽全力OK, listen to me...听我说If your best means that you dont get the six points, then you dont get six points.如果你竭尽全力也拿不到六分,那就坦然接受那个成绩OK? Dont worry yourself about it,好吗,不要太焦虑what youve got to do is youve got to breathe properly.你现在要深呼吸You can do it. 你做得到Yeah, you can do it.你做得到Its a bit, like, disheartening if you...当你在的班级里If youre in a class of people who are a lot higher ability than you,其他人的能力都比你高很多,这让让人很沮丧its kind of, like...这有点...Its not really going to help your confidence if everyone is seeing you这有点打击我的自信心,因为每个人都在看着你and youre, like, doing the worst in the class.而你的成绩是全班最差的201601/421571栏目简介:《造物小百科How its made》介绍了许多东西的制作或者说发明方法,非常实用。其中的英语视频发音地道,内容浅显易懂,过程形象生动,是提高英语听力水平,积累英语知识和一些简单生活常识的好素材。201508/391972I spend a lot of time thinking about the universe,我花了大量时间来思考宇宙but I never get bored.却从未感到过厌倦After all its a pretty extraordinary place.毕竟,这是一片非凡的领域This is the cosmos.这就是宇宙And a very large scale.浩瀚无际Each tiny point of light is an entire galaxy.每一个小光点都是一个完整的星系Each a cluster of as many as 400 billion individual stars.每一个星系都拥有多达四千亿颗恒星This view of the universe is only possible只有通过最新的超级计算机due to the latest super computers.才看得到这样的宇宙场景I find it indescribably beautiful.它是如此的星光灿烂Uncountable billions of galaxies forming a vast web数十亿无以计数的星系形成了一张巨网stretching away in all directions.向着四面八方延伸出去Whats more, I never get over the fact而且,有一个事实我从未忘怀that within this massive universe那就是,在这广袤无垠的宇宙中lies one perfectly ordinary spiral galaxy.存在着一个极其普通的螺旋星系Inside that galaxy exists a commonplace yellow star.在这个星系中存在着一颗平凡的金色恒星Orbited by eight planets.围绕着它的,是八颗行星On one of those planets lives a species在其中一颗行星上,生存着一个物种that is only just worked out what a remarkable place the universe is.他们刚刚了解到宇宙有多么奇妙Us.这就是我们,人类Weve discovered more about the cosmos我们在上个世纪里对宇宙的探索发现in the last century than in all previous human history.达到了人类历史上前所未有的程度Finally we are solving the basic mysteries终于,我们开始着手破解那些that have perplexed our ancestors for at least 200,000 years.困惑祖先二十多万年的普遍神秘现象What I like above all is最吸引我的莫过于that the facts themselves are both breathtakingly elegant and surprising.事实本身是如此地惊险迷人而又出人意料We are living just as it donates us我们生存在宇宙赠予我们的环境中that the earth and everything around us was made by the stars.地球,以及我们身边的一切都源于恒星Boiling fantasies of hydrogen gas like our sun甚至是构成你睫毛的原子made even the atoms in your eyelashes.都源于同太阳一般,充满氢气的炽热球体Weve worked out that the universe is almost unimaginably ancient.我们计算出宇宙的古老程度几乎无法想象About 14 billion years old.大约存在了140亿年And that it will continue to exist for at least twice that long.而宇宙也还会继续存在至少两个这么久But without a doubt,但无需怀疑the most remarkable fact of all is that the entire enormous universe,最美妙的事实莫过于整个广袤的宇宙all the innumerable galaxies所有无以计数的星系even time and space and the forces of nature themselves,甚至是时间空间,以及自然力量本身simply materialized out of nothing.都源于虚无,终成宇宙201508/393030

The thing I love about cats is that theyre very independent,我喜欢猫的地方在于他们很独立but very loving.但很有爱- You can play with them. - Theyre comforting.-你可以和他们玩儿 -他们让你开心Theyre furry.他们毛茸茸的If hes out, I get lonely.如果他不在家 我觉得寂寞When hes in, fine, Im all right.当他在家的时候 那好 我没事了Well, you can see how lovely it is to have him你可以看到有他在我身边near me and be able to stroke him.可以抚摸他是多好的事We may love our cats,我们也许爱我们的猫but how much do we really know them?但我们对他们真正了解多少They have a secret life that remains a mystery.他们有着谜一样的秘密生活With leading cat scientists,《地平线》和前沿猫类科学家一起Horizon has set up an experiment to find out what they get up to.进行了一次研究猫猫生活的实验- ..wandering round. - Go back. Go back a bit.-四处闲逛 -往回倒 倒一点点Across the week,在一周里50 cats in this village will be put under 24-hour surveillance.镇上的五十只猫将被24小时监控重点解释:1.play with 与 ... 一起玩例句:Does it make sense to let children play with matches?让小孩玩火柴有意义吗?2.be able to 会; 能例句:Youll be able to come, wont you?你能来的,对吗?3.find out 发现例句:Lets find out.我们去问一下吧。201604/439344

Compared to the whitewater streams that tumble down mountainsides,the meandering rivers of the plains may seem tame and lazy.But mountain streams are corralled by the steep-walled valleys they carve.their course are literally set in stone.Out on the open plains,those stony walls give way to soft soil,allowing rivers to shift their banks and set their own ever-changing courses to the sea:courses that almost never run straight.同山顶飞流直下溅出银白水花的湍流相比,平原上蜿蜒的河流就太无趣了点。不过,山间的湍流被困于它们蚀刻出的深谷。水流游走于巨石之间。到了开阔的平原,石壁被柔软的土壤取代,河岸地势逐渐提高,并由此奔向大海:但奔流时从不走直路。At least not for long.because all it takes to turn a straight stretch of river into a bendy one is a little disturbance and a lot of time.And in nature,theres plenty of both.Say,for example,that a muskrat burrows herself a den in one bank of a stream.Her tunnels make for a cozy home,but they also weaken the bank,which eventually begins to crumble and slump into the stream.即使有时间也不长,因为,如果想把直流扳弯只需细微的干扰和极长的时间。自然中,这二者可不缺。比如,一只麝鼠在河岸某侧打出一个洞。这地道是为温暖小窝造的,但削弱了河岸,使其破裂并落入水流中。Water rushes into the newly-formed hollow,sweeping away loose dirt and making the hollow even hollower,which lets the water rush a little faster and sweep away a little more dirt...and so on,and so on.As more of the streams flow is diverted into the deepening hole on one bank and away from the other side of the channel,the flow there weakens and slows.水流冲入刚形成的洞中,带走松散的泥土,让洞更深,这也使水流流速加快,带走更多的泥土,周而复始,由于有深坑一侧的河水流量更多,在河的另一侧,水流流速有所降低。And since slow-moving water cant carry the sand-sized particles that fast-moving water can,The dirt drops to the bottom and builds up to make the water there shallower and slower,and then keeps accumulating until it becomes new land on the inside bank.Meanwhile,the fast-moving water near the outside bank sweeps out of the curve with enough momentum to carry it across the channel and slam it into the other side,where it starts to carve another curve.由于缓流携带砂砾的能力不及湍流,泥土便落在水底,逐渐堆积,使该处河水更浅,流速更慢,泥土继续积聚,直到内岸变成新的土地。与此同时,外岸处的湍流,冲出弯曲处,带着足够的冲力横穿河道,撞在河岸另一侧,并开始割出另一道弧。And then another,and then another,and then another.The wider the stream,the longer it takes the slingshotting current to reach the other side,and the greater the downstream distance to the next curve.In fact,measurements of meandering streams all over the world reveal a strikingly regular pattern:the length of one S-shaped meander tends to be about 6 times the width of the channel.一道又一道,一处接一处。河流越宽,弹弓般的水流到达岸的时间就越长,弧间沿流距离也越长。实际上,对全世界蜿蜒河流的测量结果,展现了一个惊人的规律:S形曲流的长度大约为河道宽度的6倍。So little tiny meandering streams tend to look just like miniature versions of their bigger relatives.As long as nothing gets in the way of a rivers meandering,its curves will continue to grow curvier and curvier until they loop around and bumble into themselves.When that happens,the rivers channel follows the straighter path downhill,leaving behind a crescent-shaped remnant called an oxbow lake.所以,小弯流看上去正像是大弯的“迷你版”。若河流弯曲时不受外界阻碍,其弯曲处的弧度会越来越大直到形成环绕回自己身上,此时,河道会沿一条直路流下山,留下新月状的“牛轭湖”。Or a billabong.Or a lago en herradura.Or a bras mort...We have lots of names for these lakes,Since they can occur pretty much anywhere liquid flows,or used to.which brings up an interesting question:what do the Martians call them?或说“死河”(澳洲说法)“马蹄湖”(西语)“回水”(法语)……这种湖的叫法很多,在水流曾过的地方都可能发生。这也引出了另一个奇妙的问题:火星人该怎么说呢?201503/365622

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