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阿城区妇幼保健医院收费好不好延寿县儿童医院做输卵管通液多少钱Scripts:The housing market is aly troubled and the next tsunami might be right around the corner. Resets on ARM, adjustable rate mortgages could set off a new wave of foreclosures. CNN’s personal finance editor Gerri Willis joins us now to offer some advice on how to avoid mortgage reset headaches. And Gerri, first and foremost how big of a problem are we encountering in the industry?Well, I will say it’s a big problem. There’re about 2.3 million subprime borrowers whose home loans are projected to reset at higher rates through the end of next year. Now, that means those low teaser rates may go up a few points resulting in monthly payments. It could be hundreds of dollars more. Now the peak of subprime US mortgage resets will happen next march. Gerri, help us to set a priority at this point, the priorities, What’s the No.1 thing we should all do if you happen to have an adjustable-rate mortgage? Well, get your paperwork. If you have a one, three or five year hybrid ARM, your monthly statement will not tell you, your caps or any other terms of your loan to find out when your rate could adjust and what you’ll be on the hook for. Dig out your adjustable rate rider now. This should be included with your original closing papers. Adjustable rates can adjust annually. Next you’ll wanna look at the caps, these caps, they ah prohibit your interest rates from moving too much in either direction in a given time frame. If you have any questions or you are not sure what you will have to pay, call in our nonprofit counseling organization. To find one in your area, go to HUD.gov.What about refinancing as an option? Who should think about that?Well, sometimes refinancing just isn’t in the cards, especially if your home price has dropped in the last few months. If values haven’t dropped that significantly and you wanna get out of the rate reset, think about refinancing. Refinancing makes sense if you plan to stay in your home for at least another 2 years and you’ll lower your interest rates by at least 1.5 percentage points. In order to refinance, you’ll need 10 to 20 percent equity in your home. For home owners struggling right now to just make the basic payment and then have the adjustable-rate mortgages, is there any help out there for them?Well, right now Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson and Federal Banking Regulators are working out the details of a plan to extend lower intro-interest rates, those teaser rates on home loans before they are reset at a higher level. A decision could come this week, but remember, this is just a proposal for right now. I’ll bring you the details as they develop. And if you have any questions, please send them to us at toptips@cnn.com. We love hearing from you.Notes:Teaser rate:为了让借款人接受可调利率住房贷款,初始阶段放贷利率通常很低,该利率称为引逗利率, 或者诱惑利率(teaser rate)。在引逗期过后,利率将被调整到市场水平,并定期加以调整。200807/43417黑龙江省哈尔滨市六院在那个区 EU Announces Million Relief for Haiti欧盟宣布给海地近五百万美元援助  The European Union says it will give nearly million to help impoverished Haitians cope with spiraling food prices. The EU aid adds to assistance from other international organizations for Haiti, the poorest country in the western hemisphere. 欧盟表示,它将为海地提供将近500万美元的援助,帮助海地人克节节上涨的食品价格所造成的困难。海地是西半球最贫穷的一个国家,欧盟的援助使海地在其它国际机构提供援助的基础上又获得了一笔资金。Announced at a press conference in Brussels Tuesday, the .6 million in aid to Haiti brings to more than million the European Union has earmarked for Haiti this year. The EU says the assistance will help provide food, health care, clean water and hygiene to about 1.5 million people in Haiti and will focus on women, children and small farms. 欧盟星期二在记者会上宣布给海地460万美元的援助,从而把欧盟今年专门给海地的援助资金增加到1200多万美元。欧盟表示,这项援助用来给大约150万海地人提供食品、医疗保健、洁净水和改善卫生条件,重点是妇女、儿童和小型农场。John Clancy, spokesman for the European Commission - the EU's executive branch - says the assistance comes on top of other international aid for Haiti. On Monday, the U.N.'s Food and Agricultural Organization announced it was distributing seeds and tools to thousands of Haitian farmers. 欧盟的行政部门,欧盟委员会发言人约翰.克兰西说,海地已经得到其它的国际援助,欧盟的援助又给海地增加了一笔资金。星期一,联合国粮农组织宣布向数千名海地农民分发种子和农具。"Three million to address the continued social and economic situation particularly for the vulnerable populations on the island," said Clancy. "Haiti, as you're aware, is the poorest country in the western hemisphere. The instability there has of course compounded the difficult situation the population has been facing, particularly since April troubles linked to the increase in food prices globally and particularly in Haiti." 克兰西说:“三百万美元用来解决海地持续不断的社会和经济问题,特别是海地弱势人口面临的问题。正如大家所知,海地是西半球最贫穷的国家。当然,那里的局势不稳使得海地人民的困难更加复杂化。全球粮食价格不断上涨,尤其是在海地,从而在4月份发生了暴乱。自那时以来,困难更为严重。”Soaring food prices led to deadly riots in Haiti in April that forced the country's prime minister to resign. Experts say the political void compounded Haiti's problems, leaving the Caribbean country unable to sign foreign aid deals. Relief agencies have complained of problems shipping food and supplies to Haiti. The situation has become so dire that there are reports of people eating mud cakes in some slums. 飞涨的食品价格使得海地在4月发生暴乱,造成人员伤亡,海地总理被迫辞职。专家指出,政治真空使得海地的问题更为复杂,这个加勒比国家因此无法签署外国援助协议。救援机构抱怨向海地运送食品和其它物资面临种种问题。现在情况已经变得十分糟糕,以致有消息说,有些贫民窟的人在用泥饼充饥。Relief workers hope matters will be eased with the Haitian senate's ratification of Michele Pierre-Louis as the country's new prime minister last week, making her only the second woman to hold that office in Haiti. 海地参议院上星期批准米歇尔.皮埃尔-路易斯担任新总理,救援人员希望海地的局面会有所缓解。皮埃尔-路易斯是海地第二位女总理。Spiraling food prices have led to hard times and unrest in a number of developing countries. Last month, the European Commission approved a plan to give .5 billion to farmers in Africa to cope with high food prices and boost production of food crops there. 不断上涨的粮食价格使一些发展中国家的日子非常艰难,并引发动乱。上个月,欧盟委员会批准向非洲农民提供15亿美元的计划,帮助那里的人民克粮食涨价的困难和提高农作物的产量。200808/45572Authorities in New York City say a small explosive device detonated near a U.S. military recruiting station in the Times Square district of the city. The blast happened in the very early hours Thursday morning.  美国纽约市当局说,一个小型爆炸装置在纽约市时代广场区一个美国军队招兵站附近被引爆。爆炸发生在星期四凌晨。City officials say the small explosion happened shortly before four in the morning local time, causing some damage to a small kiosk used by the U.S. military as a recruiting office, but no injuries. Guests at hotels as far as several blocks away said they could feel the building shake. 纽约市官员说,这次小型炸弹爆炸发生在当地时间凌晨接近4点钟的时候。爆炸给美国军方招兵中心造成一些损失,但是没有人受伤。在几个街区以外的一个旅馆的客人说,他们当时能感到旅馆的建筑在晃动。At a press conference, City Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said the device was not sophisticated and was in a small box. He said one witness reported seeing a man on a bicycle in the area of the explosion shortly before it happened, but the witness did not say that he saw the bicyclist plant, throw or detonate the device. 纽约市警察总监凯利在记者会上说,这个爆炸装置不是很先进,装在一个小盒子里。他还表示,目击者报告说,在爆炸发生前不久,他们看到一个男子在爆炸地点骑自行车。但是目击者没有说看到这个骑车人设置、抛掷或引爆炸弹。"He saw an individual riding on a bicycle right here on the island in what he described as a suspicious manner," said Commissioner Kelly. "This individual was wearing a hood and dark colored clothing. He was also carrying a backpack, or wearing a backpack. He did not see this individual's face and was not able to give us a complete description." 警察总监凯利说:“目击者在曼哈顿这个地点看到一个骑自行车的人。他说这个人的行迹很可疑,因为他头戴衣帽,穿着深色衣。这个人还背着一个背包。目击者没有看到这个人的脸,因此不能完整地描述这个人。”Commissioner Kelly said police are reviewing footage from cameras from hotels and businesses in the area as part of their investigation.  凯利总监说,警方正在审查该地区酒店和商店摄像机记录的录像,这是调查的一部分。New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg condemned the perpetrators and said such actions would not affect life in the city. 纽约市长布隆伯格谴责爆炸制造者,他说这种行为不会影响纽约的生活。"Whoever the coward is that committed this disgraceful act on our city will be found and prosecuted to the full extent of the law," he said. "We will not tolerate such attacks, nor will we let them destroy our freedom to live peacefully and safely in the greatest city in the world." 他说:“不管这个在我们的城市制造这起丢人行为的懦夫是谁,我们都会找到他,起诉他。我们不会容忍这种攻击。否则我们就会让他们摧毁我们在这个世界上最伟大的城市里平和与安全生活的自由。”Police and fire crews cordoned off Times Square and diverted subway trains for several hours, but normal traffic resumed by the start of the morning rush hour. 警方和消防人员封锁了时代广场,并且让地铁车辆改走其他路线达几个小时。但是在早晨交通高峰期开始之前交通恢复了正常。200803/29016哈尔滨第九人民医院总部

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哈尔滨哪里做人流便宜7 举杯庆祝3句英文任你选Im so glad that weve reached an agreement on the contract.我非常高兴我们就这一合同达成一致。Lets congratulate ourselves that this transaction has been brought to a successful conclusion.祝贺我们圆满达成交易。Im glad that our negotiation has come to a successful conclusion.很高兴我们的谈判取得了成功。半个句型要记牢reach an agreement on (在……达成一致)Tip:agreement名词,意思是;一致;协定;既可作可数也不可数。反义词为 disagreement(不一致;分歧)。用作 [U]意为;同意,意见一致,相合;。例如 We are in agreement with their decision. (我们同意他们的决定。 ) (be in agreement with同意……),用作 [C]意为;(口头或书面)协定,协议;。例如: We came to/ arrived at/made/ reached an agreement with them on this matter.在这个问题上,我们与他们达成了协议。 (come to/ arrive at/ make an agreement with... 与……达成协议)。相关词组有:a gentlemens/ gentlemens agreement君子协定,break ones agreement破坏协议。 /201604/434118 Heres one.给你这个。Thanks. Okay, Im listening Tom.谢谢,好的,我洗耳恭听了,汤姆。Okay. Say: go... go... ...away...Slimy Limey.好的。说走…… 走…… 开,假惺惺的Limey。Go away Slimy Limey. Are you sure?走开,假惺惺的Limey。你确定吗?Yeah. Of course!当然了!Dont listen to him Anna.安娜,别听他的。This is what you should say: Thank you for your offer.你应该这么说:谢谢你的邀请。But Im really sorry, I wont be able to.但是我很抱歉,我不能这么做。Then explain why, say Im afraid… blah blah blah然后解释原因,说我恐怕……Blah blah blah?废话,废话,废话?Say its against company policy to have non business lunches with clients.说这违反了公司的规定,不能和客户进行非商业的午餐。Meaning?意思是?Youre not allowed to if its not for business.如果不是公事,你就不能去。Then say: It wouldnt be appropriate.然后说:这不合适。So, with regret, Im going to have to say no.所以很抱歉我不得不拒绝。Okay, I think Ive got that all down. Thanks.好,我想我都记下来了,谢谢。Hell be waiting for my call.他在等着我的电话。Hello, Seb Lime speaking.你好,我是Seb Lime。Hello Mr Lime.你好,Lime先生。Anna! Please, call me Seb. So, when can I invite you to lunch?安娜!请加我Seb吧。我什么时候可以约你吃午饭?Thank you for your offer...谢谢你的邀请……Well, thank you for your offer. But Im really sorry, I wont be able to.谢谢你的邀请。但是我很抱歉,我不能这么做。Im afraid...我恐怕…… /201701/483843绥化看妇科多少钱哈尔滨军区医院打胎一般要花多少钱



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