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上海交通大学医学院附属上海儿童医学中心做红色胎记手术价格上海市第一人民医院宝山分院玻尿酸隆鼻多少钱上海超声波去除眼袋 1) Improves physical performance1)提高你的身体活动能力There are days that you feel very tired after work and don’t want to go to the gym. When this happens, a brief nap can help. I bet that you aly know that a short nap makes you feel more active in comparison to a long nap. For example, I often tell my mother that I still feel tired when I’ve slept for several hours, but I feel very energetic when I’ve only slept for an hour or two.有的日子里你会感觉下班之后非常疲惫,不想去体育场。当你有这种感觉的时候,简单的小憩一会儿可能会有所帮助。我保你肯定早就知道短时间小憩一会儿要比很长时间的休息,能让你更有积极性。例如,我经常告诉我妈妈我在睡了好几个小时之后仍然感觉很累,但是是那个我只睡了一两个小时的时候,我会感觉精力充沛。Studies have found a correlation between short naps and improved athletic abilities, including faster sprint times and better motor reaction. This is why it’s recommended to sleep well for at least 7 hours a day.研究已经发现短时间小憩与提高运动能力之间的关系,包括速度更快的短跑以及更好的赛车表现。这就是为什么都建议每天要好好睡觉至少7个小时的原因。2) Reduces stress and anxiety2) 减轻压力和焦虑Not sleeping well can make you feel more irritable and stressful. To address the problem, you can take a nap. A 2012 study by the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology amp; Metabolism showed evidence of how taking a nap reduce stress hormones after sleep deprivation. The adults took two short naps during the day, each lasting about 30 minutes, and they had a poor night’s sleep of just two hours. Then, the researchers measured and compared stress hormones with people who didn’t take naps but were sleep deprived.睡眠质量不好会让你感觉更加易怒和压力山大。为了应对这一问题,你可以小憩一会儿。《临床内分泌学与新陈代谢杂志》2012年的一项研究用据表明了在睡眠缺乏之后,小憩一会儿减少压力荷尔蒙分泌的原理。成人在白天简短的休息两次,每次休息大约30分钟,而且每天晚上只有低质量的2个小时的睡眠。然后,研究人员测量对比研究了睡眠缺乏但是没有小憩的人的压力荷尔蒙。They found that one of the three stress hormones measured, called noradrenaline, increased the day after the sleep deprivation, but it didn’t increase in the adults who took naps. From this study, we can’t conclude a person recovers from stress by napping, but the short naps help to control the stress hormones. If you have children with bad behavior, they could be having trouble with their sleep. Sometimes they are like adults; we get cranky when we don’t sleep well, so try to take naps with them.他们发现,测量的3个压力荷尔蒙中的一个叫做“去甲肾上腺素”的荷尔蒙在睡眠缺乏之后会上升,但是那些小憩一会儿的成年人的这项荷尔蒙指标却没有上升。从这一研究,我们并不能总结出一个人可以通过小憩来从压力中恢复过来,但是小憩可以帮助控制压力荷尔蒙。如果你有行为表现不好的小孩儿,他们可能会在睡觉方面有问题。他们有时候会像成年人;当我们没睡好的时候,会感到暴躁,那就试着和孩子一起小憩一会儿吧。 /201702/493714Around the world, many people start their day with a cup of coffee, a cappuccino, or an espresso. At the same time, there are many people with various thyroid conditions who rely on synthetic thyroid hormone replacement medication like levothyroxine (i.e., Synthroid) to treat their hypothyroidism. And following doctor#39;s instructions, most of those people take their thyroid pills in the morning.在世界各地,很多人都以一杯咖啡、卡布奇诺或浓缩咖啡开始他们的一天,与此同时,有很多依靠合成甲状腺激素替代药物如左旋甲状腺素来治疗甲状腺衰退的不同甲状腺状况的人 (例如左甲状腺素)。遵照医嘱,大部分的人都在早上用甲状腺药物。There is a problem, however, when coffee drinkers take their prescription thyroid medication along with their morning coffee or espresso. Several studies have found that having coffee or espresso at the same time—or shortly after—taking levothyroxine tablets can significantly lower the absorption of the thyroid medication.然而当喝咖啡的人,早上同时用处方甲状腺药物时,这就是一个问题。几项研究已经发现,同时喝咖啡或浓咖啡-或稍后饮用左甲状腺素药片的,可以显著降低甲状腺药物的吸收。In one study published in the journal Thyroid, researchers found the rise of T4—a reflection of absorption of the medication—reduced by 25 percent, and they even noticed drops by as much as 57 percent in other patients in the study. Overall, theThyroid journal study showed that the reduction typically ranged from 23 percent to as much as 55 percent.发表在《甲状腺》杂志的一项研究中,研究人员发现T4升高-一种药物吸收反应-药物吸收会减少25%,甚至他们注意到其他病人药物吸收率会下降多达57%。总的来说,《甲状腺》杂志研究表明药物吸收的减少通常从23%到55%不等。Consistently, researchers have found that for patients taking levothyroxine tablets, absorption is affected by drinking coffee and espresso within an hour of taking the thyroid drugs. The ability to reach targeted thyroid levels is impaired if a thyroid patient does not wait 60 minutes after taking the levothyroxine before drinking coffee or espresso.研究人员一致认为,用左旋甲状腺素片的病人, 用甲状腺药物一小时内饮用咖啡和浓缩咖啡,会影响药物吸收。如果甲状腺病人在喝咖啡或浓咖啡之后没有等60分钟,就用左旋甲状腺素片,达到预期甲状腺水平的能力会受影响。译文属 /201611/476232上海交通大学医学院附属第九人民医院激光去痘多少钱

第一人民医院宝山分院整形玫瑰王晨光隆鼻案例 My two-year-old son has long eyelashes, delicate features and long, flowing golden locks that we sometimes put in a ponytail or in a bun above his head. Consequently, it#39;s not unusual for other adults at the playground to look at Declan and exclaim, ;What a pretty little girl! You have such a lovely daughter.;我有个两岁的儿子,他有着常常的睫毛、精致的脸蛋、一头金黄飘散的长发,我们有时会给他扎个马尾,有时会在头顶扎个小丸子头。所以当德克兰在操场上玩时,有些大人会惊呼,“多漂亮的小女孩儿啊,你的女儿真可爱”,也就不足为怪了。When that happens, we thank the complimenter but we rarely correct them. I suspect that#39;s because, especially at my son#39;s age, gender doesn#39;t really matter. I don#39;t want Declan to grow up drawing lines between boys and girls and masculine and feminine. I don#39;t want him to grow up associating long hair with girls and short hair with boys. I also don#39;t want him to think that being mistaken for a girl is, on any level, insulting.发生这种情况的时候,我们会表示谢谢,但我们很少会纠正他们这是男孩儿。我觉得,这是因为在我儿子这个年纪,性别并不是很重要。我不想德克兰在长大的过程中对男孩女孩、刚毅阴柔划分界限;不想他认为长发的就是女生、短发的就是男生;也不想让他觉得被误认为女生是件侮辱人的事。Now I#39;m not proposing that I#39;ll raise my son in some sort of progressive post-gender utopia. But I do love that he lives in a world where he can wear his tutu for hours at school and no one thinks anything of it.现在,我并不是说我想要让我的儿子在一种进步的后性别乌托邦世界中长大。但我仍然想让他生活在这样的一个世界中:他可以在学校穿着他的芭蕾舞短裙,而别人却不会说三道四。Then again, he#39;s only two. Thankfully, the world has changed an awful lot in the past 30 years, so hopefully it#39;ll be easier for him than it was for me.而且他现在才两岁。幸运的是,过去30年,世界发生了很大的变化,希望他以后的生活会比我更加容易。I was nowhere near as pretty as my son when I was a boy, but I had a high-pitched voice and some feminine mannerisms. I consequently grew up super self-conscious about whether I was masculine enough. It played havoc with my fragile self-esteem and the pressure to conform to our society#39;s idea of masculinity grew throughout elementary and high school and only really lessened during college, when conforming to rigid gender stereotypes stops being considered a universally positive quality.当我还是小男孩的时候,我的长相远不及我儿子,但是我的声音特别尖,还有一些娘炮动作。所以我一边长大,一边十分在意自己是不是有男子气概。在小学和初高中的时候,我脆弱的自尊心颇受蹂躏,我给自己试压,强迫自己去迎合社会对男子气的概念,直到上了大学才有所放松,那时候迎合严格的性别刻板印象已不再是全球公认的好品质。There#39;s a good chance that my wife and I will have tough conversations about gender with our son as he grows up, and that the same pressures I faced will also affect him. But at this point we#39;re loving living in a world where he doesn#39;t seem to know or care about gender differences, and we#39;d like to sustain this period of dewy innocence as long as possible.很有可能,在儿子成长的过程中,我和妻子会和他进行有关性别的严肃对话,他也会承受我曾承受过的压力。但现在,我们十分享受活在这样一个他不需要知道或者不需要关注性别差异的世界中,我们也希望尽可能的维持这一纯真时代。译文属 /201610/470226上海市永久性脱毛多少钱

上海玫瑰整形美容做隆鼻手术价格A library in Alabama has reportedly warned its customers that it plans to enforce strict new borrowing rules that include the possibility of jail time for anyone who fails to return a book on time.据报道,阿拉巴马州的一个图书馆提醒读者,该图书馆计划实行严苛的新借阅规定,其中包括任何没有按时归还书本的读者将可能被判刑。In an effort to recoup about 0,000 worth of overdue books, the Athens-Limestone public library will be enforcing a new policy that includes fines of 0, a city jail term of 30 days or possibly both, according to the News Courier.据News Courier报道,阿森斯·莱姆斯通公立图书馆将对逾期未还者实行新措施,包括罚款100美元、30天的监禁或两者兼罚,其目的在于弥补之前逾期图书所带来的价值20万美元的损失。Library director Paula Laurita said the harsh new rules were necessary because offenders were effectively stealing from the library and taxpayers.图书馆馆长波拉·劳里塔表示,严厉的新政十分有必要,因为这些违法者偷了图书馆的书本,也是偷了纳税人的钱。;Sometimes we hear, #39;I lent my library card to my cousin,#39;; Laurita said. ;I just want to ask, #39;Would you lend your cousin your credit card? If they go and get 0 worth of clothing and you#39;re responsible for the bill, would you do that?#39;;劳里塔说:;有时候我们会听到#39;我把图书馆借给我表弟了#39;。那我就想问,#39;你会把你的信用卡借给你表弟么?#39;如果他们拿着你的卡去买了700美元的衣而你要付账单,你还会借么?;Library customers can end up owing large sums to the library because they are able to take out up to 25 books at a time, which could have a retail value of each.图书馆的读者一次最多可以借25本书,每本可能价值25美元,因此他们最后可能会欠图书馆一大笔帐。Anyone with overdue books will have the chance to return them before the authorities are notified.任何有书逾期未还者都还有机会在权威机构介入前将书还回图书馆。The library will first notify borrowers with overdue books via text or email.图书馆首先会用短信或邮件通知借书逾期未还者。If that is ignored, a certified letter will be sent, warning they have 10 days to hand in their books and pay any fines owed.如果没有收到回复,图书馆会发一份挂号信警告他们,他们将有十天的时间还书并交罚款。If that letter is not acted on, a court summons will be issued, WAAY 31 reported. Ignoring the court summons could result in another fine and jail time.据WAAY 31报道,如果这封信也没起作用,那么就会发出法院传票。对法院传票置之不理则会导致另外的罚款和监禁。Laurita added the children would not be targeted by the policy.劳里塔补充说道,孩子不在政策针对范围内。 /201609/466406 Step1.Grab your dumb phone as soon as you wake up,before stretching and having a tall glass of water,and start looking at all the shit everyone else is doing in life to make themselves feel more important and posting it on their wall so this way you can start to feel insignificant when your postings aren’t as exciting as theirs.(I suggest Instagram or Facebook to start).步骤1,在你醒来做伸展运动并且喝一大杯水之前,抓住你沉默的手机,看看社交网络上其他人在做哪些对于他们而言重要的事,顺便点个赞;但如果你自己发的状态无人问津,那么你就会产生一种不被人关注的失落感(我建议看一下Instagram或者Facebook)。Step2.Ask”why”.Stupid questions like “why am here”I will give you a hint...so you can die dumb-ass.Truth is no one but you asks why.Do something you have never done before, punch yourself in the face...as hard as you can...make your nose bleed...taste in the back of your throat.That is living and experiencing in the finest sense.If you have time to ask why ,you have time to punch yourself in the face.步骤2,问“为什么”。如果你问“为什么我在这”这种愚蠢的问题,我会给你一个提示......你可以去死了笨蛋!事实是别人都没问、只有你问了为什么。倒不如做一些你之前从来没有做过的事......给自己几巴掌......用你最大的力气打.......打到你鼻子流血......尝一下你喉咙深处的血的味道吧。那是生活和历练的最好的形式。如果你有时间去问为什么,那么你不如那这时间狠狠地给自己一拳。Step3,Think that there is a purpose to your life.There is not.You are born,you will experience,you will die.Your friends are not here to validate you,just to provide you with experiences.Your phone isn’t here to make you a better person,and in all possibility,it is probably the reason that you are having such a miserable life.Get off that fucking thing,go outside and take a walk in the rain...No one has died from walking in the rain.步骤3,认为你的生活是有目的的。而实际上生活往往没有什么目标。你出生,你体验很多事情,你也会去世。你的朋友不是来验你的存在的,而是给你带来更多精力的。你的手机不能让你变成一个更好的人,十有八九,它往往是你过得如此悲惨的原因。关掉手机吧,出去散散步。如果外面在下雨,就在雨中走吧......没有人会因为在雨中行走而死的。Step4.Keep collecting things.Things are like weights that weigh you down and keep you in the can’t.I would love to move but I can’t.I would love to travel but I have this house with all the stuff and I can’t.For everything you own,consider it a 250lb weight.Pair of extra shoes,500lbs.college degree,250lbs,extra pair of pants 250lbs,60 inch flatscreen LCD-250lbs.The more shit you own,the fatter you are.The less likely you can get out of bed and go to the gym because you have all these shit weighing you down.Fuck the clutter and get rid of it,most or some.步骤4,保持收集东西的习惯。收集的东西就像负重一样,能压倒你,让你一直处在“不能”之中。我很乐意去搬家但是我不能。我想去旅游但是这间房子里有我所有的物品所以我不能去。把你所拥有的每一样的东西都想成250磅重物。一双多余的鞋,500磅。本科学位250磅,多余的裤子250磅,60英尺超薄液晶显示屏250磅,你有越多的杂物,你就越胖,你就越不可能从你的床上爬起来去健身房锻炼,因为这些都在压着你。或多或少地摆脱这些没用的杂物吧。Step5.Self doubt:”Am I good enough?”,”Am I qualified enough for this job?”.”and I really the love of his/her life?”Doubting yourself for even one millisecond is an essential way to fuck up your day,your month and potentially even your life.This is the fastest way to kill yourself,your dreams,your family,your friends,any relationship you have ever had.Questioning is good:”what was James Brown second album?how was Prince influenced by James Brown?”Doubting is stupid.Self doubts are reasons your life suck goat balls.Live your life,accept your going to piss people off and say what you feel.Never ever doubt yourself and if you do ,punch yourself in said face.步骤5,自我怀疑。“我做的够好吗?”或者“我有资格获得这份工作吗?”又或者“我是他/她生命中的真爱吗?”哪怕你只有一毫秒的时间在怀疑自己,都是在浪费你的一天、一个月、甚至是你的一生。这是杀死你自己、你的梦想、你的家庭、你的朋友还有你所有一切关系的最快的方法。问问题是很好的:“詹姆斯·布朗的第二张专辑怎么样?王子受詹姆斯·布朗的影响有多深呢?”但怀疑则是愚蠢的。自我怀疑只是你虚度人生的借口罢了。过自己的生活,接受你对其他人的不满并且说出你的想法。永远不要怀疑你自己。如果你怀疑了,那就狠狠地给自己几巴掌。Wake up.kick ass and be awesome.sleep and repeat.醒醒吧。拍拍屁股,你仍然很酷。睡觉然后重复新的一天。 /201611/479205上海哪里绣眉技术最好上海复旦大学附属浦东医院去痣多少钱




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